On day two of the 2012 Republican National Convention, Senator Rick Santorum gave one of the keynote speeches.

Reason TV was on the scene, interviewing Republican delegates about social conservatism and whether it still has a place in the heart of the Grand Old Party.

"The people that want to relegate the social issues into the back room and out of sight, they're a very, very tiny minority," says Kendal Unruh, former director of the Colorado Christian Coalition.

But the majority of the participants interviewed felt that economic concerns far outweigh social issues like abortion, gay marriage and immigration.

"If it were going to be about social conservatism, Rick Santorum would be our candidate," says Camille McWhirter, founder of Conventions Prayer Coverage, which offers round the clock prayer service to RNC attendees.

About 2:40 minutes.

Produced by Zach Weissmueller and Tracy Oppenheimer.

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