Canada's Panicked Government Engages in Undemocratic Theft

Apparently the rule of law doesn’t matter if Justin Trudeau doesn’t like your peaceful protest.


Emergency powers, threats to freeze the finances of peaceful protesters, and smearing critics as terrorists—it has to be China, right? But no, it's our neighbor to the north, under a leader with a bad case of China-envy. For all the world to see, a panicky Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is throwing a tantrum over protests against restrictive pandemic policy that warns us how quickly an established democracy can lose its mind. It's an advertisement for the value of cryptocurrency and other means of escaping the reach of the financial police state.

Part of Canada's problem is that the country has rarely seen large numbers of people take to the streets in opposition to government actions. As a consequence, officials and some members of the public are wigging out over what would cause people elsewhere to shrug.

"By the standards of mass protests around the world, the 'Freedom Convoy' snarling Downtown Ottawa ranks as a nuisance," The New York Times editorial board pointed out last week. "The number of protesters, about 8,000 at their peak, is modest; there have been no serious injuries or altercations, the truckers stopped blaring their horns after residents got a temporary court injunction against them."

But that's not how the country's government sees it. After first going into hiding while issuing snarky communiques about the "unacceptable views" of Freedom Convoy protesters opposed to vaccine mandates and lockdowns, Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time ever against those he not long ago characterized as a "small fringe minority."

"The ongoing blockades and occupations are presenting serious challenges to law enforcement's ability to effectively enforce the law," Trudeau announced on February 14. "Because of that, the federal government is invoking the Emergencies Act to supplement provincial and territorial capacity."

Successor to the War Measures Act invoked by the current prime minister's father in 1970 against actual terrorists, the Emergencies Act lets the government compel people to render services to the state and regulate public assembly with stiff fines and prison time for noncompliance. A public inquiry is required within 60 days, but Parliament is effectively bypassed. CTV News understandably asked Justice Minister David Lametti why lawmakers were given no say.

Lametti: Yes, legislation is always an option, but how long does legislation take? Particularly in the House where the main opposition party, their main goal is just to frustrate any piece of government legislation of whatever type and in which many people in the opposition actually support—

CTV News: But look, sir. To be fair, frustration with the democratic process in a minority government is not necessarily a justification to use the Emergencies Act. It has to be a crisis. It's not the frustration of a minority government. I mean, that's not on the table.

Lametti: We believe, as I have said, that this is a crisis that needs special attention, that there were normative gaps—this is one of them. And in order to attack the foreign funding problem of this occupation, the Emergencies Act allows us to make the declaration immediately and then put the parliamentary scrutiny afterwards.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association argues that "the federal government has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act. This law creates a high and clear standard for good reason: the Act allows government to bypass ordinary democratic processes. This standard has not been met." It adds that "emergency legislation should not be normalized. It threatens our democracy and our civil liberties."

But, as Lametti implied, going after funding is central to the Canadian government's motivation. 

"This is about following the money," Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland specified. "This is about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades. We are today serving notice: if your truck is being used in these protests, your corporate accounts will be frozen."

The specifics of the government order "require any financial service provider to determine whether they have in their possession or control property that belongs to a person who participates in the" protests. Bloomberg reports that financial institutions suspecting they serve demonstrators "must freeze their accounts and report it to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or Canada's intelligence service." The Canadian government acted after supporters in Canada, the United States, and elsewhere sent money to protesters through crowdfunding platforms and via cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to keep them going. Interestingly, officials are openly frustrated that crypto evades the control they exercise over banks and payment platforms, but it's not obvious that there's much they can do.

"What I see is the biggest gap in crypto is self-custody, pure peer-to-peer. Because how would you get reporting on that?" Ryan Clements, chair in business law and regulation at the University of Calgary, told the National Post. "You would effectively need to regulate Bitcoin to be able to do that."

"The whole purpose originally, of Bitcoin and analogues to Bitcoin was to dis-intermediate. And Fintrac [Canada's financial intelligence agency] rules apply to intermediaries," he added. "What happens when there are no intermediaries? It is literally the equivalent of handing cash."

"Bitcoin's fundamental value proposition is seizure resistance," entrepreneur and venture capitalist Balaji Srinivasan succinctly observed. "As important in Canada as it is in Venezuela."

Srinivasan's comparison of Canada to totalitarian Venezuela may be more apt than Canadians like. Trudeau got into trouble in 2013 for praising the ability of China's "basic dictatorship" to act quickly, as he now can under the Emergencies Act. He may have inherited the sentiment from his father, Pierre Trudeau, who not only invoked the War Measures Act, but openly admired thugs such as Fidel Castro.

"We see evidence of the Trudeau family's long love affair with the world's autocrats and tyrants," Mark Mike noted in a 2018 Maclean's magazine piece.

This is hardly a unique sentiment among politicians in democracies; America's last president had a soft spot for rulers of open-air prison camps. People everywhere should take such hints at face value as warnings that the creatures they elect have little patience for the process that puts them in office.

That doesn't mean Canada is likely to slide into explicit authoritarianism anytime soon. The Freedom Convoy evidences a taste for liberty, and even the many Canadians unhappy with the protest are unlikely to easily surrender elections and the right to criticize officialdom. But the current government's excesses suggest that a liberal society is a fragile thing. Those hoping to exercise their liberty in the years to come might want to get more comfortable with keeping assets beyond the state's reach and using cash, crypto, and other means of exchange that officials can't control.

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  1. "That doesn't mean Canada is likely to slide into explicit authoritarianism anytime soon. "

    Umm, did the writer read his own article?

    1. It's a slippery Asian.

      1. By "explicit authoritarianism", the writer might mean things like putting people in "re-education camps" for following the wrong religious or political leaders... Or maybe, NOT honestly counting the votes of people who vote for the "wrong" political party. Or poisoning "wrong" candidates with nerve agents. Things like that!

        Also note that Canada (Along with EVERY OTHER NATION ON THE PLANET), unlike the USA, allows you to buy a cheap plastic "lung flute" without the permission of a Doctor of Doctorology!!!

        To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

        (PS, I do agree that this sucks badly, that they do shit like this in Inner Islamicalimitic Canuckistanistanistanistanistan).

        1. I smell poop. Change your diaper squirrel turd.

          1. He doesn’t change them. He licks them clean.

            1. Dizzled-"Brains" and Vexatious both dearly LOVE having to ask PERMISSION before blowing upon a cheap plastic flute! Butt, what would you expect from Government-Almighty-worshipping authoritarians?

              (Hey, y'all... You don't like individual FREEDOM? Then go give it up to some cult like Scientology, who will be DELIGHTED to take your money AND your freedoms! And then leave the REST of us, who DO like freedom, alone, in our quests!)

              1. Ah yes, we argue against mandates. That means we worship government!

                You spent two years arguing for mandates and forced vaccination. Literally advocating the government use force against its citizens to inject them. That means youre pro liberty!

                Derp. Never quit being a useless retard, nazi.

                1. "Squirrel caught in traffic often run both ways."


                2. He changed when democrats told him it was okay to do so. So he is the true libertarian.

                    1. (PS, I do agree that this sucks badly, that they do shit like this in Inner Islamicalimitic Canuckistanistanistanistanistan).

                      For all sub-moronic idiots who can't think or read! The above is part of what I posted!

                      My point is that all of you stupid tribalistic idiots thread-shit on my posts, in a totally empty-headed manner, NOT because you disagree with my post, but because you know (from my previous posts) that I do NOT agree with all of your authoritarian power-pig ways!!!

                      For ALL of you greedy, power-hungry assholes:

                      From the conclusion to the above…
                      These findings suggest that we don’t need to downplay personal triumphs to avoid negative social consequences, as long as we make it clear that we don’t look down on others as a result.

