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The EARN IT Act Is Back. Here's What People Are Saying.

Plus: The #OldProProject, food truck police, and more...


A bad bill from 2020 returns. An ill-conceived and dishonest measure known as the EARN IT Act is being revived in this year's legislature. We covered the bill when it was first introduced, calling it "the new FOSTA." Like the 2018 law FOSTA, the EARN IT Act would make dangerous changes to the digital landscape and legal structure under the guise of protecting children.

Formally titled the Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act, it was first proposed back in 2020 but failed to go anywhere. On Monday, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D–Conn.)—one of the bill's sponsors—began tweeting about EARN IT again, spewing the same falsehoods about tech companies being indifferent to child pornography and how this bill is needed to hold them accountable.

The reintroduced EARN IT Act is now scheduled to be discussed at a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Thursday. It's being sponsored by a bipartisan group that includes some of the Senate's worst actors, including Lindsey Graham (R–S.C.), Dianne Feinstein (D–Calif.), and Josh Hawley (R–Mo.).

The bill has earned criticism from all sorts of civil liberties, sex worker rights, LGBT, and free speech groups including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Urban Justice Center, Hacking//Hustling, and Human Rights Watch.

Support for the EARN IT Act tends to come from groups opposed to all sex work and/or pornography (even when all parties are consenting adults). Their propaganda has been both sensationalist and incoherent, such as the group Protect Young Eyes claiming both that tech companies reported millions of sexual images that potentially featured minors and that these companies were impervious to such images. Protect Young Eyes also asserts that people on mainstream sites are openly sharing obviously illegal content featuring babies and young children with impunity, when no mainstream site allows this and all have mechanisms in place to stop it. The real issue has been with images shared by or featuring teenagers whose ages are not always easy to ascertain.

The melding of such disparate categories, from truly heinous abuse to semi-clothed selfies taken by 17-year-olds, is something bill supporters not only deliberately perpetuate now, but aim to further encourage. The bill would officially change all criminal code uses of the term child pornography—a phrase that many now realize encompasses terrible acts and teens taking pictures of themselves—with the term child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

The main thrust of the EARN IT Act is to add another exception to Section 230 (the law that shields digital entities from some liability for user and customer communications) related to child pornography. What supporters of the law like to obscure is that digital entities are not shielded from federal prosecution if they break child porn laws. The EARN IT Act isn't needed to criminally punish them for this.

Rather, the bill would "eliminate this liability shield in federal civil claims regarding the production, distribution, solicitation, and reporting of child sexual abuse material (CSAM)," as a coalition opposed to the bill explained back in 2020. "The EARN IT Act would also abrogate Section 230's shield for all state criminal and civil laws 'regarding the advertising, promotion, presentation, distribution, or solicitation' of CSAM, as that term is defined by federal law."

"To be clear, we are not concerned about platforms censoring CSAM," the coalition stressed. "However, the effect of the changes EARN IT would make to Section 230 could be similar to, and even more harmful to online speech than, those made by SESTA/FOSTA, which eliminated Section 230's liability shield for content related to sex trafficking. Instead of narrowly targeting sex trafficking which used digital platforms, the law de-platformed and erased the existence of many, including sex workers, harm reduction workers, and sex educators. … The EARN IT Act could incentivize similar censorship efforts by platforms."


The full text of the 2022 version of EARN IT has not yet been released, so perhaps some of the problems from last time have been fixed. But statements about EARN IT 2022 sound like the same old fear-mongering, privacy-infringing, unconstitutional nonsense as before.

The new bill "appears to be just a reintroduction of old EARN IT fixing none of the problems," tweeted Techdirt's Mike Masnick. "It misunderstands the problem. Creates a 'solution' that will make it harder to actually fight CSAM… and creates a ton of collateral damage in the process. Just bad all around."

Evan Greer—director of digital advocacy group Fight for the Future—points out that "more than HALF A MILLION people signed this petition to lawmakers opposing the EARN IT Act last Congress"


Old Pros art projects commemorate sex worker rights history. The #OldProProject commemorates an early U.S. sex worker rights protest with a series of projects from artists around the country. This year's projects include a calendar, an interactive historical map of places important in sex worker rights history, and short documentaries about burlesque performers in Seattle, sex worker activism in New Orleans, black dominatrixes, a nonprofit that serves sex workers (Aileen's), and the history of the sex trade in Hawaii. The goal of the #OldProProject, according to its website, "is to change the stories that are told about sex workers. We believe that by reclaiming our place in history, we can claim our human rights for generations past, present, and future."


With cops allegedly out of the picture, NYC food truck policing has gotten worse. "NYC is still ticketing the dickens out of New York's street-food sellers," notes Baylen Linnekin in a recent Reason column. Linnekin looks at new data on how the city's shift away from police enforcement of food truck rules has fared. The data suggests "the city may be ticketing vendors more now than before the change," notes Linnekin. This stems in part from the fact that cops haven't actually stopped ticketing food truck vendors:

Last year, the city shifted primary enforcement of vending regulations from NYPD to the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP). But the new WNYC/Gothamist data reveal city police are still issuing tickets. That—coupled with the fact DCWP issued more tickets this past summer than the city did during the same period in 2019—means that, combined, Eater New York reports, DCWP and NYPD "issued 540 tickets from July to September last year, as compared to 525 tickets issued by the NYPD in the same period in 2019."


New paper questions study on emotional language. In Roundup last month ("Our Language Has Gotten More Emotional. Why?"), I covered a survey that looked at Google Books data and New York Times articles to conclude that Americans were using fewer words related to rational thinking and more words related to feelings. New commentary in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences probes this finding, asking if the effect found could be a result of the texts analyzed and "what is the relationship between shifts in word usage and underlying psychological or social reality?"


• In a recent Monmouth University survey 70 percent of respondents agree that "it's time we accept that Covid is here to stay and we just need to get on with our lives." This sentiment was shared by 89 percent of Republicans, 71 percent of independents, and 47 percent of Democrats.

• A subvariant of the omicron strain of COVID-19 is more contagious and more easily evades current vaccines. But it's also less likely to be spread by vaccinated people, according to a new study out of Denmark.

• Former Reason Editor in Chief Virginia Postrel discusses how her 1989 book The Future and Its Enemies applies to our current culture and society.

• A California bill that would've set up a single-payer government healthcare system in the state has failed to move forward. "Lawmakers declined to vote on a high-profile effort to overhaul California's healthcare system on Monday," the Los Angeles Times reports.

