Viral Video of Man Hanging From Taliban Helicopter Wasn't What It Appeared To Be

But numerous politicians and war hawks were duped by seeing what they wanted to see.


Around the same time that the last U.S. soldier was leaving Afghanistan on Monday evening, a video showing a man dangling from a Blackhawk helicopter began to go viral on Twitter.

The original post claimed that the video showed a man being executed by the Taliban in the skies above Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Thankfully, that does not seem to be true. Other videos of the same Blackhawk—and a close examination of the first video—show that the man is attached to the helicopter with a harness rather than a noose. At one point, he seems to wave to someone inside the helicopter. While it's not clear exactly what is happening in the video, it seems safe to say that no one is being horrifically executed.

The initial video certainly seemed to confirm the worst fears about how the Taliban might use the piles of military gear it acquired as U.S. forces withdrew from the country. Without waiting for confirmation of what the video showed—and without applying the basic level of skepticism one should always deploy with content shared on the internet—war hawks jumped at the opportunity to score some easy points.

"This horrifying image encapsulates Joe Biden's Afghanistan catastrophe," wrote Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas) as he retweeted the video to his 4.5 million followers.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R–Texas), who has been a loud critic of withdrawal from Afghanistan,  shared the video as well. "In what f***ing world was it a good idea to just hand over a country to these people," he wrote. Rep. Jason Smith (R–Mo.) did not share the video directly, but made reference to "innocent people hanging from an American helicopter" in a tweet criticizing Biden's decision to pull American troops out of Afghanistan. Like Cruz, neither Crenshaw nor Smith have deleted or updated their misleading tweets.

Some right-wing media personalities, influencers, and trolls also ran with the video.

Of course, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is likely to be a loss for freedom even if the new regime isn't hanging political opponents from helicopters. Already, the new rulers of Afghanistan have indicated that they will crack down on women's rights, music, and ideas that do not conform with their strict reading of Islamic law.

But that does not give license for pro-war American officials to mislead and misinform the public—though, of course, that's never stopped them before.

For the most part, complaints about how the Taliban are using discarded American military gear—which also surfaced after video of Taliban fighters at Kabul airport wearing American-issued tactical gear went viral last week—are missing the mark. As I've written before, the Taliban have their hands on all that equipment because America invaded, not because the Biden administration finally brought the 20-year war to an end. Advocating for remaining in Afghanistan longer means advocating for sending more military gear to Afghanistan, some of which will inevitably be lost, stolen, or handed over to the very people America has spent nearly two decades unsuccessfully trying to oust from power.

The viral video of the hanging-that-wasn't is a good reminder of one of the basic rules of online political warfare. If a contextless video or post seems to confirm all of your biases, it's best to double-check before spreading it around.

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  1. >>the new rulers of Afghanistan


    1. Everything Bidens “handlers” are directing him to do can be explained by Cloward Piven.

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  2. So does this mean it’s safe for my daughter to go on her backpacking trip there this fall?

    1. Sure, as long as she follows the local mask mandates.

      1. Is that it? Go with Allah, my blue-eyed dear. You shouldn’t have a lick of trouble in Afghanistan.

      2. And local burka mandates…

        1. Tomato tomoto

    2. Because saying this video was misleading and that people foolishly pounced on it must mean one also thinks Afghan is totes safe!

        1. I like my humor not to be based on such an obvious fallacy.

            1. Is it? Or is the worst thing ever? There can only be one, amirite?

              1. No, he meant it’s funny because you’re a chronic liar.

          1. See, what you wanted right there was, “there is no u in humor.”

        2. Neither are brains. Queen asshole is lacking in many areas.

      1. Sorry Queenie, somebody already came and beat all of you shrike wannabe’s.

      2. Dangling from a helicopter isn’t safe, even if it’s not by your neck.

        1. These are a people who think they can hang on to the exterior of a C-17 in flight. OSHA standards are a bridge too far.

    3. Don’t worry. It seems now that if she falls off a cliff and breaks her leg, they have a harness to rescue her and she won’t have to be airlifted out by her neck.

  3. Some right-wing media personalities, influencers, and trolls also ran with the video. featured it instead of their “MS13 jumping the border wall” standard.

    1. I like the use of non existing sources.

      1. It is my term for the right-wing freakout-verse of nutjobs, grifters, and other Rush Limbaugh/Alex Jones liars.

        I thought I have told you that.

