Joe Biden

George Will: Why He's Against Biden, Trump, and the 1619 Project—And Bullish on the Future

When government "gets out of the way, we're going to see again, the creativity of the American people," says the 80-year-old optimist.


"Arguing about the nature of the country is as American as frozen apple pie with a slice of processed cheese," says the aspirationally acute 80-year-old Pulitzer Prize winner George Will, now in his sixth decade as a leading voice in debates over culture, politics, and ideas. "If you don't like arguing, you picked the wrong country." 

In 1973, Will was a young academic coming off a stint as a Senate staffer when he began writing columns for National Review and The Washington Post. Since then he has churned out "6,000 or so" pieces (his count) on a weekly schedule, calling to mind the longevity and endurance of Cal Ripken, Jr., who played more consecutive baseball games than anyone in history and whose work ethic was lionized by Will in his 1990 bestseller, Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball.

Will's newest book is American Happiness and Discontents, a collection of columns from 2008 to 2020 that covers the Great Recession and the Obama years to what he calls the crybaby presidency of Donald J. Trump and the rise of identity politics as a major force in contemporary America. Of special interest are his columns drawing complicated lessons from the World War II era, when the country triumphed over authoritarianism and genocide abroad even as it practiced racial apartheid at home. Will's analysis of and love for America is unabashedly patriotic but it is never jingoistic or untroubled by tough historical truths.

Though he started out firmly on the conservative right, Will has become more and more libertarian, especially in his insistence that mere politics should never be the all-consuming passion of human endeavor and that America remains a place dedicated to a future that is better than the present. "If we can rein in our appetite for government to dispense benefits," he says, and replace it with a government "that defends the shores, fills the potholes, and otherwise gets out of the way, we're going to see again, the creativity of the American people."

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  1. “When government “gets out of the way, we’re going to see again, the creativity of the American people,” says the 80-year-old optimist.”

    I want to believe the government will get out of the way again, sometime soon, but I’m having a hard time seeing past the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill that not only represents a down payment on the Green New Deal but also creates whole new entitlement programs.

    If there’s a silver lining on the horizon, it may only be this: A Quinnipac poll was just released showing that Biden’s approval rating has fallen all the way down to 42%. Perhaps even more heartening, Biden’s approval among 18 – 34 year-olds is 34%.

    1. They already approved the tax hikes for the spending they haven’t approved yet.

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    2. Keep voting for your precious Republicans and believe them when they say they’ll get government out of the way.

      They’re Lucy. You’re Charlie Brown. And no that isn’t rain.

      1. Trump got rid of tons of regulations. Your shitty candidate brought
        Them back, cumstain.

        1. Trump also started several trade wars, increased antitrust regulation, increased speech and social media regulation, never met a protectionist subsidy he didn’t like, and that’s just off the top of my head.

          Anything remotely libertarian that the man did was purely coincidental.

          1. Started? Lol. Tariffs existed just fine before him. Your beloved biden continues them. He also renegotiated NAFTA and offers 0 tariffs to other countries of they dropped theirs.

            And protectionist? I mean if you’re dumb enough to ignore all of the rampant corporate theft and tariffs from other countries i guess you could believe that.

            And how much accidental libertarianism has your father figure Joe promoted? I mean tax cuts, letters to every agency to reduce regulations (2 cuts per 1 rule), no mask mandates, etc. All accidents! Whatever helps you rationalize Joe in office buddy.


            1. renegotiated NAFTA

              He added a bunch of Country of Origin and pro-labor regulations to his new NAFTA to get Democrats to vote for it.

              For libertarians? Nothing.

