National School Choice Week

How COVID-19 Made School Choice a Priority

Out with the CDC and teachers unions, in with school choice for everyone.


In this week's installment of The Reason Roundtable, Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie comment on the latest malfeasance at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and explain how COVID-19 highlights the importance of National School Choice Week.

Discussed in the show:
1:16: Policy news from California and the CDC
11:06: Are we "turning the corner" on COVID-19 cases?
16:54: COVID and National School Choice week.
24:13: Peter tells us exactly what public sector unions are about.
32:05: Email question of the week.
36:48: We had an inauguration last week.
51:32: Media recommendations for the week.

This week's links:

• "How the CDC Bungles Testing of Early COVID-19 Quarantine Patients," by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

• a Twitter thread of the weirdest things Trump did

• "Surge of Student Suicidees Pushes Las Vegas School to Reopen," by Erica L. Green

• "Chicago Teachers Union Refuses Order to Go Back to Classrooms," by Robby Soave

• "As Teachers Unions and Bureaucrats Battle, Families Choose Alternative Schools," by J.D. Tuccille

• "In 2020, Teachers Unions and Police Unions Showed Their True Colors," by Peter Suderman

• "The Washington Post Tried To Memory-Hole Kamala Harris' Bad Joke About Inmates Begging for Food and Water," by Eric Boehm

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Audio production by Ian Keyser.
Assistant production by Regan Taylor.
Music: "Angeline," by The Brothers Steve.


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  1. Newsom is an ass and a moron. If the highest case numbers yet and new variants that are both more contagious and more deadly is turning the corner it is the corner before the cemetery.

    1. Everyone is going to die!

      1. Everyone was going to die before COVID. At worst COVID changed the timing.

    2. I agree that you’re both idiots

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    3. So you want more lockdowns is what you’re saying. Again, you’re not a libertarian.

      1. Thanks for highlighting the classic problem libertarians have explaining a newer and more complex way of thinking about government to a simpleminded statist segment of the populace, that sees one side of government action as good, rather than both as fundamentally flawed. Statism and partisan-ism are as simpleminded as the state or the state, when my party is in power, is right. Libertarianism requires a bit more of us.

        My libertarian view is that both lock-downs and prematurely lifting imposed lock-downs can be counterproductive. Lock-downs, versus full information about contagion safety, can cause counterproductive rebelling against contagion safety measures, like bratty teens, by the immature and simpleminded. Prematurely lifting imposed lock-downs is counterproductive, because it signals a false all clear for the persisting or worsening contagion risk to those with blind statist trust and obedience in the state.

        “The greatest violator of the principle of equal liberty is the State. Its functions are to control, to rule, to dictate, to regulate, and in exercising these functions it interferes with and injures individuals who have done no wrong. The objection to government is, not that it controls those who invade the liberty of others, but that it controls the non-invader. It may be necessary to govern one who will not govern himself, but that in no wise justifies governing one who is capable of and willing to govern himself. To argue that because some need restraint all must be restrained is neither consistent nor logical. ”
        ~ Charles T. Sprading

        1. Youre rationalizing your belief in lockdowns. Again, you’re not libertarian.

          A) youre talking about a small fraction of the populace having the disease or at any significant chance of dying from it, yet you advocate everyone lock down

          B) you believe the government can enforce draconian measures based on this metric.

          Youre not a libertarian

        2. “a newer and more complex way of thinking about government ”

          Your obvious desire to rationalize sucking government cock like it has the antidote in it isn’t complex at all.

        3. My libertarian view is that both lock-downs and prematurely lifting imposed lock-downs can be counterproductive

          No that’s your non-Libertarian, fully Utilitarian view. Productive or not is utterly irrelevant from a Liberty standpoint.

          1. “No that’s your non-Libertarian, fully Utilitarian view. Productive or not is utterly irrelevant from a Liberty standpoint.”

            Again, this is simpleminded and immature rebelling not promoting liberty. Either or both government errors infringe on our liberty. Maybe, the effects of the lock-down alone is simpler for some to see than the compound effects of both the lock-down and the misinformation of its premature ending.

            The government is good at one thing. It knows how to break your legs, and then hand you a crutch and say, “See if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk”. ~ Harry Browne

            I do not get how hard it is for some to grok that government breaking our legs twice is even worse than it doing so once.

            1. No, only one action infringes on your liberties. Security from risks of living is not a form of liberty. There are risks in living each and every day. Your argument is government can obtain authority in order to create a facade of liberty.

              You keep calling people simple and immature but it is you who believes a) government can mitigate your daily risks and b) has the authority to stop others from acting to achieve that desire.

              Youre a child.

              1. You either need to reread what I wrote or stop lying about what I wrote or both.

                That government can compound an error with yet another error is such a simple concept.

                1. You wrote something idiotic and childish. I and others read it fine. You need to stop acting like a child and asking for government to save you.

        4. Lock-downs, versus full information about contagion safety, can cause counterproductive rebelling against contagion safety measures, like bratty teens, by the immature and simpleminded.

          Oh no an asshole thinks my unwillingness to be ruled makes me bratty and he is bitching like a scalded dog about it, whatever will I do.

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    SQRLSY One
    January.25.2021 at 5:26 pm


    Quietly, slyly: Now, can I have some of your shit?




  3. How COVID-19 Made School Choice a Priority

    This choice is so critical that it can only be made by teacher’s union members and politicians.

    1. ^The BIG picture everyone seems to forget through time.. Very well stated +100000…. The reason partisan politics exists is too many choices that “can only be made” by political powers and politicians (i.e. [WE] mobs).

      Authoritarianism for the most part is fully developed in the USA.
      Stop lobbying to steal people’s labors so lazy, useless screw-ups can “PLAN” your life for you!

      Sell your individual soul to the [WE] foundation; because you don’t own you, [WE] own you???

  4. Amazing that you wouldnt be against the guy who has promised to support teachers unions and CDC bureaucracy. Yet here we are.

  5. As good as is Suderman’s piece and view on PE unions, it is a ground level view, that misses the view from altitude that government’s origin and purpose is to steal from the citizens in a safer way than Viking style raiding.

    Receiving government pay and benefits is receiving stolen property.

    1. Yet above you say this is the wrong time to allow people back to work. Lol.

      1. The conflict is not in what I wrote. The conflict is that I want very limited government, because I recognize its flawed nature; and you as an Obamist-Trumpist want a big “We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends…” government so that you can continue to use that flawed nature.

        1. Lol. God damn youre disposal. I’ve criticized both dear. But I don’t ever desire government to come make my life a little less risky like you did above.

    2. the view from altitude

      I’ll take pretentious shit that douchey progs say for 1000 Alex.

  6. People see few opportunities left under ‘unbridled capitalism’ and so turn to socialist schemes to jockey for profit and power. It’s completely understandable. However the truth is, we need capitalism to create wealth to fund retirement so that the robots can take over peacefully. Socialism is a ploy by these unions to keep working to stave off the technocalypse, but will result in stagnation, strife and genocide.

    1. That dyke is a real looker tbh. Those legs…AWOOGA!

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