Randi Weingarten Says Masks Can Come Off When There's 'No Transmission in Schools'

The teachers union leader thinks schools that have an 80 percent vaccination rate could maybe, possibly let students unmask.


Support for continued mask mandates is collapsing among previously mask militant Democrats and public health officials. California Gov. Gavin Newsom is ending the state's strict indoor mask mandate next week, and New Jersey and Connecticut will no longer require masks in schools. CNN medical analyst Leana Wen, who has flirted with some truly dystopian policies concerning the stigmatization of the unvaccinated, now sounds positively libertarian: This week she heralded the end of mandates as "a needed shift from government-imposed requirement to individual decision."

Wen claims that "the science has changed." In reality, little has changed in the last six months—the vaccines continue to be the only significant policy intervention to drastically prevent severe cases of COVID-19—except that many, many more people have caught and recovered from coronavirus. Case numbers fluctuate as more contagious variants run wild through the population—with masks and other measures doing little to deter them—but the vaccinated enjoy robust protection.

Still, Team Blue giving up on mask mandates is a welcomed development.

Not every member of the cautious coalition has jumped ship just yet, however. American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten—whose significant influence over the Biden administration makes her the person most responsible for the education system's failures during the pandemic—is still reluctant to let kids lose their masks. In an interview with MSNBC, she said she was theoretically in favor of a masking "off-ramp," but only when "the spread [is] low enough so that there's no dissemination or transmission in schools."

But COVID-19 is not going away entirely anytime soon: There will always be the possibility of one student transmitting the disease to another. Vaccinated staff who catch COVID-19 are likely to experience a mild bout; the students themselves will probably suffer mild cases, whether vaccinated or not. Healthy young people are at little risk of severe illness, and whether they choose to get vaccinated is really no one's business but their own.

Nevertheless, Weingarten was only willing to commit to a de-masking policy in schools where the vaccination rate is at least 80 percent. "I like what Massachusetts has done," she said. "What they've said is that on a school by school basis, if there's an 80 percent vaccination rate then those schools can lift the mask mandates." This measure is overly cautious: Schools can certainly let students take off their masks, even if the vaccination rate among kids and teens is lower than that. In any case, there's little reason to think that compulsory masking is making a significant difference in schools, contrary to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) sloppy reporting on this subject.

Indeed, one of MSNBC's other guests, Dr. Lucy McBride, said mask mandates are doing more harm than good. "There's no convincing evidence in the real world that masking children in schools makes a significant difference in transmission in schools," she said.

Many students have gone two years without regularly seeing the faces of their teachers and classmates. When Weingarten is speaking and needs to be heard, she understands that it's better to remove her mask, as she did during a recent conference appearance. Why would this be any different in the classroom?

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  1. How do you kill a vampire? A stake through the heart? This woman is sucking the lifeblood from parents and children in every blue state. I wish every cancer upon her.

    1. A stake through the heart?

      Then buried upside down with a mouthful of garlic.

      Then the same needs to be done to the public sector union she heads, and all the rest of them.

      1. Don't forget to cut the head off with a gravedigger's shovel

      2. Decapitation, then mouth filled with garlic.

    2. Who do you want more as a mother in law, this cunt or Elizabeth Warren?

      1. I don't think Elizabeth Warren is evil. Misguided and not nearly as bright as she thinks she is, yes. But not evil.

        Randi Weingarten has sacrificed the wellbeing of children for decades on behalf of the constantly aggrieved minority of teachers that are just miserable human beings. That is her constituency.

      2. (Prepares noose)

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  2. There is no zero.

    1. Randi Weingarten is a zero.

      1. No shit. And I came to this story right after reading the one about the hot mom.

        A mask mandate should be in place specifically for Randi Weingarten. As a matter of public health.

        1. Can it be an iron mask? You know; for the children?

        2. I'm not living life right, I missed the one about the hot mom and ended up looking at this prune.

    2. This needs to be repeated over and over.

      And any teacher who supports this union ought to be derided as a sniveling coward of the lowest order.

      Teachers overwhelmingly lauded Gretta the Crazy for standing up in front of the UN and shouting "How Dare You!" because adults are ostensibly selling out kids' future for daring to fight the system. Well this is no different. These teachers are claiming the right to force kids to protect them from germs. From. Germs.

    3. Is that the crappy "new math" they are teaching now?

  3. Support for continued mask mandates is collapsing among previously mask militant Democrats and public health officials.

    Yeah and only after the science was simply too hard to ignore. Let's just say I'm unimpressed with "people showing up at the last minute with their tin cups and emptying them upon the embers".

    1. This is important to reiterate. The science was never on their side, they tried to use a bunk study to say the science WAS on their side (but it clearly was not), and all the evidence we have had is that masks do nothing but hurt kids. This is not new, they never had data on their side, just propaganda.

      They are just realizing the public is starting to find out what the science ACTUALLY says. And its really bad for the people abusing kids.