                      SQRLSY back here now… So, I do NOT want you to feel BAD about YOU being an authoritarian asshole, and me NOT being one! PLEASE feel GOOD about you being an evil, lying asshole! You do NOT need to push me (or other REAL lovers of personal liberty) down, so that you can feel better about being an asshole! EVERYONE ADORES you for being that asshole that you are, because, well, because you are YOU! FEEL that self-esteem, now!

                3. "You spent two years arguing for mandates and forced vaccination."

                  Citation please, lying asshole! If I have done that for TWO YEARS, you should be able to find me saying that ONCE!!!

                  Study up and acquire some WISDOM, foolish one! Here, I will help you:

                  The intelligent, well-informed, and benevolent members of tribes have ALWAYS been resented by those who are made to look relatively worse (often FAR worse), as compared to the advanced ones. Especially when the advanced ones denigrate tribalism. The advanced ones DARE to openly mock “MY Tribe’s lies leading to violence against your tribe GOOD! Your tribe’s lies leading to violence against MY Tribe BAD! VERY bad!” And then that’s when the Jesus-killers, Mahatma Gandhi-killers, Martin Luther King Jr.-killers, etc., unsheath their long knives!

                  “Do-gooder derogation” (look it up) is a socio-biologically programmed instinct. SOME of us are ethically advanced enough to overcome it, using benevolence and free will! For details, see and .

                  1. You have attacjed the right as anti vaxxers for 2 years despite their message being to get vaxxed but no mandates. They pushed individual risk assessment. And you attacked them for it. You cried out how you have to mask even if only a tiny bit effective aa you utilized strawman arguments of conservatives claiming they were worthless of not 100% effective. You defended bad cdc science attacking non vaccine treatments such as anti viral, vitamin d supplements, etc.

                    Youre a leftist shit bag who knows he is but is so full of shit and a chronic liar you rage when your lies are exposed.

                    1. way the way sarc/sqrsly. Tell us all again how we have to get vaccinated and wear masks to protect your fake cancer stricken wife. Or are you going to deny you made that claim? Please do.

                    2. I see no citations, lying, empty-headed asshole!

                      I HAVE stated that the rightist anti-vaxxers are NOT data-driven. Below is my best evidence.

                      Florida School Run by Idiots Says Vaccinated Students Must Stay Home for 30 Days After Each Shot
                      This is the same school where a teacher told students not to hug their vaccinated parents for more than five seconds.

                      (End subtitles and excerpts).

                      See? We are ALL data-driven by now! My data says the OTHER (evil) tribe believes in vaccines, so MY tribe must BAN and SHUN the BAD tribe (and their cooties) as much as possible!
                      The unvaccinated are now CLEAN and the vaccinated are UNCLEAN! Civic-minded BAD! Afraid of micro-chips in vaccines GOOD! Black is white, and good is evil!

                    3. My wife is currently in the hospital right now with a suppressed immune system for getting a bone marrow transplant. Assholes like you and the Governor of Texas would FORBID me and my wife choosing to go to a hospital that mandates that their employees get vaccines. You collectivists and authoritarians advocate ALL power to Government Almighty in cases like this, and NONE to consumers (with suppressed immune systems) and their providers (hospitals in this case). Power pigs all of ye!

                      What next, churches must hire (cannot fire) atheists for church employment?

                    4. Then just tell the government to mandate that your wife gets better!

                      That'll surely fix her dumb nazi loving ass.

                    5. Sarc/sqrsly has a made up situation that existed before covid and will exist after covid. That's how you he is fucking lying. He is acting as of covid is the only disease on the world and we have to react to it.

                      Immunocompromised people have had elevated risks forever. We have never made society change their lives to account for it. But this leftist fuck creates a fake crisis to demand others do what he wants and has the gall to claim he is a libertarian.

                    6. Hey JesseBahnFuhrer...

                      I see! So you’re saying that the Intergalactic Sub-Smegmonic Boogoidian-Strawmen-Hybrids have deployed booger-beams (Those unspeakable BASTARDS) and have hijacked your tinfoil hat! You have my sympathies, but no more… I have no good advice for you, sorry! Other victims of the Intergalactic Sub-Smegmonic Boogoidian-Strawmen-Hybrids that I have known? They all ended up on Skid Row, and I could NOT help them!

                    7. "FORBID me and my wife choosing to go to a hospital that mandates that their employees get vaccines."

                      The vaccines barely worked against Delta and were worse than useless against Omicron, so why?

                    8. FREEDOM means that my wife and I decide, not YOU and Your Army of self-righteous power pigs, Death-loving necrophiliac!

                      Hey Great Christian Theologian... Ya got "chapter and verse" for justifying Your death-lusts yet?

                      Mammary-Necrophilia-Fuhrer, Supreme Demonic Director of Decay, Destruction, and Death, will now SPEAK! HARKKK silently and RESPECTFULLY, all ye lowly heathens, as She Directs Death, and announces WHICH few of us MIGHT deserve to live, and WHO all deserves to DIE-DIE-DIE!!!

                      “You should really join ᛋᛋqrlsy, ᛋᛋhrike. You two goosestepping fascists offing yourselves would definitely be a mitzvah.”

                      -Quote MammaryBahnFuhrer the "Expert Christian Theologian"

                      So Mammary-Necrophilia-Fuhrer, Supreme Demonic Director of Decay, Destruction, and Death... WHEN are You going to STOP stealing the IDs of Your victims, and then posting kiddie porn in THEIR names, and then blaming THEM?

                      Inquiring minds want to KNOW, dammit!

                    9. Quote MammaryBahnFuhrer the "Expert Christian Theologian"

                      No, it's Buddha and Mohammed who think you should eat your own bullet, ᛋᛋqrlsy you fascist fuck.
                      Next time write "Wise Buddhist Philosopher" or "Prominent Islamic Scholar" instead.


                    "SQRLSY One
                    January.13.2022 at 4:48 pm
                    Flag Comment Mute User
                    Totally cool, so long as EMPLOYERS (private and public both) get to decide who gets fired (or doesn't get fired) for what offenses! Der BidenFuhrer was clearly over-reaching. So was Governor Abbott of Texas, who wanted to FORBID employers (like hospitals) from firing un-vaccinated folks. If you not NOT believe in modern medicine, snake-oil barbarians, I would like to (PLEASE!??!) select a hospital that EXCLUDES ye barbarians!!! I'd like for you to CURE diseases, and not SPREAD them!"

                    There you are advocating for government and private employees to be fired for not following the vaccine mandate and being injected by govt force.

                    Same thread, you reply to Mike stating Healthcare workers should be forced to be injected.

                    " Mike Laursen
                    January.13.2022 at 4:46 pm
                    Flag Comment Mute User

                    The OSHA mandate was terrible overreach, but allowing medical workers to go unvaccinated is whacko.

                    SQRLSY One
                    January.13.2022 at 4:51 pm
                    Flag Comment Mute User
                    Whoa, what's this, a humanoid with an "UN-common sense" of balance?!?! Stranger, there's no room for YOUR type in these that them thar echo-chamber town of ours!!! This forum ain't big enuff for the two of us!!!"

                    Same thread. Here you are replying to a comment from your crush Jesse where he argued against the mandates.

                    " SQRLSassy back now... But because JesseBahnFuhrer (expert on EVERYTHING) is smarter than the Mayo Clinic about this... And-or, is a pussy-shit about needles, and-or is an anti-vaccine idiot ideologue... We should all just GIVE UP on vaccines!"

                    And that's just one thread lmao.

                    Dizz 1. Nazi squirrel 0.

                    1. EMPLOYERS should be allowed to decide FOR THEMSELVES whether or not they will accept (continue to accept) unvaccinated employees. The free market will straighten out the rest. This is DIFFERENT than a society-wide mandate.

                      When I (rarely) go to a church, I MAY want to NOT be "churched" by atheists. When I go to the hospital, I MAY not want to be "healed" by folks who do NOT believe in the germ theory of disease, and vaccines. Why should we have "separation of church and state", but not "separation of medicine and state"?

