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The New York Times Belatedly Admits the Emails on Hunter Biden's Abandoned Laptop Are Real and Newsworthy

A year and a half after the New York Post broke the story, the Times says it has "authenticated" the messages it previously deemed suspect.


Yesterday The New York Times published a story that quotes emails from a laptop that Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden's son, abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware. The messages reinforce the impression that Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company that reportedly paid the younger Biden $50,000 a month to serve on its board, expected him to use his influence with his father for the company's benefit—an allegation that figured prominently in the scandal that led to Donald Trump's impeachment for pressuring the Ukrainian government to announce a Biden-Burisma corruption investigation. The messages include evidence that Hunter Biden arranged an April 2015 meeting between his father, then the vice president, and a Burisma executive.

If all that sounds familiar, it's because the New York Post first reported this eyebrow-raising information back in October 2020, a month before the presidential election. Pro-Biden, anti-Trump journalists, including several at the Times, portrayed the Post's story as unsubstantiated at best. Politico reported that "more than 50 former senior intelligence officials" believed the emails had "all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation." Some journalists suggested it was reckless even to acknowledge the Post's report. Twitter, which initially blocked links to the article, seemed to agree. While the Times did not ignore the story, the paper's coverage treated it with skepticism and disdain.

But that was then. A year and a half later, the Times thinks the emails it viewed as suspect before Joe Biden's election are now newsworthy. "People familiar" with a federal investigation of Hunter Biden, it reports, "said prosecutors had examined emails" between him, his former business partner Devon Archer, "and others" regarding "Burisma and other foreign business activity." Those emails "were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop." The messages "were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation."

In October 2020, by contrast, the Times reported that the Post's story was so iffy that "some reporters withheld their bylines." Here is how the Times described its competitor's scoop:

Coming late in a heated presidential campaign, the article suggested that Joseph R. Biden Jr. had used his position to enrich his son Hunter when he was vice president. The Post based the story on photos and documents the paper said it had taken from the hard drive of a laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden.

Many Post staff members questioned whether the paper had done enough to verify the authenticity of the hard drive's contents, said five people with knowledge of the tabloid's inner workings. Staff members also had concerns about the reliability of its sources and its timing, the people said.

The Times was similarly dismissive in a story published four days later:

President Trump's allies have long promoted claims of corruption about Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s son Hunter in a bid to damage Mr. Biden's presidential campaign. The accusations intensified in recent days when some of Mr. Trump's associates, including his personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, provided material for a New York Post article detailing some of the allegations. The Post reported that the F.B.I. had seized a computer that purportedly belonged to Hunter Biden.

The Biden campaign has rejected the accusations. Many questions remain about the origins of the allegations themselves, the laptop and what, if anything, agents are investigating….

The Post article relied on documents purportedly taken from the computer to try to buttress an unsubstantiated argument peddled by Mr. Giuliani and other Trump supporters: that as vice president, Mr. Biden had shaped American foreign policy in Ukraine to benefit his son. The events are the latest chapter in a more than two-year effort by the president and his allies to uncover damning information about the Bidens, a pursuit that also helped prompt Mr. Trump's impeachment.

This gloss reads more like a defensive press release from the Biden campaign than a news story.

To be fair, there were reasons to be skeptical of the Post's story. The paper said the repair shop owner, later identified as John Paul Mac Isaac, "couldn't positively identify the customer as Hunter Biden" but recalled that "the laptop bore a sticker from the Beau Biden Foundation, named after Hunter's late brother and former Delaware attorney general." Before the FBI seized the laptop as evidence in December 2019, the Post said, Mac Isaac "made a copy of the hard drive and later gave it to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's lawyer, Robert Costello." After "Steve Bannon, former adviser to President Trump, told The Post about the existence of the hard drive in late September," Giuliani "provided The Post with a copy of it on Sunday"—three days before the Post published its story.

The provenance of the laptop was less than ironclad, and Giuliani, who has told so many lies as Trump's lawyer that it is hard to keep track of them, is no one's idea of a reliable source. But the Post's story included a photo of the federal subpoena for the laptop and an external hard drive, which showed the FBI had seized them and thought they might provide evidence of illegal activity.

"As part of the F.B.I.'s closely held money-laundering investigation into Mr. Biden,"  the Times acknowledged two months after the Post's story, "agents working with federal prosecutors in Delaware authorized a federal grand jury subpoena and obtained the laptop and an external hard drive." But the paper implied that there was nothing of interest there: "People familiar with the examination said that the F.B.I. examined the laptop but that its contents did not advance the money-laundering investigation."

The Times now says the investigation of Hunter Biden "began as a tax inquiry under the Obama administration" and "widened in 2018 to include possible criminal violations of tax laws, as well as foreign lobbying and money laundering rules." One issue is whether Biden violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, "which requires disclosure to the Justice Department of lobbying or public relations assistance on behalf of foreign clients" such as Burisma.

The emails cited by the Post are clearly relevant to that inquiry, but only if they are bona fide—a point the Times has repeatedly questioned until now. Even if the Post had not done enough to verify the original source of the laptop, the Times surely could have filled in the gaps sooner than it did. As recently as last September, it was still describing the emails as "correspondence that The Post suggested had been found on Hunter Biden's laptop."

In an editorial published today, the Post mocks the Gray Lady's belated certification of the emails as "authenticated" by unnamed sources: "Authenticated!!! You don't say. You mean, when a newspaper actually does reporting on a topic and doesn't just try to whitewash coverage for Joe Biden, it discovers it's actually true?"

The editorial also notes that the Times initially questioned whether the meeting between Joe Biden and the Burisma executive had actually happened. "A Biden campaign spokesman said Mr. Biden's official schedules did not show a meeting between the two men," Times reporter Adam Goldman wrote. "A lawyer for Hunter Biden, George Mesires, told The Washington Post that 'this purported meeting never happened.'"

Or maybe it did, the Times now admits: "In another set of emails examined by prosecutors, Hunter Biden and Mr. Archer discussed inviting foreign business associates, including a Burisma executive, to a dinner in April 2015 at a Washington restaurant where Vice President Biden would stop by. It is not clear whether the Burisma executive attended the dinner, although the vice president did make an appearance, according to people familiar with the event."

The Post wonders why it took Times reporters took so long to do their job: "Now we're 16 months away from the 2020 election, Joe Biden's safely in the White House, and the Times finally decides to report on the news rather than carry the Biden campaign's water. And they find that hey, Hunter Biden's business interests benefited from Joe Biden's political status to a suspicious degree. Perhaps this is a topic worthy of examination."

Hunter Biden's arrangement with Burisma was always fishy, since he was paid handsomely and his only qualification to serve on the company's board of directors seemed to be his relationship with an important U.S. official. His father's angry, defensive responses to questions about that arrangement only added to the suspicion.

During a February 2020 interview on NBC's Today show, for instance, co-host Savannah Guthrie asked Joe Biden whether it was "wrong for [Hunter] to take that position, knowing that it was really because that company wanted access to you." Biden testily insisted there was nothing to see there: "Well, that's not true. You're saying things you do not know what you're talking about. No one has said that—who said that?" When Guthrie suggested that some people might see the Burisma gig as "sleazy," Biden replied: "Well, he said he regretted having done it. Speak for yourself. He's a grown man."

None of this necessarily means that Joe Biden himself did anything improper or illegal. While Trump alleged that Biden was doing Burisma's bidding when he demanded the dismissal of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, for example, Biden plausibly maintained that the motivation was widely shared concerns about Shokin's corruption.

Nor does Hunter Biden's unseemly relationship with Burisma mean that Trump was justified in seeking to discredit the Democrat he expected to face in the presidential election by pressuring the Ukrainian government to announce an investigation of the matter. But it surely was a legitimate issue to raise during the presidential campaign, as Guthrie and other journalists unconnected to the Post recognized. The question is why the Times did not, and the answer clearly has more to do with partisan sympathies than the journalistic standards the paper claimed to be defending.

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  1. Democracy dies in darkness. The only reason Biden got elected was a complicit fraudulent media. The 2020 election was indeed stolen.

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      2. If you're a libertarian for any of the major two parties, then you aren't a libertarian. Especially for Blundering Biden.

      3. And you base this “most secure election ever” assertion on what facts?

    1. Corporate journalism dies in sunlight.

      1. Maybe garlic will work too.

        1. I'm willing to do my part and experiment with oak stakes and silver. Who should we check first, to see if a stake through the heart and decapitation works as well on urinalists as vampires?

          1. I’ve spent years advocating for tracking Hillary to her coffin shortly before dawn.

    2. If 2022 is another screw job then it will officially be past the point where there are any solutions through elections or the courts. Is anyone here willing to discuss that at all, or is everyone here just too scared?

      1. Courts overturning legislative duties is half the problem. Them saying no standing in front of elections and moot in the back is another.

        1. Are you suggesting we should do away with judicial review? Do you realize you just advocated for throwing out all challenges to Roe v Wade or any case challenging duly passed gun control laws?

          1. Were you born with the ability to make up strawmen, or did it take years of study?

      2. I think the back-up process to a failing constitutional republic goes by the name "insurrection".

        1. We could go the Gandhi route. I just rewatched the film. Of course the British were more decent at that time than any democrat.

      3. I mean, as long as everyone who pushed the impeachment and suppressed the laptop story ends up in prison, it should work out fine...

      4. "If 2022 is another screw job then it will officially be past the point where there are any solutions through elections or the courts."

        I disagree with your assumption that we are not already past the point where there are any solution through elections or the courts, at least at the federal level. Voter turnout in the most recent election was around 67%, the highest on record in over 100 years. This means that Biden, as many Presidents before him, won the Presidency with the support of far less than half of U.S. citizens. Moreover, Congress basically outsources most, if not all, of its constitutional lawmaking responsibilities to unelected lobbyists, think tanks, and technocrats in the administrative state. This has been reflected in study after study that show just how little influence the beliefs of ordinary people have on federal law. In a country founded around the idea that the authority of its government was derived from the consent of the governed, the fact that no questions the legitimacy of any of this is mind boggling to me.

        From my perspective, democracy is not scalable. The federal government has been an instrument for majoritarian tyranny for a long time and only ensures that the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans will be partially controlled by people with whom they wholly disagree, regardless of who is in office. I personally believe it would be to the benefit of Americans from almost any political persuasion to burn the current bloated bureaucracy in Washington to the ground and return power to the States. The lower the level of government at which power is wielded, the more influence ordinary people will have over said government, and the easier it will be for them to vote with their feet as well as at the ballot box. Let the federal government handle immigration, national defense, energy policy, and maintenance of public infrastructure and federal conservation areas. Everything else should be the responsibility of the states.

      5. I think that the problem you face is that most people aren't ignorant enough to believe that judges appointed by Trump who then dismissed his ridiculous and spurious cases were in any way predisposed against him... unless you're admitting that Trump didn't actually have anything to do with those appointments. In which case, Trump is kind of an idiot... what does that say about you, who support him and actually want him for another term?

        1. Well, your post says you have a raging case ot TDS which should be jammed up your ass.

    3. Biden got elected because his opponent had just spent four years giving a daily public demonstration of how despicable he is.

      1. Hey i posted some of your old relevant posts below. Enjoy!

        1. White Mike is seething today.

      2. He was elected because a complicit media colluded with democrats to spread misinformation.

        By 2016 standards, that’s stealing an election.

        1. 100k in Russian facebook ads was way more nefarious.

        2. A totally colluding media plus untold numbers of illegally-cast votes in key swing-state precincts.

          1. "untold numbers of illegally-cast votes in key swing-state precincts"
            Citation needed. Apparently Qibbertarians don't know the difference between a circular argument and an actual one. You are literally asserting as fact something that has never actually been proven in a court of law. Oh, and yes, they did have numerous opportunities to argue that there were illegal votes... but it was never enough to even amount to a few hundred votes, and the lawyers in those cases didn't DARE to argue "fraud", because they weren't that stupid.