• Lawmakers like to pretend weakening section 230 would only hurt big companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple. In a new Cato policy analysis, Jennifer Huddleston lays out why this isn't so:

• The book The Child Is the Teacher: A Life of Maria Montessori takes an interesting look at the Montessori school founder's life and philosophy. She "comes across as a brilliant visionary but also as a control freak prone to outbursts of anger, often on the edge of a nervous breakdown," suggests David Kirby in a review of the book.

• Biden is right to reject passing an executive order to cancel student loan debt, writes Timothy B. Lee at Full Stack Economics. "It's far from clear that Biden has the legal authority for large-scale student debt cancellation by executive order. And a standalone policy of loan forgiveness is bad policy. It would only encourage students to take on more unmanageable debt burdens in the future."

• Is former President Donald Trump's grip on the Republican Party slipping? (See also: "Donald Trump Just Showed Why Reforming the Electoral Count Act Is Essential.")

• The Food and Drug Administration has finally given full approval to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

NEXT: How To Talk About Racism

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  1. Will they ever stop trying to take away our individual liberties?

    EARN IT needs to be renamed to FUCK IT.

    1. No.
      What part of psychotic totalitarian cancer don't you get?
      It will be much worse of leftists aren't forcefully stopped.

      1. They are pushing everyone in this direction. They will not stop until they get pushed back. Hard.

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    2. I wish we could change it to the FUCK JOE BIDEN act.

      1. Let's Go Brandon

        (I was triggered, heh heh)

    3. Or a comprehensive new program, FYTW.

    4. "Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D–Conn.)..."

      Prune Face again; the same legislator who brought us the law to keep dressers from falling over.

    5. Man, whatever they are paying the acronym writers, they definitely earn it.

  2. ...calling it "the new FOSTA."

    Always looking to foista the FOSTA.

    1. Fostas. New England for beer.

      1. That was wicked awful.

        1. Ayuh. A wicked pissah.

      2. Don't be fucking retahdid, kid.

      3. And you told that one at Cheers and Applebee's "Where Everybody Knows Your Name." 🙂

  3. The Reason comments are dangerous for children. As are some of the commenters.

    1. She swore she was eighteen!

      1. Pluggo had been pursuing twenty nine year olds. But some of the parents found out so now he is pursuing fifteen nine year olds.

    2. No danger from me. My sexual diet is only MILFs, DILFs, and Older TILFs...and long spells of intermittent fasting.

      1. Wow. February 1 must be acronym day. Love it.

        1. You haven't shared your own acronym yet. What gives?

  4. "A California bill that would've set up a single-payer government healthcare system in the state has failed to move forward."


    Even in what is effectively a single-party Democratic state, leftist economic proposals go nowhere. Would you like to know why? I'll tell you!

    It's because on economic issues, Democratic politicians don't mean anything they say. They campaign on an eat-the-rich platform — then govern in a way guaranteed not to upset their billionaire base.


    1. You need to focus more on why this is a good thing for libertarians.

      1. Its good for Charles Koch. QED

    2. You do realize that you're reading less and less like a parody every day, right?

      Poe is a bitch, man.

    1. Could be summed up as marketing departments suck at their jobs for no discernable reason.

  5. The federal prison system has been placed on a nationwide lockdown after two inmates were killed and two others were injured Monday during a gang altercation at a federal penitentiary in Texas.

    Finally, a non-rona related lockdown.

    1. Covid-related deaths

  6. "In a recent Monmouth University survey 70 percent of respondents agree that "it's time we accept that Covid is here to stay and we just need to get on with our lives." This sentiment was shared by 89 percent of Republicans, 71 percent of independents, and 47 percent of Democrats."

    53% of Democrats just can't let go of the means to social control.

    Pandemic now, pandemic tomorrow, pandemic forever!

    This is another reason why progressives are America's most horrible people.

    1. Time for our Morning Hate of Progressives!

      1. Progs are despicable and need to be stopped. Politically stopped is preferred, but let's see how far they keep violating the rights of everyone else.

        1. Inflation denialism.
          Expansion of social welfare programs.
          Support for out of control teachers' unions.
          Hostility to free speech!

          Progressives have no redeeming qualities from a libertarian and capitalist standpoint.

          1. They are your fellow Americans. You can either demonize them, ultimately heading toward violence.

            Or you could argue against their ideas. We are all confident we have better ideas, with facts and logic to back them up, aren’t we? If so, why are we scared to engage them with rationality?

            1. LOL

              This is pure evil, totalitarian cancer Mike Laursen yet again lying to protect the left.
              Mike Laursen and it's pedophile friends tolerate no rational discourse or disagreement, they live to subjugate you.
              Mike Laursen is currently engaged in systemic child abuse.
              It is pure evil, and it should be executed asap.

              1. We can put Mike on the boat with the progressive "they are people, too" exiles.

            2. "Or you could argue against their ideas. "

              If only Mike actually practiced what he preaches.


              "However, I have to admit, emotionally, I don’t care that much. Unlike those who accuse Democrats of power grabbing, I give them the benefit of the doubt that their motivation is to try to solve a very real public health crisis."

              Notice that Mike will jump to the defense of the Left, and say "we should argue against their policies", but he actually won't, you know, argue against their policies?

              So why should we believe his advice is given in good faith?

            3. "why are we scared to engage them with rationality?"

              Arguing with progrssives is like arguing with a toddler. Their positions are emotionally driven and based on what they WANT to be true, and accept no proof of anything different; they either refuse to define terms or redefine commonly understood terms to suit their objective; they refuse to be held to any objective standard of proof; and they resort to invective and name calling when their positions don't hold up under scrutiny.

              There are no rational arguments to be had with toddlers or progressives.

              1. Progressives don't care if they're wrong or right.

                They don't care if they're rational or irrational.

                Progressives don't care if the things they believe are true or false.

                "Why would we reason with people like that?", becomes a legitimate question once we answer the question, "How do you reason with people like that?"

                There is no means for traction.

                1. "Progressives don't care if they're wrong or right."

                  You are painting a demographic made up of thousands and thousands of people with a broad brush. Of course there are progressives that care if they are wrong or right.

                  1. Well, find us a progressive who cares, Mike. Come on. The majority of Democrats (unlike Independents and Republicans) believe that COVID theater needs to continue. The. Majority. They deny reality and the only reason they aren't a fringe minority is that they are largely the government and the media.

