Elizabeth Warren Blames High Food Prices on Grocery Chains' 'Record' 1 Percent Profit Margins

The Massachusetts senator advocated breaking up major grocery retailers with antitrust laws.


On Friday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) tweeted a video clip from her appearance on MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle Reports a couple of days earlier.

"What happens," the caption asked, "when only a handful of giant grocery store chains like Kroger dominate an industry? They can force high food prices onto Americans while raking in record profits." Warren claimed that "a handful of giant chains" had replaced the wide selection of smaller stores that used to dot the American landscape, and she called for the use of the government's antitrust power to "break up these giant corporations."

This was not a new topic for the senator: In December, she sent a letter to Kroger, Albertsons, and Publix, excoriating the grocery giants for "passing costs on to consumers to preserve your pandemic gains" and "taking advantage of inflation to add greater burdens." The letter noted that while grocers' profits had risen during the pandemic, the chains had not reinvested that windfall into "lower prices for consumers" and "protect[ing] and compensat[ing] their workers."

But Warren could hardly have picked a worse industry to use as an example: Grocery stores consistently have among the lowest profit margins of any economic sector. According to data compiled this month by New York University finance professor Aswath Damodaran, the entire retail grocery industry currently averages barely more than 1 percent in net profit. In its most recent quarter, Kroger reported a profit margin of 0.75 percent, during a time in which Warren claims that the chain was "expanding profits" due to its "market dominance."

In actuality, for much of the last year, grocery stores have seen enormous boosts in revenue, but not increased profitability, for the simple reason that everything has been costing more: not just products, but transportation, employee compensation, and all the extra logistical steps needed to adapt to shopping during a pandemic. Couple that with persistent inflation—which Warren also recently blamed on "price gouging"—and it is no wonder that things seem a bit out of balance.

Warren has had an itchy trigger finger for antitrust laws for some time. In 2019, as part of her presidential platform, she called for using the laws to forbid retailers from selling their own products. This would affect industry leaders like Amazon and Walmart, but ironically, it would have a devastating impact on grocery stores as well: Grocers increasingly rely on their own proprietary goods to stock cheaper alternatives alongside name brands. This provides not only less expensive options for consumers, but lower costs to the stores themselves. Store brands also help fill gaps created by external supply shortages.

If Warren wishes to truly rein in the costs of Americans' groceries, the solutions are clear: Cool off inflation by paring back profligate government spending; remove protectionist restrictions to allow industries to get the supply chain back on track; in the longer term, cut back on red tape to better allow competition among suppliers. These fixes may not be as flashy as "break up Big Grocery," but they at least reflect the situation accurately.

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  1. Bitch always looks like a pecking chicken when she clucks earnestly.

    1. I had a dental hygienist who loved to chit chat and would sometimes pause, look at you like "why aren't you responding?!?", and a few times even pulled the suction tube out so I could answer. Then I first heard of Lizzie Warren and was astounded how much she looked like my hygienist. Gave me the creeps.

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    2. "Who is this woman trying to be bossy?"

        1. Thanks!

        2. Queenie is one of two I have muted (the rev is the other), both for being repetitive with no imagination. This may be the first time I have been curious as to what Queenie wrote, but her track record is too dismal to unmute her.

          1. "I felt I need to write a paragraph in response to this person I've muted!"


          2. You muted me or other Rev?

          3. Clingers don't have to read my comments.

            But they will comply with my preferences. As usual.

            Thank you for continuing to toe the line established by your betters, culture war casualties.

            1. It's good to know your admission that you've become a pure authoritarian. Just know we won't go down without a fight.

              1. That leftist mob that tried to murder Kyle Rittenhouse learned a valuable lesson.

                Oh who ami kidding? Progs never learn a goddamn thing.

            2. @Revcuntland - your betters are really the parasites killing the host.. you should thank the true libertarians that built all the societal wealth you are squandering...(but you probably have some goose stepping brown shirting to go do, doncha)

          4. You didn't miss anything.

            She is whiteknighting for Fauxcahontas by implying all criticism of ignorant politicians is because of her gender.

            Queen is self-identifying as a woke leftist.

      1. It's not her bossiness that bothers me, but the likelihood that her policies will make providing basic human needs more expensive for poor people.

        1. Her bossiness is precisely why she will make providing basic human needs more expensive for poor people.

          Hell, my area doesn't even have a Kroger and hasn't for decades. It sold stores to Bi-Lo, who then sold to Food Lion, who was originally Food Town. And all of them have to compete against Amazon and Walmaer on price point and variety. Needpess to say, no one name dominat3s this industry.

