National School Choice Week

Chicago Teachers Union Refuses Order To Go Back to Classrooms

District officials described the act of defiance as an illegal strike.


Members of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) voted overwhelmingly on Sunday to continue to teach remotely—even though district officials want teachers back in classrooms beginning this week.

Chicago Public Schools Chief Executive Officer Janice Jackson described any refusal to come to work on Monday as an "illegal strike," according to The Washington Post.

The union reported that roughly 86 percent of its 25,000 members participated in the vote, and 71 percent of teachers wanted to keep teaching remotely. "CPS did everything possible to divide us by instilling fear through threats of retaliation, but you still chose unity, solidarity and to collectively act as one," said the union in a statement.

The union has previously claimed that the push to reopen schools is rooted in "sexism and racism," even though the inadequacies of virtual education are disproportionately harming young people of color and forcing hundreds of thousands of women to exit the work force. And when the district decided to hire 2,000 new employees to assist students in the classroom if their teachers opt to continue with distance learning, the union objected to that plan, too.

This is completely unreasonable—and totally unfair to the kids and parents held hostage by politically powerful teachers unions. Many families would undoubtedly prefer to reclaim the per-pupil dollars forcibly confiscated via taxation and spend that money on education options that actually meet their kids' needs: private school, pod-based learning, tutoring, etc. But the public school system obviously won't give back the money; it will continue to compensate teachers even if they refuse to work.

Completely unreasonable behavior is not solely the province of Chicago's teachers: In Fairfax, Virginia, teachers union boss Kimberly Adams expressed opposition to five-day in-person learning next fall, even if all the teachers have been vaccinated. In an email to Reason, Adams confirmed that she believes the hybrid model—two days of in-person learning and three days of virtual learning—should remain in place.

"Concern remains that students will not be vaccinated before they return to school," said Adams. "This requires that we maintain the hybrid model and continue social distancing, masking and all the other mitigation strategies."

Of course, there's no plan to vaccinate most students—because the vaccines aren't even approved for kids younger than 16. What Adams is suggesting is essentially that schools should remain mostly virtual indefinitely.

This is a horrifying prospect for many families. It's especially tough for the kids themselves. Nevada's Clark County School District, which includes Las Vegas, recently made the decision to reopen, in part because of a rash of suicides among young people.

"When we started to see the uptick in children taking their lives, we knew it wasn't just the Covid numbers we need to look at anymore," Jesus Jara, Clark County's superintendent, told The New York Times. "We have to find a way to put our hands on our kids, to see them, to look at them. They've got to start seeing some movement, some hope."

That Times report, which goes into great detail about the pandemic-inflicted mental health crisis among kids, is not for the faint of heart. Young people, thankfully, have very little to fear from the disease itself. But society's strategies for coping with COVID-19 have impacted them severely. Many of the most disadvantaged children—those who rely on the public school system—have been at home for nearly an entire year. We are already seeing the effects on their mental health, and the future will likely bring equally bad consequences in terms of their educational achievements, college prospects, and beyond.

This is all happening despite the fact that schools can reopen safely, and have never been associated with significant COVID-19 spread. With teachers at the front of the vaccination line in many states, the already thin argument for continuing to traumatize children in the name of public safety is hard to take seriously.

Yet teachers unions, in Chicago and elsewhere, are holding the public education system hostage. Their petty defiance is not just cruel, but also contrary to both established science and the clear interests of families. Letting a class of government employees become this powerful should be treated as a clear failing of public policy.

NEXT: As Teachers Unions and Bureaucrats Battle, Families Choose Alternative Schools

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    1. Get this to the teacher’s union, sounds right up their alley.

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    3. Chicago Public Schools Chief Executive Officer Janice Jackson described any refusal to come to work on Monday as an “illegal strike,” according to The Washington Post…….. MORE DETAIL.

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  2. The insurrections just don’t stop. See what you did, Magaheads?

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  3. So, if the “strike” is illegal, why aren’t the participants (dare I say insurgents?) in jail?

