Kabul Attack Is a Vivid Reminder of Why America Should Leave Afghanistan ASAP

The Pentagon says 12 Americans were killed and 15 more wounded in a pair of suicide attacks near the Kabul airport. At least 60 Afghans died as well.


Dozens were killed and more than 100 injured in a pair of suicide bombings targeting American troops and Afghan civilians gathered near the perimeter of the Kabul International Airport on Thursday.

According to the Pentagon, 11 Marines and one Navy medic were killed in the blasts and another 15 American military personnel were wounded. An Afghan official told The New York Times that at least 60 civilians were killed and more than 100 injured.

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said today that the U.S. military is continuing its mission to withdraw from Afghanistan before Tuesday. "While we're saddened by the loss of life, both U.S. and Afghan, we're continuing to execute the mission," said McKenzie, commander of U.S. Central Command, during an afternoon press conference.

That's the right response. The awful scenes from Kabul that have dominated the American news media today are a reminder of the reasons President Joe Biden is right to pull U.S. troops out of the country as quickly as possible. They are a vivid illustration of the bloody civil war that's gripping Afghanistan—a war that the United States cannot stop and should not participate in.

Thursday's suicide attacks were carried out by members of the Islamic State Iraq and the Levant—Khorasan Province (ISIS-K), an offshoot of the Islamist organization that sought to form a caliphate in the Middle East during the final stages of the Iraq War. In Afghanistan, ISIS-K has been engaged in a bloody battle with the Taliban for control of the country for years.

Thursday's attacks was neither unique nor unprecedented—though they certainly received far more attention in American media than similar assaults in recent months. The U.S. believes ISIS-K was responsible for a May 2020 attack that killed 24 at a Kabul hospital and for an attack in May of this year that killed 90 at a school in the same neighborhood. (The group did not claim responsibility for either attack.) Despite years of efforts by American and Afghan forces, the ISIS offshoot "is still quietly entrenched, mostly in the country's east, and is waiting for an opportunity to reassert itself," The New York Times reported in May.

Meanwhile, as the Taliban have been taking control of jails formerly controlled by the Afghan government, they reportedly have summarily executed ISIS-K leaders who were locked up.

It's becoming more and more apparent that the true struggle to control Afghanistan after the withdrawal was never going to be between the Taliban and the American-backed government that collapsed earlier this month. It's the Taliban versus other Islamic groups. The script has flipped with stunning speed: McKenzie said Thursday that the U.S. military is now coordinating with the Taliban to secure the roads and neighborhoods around the Kabul airport, where evacuations of Americans and Afghans continue.

"I cannot and I will not ask our troops to fight on endlessly in another country's civil war," Biden said two weeks ago, shortly after the Afghan government collapsed and the Taliban took control of the country. That civil war, which most Americans probably paid no mind until it arrived at the threshold of the Kabul airport on Thursday, has been and will continue to be a violent and bloody affair.

That's why Thursday's tragic events should only steel American resolve to leave the war-torn country. There is nothing to be gained by leaving U.S. troops in harm's way.

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  1. No. We should not leave Afghanistan ASAP. We should have left months ago.

    1. LOL, no shit. Too bad the Big Guy and his team of degenerate rootless cosmopolitan handlers decided to extend the withdrawal out to 9/11 so he could get a stupid photo op.

      1. Should have left the day after the SEALs got bin Laden.

        1. Who was Vice President then?

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        2. You still believe the SEALs got bin Laden? Seriously?

          1. Well. they have the photos taken on the moon during the raid, so – – – – – – – –

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        3. Uh that was after 10 years. We should have left after 6 months when we took out the camps and ran off the Taliban. Yes they would have come back but that’s not our problem.

          1. We should have had far more troops to begin with and surrounded Tora Bora ourselves and not relied on the Northern Alliance for the cordon, then gone in with everything short of nuclear weapons to attack the Taliban and Al Qaeda, then got the fuck out.

            1. Well next time elect Al Gore cause in that dimension we never invaded Iraq or stayed so long in Afghanistan.

              1. No Al Gore would have done the same thing Clinton did after the first WTC attack and the USS Cole attack,which is basically nothing. And bin Laden would have attacked us again.

              2. I don’t think we would have gone into Iraq but the neocons/neolibs controlled both parties foreign policy. I still don’t understand how a bunch of former russian troyskyites got so influential in America…yes money does help..friends/relatives in the media and wall street helps..but honestly how the hell did they get so much influence?

              3. Remind me, do we still have troops on the former Yugoslavia countries, which Clinton started, doing nation building?

              4. I’m sure all those democrat warmongering fucks would have just completely stopped being warmongering fucks if Gore was President.

              5. You can’t stop making up bullshit for your fantasy world. It’s quite entertaining at this point.

    2. Months? We should have left 20 years ago.

  2. U.S. officials provided Taliban with names of Americans, Afghan allies to evacuate

    Probably should have read U.S. officials provided Taliban with names of Americans, Afghan allies to “evacuate.”

    1. “I hereby evacuate you…from life.”

    2. It’s okay, that list is SPECIFICALLY ONLY for evacuation.

      1. Execute, evacuate…

        Pretty subtle difference, especially when your native tongue is not English.

    3. To make matters worse, of 80,000+ and counting evacuees, only about 5% are Americans. Its not a question of if, but how many Jihadists we are importing into the US that likely have those lists now or will have them. This isn’t xenophobia talking, its statistical science.

  3. I’m sure the pederasts at The Lincoln Project are swooning in delight at fellow bacha bazi devotees coming to the US.

    1. Vice ran an article an hour or two ago calling the marines a hotbed of white supremacists full of nazis.
      People who work for Vice should not be allowed a peaceful return home.

      1. Good lord, why are you reading garbage like Vice?

        1. It’s important to know how your enemy thinks?

          1. I’m not sure it’s that important.

        2. Vice is another example of how leftists ruin everything.


          Deleted but never forgotten, @VICE. May the shame of this follow you forever, end your disgusting outlet, and stop its evil mission. [Link]

      2. White Supremacy—the favorite conspiracy theory of the left.

        1. “Be less white” says Coca-Cola as they bludgeon dairy cows to death. “Bloody the milk” is the new motto.