          Lizzie is about to impose something horrible on consumers if the rest of Congress goes along.

          1. Correction: Walmart and dominate

          2. What used to be a Kroger is now a Big Lots.

      2. That's not what the article is saying. It's saying, "This woman doesn't bother looking at evidence, because it's easier just pushing a narrative."

        1. She knows her audience.

          Why bother with substantive arguments when your base wouldn't understand them anyway?

        2. "These fixes may not be as flashy as "break up Big Grocery," but they at least reflect the situation accurately."

          As if accurately reflecting the situation was ever their goal...

      3. Oh. It wasn't her words or beliefs. Thanks shrike.

      4. Yes! We should all obey bossy women, because queens, right?

  2. It's a Red Herring.

  3. Gee, that's terrible, but at least she's not costing lives like Gov DeSantis who advises against masks and vaccines while promoting treatments that cost $2100 (compared to vaccines at $24 (free to us). But then we can't expect another column on DeSantis .........wait, you say there haven't been any?

    1. Governor Ron DeSantis defended his administration's handling of up to 1 million COVID-19 test kits that expired in a state-run warehouse.

      1. I am impressed at how utterly pointless every post you make is.

        1. Not to mention how off topic they usually are.

          1. I kind of feel bad muting the dumb fucker, because I was occasionally entertained by the level of stupid. On the other hand, it's way easier to sort through posts without reading that much stupid.

        2. I don't think it would take much to impress you, brah. Did you read or have someone read it to you, the post previous to mine about Desantis costing lives? Do think it's good or bad thing that he let the tests "utterly" expire? cool story, brah

          1. Tell me this isn't Sqrslscasmic.

            1. As per usual, wrong. Keep trying, even a blind squirrel finds a nut. If you keep looking at QAnon conspiracies, you won't.

              1. Read JimboJr's response below in regards to DeSantis.

          2. bruce hate to break it to you but I don't think anyone reads Joe's posts.

          3. Do you have some evidence that his policies are costing lives any more than the policies of any other governor? Probably not since FL isn't doing particularly worse than states with similar populations that have applied the policies you favor.

    2. In fairness, his state did no worse than CA or NY despite having a significantly more at risk demographic.

      Kind of embarrassing to enforce authoritarianism when another state comes along and shows doing nothing was better for the citizens than everything your progs tried.

      1. Just for the record, DeSantis did a lot.
        But since he followed the science and focused on the truly vulnerable, the fascist propaganda machine has made up whatever they could to demonize him regardless of his success. The real problem is that his success was in allowing a majority of the FL citizens to lead a life of individual choice, not submission.

        1. Remember how "Everybody is at risk for AIDS"? Since everybody now realizes that's bullshit, we had to move to "Everybody is in danger of dying from COVID." With the Omicron variant (which I'm coming off of as we speak), we'll soon all realize that that's bullshit too, and our betters will have to come up with something new. Controlling the deplorables is a never-ending task.

          1. Hey, if little children need protection against human papilloma, hepatitis B & C...?

        2. And Florida is not suffering from economic losses from unemployed people either.
          Florida is hated so much by democrats, they like to vacation there....and patronize drag queen bars.

    3. You think the US only paid $12 per dose for the vaccines?

    4. Joe, to borrow your line: Grow Up! You should be embarrassed with yourself. You are so eager to deflect from terrible, stupid policies of an odious senator that you are just bringing up total random shit. Nobody is buying it and everyone sees that you are trying to carry water for Elizabeth Warren.

      Let's be clear: She is just trying to screw with the food industry- one of the most successful human stories in history. For a brief, shining moment in humanity's existence, and especially in the United States, humans have an embarrassment of food riches. And it is at the hands of a food industry stands in direct contrast to the food industries of places like the Soviet Union that was run under the same command and control dictates that Warren would impose on us.

      Her scapegoating is not only the brain dead, childish ranting of a high school sophomore, but it is also the type of "Wreckers and Kulaks!" nonsense that allowed the Soviets to vilify and persecute millions of its most productive citizens.

      You should be ashamed of trying to change the subject. But you won't be because you aren't here to have conversations, you are here to be Warren's Obedient Servant in the tribal wars. The sad thing is that when she gets her way, and we get the inevitable price increases or shortages, she won't have a moment of sympathy for you. She will be fine in Capitol City, with her food while you try to figure out what the fuck happened.

      1. Well said, thanks.

      2. We are in a position where our greatest chronic illnesses come from *overeating* and even with government regulators demanding producers hand over their product for free, these producers *still* produce massive excess - to the point that they worry about being *too productive*.