              1. Libertarians cannot win an electoral vote or national office, pedo.


                “- The USMCA no longer requires a certificate of origin.
                – All products that have zero tariffs under NAFTA will remain at zero under USMCA.
                – Canada will provide new and expanded access
                – Canada will also eliminate its tariffs on whey and margarine
                – To help make trade easier, faster, and cheaper, the following de minimis levels shipment values will be followed. Shipments up to these de minimis values will generally enter with minimal formal entry procedures.
                Canada will raise its de minimis level for North American express shipments from C$20 to C$40 for taxes. It will also provide for duty-free treatment for express shipments up to C$150.
                Mexico will continue to provide US$50 tax-free de minimis and also provide duty-free treatment for express shipments up to the equivalent level of US$117.
                The United States will maintain its de minimis level at US$800
                – Express shipments valued below $2,500 U.S. dollars will benefit from reduced paperwork, making low-value shipments easier, faster, and less costly for traders. This too is especially important for SMEs, which account for many low-value export shipments. Note that the good still needs to qualify for USMCA tariff treatment and the invoice should include a statement to that effect.
                – Makes improvements in customs and trade facilitation, including agreement by Canada and Mexico to raise their de minimis value levels for taxes and duties on lower value express shipments, allowing certain shipments to enter with minimal formal entry procedures.
                – Goes beyond any past U.S. agreement to help reduce costs and bring greater predictability to cross-border transactions, while ensuring that customs officials have the tools necessary to enforce the law.
                – Includes forward-leaning customs rules on automation and reducing delays. Traders will be guaranteed the opportunity to submit and receive customs-related documentation and data through one website, i.e., a “single window”. Once the customs requirements are met, the goods must be released immediately. “

                1. Buttplug is a liar.

                  1. from your link – auto section

                    ncreased Regional Value Content (RVC) requirements;
                    New requirements for vehicle producers’ procurement of North American-sourced steel and aluminum;
                    Eliminates loopholes that undermine RVC thresholds;
                    Introduces a first-of-its-kind Labor Value Content (LVC) rule;

                    All kinds of content protectionism, a new “labor content” regime and sourcing favoritism.

                    All Democratic dreams. Bernie Sanders style.

                    You got punked, ML.

                    Admit it…..

                    1. Pick them cherries turd; anything to promote dishonesty, you’re on top of it.
                      Fuck off and die, steaming pile of lefty shit.

                  2. No! Really?!
                    turd lies; it’s all turd does. turd is incapable of telling the truth and he’s so fucking stupid he doesn’t even know he’s lying.
                    turd is a pathological liar and is also stupid enough to recognize that everyone else already knows that a post by turd = lies.

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                2. All products that have zero tariffs under NAFTA will remain at zero under USMCA.

                  So no improvement.

                  Some mildly lower shipping costs. BFD.

                  Your list is very Trump-like. Impressive to people who don’t know anything about the subject.

                  There are lots more regulations to offset a few shipping discounts.

                  1. “..So no improvement…”

                    On one issue…
                    What’s cherry picking paying now, asshole?

                3. Theyve been told this for a year but keep reverting back to the DNC pushed narratives instead. Fuck the leftists here.

          2. increased antitrust regulation
            Such as?

            increased speech and social media regulation
            Such as?

            started several trade wars
            It’s not exactly a trade war to tell someone to get rid of their subsidies, or face the same.

            The childrens internet is over there, sarcasmic.

            1. To Sarcasmic and the rest of the left returning fire is initiating the conflict because if you just roll over and do as they say there won’t be any conflict.

              1. Man. Nicki Minaj got redpilled today and it is great. She posted a Tucker clip, and the following happened.

                Replying to @NICKIMINAJ
                you know he’s a white nationalist right?

                Her reply…

                Nicki Minaj
                Right. I can’t speak to, agree with, even look at someone from a particular political party. Ppl aren’t human any more. If you’re black & a Democrat tells u to shove marbles up ur ass, you simply have to. If another party tells u to look out for that bus, stand there & get hit

                1. Hahahaha, fucking epic.

          3. How is antitrust activity anything but pure libertarianism?

            “Too big to fail” is simply too big…period.

          4. So what if he did? Dr. King never intended, but probably ‘inspired’ several riots in the quest to make things better. You sound like an idiot who thinks you can have open heart surgery but not have to endure any pain or suffering. Trump did NOT increase speech and social media regulation. He did call for overturning the blatantly unconstitutional double standard for libel – one for famous football coaches (malice required) and non famous coaches (malice not required). This nation was built on protectionism wars fought on two fronts – protection of borders and protection of industries.

        2. I haven’t voted since I pulled the lever for Gary’s Johnson.

          But please, tell me who my shitty candidate was. Tell me what I believe. Make stuff up. It’s certainly more interesting than the boring truth.

          1. Holy crap, Sarc! You’ve really crawled into Ms. Jessie’s brain, and set up shop. The poor fucker brings you up in threads you haven’t commented, yet. It’s as bad as when folks here would get bent into pretzels over Joe from Lowell. You loom large, dude.