                    So find us one that cares more about being CORRECT than shoving their mandates down our throats. Because I haven't seen one yet, and that includes their apologists, like yourself who seems more interested in defending them than admitting how wrong you have been in supporting them the past 2 years.

                2. A while back, I read a really great article on why it's futile to try and argue with a progressive. Unfortunately, I can't find the link and I forgot what publication it was from. If I find it, I'll share.

                  But the basic point was, you can't argue with progressives because they reject rational argument entirely, and they don't accept that alternative points of view have any validity. That's why they rely on fuzzy language and emotional appeals. If words have no objective meanings, they can be defined and redefined as they need them to be, and a rational person can't engage in debate when there's no common, agreed upon vocabulary or understanding of even the terms of the debate. They reject facts and objectivity in favor of things like "lived experiences," which can't really be argued with. Take, for example, the debate about race and policing. Objective data tells us that cops are not indiscriminately shooting black men. But their argument is the "lived experience" of black people makes them feel like they are, the fact that it's not objectively true doesn't matter, and you're perpetuating white supremacy if you cite the data. There is no way to have a logical debate with that, because the entire argument explicitly rejects logic, and it does so on purpose so it can't ever be wrong.

                  Why on earth would you even try to argue with them? It's just pissing into the wind for distance.

            4. "If so, why are we scared to engage them with rationality?"

              Because it is a waste of time arguing with a religious fanatic.
              If you want an example just read or listen to the interview with McWhorter.

            5. There is yet a third alternative of sending the Progressives some sea lions for pets. 🙂

              That way, the Progressives are foiled and no lives are lost.

              (Well, not human lives anyway. If sea lions really were like that cartoon, even The Doctor Doolittle of the Sea Jacques Cousteau would be out there on the ice with a damn club. 😉 )

              1. The left will only listen to people on the Left. This is why the Powers that Be have worked so hard to paint Truckers, Rogan, Glen Greenwaldt and others as "Alt-Right" and other nonsense. Because if they can convince their tribe that these people are in another tribe, they will reflexively stop listening.

                This is why Mike's silly platitudes of "Why not just have a discussion with them" rings so hollow. As a person on the left who actually *claims* to dislike policies like censorship or mandates- he would get far more arguing from "inside the house" than anyone on the Right. But instead, he would rather hold the right to a far higher standard than he holds those in the Leftist plantation.

                1. That crew being alt-right is a byproduct of "liberal" having been conflated with "progressive". Part of me blames Rush Limbaugh in the 90s using "liberal" as a pejorative for the left on his show, but there's nothing liberal about the government limiting speech and regulating individuals.

                  I'm a remarkably liberal person, by the definition of the word. Leave me alone and make your own decisions. I don't care if you do something stupid, as long as *I* am not required to be stupid and it doesn't fuck my shit up. But I am decidedly not on the American political left.

                  This is liberal. Progressives are the absolute opposite, fundamentally authoritarian. Government is the solution to people's problems types. They aren't the same. They never have been.

                  Greenwald is a classic liberal. An old school, free-speech type of journalist. I assume Rogan is, too -- to be honest I'm not familiar with his work, I just hear his name constantly. But they're definitely political left.

                  Thankfully, Greenwald knows the Streisand effect. He never apologizes when he's right and has said what he meant, and has figured out how to use that, and garner a rabid audience on substack, where the mainstream haven't figured out how to censor him.

            6. We’re not seeing any “rationality” coming from progs to work with, mike.

        2. We need to realize that they've already crossed multiple lines, and won't stop unless they are deservedly put down.

          1. Did they cross a state line like Rittenhouse did? He crossed a state line!

          2. Not via violence, Nardz. That is the bright line. Once you cross that line, there is no going back. The last time we did that, it killed ~20% of males 18-30 (Civil War).

            That is a terrible price to pay (again).

            1. Meanwhile, 29 Democrats in the House have decided not to run for reelection in 2022--presumably because they expect to lose.

              "Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.) announced Tuesday that he would not seek reelection, making him the 29th House Democrat to opt against contesting their seat this cycle."


              What's the point of extraordinary efforts when a simple election will break the Democrats' hold on the entire government? What do the fortification people know about the Democrats' inability to lose an election in 2022 that 29 House Democrats don't know?

              1. Ken, that is where my head is: Win the fucking midterm election by a yuuuuuuge margin. Then it will not matter.

                Item 1: An impeachment vote on POTUS Joe Biden for maladministration.

                1. He'll have investigations up the ying-yang once the Republicans take either or both chambers.

                  I want one into the Biden administration writing a scare letter to itself to justify siccing the FBI's counter terrorism unit on parents for opposing their local school boards.

                  I want one into Joe Biden openly saying they flagged posts and accounts for Facebook to block and deplatform.

                  Knowing the Republicans, they'll probably focus on the one looking into Hunter Biden's laptop, which has a limited political impact. The Republicans can focus on making themselves 1) The champions of the people against the teachers' unions and their school boards, 2) The champions of free speech, or 3) The champions Hunter Biden haters. Even if they go with option 3, it'll be a headache and a distraction.

                  Russiagate was over nothing, and it was a huge distraction for the Trump administration that cost them a tremendous amount of political capital. The Biden administration has been so outrageously unaccountable, I don't think you start an investigation into them without finding something legitimate, and this socialist presidency really needs a distraction and a drain on their political capital. As bad as Biden's opinion polls are now, how much worse will they be when his misbehavior is brought to the attention of more swing voters?

                  There's a bright future for the Republicans after 2022. The more they STFU about insurrectionist shit, the better they'll do.

                  1. Nah, get Bobulinski....everything you need is with him.

            2. Fuck cowardice, XY.
              Non-violence your way right into slavery, camps, and death.
              We are where we are, and where we're headed, because people won't wake the fuck up. When the psychotic rapist says he's going to rape your wife and murder you, do you come up with excuses to let him do it? Fighting him would just be too high a price to pay?

              1. No Nardz....violence is not justified until every peaceful option (short of surrender) is exhausted, and then some. The taking of human life is the absolute last resort.

                When all peaceful options (short of surrender) are exhausted and not tenable, that is the point where violence becomes justifiable.

        3. Yeah, let’s demonize a huge group of our fellow citizens, instead of arguing against their ideas! That’ll end well.

          1. The progs have demonized and othered everyone else for long enough. It's very clear they want us to conform or be removed. Jesus Christ, they openly say it. There are ten stages of genocide and we are around 6 or 7. Almost any action at this point is self defense.