        1. Oh? When did Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones talk about the video?

        2. So it’s like “”, which is the source of virtually every claim and statistic you commies use against the honest, honorable people here.

        3. Flying off the handle prematurely when confronted with the opportunity for bias confirmation is not a right wing thing or a left wing thing. Its a human thing. Those who point fingers are usually the guilty of it themselves.

  4. Now do Ashli Babbit video

    1. Ashli Babbitt was a wild-eyed scimitar wielding terrorist. The Taliban are peaceful folk who want to be part of polite society.

  5. …and Biden DID NOT fall asleep for 20 seconds in his meeting with the Israeli prime minister.

    Who cares what is real anymore. Give me the fiction.

    1. I’m sure there were people who probably actually thought the video depicted someone being hanged to death from a helicopter. They aren’t as much fun as the people who recognized such perception for the hilarity it was.

  6. As I’ve written before, the Taliban have their hands on all that equipment because America invaded, not because the Biden administration finally brought the 20-year war to an end.

    And you were wrong then too! It’s really easy to not give them top secret operational equipment. And in what world did Biden end the war? He extended it for a few months for some bs symbolism

    1. So the criticism of many on the right for his ending it is pretty silly, right?

      1. >>many on the right

        misspelled Two Guys From Fox

        1. I thought Crenshaw represented a district in Texas, not Fox (though hard to tell sometimes I grant you)?

    2. It really does need repeating that the Biden regime expanded our involvement in Afghanistan and they still let the Taliban end it.

      1. Expanded by…actually leaving?

        I mean, I’m not screwing your wife, I’m repacking her hymen!

    3. If I’m going to be fair here, the equipment was there because previous administrations put it there. To arm the ADF and Afghan police. And if I am to continue to be fair, if the NATO-backed government had any hope of retaining (or sharing) power, they needed it.

      But if I am to be fair, Biden is a big part of the reason all that loot is now in the hands of the Taliban. First off, the date he picked (20th anniversary of 9/11). And he made the withdrawal unconditional. The deal Trump made with the Taliban? Yeah, just like everything else Trump did, he wiped his ass with it and flushed it, to disastrous effect.

      September falls at the winding down of fighting season. Trump planned to leave at the beginning of fighting season, in the middle of Ramadan. Taliban activity would be very preliminary at that point.

      It also has symbolic significance to jihadis, especially hardline sunnis, who believe in *qadar,* a type of predestination. Think of how that would play out. “He chose the anniversary of our greatest victory and America’s greatest defeat. He has sworn he will not remain and help you, no matter what happens. It is a sign that our victory here, and your defeat was already written when Allah wrote down the story of the universe.”

      Next thing Biden did completely batshit wrong? He pulled out the private contractors. If there were any ADF who were still willing to put up a real fight at that point? Biden basically grounded their air force. After years of being trained to rely heavily on air support, Biden took away the people who maintain their equipment and provide the logistical support for air strikes. “The ADF have a very strong air force,” Biden told the media. Not without those contractors, they didn’t.

      Giving up Bagram. Trump’s plan was that, if and when he had to choose between protecting the Embassy or manning Bagram, he’d move the Embassy to Bagram. Bagram is basically a town with all basic services and two air strips. It’s viewed as pretty much impregnable. The Russians built it to hold, and to last. This wasn’t a “one or the other” option. It could have been a “why not both?” option.

      And in fact, Trump would not have allowed the Taliban to take the entire country in the first place. His planned withdrawal was conditions-based. He’d have either bombed the shit out of the Taliban as they advanced, or they’d have been aware enough that he would that they wouldn’t have even tried to do what they did. There’s a reason they hadn’t killed a single American since they signed that deal with him in February 2020. If they did try with any measure of success, he’d have just told them, “fine, you’re not following the deal, so we’re not going. In fact, I’m putting in more troops. Ligma balls, bitches.”

      He wouldn’t have sat back and watched month on month from April onward as the Taliban took over the country. He wouldn’t have said, “The ADF has a strong air force, they’re just not willing to fight,” after pulling the contractors that maintain their air force capabilities.

      The IC pulled all their people out 6 weeks before Biden even stopped to think, “huh, maybe we need more guys at the Kabul Airport, now that the Taliban has taken the city. And we should start to think about getting people out.”