      1. You mask protects me, my mask protects you, but your mask doesn't protect you and my mask doesn't protect me.


      2. The extra frightening thing is that it has been TWO YEARS.

        In two years, an agency ostensibly focused on data collection for the sake of things like, oh, I don't know, pandemic readiness, could easily have created, funded, or encouraged multiple studies with excellent rigor surrounding this.

        Have a good study with a reasonable control at a school with masks and one without in the same district. Have good studies of nearby counties with and without mandates. Have good studies in the real world with and without masks, specifically (regardless of mandate). And dozens of other things.

        These data would have been a treasure trove for the next pandemic. Instead, the unique opportunity was spent making it so the public no longer trusts public health officials by making it all politics, and by trying to coerce certain behaviors through manipulation rather than tell the truth and recommend behaviors on that basis.

        Ever wonder why I don't believe a single-payer option would be good for health care? The CDC the last year is a great example.

        1. Why bother with a study when the answer is already known? The physics never changed no matter how badly they wished it to conform to their beliefs. Ask anyone that has served in the military. You need a properly fitted mask with a seal, which is absolutely miserable to breathe through for any extended period of time, and you need beard police running around making sure every guy has shaved in order to prevent a poor seal. No civilian would ever put up with that nonsense for more than a day.

          1. I brought the beard thing up the other day. I was always wondering how long it'd take Portland to tell all the purple hair granola broads they needed to shave their mustaches for their masks to fit properly.

        2. "In two years, an agency ostensibly focused on data collection for the sake of things like, oh, I don't know, pandemic readiness, could easily have created, funded, or encouraged multiple studies with excellent rigor surrounding this."

          This is the rank incompetence of our government. This giant leviathan that has turned Virginia from hicksville rural countryside to a hipster megalopolis- filled to the brim with incompetent "experts" who are good for CNN appearances, but can't be bothered to touch anything.

          Gone is the government that built the Hoover Dam, or managed the Berlin Airlift. No more Apollo Program. No Manhattan Project. No, this is the government that has grown so large and unaccountable that it could spend 20 Years building an Afghan government that couldn't resist cave people in toyota pickups and 2 years managing a pandemic without any ability to produce an ounce of reliable research.

          For 2 years, these numbskulls could lock us in our houses and pontificate about sticking needles into the arms and muzzles on the faces of 5 year olds, but they couldn't take the time to get a couple schools to provide data.

          My Pops build nuclear triggers for this country, and I grew up in and around military and government people of all stripes. When Reagan would talk about the stupidity of government, I would look at my friends and their parents and consider it a bunch of hyperbole- a big joke with a kernel of truth. But now it is all truth, and the big joke is on us.

          1. >but they couldn't take the time to get a couple schools to provide data.

            When, literally, it's their only reason for existing.

            This is the problem with power. Give an agency unchecked power and it will metastasize. After it's raison d'etre has been solved, something else will be adopted, created, or absorbed to keep it going and growing. And it will become beholden to the government, not the people it theoretically serves.

            Always. Every, goddamned, time.

            The fact that this Randi dude even gets asked when masks come off in schools testament to the fact that centralized anything is a bad idea. One stop shopping for graft, where taxpayer dollars get dolled out to a union that then uses them to elect people from one party, beholden to their union constituency.

            This is a public health matter and an education matter. Unions are not educators or health experts, they are a giant corporation whose job is employee advocacy. This dude should have no more say in child education than the CEO of Mattel, and no more say in public health care than the CEO of... I dunno. McDonalds. Or Real Doll. Whatever.

            Power corrupts. People AND organizations.

            1. "they are a giant corporation whose job is employee advocacy."
              No they are a political organization with the goal of destroying this Country and replacing it with their idea of a Socialist Utopia.

              45 Goals of the Communist Party
              15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
              17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the
              curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
              26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, and healthy."

              41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and
              retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

          2. "nuclear trigger"
            Dibbs on that porn name

        3. They didn't need to create or fund any studies at all. There were already 50 state-level real-world experiments with varying degrees of mask mandates, and real-world data on how little the varying degrees of mask mandates changed infection rates.

          1. Yup. Studies for masks previously existed on Sars, mers, influenza, and Spanish flu. All showed no statistical reduction in transmission between mask use and non use.

      3. The public had ALWAYS known what the science said. In Florida, in Texas, which have had no masking since November 2020 -- over 15 months now: no COVID surge. No COVID surge traceable to the unmasked Waffle Houses, feeding random people traveling everywhere on the interstate. No COVID surge from the Superbowl celebrations, from the riots, from the swarms of Spring Breakers.

        Anyone with a luck of common sense knows masks aren't doing anything, schools are not a vector, and the plastic dividers at restaurants and grocery stores are just a sad practical joke. So what is wrong, seriously wrong with the people on there northeast that they can't just look at the example of these successful states, and say: Maybe we were wrong?

        1. They watched the news that blamed every case surge in red states on lax COVID policies. Then when blue states with onerous COVID policies had their own seasonal surges later, the news media blamed the unvaccinated (even in states with top 5 vaccination rates).