            1. Yes, I know from your comments here that you are pretty much itching for open war with anyone who isn't a right winger.

              1. Yet you can't dispute my statement.
                I don't want war, I want to be left alone. The progs you defend, simply will not allow it.

                1. I didn't defend the progressives. That you think I did reveals that you have trouble with subtlety in though. All I said is they should be treated like human beings, not demonized.

          2. FFS, this is why you get muted so often. You propose doing something you yourself will not.

          3. Here's how that argument typically ends, Michael.

            "You know it's something evil when they get so nasty defending it," says Fontanilla.

            While she has received much praise for speaking out, Fontanilla has also endured considerable online harassment, including threats of violence. One told her to "have fun being a token black friend to racist conservatives your whole life."

            "They're all basically white liberals," she says of the harassers.

            The requisite cite: from yesterday

          4. Why do you conciders progressives to be human, by all objective measures they are a form of cancer

          5. You've muted everybody that shows you how dumb your ideas are Mike. You are so ridiculous.

          6. Yeah, let’s demonize a huge group of our fellow citizens, instead of arguing against their ideas! That’ll end well.

            This coming from an ultra-sensitive fuckwit who can't take even the most mild of rebukes without muting the commenter.

            If it wasn't for your hard-on for Ken, sarc's pityfucks of your comments, and your fellow simp chemtard radical deathfat, you'd have a wall of mute balloons, the lefty commenters, and that's it.

      2. "Time for our Morning Hate of Progressives"

        Can we loathe their fascist asses in the afternoon and evening as well?

        1. Can someone think of a progressive issue that isn't opposed to the principles of libertarian capitalism?

          Even in progressive states like California, we had to legalize marijuana via ballot initiative--because the progressives that ran the legislature in Sacramento wouldn't.

          I might credit them for pushing police reform in places like Minneapolis--if it hadn't been for the fact that progressives have been in charge of Minneapolis since the 1960s. They're the ones who made the police unaccountable in progressive cities in the first place!

          Can anybody think of a progressive issue that isn't opposed to libertarian capitalism.

          I can't, and the reason may be because there aren't any.

          The Republicans unanimously voted against $1.9 trillion in spending on The America Rescue Plan Act of 2021, and they unanimously opposed Biden's $4.5 trillion Build Back Better Act, which was chock full of socialist entitlement programs and central planning. They're by no means libertarian capitalists, but they do have some redeeming qualities.

          No libertarian should apologize for not being able to see the upside of Mao and his evil band of cultural revolutionaries. Fuck the progressives, and fuck Joe Biden.

      3. "Time for our Morning Hate of Progressives!"

        What a bummer for Mike. He was doing generally good the last few weeks. But he just cannot resist jumping to the defense of the Left, even though in this case, the left is overall a problem here. 4/5 Republicans, and over 2/3 Independents understand that this pandemic shit has to stop. But the left is uniquely wrong here.

        This isn't "Morning Hate", but rather recognizing that the Left has become increasingly (and uniquely) Authoritarian over the last few years, and we should all be very worried about that.

        1. *Totalitarian

          1. In this case, the impulses are specifically Authoritarian- they are asking authorities to decide our policies for public health. They overwhelmingly support Big Tech and Government authorities censoring "mis-information" and they- not Independents nor Republicans- give full trust in the IRS, FBI, CIA and other authorities.

            To the extent that their fellating of authorities is also leading us down towards the path of Totalitarianism, where everything in our lives is run by the government, well- there's that too.

      4. If they want us eternally hobbled by stupid covid regulations, then they deserve every bit of it.

  7. “known as the EARN IT Act”

    The Constitution should outright forbid acronyms in bill names. It’s always a sure sign that a bill sucks.

    1. I'd support an obligation that the acronym be incredibly offensive.

      Who would support the
      Simplification bill?

      1. Misek?

        1. And speaking of, here is a hilarious, happy, aand hopeful dispatch from The Culture War:

          We are desperate for new people’: inside a hate group’s leaked online chats

          So the hooded night-riders are more like a struggling Suburban Soccer-Mom Stair-Step Club two months after New Year's Day? Talk about "The Lost Cause!" ????

          And that terror cell of Aryan Pure Supermen really works more like the local Amway/HerbalLife franchise?? C'mon, Klaus! Lemme see you do The Happy Merchant Hand Rub! ????????

          And this what "White Privilege" and "systemic racism" are supposed to look like??? Pardon me while I laugh! ????????????

          Mayve since they're so desperate for members, they'll do Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity (DIE.) ????

          And if it turns out these are just FBI Agents, this means the Fed's Finest are out-of-shape, broke-ass, and can't get others to join their cock party! Man, this is Comedy Gold!

          1. The lack of actual white supremacists was glaringly apparent all the way back at Charlottesville, which was, what? 27 years ago? The lefties had to riot themselves to get somebody pissed enough to run over one of them.

      2. That would work.


    This makes me so angry.
    [Video of Ottawa cops bringing truckers warm food]

      1. It's all they know

        1. Nonsense.
          We have loads of unique Canadian delicacies like Kraft Dinner, Jiggs Dinner, Dill Pickle potato chips and beer n' Clamato juice Red Eyes too.
          A veritable gourmands paradise.

          1. You get half a point for Timbits.

          2. Dill Pickle Chips are great, especially Herr's Brand.

            As for Clammato, all I can say is you poor people. Clamato is only good for sniffing to orally purge the Millwaukee's Beast from your system. The mere name Camato nauseates me!

            1. You're not going to earn your Mountie hat and jodphurs with that sort of attitude to the Edmonton elixir, mister.

              1. Clamato's kind of weird and fake. I prefer to mix my own redeyes and Caesars.

              2. Thought Oilberta preferred Molson triple X.

                1. Molson Triple X? Does he head the Canadian Chapter of The Nation Of Islam? 🙂

              3. It's an elixir? An elixir for curing what? A stable stomach?

      2. Putin

        Aha! Proof of Russian collusion!

        1. In France I believe they call Putin "Poutine" because "putin" means "bitch".

          1. They should stick with the original pronunciation of Putin...but won't. After all, France was Germany's bitch and now Germany is Russia's bitch. Eurasia is just one big bitch-fest!

            "We have always had cat-fights with Eurasia."