            1. You, OTOH, seem to conflate your lefty opinions as fact; you deserve each other.

        3. "disinformation"...
          So the truth is disinformation now?

          1. No, it was just prior to the last election where this truth with labeled a 'misinformation'. Try to keep up.

      3. "Biden got elected because his opponent had just spent four years giving a daily public demonstration of how despicable he is."

        Agreed! Also this: The NY Times finally got around to admitting that they were wrong and-or biased. WHEN is Der TrumpfenFuhrer and His Mini-Mes gonna admit that the would-be Trumptatorshit was (and is) WAAAAY off base with their still-being-repeated Big Lies about stolen elections? We are STILL waiting!

        (But Perfect People can NEVER admit error or imperfection!!! Kinda like JesseBahnFuhrer, for example).

        1. Everyone and everything is perfect compared to you, you psychotic Nazi troll.

        2. Don't let the facts get in the way of your stupidity. The MSM has been wrong about EVERYTHING for the last 6-yrs. Yet YOU keep on pushing out what ever narrative u r told. U r but another sycophant member of a strange and pathetic religion.
          The Phucko Knows

        3. I don't think the NY Times admitted anything of the sort. They just pretended that they have finally 'verified' the laptop emails. It only took them 17 months! They should have told the story of how the NY Post verified and published facts and got banished and vilified for it and their role in that happening. But they are too cowardly to do that.

          1. Those whom the Gods would destroy they first make Times subscribers with laptops.

            1. That's GOOD!

      4. And even if poopy pants didn’t win fair and square, it’s ok cuz orange man bad, right mike? The ends justify the means.

        That water is gettin’ heavy, eh mike?

      5. But the Democrats fielded a candidate perhaps equally despicable and certainly incompetent.

      6. Illegal court decisions, ballot harvesting and the use of high capacity printers were a pretty big factor. And for your statement to be true, Trump wouldn’t have had 12 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016.



  3. >>Pro-Biden, anti-Trump journalists, including several at ...


    1. Oh, there also was this one awful little rag with an inaccurate name... Logic, or Thinker... Maybe it started with an "R"?

      1. You are so right. Reason staff should hang their heads in shame. Assuming they even have a conscience, that is.

        1. No, they should simply hang for their part in this fraud.

        2. Surely no one suffers from delusions that they have any of that, by now.

  4. They were obviously real the whole time, and the fact that you guys didn't dig into this says a whole lot.

    1. What's the next "conspiracy theory" from 2020 that's going to be legitimized? My money is going to be some kind of discovery of massive election fraud in Georgia.

      1. they've been playing Squirrel! with Wisconsin for two years.

      2. We've had two recently.

        1. Ivermectin appears to not only work, but work pretty well, and to kick it while it's down, work better than Remdesivir.

        2. Masking hurt the youngest children's ability to develop language normally, forcing the CDC to quietly lower the goalposts for the number of words a child should know by 24 months.

        1. Horse medicine!!! - brandy, sarc, jeff, Mike Jfree.

        2. 1) Not even a little bit. Ivermectin has shown zero ability to treat or prevent Covid. Like HCQ before it and the dozens of other snake oil treatments people who don't want a safe and effective vaccine have embraced. If you don't want the vaccine, you do you. But stop pretending there's a miracle treatment that "they" don't want you to know about.

          2) Why would you wear a mask in your own house with your own 24-month-or-younger child? If they changed something for kids that went to school it is at least plausible, if highly unlikely, that it was connected to masks. But a child who gets most of their human interaction from their parents at home? Please.

          1. That's a flat out lie. Ivermectin has been proven in trials in India, Japan, Brazil and South Africa.

            1. but if he just keeps repeating it along with the hordes of journalists and scienticians... we might start to believe it

            2. LOL "trials in India, Japan, Brazil, and South Africa".

              1. Love the LOL; so indicative of an adult going on 13.
                BTW, your attempt at poisoning the well is noted; fuck off and die.

          2. 1. Bzzt. Wrong.


            Tips to better communicate with children while wearing a face mask
            Here are some ways that people who wear face masks can help when they interact with your child:

            get the child's attention before talking

            face the child directly and make sure nothing is blocking the child's view

            speak slowly and slightly louder (without shouting)

            ensure a child is using hearing aids or using other hearing devices, if they have been prescribed

            use eyes, hands, body language, and changes in tone of voice to add information to speech

            ask the child if they understood; repeat words and sentences when necessary

            reduce noise and reduce distractions

            You can share these tips with your child's day care provider, preschool, and others who regularly interact with your child while wearing masks.

            Good tips!

            1. Your answer to #2 is a microcosm of everything wrong with progressives on this issue. Our understanding of COVID has evolved significantly since early 2020, and you are still buying what Fauci was selling two years and 100 lies later.

              It might make sense to encourage parents and schools to change the way they teach children language if the benefits of children wearing masks outweighed the costs of forcing kids to wear them. But, that is not the case. The protection afforded to children by wearing masks is negligible. There is no need to mitigate consequences of masking children when we can abandon the masks entirely and, in doing so, completely eliminate those consequences without incurring any significant risk. Pretty easy stuff for most people to understand.

          3. Zero evidence? Late treatment I agree. Blthr dozens if early treatment studies are all bullshit right?

            1. Ivermectin is less effective for late treatment, but still better than Remsidivir at any interval.

              1. It is known that immersion in molten ivermectin kills viruses on contact, and insects , nematodes and primates a short , but agonizing , time later.

          4. More of you far left propaganda. This in addition to your advocacy for grooming small children for homosexuality.

      3. Died w instead of died of.

        1. If anyone bothered to actually read CDC literature instead of talking points, that ship should have sailed already.

          As it stands, I think the barge is being hastily loaded to revise counting measures so Brandon can "beat Covid."

          1. He should have done this before last winter.

            1. I think that was the plan, but then the Delta variant came along and they figured it would be too much to sweep under the rug.

              If they were too obvious about it everyone would know the fix was in.

              1. He'll have the same problem this year when the seasonal waves roll around unless he changes it. But then again, maybe that's the plan -- gotta get those mail-in rules set.

                1. KungFlu lockdowns will be back in the fall. Just in time for ‘emergency’ measures for the mid term election. This is probably why Pelosi isn’t retiring in the face of a likely shellacking of House democrats.

                  The fix is in. Just like 2020.

    2. Nothing is obviously real when Rudy Giuliani is involved.

      1. Well. Except the laptop and the emails.

        Keep up hope Mike.

        1. Everything Mike shills turns out to be a lie. You'd think he'd get embarrassed or something by now.

      2. You really are stuck on stupid. No matter how wrong you are, or what kind of beating you take here, you come back. Always insisting you’re right when you’re proven wrong 100% of the time.

  5. But it's always fair to lie when the most important election of our lives is coming up.

    1. It's fair to lie (cheat, misrepresent, project accusations of your own misdeed onto others, etc) if it's in the cause of replacing a president who is deemed "unpresidential".


  6. Reason:

    It's a story that merits the attention of other journalists, political operatives, national security experts, and also the public at large—not least of all because there are serious questions about its accuracy, reliability, and sourcing.

    1. More:

      Giuliani and Bannon are political operatives with a long history of shady activity, so the fact that they were the intermediary sources for this story does raise red flags.

    2. ENB:

      Once again, Trump camp efforts to link Joe Biden to some sort of shady family business dealings can't be deterred by facts. But as USA Today reminds us, "after months of investigation, two Republican-led Senate committees unveiled a report in September that found no evidence of wrongdoing or corrupt actions by the former vice president in connection with his son Hunter's business dealings in Ukraine."

      1. Wow. What an interesting lie that is.

        1. Do you understand that Hunter Biden owning a laptop is not, in itself, a scandal?

          1. Who ever made that strawman?

            1. I have just enough compassion to think that someone should maybe, I dunno, throw Tony a life preserver.

              1. No. I can find the rim from a USMC 2.5 (aka deuce & a half), and some chain, to help finish the job it started.

            2. None of you even know what the fuck you think is the scandal, do you?

              1. If you think it's about owning a laptop and not all the illegal activity from videos of him banging his own underage blood niece and smoking Crack to arranging bribes from corporations, then you obviously don't.

                1. I doubt it's that, but even so, I don't have time for the scandals of people who aren't the president.

                  1. How about when the Vice President's son is taking in money for unofficially lobbying his dad?

                    Or when his dad runs interference or categorically denies things we now know are true?


                    1. I dig the fact that the talentless grifter VP is on the take as well.

                  2. And that the scandal involves Ukraine, who once Mr. Joseph B. Biden gained office is now in need of armaments, cash and other resources? Yeah, nothing shady there Tony. Pure coincidence.

                    1. The vice president goes to a lot of countries.

                      Stop being FOX News's sad little bitch.

                    2. @Tony

                      Let us know when all of those visits to other countries involve a laptop that reveals a clear conflict of interest.

                    3. Okay, first let's arrest Dick Cheney, since we're so concerned about geopolitics conflicting with financial interests.

                      You people have outsourced your brains to spokesmodels on FOX News. Just because the camera points directly at their cunts doesn't mean they're smart. Don't know if you knew that.

                    4. The phone is that way if you wanna call the cops and make your case. Don't be surprised if you fail in court.

                    5. Tony, you don’t like pussy, but you sure are a dumb cunt. This didn’t come from Fox, but I get your obsession. You want Tucker to fuck your asshole. But you can’t have him, so you’re mad.

                      I’ll bet you write a lot of poorly written Tucker slash fiction.

                  3. #executetonyfortreason

              2. Posted last time you asked dummy look below.

            3. Apparently you don't realize that once Hunter Biden's laptop LEFT HIS POSSESSION into the hands of an unknown third party... then showed up in a random QOPer's computer repair shop, it's no longer meets even the lowest level of evidence... No, of course, you don't.

              1. Need pretty tiny hands to grasp at straws that fine, TDS-addled pile of shit.

          2. Literally everyone thought this was a massive problem until you just corrected us. Thanks for your wisdom, oh Sage.

          3. Do you understand that Hunter Biden owning a laptop is not, in itself, a scandal?

            I think everyone gets that, yeah, but thanks for clarifying.

            Now, as to what was on that laptop . . . .

            1. What's on your laptop?

              Okay, so is the misunderstanding that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are not, in fact, the same human being?

              1. Oh shit I think Tony’s had a stroke or something. He doesn’t even know what the topic is!

              2. I'm pretty sure most of us don't have self-starring incest vids, video of us smoking Crack and emails arranging bribes.

                Maybe learn the subject before you white knight.

                1. Tony is a hardcore leftist, so that behavior is bordering on virtuous for him.

            2. Before or AFTER it left Hunter's possession... which, remember, was apparently not some insignificant amount of time before it showed up in the QOPer's "repair shop".

              1. Keep digging, asshole, I'll get you a new shovel if you need one.

          4. The FBI sure wants that scandal free laptop.

            1. And Ashley Biden’s diary. Even though a stolen diary isn’t in any way related to FBI jurisdiction.

          5. Do u understand what is on ole Hunters laptop? The contents r full of perverted and gross acts of human debauchery. Get off your lazy ass and go find the sections that have been leaked. Hunter and Joe r two human embarrassments. The Big Guy has had his wife killed along with a son. These were not random happening morons. Joey dipshit didn't become a multi millionaire for just being a government stooge. He "earned" it with one vile action after another.
            The Phucko Knows

      2. White mike:

        The White Knight
        October.22.2020 at 11:12 am
        Flag Comment Mute User
        Has it been overturned? You guys are very adamant about questioning sources when a story breaks about Trump having been involved in some scandal, but in this case you readily believe the authenticity of a story whose sources are Guiliani, Bannon, a pro-Trump shop owner in a state Hunter Biden didn't even live in at the time, a reporter who is an ex-Hannity staffer who didn't actually write the story, and Trump partisan, Ratcliffe.