  4. Good thing we have a President with decades of foreign policy experience handling this.


    1. I know right?

    2. Agreed. The one thing we need to correct this mess is someone who’s spent a career making a mess of foreign policy.

      1. So many to choose from…

    3. It’s like when dad was driving us safely home at night.

      1. In an ice storm. After downing a fifth of bourbon.

  5. There is little doubt that we need to get completely out. This attack was simple designed to keep us there and make things worse. Hopefully the majority will be airlifted out by August 31st. Those remaining after that date will will need to be brought out by diplomatic means. Difficult but not impossible.

    1. This attack was meant to cause our fleeing even faster and it worked. Remember Monday Biden said the mission would only continue as long as we weren’t attacked. He basically admitted that if the terrorist attack us we will run away. We are now destroying our equipment at the airport, Canada has already left, as have the Turks, Belgians, Dutch and New Zealanders. We are bugging out.

      1. “We are bugging out.”

        And explicitly leaving Americans behind. If you’re not inside the airport security perimeter now, even if you show up at the gate and wave an American passport, you ain’t getting in before the military leaves.

        This is bad enough, that impeachment should be the best case that Joseph Biden faces. Should and will are different, though.

        Did I read correctly, that SecDef was out of town while all this was going on, helping Harris do whatever the fuck she’s doing?

        1. I hadn’t heard that second part but I’ve been avoiding the news because I am fucking pissed off. We are sacrificing 1000s of lives because we lost 12. And I know service members, I am a vet and my son is in the Army, those lost would probably have happily have traded their lives to save American citizens lives. It is after all their job. I am getting really pissed,even at FNC, stating we need to stop worrying about the evacuation and concentrate on protecting our troops now.

          1. And I know service members, I am a vet and my son is in the Army, those lost would probably have happily have traded their lives to save American citizens lives. It is after all their job.

            Quick reminder that the 82d Airborne were sitting around with their thumbs up their ass this whole time while the British and the French were conducting convoys out of Kabul to get their own people, and anyone else who might have been with them on the pickup. If our generals still had any balls, that commander should have said “fuck it” and worked with our allies to go out with them and get our people, too. The Taliban weren’t doing shit other than handling business outside the airport.

            1. My guess is, the guys giving 82nd their orders, maybe even the commander himself, were petrified of reliving Gothic Serpent all over Kabul. Or going in with enough firepower, and stacking a bunch of noncombatants for the benefit of CNN.

              Or, the easiest thing is often to do nothing, and America lately is all about doing the easiest thing.

              1. Which is why they were embarrassed as hell when the British and the French waltzed right out of Kabul with their convoys.

                Or, the easiest thing is often to do nothing, and America lately is all about doing the easiest thing.

                Fuckin’ A. Our arrogant, stupid elites need to stop jerking themselves off to neoliberal fantasies of world government and playing along with internationalist social engineering schemes like Build Back Better, the Great Reset, and the Paris Accords, and start focusing on cleaning up the mess they made here, or things can go pear-shaped fast. We’re arguably at a point similar to Rome in 410 or France before the Revolution, where the country’s elites just don’t have the capability to run a complex society anymore.

                1. “We’re arguably at a point similar to Rome in 410 or France before the Revolution, where the country’s elites just don’t have the capability to run a complex society anymore.”

                  Agreed. I’m not sure whether maleficence or out and out incompetence, as an explanation for their behavior, is more frightening.

                  Mentioned it elsewhere in the thread, but as bad as things look right now, if the economy implodes as bad as I think it’s going to quite soon, right now is going to look like the Roaring 20s as seen by the Great Gatsby. Or a Weimar floorshow, right before troops step off towards the Vistula.

                  Despair is a sin, but I don’t see anyone with the competence to fix this situation.

                  1. Incompetence is one thing, but maleficence is the real concern here, because it means the cultural Marxists running the country right now are deliberately trying to make it implode in a stupid and vain effort to bring about their communist utopia.

                    1. Bring about communist utopia, or take down everyone in resentful nihilistic suicide

                2. Anymore? When did they?

                  1. I know it’s fashionable to act is if the people running the government has always been incompetent, but we went through about a 140-year period or so from the end of the Civil War to the 1990s where things ran fairly well more often than not.

                    It’s instructive in this regard to read Eisenhower’s farewell address in full–it’s not a screed against the MIC, it points out that the MIC is a result of the government outstripping its basic responsibilities in a thirst of managerial oversight over everything. But he never said that government should be viewed in a cynical manner like Reagan and the neocons encouraged.

                3. “Our arrogant, stupid elites need to stop jerking themselves off to neoliberal fantasies of world government and playing along with internationalist social engineering schemes like Build Back Better, the Great Reset, and the Paris Accords, and start focusing on cleaning up the mess they made here, or things can go pear-shaped fast. We’re arguably at a point similar to Rome in 410 or France before the Revolution, where the country’s elites just don’t have the capability to run a complex society anymore.”


                  Why I still come here. It certainly isn’t for the articles.

                  1. Yup. Red’s good.

            2. Yeah we should have been doing that all along. So Biden says we are staying yet reports on the ground is that we are actively destroying our equipment and gates still haven’t been opened. The two don’t jive. And if he isn’t sending in more troops how will we “get” those responsible as he promised?

              1. Biden doesn’t even know where he is. Just that he was given a list, and the first person he was to call on…

                (Cue the, “It’s Fucking Embarrassing!!!” rants from Letterkenny.)

                Yesterday, there was only a 1,000 Americans left. But they’ve evacuated 8,000 Americans in just the last 12 hours? They can’t even keep their lies straight. Which goes to the point Red was making just upthread.

                The fiefdoms are each trying to put their own spin on the disaster, their own lies to explain why it’s not their fault, and why the other .Gov departments should be blamed.