    1. Yet when they were kneeling for BLM last year........

    2. This is perfect:

      Why would you be angry ?

      Bc she has compassion for people, you want to scream at empty houses stay in your own province and scream at empty houses there.

  9. In a recent Monmouth University survey 70 percent of respondents agree that "it's time we accept that Covid is here to stay and we just need to get on with our lives."


    1. There's a part of that survey not stated in the above article. About half of respondents think we need MORE mask mandates.

      You say that, but the message has become nearly religious about some things. "Back to normal" and "Get on with your lives" most certainly doesn't include forcing me to cover my face in public just because someone else doesn't understand where masks do and don't have any effect.

  10. A subvariant of the omicron strain of COVID-19 is more contagious and more easily evades current vaccines.

    I blame the unvaccinated.

    1. Now we have subvariants?

      Infinity panic.

    2. This is Spotify’s fault for not canceling Joe Rogan.

    3. I blame Operation Warp Speed!

      Did you guys know that Biden killed Operation Warp Speed?

      "At the end of February 2021, Operation Warp Speed was transferred into the responsibilities of the White House COVID-19 Response Team."

      Instead of Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Novavax, and Merk, Biden gave us the White House Covid-19 Response Team, which is made up of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Dr. Fauci, the Surgeon General, and a few other bureaucrats.

      I'm sure procedures for developing new vaccines are being followed.

  11. The left undertaking literal false flags and not even trying to hide it...

    Obviously years of dedication and folding neatly every night.

    1. Again, the only white supremacist rallies we see are organized by Democrats. Not much has changed in the last 60 years.

    2. I don't know if that's Lincoln Project lefties astroturfing. They look more like FBI. What they certainly don't look like are neo-Nazis or alt-right frogposters.

      1. Lincoln Project, lefties, FBI - all the same


    JUST IN - Pfizer-BioNTech is expected to request "emergency use authorization" for the COVID vaccine for children 6 months to 5 years old on Tuesday, WaPo reports.

    "The idea is, let’s go ahead and start the review of two doses," thus "you could start kids on their primary baseline months earlier than if you don’t do anything until the third-dose data comes in."


    1. The risk benefit of a vaccine for COVID in these kids is the easiest "no" decision one could make.

      I feel bad for the kids who's parents are neurotic enough to jab them at this point

      1. Yep. It's disgusting.

      2. Watching a series on Netflix, I think it's from Spain, called The Barrier.
        Like Korea's Hellbound (and Captain America Winter Soldier...) its terribly relevant these days

      3. It's fucking insane. There is no emergency. Particularly not for children.

  13. Biden is right to reject passing an executive order to cancel student loan debt...

    He no longer needs those votes.

    1. Ding ding! Weird how you don't hear a peep out of DC anymore about how to help Main Street through the pandemic.

    2. Do the dead still have student loans?

      1. Who cares. Can they vote absentee?

        1. No, because Republicans are racist against dead people and want to disenfranchise them.

    3. And he is not going to be needing them for the rest of his life [short as that may be].

  14. Is former President Donald Trump's grip on the Republican Party slipping?

    Is this because they won't take his vaccine?

    1. It's the tipping point! The walls are closing in! It's the beginning of the end!

  15. The Food and Drug Administration has finally given full approval to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

    What year will the approved version be available to the public?

    1. Let's... not get ahead of ourselves. Even talking about that is racist.

  16. Ya know, I've given Welsh enough money over the years to afford something other than the steam-powered server which host this web site, but I guess he used it for hookers and blow.

    1. Maybe he is a libertarian after all.


    Elections have consequences. This is one of them. Who’s had enough?

  18. Why did the editors at reason think not having cops enforce food truck policies, but instead having an expanded seperat agency for enforcement make things better?

    1. Yeah, putting a bunch of betas and Karens n charge of enforcement will be so much better.

  19. "The EARN IT Act won't make children safer, but it will trample online free expression, privacy, and human rights. Its been roundly condemned by nearly every major LGBTQ+ organization and human rights group in the country"

    Since nearly every major LGBTQ+ organization and erstwhile human rights group in the country no longer gives a shit about online free expression, privacy, and human rights, I wonder what the real story here is?

    1. Me too.

      I do not know a thing about that bill and I'd, by default, oppose it...but seeing that LGBT and "human rights groups" oppose it makes me wonder why in the world I should oppose it given that those groups are fascists.

      1. Because it doesn't have
        1 special carve outs for them
        2 they are including pedofiles in their alphabet soup, this upsets them

  20. Not everything is bad news:

    "California's single-payer bill dies"
    "California's single-payer dreams have been dashed again.
    Legislation to create what would be the nation’s first government funded state-run health care system failed to get a vote Monday on the Assembly floor, effectively ending the push for single-payer this session.
    High drama surrounding CA AB1400 (21R) by Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) had made it the highest-profile piece of legislation remaining from last year.
    Kalra told progressive Democratic activists that he didn't bring the bill up for a floor vote because he anticipated the bill would have failed by a double-digit margin. He concluded that a futile vote would only have made it more difficult to cultivate support from other lawmakers for a bill next year..."

    1. This idea is so bad, so stupid, so dangerous and costly that even the fucking stalinists in the california assembly can't go for it.

      1. What could possibly go wrong with declaring you'd pay the medical Bill's for all of Califirnia and Central+South America?

  21. And to the retard at Cato.
    1 you gave up the libritarian angle years ago
    2 those big players have enjoyed extra-legal protection while using the same code to oust upcommers and competitors. Twitter became the randian villain they always were when they colluded with the government and other companies to eliminate parlor


    The only thing that arouses Democrats and liberal activist groups more than censoring people is casually and baselessly branding them racists. The latter is obviously an instrument to achieve the former but they also enjoy it as a game unto itself:

      1. Wouldn't go that far, but he's top tier in our times.

      2. Best $50 I spend every year.

    1. James Lindsay's definition of CRT..."calling everything you want to control racist, until you control it" seems to be more relevant to what the left is doing every day

      1. How close are we to ignoring constant claims of "Racist!"?

        (just copy-paste the poll numbers for COVID: "This sentiment was shared by 89 percent of Republicans, 71 percent of independents, and 47 percent of Democrats.")

      2. Woke = postmodern nazism

    2. If you read about the Journolist, you already knew that. Spencer Ackerman recommended doing that to anybody who opposed Obama, proof not needed.

