Criminal Justice, Gun Regulations, and Labor Unions

We've got good news and bad news.


Senior Editor Robby Soave subs for Katherine Mangu-Ward on The Reason Roundtable this week, sitting in with Matt Welch, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie to discuss criminal justice reform at the federal and local levels, Biden's gun regulations, unions, and media bias.

Discussed in the show:

1:49: Minnesota's latest police shooting

21:54: Biden's effort to curb gun violence

31:01: A union drive fails at Amazon amid Biden's pro-union policies, and media bias surrounds the story

43:38: Weekly Listener Question: Explain to me how the left can find racism under every rock yet not recognize that the drug war, minimum wages, and gun control directly stem from racism?

47:19: Media recommendations for the week.

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  1. “New Mexico Abolishes Qualified Immunity,” by Billy Binion

    Wrong. Please make a correction on this.

    1. That is two major screwups by this clown today. Binion is a piece of shit.

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    3. You wrote a decent explanation a few days ago, Paul, of why Reason’s wrong on this issue with New Mexico. Might be a good idea to link to it.

      I’ll do it. Start at this post, and work your way down through the next four or five, everyone. (They’re short.)

    4. Just to be even more clear on this, does what they did for “state agents” apply to counties and cities? Or are they just talking about state troopers and other state employees?

      Is this like a state preemption law saying that the state law preempts whatever it says in the contract the city of Albuquerque negotiated with their local law enforcement union?

      It’s one thing for the state legislature to preempt the local ordinances in reference to gun control. Quite another for the state to nullify contracts that have already been duly executed by municipalities and law enforcement unions.

    5. Every time Paul lets facts get in the way of the narrative, another social justice warrior drops dead.

  2. As to their listener question, by now it should be quite obvious the left and democrats are far more racist than anyone. And they have the power right now.

  3. Minnesota’s latest police shooting screams our need for time proven common sense gun control!

    Police must not be allowed guns while acting in official capacities.

    “Ironically, the only gun control in 19th century England was the policy forbidding police to have arms while on duty.”
    ~ Don B. Kates, Jr.

    Time proven common sense gun control has been lost due to our historical illiteracy.

    1. Oh yeah, and fuck England. Anyone that points to the Monarchy and claims they have a desirable system is a bigger tool than “Prince Fuckface, the Cowardly Cuck”. Their crime is out of control now too. You haven’t been there, have you, Captain Clueless?

      1. You don’t need the police. Your 911 (or 999) call needs to be for a WAHBULANCE – wah, wah, WAH.

  4. Why don’t you do a little research in the ghetto tonight. Go to Chicago, walk through Englewood and Austin. If you live, please tell us how you still feel about cops carrying guns. Tell us how many law abiding citizens you encounter that are having a run in with police. Tell us of their gentle nature, their limitless charity, and their desire to make their neighborhood a better place.
    In case you haven’t noticed, all of these situations tend to happen in the ghetto. The “victim” always has a long criminal history and usually has at least one incident of resisting arrest. Is there any way that they may share some of the blame? Are they all just sweethearts that mean no harm? Prove it to me. Go down to the ghetto and do research before you spout off about how bad cops are. You may learn some reality.
    Perhaps you are just a victim of the media and have no way of knowing what the denizens of the ghetto are actually like when the sun goes down. Well, go get some experience. Go on down there and make a few friends. Be sure to tell them that you are on their side, they will treat you well and call you “brother”. Just remember, those “bangs” are not cars backfiring. Those are gunshots. Those are criminals shooting at their fellow criminals and it never stops. If you hear constant gunshots every single night, will you become more understanding or will you wish to arm yourself?

    1. When I was a kid my parents told me they were fireworks.

      1. Jean Shepherd told a story involving that. He was a child left by his parents on New Year’s Eve with his grandma in Chicago. She said, oh listen, they’re shooting fireworks for New Year. Then over the radio came the news of the gang shootout in progress.

  5. Biden’s effort to curb gun violence is not an effort to curb gun violence. It is an effort to disarm law abiding citizens. Biden knows that the criminals will always have a way to get weapons and the use those weapons in commission of crimes. Now if Biden wanted to reduce crime instead of prevent a person from getting a weapon he would instead punish those who use guns and other weapons for criminal purposes and make a mandatory sentence for the use of a weapon in the commission of a crime in addition of to what the crime itself demands. At this time in the high crime areas such as Chicago the weapons charges are plea-bargained down to next to nothing. In cases the weapons charges are discarded if the criminal will plea guilty to a lesser charge. Thus the criminal receives no punishment other than losing the weapon.
    Here is some thing that I would like for all police department including the federal do. When a crime is committed with an object that has to be registered to be legal the police should report if the weapon was legal or illegal. Now I doubt that Biden would require that because that would destroy the narrative the democrats and anti gun democrats have been trying to develop.