        2. I will say that my family caught COVID twice from schools. Both times it was teachers getting it directly from other teachers.

    2. "Let's just say I'm unimpressed with "people showing up at the last minute with their tin cups and emptying them upon the embers"."

      Well at some point, we need to give some of these people the opportunity to save face, if they will just start criticizing their chosen leaders. The whole reason Biden pivoted from Afghanistan to Vaccine Mandates was that he needed to drive a wedge between his base that was starting to agree with the rest of the country that he was incompetent.

      People are starting to defect from the lefty base. They should be welcomed, even as annoyed as we are that they have been wrong for so long.

      1. I'm with you. The I told you so's bring satisfaction but win no friends. I say better late than never and welcome to the team.

        1. They won't ever be on your team. They will bide time until the next panic.

          1. As long as they stick around for the midterms.

        2. No, because they are just ready to do the exact same thing again next time, just as they have with climate change, systemic racism, gender pay gaps etc..
          Drum up a crisis and use it to further their agenda with the crisis being given the whiff of authenticity with the support of politically aligned (or afraid) scientists, the media, academia and the entertainment industry. What, <5% of the country determining what the rest should think.

      2. They are being welcomed, they're just also being told that the actual data has been on our side this entire time.

        1. The face saving truth is that they were never permitted to see the actual data that has been out there all this time. Show them how the CDC tweets a graphic with MEANINGLESS data, and that it passes all over the country while the fact that it is statistically insignificant is never mentioned by all the gatekeepers that they trusted, but who flat out lied to them.

          Social pressures have kept them in the bubble of Approved News, and that news has done them great disservice. And we welcome them out of the Matrix and into reality.

      3. Exactly this. With some wokester friends, the wife and I were chatting the other day and I did bite my tongue instead of rubbing it in. They had been out looking for a new car (husband of couple got a raise at work)...didnt get one because prices are insane and anything they even wanted would have to be backordered at above sticker...they went to buy steaks and wine at the store and had sticker shock there too. Then they ended their rant with being frustrated their city still has indoor mask mandates everywhere, even for the vaxxed (in their case vaxxed, boosted, and had COVID) and they feel like there is no end in sight. And they are starting to think we shut down the country for too long and that hasnt been good for the economy. All of this came naturally from them complaining without me interjecting my usual need to rub it in (...ok I was kind of distracted with one of the kids).

        While unfortunately they havent come full circle on the fact that their top men bungled literally everything they touched (the actual truth), they are at least coming around to "maybe these responses were a bit too much" (probably as close as I can get these wokesters). I truly thought they would never see the light, they have been so entrenched in COVID hysteria this whole time, its like they finally opened their eyes. I guess when it starts to hit your own pocket book so directly its harder to avoid. If they had kids they would have seen it even sooner, at least I hope

  4. Stacey Abrams who said she wouldnt appear in her photo op unless all the kids were masked, and then this idiot saying masks for kids until COVID zero.

    So...will it be racism or misogyny on the menu of excuses when Abrams goes down in flames with the democrats in the mid terms? They certainly wont deploy enough introspection to see they positioned themselves directly opposite the will of the people and asked someone to press record.

    1. I like the fact that Abrams called it a racial attack during black history month.

      And there was only 1 black kid in the picture.

      1. I counted 3 but they were all in the back. Rosa Parks and MLK Jr. Would be so proud of the leadership in the modern black community.

    2. They used “science” as a club.
      They should never be forgiven, they should be locked up.

      1. I'm not a big revenge guy, but it would be nice to see Fauci spend a couple of years in prison. Lifting weights, trading cigarettes in the yard, converting to Islam. You know, prison shit.

        1. Isn’t a large part of the law about revenge? What’s to stop them from trying this crap again if there is no price to be paid?

          1. He could be drummed out of public life until he's teaching Biology 101 at Pima Community College.

            1. He could continue his puppy experiments there.

              1. The smithsonion came out with a little article about how “global warming” is responsible for the recent uptick in infants with heart
                defects. I hate these people and will never forgive them.

    3. Stacey Abrams who said she wouldnt appear in her photo op unless all the kids were masked, and then this idiot saying masks for kids until COVID zero.

      "Bye, Felicia."

    1. Eh, just another unvaxxed covid death!

      Seriously tho, thanks for sharing.

    2. You rat bastard. I didn't need that.

      Thanks for sharing.

      And also fuck those people who cannot get excited about the irreparable harm they are causing.

    3. That was way sadder and fked up than I needed to read.

    4. I'm glad I saw the warnings before clicking that link. Maybe in the morning...

  5. Same old story - Weingarten has always been in favor of re-opening the schools "as soon as it's safe". Which is never.

  6. Vegas line: "No Dissemination or Transmission v. Weingarten Kicks of Old Age"

    1. Does it have to be old age?

      1. knock yourself out I'm always hoping to avoid a call from Preet.

