Hillary Clinton's Big Lie About Edward Snowden…

...is that the NSA whistleblower could have gone through proper channels, says Snowden's lawyer.


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What was Hillary Clinton's biggest lie during the first Democratic debate? 

That NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden could have gone through official channels.

"He broke the laws," said Clinton. "He could have been a whistleblower, he could have gotten all the protections of being a whistleblower." 

Snowden's lawyer, Jesselyn Radack of ExposeFacts.org, begs to differ. "For the people out there shouting that Edward Snowden should have gone through proper channels," she tells Reason TV, "there are not that many channels for national security and intelligence whistleblowers. They are excluded from most avenues available to other whistleblowers." 

More important is the experience of NSA and intelligence whistleblowers who came before Snowden.

"Tom Drake, Bill Binney, Kirk Wiebe, and Ed Loomis did go through the proper channels," says Radack. "And all of them fell under criminal investigations for having done so." 

Hillary Clinton has a right her own opinion about the value and damage done by Snowden's revelations, but she's simply not credible when she argues he could have worked through official channels. 

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