Joe Biden

How Biden's Vaccine Mandates Degrade Social Trust

Plus, how his tax hikes won't actually help anyone, either.


On today's episode of The Reason Roundtable, Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie commiserate over President Joe Biden's "path out of the pandemic" plan and the latest tax hike proposals.

Discussed in the show:

1:48: Biden's "path out of the pandemic."

26:33: Congress is back in session. Let's talk about these (ridiculous) proposed tax hikes and breaks.

39:27: Weekly Listener Question: As someone who entered the realm of libertarian ideals through growing up in endless wars on terror, drugs, and the like, how do I effectively teach these ideals to my coming child?

51:34: Media recommendations for the week.

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Assistant production by Regan Taylor
Music: "Angeline," by The Brothers Steve

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  1. Degrade Social Trust

    The ship sailed on that one a long ass fucking time ago.

    1. I like your way with words, Moon. Right to the point.

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  2. I’ve begun to welcome and appreciate Chairman Biden’s edicts and overreaching mandates; his ineptitude is just icing on the cake. The more he pisses off or scares enough citizens to the point of actually doing something beyond being apathetic or just bitching, the sooner we will actually reign in our bloated and unconstitutional government.

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  3. We can see how Biden’s parenting style worked out for his son.

    Listening to him makes me want to go out and smoke crack with hookers.

    1. His patience with Hunter never wears thin. As long as the checks, er digital deposits come in.

    2. Biden’s parenting style does not pass the sniff test.

      1. This is a hilarious juxtaposition on that, Chumby. You have to watch it. It’s only a minute long:

  4. We can see how Biden’s parenting style worked out for his son.

    Most influential artist since Picasso.

    1. What Chumby said.

    1. If you want to look it up there’s an article in the Atlantic covering a pre-publication study of covid hospitalization numbers. The gist is that the data really need to be broken out into With as opposed to From because a substantial portion (about half during the study period, which ended June 30) were not severe cases, instead being mild or asymptomatic.

      Limited data because of the nature of such a study, 48% of hospitalizations were a combination of mild cases admitted to be careful because of a comorbidity, or people admitted for another reason and who didn’t even realize they had covid until tested during admissions.

      Hospitalizations are a great number to get a picture of the pandemic, but the data picture needs to be more complete and segregated between severe and mild to really be good enough to dictate public policy.

      Or, you know, if you’re President or Governor you can just shake your finger at people who don’t agree with you and treat them like petulant children. Because that ALWAYS makes people happier to see your side of a debate.

      1. Yeah. A pure case of accidental journalism by The Atlantic.

        1. I was surprised to read it there.

          Point is, I don’t have links available at the moment and the Atlantic article has the link to the original study. So, of you want to see it, you can find it.

          1. Yeah, it is surprising since hysterical claims about hospitalizations is the talking point used to overcome the silly contradictory claims that “the vaccine will protect you!” and “the vaccine won’t protect you from the unvaccinated so hate them!”

  5. Plenty of people buy into fear porn.

  6. this has been my favorite Twilight Zone episode yet.

  7. No no no comply or die!

    jk do not comply, fuck off lefties, eat shit Biden.

  8. Trust the science.

    This bizarre detail about the CEO of Twitter and Square was just one of many shared by Dorsey on the March 16 episode of the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast — an episode highlighted in a recent New York Times article addressing Dorsey’s affinity for “salt juice.” The rambling roughly hour-long conversation covers a range of topics, and paints a picture of a man who can barely figure out what to do with his own body let alone Twitter.

    But that doesn’t mean Dorsey doesn’t have ideas.

    For starters, the CEO told Greenfield that he recently purchased a sauna that is an electromagnetic field-shielded “little tent” with a freestanding stool in the middle.

    “No radiation EMF from power, from Wi-Fi, from cellular” gets through, he observed. “[It] feels a little bit different because you’re not getting hit by all the EMF energy.”

    In case you’re curious, the World Health Organization notes that “despite extensive research, to date there is no evidence to conclude that exposure to low level electromagnetic fields is harmful to human health.”

    But hey, that’s just the science talking. “I feel a lot more energized,” Dorsey explains of the EMF-free experience. “I feel a lot cleaner.”

    In addition to going away to his personal pillow fort, Dorsey bragged about his shower routine. “All my showers are cold showers,” he told Greenfield. “I just do not do, I don’t do hot anymore.”

    But back to Dorsey turning orange. He explained on the podcast that, during a two-year stint as a vegan (before moving on to a paleo diet), he briefly left his circle of enablers for a trip to the Midwest.

    “At one point midway through I went back to my parents for Thanksgiving and my mom opened the door and said, ‘Jack you’re orange,'” he recalled. “And I’m like, ‘What do you mean?’ She’s like, ‘You’re orange. Your skin is orange, your eyes are orange, your hair is orange. You’re orange.'”

    It was all the beta carotene supplements he was taking, it turns out. He commented to Greenfield that neither he, nor his friends, had noticed the transition.

