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The Queen Is Dead. Anarchy in the U.K.?

Plus: The editors respond to a question about the Forward Party.


In this week's The Reason Roundtable, editors Katherine Mangu-Ward, Matt Welch, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie discuss the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the White House's misguided principles for reforming Big Tech.

0:30: The queen is dead.

10:15: The White House's tech policy push

23:38: Weekly Listener Question:

I see the Forward Party as planting the seeds for the blossoming of a multiparty democracy. As the initial priority of achieving ranked choice voting state by state is laid out, Forward Party is essentially "the third party for third parties." As the saying goes… "may 1000 third parties bloom."

Think of an alliance for a ranked choice voting policy coalition with other third parties. Namely with the other two largest third parties: Libertarian and Green.

This opens up a very interesting dynamic of politics and particularly centrism. No longer is centrism on a binary scale of red or blue, where the center merely takes a little from the left and a little from the right. What is called: "the mushy middle."

Ultimately, should some sort of coalition of libertarians (small and large L), libertarian-adjacent, liberaltarians, and classical liberals join the Forward Party to launch it toward the future?

36:08: This week's cultural recommendations

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