        The most damning statement is from Tony Bobulinski, claiming that the email about Joe Biden receiving a ten-percent cut from a deal with a Chinese company. ENB seems to have missed that news. One detail to note about those emails is that they were from 2017, when Biden was no longer in office.

        But you guys are overlooking the holes and inconsistencies in the story, and readily believing sources who are known to have a troubled relationship with truth.

        1. The White Knight
          October.22.2020 at 11:48 am
          Flag Comment Mute User
          Maybe. But, as several articles about the possibility that this is a Russian disinformation effort have explained, it is typical for a disinformation effort to take a bunch of authentic emails gotten through hacking, and mix in some fake emails.

          Anyway, I appreciate keeping a sense of balance and looking at evidence for and against the story. I'm voting for Jo Jorgensen, so I have no personal stake in defending Joe Biden. He may be corrupt as hell.

          Last 2 sentences are hilarious.

        2. Poor mike:

          The White Knight
          October.22.2020 at 11:53 am
          Flag Comment Mute User
          Because, as several articles about disinformation explained, the photos could have been gotten by Russians hacking Hunter Biden's computers, then a fake laptop could have been prepared.

          That would mean the the photos are authentic, of course. But it also means the part of the story about the laptop could be totally fake.

        3. The White Knight
          October.22.2020 at 11:55 am
          Flag Comment Mute User
          It goes beyond ad hominems. Giuliani has been cavorting with lots of shady characters, and even a known Russian agent.

          1. And here he treads into the territory of whimsical fabulism.

            Because I refuse to believe, nay, even entertain the thought of, Rudi Giuliani "cavorting".

            1. He literally just made the same argument above lol.

            2. Imagine Giuliani in Schwab's beachwear.

          2. JesseAZ...You have utterly destroyed Mike Liarson. Thank you.

            1. Thats not an accomplishment. Lol.

        4. So you believe it a scandal for an American to make money in foreign markets?

          *Takes notes*

          1. Do you imagine you’re fooling anyone here? Your lies are obvious, and you post nothing else.

          2. Lol. So you believe that all the denials were just good defense? Not hiding anything?

            Well, they made it to the finish line, so it’s all good, right tony?

            1. I fear for the safety of Tony’s neighbors and coworkers if this administration continues to implode. He’s losing his grip on reality.

            2. I just want one person to say in words what the scandal is.

              You freaks have been allowed to go on far too long making scandals out of buzzwords. Of course, that's how the Republican party likes it.

              Don't think, just feel. When you hear that Hunter Biden had a laptop, that should make you feel bad. Why? Don't bother your pretty little head.

              1. Ever heard of the term "conflict of interest"? You ought to learn what that is. Get going.

                1. Explain what the conflict was and why I should care.

                  1. Read JesseAz's reply below.

              2. Your pathetic bullshit is amusing to a point ...

                But that MUTE button looms large in your future ...

              3. So why did MM do such a bang up job of denying it existed....., only to now say that it does in FACT exist? Which is pattern that has been followed to a T for the last 6-yrs. Yet idiots like u and Friday continue to regurgitate the MSM propaganda time after time. Folks like u and Friday r the true enemy of humanity. Just vile humans chasing thier paychecks no matter how vile u need to get so as to collect your due.
                The Phucko Knows

    3. Makes one wonder how much more of the reporting was pure lies, and DNC propaganda.

      1. I generally assume anything said by any large media outlet is majority lies. The more corporate the outlet, the more probable that it's not only bullshit, but deliberate misdirection.

        1. This.

          Just enough truth to give a general framework of truthiness, covered in lies, gaslighting, and propaganda.

      2. Why don't you explain what the scandal was. Use two sentences. Make it snappy.

        1. The laptop emails show Joe coordinating business deals with Hunter and Chinese intermediaries while he was vice president dummy.

        2. Why don't you explain what the scandal was. Use two sentences. Make it snappy.

          Hunter was selling access to his father to foreign business interests.

          There - did it in one.

          1. And when proof of it was obtained, corporate media coordinated with each other to not only prevent the evidence from being/remaining published, while persecuting and defaming the publishers, but also to cover it up with the same set of lies.

            1. ^ And there's a second sentence for you.

            2. Good. Sometimes we must come together as a free people to defend freedom, and Republican ratfucking would destroy freedom. Or didn't you notice the attempted coup in honor of the politician you're defending?

              1. This dishonest piece of shit supports Democrat’s corruption because he thinks Republicans deserve it.

                1. Deserve has nothing to do with it. Deserts are for stupid religions.

                  It's simply a math problem. You can get behind that, geek.

                  Republicans must = 0. Therefore, do X.

                  1. Guys, you broke Tony.

                2. Republicans on a libertarian website don't think Republicans DESERVE what's coming to them... Why am I not surprised?

              2. Sometimes we must come together as a free people to defend freedom, and Republican ratfucking would destroy freedom.

                So you freely admit that it's okay for the corporate media to suppress stories of high-level political corruption if it benefits the Democrats.

                I do enjoy these rare moments of honesty from you.

                1. It also indicates, though not exactly openly, that the desired endstate for the group it shills for is not representative government as spelled out by that pesky US Constitution.

                2. Oh, look, it's a circular QOP argument.

          2. The Trumps have been funding their entire business empire with Russian money. Trump to this day won't relent on his support of deranged autocrats like Putin, who used cyber warfare to help him win the presidency of the US and diminish it thereafter, up to and including an attempted coup.

            But sure, Joe Biden's drugged-out son doing a little nepotism is a reason to put that fat traitor in power.

            1. What a fun little world you live in, where you make up bullshit and go tell it to people, then pretend they believe you.

            2. The Trumps have been funding their entire business empire with Russian money.

              Did you know that there's actual evidence of Hunter taking bribes on his father's behalf?

              I wonder whether you can present any evidence for this claim you make right here.

              1. Hunter Biden could rob a bank or murder children, and it still wouldn't make his father culpable for his actions.

                1. Then why was Biden so defensive on the matter instead of denouncing what his son did? This suggests he approved of the event.

                2. it still wouldn't make his father culpable for his actions

                  You must have missed the "on his behalf" part.

                3. The Big Guy gave Hunter the "gun" to accomplish BOTH your ridiculous scenarios. Without the Big Guy..., Hunter WOULD NEVER have a gun as he wouldn't pass the back round check. Tony.... U r a clown show.
                  The Phucko Knows

                4. It is when he’s an accomplice.

          3. LOL You, sir, are a master of the circular argument. Which part of "the laptop was stolen and is thus inadmissible" confuses you? Limits on cops only matters to you until it's someone you don't like? Statist fascist.

            1. You, sir, are a miserable failure stating the truth. Fuck off and die.

        3. Pedophile...
          Proof of money laundering...
          The Phucko Knows

      3. All of it. All "news" is propaganda.

    4. Lol. Sqrsly/sarc defends Biden a lot in those comments.

      1. I think I spotted a sealion in there too.

    5. Do Reason staff have a memory issue, think I have memory issues, or are they just not going to ever own up to their own bullshit?

      1. They know how to link to themselves. So not sure why they missed the opportunity here. Mystery.

        1. I’ll take Cowardice for a thousand Alex!

    6. Look, you have to put this in context. It was the times. There was a lot of alcohol in those days, a lot of drugs, and TDS was everywhere. Mores were looser than today. Sure, maybe we experimented with TDS, but what journalist didn't? What I'm trying to say is, if it was 2020, and you weren't involved in TDS, you weren't really there, man. You had to be there to understand it. And people talk about the TDS era like it went from 2016 to 2020. But the scene was really just 2020, and the end of 2019. But to be a journalist at that time, you had to know the language to make the scene. And the language of 2020 was TDS, man.

      1. To be said in the 2050s of the 2020s, in the format of what was said in the 1990s, of the 1960s, and flawlessly executed. LMFAO,

        Damn, even the equivalent terms are perfect!

    7. Wise Old Fool
      October.14.2020 at 4:50 pm
      Flag Comment Mute User
      So Trump goes into a backroom -as president- and gives Putin a hand job (and he didn't even record it for us!) and y'all are bitching about a one time meeting with the VP?

      When shrike had a decent sock. Still dumb as shit. But could put some predicates together.

      1. Wise Old Fool
        October.14.2020 at 4:54 pm
        Flag Comment Mute User
        The NYP is famous for sucking R penis for only moderately vigorous reach-arounds. Fact checkers are saying sources for the article are pretty dubious, we'll find out more in a day or two after they come back. NYP is famous for saying anything to "get the scoop" and then when it doesn't pan out to post a small retraction at the bottom of a very long landing page if they're found out to be lying.

      1. For corruption, ironically.

    8. One more time for the people in the back... once the laptop left Hunter Biden's possession outside of LEGAL means, it became BY DEFINITION inadmissible as evidence.

  7. Conspiracy theory is the new word for old news.

    1. No, it's the old word for "settled science".

  8. Reminder..

    5% of Biden voters would not have voted for him if they knew about the laptop.

  9. It's hilarious that Republicans think the greatest injustice in the universe is that their cheap, tawdry political points-scoring wasn't allowed to run as amok in 2020 as it was in 2016 and every other year.

    Freedom for slimy political hacks! Leave no non-scandal un-blown-up! Hail our forefathers, Roy Cohn and Frank Luntz. Republicans losing elections is soooo unfair! Waaaa.

    1. This was stupid even for you.

      1. He's lost so many sacred cows this year.

        1. A guy who really believes he's one of the cool kids, rabidly supporting a doddering, dementia-addled old racist uncle who partnered up with an alarmingly incompetent cackling former groupie cum diversity hire who thinks Ukraine is part of NATO or something. It's a country in Eastern Europe.

          1. incompetent cackling former groupie cum diversity hire

            You wrote 'diversity' my brain read 'dumpster'.

      2. Don't you ever feel a little greasy having no political or moral beliefs other than Republicans deserve to have unchecked power?

        1. Cite? Youre defending a vice president making deals through his son while being the lead for the WH for those countries.

          1. That's not what happened, but you're never going to spend even a goddamn half a minute reading reliable sources on this stuff, are you? You aren't even strong enough to open a browser window on a piece of information that contradicts your scummy right-wing conspiracy propaganda sources whence come all of your thoughts. So what's the point of any of this?

            1. When you tell obvious lies, are you imagining yourself in a happy fantasy world where everyone believes you, or is it more like a neurotic nightmare where you’re terrified that the world will discover your lies if you don’t frantically keep up the charade?

              1. Yes, I know. We were discussing postmodernism earlier. This is the warped Nazi version of it.

                Nothing is true but what is need for your short-term practical ends.

                Fascism is too grand a word for it. It's mostly lies and violence in service of universal genocie.

                1. ...and now you're hysterical.

            2. That is exactly what happened.

            3. “Reliable sources” lol

        2. Tony, that’s laughable. We all have ethics. You’re the one who doesn’t. You use phony shows of empathy to manipulate infringement of constitutional rights, and want to confiscate other people’s money to use and claim you’re generous.

          You’re not. You’re everything this country has always fought against.

          1. This country has not always fought against taxation, and this country became a global superpower with very high tax rates on the rich. Taxation is not the only moral act in the world.

            1. At least you admit to being a totalitarian sociopath with grace.

        3. Actually, the people who see politics monochromatically in terms of who has power and who doesn't are the Critical Race Theory post-modernist assholes.

          It's always projection with your type.

          1. Wow, you got postmodernism in there. You've really gone tits up on this fascist Youtube shit, huh?

            Dude, nobody knows what postmodernism is. It isn't really anything. It's just the stuff that came after modernism. To the extent that it is anything at all, putting it alongside some ideology like "critical race theory" or "communism" creates an actual oxymoron. Postmodern critiques challenge all structured belief systems, including modern science (which is actually why you don't like it, even if you don't understand that).