    1. Oh, yeah. Chicago. Union.

      1. It’s Illinois. Jail is for mayors and governors only.

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    2. Or like Reagan did fire them. i don’t know if Chicago leaders can do that and even if they could wouldn’t because they like most governments are owned by the unions

      1. Most governments are owned by the voters. True fact. That the voters don’t toss the bums out is just more testament that the voters don’t give a shit if it’s not a bag of flaming dogpoo on their doorstep.

      2. Chicago has a glut of teachers. There are something like 6 teachers avalible for every position. You could literally fire all of them bar them from any state hiring and replace them by the end of the day

        1. Have you seen the salaries teachers in the CPS earn? I’m not in the least bit surprised.

    3. No need to jail them, America is still a nominally free nation. But if they decide not to go to work, just stop paying them.

      1. “We fixed the glitch. So they won’t be receiving a paycheck anymore; so it’ll just work itself out naturally.”

        1. That doesn’t help, they just come back and burn the building down… or they could put strychnine in the guacamole.

    4. Stop paying them and send vouchers to the student’s families to enroll in private education.

      1. The kiddos only get one shot at an education. Thanks to the Covid bullshit, they’re already a year behind in their schooling. Which probably doesn’t matter for kids that are going on to work at Starbucks or become, say, journalism majors. But for kids that were going on to STEM careers, the damage is done. A year at home fucking off on the internet is going to prepare them for college level courses?

        BTW this Covid “lock it all down and wait for our daily decrees” bullshit isn’t going away. If you’ve got little ones, you owe it to them to get them out of public schools while they still have a shot at getting a somewhat decent education. Which was probably the case to begin with, but the Covid response just removes all doubt.

        1. I’m not defending the Chicago union per se, and I know that there are bad effects on kids in many cases, but it is not nearly as clear cut nor universal as this article suggests that going back right now is wanted by everyone or good either. We are lucky that our public school is actually doing a decent job with the remote learning, I listen to it every day and my kid is not struggling to learn, nor are they just learning silly stuff. TOns of math and science and reading and creative things every day in fact, and having laready made it through the first year of this, and with a vaccine around the corner, I admit we as a family are NOT in a huge rush to reopen the school. I acknowledge and we have had to deal with some ramifications of the loss of social interaction, so I am not syaing that’s all good, but I dispute that it is impossible to get decent education for now. Also, I am not in any big rush to force feed my kid in what I’m confident would be a traumatic experience of full PPE school. It’s a dystopian nightmare. People complain that schools are obedience factories, and yet you want your kid to have to experience sitting in walled-off little mini pens wearing masks and having to stand in little taped boxes like some f’d up sci-fi movie? Really?

          And ask yourself honestly, if you were a teacher, would you be in a rush to be forced to come into daily contact with kids who, even though they themselves might be sparsely affected by the virus, are often bringing it in from homes where the parents still think it’s a “fake virus” and are acting accordingly? I’m all set with that.

    5. Yep. The Chicago PD should mobilize SWAT and execute a series of no knock warrants until every teacher and union officials is rounded up. With the subjects of each warrant considered armed and dangerous.

      It’s the Chicago way.

    6. Fuck jailing them, just fire them.

    7. Illegal strikes aren’t criminal in that sense. It does mean they can be fired.

      1. They’re democrats. They don’t have the balls for that.

  4. You have to be kinda crazy to live in a big city.

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    2. It helps to be childless.

  5. RESIST!

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  7. This is what comes from 45 years of lionizing all teachers, filling schools with administrators, and ignoring the inherent conflict of interest in public employee unions.

    Teaching is not hard. Fire them all.

    1. As someone who is working about 80 hours a week driving all over the country, delivering the supplies that are keeping it running, I have less than zero sympathy for these pathetic fucks. Go to work or get fucking fired. The end. I haven’t even been in my home state for over a month. These whining little shits can snort my fuckin’ taint.

  8. Why socialism doesn’t work.
    1) Many families would undoubtedly prefer to reclaim the per-pupil dollars forcibly confiscated via taxation
    2) Teachers wanted to keep teaching remotely
    3) The push to reopen schools is rooted in “sexism and racism,”

    When Power to Steal = Wealth; instead of Value = Wealth. The Political power to Steal takes on all sorts of excuses for not creating any value. It becomes a political *power* dog-fight over fresh meat (i.e. Other peoples stolen money).