      And if the rumor is true, that the Taliban offered to stay out of Kabul until the deadline, and the US declined the offer?

      And then, when the Taliban took Kabul, they evacuated the Embassy before they could shred everything. So now the Taliban has the biometric data on every Afghan who cooperated with the NATO-backed government, and NATO forces. Oh, and Biden also gave them the names of Americans in the country, some of whom didn’t get past the checkpoints, even though that was the alleged purpose of giving the Taliban that information.

      And we just had to trust that they’d let all these people through. Because he didn’t send in extra troops to secure Kabul. He only sent in extra troops to secure the airport.

      There’s being a little wrong on a decision, and then there’s the exact opposite of right. Every single decision he made was the exact opposite of right.

      1. Great analysis. This is the kind of thing Reason needs.
        Rommelman and occasionally Robby are the only ones who are capable of doing that.

        1. Reason just needs reason.

          Anyone who understands anything about sunnis would have realized how the anniversary of 9/11 could be spun by the Taliban to embolden their troops and demoralize the ADF. Even absent that, no one with any brains would have chosen the end of a summer fighting season to withdraw. If you’re going to do it at all, you do it at the end of the winter “hunkering down” season, and you spend that entire winter season setting up corridors to get people out if things go sideways.

          And you don’t announce to everyone, “no matter what goes down in Afghanistan, we’re leaving.” You’ve literally just told the ADF and the NATO-backed government that they can’t rely on you to even keep the peace until the deadline.

          And why did he extend the deadline? If the withdrawal was unconditional, he could have begun evacuating people in January. He’d have had more than 3 full months before May to get everyone out in a calm and methodical fashion.

          Oh, but he wanted the symbolism. September 11, 2021. A goddamn photo op. And then he just sat and did nothing as Afghanistan was overcome. Trump was like, “If it was me and the Taliban captured a base and a bunch of our equipment, I’d just bomb the base and destroy all the equipment and kill a bunch of them. Do that a couple times, they’ll back off.”

          But Biden just sat back and watched the ADF he demoralized throw down their weapons after barely a fight. Half fled, the other half joined the Taliban.

          And it’s not just the hardware. The US trained the ADF. Even with the aircraft, the Taliban had no air force until some ADF pilots switched sides.

          Errors in judgement and errors in prediction are common. I’ve made a few. I regularly miss garbage day. I didn’t make a bitcoin wallet and collect the 2.50 in combined bitcoin tips people gave me back in 2011 and 2012.

          What Biden did this entire time, every decision he made, seemed calculated to produce the worst possible outcome. More than a hundred thousand people have been airlifted out of Afghanistan. What percentage have been properly vetted? How many have SIVs? How many are on the terror watch list?

          Yet American citizens were left behind. Including schoolchildren and female college students.

          There comes a point where you have to reverse the old adage: Never attribute to stupidity that which can be explained by malice.

          1. The one thing Zhou Bai-din didn’t botch was setting up an environment where we brought another 100,000 foreigners into the U.S. under the guise of “getting Americans out” of Afghanistan.
            It is akin to his Southern border strategy of opening it up to import the new electorate, that the LieCheatSteal party has to have to be able to win elections, since real Americans have moved away from the “progressive” plantation.

            “Progressive is what communists call themselves, when they don’t want to admit they are communists.”

      2. Great job with the evaluation.

      3. Another thing to add to this. I was in Afghanistan for two years on Bastion/Leatherneck. One thing I learned from chatter and gossip during that time is that the U.S. military did not trust ANA. Getting shot in the back by “vetted” ANA was a regular occurrence and usually over some unintentional religious insult. It is also well known that ANA was incapable of standing on their own. Just watch some videos of the so-called training sessions.

        That being said. The decision to leave any gear with the ANA was effectively a decision to hand it over to the Taliban. This did not have to happen. They could have had people in place to destroy it when the ANA fled, which they knew would happen. If top brass is claiming they didn’t see this coming, they are lying and need to be court-martialed.

    1. Did they take the CDC correspondence course on mission creep?

    2. Seattle Parks is voting conservative now? Wow.

  7. As I’ve written before, the Taliban have their hands on all that equipment because America invaded, not because the Biden administration finally brought the 20-year war to an end.

    There are degrees to fuckups and trying to explain away Biden’s is a fool’s errand. Maybe you’re the right man for the job.

