Elizabeth Nolan Brown: Abortion Prohibition, Mail-Order Pills, and Post-Roe Politics

The Reason senior editor and co-founder of the libertarian feminist group Feminists for Liberty examines a murky post-Roe future.


Last week, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, and with it the nationwide guarantee of a constitutional right to abortion. It was a major moment in constitutional history. But for millions of American women, the decision will also have significant personal ramifications.

In this inaugural episode, host Peter Suderman speaks with Reason Senior Editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown about the future of abortion after Roe—the legal mess, the impact on women, and what sort of responses we're likely to see.

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"Here's What Abortion Laws in a Post-Roe World Might Look Like," by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

"Can the FDA Stop States From Banning Abortion Pills?" by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

"The Moderate Majority on Abortion," by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Audio production and editing by Ian Keyser; produced by Hunt Beaty