            You need to get off the fucking sauce and become a coherent human being again.

            1. Postmodernism has influenced your thoughts more than you know, since you clearly don’t know what it is. You can read about these things. There’s Google.

              You give away the game when you pretend you don’t know where you’re coming from.

              1. Tony is inherently dishonest. Always keep that in mind when you are trying to argue with him.

                If he thinks telling you the sky is red might convince you he’s right he’ll say it without worry that you’ll most likely know the sky is blue. And if you tell him the sky is blue, he’ll move on to the next lie without missing a beat, and without any shame.

                1. Oh, I have no intention of getting truth out of him. I merely enjoy dunking on his lies.

                  1. It is easy and fun.

              2. But I do know where I'm coming from. I'm coming from an actual degree in philosophy. And I wouldn't even need to be a terribly good student to know that you're not going to be able to convince me that postmodernism is a thing that's affecting you right now.

                1. Degree in ignorant bullshit? Makes sense.

                2. I'm coming from an actual degree in philosophy.

                  That explains a lot. Of course capitalism is so unfair.

                  And I wouldn't even need to be a terribly good student to know that you're not going to be able to convince me that postmodernism is a thing that's affecting you right now.

                  Oh, it effects everyone. Especially right now.

                  Anyone connected to women's athletics, or loves someone who is. Along with anyone who's in a public school or loves someone who is. That's pretty much the entire population.

                  "Trans women are women" is classic example of post-modern thought: when a woman is whoever says they're a woman, it looses all meaning. When did we, as a society, decide that's the way it works? We didn't. A small minority of assholes decided that trans people don't have enough power, they need to take it from someone else, so they appropriated it from women by redefining the concept of womanhood through shame, slander, and cancelation anyone who disagrees.

                  That's a clear-cut example of "logic is a tool of the oppressors so fuck that we're making shit up now" and it affects practically the entire population.

                  But, I know I can't convince you. You're beyond facts. You're in the world of narrative. And in your narrative, certain people are always the victim, and other people are at best unaffected or, more likely, evil, and the difference between them has absolutely nothing to do with logic or facts. It has to do with identity groups and power, nothing else. You'll make up the facts as you go.

                  I can see how convenient that is, but it's not very compelling, and your entire worldview is more obviously a joke to more and more people every day.

                  1. There is climate change and war. Trans athletes is a problem that affects maybe 5 people on the planet, and one of them is not you.

                    You're being led around like a retarded poodle by FOX News.

                    1. Step 1: Democrats try to sexually groom children in public school and ruin athletics for all women.
                      Step 2: Conservatives complain.
                      Step 3: Democrats accuse conservatives of fake culture war issues.
                      Step 4: Democrats lose elections in November.

                      It's transparently pathetic, and it's getting your side nowhere.

                    2. "Democrats try to sexually groom children in public school"

                      You are still repeating the same sick lies from FOX News. They're lying to you. How can you not see that? Are you the dumbest motherfucker on the planet?

                      Prove this slander or shut the fuck up. You're a terrible person.

                    3. First, you prove I’m a racist fascist Nazi other than saying “because I say so.”

                      Any citations welcome. I’ve actually provided some with mine. Shouldn’t you try at least to be a little connected to reality? The best narratives are.

                    4. Because you want to genocide minorities.

                    5. Citation needed, liar.

                  2. 'Actual degree in philosophy,' demonstrates nearly all one needs to know. The use of the term 'actual degree,' in particular when combined with a non-professional, non-STEM degree generally indicates the narcissistic affluent academic mindset. To pair this with a soft degree that has no practical work value makes the estimate of personality traits clearer; likely classist, consumed by in-group biases, inflated sense of self. I'll admit, this is easy, based on this iteration of the tony sock's behavior, dumber than the norm.

                  3. "...I'm coming from an actual degree in philosophy..."

                    Shitbag's been muted for a month or so, but it's easy to see who's in the gray boxes from the replies.
                    And he is sufficiently imbecilic to post this in the hopes of gaining authority? A degree in Ed might hold less cred, but it's questionable.
                    It's obvious the sumbitch is stupid, but often enough he makes it clear how stupid he is.

              3. I have a philosophy degree. I know what it is. I also know what the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is.

                Postmodern neo-marxism, cultural bolshevism, cultural marxism, marxist neo-woke ideology. These are all code words for Jews. That's all this is.

                You can swap in some CRT, code for black people, and whatever else. It's all the same mission, and that mission is the genocide of people whose culture you you are uncomfortable with.

                Get the fuck over it because this is America and we kill Nazis.

                1. You can't find a cite that shows any of that, you false-narrative-guzzling under-achiever.

                  You're literally ignoring all arguments and discussion and, instead, just simply labeling anyone who disagrees with you as an antisemitic racist fascist, because that's the narrative you want, and you don't give a shit about facts.

                  Otherwise, go ahead and kick it through the goal posts and show me exactly how everyone who doesn't like postmodernism, communism, or CRT is a fascist anti-semite.

                  But you can't. Because that's outrageously, obviously wrong and stupid.

                  1. I'm an expert in propaganda. You're not even trying to conceal it. You listen to FOX News, and like a fucking moron assume they're telling you the truth, and then regurgitate their fascist horseshit here.

                    You are on a road to murdering gays and blacks and Jews and anyone else deemed impure for fantastical and insane reasons. You're on that road. Don't say I didn't warn you.

                    1. You’re think repeating crazy accusations over and over again makes an argument.

                      You’re so blinded by choosing your own adventure narrative that you can’t see how ridiculous and ineffective you are.

                2. This actually made me physically laugh out loud, so you ought to feel content that a tiny fraction of the huge karmic burden you bear because of lying and general deceit, has been lightened by being (unintentionally) hilarious. Thanks!


              “CRT is notable for its use of postmodern poststructural scholarship, including an emphasis on "subaltern" or "marginalized" communities and the "use of alternative methodology in the expression of theoretical work, most notably their use of "narratives" and other literary techniques".”

              See? You can find these things out. That’s called being “fact-based”.

              And I assume you don’t have any cites at all for what you espouse, in a manner that completely makes my point: who needs facts when all you care about is picking the most convenient power struggle narrative?

              BTW, doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is insanity. Communism doesn’t start working just because you cling to made up narratives. Wake up and embrace truth before you get yourself starved to death.

              1. Looming is the question of why FOX-addicted halfwits need to care about postmodern critiques or any other high-level academic concern. Don't they have tobaccy to chaw and cousins to fuck?

                Stop telling professors what they should teach. They know better than you.

                1. Because their ways of thinking will ruin our society. Clearly your philosophy instruction didn't serve you well.

                  1. So what do you want the government to do to professors who teach things you don't like? Be specific.

                    1. Stop giving them money.

                    2. Along with every other teacher. You want to fund crazy studies? Open your pocket book up. Otherwise, your pretense of caring is really no reason for someone else to pay for ridiculousness.

                    3. I've long complained about the fact that neoliberal economics only exists because of the deep pockets of a few kook billionaires, and the world has suffered and continues to suffer from the affirmative action given to this school of thought. Coups have been perpetrated in countries by these people. Mass murder has been done on the excuse that capitalism must triumph over socialism. It's a shitshow. So it's not like it's not true that academic schools can lead to bad things.

                      But it's a free country and academics can study what they want. As long as people are sufficiently educated, they can take or leave what they learn. I've rejected nearly 100% of the schools of thought I was exposed to in university. You're so worried that other people are as weak and dumb as you.

                    4. I’m not worried about dumb philosophies: they collapse under their own weight.

                      All we had to do to get the American people to reject democrats is let them run things for two years. That’s not a long time. We’ll make it.

            3. You’re making my point for me, though: yes, putting post modernism along with communism and critical race theory creates contradictions… that none of their adherents mind because they consider logic itself a tool of structural oppression. So they embrace the illogical, which is, in fact, a thing.

              You might as well say “being illogical isn’t a thing because it’s illogical.”

              It’s just as much a thing as logical, and people do it all the time.

              Since you seem to clearly understand this, why do you not have a problem with CRT again?

              1. You're so close to defining fascism for yourself you should be able to taste the cremation soot.

                Postmodern marxism is literally the same amorphous and antisemitic conspiracy theory fabricated in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion that served as the justification for Hitler's genocide.

                That's why you're the fascist and I'm not the postmodernist. I'm not into -isms. They tend to be tools of propaganda more than illuminative in discourse.

                1. Except you regularly advocate for absolute one party control of the nation and have a hard on for public executions...

         totalitarian douche.

                2. You act exactly like a post-modernist. You’re doing it right now.

                  You can’t actually show how anything I’ve said in any way resembles fascism. Because facts don’t matter. Your thinking can be reduced to “He’s criticizing my sacred cows; fascism!” Because demonizing people who disagree with you is a convenient narrative for your struggle to take away power from others and distribute it to people like you, which is how you talk about society all the time.

                  So of course I’m a racist, even though you can look that up, too, and no, it’s not defined as people who disagree with CRT and use the word “postmodern”.

                  You’re a poster child post-modernist, because facts and logic don’t matter. Narrative convenience is all that matters. You prove my point every time you open your mouth.

                  1. People aren't postmodernists. Postmodernism is a semi-coherent way of approaching art. Like modernism, classicism, Marxism, I dunno fuck, Ayn Randism, it's a big pile of crap. It's just something that happens in colleges sometimes.

                    You people talk about other people like they're mindless automata being filled unwittingly with theories that program to go act in a certain way. If someone makes it through an undergraduate degree, you can be confident they are not going to be overly ideological. At any rate, it's their fucking life so back the fuck off and leave people alone. Christ.

                    1. This isn't some progressive identity bullshit where you're whatever you say you are. A racist can practice racism no matter how much he says he doesn't believe in -isms. If you say, think, and act in a certain way, that's all that really matters.

                      You can say you're whatever you feel like, but I only care how you act, and you act like a person who makes up narratives to believe anything out of convenience regardless of facts or evidence, and you primarily see everything in terms of power struggles and who's on which side rather than any sense of decency.

                      OK, prove me wrong: Taxes. Arguably the most impactful thing a government does to people. Every working person pays it. For some people, it's their largest expense. It's reach is far and wide.

                      What's the point of that?

                    2. Taxes are not arguably the most impactful thing government does, unless you're so rich and stateless that you have literally nothing else to worry about.

                      I don't know if I follow your point. So in addition to using state force to forbid universities from teaching about postmodern or Marxian thought, you want them to advocate for low taxes? Or what?

                      It's just so much easier to turn off FOX News and learn to live with the fact that other people get to be free too.

                    3. ... and how you're just strawman bullshitting because you're run out of runway.

                      Or simply answer the question: what's the point of taxes?

                    4. To maintain a stable currency and motivate desirable social outcomes.

                    5. “Desirable social outcomes”sounds vague. A little bit more? Something about “power” perhaps?

                    6. Like the social outcome you desire: to concentrate the country's resources in the hands of a few fat billionaire fuckfaces. Any policy is a choice to allocate resources somewhere, even if your policy is sitting around with your thumb up your ass.

                      I don't want to be the one to break this to you, but your economic and political ideology differs from theft only because of its scale. Nobody is entitled to the resources of this continent. Not without taking their case to the people who live on it.

                    7. Says who, Oh power struggler?

                3. Marx was an anti-Semite, dude. So are many liberals right now.


                  And what’s going to create race war sooner? Colorblindness or “anti-racism” that openly supports legal race-based discrimination to create “equity”?

                  If we’re sooo racist, why do you think it’s a good idea to codify race based policy?

            4. "You need to get off the fucking sauce and become a coherent human being again."

              There's that projection again!

      3. Nothing is too stupid for tony.

    2. Good old Tony, a traitor to his very core.

    3. Frank Luntz is a total hack and gifter...I will give you that. A weirdo to boot.

    4. Propaganda exists, or it wouldn't work, and this information was withheld from the American people, undermining democracy.

