California's High-Speed Rail Boondoggle: An Interview With CFEC's Eric Christen


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"I'm sorry, but it's the largest project in United States history, and if I could have more than a minute of your time, I would really appreciate it," said Eric Christen, Executive Director of the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction (CFEC), during a committee hearing regarding California's $68 billion high-speed rail project. Christen was soon cut off by assembly member Bonnie Lowenthal, who cited time constraints.  Video available here (encounter starts at 56:50).

Reason's Scott Shackford sat down with Christen to discuss the increasingly expensive high-speed rail projections, the corruption and handouts that regularly occur in drafting California's public works contracts, and how CFEC is working to push against the unfair collusion of government and unions.

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Runs about 7 minutes.

Interview by Scott Shackford. Shot by Zach Weissmueller and Tracy Oppenheimer. Edited by Weissmueller.