    There’s no justice in the system; only barbaric dog-eat-dog mentality.

    1. When ‘beggars’ start using Gov-Guns and become the ‘choosers’.
      If one cannot afford education for their children there is typically a local state ‘Welfare Office’ to beg to. Today we have a Gov-Guns for welfare office of which they chose which *value* they want from others without any *earned* asset to balance that *value* which would yield any sense of Individual Justice.

    2. Huh? In California people are complaining that schools in wealthier cities are reopening, which is unfair to kids in big cities where the schools are still closed.

  9. Chicago Teachers Union Refuses Order To Go Back to Classrooms

    Contracts are quid pro quo – kill their pay and benefits until they comply. Or fire them.

    1. “Paycheck? What paycheck? We took employee attendance at school and you weren’t there so no paycheck for you.”

  10. Chicago Public Schools Chief Executive Officer Janice Jackson described any refusal to come to work on Monday as an “illegal strike,” according to The Washington Post.

    So does this mean there might be consequences for their actions? Didn’t think so. It’s really only illegal for the peasantry to do this sort of stuff, not for the privileged classes.

    1. And Nancy Pelosi still thinks it’s Trump’s fault for revealing this sort of double standard to the lumpenproletariat, that without Trump the Deplorables were far too stupid to have figured this out on their own.

      1. “Burning down plebian neighborhoods and looting their shops is just vox populi, but you better believe that some retard daring to put his feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk is an insurrection.”

        1. Wish I’d said that.

  11. What Would Reagan Do?

    1. He would surely kick an ass or two. That’s what Ronald Reagan would do.

      1. An ass or 2 or several thousand…

  12. The Chicago teachers refuse to do their job. With an average highschool graduation reading comprehention of ~6th grade how will people notice that the teachers stopped teaching?

    1. No more free daycare will open a lot of eyes.

      1. “Free”

    2. They need to keep lowering the literacy bar as democrat politics get dumber every year. With even a modicum of an education, most people will see through their commie retard bulkshit.

  13. “The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny.” That was the entire tweet; the union provided no additional comment or clarifying statement.

    “Oh, very well. ‘It’s not my job to educate you.'”

    1. “The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny.”
      Actually a pretty good job by the teachers, summing up the current Democratic party.

    2. “sexism, … and misogyny.”
      That sounds like “gay AND lesbian”

    1. I am continually amazed by my ability to still be amazed at the depths of depravity that these pigfuckers will go to.

  14. As a Chicato resident with a small child thankfully in private PreK, I’ve been watching this closely. What mystifies me is that CPS has used CARES Act money to make the necessary safety improvements so that people can go back to in-person learning. All week keep hearing from the rank-n-file is “iT’s NoT saFe” but no evidence to back it up. Plus, with Biden pushing for schools to re-open in 100 days (90 now?), who are they going to keep complaining to? The ONE potentially valid criticism I heard from a teacher is that the air purifiers in the classrooms aren’t designed for the large square footage of the classrooms (okay, but better than nothing). I heard another teacher point out that wearing a mask to teach little kids language won’t work and he can teach better on a screen without a mask. Ok, but there are clear masks and face shields.
    They keep bleating “follow the science” yet they who teach science are hiding scared and not providing evidence to their claims. Just like in years past, they demand higher and higher salaries, with no understanding of math they proclaim to teach to back up how the hell taxpayers are supposed to keep ponying up…

    1. Ugh sorry for the typos.

    2. What’s so important about in-person learning? I understand for disciplinary reasons, you need someone on hand to crack the whip, but a diligent student can get by on a text book, pen and paper. There is no need for class rooms and all the baggage that comes with traditional school situations.

      1. “There is no need for…”

        I don’t think it’s up to you to decide that.

        1. Neither of us can decide that. It’s something to do with the
          magical chemistry between the teacher and the student. It happens both in a classroom or outside one.

          1. “magical chemistry between the teacher and the student”



              1. Well played

      2. A diligent student that can get by on a textbook, pen, and paper, already knows how to read and write.

        Children learn that at school.