                1. What makes me question this even more is that the Turks pulled out last night, and they were supposed to be the last to pull out, because as a Muslim nation the theory was they could have an easier time extracting and thus could provide cover for everyone else. Our allies are bugging out left and right, like rats fleeing a sinking ship.
                  Jen Psaki just stated that the 7,000 evacuated since the attack is evidence the Taliban is still cooperating. No, Jen, stop lying those 7,000 were the ones already inside the airport at the time of the attack.

                  1. The gates are still closed. The only thing I feel hopeful about is Jen did let slip that we probably have launched rescue missions outside Kabul, and pictures from the airport show multiple CH-47s launching and landing at the airport.

          2. FNC is every bit the controlled (occasional) “opposition” that Reason is.

            1. Jennifer Griffin, who I normally like, was the worst one today. Think about the poor soldiers, don’t talk about the evacuation, this was always a dangerous mission but they’ve flown out 100,000 and don’t criticize the State Department or DoD. This isn’t the time for recrimination. Fuck you Jennifer, fuck you!!!!

          3. ..they reportedly have summarily executed ISIS-K leaders who were locked up…” . Good, noting ISIS were recruited, armed trained, controlled and even heli-evacced out of hot spots and into Afghan by Murika. You were there illegally in the 1st place with no UNSC nor UN mandate, and went in based on a false flag done by YOU, so take what you get. False flag. Sure, did you believ the conspiracybtheory that an an Arab in an Afghan cave who shut down the 1/2T$ US air defenses with his laptop, then had one of his 22 his L Pilots, this one couldn’t solo a Cessna172 with 600 logged hours, fly a hologram, at the impossible ground level speed of 580mph, right through a Twin Tower, and ‘crush’ it so well, that the remains could be removed overnight in 4 hours, instead of taking 4 years. That being.. Millions of tons of twisted steel girders, glass, concrete, air con machines and ducts, plumbing and sanitary ware, wiring and emergency genes, office equipment,, and 3000 HUMANS.. that in 2 100M high mounds.. (physics), not forgetting, the 2 remaining central cores, 417M high(!)! as the floors had ‘pancaked’, according to NIS. Search ”.9/11 Hologram Plane Theory – Bill Cooper RIP Nov 5 2001”.

            1. Who says a war of defense has to get UN approval? Pretty sure that isn’t in the Constitution, the only law that applies in the US. Fuck off with you 9/11 truther bullshit. You earned a fucking mute for your stupidity. Nothing you said is even remotely related to the truth.

            2. There’s no stupid like Truther Stupid.

              At least this one didn’t go right to Da Jooooosssss!!

              1. I always enjoy the lack of paragraphs.

                1. Lol. It’s funny because it’s true.

            3. “You were there illegally in the 1st place with no UNSC nor UN mandate”

              We’re not required to seek UN approval. Stupid fuck.

            4. Turk? So you’re some Greeks bitch then?

          4. Not sure what is true here. But re American citizens, State dept has said that of the 1000 who they say they have been in contact with – ‘most’ want to leave and have already made their own plans. Reading between the lines – my guess is that no American outside Kabul would have had any interest in risking coming into Kabul. It is much safer for them to head directly to the border crossings – and hope there are Americans there who can talk to the Taliban there to cross.

            This was never an Afghanistan-wide evacuation. Even more so now.

            1. “…But re American citizens, State dept has said that of the 1000 who they say they have been in contact with – ‘most’ want to leave and have already made their own plans…”

              So nice and tidy, as are most lies.

              1. Too afraid to admit SleepyJoe screwed the pooch.

            2. This was never an Afghanistan wide evacuation. Whose fault was that?
              And according to Jen Psaki the US is still working with them to arrange exfil, that doesn’t sound like they have their own arrangements.

              1. Whose fault was that?

                Every problem with this evacuation rests with Biden. He’s the guy with his name on the desk.

                that doesn’t sound like they have their own arrangements.

                Read Blinken’s press briefing yesterday. Im certain he knows more than Psaki even if he’s lying. And the press questions are from actual journalists who know what to ask.

                1. “…Read Blinken’s press briefing yesterday. Im certain he knows more than Psaki even if he’s lying. And the press questions are from actual journalists who know what to ask.”

                  Got a live one here, folks.

                2. I watched the fucking briefing yesterday and Blinken completely contradicted what has been said for the last week.

                  1. JFree is, if nothing else, consistent in his belief in the words of Top Men.

        2. As I think about it, if Kamala did meet with Austin, I wonder if it was the first steps to envoke the 25A proceedings.

          1. And I think they’ve possibly decided that they are going to lose the house and probably the Senate no matter what now, that the only way they can get Kamala to be the first colored female president is by eliminating Biden and they will run someone else in 2024. Or that possibly incumbency will help her in 2024.

            1. Stay tuned for more clownery when a perfectly split Senate is gonna have to vote on a replacement VP with no tie-breaking vote.

              1. Who knows, maybe Elder will win and Feinstein will kick the bucket and he’ll be able to replace her.
                Also, considering people like Murkowski, Graham, Romney, Sasse and Collings have shown no problem with voting for Biden’s but making cabinet picks and court picks I don’t hold out hope that the Republicans could effectively block the nomination. However, maybe these bottom feeders smell blood and will grow a pair briefly.

                1. I wrote Collins a few years ago regarding court nominations and she (staffer of hers) replied saying that she views approvals as a formality. POTUS was elected and they should have the authority to select the person they want.
                  I appreciated the honesty. And since at least then I believe her votes have lived up to that.

              2. You can’t see Romney/Murkowski/Collins/Graham crossing the aisle, “to help the country heal,”?

                I sure fucking can.

                1. You forgot Sasse.

              3. I guess I was thinking that a vote as rare and rife with media attention as one for VP might make a difference. But then, Republicans would probably be scared to even think about opposing any of Harris picks after the Dems make the enlightened move to dump a mumbling vegetable. RINOs would then conveniently do their job in voting yes, and the rest of the party would be able to sleep at night.

      2. “This attack was meant to cause our fleeing even faster and it worked.”

