How 9/11 Actually Changed Everything

Plus, why is no one talking about the Medicare Trustees' entitlement report?


On this week's edition of the Reason Roundtable, Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie reflect on where they were on 9/11, the subsequent policy shifts we still see today, and the new Texas abortion law.

Discussed in the show:

1:08: How 9/11 influenced our lives.

29:50: Weekly Listener Question: Reason frequently makes the case that, "if Republicans do x, what's to stop Democrats from doing x against Republicans?" However, is that a good argument when Democrats are already doing what Reason claims Republicans should be worried about?

37:50: What the Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees' entitlement report tells us.

47:11: Media recommendations for the week.

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  1. So did the stock market crash, Pearl Harbor, and Kennedy’s assassination. The result as always is bigger government.

    1. Not COVID. Covid hasn’t made government bigger.

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  2. The ACLU on Vaccine mandates:

    Civil Liberties and Vaccine Mandates: Here’s Our Take.
    Far from compromising civil liberties, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties. They protect the most vulnerable among us, including people with disabilities and fragile immune systems, children too young to be vaccinated and communities of color hit hard by the disease.

    I have to confess, now Reason’s take seems more mainstream to me.

    1. All of that logic that they use to force you to stick a needle in your arm is the same logic the government uses to keep you from sticking a needle in your arm when it is Heroine. This world has gone absolutely insane. And even moreso when I consider that if it were Trump pushing the vaccine on the population, they would be falling over themselves to argue about medical freedoms.


      1. The UK’s major health body just declared that vaccines for 12 to 15 year old’s were unnecessary as the disease posed little to no risk, and the possible and known risks of the vaccines were too high.

        The Minister of Health ordered them to reconsider their ruling, and this time consider measures other than health in their determination.

        1. Well, sure: If the only thing you were concerned about was health, vaccinating 12 year olds against Covid would be way, way down your list of priorities, so far down it wouldn’t even register. The disease is a total nothingburger for kids. In England, 25 Covid deaths compared to over 3,000 from other causes, and most of the “Covid” deaths were of kids who had such severe medical problems already that they were at great risk of dying even if they hadn’t gotten Covid.

          The truth is that at no point during this pandemic was Covid even the leading cause of death. It made it up to number 3, but only by virtue of counting everyone who died with Covid as having been killed BY Covid, even if something else would have killed them anyway. It’s certainly nowhere near the leading cause of death today.

          If you can justify compromising civil liberties for Covid, you can always justify compromising them, there will never be a time that it’s safe for us to be free again.

      2. And even moreso when I consider that if it were Trump pushing the vaccine on the population, they would be falling over themselves to argue about medical freedoms.

        Oh, we don’t have to imagine it. Remember when prominent Democrats were going on record saying that they neither trusted, nor would take “The Trump vaccine”? Remember when Gavin Newsom said California wouldn’t even approve it? I do.

        1. The democrats were also complaining trump didnt force masks and lockdowns everywhere.

      3. They’ve already given the government the foothold they desire. And a large part of self declared libertarians are following along believing covid is unique. It is not. There will always be diseases. Some will be bad. Some will be pure hype. But now the government will utilize the foothold to barge in. See Australia. And again, a lot of “libertarians” seem to be more outraged over people making their own risk assessments than they do of these over reaches.

        1. “And again, a lot of “libertarians” seem to be more outraged over people making their own risk assessments than they do of these over reaches.”

          Yes. I honestly don’t come to Reason to read up on surveys of medical science- especially from the likes of Sullum and ENB. And MOST especially from the likes of the people infesting these comments.

          I come to Reason to talk about libertarian values, and yet many “libertarians” spend so long shaming and arguing with people who make “bad” decisions that it is hard to understand why they would bother supporting a system that feels people should figure this shit out for themselves.

        2. This is actually the reason that I am critical of the discussion and language used by Reason around these topics. In the end, I believe (maybe foolishly) that they are against all of these government interventions, but they are doing a poor job of dismantling all of the arguments leading into people thinking mandates are necessary.

          Over the past year and a half, I have thought a lot about Milton Friedman saying (paraphrasing) “anyone can mitigate their own risks for a cost”. This can manifest in many different ways in relation to COVID, but in all cases, the cost to mitigate my risks rests with me not society.

          There will always be risks, and I may assign a different level of risk to an activity or situation than others. If I deem something to be a huge risk, I will take the steps I see as necessary to protect myself and my family. Everyone should make this assessment for themselves and realize that others are doing the same. You may not like the decisions others make, but you can then factor that into your continued assessment of what mitigating costs you would like to take.

    2. ACLU has given up on the bill of rights, they are just a partisan outfit of left wing shills. Same with the other civil rights orgs they are useless. It’s funny how much like Nixon that generation has become.

      1. The ACLU is like Erdogan regarding democracy. They got off when the train reached their station.

    3. The aclu, in its own defense, spreads medical misinformation:

      The disease is highly transmissible, serious and often lethal; the vaccines are safe and effective; and crucially there is no equally effective alternative available to protect public health.

      “often lethal”. To be “often lethal” you’d have to have a survival rate that was probably much lower than 98.2% much greater than 98.2%.

      AIDS was “often lethal”. Ebola had a CFR of 50%. That’s “often lethal”. If COVID were “often lethal”, I’d likely know of at least one (1) person who had died from it. I would very likely know of at least one (1) person who had been hospitalized from it.

      The count on those two data points are, 0 and 0, respectively.

      1. More misinformation: There is no equally effective alternative available.

        Define that. Prior infection has proven to be way more effective than the vaccine. Or did they literally mean “equally effective”?

    4. Reason and the ACLU are both now cocktail party adjacent.

      1. From the cocktail party, with the cocktail party, adjacent to the cocktail party.

  3. Oh, Gavin Newsom won’t be recalled. You know why I know? Because Portland enthusiastically reelected Ted Wheeler.

    1. If nothing else, the recall vote stains Gavin’s record.

      1. I thought Gavin Newsom’s record stained Gavin Newsom’s record.

        1. You thought wrong.

          If it weren’t for the fact that the recall actually happened, proving that a good portion of the electorate really is dissatisfied, the press would just gaslight everyone into believing it was a handful of insurrectionists, racists, and homophobic republicans trying to overthrow democracy.

          I mean, they still will, but at least then it’ll have to be “millions of”…

          Plus, the recall was the only leverage we had for easing of mandates. State wide universal masking in and out would still be here were it not. At the very least OSHA would demand it under workplace safety. Many more restrictions were only eased because of the bad optics for an embattled Newsome.

          I mean, we’re still fucked long term, but proof that he’s thinking about the recall is in things like how vaccine passports are coming back, but not until the week AFTER the election.

    2. But the alternative to Ted Wheeler was LITERALLY antifa.

      That’s how crazy Portland is. TED WHEELER IS THE SANE ALTERNATIVE.

  4. Military, IC and DoJ wanted to exert more control, and they were handed it after 9-11. We are stuck with a bunch of ruthless neocons in charge who are holding on tight to power. Oh they pretend to be in league with democrats, but the bureaucracy doesn’t much care which party as long as the president submits to them. Senile Joe of course just rolls with it why should he care.

  5. Biden still planning his Sept 11 Operation Napghanistan series finale party?

      1. Tell me about Cleveland.

        How much do you know about it. How much time have you spent there.

        To you it is just another flyover POC.

        1. I learned all about cleavland watching the Drew carry show

          1. And major league

          2. Buzz Beer FTW!

        2. What are you talking about, that’s where Biden is right now.

          1. Unless that’s a quote from something, I think Echospinner may be broken.

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