        1. A friend of mine learned to read and write in prison taught by Trotskyite fellow inmates.

          1. What were they in for?

            1. My friend? Drugs, thieving, nothing too exotic. He’s been out now for years and is a professional photographer.

              1. What about the Trotskyites?

                1. Some questions answer themselves. (An actual quote from Trotsky himself, if I recall correctly.)

                  1. Insurrectionists everywhere. Thanks again, Trump.

      3. Part of the problem is that the screen-based learning is of relatively poor quality. From what I’ve seen the zoom classes often consisted of a) ten to twenty-five minute desperate lecture that the kids weren’t doing work and then b) ten minutes of an activity hampered by twenty participants’ Internet blinking in and out.
        It doesn’t HAVE to be that weird but it usually was.

        Teachers had trouble getting most kids to talk. But the one or two kids that wouldn’t shut up saw opportunities and would take over the meet yammering on and teachers generally did not stop them.

        As a parent, a significant chunk of my kids’ day prior to Covid was in the system. The younger one, whose grades were good – it became clear he was in it for poking his friends, not “learning.” So having no minutes of that familiar experience for months on end was a complete mind$&!?! . Now that we are homeschooling he is starting to shake that off.

        Khan Academy is an incredible resource. Completely free and mostly very good quality instruction. Sal Khan is (has been) a real hero. There are some other good resources too. We recently read a book together that would have been way “above their reading level” and had death and complexity. They were amazed.

        No more listening to desperate grownups complain. It was fucking up my day too much, really.

        1. To add, adults think of school as “learning” but that meta-cognition is lost on many young people. I think it was being experienced as a sort of day camp with numbers and words.

          Intentionally gaining a skill to the point of mastery is itself a process that must be articulated. I didn’t realize the schools weren’t making it clear but I think some/many are not.

          1. Code dot org has some amazing stuff. For kids of any age who are reluctant, start with the “preschool” level where kids position pregenerated blocks of code to make cartoon characters do mazes. The concepts become clear. Then you can go on to a different activity or different site to use an actual language and learn commands but the patterns are recognizable.

        2. Remote learning is in its infancy. It can only get better.

          1. Which, by no means, suggests that it will ever be as good.

      4. Most Zoom instruction is shit, many kids don’t have the resources necessary to participate, and many younger children struggle with the online learning model. Not that you actually care or were asking in anything like good faith, but there are many reasons to get kids back to actual classrooms. There is also the issue of teachers refusing to do their jobs while demanding to be paid, which a thinking person (i.e., not you) would want to address regardless of what they thought about the quality of in-person learning The teacher’s unions are doing the most harm to poor kids, who often belong to the very groups these unions claim to care about. If you’re a black parent with school-age kids living in South Chicago, the teacher’s union wants you to know you can go fuck yourself.

        1. Wish I had said that even more than the thing I said I wished I’d said above.

      5. Well, heck. If that’s true, then let’s shutdown all the physical schools, sell off that property, and downgrade the staff accordingly. Won’t need school security officers, nurses, janitors, groundskeepers, etc.

        Then cut the taxes everyone is paying relative to that.

        1. Objectively a good idea. Now try getting elected on that platform.

      6. ..That is probably true of college and maybe a bit true of high school, but not even close to true for k-8. On top of that, whether we like it or not, schools in many places have been turned into social services centers where school is the only place kids meet with counselors or get a healthy meal. Kids are suffering because teachers(most) are irrational and lazy emotional nitwits.

      7. Mtrueman, I have a middle schooler. She isn’t able to learn algebra from a book, and being on video has perhaps a third of the immersion that an in-school class does, and it’s only twice a week instead of five times. I have ended up teaching her math after work every single day of this year.

        We aren’t talking self-selected experienced adults taking graduate school online. We are talking about distractible children, ALL OF THEM. Including the ones who would have barely passed at the bet of times who have bad internet and broken homes.

        The kids of engineers and lawyers will do well. The kids of those barely getting by will suffer. The ones who need school most, are effectively abandoned.

        1. “The ones who need school most, are effectively abandoned.”

          I understand your concern. But it’s not school these students need, it’s supervision. Probably the easiest way to ensure distraction in a young child is to pack them into a room together with a few dozen children of the same age.

      8. I’m sorry, but the majority of elementary age students are not going to be able to learn via screens.
        Do you really think 5, 6, 7 yos can effectively learn over a computer screen?