        On the one hand, it discourages future bribes to the Taliban. What’s the point of paying protection if you aren’t protected?

        But on the other hand, it does provide evidence of their seriousness and zeal, and reminds whoever is running this operation that there will be consequences if the US feels like arbitrarily extending the departure date. The US can’t maintain the evacuation as it’s presently gone, and simultaneously defend against these kind of assaults.

        You don’t even need a complex attack. Imagine the carnage if one of those hordes of people on the cargo deck of a C-17 was wearing a bomb vest, and detonated it at rotation? It’d make a hell of a clip for the news shows.

        1. There’s no way in hell this was a Taliban attack. Sure, ISIS is claiming credit, but leaving that aside, the Taliban haven’t done a single thing to any of our troops for 18 fucking months. They kept to the ceasefire signed in February 2020, nor did they harass them even after they started their offensive on May 2nd. They just wanted us gone with a minimum of fuss.

          We were not only going to be out of there in less than a week, rumor is that it was going to get stepped up to this weekend to try and avoid the very thing that happened today. There was no reason that the Taliban would have any incentive to fuck with that unless the August 31st deadline was broken.

          Anyone thinking this was done by the Taliban should probably be looking over at Langley before going down that road. Keep in mind the spook in chief was the one who met with their leadership recently, not anyone from the DoD or State.

          1. I don’t think the Taliban did it, I fully suspect the let it happen.

            1. That’s a distinction without a difference.

              1. Look at the facts, the Taliban secured the perimeter and had a 100% cordon around the perimeter. Gunmen carrying long arms such as AKs and M-4, plus a suicide vest and a van full of explosives got by this perimeter in order to launch the attacks, what do you conclude from these facts?

                1. “The Taliban” are not in control of their illiterate, tribal hordes. That civil war will go on.

                  1. It is completely possible that Taliban forces turned a blind eye without the leaders approval. Which is an even worse possibility for us, in that we are negotiating with the leaders for our citizens, green card holders, western allies citizens and SIV evacuation and that would indicate the leaders do not have enough control of their followers to accomplish that. At best, we can hope that they let them through because they are incompetent, but that still isn’t a good thing for our mission.

                2. The facts are that they inflicted no casualties for 18 months, and were less than a week from seeing the Americans gone forever. Doing a suicide bomber attack at this stage serves no purpose for them.

                  The people claiming this was conducted by the Taliban, or they at least let it happen, are basically saying that the Taliban were cunning enough to lure the US military and its intel agencies in to a false sense of security for 15 months after February 2020, holding off on further attacks after they started their May offensive, which allowed the US to think they could completely abandon Bagram before the full withdrawal, and then mind-tricked the Americans in to boxing themselves in at Kabul with one runway to evacuate everyone, held off for several more days to let the US think they were home free, then did a suicide bomb sequence rather than mortaring everyone like fish in a barrel.

                  If that’s what’s being argued here, it’s a REALLY bad look for the US military and our intel agencies to get completely outmaneuvered like that over 18 months.

                  1. So how did the bombers and gunmen get past the Taliban checkpoints that completely surround the airport? You still haven’t answered that,and I’ve asked it of you at least three times now.

                    1. Ask the TSA

                    2. I don’t know, and to be quite blunt, neither do you. You’re making suppositions based on preconceptions of a very limited picture on the ground by panicked reporters, without taking into account incentives and actions. I’m telling you flat-out that it makes no sense at all to argue that the Taliban suddenly went off half-cocked after a fucking YEAR AND A HALF of not doing jack shit against the Americans, living up to the fucking agreement they signed, sitting around for several days while the Americans conducted flights and the British and French, and then suddenly deciding, “oh well, they’re almost done and have to get out in less than a week, time to have some fun!”

                      Why the fuck would they back out on an agreement not to attack before August 31st if they held off on doing so against our troops going back to February 2020? Stop and think about that for a second. Does the Taliban really benefit by pissing the US off at this point? Do you really think the entire organization is suicidal after they just did a blitzkrieg through Afghanistan and took over the entire country in a matter of weeks? Come the fuck on.

                      They want us gone. You know who doesn’t want us out of there? A lot of fucking people in Washington DC who are seeing their gravy train leave the station.

                    3. There is limited options here: members of the Taliban missed the people carrying AKs and M-4s and the suicide vest (which is easier to miss) and the van loaded with explosives, members of the Taliban let them in without the leaders knowing, members of the Taliban let them in with the knowledge of the leaders and it was planned to allow an attack and use ISIS as the patsies. If the latter, it gives them an excuse to eliminate ISIS, a competitor and probably get some US help in the process, thus further consolidating their power. It also was reported Biden was about to cave and extend the deadline to at least next weekend, by allowing the attack they’ve assured the US will withdraw on the 31st (a calculated risk but given Biden’s history one they may have felt was worth it). It also leaves thousands of Americans and Westerners stranded which the Taliban can now use as bargaining chips for money and recognition. And the Taliban has a history of all three scenarios in the past. And it further embarrassed America their enemy of 20 years.

                    4. I grant you there is one other distinct possibility, the Taliban “cordon” isn’t nearly as tight as the Biden administration and the press (which is getting most of its information from the administration) and they are using the cordon as an excuse not to run rescue missions. This explanation, however, doesn’t jive with what I’ve seen from interviews of Afghani refugees,western journalists who have been evacuated from Afghanistan, and the two congressman who visited to Kabul who all have similar stories of how tight the cordon is.
                      Another option is that one of the goatfuckers who was supposed to be manning a checkpoint took an unauthorized break and ISIS just happened to be set up ready to go at that exact moment.

                    5. I don’t think the Taliban wanted the attack to happen (and they’ve reported something like 25-30 of the casualties were their guys).
                      Most likely is that they’re simply not that good at running secure checkpoints, and/or aren’t able to screen everyone that comes through.
                      Then there’s the possibility of guards manning the checkpoints being sympathetic to al queda, though that would require attackers knowing their guys would be in the positions they specifically wanted to attack (which seems a stretch), or just bribery.
                      I think the first possibility, incompetence/lack of coverage, is most plausible.