                      Generally, we should have "separation of employment and state"... This is consistent with "small Government Almighty, large freedom". (If you want to get "healed", while your immune system is down, by health care workers who use masks, gourds, and rattles, and NO vaccines, please be my guest. But please respect MY freedom to chose differently).

                      YOU are the Government-Almighty-worshipping authoritarian, not me!

                    2. ^^^ is too retarded to realize the only reason employers were asked to fire unvaccinated empl was because of government forced mandates.

                    3. ^^^ is too retarded to realize the only reason why I can still go to a church and be assured that I will NOT get "churched" by an atheist or a Satanist, is because the church is free to hire and fire at will, while checking your proclaimed beliefs (as an employee), without micro-management by Government Almighty and power-hungry leftists and-or Trump-worshipping power pigs!

                    4. Lol. Now he will say you're stalking him for showing his lies.

                    5. Sarc dear.

                      Please show us how many people were fired over vaccines before the executive orders and osha rules.

                      Youre such a fucking fascist.

                    6. ^^^

                      Ding ding, winner.

                      Before the mandates there wasn't a single hospital or medical system clamoring to fire its unvaccinated employees, especially IN THE MIDDLE OF STAFFING SHORTAGES, and especially after most of them were already exposed to the virus and have natural immunity from the first 20 months of the pandemic.

                    7. Above is yet ANOTHER lie by Dizzled-Head. I live in an area where hospitals WERE getting ready to fire unvaccinated workers, BEFORE conservaturds figured out that they could blame it all on Fed pressures!

                    8. Nope, Dizzle's telling the truth. You're the one lying, Sqrlsy.
                      It's like you think we can't remember a year and a half ago.

          2. Brushing his teeth would reduce the fecal scent by a greater amount.

            1. Some folks are intelligent, well-informed, and benevolent enough to competently discus ethics, morality, and politics. Others? They literally know how to talk shit, and little if anything else!

              1. Sqrlsy. You’re a worthless sack of shit with no argument, no receipts, and no excuse for having not already kys. Fuck your fake wife, fuck your contrarian bullshit, and fuck your mother for not flushing when she had the chance.

                1. EvilBahnFuhrer, drinking EvilBahnFuhrer Kool-Aid in a spiraling vortex of darkness, cannot or will not see the Light… It’s a VERY sad song! Kinda like this…

                  He’s a real Kool-Aid Man,
                  Sitting in his Kool-Aid Land,
                  Playing with his Kool-Aid Gland,
                  His Hero is Jimmy Jones,
                  Loves death and the dying moans,
                  Then he likes to munch their bones!
                  Has no thoughts that help the people,
                  He wants to turn them all to sheeple!
                  On the sheeple, his Master would feast,
                  Master? A disaster! Just the nastiest Beast!
                  Kool-Aid man, please listen,
                  You don’t know, what you’re missin’,
                  Kool-Aid man, better thoughts are at hand,
                  The Beast, to LEAVE, you must COMMAND!

                  A helpful book is to be found here: M. Scott Peck, Glimpses of the Devil

                  Hey EvilBahnFuhrer …
                  If EVERYONE who makes you look bad, by being smarter and better-looking than you, killed themselves, per your wishes, then there would be NO ONE left!
                  Who would feed you? Who’s tits would you suck at, to make a living? WHO would change your perpetually-smelly DIAPERS?!!?
                  You’d better come up with a better plan, Stan!

                  1. "EvilBahnFuhrer"

                    Literally "Evil Train Guide".

                    Sqrlsy's probably the only actual Nazi stupid enough to fuck-up German.

                    1. Says the Perfect One, the necrophiliac who wants to RAILROAD us off to the death camps!


              2. Since Trudeau's use of emergency powers is explicitly proved Ed for in Canadian law, apparently the Rule of Law does count in Canada. The lawbreakers are the truckers and other misc. protestors and whiners.

        2. "By "explicit authoritarianism", the writer might mean things like putting people in "re-education camps" for following the wrong religious or political leaders."

          Seizing property (money and trucks), revoking licenses without a court judgement, arresting protest leaders, just on the say so of the executive seems to be ... 'explicit authoritarianism.'

          1. So WHAT are you gonna call it when they DO send us to re-education camps?

            You stepped on my toes, for an instant! This is GENOCIDE, dammit!!!

            1. 1. I am not Canadian
              2. I am not in Canada

              If the Canadians come for me, I will resist as an American in America with actual self-defense rights and technology.


            2. Lmao you're defending authoritarianism on the belief it's only going to be temporary.

              1. Where did I defend it?

                As an employer, ME deciding who to hire and fire, is THAT authoritarianism? How warped IS your so-called "mind"?

                WHO OWNS MY PROPERTY, Marxist?

          2. No, I think it's still tacit authoriatarianism because they are still pretending it's something else. "Explicit" was a weird word choice, though. And it absolutely is authoritarianism. Emergency powers like that pretty much ar eby definition

            1. Agreed. "Creeping authoritarianism" would, IMHO, be about the right phrase. Sure as hell does NOT show respect for property rights or individual freedom in general!

        3. Canada is still digging up the mass graves from their previous re-education camps, a.k.a., “residential schools.”

    2. its called " blind spot..."

    3. They are well intentioned authoritarians. So we let then continue until we decide tweets are too mean.

    4. Yeah, they happily jumped in (not slid). I question what authoritarianism looks like in his eyes.

      1. Speaking of authoritarianism...

        Hey Damiksec, damiskec, and damikesc, and ALL of your other socks…
        How is your totalitarian scheme to FORCE people to buy Reason magazines coming along?

        Free speech (freedom from “Cancel Culture”) comes from Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok, and Google, right? THAT is why we need to pass laws to prohibit these DANGEROUS companies (which, ugh!, the BASTARDS, put profits above people!)!!! We must pass new laws to retract “Section 230” and FORCE the evil corporations to provide us all (EXCEPT for my political enemies, of course!) with a “UBIFS”, a Universal Basic Income of Free Speech!

        So leftist “false flag” commenters will inundate Reason-dot-com with shitloads of PROTECTED racist comments, and then pissed-off readers and advertisers and buyers (of Reason magazine) will all BOYCOTT Reason! And right-wing idiots like Damikesc will then FORCE people to support Reason, so as to nullify the attempts at boycotts! THAT is your ultimate authoritarian “fix” here!!!

        “Now, to “protect” Reason from this meddling here, are we going to REQUIRE readers and advertisers to support Reason, to protect Reason from boycotts?”
        Yup. Basically. Sounds rough. (Quote damikesc)



        1. Nazi ranting.

          1. Dizzled-"brains" supports FORCING people to buy magazines! It figures!

          2. I'm guessing I'm not missing much with the blocked individual's response?

            1. Usual wall-of-text shitposting and thread hijacking.

            2. Fascist just spent ? 5 to 10 times (15? 20?) as much time and effort to announce Fascist's High and Holy Purity, in NOT reading an unclean comment, as it would have taken for Fascist to just go ahead and momentarily un-block the unclean one, and READ it, versus going off to Proclaim the High and Holy, Pure One's Superiority over unclean comments that FASCIST HAS NOT READ!!!!

              I'm not High and Mighty enough to be 100% sure WHAT this says about the character of Fascist, but I have an EXTREMELY hard time believing that this says something GOOD about said character!

              1. This is what Hitler's writings looked like in the mid 1930s

                1. Bullshit. Hitler was coherent and sane but working off a premise that was flawed and evil. And there's a lot of coherent, sane people in the world today who are just as coherent and sane and still trying to build on flawed, evil premises.

                  1. psychopaths are often highly intelligent.

                    1. So..... Sqrlsy is no psychopath.

        2. Go away you disabled mental health case sqrlsy. We all know you’re on disability for your fucked up bipolar.

          1. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

            So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

            Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

            Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

            Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

            At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young groupies, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young groupies.

            Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to .