        1. “Do you really think 5, 6, 7 yos can effectively learn over a computer screen?”

          It depends, perhaps, on what you’re trying to teach them. Computer games can captivate the attention of these youngsters, so maybe a curriculum designed along those lines might be suitable. Anyway, education still clings to outmoded concepts like the need for a lengthy summer vacation so that students can help their parents on the farm. Education could do with some rethinking to make it fit more closely to modern, pestilential times like these.

          1. From teaching my kids this year, I find that anything via screens works as a supplement. History documentaries are a great way to go in depth, and math games can help solidify concepts.
            But there’s something about a back and forth discussion with a live human being that makes learning really work, especially at young ages. Even for older students, I’d argue that there are too many digital distractions, and in-person learning helps weed a lot of that out.

            1. I agree that in person learning is probably the best, especially for younger students. It’s probably also the most expensive, given that its effectiveness tends to drop off once you have more than 4 or 5 students sitting together. Typical classrooms today fall far short of this optimum.

    3. They want unlimited money and magic force fields.

      Perfectly reasonable. Teachers are the greatest people in the universe and deserve everything.

  15. “This is completely unreasonable—and totally unfair to the kids and parents held hostage by politically powerful teachers unions. ”

    There is nothing unfair to kids and parents about learning remotely. If the problem is lack of computer facilities for the poorest children, perhaps we could encourage tech companies to step in and fill the gap. Unfair to the tech companies, maybe, but they may benefit in the long run.

    1. If the school requires remote access to get an education, the school needs to pony up the PC. Not the tech companies.

      1. It’s the students who need an education. Not the school. My point is that some students come from poor families and could do with a helping hand. Raspberry pi 4 has just come out. $100 for everything cept the monitor.

      2. You cannot teach a 3rd grader remotely…are you guys kidding me? have you thought about this?

        1. The only reason it’s a problem we have to manage is because of the deadly pandemic.

          Hopefully you haven’t spent the past year advocating for doing fuck all about that.

        2. Sure you can. See my comment above.

    2. “…If the problem is lack of computer facilities for the poorest children, perhaps we could encourage tech companies to step in and fill the gap…”

      Perhaps you can fuck off, slaver.

    3. Let’s take that a little further. How about no government school at all? According to you we don’t need them. I don’t need billions in funding to buy textbooks, pen and paper, or even computers to teach kids. I’m sure an education company could develop online curriculum to teach any subject needed.

      I agree with Mtrueman’s plan to eliminate government education.

      1. Online curriculums already exist. Textbooks too. is a good place to stock up online.

      2. Distance learning requires few administrators. The administrators who run rampant in public schools are not about to let that happen. My kids’ high school had 4 principals for 600 students.

        1. Yet the article is calling for classroom learning.

          1. Are you starting to understand how the shell game works yet? Teachers get paid to stay at home because COVID. Administrators get paid to stay home because life after COVID. As long as COVID = DEATH stays in the news, everybody gets paid to stay home and everybody keeps their job.

            Everybody wins. Except the public.

            1. I’ve been saying since last March that America doesn’t have the resiliency or societal coherance to deal with the virus and its successors.

    4. If the teachers in general took time to retool their curriculum for zoom use it might be ok.
      The only ones I saw that were able to do that were the computer skill or technical elective teachers. And one very tech savvy humanities teacher.
      The other ones put themselves in front of a camera and then yelled at the kids the way they do in real life. Made me want to go barf. Kids put up with that because they’re trapped in a building. Viewing it remotely, the general response is Go to hell.

      I think you have ideas of functional learning experiences and you are projecting that onto now. Please realize that most of what’s going on is far, far from best-practices online learning.

      1. It sounds like teachers need more training to master the intricacies of online interface. More money.

        1. It sounds like you need training to master the intricacies of coherent thought. Fuck off.

      2. My daughter teaches tech to middle school kids….coding…3-D modeling and the like. She has been lauded for her online curriculum, and the district wants her to develop one for the whole district, but she will be the first to tell you that online learning pales in comparison to in person and she is furious that her union is putting up roadblocks to get back in the classroom.