      Biden shouldn't be president. Once he's out of office, we should declare null and void all of his actions, including SCOTUS nominations.

      1. The story of Hunter Biden wasn't withheld from the American people. It was right there in the Post and other news sources.

        1. They withheld from confirming that the contents were authentic. That counts.

        2. I must have missed all of the censoring.

        3. Sure. All the people prone to believe Biden's a sleazebag grifter from a sleazebag state could find it.

          What harm was done didn't require censorship, it just required making it plausible for the people who thought Biden was the good guy to continue to think it. Because it played into their stupid delusions of standing for virtue and honesty against the Bad Orange Man. *gag*

          1. Trump was actually an existential threat to this country. Any organization with even an ounce of interest in preserving the United States would have taken all actions, direct and covert, to prevent his having a second term.

            Fuck your selective moralism. You brook any quantity of sleaze and lies if it helps Republicans.

            1. “Trump was actually an existential threat to this country.”

              Good thing he was never president. We would have never survived.

                1. Whoooooooosh.

                  That was bad, even for you.

      2. It is not a crime against justice that you didn't get the political outcome you wanted, nor is it a crime against justice that FOX News didn't get to steal a sleazy scoop from the Washington Post.

        You've gone hysterical.

        1. Joe Biden should be impeached, and there’s no reason the senate should confirm his SCOTUS nominations except for their desire for power over the judiciary.

          We’ll see what happens after November.

          1. There's been no impeachable offense, so calm down. His nominations are so milquetoast as to be uncontroversial enough for a modern Senate.

            Or are you perhaps describing a dream you once had where the Trump Republican party had become dictator and you got morning wood?

            1. We don't need an impeachable offence. We learned that from progressive tards like yourself.

            2. As Smack Daddy says, an impeachable offense is anything congress says it is. Democrats taught us that one.

              You’re being post-modern again: impeachable offenses are rigid things one day, and whatever congress says in the other: a complete contradiction, but contradictions don’t bother you, because you’re choosing your favorite power struggle narrative at the moment, and in this circumstance, logic and consistency is working against you. So you abandon it.

              Being consistently inconsistent is part of the fun of choosing any narrative that suits you whenever it suits you, other wise known as “illogical.”

              1. Otherwise known as being a terrible liar.

              2. You sound as dumb as Jordan Peterson does talking about postmodernism. You're being taken for a ride, dude. There are lots of schools of thought I don't subscribe to, but I learned about them anyway because it's good to be well-rounded and have good reasons for accepting or rejecting them. Really, artistic or philosophical schools are historical artifacts. It's the project of humanity. Anyone telling you one is inherently bad (and presumably should be suppressed) is a fascist, especially when your ramblings are taken verbatim from Mein Kampf, as any talk of "globalist cultural Marxism" and the like most definitely is.

                Ironically, and fascism loves its ironies, you are the only one here subscribing to a school of thought that should be suppressed, if any of them should be. Fascism is a cancer. That's the one we should cut out of society, not fucking Marcel Duchamp.

                An impeachable offense is indeed whatever a House majority says it is. All you're doing is saying that Biden should be impeached for the crime of presidenting while Democrat. But as I've explained, I already know you've gone full fascist. Power for its own sake. You have no principles but power. And you're trying to purge universities of anything that might challenge that pursuit of power. It's all rather clockwork.

                1. You can't help yourself, can you?

                  I've explicitly shown you how your own thinking is post-modern bullshit. On the other hand, you keep assuring me that I'm a fascist nazi because apparently it says so in Mein Kampf and I don't like communism. Sorry to break it to you, dude, but you don't have to be a Nazi to hate communism.

                  And then you go off ranting about fascism as if you're on topic somehow.

                  You literally can't have an actual, real conversation with another human being because you're trapped in power struggle demonization narratives.

                  Over and over again. Don't you get bored arguing with the fascists in your head?

                  1. Okay, so define postmodernism. Thrill me with your book lernin'.

                    1. So surely you can see, from the first sentence of that article, how "postmodern Marxism" is a contradiction in terms.

                    2. And contradictions don’t bother post-modernists at all because logical consistency is a tool of oppression.

                      I’m not saying it’s smart or consistent. In fact, I’m saying it’s self-contradictory bullshit, but that’s because I believe in objective truth and logic. They don’t.

                      In other words, yes, they have adopted a stupid, self-contradictory way of looking at the world. Good point. Glad we agree.

                      Don’t be like them.

                    3. You’re approach here is very aspergery: logical definition games around a philosophy that rejects objectivity. Did you really think that was the best way to go?

                    4. But "they" have done no such thing. This is a right-wing meme, not a thing in the world. It's warmed over bluster direct from Mein Kampf, as I've tried to explain. It's propaganda. There is no epidemic of either postmodernism or Marxism happening in schools. If some portion of the youth are experimenting with Marxist thought, well, they're young, and it's a free country. They'll grow out of it. They wouldn't be so tempted if capitalism hadn't failed them so spectacularly. Remember the lesson of FDR: sometimes capitalism needs to be saved from itself.

                      But I don't go around to churches telling them that their insane worldview needs to be suppressed, because I like living in a free country. As a conservative reactionary, your first impulse is to simply suppress everyone who does culture in a different way from you. It's the fundamental chimp mode we are prone to, and that's the impulse we should be stamping out. Ridding the earth of that mode of thinking is the very project of the Enlightenment and modernity. If postmodernism played a role in re-infecting the West with fascism, then I condemn it too. But I can't do anything about people reading and speaking things I disagree with. I believe in freedom, unlike libertarians.

                    5. Derrida and Foucault did a pretty poor job of distancing themselves from Marxism after it collapsed under its own lies, and you’re pretending they don’t exist as people because definition word games, while you simultaneously brand anyone who argues against that position as Mien Kampf inspired… why exactly?

                      Nazis didn’t like communists so everyone who doesn’t like communism is a Nazi or something?

                      Whatever logical consistency you’re going for here, it’s obviously broken.

                    6. I don't understand why you think I'm here to defend postmodernism. I'm a modernist boy. I'm a great lover of modernism, even though some of its best artists happened to be fascists. (There's a reason postmodernism is a thing.) Mostly I am pro-science, though on long evenings you may find me ruminating on the emptiness of human narratives.

                      All of your arguments lead to one action: vote Republican, because you're convinced they'll protect the culture you grew up with. They won't, of course. They'll die in fire just like the Nazis did and all fascists do. The only project is preventing collateral damage.

                    7. We’ll see how that goes in November. Good luck!

                    8. @Tony

                      Why do you claim to be "a modernist boy" and claim to be "pro-science" when have you expressed postmodernist behavior, espouse pseudoscience like gender identity, and then call names at those who disagree with you? All I sense is self-deception in you.

                      It's never too late to repent, Tony. Don't delay further.

                    9. The only reason Foucault stopped being a communist was because they were so antisemitic and anti homosexual that they hated him.

                      So it’s funny that you think anti-communism is grounded in anti-semitism, since it’s also grounded in anti-anti-semitism.

                      How could you know I’m a fascist for hating post-modernism and communism? Maybe I just enjoy logic and reason along with food, clothing, and shelter?

                    10. Truthfulness,

                      I realize Ben Shapiro has convinced you that the beginning and end of science is "boys have a penis and girls have a vagina," but I'm here to tell you that science is much more than that. And that isn't even a scientific claim!

                      Boys and girls are whatever we want them to be. They're just words.

    5. That u believe there's actually two political parties in America..., is a hoot. U clowns on the side of evil r getting desperate. Your lies proven to be so ridiculous when they get to rub against actuality. iIt's embarrassing dude how intellectually dishonest u r while u sell out your soul.
      The Phucko Knows

    6. That was just word salad with a side of faggot.

  10. Well, I for one am shocked to discover that the Big Guy's illicit meeting with the corrupt corporate oligarchs he was bribed to influence-peddle for did not make it on his official itinerary.


    What intrepid reporting by the New York Times to get to the bottom of that one. Walter Duranty would be proud.

    1. Right?!?!?!

  11. I can't wait to read the book that comes out in 50 years which explains with documentation and research how Hunter's influence peddling was connected to a Military-driven push to pull Ukraine towards NATO that had been in the works since they took Crimea during the Obama administration, that Trump really was an unwitting Russian stooge, and the Ukraine-Russian war of 2022 was the result of a brilliant bait and counterintelligence operation where Putin got tricked in skewering himself on Ukraine's sword.

  12. Nice of NYT to grant Reason permission to cover this story.

      1. He tripped in the shower and fell into a pile of bullets.

        1. You mean when he tripped backwards? Then hid the gun after he shit himself?

          1. ‘Shot’, I want trying to make SQRLSY hungry.

      2. Did they look over by the video tapes from Little St. James Island?

    1. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy?

    2. Hitler?

  13. Why can't you MAGA hat-wearing Trumptards realize that science changes. The NYT made the best decision with the information they had in 2020.

  14. "Trust the experts"

    FAUCI: If we see an increase in cases, we have to "be able to pivot and go back to” COVID restrictions


    1. You know. A month before the election.

      1. There is absolutely no chance they announce new Covid restrictions a month before the election. Your brain is so pickled by right-wing propaganda you can't even think through obvious political strategy.

        My prediction is that they don't enact any more restrictions even if Covid starts killing people by the millions. Your team made health safety a toxic political issue. Thanks for that, you psychopathic monsters.

        What the fuck would Democrats have to gain by annoying the fuck out of everyone a month before the election?

        1. Man, you are really dumb.

          1. More a lying sociopath, which requires a certain IQ to make it through the day without being curbstomped, but yeah, he’s at the low end of that requirement.

          2. Not as dumb as people who form mobs to protest not washing your hands after you shit.

            I remember when you people were worried about decadence and degeneration in society. Your actual big political issue is about being dirty and diseased and demanding the rest of us respect you for it.

            No thanks.

            1. I remember when “you people” didn’t see a commie Russian in every woodpile or a Clintonian electoral defeat.

        2. U literally have the intellectual depth of a two week old mud puddle. Coivd is a f-ing PR stunt put in place for the morons in society. As u idiots can't concentrate on more then one thing at a time. As "look over there"..., " not here"..., is how it's done. "They".., r once again changing.., what it is..., IS! They just proved to everyone that the New World Order is already running EVERYTHING! They r now changing WHAT it means to be a human and how that human will now live thier life's. All while diots like U push out your shitty narrative of divide and conquer the morons thru using fear. Your gross dude. U r literally the enemy of humanity.
          The Phucko Knows


    Look at this. Now think about everything that’s being said within MSM about this entire conflict. No this isn’t a pro-Putin tweet, this is pro-TRUTH tweet. (It’s sad I have to say this)



      I’m once again using my presidential authority to activate emergency security assistance to continue helping Ukraine fend off Russia’s assault.

      An additional $800 million.

      That brings the total in new U.S. security assistance to Ukraine to $1 billion just this week.

      This new package on its own will provide unprecedented assistance to Ukraine.

      It includes 800 anti-aircraft systems to make sure the Ukrainian military can continue to defend Ukrainian airspace against the planes and helicopters that are attacking their people.

      Our new assistance package also includes 9,000 anti-armor systems.

      These are portable, highly accurate shoulder-mounted missiles that the Ukrainian forces have been using with great effect to destroy invading tanks and armored vehicles.

      It will include 7,000 small arms to equip Ukrainians — including the brave men and women who are defending their cities and the countryside.

      As well as the ammunition artillery and mortar rounds to go with the small arms — 20 million rounds in total.

      And it will include drones, which demonstrates our commitment to sending our most cutting-edge systems to Ukraine for its defense.

      The United States and our allies and partners are fully committed to surging weapons and assistance to Ukraine.

      And more will be coming as we source additional stocks of equipment that is ready to transfer.

      1. I do hope this ends well. We will see.

        1. It will not.

      2. Didn't Putin just say he considered foreign arms shipments as legitimate targets?

        Fuck Joe Biden.