  23. Big news!

    Our #Resistance allies at are trying to convince Spotify to cut ties with Joe Rogan!

    Everybody click here and sign the petition.


    1. They're still around? I recall Soros funded them start up money [around $50K] in the 90s for the purpose of getting others to "move on" from thinking about Clinton's shenanigans.

      1. They're one of the major fielders of fifty-centers these days. There's hardly an English speaking comments section or forum worldwide untouched by their hires.

        1. Sorry, that's Media Matters, not MoveOn.

  24. What supporters of the law like to obscure is that digital entities are not shielded from federal prosecution if they break child porn laws.

    This is a weird wording. Under section 230, are "digital entities" shielded from prosecution if they break other laws?

    1. Baud rape shield laws

    2. "Qualified immunity for Big Tech is good because multinational oligarchic corporations should ONLY be accountable to government"
      -Reason/Cato/collectivists everywhere

    3. Not seeing why you consider it weird wording. Seems like a straightforward, on-topic sentence.

      1. It's weird because it points out that tech companies are allowed to break other laws and hide behind 230. They have extra-legal protection that Noone else has. They can declare themselves to be publishers and be imune from civil suits, a protection that not a single other publisher has

      2. The wording is very weird because it suggests, in relatively clear language that digital entities are shielded from breaking other laws, just not child pornography. Here's the full section from which I quoted:

        The main thrust of the EARN IT Act is to add another exception to Section 230 (the law that shields digital entities from some liability for user and customer communications) related to child pornography. What supporters of the law like to obscure is that digital entities are not shielded from federal prosecution if they break child porn laws. The EARN IT Act isn't needed to criminally punish them for this.

        We start by mentioning section 230 with a parenthetical that says (not incorrectly) that digital entities are shielded from some liability and customer communications-- presumed to be forum posts by users of the platform. This first sentence says that the EARNIT act wants to specifically call out child pornography as an exception. The passage then goes on to point out that the digital entities are ALREADY on the hook for breaking child pornography laws.

        So the wording is weird, when most of us understand that for better or worse, section 230 is related to customer or user activity on the forum from which the digital entity presumably has no immediate or direct control-- (as long as they moderate in good faith etc. etc.)
        No one that I know of thinks that section 230 shields the digital entity from breaking laws IF THE DIGITAL ENTITY IS THE ONE EXPLICITLY BREAKING THE LAW. Yet this is exactly what the sentence says-- digital entities are not shielded from federal prosecution (not civil liability even!) if they (the digital entity) breaks a child pornography law! So that in its meaning and intent suggests that someone believes that section 230 shields the digital entity from its own lawbreaking as long as those broken laws aren't in the realm of child pornography.

        1. There's nothing in that quote indicating that child pornography law is the only type of law that already applies to these companies. You are reading that into what was said, with no reason to do so.

  25. > Americans were using fewer words related to rational thinking and more words related to feelings.

    Most politics are about feelings not rational thinking. But 2016-2020 was a particularly good period for emotional governance, as Republicans abandoned any pretense of rationality and joined the Democrats in proclaiming, "Mah Feelz!"

    1. The Trump presidency has been a triumph for conservatives who buy into being victims.

      Look at how Ken talks about progressives. They are evil, not just wrong. He has the logical and factual high ground, yet somehow lacks confidence that his side can engage them in rational debate and win. Instead, the way to deal with progressives (a sizeable chunk of his fellow Americans) is demonization, childish fighting, siding with a grifting asshole and straining to make believe he is “the most libertarian” President of our times.

      1. So, Ken treats Progs as they have treated conservatives for decades?

        Your complaint that conservatives are being so mean is a bit silly. Conservatives are not trying to ban anybody who disagrees with them.

        1. I've seen conservatives in this very commentariat going beyond banning to advocating death for progressives.

          I'm neither a progressive nor a conservative, so I don't want to play your stupid game or be sucked into your stupid progressive-conservative culture war. I want to live in a country with a sensible, grown-up government.

          1. Cite?

            And yes you are a progressive. You spend every waking minute trying to defend and distract away from their actions.

          2. By the way, watching you leftists cry about being called leftists while you freely call everyone else conservatives is always hilarious.

          3. "I'm neither a progressive..."

            Can we get a fact check on this?

            1. Fact check says 4 pinnochios on fire.

      2. Hey, Mikey, what do you think of Nazis in Germany in the 1930s and 40s? Evil or just "wrong"?

      3. Didn't you cry about using broad strokes above? How are all of you such hypocrites?

      4. He has the logical and factual high ground, yet somehow lacks confidence that his side can engage them in rational debate and win.

        This is the same guy who begged Reason to put in a "mute" instead of an "edit" button, everyone.

    2. You know, the idiots who think themselves the true centrists and the true golden mean keep saying this, mostly to keep protecting the left. I find it odd.

  26. "...The main thrust of the EARN IT Act is to add another exception to Section 230 (the law that shields digital entities from some liability for user and customer communications) related to child pornography..."

    turd hardest hit!

    1. Hell, yes! We need door greeters like that scrappy old biddy in my store!
      Her and Jeff Dunham's Walter would make the perfect greeter team! 🙂

      I didn't make out your quote in the dialogue, but that's the substance of it!

      1. We get nodding, oblivious, backpacking junkie Zombies like that looter in our store all the time! Somebody who could and would do something to bust them or scare them off would get us bonuses again!


    I hope someone is creating a collection of all the "I just got Covid. So glad I was triple vaccinated!" posts.

    This would have made NO sense to anybody merely 18 months ago... That's how quickly the goalposts have shifted.

    1. 18 months ago 'vaccine' had a different meaning.

      1. 18 months ago we were two weeks away from beating this.

        1. Two years to fatten the curve.

        2. As a kid, I used to think the last two weeks of school were long.


      "Ivermectin shows ‘antiviral effect’ against COVID, Japanese company says"

      Man, if we get a few countries coming out with "Ivermectin shows statistical benefit" I am loading up on popcorn.

      'dirt cheap drug that has been used in humans for years safely, nobel prize winning drug, found to be effective against covid while experimental drug (that doesnt even prevent covid) pushed by CDC/Fauci/Democrats to the tune of a multi billion dollar profit for pharm companies'

      Every day its looking like they have been openly lying to make money and keep people under their boot

  28. But it's also less likely to be spread by vaccinated people, according to a new study out of Denmark.

    Any study that fails to mention the natural immunity conferred by having already had COVID is worthless. What percent of the population has natural immunity at this point?