        But no - these idiots think the government needs to step in and 'fix' things.

      3. @Overt - WOW - bravo.. if this doesnt make Joe rethink his position, well, then, you know its because @RevCuntland's "betters" is down his throat - or something, something however rev-cunty says his childish remarks...

    5. Whomp, whomp.

      And once again we see the typical left-winger that can't wrap his head around the idea that a failure to mandate equates to firm opposition. I've known computers that were less binary.

    6. DeSantis has told people to get vaccinated constantly dumbass.

    7. Wait do New York now. Hey, I thought Biden was going to stop the virus but there are more deaths now then under Trump.

      Also, if you go in the way way back machine to March 2020, when Trump wanted to close the border and all. Who was marching in parades and saying it was racist?

      It's ok. Just remember if you are protesting for something democrats like, the virus can't hurt you

    8. Seriously dude... What r u like 12-yrs old? PROVE your silly mask and vaccines work for what u intellectual children r using them for. U won't be able to site a single peer-reviewed study on either of them. The whole thing is an IQ test. Which u r failing miserable at. U r but a clown show of human. Ignorant as hell is all u be.
      The Phucko Knows

      1. Do IQ tests now allow the test-takers to write like a teenage texter on TicTTok?

    9. All decent people are against forced masking and forced medical experimentation. All decent people defend our unalienable right to liberty.

      Also, if you want medical treatment YOU pay for it, instead of being a greedy POS expecting everyone else to pay for the things you want.

  4. How fucking dumb do you have to be to believe anything this wretched woman says?

    If you do you should not vote or really do anything of influence over anyone else.

    She is a horrible person and you are a horrible person for supporting her

    1. "How fucking dumb do you have to be to believe anything this wretched woman says?"

      And that is a well measured, rational, perfectly appropriate response to this level of stupidity.

      When people say and believe incredibly stupid and ridiculous things, the appropriate response is humiliation and ridicule.

      How painfully ignorant and stupid do you need to be to believe what Elizabeth Warren says about this!

      This is one of the reasons why she came in the third in her own state in the primaries of 2020. The people of Massachusetts may be progressive, but 79% of them are smart enough to want someone other than Elizabeth Warren. Even the people of Massachusetts think she's a sack of shit.

      1. Uh, they still keep voting her in as a Senator though...

        1. There is a cabal in Mass that controls which Dem gets to run for which office. It is unlikely she will ever face a Dem in a primary.

          1. Lol, so that cabal didn't work well with the primary in question!

            Great job, J. Birch!

            1. She won’t face primary competition for her Mass elected office. The cabal boss to the national cabal when it comes to a national office (POTUS).

              Great job idiot!

              1. Lol, classic Conspiracy Nut Job dodge.

                1. You mean the part where tried to make it look like a state-level group has significant influence over national level politics?

                2. She hasn’t faced a candidate in her Dem primaries in Mass. So the “always vote blue” folks don’t have an option and are compelled to support her in the general election, regardless of how awful she is. But those same people had a choice in the presidential primaries and selected her 3rd.

                  1. Well, what happened to those Masterlords in the primary? Lol.

                    1. MassDNC isn’t going to override national DNC when it cones to something national.

                      That isn’t a difficult concept for an average person to understand. I’ll try to track down something visual created with crayons to help you. And no, you don’t have permission to eat the crayons.

                    2. State does not equal national election QA. A presidential primary is a far cry from a state one and the candidates popularity in the presidential primary usually reflects that.
                      But if you need a more glaring example, look no further than the current VP.

                  2. So, in other words, Massholes who don't like a particular Masshole Senator will have to cobble up a counter-cabal.

            2. State and national parties are quite separate entities. See for instance, the Libertarian Party of the state of New Hampshire vs. the National Libertarian Party.

        2. Yeah, so what? We already know voters will vote for anyone put in front of them. This is why we got Trump. This is why we got Biden. Fuck Donald Trump, fuck Joe Biden.

          1. Boaff sidez!

    2. > How fucking dumb do you have to be to believe anything this wretched woman says?

      I see no evidence that anyone but the mouthbreathing press believes this wretched woman.

      1. You underestimate the ignorance of progressive Massholes.

        1. At least to the extent that they won’t ‘go off the reservation’ over her.

    3. ^This x 1000

      1. Notice a liberal woman *really* riles up the Farmers for Trump here.

        They should know their place!