        1. People are always talking about woodchippers, I however think log splitters are underrated.

        2. Trump fired Preet. Fuck Preet.

  7. The "Party of Science" is definitely not.

  8. Christ, what a cunt.

  9. "There's no convincing evidence in the real world that masking children in schools makes a significant difference in transmission in schools,"
    "There's no convincing evidence in the real world that masking children in schools makes a significant difference in transmission in schools,"

  10. " Weingarten was only willing to commit to a de-masking policy in schools where the vaccination rate is at least 80 percent."

    Haha, No. Who the fuck does this person think she is kidding?

    I was told this at the beginning of vaccination. "Just get your shot, and you no longer have to mask indoors." And within 2 weeks of me being fully vaxxed, Fauci was on the airwaves, fresh with a study from Provincetown where vaccinated people were spreading the virus. And whammo, right back into masktopia.

    But I beg Weingarten to keep making this argument. "Please people, mask your dear sweethearts to protect our teachers. We know the science doesn't actually support it, but we are willing to have your kids make every sacrifice on the off chance that maybe it helps."

      1. I now have questions about the few weeks fauci was pushing the double masking.

        They recommended a cloth mask under or over a surgical mask, I forget the order. Was this going to be their attempt to cover the fact they knew cloth masks didn't do Jack shit by hoping that if we all put on surgical masks too, they would magically work well enough to make everyone think masks did work and they'd never have to admit they were wrong? Or worse use this to justify forever masking as a means of social control?

        1. Because that double masking thing was dumb when it happened, but with how they swept it under the rug quickly and now have 180d on masking most everywhere, it looks really fucking suspicious. There was a different motive behind double masking than stopping the virus. But I'm not sure what it was.

    1. And she never said that she would 'commit' to anything. She said she liked what Mass. was doing. Her actual words were that there should be no transmission.

  11. So never. Too bad so many kids have taken the mask shit to heart. Best way to end this would be massive refusal among students to comply. But I don't have a lot of faith in the rebelliousness of kids these days.
    Prove me wrong!

    1. They only protest events their teachers instruct them to, like "walkout for teachers' pay" or "walkout for BLM" or "walkout for safe spaces"

    2. Unfortunately, social media has allowed exactly these types of people to craft a narrative that "the system" is what you ought to rebel against not those people who are leading the system. Take Weingarten for example- she has been fighting THE POWER since I was in grade school. She may be the head of the largest union in the world, demanding that we submit to every precaution handed down by government, but on TikTok she is the rebel. And rebels know that the best way to fight the system is to make fun of Trump supporters.


      Washougal High School in Washington state

  12. Who elected her?
    Amazon does sell torches and pitchforks.

    1. 472 million Americans did in 2020.

  13. An unreasonable accommodation justified by an impossible goal? I am starting to think that those guys in Salem had the right idea. Pressing, drowning or burning.

  14. LOL "The Science"

  15. Randi puts the trans in transmission.

  16. How long can you keep wearing the same N95 mask?
    Science will tell us! Tell us, Science!
    Tell us what we need to know!
    Looks into crystal Fauci-head magic 8 ball.

    Where do you typically keep your high-quality medical-style masks?

    A. In several brown paper bags marked with the days of the week, lined up on the window sill.

    B. Hanging on hooks near the door.

    C. Tucked in a plastic bag in my purse or backpack.

    D. Sometimes I find one stuffed in my pocket or on the floor of my car.

    If you answered “D,” don’t be embarrassed. I live with mask chaos at my house too. Masks are everywhere — on hooks and doorknobs, in drawers, stuffed in coat pockets and backpacks. And yes, I have grabbed a mask from the floor of my car. (Please don’t do this. A study by Clorox found the germiest place in your car is the driver’s side floor mat. The front seat cup holder was not far behind.)

    Now that public health officials are recommending that we all wear high-performance, medical-style masks, known as respirators — N95s, KN95s and KF94s — mask care is more important than ever.

    Just ignore the last two years of surgical masks you bought from the drug store with the label "not for medical use" on the back. Ignore two years of Fauci personally wearing a cloth mask. Forget the 3 month Makerena dance craze where everyone double masked. The latest hotness is the N95 mask!

    Unfortunately, there’s very little official guidance for how to care for and reuse a high-performance mask.

    [two paragraphs later]

    Still, the CDC guidance can provide a useful framework to help us make decisions about how long to use a mask. Based on the five-day rule for health workers, and assuming they wear the mask throughout an eight-hour shift, that suggests about 40 hours of use per mask, said Anne Miller, executive director at Project N95, a nonprofit that vets and sells high-performance masks. Many of us wear a mask in 15- and 30-minute increments, which means one mask could last weeks.

    The best way to keep your mask clean is to wash your hands before touching it, hold the mask by the straps, and keep it in a clean, dry place when you’re not wearing it. Keep a few masks on hand and rotate their use so each mask has plenty of time to air out between uses.


    Aaron Collins points out that an N95 is designed to handle 200 milligrams of particles, which would be equivalent to wearing it nonstop for 200 days in very polluted air such as in Shanghai.