            1. Fuck off, sarcasmic. You’re not tricking anyone.

            2. Lol. Sarc has been creepily mentioning my ass for says at this point. Good sock though.

          2. You voted for Biden jeffsarc. You know it. We know it. Just admit it.

        3. Trump got rid of tons of regulations.

          “Trump Brags About Deregulation, but a Huge Number of His Deregulatory Actions Were Started Under Obama”

          President Donald Trump likes to brag about his record of cutting regulations. Yet new data from his own administration suggest that the rules he’s managed to eliminate have had a minor impact at best—and many began under the Obama administration.

          1. So he did and you gripe it’s not enough?
            Shove them goal posts, asshole!

          2. *Trump enacted record deregulation*

            “That doesn’t count because many were first purposed during Obama’s term” – t. Buttplug

            Even though the Obama administration had nothing to do with most of the proposals and even opposed some, Buttplug thinks Obama should get the credit.
            Fucking unreal how dishonest those clowns are.

            1. He’s totally not a Demfag though.

        4. Did he really get rid of a lot of regulations? It has been repeated frequently, but I’ve not seen it quantified anywhere.

        5. Regulation are not really measured in weight. I think you will find that Trump was not the deregulator you thought. Much of the deregulation was in end of life industries to allow them a few more years to reap failing profits.

      2. It’s odd that Ken doesn’t have that much trouble overlooking trillions of dollars of spending if Republicans are the ones spending it.

        1. Or maybe he’s living in 2021? You fuckers and your TDS is causing you to miss a lot of damage the Democrats are doing right now.

          Do you really think mandates of Covid vaccines are comparable to tariffs?

        2. Ken hasn’t done anything of the sort. Absolutely nothing is going to stop your dishonest, anti-Ken smear campaign, huh.

        3. Fuck Joe Biden and Fuck White Castle Mike

        4. If I really cared, I’d find at least one article where he complained about Republican spending.

    3. “”Perhaps even more heartening, Biden’s approval among 18 – 34 year-olds is 34%””

      He’s not far enough left for them.

      1. Some of them, I’m sure.

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    5. We will continue to flip between pandering Democrats and crybaby Republicans until the voting public finally gets tired of it and votes some independent into office.

      But it ain’t going to happen as the media is fanning the flames of extreme tribalism. The concept that voting is not a binary partisan activity is beyond the comprehension of most people.

    6. Sure Will couldn’t be more correct – Trump, Biden, whoever, they all don’t meet his quicksilver standards. Despite his deeply held self worth, I cannot fully support his elevation to global decision maker – we can’t run the world based on his menstrual cycle….

  2. George Will is now crazy, and Fuck Joe Biden

    1. The Commies at unreason have been peddling George Will for years.

      One thing is for sure. unreason doesnt know like Libertarianism and neither does George Will.

  3. This unraveling presidency began with the Crybaby-in-Chief banging his spoon on his highchair tray to protest a photograph — a photograph — showing that his inauguration crowd the day before had been smaller than the one four years previous. Since then, this weak person’s idea of a strong person, this chest-pounding advertisement of his own gnawing insecurities, this low-rent Lear raging on his Twitter-heath has proven that the phrase malignant buffoon is not an oxymoron.

    Presidents, exploiting modern communications technologies and abetted today by journalists preening as the “resistance” — like members of the French Resistance 1940-1944, minus the bravery — can set the tone of American society, which is regrettably soft wax on which presidents leave their marks. The president’s provocations — his coarsening of public discourse that lowers the threshold for acting out by people as mentally crippled as he — do not excuse the violent few. They must be punished. He must be removed.

    George Will June 1, 2020

    1. Yep. One must ignore a lot of boatload of crap to promote Trump to the level of a “good” president. But then, the standard is pretty low right now, and Biden is lowering it further.

      1. Name one better since Coolidge.

        1. Carter was far more libertarian than Trump.

          He deregulated entire industries – not just a token gesture here or there like Trump.

          No wars or droning – unlike Trump.

          Stopped federal employee strikes.

          Great job creation.

          Carter is kind of what Gary Johnson would have been.

          1. “Carter was far more libertarian than Trump.”

            turd lies. It’s all turd does. turd is incapable of telling the truth and he’s so fucking stupid he doesn’t even know he’s lying.
            turd is a pathological liar and is also stupid enough to recognize that everyone else already knows that a post by turd = lies

          2. “No wars or droning – unlike Trump.”