        1. We don't hate women. We just hate you.

          1. Sure, that's why so much hate even before I showed up!

            1. Yeah, but how much hate just for you?

              If you had an ounce of intellectual integrity, you could accept that we hate you as an individual, i.e. it is your fault, and not deflect the hate by hiding behind your "They hate all womens!" delusion.

              And the same goes for Liz.

          2. Shrike is a pedophile. Not a woman. Qa is shrike.

            See peanuts, farmers for trump, And other tells.

            1. I wonder if Shrike read the defense of pedophile on USA Today twitter before it got "deleted"

              1. Wait, WHAT?

        2. Except she not a liberal, is she?

        3. Not a farmer, not for trump. Although I have worked on farms, I don't recall ever saying anything nice about trump. His damned trump steaks were the worst.

        4. Notice a liberal woman *really* riles up the Farmers for Trump here.

          What a clumsy attempt to denigrate those who disagree with you as sexist. The people who deride Warren for her idiotic and frankly evil viewpoints have exactly the same opinion about Bernie Sanders.

        5. Who is this liberal woman you speak of? (not a joke)

        6. I'm a retail employee and voted for nobody since 2004 and I hate this bitch, not for being a woman, but because her policies of interfering in the peaceful, honest acts of business would lead to impoverishment and even starvation for millions. And you're willing to impose this misery on those millions #BecauseVagina and #BlahBlahBlahGrrlPower.

          I take it you have never bought and used store brands. They are frequently made in the same factories as the name brands. The only difference between store brands and name brands is the marketing techniques and celebrity endorsements of name brands which explains the lower price for store brands. By restricting and denying stores the right to sell store brands, Fauxcahontas Warren is the one subsidizing Corporate Cronies and celebrities and imposing higher prices on the middle-class and poor, including the poor Indians* Warren claims as her relatives and predecessors.

          (By the way, Pop-Up Video Factoid: I saw George Carlin from 1992 on The Dick Cavett Show archived on

          Carlin pointed out that the name "Indian" doesn't derive from Columbus thinking he reached India. India was called "Hindustan" at the time. Rather, "Indian" derived from a corruption of Columbus' words ifor the people n Spanish "Los hentes en Dios" --The People of Go."

          The term "Native American" was an invention of The Department of the Interior in the Seventies and designated all indigenous tribes in the Contiguous States, plus Haw'aiians, Samoans, Alleutian Islanders, Eskimos, and Inuits. A majority of all the people put under this catch-all term don't use the term or like it.)


        7. You’re not a liberal. Just an authoritarian Marxist.

  5. "Elizabeth Warren Blames High Food Prices on Grocery Chains' 'Record' 1 Percent Profit Margins"

    This idiot has no business making decisions on our behalf.

    How embarrassing for her!

    I maintain that what progressives believe about how the economy works is far dumber than creationism.

    1. People who believe in creationism or even a flat earth do no harm to anyone but themselves. Even their children will learn better pretty quickly.

      People who believe in Marxism or AGW are the dangerous ones; the only reason they glom onto their particular pet political projects is to try some other way to control everybody.

      1. "People who believe in creationism or even a flat earth do no harm to anyone but themselves. Even their children will learn better pretty quickly."

        Handwaving as exercise!

        1. For more exercise, pick up two baseball bats, and then wave your hands in random motions with your eyes closed. Please.

      2. The idea that the universe is so big and complicated that it must have been initiated by a supreme intelligence makes far more sense than the idea that Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Liz Warren have supreme intelligence necessary to make better choices for us than we can for ourselves.

        Their ignorance is just icing on the cake.

        1. You've got it almost exactly in reverse. The Universe isn't a product of Inttelligent Design, so why does something as puny as an economy of one nation on one Planet of countless others need Intelligent Design of a Central Planner either?

          By the way, I'm still waiting for evidence of a Free-Market in the non-human Animal Kingdom. Do they use precious metals as a basis for currency? (No, aluminum foil in nests doesn't count.)

          1. Like the democrats, most animals lack sufficient development of cognitive faculties necessary to understand and implement a free market.

      3. Don't forget homeopaths and chiropractors. Too many deaths on their hands. And don't get me started on organic foodies...

        1. Chiropractors can fix some lower back problems lickety split.

          1. Yeah, they do straddle an interesting line between effective body manipulation techniques and outright quackery.

            1. But enough about your mom. ZING!

          2. Qh, but they also think that the spine is at the root of all medical problems. Totally reductionist, nonfalsifiable claim and thus unscientific.

      4. Well, if people seriously believed in Creationism, they'll be waiting for Mannah from Heaven and be living like lillies and "beasts of the field" waiting for JHVH-1 to provide for them. They also wouldn't be engaging in Genetic Modification to produce greater yields of crops in less space and with fewer resources.