            Thank You! -Reason Staff

            1. Fuck off, troll.

              1. Mammary-Necrophilia-Fuhrer, I would NEVER, in a million years, steal a person's ID, nor would I tell ANYONE that they should commit suicide! You, Perfect Person, can not STAND the idea that I'm a FAR better person than You are, can You?

                1. Yes, compared to you I am perfect, thanks.

                  1. I'm still waiting for "chapter and verse" justifying Your Evils, Oh Perfect One!

            2. Quote SQRLSY One: So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff…"

              Is this 'code' for "So I discussed your awesome talents with some of my other personalities..."??

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  2. Sen. Warren will roll this in with her plan to punish any business that actually makes a profit, and not only freeze, but seize, their assets.

    1. This is probably close to the truth, sadly.

      1. She knows we can't have social justice and profits.

  3. ""By the standards of mass protests around the world, the 'Freedom Convoy' snarling Downtown Ottawa ranks as a nuisance," The New York Times editorial board pointed out last week. "

    Yes, Leftists in the US are far more advanced in subversion, misinformation, manipulation, rioting , theft and crime than counterparts in more proper Canada...but they can learn.

    The All Seeing Eyebrow is in charge...

    1. It is telling he uses the NYT as his moral base

      1. And NPR, where he compared Trudeau with Trump and his supposed love of “Strongmen”. An otherwise good article completely ruined by this stupid bullshit.

        1. those are his dream gigs; he loves being able to rub shoulders with the establishment media and use them as references

        2. It was fairly bizarre to only bring up trump's perceived liking for morally deficient leaders, rather than say it has been an issue for all politicians. Team blue has historically been very comfortable with making icons out of mass murderers -Che t-shirt, anyone? And their groveling and toadying for Chinese government has been nothing if not epic.

      2. I read it more as "even the NYT thinks this is an overreaction".

  4. If a government creates a backdoor in their constitutional order in order to suspend civil liberties in an emergency, then it will be used for situations that are relatively trivial. The quote from Lametti is telling that the political class does not like democracy. Trudeau's government is based on a bare coalition where his party received less votes than the opposition, so he does not have a mandate to do whatever he wants, and the opposition blocking you is not excuse for activating an enabling act.

    1. Soon hell just declare those who oppose him in the government as supporters of Russia or terrorism and sieze their assets and arrest them too.

      Theres no due process under these emergency measures. Nothing will stop him besides force or the police/army/banks refusing black face dictators orders.

    2. Wasn't there a person in the past who won office under similar situation. i think his name started with an H and he had a funny mustach

  5. Because of that, the federal government is invoking the Emergencies Act

    It's cute how he talks about himself in the third person. Does he really think he's fooling anybody? Does he really think no one recognizes a temper tantrum when they see it?

    What a fucking woos. Go find a safe space, boy, and leave everybody alone.

    This is about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades.

    If "illegal blockades" really were the problem, they could be towed away, ticketed, impounded, whatever, with the existing laws. There would be no need for emergency declarations to solves that problem.

    I wish I believed the next election would send this dictator packing. But Canada has a parliamentarian system. They should be able to send him packing immediately, not have to wait for the next election. Yet the co-conspirators in power like being in power too much to do the right thing.

    Power corrupts, and this is a really good example, if anybody was still in doubt.

    1. Third person distancing along with blaming the rest of the Govt- blamespreading is a popular ruse with leftists.

      The Eyebrow is in charge. It grew into his brain, put down roots and is now running the country.

    2. If "illegal blockades" really were the problem, they could be towed away, ticketed, impounded, whatever, with the existing laws.

      And the fact that they did manage to clear the Windsor blockade on the bridge without the emergency powers really shows what bullshit it is.

      1. Yeah, they did. The fact that there are NO trucks going into the US from Canada over a bridge controlled by the government should give them pause.
        I've been watching the live cam on the Ambassador Bridge ever since the government too control. There are NO trucks going into the US...

    3. It’s one thing to pay lip service to the “Power corrupts” adage and quite another to Acton it.

  6. "America's last president had a soft spot for rulers of open-air prison camps."

    Fucking Sullum. In an article about Trudeau's fascist power grab, he just can't resist dropping in a BUT TRUUUUUMP.

    Fuck off, Sullum. This is nothing at all like Trump. BLM rioters burned down entire city blocks for months, and Trump never invoked any liberty-destroying emergency powers.

    This is what you get when you elect leftists.

    1. Tucille. I meant fuck off Tucille. Dammit. It's usually Sullum pissing his pants over Trump on a daily basis.

      1. Not only the gratuitous swipe at Trump, but also no mention of Biden cheering Castreau on.

        1. Or Obama's comments about wishing he had the power of communist china and his talking to Putin about what he can do after an election... But TRUUUUUUMP.

      2. Its Sullum energy though for sure

        1. It's an involuntary reflex. A supposed libertarian feels so sick about criticizing a leftist government being fully authoritarian that he can't help but vomit up the TDS-take near the end.

          I wish there was a way I could make Tucille apologize for this bullshit. Look, I don't like Trump, I want him to go away. I also know that Trump is not lurking in every dark corner of society like the bogeyman that we need to keep reminding people of.

          Please stop for your own sanity, Jesus Christ. Seeing this shit makes me want to throw stuff.

          1. TDS is a Ctrl- V response for brain dead Trolls

    2. TDS always.

      I'm going to enjoy watching Trump run again.

      1. This truly is a syndrome. They can't stop thinking about him. He's constantly on their brains, they're broken.

    3. To Jacob Sullum: Eat 1,000 bags full of horse cocks.


      1. Also Tucille. I shouldn't have taken your word for it.

        But seriously, this disingenuous bullshit ruins any faith I have in your ability to cover this topic when you HAVE to talk about Trump in a story that has fuck-all to do with Trump. What the fuck is even wrong with you?

  7. This ends with Trudeau's head on a pike or not at all.

    The people of the Weat

    1. West* need to realize they are in a war.

    2. Well, that would seem to be "not at all" then because there's basically a zero percent chance of Trudeau getting tanked for this.

      1. The sad thing is that so many Canadians are loving what he's doing. They've been misled by propaganda into believing this protest is something different from what it is, so they think he's stomping out terrorism instead of jackbooting a peaceful protest.

  8. To be fair, frustration with the democratic process in a minority government is not necessarily a justification to use the Emergencies Act.

    Where can America get journalists like that?

    1. The Babylon Bee.

      I cant think if anyone else.

    2. To be fair, though.

  9. Lametti: Yes, legislation is always an option, but how long does legislation take?

    It's funny how the people who caterwaul the most about "defending democracy" can't fucking stand democracy.

    1. Because they view democracy not as a form of government but as the cloak hiding their wolf costume. That's why Biden says "I'm a moderate" while campaigning and then promptly rubber stamps every leftist and marxist executive order he could. Literally destroying the energy market and our southern border in the first 2 days of his term.

      If voting for leftists or democrats actually was good then our inner cities wouldn't be crime ridden, education devoid, wastelands that provide little future for their residents after decades of continuous left wing control.

      1. +10

      2. Notice the old movies and TV shows shosing cities in the early 1900s. Reasonably neat and clean.

        Then later after decades of Demoncrat policies? Toilets are more desirable.

        The New Deal was a Raw Deal:

        "If this crash had been like previous ones, the subsequent hard times might have ended in a year or two. But unprecedented political bungling, starting with the policies of President Herbert Hoover, prolonged the misery for twelve long years."

        1. Two of the mostly-unknown aspects of the 1920 crash are (1) it was as deep as the 1929 crash, (2) is was over in 18 months because Woodrow Wilson had a stroke and no one wanted to admit he was not in control, so they did nothing, a much better approach than that of Hoover and FDR. It is true that the Fed did its best to prevent the normal post-war deflation, and that dragged the recovery out; but 18 months was a lot better than the 16 years it took to dig out from the New Deal.