    1. Don’t they put psychos in cold showers?

      1. Immersion in cold water used to be a form of shock therapy.

    2. Calling Mr. Hughes, Mr. Howard Hughes your roommate is here.

  9. LOL at Howard Stern having a nervous breakdown on national radio and going full Final Solution:

    “We have no time for idiots in this country anymore,” Stern said. “We don’t want you. We want you to all either go the hospital, and stay home, die there with your COVID. Don’t take the cure, but don’t clog up our hospitals with your COVID when you finally get it. Stay home, don’t bother with science, it’s too late. Go fuck yourself, we just don’t have time for you…When are we gonna stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say it’s mandatory to get vaccinated? Fuck ’em. Fuck their freedom. I want my freedom to live. I want to get out of the house already. I want to go next door and play chess. I want to go take some pictures. This is bullshit,” he said last week. “If you have a heart attack or any kind of problem, you can’t even get into the E.R. And I’m really of a mind to say, ‘Look, if you didn’t get vaccinated and you got Covid, you don’t get into a hospital.”

    Why exactly should I feel sorry for this Boomer, stuck in his deep blue shithole, who’s apparently so fucking scared of dying from a bad cold that he won’t even visit his next door neighbor? There’s plenty of people in red states and even blue states who have been living normal lives for MONTHS, though all this shit. It’s not their fault you live in a city of degenerate, mentally ill neurotics, you fucking solipsistic shithead.

    No, fuck you, Howard, you’re going to die and there’s NOTHING you can do about it. I seriously can’t wait for the day you catch pneumonia or fall and break your pelvis, and have to deal with the fact that you’re slipping in to the void and there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop it. I’m going to fucking laugh my ass off when you finally eat the peach, wondering why Science! couldn’t save your decrepit ass.

    1. Fuck ’em. Fuck their freedom. I want my freedom to live.

      People like Stern have fucked and fucked over so many others on their climb to notoriety that they can’t abide moments of idleness. Even if they decry religion, they know deep down that their utter lack of repentance is deserving of consequence. It is not judgement that they fear as much as having nothing to distract them from contemplating what they have done.

      1. Is it me? Or when others read the statement “I want my freedom to get out of the house already” do they not realize that it isn’t the sick who are curtailing their freedom? It’s the dictatorial politicians.

        Seriously, if you are healthy and have the vaccine, YOU ARE NOT AT RISK. Regardless of the unvaccinated. Some guy in Georgia who doesn’t want to take a shot should have zero to do with whether or not a vaccinated man in New York City can go out and do things.

        It’s true, if they don’t want a vaccine, fuck ’em. Or, more properly stated, just let them make that decision and everyone can go on with their lives. Because it doesn’t affect you. If someone gets sick and it sucks for them, so what? If they take a shot, so what? None of this affects Howard Stern’s ability to leave his house unless the GOVERNMENT says so.

        But the government, to what end I’m still not clear, HAS to tell us what we cannot do, make us wear masks and not go indoors, and have passports or whatever. That’s not some rando in Mississippi, that’s the government that’s curtailing your freedom. That’s your Mayor, that’s some state governor, that’s the President and his political appointees at various governmental agencies who, I guess, are now allowed to ignore the constitution and make laws.

        1. It is not even the politicians. It is them. If only Rosa Parks had followed the rules…

          1. Maybe. But the “them” in this case have been led to blame the blameless.

            A man beats his wife. She says “Well, if the baby would stop crying…”

            Whose fault is this?

          2. That honor goes to 15 year old Claudette Colvin. She was the impetus for the boycott.

        2. And in Stern’s case, it’s not even the politicians–plenty of people even in New York City have been going outside for months and doing all the shit he’s whining about not being able to do. It’s pretty fucking pathetic to see someone who made his whole career off of thumbing his nose at authority turn in to such a bitch-ass jobber for the establishment, but the guy is 66 years old and knows he’s on the ass-end of his life now.

          It’s pretty easy to “buck the system, maaaaaaan” when it isn’t your side in charge; but now that it’s his people running the show, he can’t lick those boots hard or fast enough. What a fucking poser.

    2. Howard used to be cool. What happened, man?

      1. He was always a boomer edge-master.

          1. I only ever listened to him twice, but he sure sounded like one. Like an even older Tom Green.

    3. Stern claims he has no freedom from unvaccinated people? He’s wealthy he can go where he wants and he’s vaccinated.

      It’s like rich NBA players whining about “white supremacy”.

      Or Democrats who call other people “fascist”.

      Or jeffsarc sqrlsy claiming to be a libertarian.

      1. I think it’s starting to hit him that all that money isn’t going to keep him out of the grave.

        1. People like him need to be sent there immediately.
          As an example.

    4. Anybody taking advice from Butt Bongos Man is a bloody idiot.

  10. The Demiocrats and the media (but I repeat myself) could have simply buried or at least severely downplayed the Delta variant, and painted Biden as the hero who conquered COVID.

    My longtime Usenet ally, Christopher Charles Morton, explains why they did not.

    They didn’t WANT to bury it. It was another cudgel to use against the public to compel obedience.

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