        1. I hope that online learning will improve. The days of crowded class room learning are drawing to an end. You can see it in the comments here. Half are wringing their hands over striking teachers, half just want to close the schools all together.

          1. You are misreading this – those who want the public schools to close want to send their kids to effective in person teaching – often charter schools and pod schools. All people but especially children need direct human interaction to thrive.

            1. “All people but especially children need direct human interaction to thrive.”

              True, but it’s good to have a plan B. The education people here seem most attached to was conceived for the children of farmers of the 19th century. There are perfectly reasonable alternatives to herding dozens of children into a room with a teacher standing in front. (And dozens of administrators sitting in offices not far down the hallway.)

    5. Our taxes go toward these schools, so they’d better open, provide a solid reason they can’t (i.e., something way better than this), or shut down for real and give parents their money back. You are an idiot and obviously don’t give a shit about the complexities of this issue, education, poor kids, or anyone/anything else except giving your team a pass on every vile thing they do, but if you can’t see the problems with remote learning, you aren’t qualified to offer any kind of comment on this issue. So please shut the fuck up.

      1. You should concern yourself more about education and less about schools is my advice.

        The parents are free to ask for their money back.

    6. “perhaps we could encourage tech companies to step in and fill the gap”

      You’re doing it wrong. We *force* tech companies to step in and fill the gap, we’ll just call it taxes. Or maybe after we sell off all the p-plant facilities for the schools we can use the proceeds for computers. But seriously, a $100 chromebook should meet all the necessary computer requirements except for perhaps some high-level coding classes.

      1. Have you ever used a chrome book? It is shit. Raspberry pi 4 is the way to go.

    7. My solution would be to just send my kids to private school.

      1. My solution, just be rich. Solves most problems us late capitalists are likely to face.

        1. Too much money is an easy problem to solve.
          Too little money is a hard problem to solve.

  16. They should pull a Reagan on these clowns, but they won’t because they’re all lefties.

  17. Chicago caving to the teacher’s union will be reported in a single paragraph at the bottom of the obituary section.

  18. Fire them all, and send out vouchers. I’m sure parents can do much better with that $16k per student.

    1. Circa 2019:

      Under the current Chicago union contract, beginning teachers make a base salary of just over $56,000 a year, while the most senior teachers with extra credentials make $108,242 a year.

      Chicago district officials have characterized their current salary offer to teachers — a 16% cost-of-living raise over a five-year contract, with 3% in each of the first three years and 3.5% annually in the next two years — as generous and even “historic.”

      The union wants more faster: a 5% annual raise in a three-year contract.

      The district is offering to cover health insurance premiums, which are estimated to increase 6% annually, and to keep costs flat for teachers for the first three years.

      Also circa 2019 (per NPR):

      If every dollar flowing into Chicago Public Schools went toward educating students, there would be more than $21,000 to spend per child.

  19. it really amazes me how many of these teachers and unions seem intent to convince everyone we don’t need them….. if you are pushing for indefinite remote learning, you are effectively saying everyone would be better off homeschooling and we don’t need you…. if people are teaching their kids from a computer, WTF do they need all you for?

    1. I vaguely recall from the Sanders campaign something about the “power” of teachers unions. They or someone told themselves that they’re the engine of liberation and never back down. So, yeah. It is not smart on their part. I think they are betting their status will be elevated in a left coalition at the end of Covid. However, Pyrrhic victory and all that.

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    2. It’s true that public schools serve in large part as daycares – which enable both parents to work. My wife has had to forego earnings for some time now to have our son get substandard education via remote learning. Yet, I’m still paying the same in taxes, and teachers continue to be paid the same (or more!). That is inequitable and would never fly in any arms-length transaction.

      If teachers want to do remote learning indefinitely, then they should get a pay cut commensurate with what a parent could have made but for being required to stay home and do most of the teaching with the student. Watch as teachers demand an immediate return to in-person school.

      1. It’s true that public schools serve in large part as daycares – which enable both parents to work.

        You’re not wrong. I would argue it is the primary function of public school: a moderately safe place to leave your kids, provided at taxpayer expense. Doubleplusgood that it trains everyone from an early age to see government as the provider, government as the safe-keeper. Eventually you get a situation where people have abandoned everyone, and been abandoned by everyone, and where only government is there to leash your kids for 8 hours while you work.