          1. You say that last line like we have at this point yet dug out of the New Deal.

            Just think about all of that inefficiency imposed by government and the effects of compound interest. What would 25% more productivity per year compounded annually over the course of 100 years have brought us in terms of new inventions and overall prosperity?

            1. were still in it due to continuous warmingering.

          2. And the only thing that bailed out FDR's terrible policies is that basically the industrialized world was levelled and we were not, so we could be paid to resupply basically everybody.

            1. You know who else helped bring that about?

      3. Yep. "Democracy" is a progressive code word for giving the Right People authoritarian powers to remake society regardless of what the people, even a majority, might want. When they shout about threats to democracy, they don't mean challenges to an open pluralistic system but just the opposite.

    2. German Democratic Republic.

      People's Republic of XXX.

  10. This over reaction in the name of Control Freakery is a stub off the domestic terrorism meme, mixed with Alices Restaurant.

    9-11 was the source for them to make circles and arrows on things and license, in the name of preserving freedom, to go round trampling on Citizens Rights.

    Fart in a crowded movie theater and its
    " terrorism."

    The Terrorist Hunting Machine hasn't any real terrorism to chase, so they invent some such as a false flag of paying an operative to " smuggle guns across the border."

    Example- Modern Marvels program on Statist TV this morning, showing explosives sniffing dogs, with the rationale that " this is necessary since 9-11.

    Thats deliberate lying propaganda.

    No one planted explosives anywhere on 911.

    Thats political identity posturing.

    And contrary to their claims, da Gummit didnt protect us, it was fast asleep.

    Did " the military keep us safe?"

    No, it murdered two women in a Suburban by filling it with bullets. And them.

    The Machine is all gassed up and ready to go, but as the only thing Obama didnt lie about, there is no terrorism in the US so they have nowhere to drive the Terror Hunting Machine.

    So they invent some.

    nOh Canada! Dont go there...

    1. PS

      This is proof of treating them as terrorists:

      "The specifics of the government order "require any financial service provider to determine whether they have in their possession or control property that belongs to a person who participates in the" protests. Bloomberg reports that financial institutions suspecting they serve demonstrators "must freeze their accounts and report it to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or Canada's intelligence service."

      Thats the US Patriot Act from whence comes " know your customer" and ID -ing people for financial transactions because it could be terrorism money.

      Since terrorists also eat and buy consumer goods and make truck payments and buy fuel, then these truckers must be dangerous terrorists.

      At this point, anyone that haasnt seen Canadian Bacon, do so soon! Its the only thing Moore got right.

  11. Two things we know for sure:
    Canada will not repeal the Emergency Powers Act
    There will be no consequences for the government fascism

    1. Yup.
      There are about fifty court challenges from the provinces, civil rights groups, the last living Charter of Rights signer, etc. But Canadian judges are just as corrupt and purchasable as American ones. So we're fucked.

  12. PSS any of you long haulers want to screw the pooch real good...dont bother blocking streets.

    Much more creative ways...

    1. 40.mph on the freeway. All of the freeway.
    The fucking Gummit want " traffic safety?" The asshole Buttgags the Trans Secretary is all worried about speeding? Then EVERYONE drives 40.

    2. those trucks fill up the Rest Areas then mysteriously the engines wont start in the morning, that will get the job done. Think about it. Funny how they wont start when the diesel filters empty.

    3. Those darn fifth pins can unhook at the most inopportune times. Like in an intersection. Or on the highway.

    " Why no, Ossifer Dumpty, I didnt notice the trailer wasnt back there. It did seem to pull easier!"

    Be creative. You have nothing but time...

    1. Or, just stop working. Take a few months off. Stay home. No deliveries. Starve everyone out.

      1. thats Plan A.

        " Adopt a Trucker."

        Arrange for their funding ahead of time.

      2. This. All that currently locked up money needs to be turned into a vacation fund so the truckers can go "do their civic duty" volunteering at soup kitchens, repainting the homes of fixed income seniors, cleaning trash off public byways, etc.

        Meanwhile the rigs sit.

        Surely the government would have no reason to seize monies intended for those sorts of noble purposes...

        1. Say! Wont that help " Global Warming" with all those trucks not running?


          8 mpg plus reefer fuel plus idling at night to keep warm is not carbon neutral.

          Perhaps City dewllers can grow all their food in discarded milk jugs they find in the trash.

          1. I'll have you know I was averaging 10.5 MPG in the '20 Freightliner I was in for a while last year...

            Which, honestly, is pretty amazing. I've had cars that didn't get that good of fuel economy, and they certainly weren't getting their average while moving upwards of 80k lbs, either.

            1. wow. thats nearly bobtail mileage.

              Must be driving downhill all the tine.

      3. Heh, the "progressive" playbook has an answer to that: doing nothing is "terrorism".

        1. "To take no action is terrorism..."

 the dark, dirty dangerous corners of the Progtard mind.

      4. This would work, but the blue collar are generally not as lazy or arrogant as the white collar, so less likely to want to just stay home and not work.

      5. They're terrified the truckers will figure this out.

        Well, let me rephrase that. The truckers already know this. They're terrified the truckers will figure out how to work together.

        I swear to fuck, it's worse cat herding than programmers are.

        I'd love to see a bunch of truckers say they just won't deliver anything to Ottowa, then.

      6. Horrible idea.

        Walk outs like that don't tend to work historically.

        What tends to happen is, the media gets all in a frenzy at first. Then, as the media is apt to do, it bores of the story and pushes the updates further and further down till you are left with only the occasional "it has been X days" type of updates. Even worse, the focus will shift from the "cause" to the "collateral". Stories will start to appear about the single mother who cannot find formula for her newborn because the truckers have walked out. A Jewish family unable to properly celebrate a last holiday with great grammy because the shelves are bare. The cute blonde boy with the cowlick which won't ever stay down that dreams of getting his first bike for his birthday and the exasperated parents who cannot provide one.

        These become the narrative pushed by the government and the media. As sympathy shifts, the average joe will become more and more willing to look the other way, and at times even cheer on, a heavy handed government solution to help the "victims".

        This has played out this way time and time again. Take a quick look at the US railroad for a good example.

  13. The story behind the “Nazi Flag” at the trucker demonstration

    1. To the surprise of nobody with any sense.

    2. Which just demonstrates further how evil Trudeau is.

      1. I suppose I shouldn't, but I still find it hard to believe that no one has called out Trudeau for nis mendacious "Nazi and Confederate flags" statement. I watched at least an hour of footage from numerous sources and saw absolutely zero. You'd kind of think that if there were all these "white supremacists" (WTF does that even mean?) among the truckers you'd see some, wouldn't you?

        I finally googled "Nazi and Confederate flags in the Freedom Convoy" and found one (ONE!) video showing two men, one with a Confederate flag and one with a swastika flag. In each case they were being escorted away by other demonstrators. The video was from a pro-trucker site. Absolutely no footage from mainstream media came up. Plenty of Canadian flags, American flags and what appeared to be First Nations tribal flags being carried by people in native garb (white nationalist Indians?). Even saw a rainbow flag or two.

        The video I linked to above I found a couple of days ago, likewise from a sympathetic site shows an actual eyewitness to the "Nazi flag) episode. Anyone who hasn't watched it should.

        1. Trudeau knows that CBC, the Globe & Mail and CTV will never call him on it, so he can lie and slander as much as he wants and get away with it.

          CBC is owned by the government, and the Globe & Mail and CTV are run by Davos friendlies.

          And when it comes to the court challenges they just need to look for a judge who wants a promotion.

  14. Anyone else totally unsurprised to see TooSilly and Reason leading from the rear on this story?

    1. Times like this making it far too obvious that their minds are not remotely free and that they are mere beholden purveyors of an approved narrative.

    2. I'm not surprised that Tucille managed to somehow make THIS story about Trump, despite Trump having fuck-all to do with it.

