"Blowhards Chronicling Blowhards"—Mediaite's Andrew Kirell and Noah Rothman


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"We're taking down the old media, the ivory tower media '" the stuffy old journalism that had a lot of rules," declares Mediaite's Andrew Kirell.

How has Mediaite, a popular news and opinion blog that covers politics and entertainment in the media industry, found a large and loyal audience in an era of dwindling demand for the mainstream press? Both Kirell and fellow editor Noah Rothman point to their website's willingness to challenge bedrock notions of what journalism is supposed to be. For instance, where legacy media still pushes an increasingly unbelievable belief in its reporters' "objectivity," the Mediaite staff is open about their ideological leanings.

Reason's Kennedy sat down with Kirell and Rothman to discuss the rise of Mediaite, their embrace of "parasitic" journalism, and whether their personal politics make them better reporters.

About 5 minutes.

Camera by Jim Epstein and Anthony Fisher. Edited by Todd Krainin.

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