            Drones didn’t exist when Carter was president dummy.

            1. Lincoln did less drone killings too.

              1. In fact every President combined before Bush did less drone killings thank Bush, Obama, Trump or Biden has done by themselves.

              2. You know who else did less drone killings?

          3. “No wars… – unlike Trump”

            Oh? How many wars did Trump start, Shrike?

            Also, I know that you can’t into history but maybe read up about Operation Eagle Claw, or the December 1975 invasion and occupation of East Timor.

            But you’re right that Carter did more for peace than any other. Like Trump, he was one of the few presidents to achieve actual peace deals between the Israelis and Arabs.

          4. Hitler did less drone striking too.

            1. I think the V-1 could be classified as a drone (Unmanned Aircraft Systems in FAA-speak.)

              1. It isn’t. It is a missile.

          5. If Carter had been a deregulator at heart, he would have done it in 1976 instead of waiting until he was desperate at the end of his term. Had Carter made his first executive order the same as Reagan’s, he may well have been hailed as a hero.

          6. Droning didn’t exist then, moron.

            1. Do a web search for “history of drones” and you’ll find unmanned balloons were used for military purposes as far back as 1839. They’ve been used more extensively since WWII (e.g. the V-1) to kill civilians.

              1. Interesting, learn something new everyday.

                We all know what shrike meant by droning though.

        2. “Name one better since Coolidge.”

          Reagan, though far from perfect. LBJ gets my nod for the worst one.

          I will give you that he is the best one in the 21st century, all things considered (I am confident that Biden will prove much worse).
          Note: I am ignoring Trump’s inflammatory style, which I found equally amusing and embarrassing. But then again, Obama was the master of double-speak.

          1. LBJ for worst, with FDR a close second. Much as I detest everything he’s about, BHO is a distant third.

            Clinton was such a people pleaser that in his second term, he failed to get too much harm done. Carter was a good man, but a lousy leader.

            1. Historians have already put Bush the Lesser and Trump as “worst president”.

              It is easy to make the case too.

              they also rated Obama, Ike, and Reagan in the top 15 ever.

              TWO Republicans, one Dem since 1952.

              So don’t cry about partisanship.

              I will repeat because I know you are stupid. They put TWO Republicans at the top of the modern list.

              But Bush and Trump are the worst no question.

              1. You forgot the quotes around “Historians”, Buttplug.
                A small group of lefty professors did. Not historians in general.
                Victor David Hanson certainly didn’t.

                You just can’t avoid Weasel Wording huh.

              2. Those historians are idiots, if only for the fact that FDR literally had American citizens put into concentration camps.

              3. Worst president? Ever? I can’t imagine being worse than Pierce or Buchanan, or even Andrew Johnson – and I doubt a majority of historians are rating Dubya below them. Trump might be 4th or 5th worst.

                Obama in the top 15? What? Talk about a blinkered view of his presidency – check again in 20 or 30 years, doubt that’ll hold up.

            2. “BHO is a distant third.”

              I can’t put Obama anywhere near the top. I cannot condone the assassination of American citizens, even if they are despicable. Nor can I forgive him for widening the wars, especially after he ran as a “peacemaker.” I also have a whole lot of problems with ObamaCare — mainly because it was never designed to do what it was intended to do: it was merely designed to get through congress to make him look “effective.” He is not near as bad as LBJ, but hell, in my book, even Nixon was better.

              On the others you mention, yeah, I agree, or at least close enough for government work.

              1. “…Historians have already put Bush the Lesser and Trump as “worst president”..”

                Certain un-named people are as fucking stupid as turd!

              2. Nixon and Obama were very similar beasts. Right down to their spying scandals.

            3. Nixon and Kennedy were both worse than BO.


              1. No one mentions Woodrow Wilson?

        3. Trump’s $2.2 trillion Trump Welfare and Re-election CARES Bill of 2020 disqualifies him from any “most libertarian” talk by itself.

          So Carter it is.

          1. “Trump’s $2.2 trillion Trump Welfare and Re-election CARES Bill of 2020 disqualifies him from any “most libertarian” talk by itself.”

            Reduced from what Pelosi tried to get through by how much, turd?