        So, between Creationism and Marxism/Progressivism, I'd say it's six of one and half-adozen of another. Three Cheers for God Damn Godless Capitalism!

    2. Actually, it IS creationism: The belief that an economy is NOT an emergent order but must have been created by a government.

      I recall once stumbling into an argument with an otherwise well educated student, who insisted that the only way products got to their store shelves was through direct government action. He was an idiot of course, but demonstrates the creationism of the progressives. He literally believed that truckers got their delivery orders straight from the government, to pick up celery at farm A and deliver it to grocer B. He's an extreme case, but it's not hard to find proggies who act as if government is the initiator of all economic action.

      1. +1

        The difference is that where creationists believe in a supreme intelligence, progressives go even further with their belief that the supreme intelligence is Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Liz Warren.

        325 million individuals acting in pursuit of their own interests from their own individual perspectives--simultaneously--can't compete with the supreme intelligence as revealed to Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Liz Warren.

        1. Hell, they even believed in the supreme intelligence of Trump, they beef was that Trump wasn't listening to their prayers.

          1. Nevertheless, he was a decent president. Considering the unprecedented array of enemies gathered against him. And his enemies are the enemies of all Americans.

      2. In Stalinism that's how it works. I should use "works" in quotes there

        1. Yes, you are correct. That progressives believe this is how the economy should work is distressing.

          1. So true. In America we stand in line for 3 hours to buy the latest iPad. In the Soviet Union they stood in line for 3 hours to buy bread. It really isn’t complicated. The capitalist free market creates efficiencies, lowers prices and its response to customers’ needs is so superior it isn’t even close. Your local Apple Store is capitalism. Your local DMV is government bureaucracy. Again, it isn’t really complicated. But the Liz Warren’s of the world don’t have a clue.

        2. "Scare quotes" that is, followed by the hands gripping an AK and mowing down the "Wreckers, Kulaks, and Counter-Revolutionaries."

      3. He's probably working for the Biden administration now. Or teaching at Harvard.

    3. She would screw up a Girl Scout cookie drive.

  6. Q: How can you tell if someone is a moron?
    A: They're in congress.

    Q: How can you tell if someone is an idiot?
    A: They're in the Senate.

      1. Being in the Senate means never having to think again...

        1. The constant fundraising and whoring yourself out. Yuck. I would rather think.

    1. So if they are idiotic morons they become president?

      1. President doesn't even rate on the I.Q. scale.

  7. The socialist playbook never changes. Maduro blamed the private sector for food shortages in Venezuela in 2013 and promised that the government would intervene. The people ended up losing a lot of weight.
    I happened to be in Argentina in 2016 where food prices increased on a daily basis. People blamed corporations, not the government that solved every problem by restricting trade and printing more pesos.

    1. The only thing socialists are good at is propaganda--that's how they get to power in the first place.

    2. Venezuelans ended up eating zoo animals and grass. North Koreans eat grass and each other. The only thing Socialism is good at producing is corpses.

  8. no person is required to listen to Lieawatha. those who choose to make questionable choices.

    1. Capitalization is a socialist trap!

      1. so is that bastardized electric grocery-getter Ford is calling a Mustang

        1. He discovers capitalization when it comes to cars!

          1. Lieawatha was capped.

            1. Lol, now he gets it! Pathetic.

              1. lol you ruined your own joke

                1. so you say

                  1. until you find an edit function, yes I say.

              2. Why haven't you killed yourself yet? Need a diagram?

      2. The wise man speaks because he has something to say, the fool speak because he has to say something

        1. Why'd you comment then, Silent Bob?

          1. Because I had something to say about your pathological need to say something

      3. It is fantastic to watch the usual lefty antagonists parachute into the comments trying to distract distract distract. Notice they cannot defend this idiocy. All they can do is try to shit up the threads and get people talking about something- anything- else.

        I almost have sympathy for them. Almost.

        1. "We're not stupid, that evil woman is, why does they talk about we're stupid? They're spoiling our party!"

          1. Conflate, confound, and when that fails, distract, distract, distract.

          2. She's not stupid. But she is very wrong.

  9. The more one grandstands, the more one exposes their economic ignorance.

  10. Fauxcahontas is free to start her own grocery store(s). She would soon learn that economies of scale tend to favor larger entities such as Kroger instead of Lizzie’s Luxury Land of Food one-off grocer.

    1. On the other hand, she would be able to secure government loans and grants to (continue to) live a life of luxury and privilege while taxing the competition to death.

