How to Build Infrastructure During an Age of Sequester: Reason Foundation's Robert W. Poole


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"We have a lot of distorted investment in infrastructure, which is exactly what we don't need. We need to put it all to the highest and best use," says Robert W. Poole, Reason Foundation's director of transportation policy. 

At Reason Weekend 2013, the annual donor event for the nonprofit that publishes this website, Poole presented areas of transportation in which federal dollars are being wasted, including airports, air traffic control, highways, urban transit, ports, and inland waterways.  Poole explained how privatizing many of these areas would help increase efficiency and allow the transportation sector to avoid funding cuts related to the sequester.

Read Poole's major study on "Funding Important Transportation Infrastructure In a Fiscally Constrained Environment."

Read more Reason Foundation transportation work.

About 25 minutes.

Filmed by Alex Manning and Meredith Bragg. Edited by Amanda Winkler.

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