          2. “They just wanted us gone with a minimum of fuss.”

            If that were the case, they wouldn’t have been playing fuck-fuck games with keeping people away from the airport, grabbing documentation, and otherwise being a pain in the ass all this past week and the week before.

            Plus, they’re ostensibly providing an outer cordon, outside the Marine/82nd lines. The bombers/small arms attackers had to come from somewhere, and had to get their personnel into position. That didn’t happen without some Taliban connivance. Which is explained by the Taliban not having control over all the Taliban. Plus, there’s likely no small resentment from the guys not getting bribed, and getting told to stand down as the infidels leave unraped, with their heads, while other guys are getting a king’s ransom out of this.

            So, not encouraged by the Taliban, but not, AFAIK, stomped out. We’ll see if more attacks happen, or if they don’t.

            1. They’ve also been fucking with our communication gear using jamming and spoofing with the aid of Chinese and Pakastani intelligence agencies according to sources within the DoD.

              1. Well, wouldn’t you if you were them?

                I’m pleasantly surprised the PRC hasn’t taken this opportunity to see how the latest generation of PLA battlefield SAMs handles US transport A/C countermeasures.

                Aside, did anyone watch the Biden address? Is he as far gone as these quotes I’m reading—Bagram wasn’t value added, i was given a list of people to call on—indicate that he is?

                1. I’m watching clips, he looked fucking lost. Did you see him trying to answer Peter Doocy’s question? My fucking God that guy is gone. His answer made no sense, the only thing that made sense was him saying he had to leave for another meeting. He couldn’t form a sentence and he was writhing his hands and looked completely loss.

                  1. That dude needs to stop corpse-fucking his son every time he gets called out on his incompetence. He looks like such a weak piece of shit, but that’s what the left likes in its men.

                    1. I liked the comments about his moment of silence, wondering if the doddering fuck had fallen asleep for a few seconds.

                      Just pop a fucking cerebral artery already, gush blood all over the lectern, and leave, you kiddy-sniffing pile of shit. Far kinder than what should be done to your sexually assaulting ass.

                  2. Yeah, so many traitors in the GOP. Thank God Liz Cheney is only a House member, and not a senator.this is why they didn’t want to bring him back from Camp David. I suspected this was the case as soon as I heard he wasn’t returning to DC immediately.

                    His dementia is clearly becoming more advanced.

                    1. Stress will do that.

            2. Let’s also remember the average afghan has an education equivalent to 2nd grade in America and most are illiterate.

              So we’re basically relying on 8 year old Americans in bigger bodies to run our security. What could go wrong.

              They probably take peoples documents and id’s because it’s less embarrassing than admitting they can’t read it.

        2. No, the Taliban now have at least a thousand more reasons for the US to negotiate with them. And Biden just said we will continue to negotiate and work with them.

    2. No, the attack was spiking the football.

    3. This always happens. People looking to make a name for themselves bomb Americans when we are on the way out, that way they can claim to the uninformed that they “chased away the americans”.

    4. The US will end up paying a huge ransom for the stranded Americans. Start loading the C 130s with pallets of $100 bills. Again.

      1. Or a few Hunter Biden paintings.

        1. Three or four ought to take care of it. He is the greatest artist in all of history you know.

    5. “…Hopefully the majority will be airlifted out by August 31st. Those remaining after that date will will need to be brought out by diplomatic means. Difficult but not impossible.”

      Droolin’ Joe’s faithful boot-licker here to tell us droolin’ Joe’s latest ‘promise’.

    6. Difficult but not impossible.

      If only we’d had a candidate that did the impossible. Like waiving the gay pride flag at a Republican Convention and subsequently winning the Presidency on the Republican ticket or, somewhat more relevantly, declaring Jersalem the capitol of Israel *and* successfully negotiating the Abraham Accords, or, even more relevantly negotiating an peaceful withdrawal from Afghanistan.

      1. Walking into North Korea with the North Korean leader, and walking back out again.

        Pretty amazing stuff.

        1. But those tweets…….

        2. The People have been pissed about their lack of representation in federal government for years, and the establishment had to put The People in their place.
          They want serfs, not citizens.

          1. And I want landfills populated with establishment leaders and their henchmen.

            1. Not to get too black pilled, but the alternative seems to be us in concentration camps

    7. “ Those remaining after that date will will need to be brought out by diplomatic means.”

      In other words, they’re hostages. And we’ll pay Danegeld for them with the predictable consequences of paying Danegeld.

      1. Ivar the Boneless invades Wessex?

    8. The attack was not ‘designed to keep us there,’ get a grip.

  6. —-The awful scenes from Kabul that have dominated the American news media today are a reminder of the reasons President Joe Biden is right to pull U.S. troops out of the country as quickly as possible.—-

    More like a reminder of how quickly Biden ought to resign.

    1. If you think your sleepy, addlepated, tapioca eating so-called “president’s” poll numbers have taken a nosedive already as it is, you’ve seen nothing yet, Reason! I know you guys don’t really give a flying fuck about the deadliest day for American troops in about a decade, but I promise you most of the American people still do.

      So get ready to take it up the ass hard, bitches. That includes you Dipshit Dave Weigel (aka “Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2”), Jacob “Lord of Strazele” Sullum, Mary Stack, sarcasmic, Chemjeff Status Quo Collectivist, JSlave, and all the rest of you.

      1. 100% agree. When the United States ABANDONS its Afghani “Allies” it reduces the credibility of America (ME, you, all 400 million of us) to zero value.

        The decision to go in was stupid but the MANNER of the withdrawl (a rout and abandonment) is devastating to the ideals (you Libertarians do believe in “ideals” beyond selfishness, Eh) of the Land of Liberty.