  16. Translation: we already gots yer votes. Now "neither" soft machine needs to embalm their lies.

  17. @Kathleen owe Readership a statement in the name of Reason. This publication published a number of articles/posts whose veracity is now disproven.

    Does Reason the integrity to admit when they're wrong?

    1. Clearly not. They have shifted the tone of their coverage in alignment with left-wing media. Suddenly the "conspiracy theories" Reason and msm outlets yelled at dumb conservatives about from a year or two ago are being covered as the facts we have known them to be without any acknowledgement of their prior position. Suddenly we get a bunch of Biden criticisms (still pretty soft criticisms) as though they didn't see his character, health, and ideological problems before. It is interesting that criticisms of the left here are only pointed towards Biden but anyone generally right leaning is mercilessly attacked all the time. It's almost like there is a coordinated campaign in the media to dump Biden's corpse aside while retaining power for democrats. The sad part is that Reason is aligned with this bs

      1. "It is interesting that criticisms of the left here are only pointed towards Biden but anyone generally right leaning is mercilessly attacked all the time. It's almost like there is a coordinated campaign in the media to dump Biden's corpse aside while retaining power for democrats."

        As many of us here "predicted" well over a year ago

        1. Correct. It's kinda disgusting because this is being orchestrated to dangle the need for impeachment in front of Republicans' faces to lure them into doing so and getting blasted in the media. Meanwhile, Biden's puppeteers can flop his corpse around accomplishing their goals with no effective repercussions for them and other establishment figures.
          It's still so gross to me that Reason has become this. I started reading a bit over a decade ago, but they have steeply declined into just another establishment leftist rag. The slide started before Trump, but damn did it crash quickly when he started running.

          1. Trump is one of the most disgraced figures in the history of the country and always will be. Only some kind of horrible idiot would be on his side now.

            1. And biden is amazing

              Shortened that for you

            2. Gee, he just won the CPAC straw poll by a landslide. You sure?

              1. Good. I want him to be the face of the Republican party. When it's buried in the ground, I want to see his fat orange face staring up.

                Jesus Christ, thanks for the laugh. Yeah he's not terrible because he got endorsed by a bunch of inbred theocratic traitors. Fantastic.

                1. For the 2024 presidential election, betting sides give the best odds to Donald Trump.


                  1. I have not been shy about warning that the US is at risk of becoming a fascist state. I'm not as worried about Trump, because he is not getting any younger or more coherent.

                    What Republicans want is someone just as mean but not nearly as stupid. The only question that interests me is who you intend to start shooting first. Trans people? Going straight for the blacks? Who do you want to shove in the ovens first?

                    1. … and now you’re hysterical.

                    2. When people like you start talking like this, then sane people duck as the spittle might contain something infectious, like BSE.

                  2. I'd give your left nut to be wrong.

                    The crash that comes when you exit a cult is painful. That's why you resist it so much. The brain is not a reasoning machine, it's a rationalizing machine.

                    Just remember what I said if you ever find yourself murdering trans people for the glory of the state.

                    1. You think you should be telling people how to think while you make wild accusations of genocide.

                      Pro tip: we’ve had Trump presidencies and Republican congresses before. No one committed genocide. Your fantasies are contradicted by known reality.

                      That’s not reasoning. That’s bullshit.

                    2. Republicans are passing laws making it a crime to discuss the existence of homosexuals in schools.

                      I hope you're right that it's all a nothingburger, but I've seen too many societies descend into madness to not be a little worried.

                      You don't know what it's like having to hide your entire identity from your community. The gays lived this way for centuries, and in Republican-dominated areas of the country, still must.

                      But I'm very sorry about the great affront to your freedom that is other people reading books you don't like.

                    3. No, they’re not. They’re passing laws to stop teaching sexuality to children in third grade and below. And you’re against it.

                      If you can call me a fascist for disliking postmodernism and communism, then, compared to that, I’m standing in a mountain of evidence, logic, and reason showing to at you need to stop sexualizing children, you sick pedophile.

                    4. I assume he was considering power imbalances in society and thought, “Hmmm, does anyone really know it’s objectively wrong to rape little boys in the mouth?”

                      And no, you don’t have to be a Nazi to see how ridiculous and disgusting that is.

                    5. I have been criticizing, laughing at, and more or less dismissing Foucault and other postmodernists since I was in middle school. I'm embarrassed for you that you've just discovered some increasingly obscure philosophical school but only because you heard about it on FOX News. Read a fucking book every now and then. You're being used like a rag doll by the propaganda arm of the oil industry. Nothing you're doing here is good.

                      Of course you won't read any books. You're going to go on supporting a man who gropes his daughter in public and talks about fucking his daughter regularly while participating in a totally fabricated moral panic about Democrats, because that's what the cloistered media bubble you live in has told you to do.

                      I fucking hate morons. They're going to destroy the fucking planet.

                    6. Ruining athletics for women was a left-wing idea.

                    7. “ I have been criticizing, laughing at, and more or less dismissing Foucault and other postmodernists since I was in middle school.”

                      Then unless you’re a fascist, you owe me an apology.

                    8. Anyway, you’ve been far too big an asshole here for far too long to ask for sympathy now.

                      Oh, your community didn’t love you enough? Boo hoo.

                      I’m sure turning into a progressive asshole did not teach them a lesson!

                2. Your bigotry is astounding. I would think a raving faggot such as yourself would be more appreciative of the people that defend the safety of scum like you to exist in safety. And by scum, I’m referring to your Marxism.

                  I call you faggot out of a general sense of derision and disrespect for you as an individual. I honestly don’t care if anyone wants to fuck other men.

            3. How so little man?
              Give us all the indiscretions that Trump so accomplished. Afterall... To be the worse EVER..., the list must be long. Please try to offer more then your usual TDS bullshit.
              The Phucko Knows

  18. I am not really sure where this article was intended to go. They admit that the story as presented before the election was full of holes and yet question why NYT did not run with it.

    No doubts that Hunter got the job because of his connections. Not just his father the VP, but all the other politicians he would know because of his father. The problem here is that this type of stuff is common. If you are wealthy, if you have connections you are valuable. You could start on a round of what-abouts here but it would be endless.

    The reality here is that the Trump campaign wanted this to be an October surprise and people were more skeptical of that than they were in 2016. That probably had a lot to do with the NYT reluctance to go into the matter at that time.

    1. The problem is Joe using his son as a cut out while vice president dumbass.

      People laugh at Chelsea. But her work was lost presidency of her parents. Hunter was not dipshit.

    2. They admit that the story as presented before the election was full of holes

      No one has shown how it was full of holes. The "holes" are that it was being presented by the wrong people at the wrong time. And we all watched it get actively suppressed.

      No doubts that Hunter got the job because of his connections.

      Agreed. Why is there such resistance to looking into whether Biden, Hunter's father who stopped the investigation into his firm, is one of those connections?

      Given that none of Hunter's other connections are all that significant, really.

      You could start on a round of what-abouts here but it would be endless.

      I would personally call it "A Good Start," particularly if it started involving jail time.

      1. Even if Hunter Biden were a corrupt person, and there's absolutely no evidence he's more corrupt than your average Trump spawn, do you actually believe that is a profound and immediate concern in the world right now?

        The entire complaint is that Trump didn't get a piece of oppo propaganda that might have helped him win. Haven't Republicans succeeded enough on that crap?

        1. “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

          1. Exactly, Hillary. You can't undo the election,. You actually can't. Not without an armed coup, and good luck with that. So what the fuck are you wasting your time on exactly?

            1. And thr mask drops. Democrats By Any Means Necessary.

              1. Actually I'll be happy with a majority vote.

                1. We don’t have national elections by majority vote, dummy.

        2. there's absolutely no evidence he's more corrupt than your average Trump spawn

          You mean the people you daily decry as the worst and most corrupt people history has ever seen? People who are so dangerous and awful that you cheer on corporate collusion to spread lies about them and cover up for their enemies because it's just so important that they be stopped at any cost?

          The entire complaint is that Trump didn't get a piece of oppo propaganda that might have helped him win

          No. The complaint is that our President has a history of being bribed by foreign interests.

          1. I make fun of Trump spawn as the occasion merits it, but I don't think Trump is responsible for the actions of his adult children, except to the extent that they're entangled in the same corrupt business practices.

            Trump himself, it should be noted, actually did extort the president of Ukraine. He denied them weapons (which they ended up needing) because they wouldn't provide this same political oppo trash. That's why he was impeached the first time. The second was because he instigated a coup attempt.

            Biden isn't corrupt, and he'd have to be pretty fucking corrupt before I start caring, given cosmic-scale corruption of the alternative.

            1. There is no amount of “corrupt” that the Big Guy could obtain that would make you care. Religious fanatics are like that.

            2. I don't think Trump is responsible for the actions of his adult children, except to the extent that they're entangled in the same corrupt business practices.

              So, like, if they were taking bribes on his behalf?

              He denied them weapons (which they ended up needing) because they wouldn't provide this same political oppo trash.

              And did they give it to him? No?

              And when Biden threatened to withhold aid unless they fired the guy investigating his son's company? Did they fire the guy? Yes, they did, you say?

              Extortion is wrong, you say?

        3. Tony, democrats like you are the ones that rape underage family members and have massive drug problems. Not Trump supporters. And the complaint is that evidence of Biden using his son as a bagman for his bribes as suppressed going into an election.


  19. The major respectable news sources will not run possible or likely October Surprise stories just before an election. Good:

    "...their (Fusion GPS) office became "something of a public reading room" for journalists seeking information. In September they arranged a private meeting between Steele and reporters from The Washington Post, The New York Times, The New Yorker, ABC News, and other outlets. The results were disappointing, as none published any stories before the election.[56]"

    Trump got the same courtesy in 2016 as Biden got in 2020.

    Hiring someone with powerful relatives is nothing new - you think Trump's family and their business did not make out while he was president? - and there is no evidence on the laptop showing Joe Biden providing favors for Burisma. His getting the Ukrainian prosecutor Shokin (sp?) fired was Obama, EU, and World Bank policy which he was assigned, and no one including Republicans objected then. In fact Biden bragged about getting him out at a conference of foreign policy experts.

    1. The fact that Hunter Biden owned a laptop is the scandal. None of these people know or care what was on it.

      1. So dumb.

      2. Pictures and videos of drug use, incest, paedophilia, prostitution, corporate and political corruption are big nothingburgers.

        Really, how dare he own a laptop. Doesn't Hunter know Republicans pounce?

        1. Tony’s gone full “see no evil, hear no evil” with this laptop story.

          He’s a monkey with his eyes closed, his hands over his ears, saying “nah nah nah can’t hear you, nah nah nah there’s nothing important on the laptop”.

        2. Hunter Biden is well known as Joe Biden's fail-son. He's a 52 year-old man. You don't want to bravely uncover a threat to the republic, you want tabloid trash that FOX News can pound into its idiot zombies' heads so they're distracted from how useless Republicans are.

          1. Tony Bobulinkski has already stated that Joe Biden regularly received a cut (for the “big guy”) of the proceeds from the influential business dealings of his dissolute progeny.

          2. So Republicans own Hunters laptop? U morons still don't get it. Anthony Wiener and Hunters laptops R WHAT'S BRINGING THE WHOLE New World Order to its f-ing knees. Add Hillary''s emails.... And the whole disgusting world of these Evil bastards comes running to the forefront. The money laundering and the perverted and down right Evil lifestyles they live become grotesquely real.
            The Phucko Knows


    The most quoted Russia "experts" in the media said the Steele dossier was credible and Hunter Biden's laptop was not.

    1. I have a rule: Grown-ups stop whining about losing an election the day after the election.

      1. Stop complaining about presidents the day after they leave office.

      2. Psaki just said the 2016 election was hacked dummy

      3. Did you stop whining after trump was elected?

        1. Yes. Unlike Trump and more than 50% of his supporters, I knew that there would be no undoing that travesty. Trump still won't admit he lost in 2020, will he? Do you?