    It stops particles!

    Q: If I’m exposed to an infected person, will my mask be contaminated?

    A: It is possible that virus could be on the surface of the respirator, and you could touch it and transfer it to your eyes, nose or mouth. To minimize this risk, you should handle the respirator by the edges and straps and avoid touching the area in front of the nose and mouth.

    Right... riiiiight. Right! No! Right! I'm with you, 100% This is the way everyone masks which is why the test-negative study that the NYT and WAPO retweeted to try to tap the brakes on this 'unmask' craze (which will hopefully pass when cooler heads prevail) proved that Masksksksksks work!

    1. Q: I’ve seen advice to air your masks out in multiple paper bags, labeled with the day of the week, and to rotate masks every five days. But most people just toss their masks in a drawer or purse, or hang them on hooks. Does it really matter?

      A: I don’t think this is necessary. I do like the idea of airing it out. I leave mine lying around or hanging on a hook. If I’m transporting it in my backpack or purse, I keep it in a plastic bag to protect it from damage.

      Because when you 'air it out' the COVID particles only will settle on the outside of the mask, never on the inside. Your mask protects me, my mask protects you, but my mask doesn't protect me, and your mask doesn't protect you. It's the boffo magical one-way valve maskinization theory. Like swiss cheese, holes only allow air through in one direction... like the boy band.

    2. Note the use of language here. "medical-STYLE' masks. So, young feller, is they for medical use or not?

      Umm, they're medical STYLE!

      Home made apple pie?

      Home baked.

      Fresh trout?

      Fresh frozen.

      I'm a wrist watch guy. There's a type of watch called a 'dive watch'. Most dive watches are what we in the biz call "dive type" or 'divers style" watches. Only a small percentage of dive watches on the market are actual dive watches... or what the industry labels "Divers" watches.

      A manufacturer may build a watch to stand up to certain depths and other water-related exposure, but unless it's ISO6425 certified, there's nothing saying that THE watch on YOUR wrist will stand up to said rigors. A real dive watch has to be tested to ISO6425 standards, and not just the 'model' but the actual watch on your wrist. Every watch that comes off the line is tested to the ISO6425 standard, if it fails, it goes into the trash. If it passes, it gets a label "Divers 200" or "Divers 300" (usually denoting the depth rating).

      I suspect the same thing goes on with N95 masks. I order an 'n95' mask from amazon, and it's an N95 'style' mask, but it hasn't been built to any specifications which says the mask on your face will stand up to the rigors of protecting you from the deadliest plague in human history, AKA COVID-19. You ordered the mask, it has N95 printed on the box, but is it for 'medical use'. Is it filtering what you think it's filtering?

      1. Is it filtering what you think it's filtering?

        No grasshopper, it is not.

    3. The real answer is approximately 8 hours. They're not supposed to be worn for multiple days.

  17. Breaking, Sarah Palin tested positive for Teh COVIDIANS on teh Janurary of the 24th. She are dining in restaurants on February eights. Natural immunizinology isn't a thing! Paul Offit is a crackpot anti-vaxxer for saying it is!

  18. Breaking: Bad news, Pfizer reports revenue miss.

    Go-forward strategy: Vaccinate the fetus in the womb! Vaccinate the sperm! VACCINATE THE TWINKLE IN THE MILKMAN'S EYE!

    Russel Brand reacts to the news that he's now right-wing. At 7 minutes he touches on how the media hates everyday people, one of Ken's favorite topics.

    1. No no, pointing out that Progressives are America's most horrible people (despite all the evidence) is dehumanizing and the worst thing you can do!

  20. Randi Weingarten Says Masks Can Come Off

    Oh, she's wearing a mask in that picture. I was afraid that she actually looked like that.

    1. 'Now young Skywalker, you will die.'

      1. Funny

  21. There once was a trans named Weingarten,
    Who’s race theory should not be a-startin,
    A unionist hack,
    With tucked in nutsack,
    Believe me she’s no Dolly Parton.

  22. Randi Weingarten Says Masks Can Come Off When There's 'No Transmission in Schools'

    Well, that's a virtually impossible standard, so no. I get it that it's her job to represent the interests of her members, but the demands have to be realistic. If there are particularly vulnerable teachers out there, they probably shouldn't be in the physical classroom at this time anyway. Put them in charge of the virtual classrooms.

    1. And just so you know, Randi Weingarten, in a sane world, would have no say whether masks would come on or come off. She's the head of a union, she doesn't set classroom policy or direct the process of learning in any way. She could ask for a giant dome to be placed over every school, but she can fuck right off with requests like that. We didn't turn our children over to Randi Weingarten.

      1. Well, yes and no.

        Assuming that there is a union at all, one of the jobs of the union is to protect the working conditions of the members. And there is no strict delineation between working conditions that the union should have a say-so over, vs. working conditions that they shouldn't. To the extent that the virus does impact the teachers' working conditions, having masks be a union issue seems legitimate. Now, how much sway the union ought to have in determining mask usage is another matter entirely.