    1. Given the author has a long history of criticizing Biden and that his stated purpose here is to undercut those critical of withdrawal, why such a reflexive ‘you’re just in Biden’s pocket?’

      1. No he doesn’t. In no universe is suckholing “criticizing”.

        You honestly believe everyone here just fell off the turnip truck, and you’re some kind of slick salesman, huh.
        Well you aren’t, Laursen. You’re a gullible rube fifty-centing outside his little league.

    2. The obnoxious parsing is between hilarious and sad. “2 + 3 = 5 not because 3 = 3 but because 2 = 2.”

    3. America invaded when ENB was in diapers. All mismanagement after that is a completely unavoidable consequence of that invasion.

      I do find it interesting that Reason is sneaking back to the argument that if a cop crashes his car and is killed on the way to responding to a burglary, the burglars can be charged for murder.

      1. And we left while Biden is in diapers!

      2. If that’s true she really aged like shit. I’d have guessed she was running into menopause soon.

      3. And the car manufacturer, no matter how negligent the driver.

      4. America invaded when ENB was giving BJs under the bleachers.
        Or maybe she was living in the girls dorm. Bitch is pushin’ 40.

  8. So you racists think that the Taliban can’t possibly have pilots rated to fly the Black Hawk already.

    1. Just because they live in tents sometimes, and sit on rugs on the ground, does not mean they are stupid.
      After all, they won again. Including the social media wars; they still have accounts, designated terrorists or not, and a certain national politician does not.

      1. Yes but the real terrorism is American dissidents who believe wrong things about the election.

        1. Yes people trying to prevent the election from being certified we’re terrorists and a threat to democracy. There’s no question about that.

    2. That one blew my mind. Have we not seen what kids and videogame skills can do? They don’t think Russia or China would jump to offer training? That 3 broken birds can make one working chopper?

    3. They can find someone to fly… but the equipment and parts will be junk within 6 months – Like Libyan F-14s. They’ll go back to beatup Toyotas and pointing at flying aircraft and grunting ‘ugh’ before the decade is out. Also, they don’t have experience and tactics for using the equipment, they’ll run ’em off cliffs and into mountains.

      This is a culture that thinks it can hang onto a C-17 in flight.

  9. Right I see the Rutti Tutti Tolly Bahn was just joy riding.

    The faux liberaltarians saw right through that one! Aren’t they so fucking smart.

  10. A factual error on the internet. Now I’ve seen everything.

    1. Gotta be the one with the “scoop”.

    2. It’s interesting how so many people like Socky need to rush in to undercut this.

      1. Undercut what?
        The triumph that stupid Republicans thought the Taliban would hang somebody?
        Super far-fetched, huh. I can’t believe that they thought it was possible.

        That was still the Taliban joyriding that American copter by the way.

        1. Damn. Shoulda refreshed.

          1. Well to be fair, Queen White Mike laid it up perfectly.

      2. Undercut what? The internet’s honesty? The hanging you really wanted it to be? Joe’s success in getting kicked out of Afghanistan by the Taliban?

  11. The video was a legitimate concern and deserved the fear it enraged. To make it about right wing politics is to ignore the actual violence occurring on the ground as we write.

    1. Psaki says every person who can politically help B has been rescued

      1. They passed the purity test.

        1. Biden’s smell test?

          1. I thought that was reserved for girls under 14 …

            1. No you’re thinking of the hair test.

              1. Most of the ones Joe likes don’t have hair there yet.

    2. Talk about humor (with an U or not).

  12. P.s. how come i cant log onto the site on my computer so that i don’t have to do this on my cell phone. I think this is on Reason’s side not on my end anyone else having this problem

    1. Apparently its the safari browser not on reasons end

    2. Chrome works better for me on this website.

  13. Ever think the drug damaged dirty hippies and their occupy anarchist spawn would bend over backwards to defend the most misogynistic, homophobic, racist, bigoted peoples on the planet?
    yeah, I did too, never believed their protest rhetoric

  14. No comment on the disaster of a speech your masters’ prop gave?

  15. Gosh, it’s great to know Reason is following up on Buzzfeed to establish that the idea that the Taliban is meting out extra-judicial rough justice by helicopter is nothing but right-wing fever dreams

    1. Was the ‘man hanged from helicopter’ story true or not?

      Jesus Christ, this comment section is like a meeting of the Farmers for Trump…Reason is a libertarian cite. Libertarians tend to not like foreign adventures. So a criticism of opponents of withdrawing from a foreign adventure for obviously jumping to a stupid conclusion naturally belongs here. But look at all these Farmers for Trump jumping in ‘you’re just in Biden’s pocket!, this is not worth commenting on, what about the latest Biden scandal, etc!!!!’