          1. The interests of the State, Military and Corporations being so nicely aligned into the thing Time magazine faintly called “election fortification” is a beautiful thing isn’t it?

            So much better than calling it a fascistic gleichshaltung arranged by Democrats to avoid ever losing ala’ 2016. It still stinks like shit though.

          2. Yes. Unlike Trump and more than 50% of his supporters, I knew that there would be no undoing that travesty.

            Please. You're still whining right now and he's been out of office for over a year.

      4. Grown-ups stop whining about losing an election the day after the election.

        Which is an observation you've made before regarding Democrats circa 2016-2021, right?

      5. Someone should let Hillary know.

        Also Al Gore.

        Also Stacey Abrams.

  21. Prosecute Trump:

    "...But based on the already public evidence – and there’s undoubtedly lots more that’s not yet public – no vigilant prosecutor would be deterred by the difficulty of convincing a jury about Trump’s state of mind. Full speed ahead is now the only proper course.

    The former president is vulnerable to charges of conspiring to defraud the United States, 18 USC §371, and obstructing a congressional proceeding, 18 USC §1512(c)(2).

    Regarding §371’s intent requirement, the US supreme court has ruled that conspiracies to defraud the United States include plots entered “for the purpose of impairing, obstructing or defeating the lawful functions of any department of Government” using “deceit, craft or trickery, or ... means that are dishonest”.

    The mental state required for §1512 is a “corrupt” intent to obstruct, influence, or impede an official proceeding. In Arthur Andersen v United States, the supreme court said “corrupt” meant “dishonest” or “wrongful, immoral, depraved, or evil”.

    The mountain of already public evidence would surely lead a DC jury to reject Trump’s defense that that he honestly believed his own “big lie” that widespread ballot fraud had deprived him of victory, and therefore that his intent was innocent.

    First, Trump knew that the 60-plus court cases seeking to overturn the votes in contested states had failed.


    Second, as the former Michigan US attorney Barbara McQuade has compellingly shown, five of Trump’s top officials told him unequivocally that all the fraud claims were false.

    Third, Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, told Trump the same thing during the infamous recorded call in which Trump asked Raffensperger to “find” 11,780 votes, exactly one more than needed to overturn the state’s election.

    That call alone screams “corrupt” intent. And the barely veiled way Trump threatened Raffensperger in that call reinforces Trump’s “evil” state of mind.

    Fourth, Trump’s speech immediately preceding the Capitol attack included a provable, telling lie – that he would join the Capitol march with the crowd even though his pre-speech schedule showed no such plan and Trump did nothing of the sort. A properly instructed jury would likely conclude that this lie reflected Trump’s desire to remain far from the violence he had encouraged, giving him both physical safety and plausible deniability and further evidencing a “corrupt” state of mind.

    Fifth, Trump’s failure for three hours to call off the siege after it began, notwithstanding violent televised images and entreaties from his children, advisers and allies – despite his undoubted duty to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” – was manifestly “depraved”.

    Sixth, when Trump belatedly asked the insurrectionists to go home, he called them “patriots” who should “remember this day for ever”. A federal judge wrote in an 18 February opinion that “a reasonable observer could read that tweet as ratifying the violence and other illegal acts that took place that day”.

    Seventh, “willful ignorance” of incriminating facts is equivalent to knowledge. Drug couriers cannot escape conviction by having chosen not to ask what was inside the heroin-containing package they were handsomely paid to import. In Trump’s case, his purported belief in election-changing voter fraud was at the very least willfully blind to the facts before him.

    Finally, another of Trump’s anticipated “innocent intent” defenses – that he was relying on his lawyer John Eastman – would fail. Eastman has stated that it was on his advice that Trump sought to have Pence reject electoral votes for President Biden or to delay the entire vote.

    Even if Trump and Eastman had the requisite attorney-client relationship, which is dubious as a matter of fact, the defense has a gaping hole: under the law, Trump’s reliance must have been “reasonable”.

    Far from being reasonable, Eastman’s claim that that Pence was “the ultimate arbiter” of the electoral count was utter “nonsense”. Trump would be unable to produce any lawyer who supported that constitutionally absurd theory and could withstand even amateur cross-examination...."

    1. Any takes on his take?

      1. Joe Friday is well known for being a moron.

        Apparently it's well deserved.

        There's a take for you.


    Hunter gets paid hundreds of thousands a year by Ukraine energy to stay gorked out on cocaine and then his father sends billions to Ukraine while intentionally annihilating US energy Independence and no one in Congress is one bit worried about a massive conflict of interest here?

    1. Joe Biden has billions of dollars to send to Ukraine? He really did do well flipping that house.

      1. Made a lot in stock options and bonuses from Burisma.

        1. Gonna cite or are you just gonna flaccidly melt into your bean bag chair?

          1. Hunters laptop

      2. You stupid maggot. If he was sending his own money to Ukraine, it wouldn't be an issue. It's our tax money that he's playing games with to get his kickbacks.


        1. You think the vice president of the United States has the power to appropriate money to foreign countries for corrupt personal reasons?

          You actively work not to know what you're talking about.

          1. You think the vice president of the United States has the power to appropriate money to foreign countries for corrupt personal reasons?

            So when Biden bragged that he got Shokin fired by threatening to withhold their aid money, he was lying?

            1. Tony doesn’t care either way. He will defend this guy even when he announces he’s going to cause the nuclear annihilation of the human race. Nothing matters to him except backing anything a democrat says or does.

              This, and being a homo, represent the sum total of Tony’s self identity. He is literally nothing more than a Marxist cocksucker.

          2. At the risk of damning myself with faint praise, I clearly know far more on this subject than you do. Here's gropey Joe bragging about threatening to withhold US foreign aid to Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor who was investigating Hunter the crackhead:


            If you were not aware of this, it's because you chose to pretend it never happened. If you were aware of this, you're a lying lefturd piece of shit.


    2. Nardz, from a response in your Twitter link:

      Why don't you learn the facts and shut up until you do.

      1. And how does that disprove the claims on what Hunter Biden did? It doesn't.

      2. You’re laughable. Even more so since we all know you don’t even understand what you posted.

  23. I would say it's interesting how propaganda gets built, but it's too painfully simplistic to be interesting, except to the extent that it reveals things about the depths of human stupidity.

    Hunter Biden once had business in Ukraine. Joe Biden, as vice president, once visited Ukraine.

    Ipso facto, Watergate times a million.

    1. Your ass is really chapped by the fact that your Dem heroes are corrupt scumbags who are going to completely lose governance to Republicans in November, isn't it?

    2. I'm not sure if you intentionally this stupid, or just a partisan paid shill, but you are doing an incredibly poor job proving your "philosophy degree" is worth more than the paper it's printed on. Did someone agree to pay off your 150k in student loans if you spent all day lying?

      Please and thank you.


      Person with an actual degree (BSME)

      1. Bitch, I don't have any college debt. Once my scholarships were added up, they were covering everything including my bar tabs.

    3. Hunter Biden once had a high-level unearned role in an obviously corrupt government-connected business in Ukraine. Joe Biden, as vice president, once visited Ukraine to threaten to withhold aid to them unless they stopped investigating his son's company.


      1. Nobody is arguing that Hunter Biden isn't a fail son, and if you're shocked shocked I tell you about nepotism in society, wait till you get a load of the fucking Trumps. These are people who wouldn't be able to keep a Taco Bell in business if not for endless cash from grandaddy's estate and Russian sociopaths. The Trumps can't even get a loan.

        I'm fully aware that a Democrat using a salad fork for his oyster course can be blown up to be a bigger scandal than an actual coup attempt against the United States, but that's why I think FOX News needs to be made illegal.

        1. if you're shocked shocked I tell you about nepotism in society, wait till you get a load of the fucking Trumps

          Someday you'll produce a substantiated allegation.

          In the meantime, can you spare a concern about the open corruption that Biden and his son have engaged in? If Biden is so disconnected from his son's shady business dealings, why did he put so much effort into getting the investigation stopped? Why has he been so defensive about it, rather than condemning his scumbag son and his fraudulent behavior?

          1. "...Someday you'll produce a substantiated allegation..."

            Yeah, the same day Trump was run from office prior to the end of his term:

        2. It really is time to deposit you into a landfill.

    4. once had business in Ukraine

      An incompetent crackhead was paid handsomely by a crooked Ukranian oil company to curry favor with his crooked father. Fuck you for trying to minimize it.


  24. Well, if the authenticity of the story could not be proven to meet the NYT's exacting standards of truthiness back then, they were of course within their rights to not publish it, while lesser outlets like the New York Post were free to run with it and risk making fools of themselves.

    At least no one in a position to censor the news feeds of millions of people actively tried to block people from sharing the Post's story, since they turned out to have the sharper journalistic instincts in this case. Oh wait...

  25. This is amazing.
    They don't care how brazen the lie is.

    This is insane. Ukraine fired the missile that killed these people and now the Ukrainian regime is sharing the photos. Donetsk hasn't been under Kyiv control since 2014.


  26. Truth delays is truth denied.
    Are we to assume they'll eat the "Russki Collusion" bullshit in the same time span they finally admitted that Duranty was a commie?

  27. $15 billion, you say?
    Where have we run across that figure recently...

    This is how Ukraine and Russia were discussed pre-2022.

    People making these same - true! - points today are called pro-Putin.

    Share this with your liberal and neocon friends and family members.


  28. No biggie, totes normal, no possibility of blowback...

    Russian state TV shows US-made missiles -- with "Grand Prairie, TX" written on the exterior -- captured by Russian soldiers. But don't worry, the chain of custody on these massive daily weapon flows are being closely monitored to ensure the highest quality control standards


    1. the more interesting question is "why are weapons sent to Ukraine already so easily being captured by the enemy we're trying to kill with them?"

      1. Ahem. Afghanistan.

      2. Well, that's not the missile, just the transport cannister. Since the picture does not show it open I'm guessing it is empty. Most any abandoned fighting UA positions are going to have those. It's not like nobody knew we've been sending them Javelins.

  29. "More than two dozen Senate Republicans demand Biden do more for Ukraine after voting against $13.6 billion for Ukraine"

    Puny jack-asses playing politics with another crisis.

    1. We're on the brink of wwiii.

      Main story in my city daily:

      Seattle's downtown crime, inequity issues can be solved if stakeholders collaborate, officials say
      Elected officials, an urbanist and the head of the regional homelessness authority discussed the future of Seattle's downtown Thursday, addressing crime, housing and communication between stakeholders.

      The person who caused the problem shows up to the meeting with a spiffy three-ring binder telling everyone how xe can fix it.

      1. xe can fix it

        Xe can fim or fir it.

        St. Patty's Day is over, I no longer have to care about the cultural heritage of Cockney rhyme slang and am now free to create American Genderfucked Slang.

      2. "We're on the brink of wwiii.
        Main story in my city daily:..."

        Hey, give droolin' Joe a bit more time!
        Pretty sure his incompetence will have Kong riding that bomb on Moscow, 'cause he thought that button was for ordering a pizza!

    2. And here's why. It's the next line in the story.

      "Thirty-one Senate Republicans voted last week against the $1.5 trillion spending bill to fund the government, increase U.S. defense spending and provide humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine. In recent days, many of them have clamored for more weapons and aid."

      So, the Democrats loaded that $13.6 billion poison pill into a $1.5 trillion pork roll, so they could accuse the Republicans of voting against Ukraine aid.

      1. But also, fuck those Republicans who want to send even more money to the Ukraine.

    3. Of course you have no problem with the people in your party doing the exact same thing. Nothing to see there, right?

  30. Therefore the concerted effort by the NYT, Washington Post, Twitter etc. to deny and suppress the New York Post's reporting was slander, libel and fraud for the purpose of influencing an election.