      1. It's a form of displacement. They all know Trump's election was merely a symptom, but they also know they cannot publicly admit their real animus is towards the ideas that animate the people who elected him.

        So instead this is how they remind each other than they are not one of those deplorables.

    3. They've almost sounded libertarian lately. Far, far, far too late, but better late than never.

      1. "but better late than never."

        It's called maintaining a pretense, so not actually better.

  15. I'll be surprised if Trudeau is in office in 6 months.

    Trudeau just destroyed the Canadian banking system and gave Crypto the biggest boost ever. No due process and their freezing peaceful protesters out of the financial system, freezing their supporters out of the financial system, freezing "indirect" supporters out of the financial system. No bank accounts, no credit cards, no loans or mortgages. This is the worst civil liberties violation in North America since FDR imprisoned Japanese Americans during WW2.

    Worse, this is going to affect the entire western banking system. People will see what Canada did and go "that can happen here".

    Taking away peoples livelihoods & homes like this will lead to resentment and anger. Trudeau isn't just playing with fire, he's doing it around dynamite. This will make people angrier at him than before. If this leads to job losses, business closing, or foreclosures, it'll lead to worse than anger. Mess with peoples ability to make a living and it historically results in violence.

    Canada can overturn this declaration in a week. We'll see what happens then.

    1. They'll probably declare everyone who disagrees a terrorist and arrest them too.

      Theres literally nothing to stop castreau now.

      1. Except the fact that he lacks the inplements to move the trucks.

        Those semis ain't leaving without their operators. There's not enough tow rigs to do the job, even if the tow companies weren't rebelling themselves.

        Castro Jr can stamp and gnash his teeth, but physics remains unimpressed.

        1. OR.....

          Has but doesnt WANT to move them.

          The idea floats to blockade with semis. Thats a lot of economic and political power.

          False Flag 101

          STAGE this.

          Create a crisis then thats an excuse to form policies against it and grab power.

          They could just have arrested the drivers then moved the rigs. All it takes is a locksmith.

          They dont want to.

          Kabukis no fun without painted actors stomping around on stage.

    2. At a very basic level, Trudeau is leading a minority party coalition government, and his coalition partner might do better at his party's expense if there were another election. At some point, he'll harm the Liberals so badly, the NDP will fear guilt by association more than a new election. They may see a new election as an opportunity to become the senior partner in the coalition--maybe even have a shot at PM. The NDP isn't taking power until Trudeau is gone anyway.

      If and when Trudeau comes back to parliament asking for an extension, the NDP may balk. And the problem with the protests is that, unlike Trudeau's emergency powers, the protests don't have an expiration date. What happens if the pandemic is over 30 days from now, Trudeau's emergency powers expire, and the protests start back up again--this time against Trudeau rather than his pandemic policies? If Canada gets a no confidence vote, my bet is that it happens when the emergency powers expire.

      1. The problem is that the NDP have never formed and probably never will form a government. In the seventy years of their existence they've never gotten close to enough votes.
        Hitching their star to Trudeau is the most power they have ever had.

        1. If they gain, it will be at the Liberals' expense, and if and when Trudeau comes back to get his emergency powers reauthorized, the NDP may see hitching their star to Trudeau like an albatross around their neck.

          Again, imagine it's 30 days from now, and the pandemic is gone, but the trucker protest isn't. It just keeps coming back because it's about more than the pandemic mandates. Now it's about Trudeau. That's a different world than we're in now.

          How likely is the pandemic to be gone 30 days from now?

          Looks to me like we're back at pre-omicron levels and falling.

          How likely are the truckers and their supporters to stop protesting after the emergency powers are over?

          I don't think it's about the pandemic anymore. Oppression breeds revolt.

          What's in the NDP's interests today won't necessarily be what's in the NDP's interests 30 days from now.

          1. The NDP and Liberal party's paymasters own the narrative and the press now, Ken. They don't care.
            The pandemic in Canada will be over when it's no longer profitable to scare gullible boomers and not a moment sooner.

    3. What do you mean "This can happen here." Biden is his accomplice for all of this. It IS happening here, and many of the donors who are going to be punished as a result of this are American citizens who donated to the convoy.

      It HAS happened here. There's no fear of what might happen, it's already ongoing.

      1. Canada is always the experimental sandbox for the US. This is a dry run for what you all can expect before midterms.

      2. I got thousands of dollars stolen by the government because I dared play online poker in 2011.

        In 2009 I was robbed of thousands of dollars by Paypal because they don't bother to actually investigate chargeback claims.

        The writing has been on the wall for a while. Not your keys, not your coins.

    4. whats REALLY bad is that:

      ". No bank accounts, no credit cards, no loans or mortgages"

      is how it SHOULD BE !

      The Commie fuckers want a cashless society for a reason!

    5. It's gotta be killing foreign investment right now too. You'd be insane to keep any money in a Canadian financial institution after this.

  16. We know they're not terrorists, because if they were, Castreau would have already gotten out his kneepads to grovel to them like he did for BLM.


    1. Maybe we can find some old photo of PT dressed up as a trucker.

    2. "We know they're not terrorists in on the con, because if they were, Castreau would have already gotten out his kneepads to grovel to them like he did for BLM.

      Witness Amazon's latest move against BLM. This is only happening because the DNC has realized that BLM will not be kicking up a portion of their money as expected.

      1. It's already been invested with the smart money in cullers Malibu homes.

  17. They would have us believe that individual rights are okay, so long as it doesn't impact anyone else when you exercise them. Meanwhile, everything we do (or don't do) negatively impacts someone else in some way. Every time we choose to vote for someone new, rather than the incumbent, we're negatively impacting someone. Every time I decide to drive downtown, I'm making it harder for someone else to find a parking space.

    Progressives like Trudeau would have us believe that our rights only exist if the way we exercise them is in the interests of everyone else, but that is the essence of authoritarianism. Both fascism and communism boil down to, "All for one, and one for all". Even the old school liberals on the left seem to think the proper formulation is that we should be free to do as we please but only so long as we don't harm anyone else.

    A society where people aren't allowed to harm each other is an authoritarian society. We should be free to shop where we want, even if shopping at some large companies' competitors harms them. We should be free to exhale even if it contributes to global warming. We should be free to honestly criticize each other even if others are harmed by our honesty. We should be free to protest our leaders, even if it inconveniences others.

    Rights are the obligation to respect other people's choices--even when their choices do us harm. The proper formulation is that we should all be free to make choices for ourselves so long as we don't violate anyone else's rights--i.e., their freedom to make choices for themselves. The legitimate purpose of government is to protect our rights--including from those who are harmed when we make choices that negatively impact them.

    Trudeau using the government to violate the rights of peaceful protesters is an egregious abuse of government, and there isn't anything about the inconvenience peaceful protests cause others that justifies violating their rights. The people who are applauding Trudeau for violating these protesters' rights, on the basis of support for vaccines, are surely some of Canada's most horrible people. Even if you support vaccine mandates, the rationalization for violating the right to protest peacefully can only be authoritarian and horrible.

    1. I think too that the definition of "harm" has been defined so far downwards as to embrace even the slightest ruffling of somebody's feelz (but of course only if that person belongs to a protected group).

      1. This is an actual problem. Besides those who will use any rhetoric to advance their agenda, we have far too many emotionally coddled people who do think that bad feelings are existentially harmful, and evidence of violence. And far too many enablers who will try to manipulate society so that nobody ever has to feel sad.

    2. Damn fine points.

  18. "He may have inherited the sentiment from his father, Pierre Trudeau, who not only invoked the War Measures Act, but openly admired thugs such as Fidel Castro."

    Bush Jr. had only one daddy to prove himself to.

  19. Trudeau cannot move the trucks, for all his tantrums.

    There are not enough tow trucks to move the semis to begin with, and tow companies still are dragging their heels, even after being ordered to assist.