        1. They haven’t just abandoned the US’s Afghani “allies”, they have abandoned US citizens.

      2. Hey, leave tapioca out of this clusterfuck. Best childhood breakfast there. Really takes me back, man.

        1. Salted nuts dipped in tapioca?

    2. Thank you. It’s amazing to me how badly he’s handled this. Reason news and all other legit journalists should demand pres. Biden accept responsibility for this latest disaster. We can decide a proper course after we get the remaining Americans out.

      1. “Reason news and all other legit journalists”

        You contradict yourself.

    3. It really is astounding how slowly and terribly this has unfolded without anyone saying “impeachment” out loud. Especially given that there likely wasn’t a single week that went by in the previous administration without someone saying it about far less lethally blunderous and other more overtly unconstitutional actions.

      1. Because everyone knows Biden isn’t in charge and impeachment won’t fix anything.

  7. Kabul Attack Is a Vivid Reminder of Why America Should……be wearing a bag over it’s collective head for electing this idiot.

      1. It should put a burqa over the Dominion machines.

  8. Wow, what a take. We should not leave until all citizens, green card holders and SIV holders are out. And if we leave before that happens, the terrorist win and this will only embolden them for more attacks. As a veteran and the son of a service members, that is the job of servicemen, to put their lives at risk to protect American citizens and allies. If we flee without accomplishing the evacuation, all that will occur is more attacks and likely more forever wars, not less. Anyone who thinks differently is an idiot or purposely naive.

    1. LOL they have already won. The only reason we have until the end of the month is because they allow it. They could start shooting down planes any time they want.

      1. They’ve been shooting at our aircraft for the past couple of days according to the Pentagon. We are letting them to win. And we are destroying our equipment as we speak. We are gone far sooner than the end of the month. We wrote off at least 1000 US citizens, thousands of green card holders, SIVs and thousands of western allies citizens to the Taliban because we lost 12 people were killed more will die as a result.

        1. Most of the Biden administration should go to prison over this. And we are fast to coming to the time where democrats must be removed from control, if this country is to survive.

          1. Biden hasnt handled this well no matter what. However, your anger is amusing. Did you say the same thing about all the traitors who doled out money to military contractors that has drained our tax money for a useless cause? When prior politicians(and that includes both parties) were doling out money without spending enough time trying to curb the theft and corruption of our funds, where is the anger from people like you? That stuff over 20 years of wasted money and more money to be wasted to handle PTSD and other health care issues for the troops and the bags of money lost was more harmful to Americans than a clumsy withdrawal.

            1. Keep trying to deflect from the utter disaster your people have orchestrated.
              The withdrawal is the issue, and it’s catastrophic.
              You can talk about going in and staying 20 years all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that the execution of this withdrawal has become a retreat that will have negative consequences as bad or worse than the earlier decisions.

      2. “The only reason we have until the end of the month is because they allow it. They could start shooting down planes any time they want.”

        True. And we could glass Islamabad whenever we wish.

        Better yet, just do it to their nuclear deterrent, and tell India to go grab their old provinces back, with out blessing.

        We’re not going to do any of those things, which might actually get the Taliban’s patrons to rethink supporting some of the more outrageous behavior. Instead we’re going to be weak. Weak countries get sand kicked in their faces.

        Things are going to get worse, soon. Look at how bad things have degenerated in the last few months. And that’s without the economy or currency imploding. Or did you think the rental moratorium, student loan repayment moratorium, and extensions of other gross interferences in the economy were done out of pure altruism?

        1. All true. Hope you got your bitcoin. 😉

        2. All three indexes took fairly big hits today after a week of steady gains. Wonder what tomorrows markets will do. I just won’t look at my retirement plan for awhile.

    2. I put my time in at another shit hole, and was the fool for it, just like the present force. We had our code and any number were lost because we believed in it; no man (dead or alive) left behind. Nothing beneficial was accomplished in my foray and nothing much accomplished here. At least these fellows won’t have to meet up with puds forgiven for dashing off to Canada.

      1. Running before we get out our citizens will only cause more US deaths, and more attacks against us. Al Qaeda stated directly that their reason for attacking the World Trade Center both times and the USS Cole, was because they knew if they inflicted casualties on the US we would run away like we did in Mogadishu.

        1. Correct, but what does it matter anymore?
          We allowed the leftist cancer to win here, and now we’re ruled by an illegitimate totalitarian government.
          Foreign attacks are the least of our dangers.

          1. This is why we need to get rid of the democrats. Destroy their media government officials and money people.

        2. “Running before we get out our citizens will only cause more US deaths, and more attacks against us. ”

          I do not think that is a fact, Soldier.

          The american assets are spread out all over Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan. What is the US going to do? Re-mobilize another 30,000 troops to take Kabul for a weak? Suffering exactly these bombings the entire time?

          How is it going to prevent attacks on Americans to re-invade the country?

          1. That is the problem, we are so risk and casualty averse that we beg to be attacked because they know if they attack us instead of striking back we run with our tails between our legs. Have ever since 1973.

            1. Except for a couple years.
              Suleimani found that out.

            2. You keep faith with your people, or you eventually find you don’t have a people.

              1. Hopefully this is enough. But I doubt it.

                1. It’s not

                  I’m advocating for getting all of our people back, and to hell with the Taliban’s deadline. We’re leaving—you can have your pile of rocks, however rare—but we’re not leaving our people with you barbaric fucks.

                  And if takes stacking your bearded heads to the linchpin, well…it worked for Genghis.

                  1. Which is why you do things like pop Suleimani. After doing something like that, you can make the demand and probably get all your people back without having to actually stack bearded heads.
                    But now? Now we’re not going to get a damn inch without spilling blood.
                    Same dynamic is true at home, and it’s where we the people have failed.

                    1. Incidentally, Michael Byrd has dispelled any notion that his murder of Ashli Babbitt was an accidental discharge.

          2. I would mobilize more troops and went out full tilt until the mission is accomplished. And we do know running away will result in more attacks, Bin Laden was clear that he decided to attack the US after the Battle of Mogadishu. Because we ran away after 19 service members killed, Bin Laden decided to kill 3,000 Americans between the first WTC attack, the USS Cole, and the second attack on the WTC and Pentagon.