  11. I swear the D's are in a race to see who can appear the most out of touch and disconnected from reality. I think they might want to lose the mid terms?

    1. I think some of them see the 1/6 narrative they're peddling as their ace in the hole; along with some more Covid panic-mongering to push their voting "reforms".

  12. Wonder when was the last time Ms. Warren shopped in a grocery store. I expect she has people to do that for her.

    1. Unlike your hero Trump, who totes goes into Krogers to get his ketchup to put on his steak!

      1. The article has nothing to do with Trump. It is regarding a squawking progressive speaking ignorantly about grocery stores.

        1. If you're going to pull your class-resentment card, at least don't try to hide it later!

          1. Warren is railing against a sector that has a minuscule profit margin. They may have had record profits but the actual profits was about 1%. The high food prices Americans (and global consumers) are experiencing are not due to 1% profits. But Lizzie insists on connecting high food prices with price gouging/profiteering. While I don’t doubt she has no clue what a dozen eggs or a gallon of milk costs, her not understanding that the appreciable grocery inflation is unrelated to that. It is germane from a connecting with the common person perspective. Not dissimilar to when John Kerry had a news team with him when he went to purchase a hunting license. Or the time Mike Dukakis had a laborer to his house (news team present) - Dukakis offered the guy a beer and, when accepted, half of it was served in a 6 ounce glass. In defense of the fake Cherokee Warren, she isn’t the first Masshole politician that flopped when trying to portray empathy with the commoners.

            1. They also had record profits during the pandemic because the restaurants were fucking closed and people had to go to the grocery stores more often than they normally would to feed themselves & their families.

      2. The only difference between ketchup and A-1 and Heinz 57 is ingredients. Ketchup isn't the worst thing about Trump.

        1. Actually, the FDA recommends eating your steak well done, and also says that ketchup adds nutritional value. So, he was kind of following their advice all along.

          Pretty sure the CDC advises against touching your food with your hands as well, so he might even be cleared on that bizzare 'pizza with utensils' thing.

          1. I ate my steaks well-done after I experienced a 24-hour stomach virus 33 years ago from eating rare steak. Whatever Trump's other faults, this isn't one of them, but it apparently got Sarcasmic's goat when I rold him about my preference for well-done meat. Long story but funny. 🙂

            As for utinsils with pizza, only with Godfather's Pizza from the Eighties! That was the cake of deep-dish pizza! You order one of them thick beauties, and eating with the hands would be savage, and you eat for days off the leftovers!

    2. I remember when George Bush Sr. went into a grocery store, probably for the first time and was shocked at the prices.
      The Bush family....another of the inbred families.

  13. In a way, she’s inspirational. Every time she speaks, she gives hope to those with intellectual deficits. She proves that even people with IQs that are far below average can attain high office, especially if they as willing to fudge their background to falsely claim minority status.

    1. Sort of her own "No Senator Gets Ahead" program? Laudable.

    2. Warren was born in the dumpwater of OK city. She went on to excel at University of Houston and Rutgers. I'm sure you've done as well with your superior intellect....

      1. All she had to do was steal a spot from a minority l

        1. Nice try, that came later. But thanks for the mindless parrotting!

          1. Good, you admit she’s a lying thief who clawed ahead by stealing from the affirmative action program she champions. That’s something at least.

      2. you're not actually defending her intelligence are you?

      3. Yes, I'll accept that challenge being at NASA for 25 years, and a rocket scientist. I'll compare my knowledge to hers any day. She is an idiot like AOC. Passing a test and being able to able the information are two different things.

        Now, come back with Trump because you have nothing else. Warren has never run a business, never produced a product, and is still rich. Explain how Sanders, Warren, Biden got rich working for the government.

        Go hug Mother-in-law Karen. Oh and have that fake beer with her too. The rest of the country she is a joke (except the hard core far left democrats). Hell, what did she get in the democrat primary?

        There are idiots on both sides but she is a leader of the idiots at the moment.

        1. I don't think she's stupid. Lots of very smart people are very wrong about all kinds of things. In some ways I think smart people are better at convincing themselves to believe ridiculous things than stupid people. Humans are really good at talking themselves into believing things.

          1. This is absolutely true. The smarter you are, the greater the danger of confirmation bias and rationalization.

        2. Another Rocket Scientist who looks at video screens all day to "prove" his rocket actually went anywhere. U r no different then one of these moronic "reality show" watchers who get what life is through made up pictures and narratives. Even NASA itself says your all full of shit. As a Rocket Scientist is but a permanent child in a man's body.
          The Phucko Knows

          1. Does The Phucko know that The Phucko is spelling like a texting teen?

      4. A college degree does not necessarily infer good thinking and reasoning skills.It only infers that someone memorized all the correct answers on tests.
        Furthermore, today's college graduates are even worse off as they have been given degrees in worthless subjects that end with the word Studies.
        There is no guarantee that a college degree will make one intelligent or capable of reason. In some cases, just the opposite.