        It’s never been about education, though occasionally they manage some of that. What it’s really about is control and submission to the state. And teachers are the useful unemployables that enable it all.

      2. Teachers are acting like the primary good they’re providing is curriculum and it doesn’t matter how it’s delivered.
        The problem is, public school curriculum is substandard (you can buy better materials online for a few hundred dollars). What they actually provided that was valuable was in-person instruction, which combines learning and childcare.
        When teachers complain that they aren’t babysitters, they are misunderstanding their value (and demeaning childcare professionals, who have been working this whole time).

    3. Isn’t this generally what unions do? Constantly try to renegotiate and strong-arm until they price themselves out of the market and destroy the industry they work for?

  20. Getting paid not to work seems to be the main objective of teacher’s unions.

    The effect of all this is worst on the littlest ones (in the interest of full-disclosure am the parent of a 6 yo). But it’s no different in Canada, especially in Ontario and Quebec where the 2 premiers seem to be in competition to see who can be the most useless oaf.

  21. Glad I don’t have kids! Shitcan these fucking losers.

  22. Fire them. There’s little risk associated with allowing small aged children to return to school.

    1. Who’s going to keep the children from sticking their forks in electric sockets? In order to fire someone, you have to acknowledge that they are indeed not a child, and then you won’t have a teacher anyway.

  23. I, for one, am delighted at this turn of events.

    All last year, COVID was the new Black Death and required the whole world to shut down. New Caesar takes office, and miraculously, one week later, everything is fine to reopen. (Same thing just happened in my home state of Maryland.) The lazy public school teachers smell bullshit and rebel. Let’s see our rulers manage this conondrum.

    The left eats its own. I love it, I love it.

    1. Still can’t go out for a beer in Montgomery County.

      1. If you live in Montgomery County, you need all the beer you can get.

  24. Well if you fire them they can file for unemployment compensation. Instead view their refusal to return to the classroom as tendering their resignation from their job, accept their resignation, and stop paying them.

  25. I have a permanent dislike of the Chicago Teacher’s Union. I attended Chicago public schools for K-12 in the late 60’s and 70’s. We endured numerous strikes during those years, seemingly every other year though I suppose it couldn’t really have been that often. They are a terrible bunch with no redeeming qualities.

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  26. Those slackers should be given the same lesson that President Reagan gave to the Air Traffic Controllers when they tried to strike. Put them ALL on administrative leave for 30 days without pay or benefits and then if they haven’t returned to work they should be FIRED.

  27. How about someone clean up the large amount of work from home spam comments. It’s ridiculous.

    With all the home school ZOOM teaching it makes me realize we don’t need as many teachers. One online teacher could teach thousands online. This would be a great way to get rid of the teachers that aren’t good at teaching.

  28. “”When we started to see the uptick in children taking their lives, we knew it wasn’t just the Covid numbers we need to look at anymore,” Jesus Jara, Clark County’s superintendent, told The New York Times. “We have to find a way to put our hands on our kids”

    You might want to rephrase that, Jesus.

  29. I think the point of “school” is missed.
    School is a prison where indoctrination of “correct think” occurs and factory workers or soldiers are generated.
    The “quality” of indoctrination is secondary to the “quantity”.
    There are other types of prisons to fix the quality issue post-production.

    1. School was designed for certain outcomes, namely a workforce that can cope with the industrial revolution.

      I wonder if there’s public money available to update education to something that has to do with the modern economy, or if penny pinching anarchists think we should just let children learn to be farmers, heirs, or drug dealers, depending on the circumstance of their birth, with any modern, rigorous education completely off the table for most people?

      1. I pity the children that depend on the public school system for that.

        It’s not like we don’t spend money on public education. Some societal problems aren’t fixed by offering free biology classes, dispute the promises of the architects of these programs.

        1. Depends on what kind of society you want.

          I want one where I would never thrive in the economy of 50 years from now, because you will have to be even better educated than I to do so.

          Alternatively, you could prefer a society devolving back to sticks and clubs, in which case we can wipe out all the classroom buildings and just leave the stadiums behind.