          3. We don’t need to build a nation, we don’t need 20 years more of war but we need to finish the mission with our full force.

            1. The US needs to either adopt a fully brutal approach and just massacre lots of these fundamentalists even if it incurs some collateral damage of innocent people or just get the hell out of there ASAP. The in between approach hasn’t worked for 20 years. And when I say adopt a brutal approach, it takes more than a “surge”. It will take a Genghis Khan level brutality to damage the fundamentalists. Send all the country’s psychos as modern day Dirty Dozens or even a Suicide Squad to Afghanistan and let them kill their psychos.

      2. I still see POW/MIA bumper stickers on old cars in flyover country.

    3. So what about Americans and SIV holders, we had a bunch of unvetted military age single males to import!

      1. The cheap labor makes up for gang rapes.

        1. Well, at least they’re progressive enough to rape girls AND boys.

          1. Fedgov spent 700 million teaching gender studies in Afghanistan if memory serves me. Good to know it wasn’t wasted.

            1. Obviously the Afghan men were way ahead of us on gender wokeness. They truly believe that a boy can be a girl.

        2. LOL
          The US government is going to be paying hundreds of millions of dollars per year for that “labor”

          1. C’mon man. The Fed pulls out the chicken entrails and chants the ancient incantations and dollars appear on balance sheets. Nobody pays.

    4. Veteran and BRAT too. Once in a battle, you NEVER “cut and run”. Biden has just rendered the heroism and courage of all of those who died or were injured to the garbage can.

      1. Exactly. Veteran, brat and father of a service members.

      2. Trump signed the Cut and Run papers.

        1. Trump signed a deal and extraction process that Biden tore up and shit on.

          1. He doesn’t care. Not about the truth, not about how many people will dies, and not about the damage this will do to our country for years to come. The only thing he cares about is attacking Trump.

            He also cares about raping children.

        2. Fuck off, you lying, steaming pile of shit; your asshole is getting people killed where none is necessary and you’re here making an ass of yourself once more.
          Jam a running chain saw up your ass.

        3. 18 mos. of peace and an agreement between the warlords and the recognized, legitimate government isn’t cutting and running unless your real goal was more along the lines of slaughtering every last fighting age male and putting your own people in charge.

  9. In the last 18 months how many times have you, Eric, thought about Afghanistan before last week?. This is an utter man-made disaster caused by one man Joe Biden.

    1. No, it’s not just Joe Biden.
      It’s the entire left.
      Joe is just their shield.

      1. Every Biden VOTER (the Leftist, the greedy, the prissy, the stupid, and the “let’s all be nice” crowd) OWN this because THEY made it possible for President Drooler to rule.

        1. Okay, We own this little flyspeck in history which will be forgotten faster than you can say “241 US Marines killed in Beirut.”

          You conservatives own the disgrace that are the Bushpigs – two lost wars, a worthless War on Terror, 7600 dead US soldiers and $4 trillion pissed away for nothing.

          1. LOL, yeah and your guys not only extended it, but ended up botching the withdrawal.

            Shut the fuck up with your simpery, and just be happy you’ll have more pedophiles to commune with in a few days.

          2. It’ll be ‘forgotten’ by slimy pieces of lefty shit like you; the rest of us will remember droolin’ Joe’s colossal fuck up for a looooong time.

            1. “…the rest of us will remember droolin’ Joe’s colossal fuck up for a looooong time.”

              Likely. Which is why I suspect there must be something coming soon to knock this disaster off the front page.

              I wonder what it will be.

              1. We’ve seen the preview already. MASK MANDATES! VACCINE MANDATES!!!

                1. Concentration camps…

          3. BTW, “we” don’t own this, you and that pathetic piece of shit in the WH do.

        2. Not just voters, but all the people who covered up for the probable fraud and amplified the January 6th “iNsUrReCtIoN” narrative.
          They need to feel consequences.

        3. Dominion, General; don’t forget Dominion.

    2. More disastrous than what has gone on under multiple administrations for the last 20 years? get some perspective and dont dumb this comment section down.

      Biden should be embarassed by this evacuation. But then most of our politicians should be embarassed by the total shitshow of nation building that went on in the last 20 years. All that money, and they couldnt even build a competent army.

      1. You’re an idiot ignorant of history and basic human psychology if you don’t realize what this debacle is going to result in.
        Carrying the left’s water on this isn’t going to get you far.

        1. Not a mouth breather like you. Sorry. You seem to be ignorant of history if you think this withdrawals is so damaging compared to the numerous foreign policy blunders in the past. We survived Lyndon Johnson, Nixon’s, Carter, Reagan’s misadventures. We can easily get past this .

          Are you angry at thieves like Erik Prince who have robbed our taxpayer money? There are a lot of right wingers too who have indulged in outright theft of our money. Unlike you, I bash both sides. I attack the stupid pronouncements by idiots like AOC who think no tenant should be evicted.

  10. Of course Biden is correct Eric. But it’s his humility that America really needs right now. Sometimes the right man is in the right place at the right time by some mysterious confluence of the universe. We are truly blessed.

    1. Nope. Not giving OBL a run for his money.

      1. Yeah , nobody beats the master.

  11. No. It’s an example why, when it was feasible, that the Taliban, or at least it’s weapons larger than a rifle, ought have been exterminated. Radical Islam is a cancer almost as bad as acceptance of Trump.

    1. Worse than insurrectionists? C’mon man.

        1. Check your sarc meter.

  12. Nobody’s saying we should stay there. Everyone is saying Biden colossally fucked this up. With humility, of course.

    Vote smarter next time.

    1. What has Trump done that makes you think this would have gone any better? Didn’t Reagan have his Grenada moment? Instead of acting like a stupid partisan hack, just admit that our foreign policy has been wasteful and clueless over a long time.

      1. Except the 4 years Trump ran it.

  13. Pusillanimous behaviour always attracts violence. As Osama bin Laden said, “when you see a strong horse and a weak horse, you will support the strong horse”. Right now, under Biden, the U.S. is the weakest and most knackered nag in the history of mankind.