        1. Assuming that there is a union at all, one of the jobs of the union is to protect the working conditions of the members.

          Public sector employees should be prohibited by law from organizing.

          And any teacher who doesn't like the working conditions is free to quit.

  23. O/T: So, this happened.

    In this article, who said the following when describing the events of Jan. 6, 2021?

    "It was a violent insurrection for the purpose of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a legitimately certified election from one administration to the next. That's what it was."

    A. Joe Biden
    B. Nancy Pelosi
    C. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    D. Mitch McConnell

    1. Well, all of the above, but who stated that explicit set of words and syllables? That's easy, Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell is not your friend. Think of him as the Kyrsten Sinema of GOP politics. And I don't even follow GOP politics. Because following DC political theater is the lowest form of entertainment.

      1. And I won't even click your link to verify, because I won't give CNN one eyeball.

        1. LOL it's not like they are Fox News or something.

          1. Yeah, they're worse.

            I did click the link, much as it pains me to give any of the MSM click throughs. I disagree with Mitch that the RNC shouldn't be singling out members, especially members who worked with the Democrats to stop the President from carrying out his will as CiC.

      2. I can respect Mitch McConnell, in the same way that I can respect snakes or crocodiles for what they do.

    2. Hey Chemjeff- you know what else happened? You were misrepresenting the actual language of legislation in Florida. Are you going to own up to that, or is it an unfortunate trust in WaPo that will be memory-holed like your cloth mask advocacy in the past?

      1. Well, I don't generally go back and comment on old conversations. Because they're old. What is the point of typing comments in a conversation that no one will read later? It does look like that article didn't accurately state the text of that bill. If the Florida legislature is not going to allow people to sue just because they feel bad about the curriculum, then that is good.

        I do note, however, that there were a few people in the conversation, specifically damikesc, who were totally fine even with the version that the Washington Post presented. Don't you think that is disturbing?

        1. "Well, I don't generally go back and comment on old conversations."

          Because it's typically full of people explaining, with citations, why you're wrong and wondering why you're such a hypocritical totalitarian cocksucker?

        2. "Well, I don't generally go back and comment on old conversations."

          Which is why I brought it up. You seem to be on a crusade to define the Right as an irredeemable group that is intrinsically bad. I hope that you will keep in mind how easily you were led astray here by the supposed objective observers at WaPo. There is no possible way that the quote could have been lifted without reading the entire context that fundamentally changes what was said. They are lying to you.

          "I do note, however, that there were a few people in the conversation, specifically damikesc, who were totally fine even with the version that the Washington Post presented. Don't you think that is disturbing?"

          Well first, I tried providing an argument against this, and you ignored me.

          Do I think it is disturbing that you are spinning up Tribal battles, and the other Tribe circles the wagons? No. It is par for the course around here. It may be a little disturbing that you don't seem to understand just how tribal you are being.

          What I find- not disturbing, but interesting- is that the national narrative on these things has been shifting rapidly over the last few weeks. Complaints from the right on CRT, Masking, Lockdowns, and School covid policy in general have not only been confirmed valid by Reason editors, but have also become consensus positions of majorities of the country. Despite the fact that you were critical of the Right the entire way, we have seen no contrition or even acknowledgement from you. No- the only time you speak is to post an article that is intentionally misleading in an attempt to paint the Right as extreme and over-reaching. "Republicans Pounce!"

          *You* specifically hounded me and others to wear a mask as a social obligation for months, and we are seeing pretty much every argument for that falling apart, while the left digs its heals in and continues demanding masks in schools and restaurants. But now suddenly you don't show up on those threads any more.

          I'm not saying that you have a responsibility to post on the threads. But for someone who is constantly complaining about how divisive everyone is in these threads, the few times we see you posting these days, you sure seem eager to continue that divisiveness.

          1. Overt,
            The "national narrative" does not define what is right or wrong. Yet one more reason why I loathe populism. The mob does not determine justice or moral behavior. Foundational principles of right and wrong determine justice and moral behavior DESPITE what the mob may say or do. Have you read at all about the 1921 Tulsa massacre? That is a demonstration of the "national narrative" of the day right there, in local form. So fuck your "national narrative".

            I will never apologize for advocating that people should act respectfully and courteously towards each other, that they shouldn't need government mandates to act like civilized human beings. If that means wearing a mask in public, or holding open doors for strangers, or opening an umbrella for someone in the pouring rain, or giving up a seat on a crowded subway, those are decent things to do and I will advocate for them 100% of the time. What I object to is the Rage Against The Machine "Fuck You I Can Do What I Want To" attitude. That is the mentality of a toddler. That is not libertarianism, that is misanthropic narcissism. And I strongly object to libertarianism being hijacked by toddlers who don't give a shit. It makes us all look like raging assholes. Libertarianism ought to mean an enlightened defender of liberty. That we wish to maximize liberty, but we wish to do so in a thoughtful way, with sound moral arguments. Not self-serving narcissistic tripe.