    1. “Biden’s effort to curb gun violence is not an effort to curb gun violence. It is an effort to disarm law abiding citizens.”


      I couldn’t agree more. They shouldn’t even have addressed Biden’s rationalization in those terms. It’s like they’re carrying water for him, when they do that, whether they realize it or not. And that is the fundamental problem with gun control–it violates the rights of people who have never pointed a gun at anyone.

      The Biden administration shouldn’t violate the rights of people who want to drink beer under the guise of opposing drunk driving either, and if they tried to criminalize drinking beer under the guise of fighting drunk driving, we libertarians should be the first to call out their bullshit. It would violate the rights of people who have driven drunk in their lives.

      1. “It would violate the rights of people who have [never] driven drunk in their lives.”

        You knew what I meant!

        1. Has anyone, aside from me and Christopher Charles Morton, pointed out that these gun control laws will be enforced by the very same police whom so many on the Left defame as violent, racist sociopaths?

    2. Yup, was going to say pretty much the same thing. He isn’t making any effort to curb gun violence whatsoever and either he knows it or he’s had too much of his own kool-aid.

  6. A union drive fails at Amazon amid Biden’s pro-union policies, and media bias surrounds the story . . .

    So it appears that Biden does not talk to those who support him. He should have talked to Bezos and have him to allow the union in and he should also talked to Bezos and had him to agree to allow for mail in ballots. Now this one Biden might have been more successful on because both Biden and Bezos both wanted to have mail in ballots on the presidential election which is much more important than a union election. But as it turns out that Bezos got what he wanted on both accounts.
    How strange that on an election that is not very important to Bezos would not allow mail-in ballots maybe because he knew that the elections for union representation could be stolen. And that might be the very reason that he supported mail in ballots to be used in the presidential election because it would make it easier for unlawful to be counted.

  7. On the comment Robby made about extreme “coalitions” of left and right rally near DC, it seems he missed a chance to expand on his book’s worthwhile topic of the problem that today’s radicals have in building ACTUAL “coalitions,” which seems to be a relic of the 80s and 90s. BLM and “Defund the Police” , and even “Stop the Steal” movements sputter because they are NOT at all coalitions with diverse memberships, but instead they are identity-based FACTIONS who have no goals or aspirations to draw other followers that are not purely like-minded as their most extreme and vocal leaders are.

  8. Did it occur to anyione that tyhese gun regulations would be enforced by police, whom Rashida Tlaib claim are intentionalluy racist.

    For the last year, I have heard the police being defamed as violent, racist sociopaths.

    And yet, these police who are being defamed as violent racist sociopaths will be the ones to enforce “common sense”, “sensible” gun legislation.

    Are Christopher Charles Morton and I the only two people in the whole world pointing this out?

    1. It’s really quite simple; more guns = more violence, so conversely, less guns = less violence. That is the gun control argument in a nutshell.

  9. Explain to me how the left can find racism under every rock yet not recognize that the drug war, minimum wages, and gun control directly stem from racism?

    Disappointed that you guys gave kind of short shrift to an interesting question.

    This is a very ancient human trait. Consider how monotheistic religions deftly recast pagan beliefs and customs into their new religious forms and concepts. For instance, pagan sympathetic magic rites to “bring back” the sun at the winter solstice became lighting the Hanukah candles and stringing up Christmas lights. Similarly, pagan spring fertility rites and symbols — “Easter” bunnies, resurrections, spring lamb sacrifices, etc. — became founding principles of Christianity and Judaism. Modern religious practitioners are all but blissfully unaware of how their practices today are all based on pagan beliefs and rites.

    How is this possible? Because, in the political (and religious) sphere, people care much more about their intentions than the actual results. Does a lack of efficacy ever stop anyone from praying? No. So too, does it not stop anyone from legislating.

  10. Is what they did for “state agents” applicable to counties and towns, just to be clear? Or are they just referring to state troopers and other government employees?

    Is this similar to a state preemption statute that states whatever the city of Albuquerque agreed with their local law enforcement union says is preempted by state law?
    It’s one thing for the state legislature to preempt municipal gun control ordinances. It’s quite another for the state to void contracts that have already been dutifully carried out by municipalities and police unions.
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  12. In reaction to their audience comment, that should be evident by now that the left and Democratic are considerably more racist than everyone else. And they currently wield great power.
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  13. Apart from myself and Christopher Charles Morton, has anyone else pointed out that these gun control legislation would be administered by same officers that many on the Left decry as aggressive, racist psychos?
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  14. Oh, and screw England. Anybody who looks to the Monarchy and professes to have an entire application is a more strong mechanism than “Queen Cock sucker, the Spineless Crybaby.” Their crime has also gotten out of hand. Captain Clueless, you haven’t been there, have you?
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