          If we’re giving children a poor education because they happened to be born in a poor neighborhood, however, there’s no excuse for that kind of inequality.

          1. Inequality is a lie.

            1. Hence why there’s no excuse for it. Try to keep up, you’re doing great.

              1. Greatness is a lie.

                1. Now we’re slipping away from the point.

                  The point is freedom. Value whatever you want to value, just make sure you’re doing it because you chose it and not because you made faulty assumptions about it. That’s all.

                  Or not. We’ll all be dead eventually, so it really doesn’t matter what you do. It’s simply my humble opinion that a life spent in service of a lie, be it a god or a principle or a politician, rather than one that harnesses clear thinking and freedom in service of your own well-being and they of your loved ones, is a waste of very precious time.

                  Any moment spent defending tax cuts on the premise that there is some actual moral weight to the “finders keepers” argument is a waste of life being enthralled to a superstition.

                  1. So are well-being and love.

                    1. Stop making me consider the argument that religion is necessary for stupid people not to fall into nihilism.

                      Yes, we’re just arrangements of quarks and electrons evolved in an environment that’s no longer relevant to our lives.

                      That’s exactly why you can, if you want, decide for yourself what to care about, beyond the tethers of superstition or tradition.

                      But I’m not here to tell you what to care about, I’m here to tell you I’m not gonna buy your “you can never raise taxes because freedom and nature” bullshit.

                    2. “But I’m not here to tell you what to care about”

                      That’s a lie.

                    3. If you’re going to embrace post-modern relativism, then “you can never raise taxes because freedom” is just as valid an argument as “you must raise taxes because equality.”

                    4. Yes, you can make the argument that you should get a bunch of free stuff you didn’t earn and you’re going to lie until someone gives it to you. Sociopathy is a way of life for some people, and there’s nothing I can do about that.

                    5. It’s your suggestion.

  30. Fire.

  31. Is this the room I can find a bunch of independent-freedom advocates explaining why poorly paid public servants must be frogmarched to certain infection for the good of the collective?

    Ah, all is normal.

    1. I’m with you, Tony. The Teachers’ Unions need to #Resist any attempts to return them to in-person classrooms until the PCR tests indicate that COVID has been eradicated.

      1. You’re pretty cocky about the left eating its own for someone who just watched a fat, orange terrorist nuke the Republican Party from the Oval Office.

        1. He’s not that fat!

    2. “poorly paid public servants”???? You have not been paying attention. “certain infection” You REALLY aren’t paying attention.

      1. Why, have Republicans figured out how viruses work yet?

  32. Fire every last one of their sorry, lazy butts. This pandemic is becoming nothing more than an excuse for a bunch of sorry, lazy no-loads! They don’t teach to begin with. They brainwash and nothing more.

  33. I couldn’t give a crap less about the stupid spawn inhabiting public schools, but I would like to see childless people exempt from school taxes, and an end to child tax credit funding so the breeders would be forced to pay their own way. Also, an uptick in suicides is always good news, IMO.

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  35. Yeah. I figured the teachers unions would prefer to continue to get paid the same for working less. This is is not unexpected.

  36. Shorter Chief: “I LOVE LOVE LOVVVVE Trump because liberals don’t like him!”

    Also: “Biden is triggering me! Now try to find a way of defending him!” Read More

  37. I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I’d be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I’ve been doing, <("), .for more information simply open this link USA ONLINE JOBS

  38. We need to decertify all public sector unions. Teachers who refuse to go to work should be fired. Those who go to work should be paid. Maybe if they are faced with unemployment and the loss of their fat pensions, they will get off the couch and start earning their pay.

  39. If the teachers are at higher risk than the students, wouldn’t it make sense to bring the students back and leave the teachers remote? I mean sending 20,000 teachers home with a laptop and a high speed connection is a heck of a lot cheaper than sending 300,000+ kids home with 300,000+ laptops and seperate high speed connections….not to mention having to have tech support for 300,000 “customers”. Have a young teachers aid in the classroom and let the actual teacher be remote. It would also be great experience for young soon to be teachers.

  40. Single Mom With 4 Kids Lost Her Job…READ MORE

  41. Fire them all and hire some grown ups !

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