  31. I have no idea at all why the tankie scumbags at the Duranty Gazette decided to admit what everyone already knew. Maybe they've decided to help remove Biden now that his incompetence is impossible to deny?


  32. The NYT is just a lie machine. It is Pravda for the Democratic Party. Nothing in it is truth.

  33. Democrats clearly tampered with the election. Where is the investigation, charges and prison time for the offenders?

  34. The sad tale is how the laptop story is a microcosm of the collapse of balanced MSM journalism. Diogenes would be staggering about the newsrooms today.

    Where’s Woodward or Bernstein? Somebody go wake up Seymour Hersh. Fuck, I’d settle for a plucky Geraldo eagerly opening vaults and asking stupid questions. If it weren’t for Greenwald types, there’d be nothing legit.

    Now it’s an echo chamber. Or doubleblespeak. 24/7 agitprop. Even the Intel crowd is part of the deceitful web. The Paper Of Record proudly shapeshifted into Pravda. Pathetic. How far we’ve fallen. The bastards should be ashamed of themselves.

  35. This is a fair and, well, well-reasoned criticism/questioning of The Times, which should've at the very least made a separate headline of their "scoop." And Biden senior needs to address it, not hide under the mask of grief over his other departed son. In a way, you can understand a father slipping in trying to help his troubled man-boy, all things considered, but as president now, he needs to face the truth—in public. Meanwhile, for as smelly as the affair is, really, after the record-breaking conga-line of cronyism and suspect wheeling and dealing (even in Ukraine . . . and, oh, right, Russia) of so many in the Trump administration, we should all probably loosen our stake in the moral high-ground. So much out-right criminal behavior there was covered-up, lied about, gaslighted, blatantly reveled-in and even pardoned, it's fairly understandable that people would see this weird, implausible story as plausible.

    1. "...Meanwhile, for as smelly as the affair is, really, after the record-breaking conga-line of cronyism and suspect wheeling and dealing (even in Ukraine . . . and, oh, right, Russia) of so many in the Trump administration,.."

      Meanwhile, TDS-addled piles of shit continue to post lies.
      Stuff your TDAS up your ass; your head needs someone to talk with.

  36. Oh yeah, and then there was the Orwellian disappearing of any links to the news about the laptop, from all major social networks.

    But no libertarian would care about *that* kind of thing.

    1. You want government to force social media to report on a story they don't want to report? Does that apply to Dan Bongino and fellow Nazi fuckstains?

      The media ran with the phony Hillary email story and it cost this country dearly. We're all better off if the news media is more judicious about its spreading of malicious oppo research.

      1. Social media doesn't "report" anything, they only host information. The actual journalism in the Biden laptop story was done by the NY post. Social media sites get section 230 protection because they're not publishers.

        You're essentially approving of scenario in which Yelp deletes all truthful and negative user review on a restaurant because they shouldn't be "forced" to "report" on information they don't like, even if it has public health ramification.

        So in the prog worldview, governments should force companies to pay high wages, medical benefits, hire only non contract workers, but the government shouldn't force social media companies to host useful information that doesn't violate TOS. Makes sense I guess if you take drugs.

        1. You've mentioned social media and the NY Post, but not any credible journalism.

          1. The New York Times admitted that the Post was right this whole time. You owe an apology.

            1. No, he will continue to attack the NYP while simultaneously saying the NYT’s is telling the truth.

              Progtards are living contradictions.

      2. "The media ran with the phony Hillary email story"

        Phony - but true! You now that guy Comey said Clinton did have classified info on her private server but declined to charge her because she didn't act recklessly.

        It was local journalists that helped expose Smollett, and social media played a part in it. Social media exposed "Dr. Ford" as a liar. I know what you fear, Tony,

        1. The problem is not that Hillary Clinton or Jussie Smollett aren't imperfect beings, the problem is that you think their foibles are the biggest problem in the universe because that's what Tits McGee on FOX News told you to think.

          Any problem you can point to with this people was committed by Donald Trump with literally a million times greater magnitude. Remember the attempted coup?

          1. Remember the attempted coup?

            You mean when Pelosi tried to get Mark Milley to forcibly remove Trump from office?

            1. Plus the first sham impeachment.

          2. I love how you characterize things like a secretary of state handling classified info on an unapproved private server and a celebrity making up a hate crime to defame half the nation are just "people being imperfect", but something that's said on FOX news is treason by default. You make up some random standard in which mistakes your side make is some minor nuisance but the equivalent from your enemies is gravely serious.

            Coups actually have to involve a specific plot to overthrow the government. If J6 was coup, then your pals who built their own pseudo nation in Seattle and executed a black teen for trespassing on their border should have been hung by now.

            Polls show J6 isn't even in the top 5 important issues for voters. Safety is an priority for them, because BLM protests burned down cities and resulted in millions in damages, and their "defund the cops" movement resulted in massive hikes in homicide in many parts of the country.

            I told you this many before times before, but those who take the lives of POCs often come from your side of the aisle. It must be a bitter pill for you to swallow that your friends betray those who they claim to champion, and that Asians and blacks are now less safe and prosperous under Biden than compared to Trump.

      3. We're all better off if the news media is more judicious about its spreading of malicious oppo research.

        Unless it's vague, unsubstantiated accusations against Trump, amirite?

  37. Social media doesn't "report on stories". Social media pretends to allow people to be social.

    In any case, the Hunter Biden laptop story is *true*. It turns out that the cultural gatekeepers actually can't determine what is true ahead of time.

  38. Social media doesn't "report on stories". Social media pretends to allow people to be social.

    In any case, the Hunter Biden laptop story is *true*. It turns out that the cultural gatekeepers actually can't determine what is true ahead of time.

    1. The asshole Nardz has yet to figure that out and probably never will; s/he presumes twitter to be source of all knowledge.

  39. just imagine all the stories they'll confirm next year

    after the midterms

  40. so, hey, what happens to all those dozens of "senior intelligence analysts" who said the laptop was a Russian plant?

    will the NYT demand each of them apologize?

    believe the standard response is now to freeze their bank accounts and fire them

    oh wait no I was thinking of people who donated $10 to the Freedom Convoy

  41. All the Trumptards screaming that Hunter was making money off being the son of Joe Biden and completely forgetting that Trump inherited all of his money from his dad and failed as a businessman over and over and over.........

    1. There's nothing wrong with inheriting money from your patents. There IS something wrong in threatening to stop funding Ukraine if they don't keep your son in a business from there. Clear conflict of interest.

      Learn from your mistakes and don't do this again.

      1. parents*

        Reason needs an edit button.

    2. HELLO - One is perfectly legal, and the other is NOT!

  42. US corruption. Ukrainian corruption. What's Putin shooting at, anyway?
    Just because it's aimed at HIS country ...

  43. Very interesting timing, as the Times's editorial board also reversed course on a major free speech topic.

    When the press is too closely identified with political parties, it can produce news suppression and deliberate distortion. A press that openly abandons truthfulness or even truthiness undermines its own definition of Journalism, inviting a re-think on the meaning of "freedom of the press".

  44. Wow, Sullum finally writes and article acknowledging that Trump was correct all along.

    Unfortunately, Sullum still hasn't acknowledged or apologized for the several hundred articles he wrote smearing and demonizing Trump since 2016.

    1. Sullum is incapable of doing so; his raging case of TDS separates him from reality. I have no sympathy; like many educated people, he's simply profoundly stupid:
      He's yet to admit his bullshit in many articles, particularly those even peripherally regarding Trump.
      He is a TDS-addled pile of shit who really needs to jam his TDS up his ass so he can converse with it and perhaps find a way out of STUPID.
      I doubt it; Sullum is stupid.

  45. I'm sorry... but it seems that the Reason editorial board is kind of worthless. The Times article didn't "admit anything", though the nationalist Qibbertarians have been pushing this idiotic narrative to people who haven't read the article. A few things remain relevant.

    1) Hunter Biden's laptop was NOT provided to the QOPer computer repair shop owner by Hunter Biden. This fact is incontrovertible and means the laptop was stolen and in the possession of an unknown third party.

    2) Since Hunter Biden didn't have the laptop, anything found on the laptop is BY DEFINITION suspect and INADMISSABLE, because it could have been placed there by the third party.

    3) There is literally NO CASE here. Honestly, if someone stole Jacob Sullum's laptop and filled it with illegal materials, would he be so quick to push the ludicrous argument that those illegal materials should be taken as evidence of his criminal behavior?

    4) The article posted a portion of the emails, "[Burisma's officials] need to know in no uncertain terms that we will not and cannot intervene directly with domestic policymakers, and that we need to abide by FARA and any other U.S. laws in the strictest sense across the board.”

    Good grief, it's just embarrassing watching "libertarians" embarrass themselves. This is why it's has remained and will remain a fringe political movement. Reason, get new editorial staff.

    1. OK, let's jam this down the throat of our newest shill, paid or otherwise:

      "1) Hunter Biden's laptop was NOT provided to the QOPer computer repair shop owner by Hunter Biden. This fact is incontrovertible and means the laptop was stolen and in the possession of an unknown third party."
      It does not mean what you claim which makes your claim irrelevant.

      "2) Since Hunter Biden didn't have the laptop, anything found on the laptop is BY DEFINITION suspect and INADMISSABLE, because it could have been placed there by the third party."
      Would this be like, oh, a GUN DISCARDED by a murderer, whose fingerprints are FOUND on the weapon which cannot be used as evidence? Are you familiar with the concept of corroboration and hoping your bullshit carries the day, or a lefty simpleton too stupid to UNDERSTAND?

      "3) There is literally NO CASE here. Honestly, if someone stole Jacob Sullum's laptop and filled it with illegal materials, would he be so quick to push the ludicrous argument that those illegal materials should be taken as evidence of his criminal behavior?"
      Assertions and strawmen offered by imbecilic piles of lefty shit are neither argument nor evidence. Stuff it up your ass.

      "4) The article posted a portion of the emails, "[Burisma's officials] need to know in no uncertain terms that we will not and cannot intervene directly with domestic policymakers, and that we need to abide by FARA and any other U.S. laws in the strictest sense across the board.”"
      You can look up the term "hypocrisy"; you seem to be unfamiliar with it and its definition.
      First, you make the bogus claim that the data on the computer is not evidence; demonstrably wrong. And now, you hope a "CYA" sentence insertion is evidence and sufficient to cover for all the other activity?

      "Good grief, it's just embarrassing watching "libertarians" embarrass themselves. This is why it's has remained and will remain a fringe political movement. Reason, get new editorial staff."
      Not nearly as embarrassing as lefty bullshitters' effort to shovel bullshit
      It is possible that you are sufficiently stupid to either believe that or hope that we are stupid enough to agree. It is also possible that, as a brand-new handle, you are paid to distribute such bullshit.
      Regardless, stuff it up your ass, fuck off and die.

  46. You certainly are sorry. And a pathetic piece of lying lefty shit besides.
    The idiotic claim that a piece of evidence must be in the possession of a perp to be "evidence" makes that clear.
    Fuck off and die.

    1. You're clearly another dipshit righty.

      Fuck off yourself.

      1. You have no argument. Repent.

      2. Stuff it up your ass, lefty pile of shit; your head needs the company.

  47. "Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow. Until the stop moving."


  48. This is as shitty a reporting job as the NYPost's original Hunter Biden story.

    1. At least the NYPost article was true. Nothing true is printed in the NYT any more. It's Pravda for progressive ideologues.

      1. Like the nwwest steaming pile of lefty shit to whom you replied.

  49. The NYT can't even be used as toilet paper because it is already covered with shit and flies.

  50. Because a corrupt, career politician father who wants to be POTUS selling influence and laundering payments through his drug-addicted son isn't really news to the NYT. The democrats have no bottom when it comes to shame.

  51. Does anyone still believe the left wing corporate media? No sane person!

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