            And with regards to CRT, yes, Team Red has successfully used cynical manipulative tactics to redefine all of those boring diversity seminars that everyone has to sit through nowadays, as equivalent to NAZI RACISM. They've manipulated the mob that their feelings of irritation against diversity initiatives are justified. Again why should I celebrate successful demagoguery? Yet one more reason why populism is shit. The mob is easily swayed by demagogues promising to validate feelings, and demagogues know it.

            So if you wanted an apologia then forget it. If you want to recognize why populism and the mob should not be relied upon for any sort of rational decision-making, then perhaps we can have a conversation.

    3. Was it not common knowledge that The Turtle hated the Bad Orange Man?

    4. Who the f*ck cares? Do you think libertarians agree with any of those a--holes?

      The fact that McConnell, unlike the others, isn't a raging nutcase and communist hardly makes him a good guy.

  24. Let's be honest - if you really, really, really hate children and want to make them miserable and inflict permanent damage on their psyches, you can either become a clown or head a teacher's union.

    1. Or send them to a government school staffed by Weingarten goons.

  25. "Healthy young people are at little risk of severe illness, and whether they choose to get vaccinated is really no one's business but their own."

    Another lame and wrong article. The SC decided in 1905 that states have a right to require vaccines for public health causes. Healthy kids can catch and then spread covid and will be less likely to if vaccinated. All our public schools already require a host of vaccines before kids can attend and that is nothing new. Maybe that's a surprise to the ignorant clown who wrote this, or maybe they're in junior high but don't remember the vaccines they got when little.

    Lastly, we don't always know if our kids are "healthy" as they may have hidden conditions not yet discovered and "long covid" is a serious chronic problem for many who have caught covid. It involves problems with the lungs, heart, and brain and it is unknown how long it may last. Combined with the risk of catching and spreading the disease, this should be enough for sensible parents to get their kids vaccinated. It won't be the first time.

    1. Fuck off.

    2. Notice how Joe just sort of whistles by the fact that vaxxed kids can get long covid or whatever other bullshit he's peddling, because the shots don't stop transmission. Because the don't stop transmission, the virus is going through the population. We knew this in April of 2020.

      1. There was a COVID vaccine in April 2020? Huh. Someone tell Pfizer.

        And, ONCE AGAIN, this is the ridiculous black/white thinking. Vaccination does not stop transmission 100%, that is true. That does not mean they are 100% worthless. Vaccines reduce the infectious viral load so it makes transmission less likely.

        Vaccines also help against serious illness or death.

        Look I know you don't like the vaccine, but also, you don't appreciate people lying to you overstating the effectiveness of the vaccine. So don't make the same error in the opposite direction. Just because some people lie to us and try to claim that the vaccine is more effective than it really is, doesn't justify lying to people and trying to claim that the vaccine is less effective than it really is.

      2. Elvis, you must catch Covid to transmit it. You have a significantly greater chance to catch it if you are not vaccinated. Do the math. And yes, long covid is some bullshit. You don't want to catch it.

        1. Barbie Jack, you are STILL on this shit?

          The jab does not prevent transmission. Full stop.

        2. Lies.

          61% of cases fully vaxxed.
          47% of hospitalizations.
          52% of deaths.

          The fact that you guys have to 'massage' the data to get the efficacy that you spout should tell you everything you need to know.

          1. I think you broke him. More than he has been.

    3. Mind your own business old man.

      1. Public health is all of our business young lady.

        1. Now ban gays.

          1. It's not catching Salted, or are you feeling symptoms?

        2. Then mandate fat camps. Hostesses of The View hardest hit.

    4. Long covid is psychosomatic. It's a bunch of people brainwashed by the media into thinking Covid is worse than the black plague, then suffering very little when they got it and wanting to be the victims they were told they would be.

      1. Thanks for your expert analysis, Dr. Random Internet Commenter.

        Here is a better description of Long COVID, from an actual doctor.

        1. Geoff that article doesn't do what you think it does - it basically talks about what Jeremy is saying (from the article you linked) " how do you know if you have it? Typically, you don't feel quite right" I'm pretty sure even Joe Contractor could make that type of medical analysis.

      2. Interesting conclusion there Jeremy. You must send your research on to the many doctors dealing with these symptoms and the researchers investigating it.

    5. Joe, I completely agree with you that vaccination is the smart and responsible thing to do. But government-mandated vaccination is not a terribly good idea. People really do own their own bodies and they do have a right to decide what gets put in it. It is one thing if people voluntarily decide to get vaccinated in exchange for, say, access to a private institution or for an activity for which one is not compelled to be there. But kids have no choice but to go to school, and parents have no choice but to send their kids to school. Besides, it just breeds resentment.

      No one should be forced to be vaccinated against their will by the government.