        1. Try using 'imply' instead of 'infer'. It'll make you sound less dumb.

  14. Trying to make Biden look smart?

  15. Remember when the Left complained tgat worrying about the long term effects of Covid policies was being concerned about the mere economy over people's lives? Well, now those chickens have come home to roost, and she wants to deflect blame from the government for what has been wrought over the past two years..

    She is either too dumb to understand economics or thinks a majority of voters are.

    1. "She is either too dumb to understand economics "

      "Remember when the Left complained tgat worrying"

      1. That's your defense of her. Are you holding your breath till someone says something nice? At least Tony would bring up some points, hell even Shrike tries.

        1. Queen brings nothing of value. Better off muting the stupid bitch.

    2. She is evil, she isn't dumb.

      I have the fortunate of knowing such radical lefties that they don't know when to lie and tell me what they really believe. I have had more than one person tell me the Kulaks got what they deserve.

      These people are nothing but evil scum. If she existed 100 years ago she would be agitating against the Kulaks.

  16. I got one word for ya: midterms.

  17. Remember when people said she was a policy wonk? Yeah, that shit was hilarious.

    Does she just figure Women of Color don't need to read the briefing materials any more since Harris is getting away with it?

    1. Reading briefing materials is Acting White.

    2. What color is Liz?

    3. HA - I remember when they tried to sell that line of bullshit.

      These are the idiots that get put in charge of new agencies like the CFPB. Once they go about fucking up the financial services industry, they complain about few options and high fees for consumers.

    4. I remember her being described as a Technocratic Elitist, what with her putting forward all those plans and programs. WTF, man? She sounds about as smart as a box of rocks. Either way, she's just pandering to her base.


    Nothing like exonerating the Capitol Police Officer who shot and killed unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt (without even interviewing him about the killing or his failure to comply with procedures).

  19. She’s either economically a Literatur appealing to the economic a literacy ever base instead of educating them about how economics work.

    Neither of those are good looks.

    1. Try using 'imply' instead of 'infer'. It'll make you sound less dumb.

      1. Oops. Meant for JohnZ above.

  20. I couldn't fuck that woman with Sevo's dick after one of his many Cialis parties.

    1. Wow, that fell flatter than your face after passing out blind stinking drunk on the sidewalk near your alley.

  21. It's not that Elizabeth Warren thinks the government can do a better job of running the economy than the myriad interactions of the free market, it's that Elizabeth Warren thinks Elizabeth Warren can do a better job. We need to find a way of identifying these sorts of people while they're young and either intervene to change their self-awareness of just how ignorant they are or beat them to death with pipe wrenches.

    1. Well, we've identified one of them, and we're too late to intervene when she was young, soooo....

    2. Maybe return to burning witches (or throwing people into volcanoes).

  22. Elizabeth Warren says a dumb thing: It doesn't matter. It's not like anyone will be able to vote for an alternative candidate.

  23. A vile woman who doesn't realize that those chains use their economies of scale to keep prices down in a way that one-off stores can't.

    1. Exactly, the big chains exist exactly because they can and do have lower prices than independent stores.

  24. Is she smart enough to pass the aptitude test being discussed in the execution article yesterday? I guess that's one way to avoid retribution. Be too stupid to have it done to you. That, or she's just a fucking weasel. I would rather be stupid.

  25. All of you Mass-holes should be ashamed you elected this moronic, carnival-barking charlatan to the United States Senate. You owe every other American an apology for you lack of good judgment!

    1. They can't hear you, they're over at Vox.

  26. " but they at least reflect the situation accurately."
    Warren has *never* been interested in things like facts, accuracy or truth. She is the epitome of everything that is wrong with Congress. She is just another power hungry partisan hack with no real talent or problem solving ability.

  27. "...The Massachusetts senator advocated breaking up major grocery retailers with antitrust laws..."

    Pretty certain to result in higher consumer prices, and if that stupi pile of shit doesn't understand that, she's entirely too stupid to trust crossing the street on her own.

    1. These are the same people who think that food for 340million people can be delivered via bike lanes. Per the green new deal.

  28. she is so dumb it's breathtaking.

