Midterm Polling, PayPal, and Patellas

Plus: The editors consider Ye and social media, then field a question about the TARP bailouts during the 2008 fiscal crisis.


In this week's The Reason Roundtable, editors Katherine Mangu-Ward, Matt Welch, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie unpack results from a recent Harvard-Harris poll that highlight the mismatch between voter concerns and party interests ahead of the midterm elections.

4:20: Harvard-Harris poll results ahead of midterm elections

20:14: PayPal's fines for "misinformation"

33:25: Weekly Listener Question:

Noah Smith makes an interesting case (below) that the TARP bailouts avoided a second Great Depression. What say you, Roundtable?

"An Econ Nobel for research that saved the world," by Noah Smith

45:30: The 20th anniversary of Authorized Use for Military Force (AUMF) for Iraq

46:52: This week's cultural recommendations

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"Inflation Hits 8.2 Percent After Another Month of Sharply Rising Prices," by Eric Boehm

"Should Anyone Be Offended by Ye? Live with Eli Lake," by Nick Gillespie and Natalie Dowzicky

"Social Media Interaction Does Not Improve Political Knowledge, but It Does Polarize Us," by Ronald Bailey

"Welcome to the Post-Post-9/11 Era," by Bonnie Kristian

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