      Now, unlike many commenters here, I believe that everyone ought to be responsible for the consequences of every decision that they freely make, including a decision not to vaccinate. Personally I believe that it is a type of negligence for a person to *affirmatively refuses* to reduce a very obvious and knowable potential harm to others. It is no different in principle than if a person were to open a restaurant, and *affirmatively refuse* to use clean dishes or to serve unspoiled, cooked food. If a patron were to get sick from eating at that restaurant, that patron should have recourse to sue the restaurant owner for negligence. I believe the same general principle applies here when it comes to vaccines *in general*. That should be the libertarian way to handle vaccine hesitancy, not with government mandates.

      1. It is 100% different than refusing to use clean dishes or serve spoiled food.

        1. Indeed Designate, it's much worse.

          1. You are more likely to die or become seriously from eating spoiled food or using bacterially contaminated cutlery than catching Covid.

            Is there even half a brain left there?

            1. He's too old

          2. Hahahahahahahaha

      2. Chem, this issue was settled by the SC in 1905 and I agree with that decision. An individual's right does not supersede that of others to have reasonable protection from highly contagious diseases or of society to protect it's citizens and therefore it's stability and very existence. That isn't freedom, it's a cult of luxury irresponsibility which ignores the struggle to exist and survive which humans overcame not as individuals - never happened - but as members of families, tribes, and nations.

        I appreciate your thoughtful posts, but we disagree on this. No one is being hogtied and inoculated, but there should be consequences for dangerously exposing others and that should be exclusion from those situations where that is more likely, and in public places.

        1. This is a lie about the 1905 case. Read my reply below.

          That case required the man pay the Massachusetts state mandated fine for not being vaccinated. It did not require that he get vaccinated.

      3. If if the person suing you makes you financially sick what's your recourse?

    6. Another lame and wrong article. The SC decided in 1905 that states have a right to require vaccines for public health causes.

      SCOTUS handed down all sorts of fascist decisions in the early 20th century.

      1. NOYB, a society which takes reasonable steps to protect citizens and it's own stability and existence is not fascist, but worthy of continuing. Where did you get the idea that you should have the freedom to crap in the well?

      2. He's misinterpreted the results of that case as every other lefty douche has. I explained it above and below.

    7. That's a lie. The case all you morons refer too in Massachusetts didn't require the man get vaccinated. It required that he pay the 5$ (then) fine for not getting vaccinated.

      The story is Massachusetts required vaccines OR pay 100$ fine. The man refused both.

      The court ruled he needed to pay the fine.

      Moral of the story. You're a dumbass.

      1. 5$ fine, roughly 100$ now*

      2. Dizszle, no one is being forced to get vaccinated for Covid now, nor is anyone suggesting that. As the court held, the state can impose consquences for not getting one.

        "The Court held that "in every well ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand" and that "[r]eal liberty for all could not exist under the operation of a principle which recognizes the right of each individual person to use his own [liberty], whether in respect of his person or his property, regardless of the injury that may be done to others."[2]

        1. Right, totally free not to get it. Just say goodbye to work, school or even going outside.

          In order not to get sick with a disease that has a 99.8% recovery rate.

          You lying piece of totalitarian shit.

        2. Except nurses and soldiers and federal employees, but they aren't really people anyway.

        3. You're a fascist.

    8. You Branch Covidians are getting reduced to fighting a frantic rearguard action against the return to normalcy.

    9. I feel your pain, loser.

      Now fuck off and die slowly, slaver. Your evil cult of Sciencism is on the run.

  26. Looka likea man.

  27. Randi Weingarten Says Masks Can Come Off When There's 'No Transmission in Schools'

    That's easy: fire all the public school teachers. No more transmission in public schools.

  28. Randi Weingarten Says Masks Will Last in Schools For Eternity.
    Covid is not going way people. It will become less and less serious, but it is not going away.

  29. Robby, you're as full of shit as Randy.

    The jab is not only ineffective at this point, but is stunningly harmful. If the rates of harm are even 1% of the reported numbers (and more likely to be higher in reality) this drug should have been yanked straight off the market.

    How many times do we have to cite VAERS, or DMED, or the BMJ, or Israel, or Belgium or or or...

    Fucking waterboy.

  30. "No transmission" means "masks forever". COVID-19 is never going away. It is the new flu. Time to get up and get moving. Masks are a proggie power grab and nothing more.

    1. Worse than that, it means a clean room atmosphere and masks that are at least as good as N95.

  31. Never forget that almost a year and half ago (September 2020), CDC Director Robert Redfield testified before the Senate in that if we wore masks for "6, 8, 10, 12 weeks", we'd bring this pandemic under control. Evidently the virus didn't get the message.

  32. Randi Weingarten Is just a union hack whose opinion should count for ZERO in the debate on masking in schools. When sanity prevails and these stupid mandates are revoked, if the teachers refuse to go to work, fire them. I guarantee the others will get the message.

  33. God I wish the woman would either smarten up or shut the f** Up. First of there is no way in HELL we are going to get zero transmission. And there is no way in hell we will get 80% of kids vaccinated with all the vaccine refusers.

  34. I completely understand why we can't bring back the poll tax but can't we find a way to prevent morons like this from voting or holding any position of trust over other people?

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