Human Trafficking in America: Myths and Realities

A Reason event on prostitution, sex trafficking, and the law


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Are politicians making the same mistakes with sex trafficking as they did with the war on drugs? What effects have stricter laws had on consenting sex workers? Is forced prostitution a growing problem?

On Monday, August 3, Reason Foundation Director of Criminal Justice Reform Lauren Galik moderated a discussion at Reason's Washington D.C. office about the myths and realities of human trafficking in America, the misguided ways government is addressing the issue, and how these laws are undermining recent criminal justice reform progress.

The participants include: Sex Workers Outreach Project board member and Georgetown University researcher Katie Hail-Jares, Families Against Mandatory Minimum Government Affairs Counsel Molly Gill, and Reason Staff Editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

About 40 minutes.

Filmed and edited by Joshua Swain.

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