          2. You mean Pelosi and Schumer’s unvetoable bill? Who the hell do you think you’re kidding Buttplug.

            1. Damn, Trump was such an effective dictator, he forced the Democrat controlled congress to pass a retarded spending bill.

    2. There’s TDS in a nutshell – whining and complaining that Trump’s not “Presidential”. He’s coarse and crude and fat and ugly. He’s a fat-headed, loud-mouthed, egotistical slob. He lies constantly, talks shit constantly, brags and preens constantly, whines and cries constantly. He’s just an absolute pig of a human being.

      How’s he doing as President? Not one fucking peep about that. To put it in terms George Will might understand, it’s as if the Yankees refused to hire Babe Ruth until he lost some weight, quit drinking, and got a little work done on his jowls. Who gives a fuck what he looks like if he can hit like that? And if we were hiring Presidents by their gravitas and their personability, we would have elected Morgan Freeman.

      1. Will complains about the presidency becoming a monarchy and then wants the presidency to become the moral face of government. It is fucking ironic.

      2. Trump was a nasty big government statist. I don’t like statists. Fat ones or skinny ones.

      3. How he do as President? Simply put he was incompetent.

    3. Lotta RINOs and neocons jumped ship because they like sucking at the power tit in DC. They bought their ticket, they knew what they were getting into.

      They voted Senile Joe, just like you did asshole.

  4. *puts a bag of popcorn in the microwave*

    1. Mine was there before I finished reading the title of the article.

    2. Waits 10 minutes, smoke alarm goes off, jeffsarc sad.

  5. “If you don’t like arguing, you picked the wrong country.”

    arguing (v): agreeing with the progressive left, or being canceled.

    1. How are you still posting then?

      1. Not if you had your druthers, right KARen?

  6. George Will, libertarian?

    Sheepish right-wingers masquerading about in unconvincing libertarian drag are not libertarians.

    1. Artie’s nervous around intellectuals and those with some modicum of influence and intelligence. His hippie parents brought him up on the commune farm and never told him not to wipe his nose with his sleeve, and he needs to trim his ear and nose hair. One day…

      1. Excuse me, birthing people.

        1. Look at that, you can be funny. 2 good ones in a row.

  7. Next up: Jennifer rubin.

    1. Don’t forget Jonah Goldberg.

      1. Sarcasmic is already parroting him

        1. And Bill Kristol.

      2. And Peggy Noonan.

  8. In Statecraft As Soulcraft: What Government Does, George Will was supporting the Religious Right on issues like school prayer, pornography, contraception, homosexuality, abortion, and euthanasia. My question is when did he change his mind?

    1. When book sales dropped off?

      1. That I could believe.

    2. Maybe he always wanted to be libertarian…ish. Where there’s a Will there’s a way.

      1. Ish? If George Will thought the Religious Right was anywhere near libertarian, then he was full of Ish. Where there is this Will, there is also a won’t.

  9. “If we can rein in our appetite for government to dispense benefits,” he says, and replace it with a government “that defends the shores, fills the potholes, and otherwise gets out of the way, we’re going to see again, the creativity of the American people.”

    In other words, we are not again going to see the creativity of the American people.

  10. When government “gets out of the way, we’re going to see again, the creativity of the American people,” says the 80-year-old optimist.

    When the hell are you imagining that government is going to get out of the way, you senile old fuck? Why would they? Who’s going to make them? Who’s coming to save us? Ronald Reagan’s been dead and gone long enough that your fantasies about what he’s going to accomplish should be quelled by now. The government is going to get out of the way as soon as we kill enough of the bastards – or civilization collapses – and in either case you’re going to see something much, much worse replace it.

    When you supported both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden because you couldn’t imagine anybody could possibly be worse than Donald Trump, I’d have to guess what you’ve got here is a simple failure of imagination. And yet here you are, just imagining away that somehow the government is magically going to get out of the way.

    1. Cultist mad.

      1. Why are you mad? Biden has been a glorious leader for everything you hold dear.

      2. TDS-addled asshole stupid.

      3. Translation: DOL mad.

      4. All levels of government are out of control. Vast swaths of the bureaucracy think they have a right to tell you how to live your life. They continue to take in more revenue year over year but refuse to even cut the rate of spending growth.

        We should all be mad.