    It's just not gonna happen without the drivers in rigs, and you cannot move them without highly specialized equipment and trained operators.

    Castro Jr is an idiot.

    1. I am sure the military has plenty of drivers. Onces the peaceful protestors are delt with, they will just drive the trucks away.

    2. no one needs drivers or tow trucks.

      Master key or hotwire the starter. Theyre diesel, no spark plugs.

      Drive them to the end of the bridge, park them.

      Its 46 F there now. A squirt of ether and theyre off.

  20. Particularly in the House where the main opposition party, their main goal is just to frustrate any piece of government legislation of whatever type and in which many people in the opposition actually support

    Translation: we can't use the legistative process because the people these srewballs elected to represent them will stop us from bashing their heads. Democracy in name only for Canada, it is all just theatre at this point.

  21. Does blocking roadways count as "peaceful protest"? I mean, aren't you stopping other people from moving around?

    I'm not excusing the Canadian government, I'm just questioning this characterization of the protest.

    1. I do agree. What this has revealed, and continues to reveal, are the double standards as compared to all the other protests.

      Vladimir Poutine having expressed overt support for demonstrators blocking roads in India.

      "De-escalation and dialogue" not remotely being his approach to dealing with demonstrations at home.

    2. The "blocking of roadways" is vastly overstated. It's happening in a small section right around Parliament, where government officials are, nonetheless, still able to get where they need to go. Traffic continues to flow.

      The media is lying about what this protest is doing.

      1. This. The Ambassador Bridge and Coutts weren't the only border crossings in their immediate areas.

        Trade wasn't being blocked, just mildly inconvenienced at most. Gretchen and Justin's rhetoric was dishonest bullshit.

        1. And absolutely small potatoes compared to the disruptions in India.

          Please note that by March of 2020 the protests in India had already been going on for months, and involved large scale violence and at least one death. Yet it was as late as December of 2020 that Castreau was still voicing support for the demonstrators.

          The double standard at work exceeding even that of Reason.

      2. I'm watching right now and the police are the ones blocking the roadway.

    3. A discussion of this subject usually bogs down because everybody has their own favorite definition of "peaceful".

      If people blocking traffic keep me from going where I wish, sure it pisses me off. But I don't see that as "violence" against me, I see it as an inconvenience (moreso because traffic is generally really bad where I live anyway; hard to tell one traffic jam from another).

      But there are other people who consider it "violent" simply to address them as "sir" because they're biologically male but "identify" as female (or something else).

      In the end most people seem to tailor their definition so that it calls it "peaceful" if it is a cause they support and "violent" if it isn't.

  22. DR. Jordan Peterson had it right when he labeled Castreau as a "teenager". which aptly describes Trudy.
    Trudy is playing with fire but he's too stupid to know it .megalomania and hyperbole does not go too well in nations with well informed people. Just ask Nicolae Ceausescu.....oh wait, you can't. He along with his wife were given a quick speedy trial and taken out to stand in front of a brick wall to face the music.
    Just how much respect has he lost in the face of running off and hiding like a scared little boy? probably a lot, especially among other international leaders. He will never be able to recuperate from his disastrous decision to bugger off as he did. The rest of the world now sees him as a frightened little boy kicking and screaming, flailing away, breaking things and kicking the dog.
    Trudeau is finished. Only he doesn't know it yet.

    1. He's been called PM Zoolander long enough that people should have seen this coming.

    2. Hey, JohnZ. Are you the original "John" who used to post here but quit around the election?

  23. Somehow this article understates everything. A western, liberal democracy invoked War Powers to deal with a 100% peaceful protest.

    For all the hemming and hawing about Trump sending ICE agents in Camouflage gear to Portland, there's no disputing that there were actual riots and attempted arsons on a federal building. And that wasn't a declaration of martial law, it was, at worst, a questionable allocational of federal law enforcement officers addressing an actual case of lawlessness. Contrast that to Ottawa, where the government can't demonstrate lawless activity but keeps saying the protest is illegal, and there's actual clearly stated legislative remedies, and yet Trudeau goes full Palpatine on them. This is an utterly shocking development.

    1. Oh yeah, I had almost forgotten ENB's pants shitting over those Feds making arrests (who were then all promptly released.)

    2. One of the reasons why all the cameras were shut down where ever the truckers were, in order to maintain the lie about violence and domestic terrorism.
      The government there should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately they're not. The masks have come off, the curtain has been pulled back and the little corporal and his comrades have revealed to the people of Canada just what sort of people are in charge of their lives.
      Is it too late for Canada?

    3. portland was an action against the cops who aided the terrorists by refusing to stop them.

      Trump was right.

  24. The Olympics have been such a dumpster fire for Russia.

    I don't know what was worse, 1) seeing the Russian coach yelling at Kamila Valieva--the 15 year old girl who blew it under all the pressure of the doping test and didn't even medal, 2) The Russian girl who won gold at Valieva's expense and didn't seem to give a shit about Valieva, or 3) The Russian girl who won silver and was so mad about it because it was supposed to be her turn to win gold.

    I don't care how real it was. That environment was so fuckin' toxic, you thought these girls might start stabbing each other to death in their princess costumes. That was not the image the ROC or Putin wanted to project back home--and the Russians who saw that happen in real time on camera didn't need it translated into English for them either. It was like every time the camera tried to focus on something else, because what they were showing was embarrassing, they'd end up focusing on something else even worse.

    The Olympics were pretty much a shit show for China, too. Their medal count currently puts them in 11th place, and their biggest star is a privileged American girl. They have to censor discussions about her on Chinese social media so that people don't talk shit about her. How's that propaganda effort workin' out, Emperor Xi!

    The Olympics is the best and worst thing on television. I used to criticize reality TV for playing to America's disgusting obsession with jailbait girls being nasty to each other. The Olympics had that in spades with the Russian ice skaters! I'd criticize broadcast television for being so fake with their empty wokeness--and the Chinese made Hollywood look like amateurs in that regard. All in all, I'd say it was the best Olympics evar!

    1. china olympics.
      .A dumpster fire in a dumpster where it belongs.

      Or an outhouse fire more like it.

    2. Wrong thread!


      1. mocking Commies is appropos on all threads

    3. >>supposed to be her turn to win gold

      she literally did five times in one routine what one girl ever had done one time ever. probably should have won that gold.

      1. The optics on that were terrible.

    4. Not to mention that figure skating is not a sport.

      1. not with clothes on.

  25. "you thought these girls might start stabbing each other to death in their princess costumes."

    Well, that certainly would have been the Russian thing to do.

    1. You mean like Tanya Harding?

      1. That was the epitome of a not Russian approach.

  26. This is an extremely powerful protest with implications far beyond Canada's borders. It's nice to see Reason finally writing more articles about it.

    1. When Truth social launches on Monday, I'd expect to see Americans using it to organize similar protests shortly thereafter--something they haven't been able to do on Facebook and Twitter. I'm not the first one around here to notice that what's happening in Canada may be a preview of what's about to happen in the United States. If and when Biden mimics Trudeau's bellyflop, we'll have the same issues for the same reasons.

      1. Sure Ken. Hey, you may not know this, but there was going to be a massive civil rights march on Washington DC in the summer of 1963, but Twitter blocked the promotion and it never happened.

        True story!

        1. The trucker protest seems to be already organized here. Is that why you seem so scared?

  27. now. Pix of a bird in France:

    "Great tits on a branch during winter in France"

    Cant make it up...

  28. Democratic theft is not so great either.

    1. Canadian police on horseback, trampling protesters:

  29. The undemocratic left engages in undemocratic theft.

  30. >>>"This is about following the money," Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland specified.

    three. days. ago. but hey thanks for at least covering it.

  31. The level of power that government leaders have had since the start of the pandemic has revealed their true character. Power didn't corrupt them. They were already corrupt.

    Not just Trudeau. There's plenty of examples stateside - Whitmer, Cuomo, Murphy, Fauci, etc., have shown what they think of you.