    One thing people of any philosophical bent should be able to agree upon is that we have officially left the Age of Information and entered the Age of Neurosis.

    1. It's all phony. It turns out that photocopied conspiracy-theory pamphlet you read 20-years-ago while waiting for your oil change was true.

    2. Meh. Modern humans are just returning to our roots. Much easier to blame all bad things on evil spirits and curses imposed by the witch next-door.


    Because the truth of the matter is this — no one else is coming to save you. People in free (mostly red) states are already over covid and have been for a while now. Their kids are going to school without masks, the bars are open, and the football stadiums are packed. Those places are doing just as well as places that are ‘locked up’ tight. And here’s a tip: people in those places aren’t going to protest for your freedom, especially after the ‘experts’ (and Twitter) have been calling them names for at least the last couple years.


    Shocking newly released memos first hinted through a deposition in the lawsuit by victims of Seattle’s CHAZ show the admin of former @MayorJenny drafted documents to transfer ownership of the evacuated police East Precinct to the local #BLM group. #Antifa [link]

    1. Insurrection?

  31. God, can you believe it? It has been two years since our country was afflicted with the China virus (covid-19). That 15 days to slow the spread morphed into an orgy of emergency regulations that took away so many of our rights.

    I can scarcely believe the last two years. I am still 'blown away' by the fact that a country (China) responsible for killing ~900K Americans has not felt any 'pain' for their acts. That has to change.

    1. Not gonna change as long as our President, most of his cabinet, and about 2/3 of Congress on the take with China.

    2. The most massive crime against humanity in history has been conducted by our own leaders and neighbors, and your take is to push their propaganda numbers and direct your anger to China???

      1. Sure, put Emperor Xi & Minions side-by-side with all of our home-grown tyrants in the Nuremburg Trial stands, including Fauci, the FDA, the BATFE, and everyone who held us all back on letting people deal with COVID-19 in ways compatible with our freedom!

      2. The most massive crime against humanity in history

        5.6 million dead, c'mon. It might not break the top 10. The Chinese collectivization efforts killed an order of magnitude more people.

    3. The US should bomb bejing and Wuhan and say the bombs leaked from a wet market, sorry

      1. Maybe the 2022 Quarter could be a Bat crashing through a window, a harbinger that Justice is coming!

    4. I get the sentiment here but it's becoming increasingly obvious and accepted that the US, Fauci, worked with china to make this happen.

      They are all part of the same enemy class.

    5. That's because American intelligence was part of the operation.
      No other reason why we'd work so hard to cover for our chief rival committing an act of war in the entire world.

  32. I had to double-check that the author of the following piece wasn't Gillespie or Welch after reading the title.

    "Covid Restrictions and Other Overreach Bring America Toward a Libertarian Moment"

    "What if the ratchet slips, and rising popular hostility to arbitrary, petty, overbearing and ineffective rules induces a popular backlash? Isn’t it possible that the inconsistency, arrogance and mendacity of the people attempting to order our lives will produce the opposite of their desired outcome?

    "It’s too soon to call this a libertarian moment. Some conservatives of a populist bent are themselves embracing the supposed opportunities of bigger government. But we seem at least to have reached a point where doubts about the wisdom of growing state control are salient."

    People are driven by current events. If you don't like inflation right now, you sound like a libertarian. If you don't like the teachers' unions, you sound like a libertarian. If you don't like vaccine and mask mandates, you sound like a libertarian. I'd love to believe these people's thinking has changed to the point that they'll continue to sound like libertarians when these issues have been addressed and are no longer in the headlines, but I'm afraid that won't happen.

    Just because the swing vote won't stay libertarians once these issues are gone, however, doesn't mean the Republican party can't become more libertarian than it is now, and that should be enough to make us see some substantial changes over time. Maybe they only get to influence policy when the pendulum has swung in the Republicans' direction, but if they get to introduce more incrementally libertarian policies in those moments, that will be more influence than we have on policy now.

    1. A lot of people are starting to realize the freedoms they took for granted are a lot closer to extinction than they thought. That's a libertarian kick in the butt for sure.

    2. I had to double-check that the author of the following piece wasn't Gillespie or Welch after reading the title.

      I didn't. As I pointed out elsewhere, after blowing their wad and then stepping on their own dicks for ~8 of the last 10-12 yrs., now, when something that could be a grassroots libertarian moment might happen, they've been mum.

      I'm becoming convinced they aren't libertarians. They want a Biden-esque social policy prescription issued from the big chair at the discount Johnson or Jorgensen price.

  33. Still nothing going on in Canada, I guess...

    1. Definitely not. And definitely not anything being planned for the US or Australia.

    2. Unless it involves hookers, Reason is not really going to care.

      1. Does that include truck stop hookers? Asking for a friend.

        1. Asking for many friends from me.

        2. I'm a friend.

        3. You know, highway truck stops are the bath houses of the millenium for many, many, many gay men.

          1. Hmm...There's one within driving distance...Could prove handy resarch for why the truck brand is called Peterbilt.

  34. Well as if I didnt have have Jan 6th outrage on every other TV at the gym and hospital when most dont give a shit about it...

    "Kamala Harris drives within yards of pipe bomb on J6" was the recent one I saw. Their new way to bring it back up, for the 100th time.

    Truly they are probably actually pissed it didnt take her out. As a martyr she would have given them endless press, outrage, racism/sexism screaming, war on blacks and on and on. Alive, they have to deal with her running in 2024 and getting absolutely destroyed. No way the DNC wasnt rooting for the former

    1. Supposedly, that pipe "bomb" was to be opened to make sure it was a "bomb", and that was the last time it was mentioned specifically; no report that I've ever seen confirmed it.

      1. wont keep them from running another years worth of stories about it

      2. Pipe bomb, pipeline, crack pipe--all the same, right?

        Remember kids, journalists are language professionals.

        1. If they could get away with it, they'd claim it was a suitcase nuc and Ashli Babbitt had the trigger device but the quick thinking Capitol cop saved the day.

  35. "Its been roundly condemned by nearly every major LGBTQ+ organization and human rights group in the country"

    I know NOTHING about this bill...but this is hardly a negative in my eyes.

    1. It's because these groups are trying to normalize pedofilia.
      The bill is still bad, but so are those discusting people

      1. So, are The Roman Catholic Church, The Southern Baptist Convention, The Latter Day Saints, The Boy Scouts, and Muslim groups opposed to this EARN IT Act?