      Jesus, make your own website, don’t hijack someone else’s.

      1. Sounds like someone’s got sand in their panties that someone’s contradicted the narrative. It strikes me as kind of pointless to write an article about how the war hawks’ claim of helicopter executions is false when the the reality is that the only false part of it is the means of execution. Reason used to have more intellectual integrity than that. I guess they’re just looking to go with Buzzfeed journalism.

      2. “make your own website, don’t hijack someone else’s”

        It used to belong to libertarians, now it’s Charles Koch’s DNC establishment outreach to libertarians project. The commenters and former foundation donees are here to take it back in our own small way.

        If you don’t like it the Democratic Underground Forums are over there, White Mike. ===>

        1. Dems don’t allow comments, wdym?

      3. People are being raped, mutilated and killed horrifically by illiterate goat-fucking jihadis who throw gays off rooves and believe a women is property, and should be raped with justice for going out uncovered and enticing lust. Music is forbidden. Dissent is forbidden. Books, movies, the world… There is only Allah and obedience.

        Think long and hard about why we’re pissed off here, you idiotic shitrag.

  16. OT: From Glen Greenwald

    For years, the Obama administration insisted that Snowden showed himself to be a Russian spy by seeking asylum in that country. However a recent book from Obama staffer Ben Rhodes shows that in fact the Obama administration knew Snowden intended to merely stop in Russia to catch a plane to Cuba and then Latin America. The Obama administration (who was negotiating broadened relations with Cuba) pressured the Cubans to prevent Snowden from traveling there, ultimately stranding Snowden in Russia.

    How long did the Obama staffers insist that Snowden being in Russia was prime facia evidence that he was in cahoots with Putin? And here we see that he was there BY THE DESIGN of the Obama administration.

    This is what is happening behind the scenes every hour of every year in government. If you think the narrative being shown on TV and ESPECIALLY by the talking head behind the podium is accurate, you are a fool.

    1. It just proves that no one should believe anything, anybody in Washington says. The same goes for the CMMM/Controlled Mass Mainstream Media.
      The video that has been all over the internet was obviously edited to show only a small part that appeared to be an execution.
      Personally I was caught off guard from this but then I began to wonder what really happened.
      Nothing is as it appears to be.

      1. And I don’t believe Boehm’s version either.

        The aim is to confuse rather than convince, to trash the information space so the audience gives up looking for any truth amid the chaos.
        Inside Putin’s Information War – Peter Pomerantsev

  17. I think most people knew it was *probably* fake. My guess was that it was doctored.

  18. The alarm has nothing to do with “warhawks”. It’s genuine concern that, as the video proves, Biden, etc. lied when they said all such equipment had been rendered inoperable for use by the Taliban. We foolishly have given them more efficient means to terrorize their own people.

    1. they said all such equipment had been rendered inoperable

      they never said ‘all’, after getting pressed hard they gave a list of equipment by numbers that were destroyed.

      if “more efficient means to terrorize their own people” is a concern then reconsider the exhortation to ‘celebrate all cultures’ to allow for a culture such as this to exist in the 7th century as they choose.

  19. Nothing is what it appears to be, especially when it comes to news reporting.
    What passes for news and information is for the most part slanted with details left out that would obviously rebuke the reporter’s claims. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of editing and presto a whole new spin can be achieved.Many times it’s outright lies.
    The dishonesty and cynicism displayed by the MSM and more often than not, by the government mouth pieces create an atmosphere of distrust and disbelief that is dividing Americans from the government that was created to protect their rights and not destroy them.
    The MSM in America has become a joke, additionally late night fools like Colbert and Kimmel continue to add nothing.

    1. As someone, who has been at several events reported by the media, I can say that the usual response by those of us on the ground is:
      “Was that reporter at the same event that I was?
      “Because it didn’t happen anything like they are saying.”

