Free Boob Jobs for Teachers & Other K-12 Clusterf*cks

Kyle Olson of the Education Action Group (EAG) shines a spotlight on wasteful public-school spending.


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"There's a lot of money flying around the government education system," says Kyle Olson, the founder of the Education Action Group (EAG). "Why don't we look at where it's going first before we decide whether or not it needs more?"

EAGNews.org compiles outrageous uses of public dollars, which run the gamut from decades of plastic surgery perks for Buffalo teachers to "white privilege training" for teachers around the country to Milwaukee's public school system spending millions to maintain vacant buildings (the better to keep them from growing charter and private schools). 

Olson tells Reason's Nick Gillespie that he created EAG after realizing that teachers and administators—but not students—were at "the center of the equation" when it comes to public school spending. While highly critical of unions, Olson also faults school boards and others for the poor accounting and spending decisions that he says characterize K-12 spending.

About 6 minutes. Produced by Anthony L. Fisher. Camera by Meredith Bragg and Alexis Garcia. Additional camera by Alex Manning and Jim Epstein.

Music: "The Afterlife (Instrumental)" by YACHT 

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