  29. Please don't report corporate profits as profit margins. I guarantee you they're not going to stay in business on anticipated 1% margins.

    1. Please don't report facts as facts. Is that what you mean?

      Profit is the margin of revenue remaining after all expenses. Business 101, y'know?

      For Kroger, in their most recently filed quarterly earnings, revenue was $31.8 billion and the net income was $483 million or $0.64/share.

      A $480 million profit on $31.8 billion in sales = a 1.5% profit margin for the quarter.

  30. Why is it that authoritarians like Warren use the argument that "corporations are too big" to justify breaking them up, but never apply that same argument to big government?

    1. For the same reason they don't pass a law to balance the budget, enact term limits, etc.

      Don't expect the DC assholes to vote to limit their own power anytime soon.

  31. Warren is wrong about "a handful of giant chains". There are other pretty big chains across the country. Kroger, Albertsons, and Publix are in competition with Walmart, Ahold Delhaize, and Costco nationally, twenty-seven regional (but not exactly small) chains, about a hundred local chains, and then dozens and dozens of specialty, deep discount, ethnic, and health chains. It is quite clear that there is no monopoly. Why did she only write to Kroger, Albertsons and Publix? She doesn't appear to know what she's talking about.

    1. Warren is wrong about, well, everything.

    2. Ahold Delhaize? Never hoid of 'em. The grocery business really is big and full of competition!

      1. Parent company of Food Lion, Stop & Shop, Giant Food Stores, and Hannaford. Yes, the grocery business is big. The list at my link is impressive.

  32. This woman has 1/1024 of the IQ of a normal person.

  33. Shut your cocksucker Liawatha and stop trying to be relevant.

  34. I am sure Warren's investment portfolio contains only investments that bring her much less then 1% as she see profits as evil. (sarc)

    Maybe Congress should mandate grocery stores run at a loss for "equity'? Oh, wait, then they would all go out of business!

  35. Don't fuck with Lizzy Warren when she's on the warpath, DOH!

  36. This woman is a complete idiot. She's bad at math as well.
    Lockdowns initiated by democrat governors have created shortages and supply chain issues. This in turn causes prices to rise.Now we have 4.5 million people who refuse to return to work. Why? They should be getting no assistance, no welfare, no unemployment, nothing.
    Everyone here knows who caused these issues. Everyone here has seen the videos and photos of container ships backed up at sea ports. Everyone has witnessed empty shelves at stores , particularly at grocery stores.
    Greed had nothing to do with rising prices, It's due to supply chain interruptions and in some cases no product at all available.
    Just wait until this summer.
    You ain't seen nuthin' yet.

  37. Clearly Warren has never actually taken Econ 101 - or maybe she just failed it. She has no concept of supply and demand, and the difference be profit and loss, and revenue and profit. Why do we continue to elect morons to have sway over our economy?

  38. If Fauxcahontas is concerned about high grocery prices, why no address all the rioting and looting that has taken place over the past two years instigated by Antifa, BLM, and the Woke Mob?

    Insurance doesn't pay for all of that, and even if it did, insurance costs premiums and like every other cost of business, it comes out of the amount the business can pay to shareholders, the amount they pay the employees, and ultimately the amount customers have to pay for goods and services.

    Fauxcahontas is either deliberately obtuse or deliberately evil or both.

  39. WTF is wrong with Massachusetts. Voting in such a mind numb, ignoramus. The concentration of grocery stores is somewhat equivalent to Guam tipping over into the ocean.

  40. Facts don't matter to power-mad politicians like Warren.

  41. I keep seeing a teaser about a "functionally illiterate" death row inmate story below. Can we all just agree Warren is functionally illiterate too? Whatever she's reading she's clearly not actually understanding.

  42. Another anecdotal proof of a personal adage. "You can turn a business person into an attorney but you can not always get an attorney to turn into a business person ". It wasn't fully understood when I said it in my 1st year of law school but, I saw it over and over in my 34 years as an attorney working in the business world. Senator Warren is an attorney who can not comprehend basic supply/demand or the difference between profit and profit margin.

    1. I worked apart time in a grocery store when I was in high school. You learn a lot how it actually works.

  43. I really have trouble deciding how the rule "never attribute to malice that which can be explained by mere stupidity" applies to Elizabeth Warren. I mean, how do you explain somebody who has so much of both?

  44. If Elizabeth Warren is actually that stupid, then consider the intelligence of the people who voted for her and continue to do so.
    Remember, insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.

  45. I was told I wouldn't have to put up with angry lying, delusional schoolmarms if I did my homework and got a DeeGree. Shut up, Liz.

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