  20. I thought you were going to say it turned out to be a new Quiznos commercial.


    Reason was completely silent about it when they thought that it reflected poorly on the Democrats. But now that it’s just Taliban joyriding, we get a whole article about how Republicans were soooo stupid to believe that. It’d be soooo totally out of character for the Taliban to hang a guy from a copter.

    The helicopter dangler has now gotten more attention from Reason than:

    1. The peace deal with the Taliban.
    2. The Abraham Accords.
    3. Biden reneging on the Peace Deal.
    4. Biden being publicly censured by the government of the UK, in a parliamentary vote, for fucking up the withdrawal.

    I guess Boehm et al. only know about it if they read it on their JournoList twitter feed.

  22. Were do the Taliban find people who can fly a Blackhawk helicopter?

    1. American trained Afghanistan Defense Force pilots, who switched sides, or most likely were never really on the Afghan government’s side.
      Not to worry; once these choppers need maintenance or repairs, they’ll be grounded, or crash, forthwith.

      1. I’m not sure about Afghanistan, but in Iraq, fuel and oil filters were replaced almost daily, so I guess it depends on how well they’re stocked up.

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  24. It’s time we consider the possibility that everything Biden does is on purpose. At the bidding of his “handlers”. Cloward Piven in action. All our institutions are being overwhelmed by design.

    1. Do you believe in “cultural Marxism” too?

  25. The interesting thing about the video wasn’t what it was being used to do. It’s that the Taliban, apparently, has helicopter pilots who are capable of putting all that military hardware they captured to use.

    “The current intelligence assessment was that the Taliban are believed to control more than 2,000 armored vehicles, including U.S. Humvees, and up to 40 aircraft potentially including UH-60 Black Hawks, scout attack helicopters, and ScanEagle military drones.”


    The problems with Biden’s botched withdrawal arming the Taliban (and possibly Islamic State) with Black Hawks, scout attack helicopters, and ScanEagle military drones was not that they might use them to execute people. It’s that they might use them against the United States or our allies.

    Video showing them flying this hardware around suggests that they know how to use this stuff–and that is not good news for American interests in the region. If the Taliban and/or Islamic state turn their attention to overthrowing the government of Pakistan and taking control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, Pakistan will not be glad to hear that the Taliban and/or the Islamic State have armed themselves with American hardware–regardless of whether they’re using it to execute people.

    How obtuse of Boehm!

    1. If they use it against ISIS-K, who cares?

    2. Overthrowing Pakistan? They have the sixth largest military in the world and it is fully modernized. Taliban would not last one day.

      1. More importantly, Pakistan has the same disregard for human life as the afghanis, the key ingredient which prevented us from squashing Islam like the vermin it is.

    3. The amazing part is they actually found one that works. Reports all along is that most of that stuff is useless because of lack of parts and maintenance.

  26. This country is a fucking joke, and gets worse every week.

    The corruption, stupidity, and disconnectedness of our politicians are no better than any tinpot dictatorship or banana republic.

    And democrats and republicans BOTH suck ass. People passionately advocating for who gets to shit all over them while robbing them blind.

  27. “haha Taliban didn’t hang a man by the helicopter take that warhawks”

    Taliban goes door to door executing people, reportedly has list of Americans in the region.

    1. But now that they have the idea…

  28. Reason has become another propaganda machine. they called this the end of a “20 year war”. No, it was not a 20 year war. It was a 20 year occupation with a steadily deceasing presence over that time.

    Also, two thing had to happen for equipment to be left behind. First we had to bring it in. Reason got that part right. Second, someone had to choose to leave it behind intact. Both things had to happen. One action does not exonerate the other. Nice try though reason.

    1. We gave all this equipment to the Afghan army. Are you saying we should have disarmed the Afghan army before we left?

  29. Thankfully, that does not seem to be true. Other videos of the same Blackhawk—and a close examination of the first video—show that the man is attached to the helicopter with a harness rather than a noose.

    And how is it reassuring that the Taliban not only can fly Blackhawks, but actually fly it well enough to engage in aerial acrobatics?

    1. I am not sure what is worse, Reason’s insane hate of Trump, or insane love of Biden and the Taliban.

    2. It’s not reassuring but I’m sure that they can easily recruit or coerce ex Afghan army pilots.

  30. You know what else turns out not to be true?

    That Biden didn’t see Afghanistan’s rapid collapse coming.

    Reason will ignore this phone call, to be sure. Because if it were not for double standards then Reason would have no standards.

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