Rep. Thomas Massie: 'Republicans Want to Spend More Money Just as Much as Democrats Do.'

The Kentucky Congressman on Trump, House of Cards, and the plot to kick out Boehner.


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"Everyone tries to label me in Congress and they have a hard time doing it," Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie said in his recent speech at Reason Weekend 2016.

An electric-car-driving Republican, this "crunchy con" even lives off the grid with the help of solar panels. "Some people say 'libertarian,' I like 'constitutional conservative'…some say 'Tea Party'—the names just keep getting worse from there."

Massie's favorite moniker: "That one Republican who never would vote for John Boehner."

At Reason Weekend, the annual donor event for the nonprofit that publishes this website, which was held in Philadelphia this year, Massie riffed on a wide range of topics, including his four years on the Hill, the plot to kick out former House Speaker Boehner, the shocking realization that some of his supporters are pro-Trump, and the military's failed attempts at controlling opium production in Afghanistan.

About 32 minutes.

Shot by Paul Detrick and Todd Krainin. Edited by Joshua Swain.

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