        I've never heard of any LGBTQ+ organization endorsing sexual abuse of children and evey Pride Parade I've ever heard about had no NAMBLA floats.

    2. The placement of LGBTQ+ *ahead* of the ACLU, EFF, UJC, and HRW is hilarious. Like there was a discussion about how the latter had utterly trashed any principles they stood on and are, instead being lumped in behind the venerable and unassailable 'LGBTQ+ organization and human rights groups' label. They know they're all garbage but if they can squeeze out a win by defending human trafficking (even if it's not what's happening) under the label of human rights, it's all good.

    3. Supporting or opposing something because someone else does the opposite is not independent thinking.

  36. 'In a recent Monmouth University survey 70 percent of respondents agree that "it's time we accept that Covid is here to stay and we just need to get on with our lives." This sentiment was shared by 89 percent of Republicans, 71 percent of independents, and 47 percent of Democrats.'

    Karens, drama queens, and bed-wetters (aka modern Democrats) to be hardest hit. Also authoritarian politicians (see modern Democrats).

    1. a bloodbath is coming in midterms

      Newsom and the CA elite at a game where they are actively pushing mask mandates...maskless.

      Not only are their mandates pointless, and dont work. But they want to force them on people knowing they are BS, while blatantly not following the same rules, directly in the plebs faces.

      There are a lot of sheep out there unfortunately. But many are getting fed up

      1. "a bloodbath is coming in midterms"
        Let's hope but the push-back is coming. In PA, the congressional seat being lost is probably going to be a GOP one. The latest redistricting map doesn't suit the Dems so they are appealing it to the State Supreme Court (5-2 Dem majority) which last unconstitutionally redrew the map to favor Dem victories. I hear that NY is re-districting to cost the GOP one seat, and Cal. is determined to take out one or two existing GOP districts. Other blue states are trying to do the same, so don't be surprised if the hoped for 40 seat gain is only 20 or less.


      2. "a bloodbath is coming in midterms"

        Ha, ha. Jimbo still thinks that they're going to let midterms happen.

  37. U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz got into a tense back and forth with agents in Laredo, Texas, Friday, as Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas paid a visit.

    You know, as a gay black man who is GOPProud like Milo and Caitlin videos like these make my heart burst with pride when I fill out my tax forms and pay the government tens of thousands of dollars to maintain the paychecks of these brave patriots who staff the most libertarian agency in the United States government. Hip hip hooray for the Border Patrol. They are my kind of niggas.

    1. Poor Shrike.
      Sorosistas can't meme.

      1. And it would appear they enjoy being able to make up a false identify just so they can drop n-bombs. Truly vile people.

  38. ENB....If you really want to help Readership, you should include mentions of things like this:

    For those with a 401K, give until it hurts. At least, get the match.

    1. 272 options in your employer's 401k plan? How better to drive employees into throwing up their hands and putting everything in the safest option that doesn't even keep up with inflation. Employers usually provide a "licensed professional" to discuss your options with you, based on your own financial circumstances and risk factors. Doesn't guarantee you'll come up a winner but it might lead you to realize that economic actions in D.C. have consequences and the politicians you vote for my have policies that destroy or advance your financial happiness.

      1. Investing in low cost index funds over a long period of time....that is a certain path to wealth.

    2. Who needs a 401k, or savings,? The government will take care of me as long as I'm a good little boy and do what I'm told and say what they want me to say

  39. Big shout out to Tom Brady, the greatest football player there ever was, and probably ever will be. Years ago I used to be one of the guys who enjoyed ribbing you, but really you have nothing but my total respect.

    What should be the biggest takeaway from your remarkable career (but sadly won’t be) is the eternal value and importance of hard work and sheer determination. At no point were you ever the biggest, the strongest, the fastest, the most athletically gifted, but you literally outworked everyone to become the greatest there ever was. We used to be a nation of hard-working winners that inherently understood the value of this attitude, but more and more each day we’re becoming a nation of lazy, entitled losers, which is why we’re in such steep and rapid decline.

    Some people like to falsely say “all pro athletes work hard”, but some of us know this isn’t really true. There are a LOT of guys in your position who get by on their natural talent, do the bare minimum of real work they have to, and as a result never really achieve their full potential.

    So here’s to you Tom Brady, you are a great American and today is your day.

    1. Fuck you for causing me to respect someone who played for the Patriots.

      Next you can regale us with how that great German Joseph Goebbels worked tirelessly, always representing the ideals of the 3rd Reich, ultimately being rewarded by succeeding to the Chancellorship. Look what you can accomplish with hard work and dedication, kids!

      But not Goebbel's kids. They got cyanide capsules. Which is what Patriots fans deserve.

    2. It's pretty remarkable how the three greatest QBs in NFL history--Unitas, Montana, and Brady--weren't considered the epitome of elite athleticism and had rather auspicious starts to their career, but ended up dominating their eras anyway.

  40. The Food and Drug Administration has finally given full approval to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

    Just in time!

    1. At least we can stop having to hear the argument that we shouldn't get vaccinated because the vaccines have only emergency use authorization. Anyone who was making that argument -- congrats, you can now go down to your local drug store and get the Moderna vaccine.

      1. now we can just stick with you shouldn't get vaccinated because they dont fucking work

        1. Which isn't true. Since it isn't true, it isn't a good reason to avoid getting vaccinated.

      2. Or that the fda has pushedd out the scientists, and brought in polititions

    2. The polititions at the fda need to finalize their stock purchase first

  41. Arrest made after video of food truck vendor vandalizing Whittier taco stand goes viral

    Taco truck driver vandalizes taco stand with... a fire extinguisher!

    Essenlastwagen Über Alles!

  42. We often think of #Section230 in terms of big players like Facebook and Google, but s my new piece at @CatoInstitute discusses, it is just as important (and maybe even more important) to small players and new entrants

    "We often think of government protection of big players like Facebook and Google, but s my new piece at @CatoInstitute discusses, it is jsut as important (and mayb even more important) for the government to protect small players and new entrants."

    We don't even know who they are or why they would need government protection from the untold hordes that we also can't identify beyond "trolls" and "Russian hackers", but we're sure they need government protection. And not that phony-baloney, after-the-fact SCOTUS protection we offer to baker's against state discrimination councils or employers after an admittedly unconstitutional executive mandate, *real* protection.

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