    1. too local of course, but the dummy running Dallas County has been literally Napoleon

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  33. Hey, as long as you get out of the road when the parade permit is over you should have every legal right to advocate for your freedom to crap in the reservoir.

    1. So you're a homeless guy who has to poop in the creek?

      1. no Joe Friday IS the creek poop.

    2. Well that made zero sense.

      1. You have to set the bar lower for people with his condition, the important thing is that he tried.

        Gold Star for you Joe!

      2. At a certain level you have to give him credit for consistency: guy is a platinum level ur-statist. Your garden variety prog midwit can at least be arsed to bitch about DHS or ICE, but not ole' Joe - his faith in the goodness of American bureaucracy is practically Flandersian.

  34. Mass arrests of protestors has begun in Ottowa. Telegram has videos of masked officers moving en masse to corral protestors chanting "hold the line." Protestors have remained peaceful and are not resisting.

  35. This is not a 'peaceful protest'.

    That's why it's working.

    It is not a bunch of wet-brained leftists randomly burning things and attacking people.

    That's why Canada is collapsing.

    It is a death threat delivered in a way that cannot be mistaken while never once saying it.

    End the mandates. End the lockdowns. Uphold the charter.

    Or you don't eat

    You don't get power. You don't get to enjoy any of the boons of modern Western society.

    The truckers are besieging the elites for the freedom of the West.

    And they will win.

  36. So whats Slow Joe doing about the similar blockade at the West Coast ports?

    Containers still stuck out to sea?

    And the 4,000 Americans Dumb Fuck Biden left stranded in Afghanistan?

    ( crickets )


  37. OK, someone had to do it. 🙂


  38. I'm not sure where this is going. Police are making arrests, there's going to be a ton of people thrown in jail today. That's not going to end it, I suspect there's going to be more protestors flooding into Ottawa over the weekend. But Trudeau was able to shut down Parliament for the day, so I don't know what's going to happen.

    The brazen display of tyranny is shocking. I thought we were living in an era when liberal countries had to be much more subtle about cracking down on dissidents.

    1. Yeah, the news about Parliament shutting down for the day "because of the emergency" really is a huge fucking deal. Trudeau essentially shut down the rest of the government and ended debate on the emergency powers. Who's to say what could happen between now and Monday, when they're supposed to vote on it.

      How the fuck is that even legal? Aren't they supposed to debate "without interruption" until they vote? Where is the opposition party? Why are they not demanding that parliament get back in session?

      1. well it MUST be an eeeeemergency BECAUSE they shut down.

        J6 and all.

        " Manufacturing Relevancy"

  39. Read ‘Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’ by William Shirer. Nazi actions taken after 1933 are shockingly similar to what is going on today. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t end well.

  40. First, if you think Canada is an authoritarian government, you have been drinking the kool-aid. Our government should show our citizens the same compassion. Next, the revolt is being partially funded through GoFundMe organizations by AMERICANS. We are trespassing on Canadian sovereignty. Third, parking and abandoning trucks so that commerce cannot take place is not peaceful protest, it results in people losing jobs and income. Nothing benign about it.
    And January 6 was not acceptable political discourse.

      1. Nice try - BRANDON!

  41. Yeah, because "Canadian" "truckers" with confederate flags, Trump stickers, and US right wing support have a right to block roads and civic activities because vaccines were recently required for those returning from a less vaccinated and pandemic friendly US. Over 80% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated and most don't support disruptions to their work by whoever these guys are.

    "“They are using our name in the wrong place and the wrong time,” said Ajay Singh Toor, spokesman for Canada’s West Coast Trucking Association. “It’s not a trucker convoy anymore.”

    “These illegal blockades have had a detrimental impact on our members and customers’ businesses. These have also had a very significant negative impact upon our professional driving community,” the president of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, Stephen Laskowski, said in a statement Monday."

    “There is a vocal minority, which is trying to steal the headlines, but a silent majority has actually been working day and night,” said Manan Gupta, publisher of Road Today, a Canadian magazine for South Asian truckers. About a third of Canada’s roughly 180,000 tractor-trailer drivers are immigrants, according to the most recent survey, in 2016.

    The protests have caused long delays at the border and forced drivers to take lengthy detours. Such disruptions are “not received well” by truckers who are not participating in the convoy, Gupta said, adding that “they are the ones keeping our supply chain intact and running.”

    1. Joe, read this:

      Were you like this for the BLM and Antifa riots?

  42. "We see evidence of the Trudeau family's long love affair with the world's autocrats and tyrants"

    This may be literally true.

    Of Course Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s Dad. Nobody Has ‘Debunked’ Anything

  43. It seems that it would make more sense to buy a gun and give it to a Canadian rather than send money.

  44. Justin Trudeau is really taking after both his possible fathers. Meanwhile, Canada is still digging up the mass graves from their previous re-education camps, a.k.a., “residential schools.” Canada has never been and can never be a beacon of freedom in the world as long as there are Canadians who support the likes of Justin Trudeau.

    1. Neither can the US, are you overlooking the genocide of NA aboriginal dwellers? Lol I can't even imagine the amount of cognitive dissonance your brain is dealing with right now lmfao

  45. Canadian police on horseback trample old lady:

  46. It is NOT a peaceful protest if it forcefully blocks other people's rights. It is the liberals, who want to block people's right to go where they want, and to shut down businesses. This protest is doing the same thing... just on a smaller scale.
    The truckers have the right to strike and not make deliveries. They don't have the right to block roads, but can park to the side of the road to allow anyone (not just emergency vehicles) to go where they want. To go to jobs, to patronize businesses that the "peaceful" protests are shutting down.
    Don't forget that there is another form of tyranny that doesn't get the label of liberal or socialism. The fascist wants the same thing as the socialist. To have power over people and take their rights away.
    The truckers have good reason to protest, and I support that 100%. But, please don't be a hypocrite when you do it.

  47. If you don't want your shit taken then don't block my free ingress and egress from an area. Fuck those truckers blocking people. I have no problem with protests, just don't block me on the road and we're all good.

  48. Canada is your prototypical progressive state, which values and egalitarianism and empowerment of disparate identities over individual autonomy.

    Which is another way of saying that if the trucker's convoy was mostly nonwhite and they burning down cities, Trudeau would be singing their praises. Another way of saying is that since the mostly convoy is white, their concerns can be summarily dismissed and characterized as racist at every turn. And in a progressive society, it is entirely acceptable for the government to abuse its powers and trample on the citizens right in the name of fighting racism.

    And Trudeau is the prototypical prog leader - a pretty boy who says lots of hallmark sentiments about refugees and diversity, goes to India dressed like Apu thinking he scored points, then seizes powers reserved for something like war to persecute protesters whose major crime was block roads.

    Was Canada actually all that free, even before he pandemic? It's perfectly kosher for their cops to detain immigrants at airports, seize their phones, and deport them on the spot if they find out they planned to stay illegally. They have some BS human rights council that can hound you for wrong expressions.

    Their population is 86% white and most of their immigrants are non Latinos. Trump was called Hitler for suggesting that we borrow aspects of their merit based system.

  49. Note how happily MUH PRIVATE COMPANIES worked with the government to steal money.

    They are no better.

    1. Cut them down to tiny companies. Reverse consolidation wholesale.

  50. It's not just Trudeau; there is a complete lack of political leadership in Canada. The supposedly socialist New Democratic Party supported the government, although by doing that they were clearly justifying the same unjustified action against strikes, indigenous land occupations, and so on. Like many people who disagree with the truckers I think the prime minister chose to demonize them rather than to deal with them. Some of the truckers' arguments were good, but he simply insulted them as lunatics. As for the Conservatives, they at least opposed the act, but getting rid of their leader, who probably would have dealt with this better, shortly before the occupation, means they have probably lost public support for their hands-off approach -- instead of demonizing the truckers they sanctified them.

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