    2. National divorce seems like the only way to protect our remaining liberty..once you go bolsehvik..its hard until your currency crashes to go back..and even then…the russians knew communism didn’t work..I’m not sure even if inflation hits 500% the teachers unions, grifter NGOS, media, academia and Hollywood will ever stop supporting the Federal Dictatorship.. we are screwed

  11. Where was Will for the last 5 years? If memory serves he was a staunch supporter of the state he now pretends he wants out of the way. Fuck this lying snake.

    1. Fuck Gillespie for giving the lying snake any credence.

      This rag has become an embarrassment to liberty.

  12. George Will caught a really bad case of TDS in 2016, and still hasn’t recovered.

    I used to desire watching a baseball game with George Will (to try convincing him libertarianism is far superior to conservativism).

    1. But I vowed to stopped watching all MLB games (including my beloved Pirates) after the MLB Comish jumped on the Biden/Harris bandwagon by falsely accusing Georgia Republicans of enacting a racist voting law and of being racist.

      I haven’t seen or heard even one inning of MLB this year.

      1. You’re probably better off for it.

        1. I know you hate sports, but I can enjoy them if the owners players have different politics than me.

          I’m not a fascist like you who needs everyone to think like you.

          1. “I’m not a fascist”

            In the Reason comments KAR has advocated:
            – Eliminating a religious minority through mass killing.
            – Corporatist economics.
            – Aktion T4 principles: Abortion, Infanticide, Euthanasia, Eugenics against “undesirables” (Down syndrome, etc.)

            If KAR isn’t a Nazi, then Hitler wasn’t either.

            1. Where have I advocated Eugenics against “undesirables” like Down syndrome?

              Why do you feel you need to lie about me?

            2. I’m for doctor assisted suicide. If you’re against that you’re not libertarian.

              I recognize the world would be a better place if Mormons were wiped off the earth, but I’m not going to do anything.

              I realize you’re a Canadian, but your militant nationalism is fascist. You’re like an Austrian Nazi before Anschluss.

      2. The Yanks are not missing anything

        1. They’re only a half a game out of the wild card!

            1. I guess it’s better than “steaming pile of lefty shit.”

              You’re one senile drunk Sevo.

              I take comfort in the fact that you’ll be dead soon and won’t be missed.

    2. Having a conversation is all a baseball game is really good for. Does baseball have any kind of strategy or tactics that would be applicable to finding and keeping Liberty?

  13. Might I be the only one here who actually enjoyed this interview, and actually heard a few things mildly encouraging or, at least, thought provoking?

    1. I dont consider flip flopping the ultimate sin like many others.
      Good to have a 2nd member in the lib RINO club.

    2. Sure, if you enjoy trivial pronouncements from a fatuous intellectual, then you probably enjoy this interview.

        1. Exhibit A: Fatuous intellectual.

          Exhibit B: One of the millions of airheads who are awed by fatuous intellectuals.

  14. Yeah Will is not really more libertarian than before. He’s of the Bush RINO style who pretended to tolerate Reagan, but Mitt Romney is more his type. Ultimately Will bought into the massive persuasion campaign about Trump and jumped ship thinking it would save him. He miscalculated like so many others.

  15. Republican Bruce Bartlett:

    “I love Donald Trump because he exposes everything about the Republican Party that I have frankly come to hate. It is just filled with people who are crazy, and stupid, and have absolutely no idea of what they are taking about. And the candidates, no matter how intelligent they may be, just constantly pander to this lowest common denominator in American politics – crazy, stupid, racist and religious to the dangerous extreme.

    sounding like Goldwater.

    Good guy. Reagan loved him.

    1. Bruce had a problem with decentralization and ending the Fed. He is a keynsian big govt for Reagan he never walked the walk..he didn’t nuke the Johnson agencies (HUD, HHS, DOE) like he promised. He was against deficit spending yet did nothing to do the one thing to stop it, tie the dollar back to gold (which he could have in 1981 easily but the hedge funds boys..Don Regan didn’t like the free money they used to get from the Fed). The USSR was a paper tiger on the verge of collapse..a moderate increase in defense spending was fine but we didn’t need to go hog wild. A better President was Ike or Coolidge.

    2. turd lies. It’s all turd does. turd is incapable of telling the truth and he’s so fucking stupid he doesn’t even know he’s lying.
      turd is a pathological liar and is also stupid enough to recognize that everyone else already knows that a post by turd = lies

    3. Pedo buttplug wants some old ass that’s clear maybe he’s limping along and grinding for meat, whatever the case get tested Tony.

