The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin: Q&A with Filmmakers Nicholas and Dan Mross


"In the past, we've had the need for authority to make sure people stayed in the lines," says Dan Mross, a subject in the new documentary The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin. "Bitcoin kind of encodes that into the software itself. So there's not much to say against something that's a cheap, proven, honest, transparent money system."

Reason TV correspondent Naomi Brockwell caught up with Dan and his brother, Nicholas Mross, the movie's director, at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. They discuss the challenges of making a film about an anonymous, online currency, the personalities behind bitcoin, the identity (or identities) of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, and the prospects for bitcoin's future as money.

Approximately 8 minutes. Interview by Naomi Brockwell. Edited and Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Shot by Jim Epstein. Music: "Waltz into Moonlight" by Masco Hotel

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