    4. And the candidates, no matter how intelligent they may be, just constantly pander to this lowest common denominator in American politics – crazy, stupid, racist and religious to the dangerous extreme.

      Indeed! Trump really revealed what many politicians are truly like: crazy, stupid, racist, and religious to the extreme.

      In particular the Democrats.

  16. Will always reminded me of Jack Kemp..another “conservative” who focused on foreign interventionism due to the commies through justification of what Robert Taft warned (and Ike to some degree) us about. The rise of a security state and massive complexes (military, education, healthcare, and now big tech) was never criticized.

    I recall being a young college student in the early 80’s and the “National Review” crowd saying deficit spending was great, getting rid of agencies like the DOE, HHS, HUD was a mistake (we should control them), and of course the Buckley kneeling to the Federal State mostly through not being allowed to criticize the Federal Reserve.

    I never heard Will talk of the “old right” which is what a true conservative stands foreign intervention, no deficit spending (no keynsian economics), and the Federal Govt staying out of economic transactions. He doesnt’ get it..there is no turning back once bolshevikism has infected our govt and institutions which it has. He should have been listening to Dr. Paul and not Jack Kemp.

  17. I see the usual Trumpkins are defending their orange big government idol as always.

    1. Bank that 50 cents, soy

    2. I don’t see any “Trumpkins” defending George Will.

      And, trust me, it is quite common for people to despise George Will without liking Trump. The world isn’t divided into pro-Trump vs anti-Trump, much as your TDS may tell you otherwise.

  18. Don’t know what planet Will is living on, but I do not share his optimism. Since COVID started and somewhat before, people have gotten use to getting free money. Like a highly addictive drug, their not going to give that up anytime soon and we all know what party excels at handing it out.

  19. Dunno’ why anyone cares what Will thinks. He’s not some moral person with deep personal convictions. He’s a grifter who is searching for a friendly audience since he can no longer profit off of being a conservative. Odd that Reason gives his inane ramblings a platform.

    …no, I take that back. It’s not odd that Reason gives him a platform. Reason libertarians (by that, I mean the writers and editors) are useful idiots, after all, and don’t seem all that interested in promoting libertarian principles. I fully expect to see Reason gives the likes of Jonah Goldberg, Ana Navarro and the Lincoln Project platforms some time in the near future.

  20. “If we can rein in our appetite for government to dispense benefits,” he says, and replace it with a government “that defends the shores, fills the potholes, and otherwise gets out of the way, we’re going to see again, the creativity of the American people.”

    They may say, that I’m a dreamer…

  21. Will is elitist hypocrite, farthest thing from a libertarian. he’s a grifter whose ‘ideals’ change with the wind

  22. Pablum and trivialities from a self-aggrandizing intellectual. Reason must love him.

    I’m an optimist too: the class of blowhards that Will represents is getting on in years and hopefully will never return to haunt public political discourse.

  23. I listened to George Will, painfully, to see if he had any reasonable ideas on his hatred for Trump. He does not. I agree Trump fought everything, but he was also hit with every conceivable special interest and bureaucratic power structure to prevent his success. Free Trade is a joke when you don’t have it on both sides. Will’s “nothing to see here” ignores that I have to have a vaccine to have a job. I could just not have a job, and live on the outskirts. He is a gaslighter and ignores how dysfunctional and corrupt America’s government really is. We certainly learned that from Trump and just how much the State itself has control and dwarfs the people’s will. Ignoring that it exists and that we are still in the 90’s is not helpful.

    1. He is a gaslighter and ignores how dysfunctional and corrupt America’s government really is.

      Will isn’t even a gaslighter, which implies intent. Will is just an old establishment blow-hard, an “intellectual” who adapts his message to whatever it takes to get paid.

  24. Nick Gillespie: ” … Pitty the Billionaire … ”

    WTF!? You sanctimonious piece of shit! You think conservatives / GOP are made up of only billionaires! Even if that were true – which is so, obviously NOT – the left has it’s own deplorable version of billionaires! Get over yourself Nick Gillespie!!

  25. “When government gets out of the way…”

    Why are they interviewing him when he makes embarrassing statements like this, which are indicative of cognitive decline?

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