    1. He makes even Jimmy Carter look like George Washington in comparison!

      1. How conveniently Mikey forgets how his Bushpigs lost two worthless wars, 7600 US soldiers dead for nothing and $4 trillion pissed away for nothing!


        1. He’s even an even sadder and more pathetic total loser than you are, Weigs!

        2. Convenient how turd forgets Biden championing every dollar spent.
          This isn’t ‘forgetting’ on turd’s part; it’s lying like that slimy pile of lefty shit does every time he posts here.
          Fuck off and die, asshole.

        3. Carter was attacked by a swimming rabbit. Carter also allowed the hostages to be taken. Once they realized a man that would come for them was in office, they released them.

    2. Bin laden actually told his peeps not to assassinate Biden back when Obama was in office. He knew Biden was a fuckup and wanted him in charge.

      1. In 1942 British Secret Service made the decision that they would no longer try to assassinate Hitler and would discourage their underground allies to not assassinate Hitler because he was doing more harm to the Nazi military actions than anyone else was. I can see Bin Laden making the same conclusion about Biden. And I think ISIS K with Taliban tacit approval have made the same conclusion.

  14. Or, we should have had a plan to leave, and not have winged it (e.g., leaving millions of state of the art weapons to 8th century gentlemen).

    Or, we should have left our 2,500 contingent of troops who seemed to keep things calm, allowed women and girls to go to school, kept the TAH-lee-bahn (as Lunchbox Joe says it) from raping boys and girls and murdering the Afghans who helped us.

    Or, we could go the isolationist route, recall every single military group, disband said military, pull the shades, eat ice cream, and hope that no bad people bother us.

    1. Or we could go the sane, adult route and have a strong and competent defense force that is actually used for defense.

      1. We have a competent defense force that hasn’t been allowed to win since 1945. Name one battle that the US lost to the Iraqis or Afghanis?

        1. Refresh my memory—where in the US are Iraq and Afghanistan located?

          1. Remind me again what happened on 11 Sep 2001, in reference to Afghanistan?
            Remind me again what happened on 7 Dec 1941 and where in the US Tokyo is located?

            1. On 11 Sept. 2001, the US was attacked by agents of Saudi Arabia, and the US retaliated against Afghanistan and Iraq.

              On 7 Dec. 1941, the US was attacked by Japan and subsequently retaliated against Japan.

              Anything else I can clarify for you?

              1. Those agents were in Afghanistan, and the Taliban was allied to them. There had been no tie between the terrorist and the Saudi government. And Iraq was always a mistake that I admit I wrongly supported at the time.

    2. Or, in 2001 instead of trying avoid casualties and dealing with the Taliban, we invaded Tora Bora with our full force, made a full cordon around the complex, wiped out Al Qaeda and the Taliban and then pulled the fuck out.

  15. Yeah Biden’s poll numbers are dropping so they are pulling out all the stops to keep it afloat. Their internal numbers must be for shit.

    We should’ve been gone years ago but Obama was weak and stupid, and now we see what happens when you leave the addled and senile Biden in charge.

    The koch heads just cannot bring themselves to criticize Biden and his useless foreign policy since they went in with everything they had, and found out what they really got. Too bad you all voted for this schmuck.

  16. If only Biden and the progressives could deal with the real world instead of their delusional world of make believe.

    Overspending won’t cause inflation; defunding the police couldn’t result in a wave of violent crime; DACA didn’t flood the border with asylum seekers, the Green New Deal won’t hurt our standard of living; lockdowns don’t have meaningful trade-offs, and no one could have known that failing to follow through on the evacuation of Afghanistan–for seven months after Biden was inaugurated–would end in tears.

    . . . and we knew all these things were true because progressive politicians, new broadcasters, and expert bureaucrats said so.

    The noble lies that Biden and the progressives insist we all believe in for our own good are not a red herring. The delusional state of progressives is a primary reason to reject them. Remember a couple of weeks ago when Pelosi was demanding that the Taliban negotiate with women before we agree to leave? They’re so fucking delusional! If reality isn’t the way they want it to be, they simply refuse to believe it and lean in.

    A very wise man once said:

    “When you believe in things
    That you don’t understand
    Then you suffer”

    —-Stephanus Mirantibus

    If George Orwell were writing Nineteen Eight-Four today, it would have read:

    “War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.
    [The truth is misinformation.]”

    1. These people are like old-school pagans who literally believe that they can speak their desires into existence if they perform the proper rituals. Unfortunately, that only works in a society of liberal tolerance, not one that will take a shit and then wipe their ass with your rainbow flag.

    2. Buttplug likes adults

  17. Over at* they are saying Biden is weak/feckless and “if we don’t fight them over there we will have to fight them here” just like it is 2003 all over again.

    *One of you Peanuts keeps reminding me that they can’t find a ‘’ and suspects I am making it up.

    Well, no I’m not making it up. is my name for the conservative alternate-fact rage machine and includes Fox News, OAN, Brietbart, AM redneck radio, Townhall, pjmedia, etc – all the “alternate reality” fake news sites that sustain the vast wingnut fake outrage world.

    1. Shut up you cunt

      1. Fuck you.

        I am enjoying all the fake outrage from brain-dead conservatives.

        1. And I’m enjoying watching your guys completely implode in real time, you hicklib pederast.

          1. We should really find out his true identity and get him arrested for his pedophile activities.

        2. Jam a running chainsaw up your ass, turd; you and droolin’ Joe deserve every bit of it.

        3. I see, defeated misfits on the left getting a little cranky now. Wonder why that is…

          1. He got kicked out of another department store for spending too long in the toys section.

    2. There is no such thing as

      1. There is, in his mind. It’s part of his progtarded delusions.

  18. Question – if we were still there, would there be this level of violence? Yes? No?

    I was in favor of pulling out. We (mostly?) pulled out of Iraq without much issue, although Obama had to send troops back at least one occasion.

    But the chaos unfolding before our eyes seems to be a prime example of two wrongs not making a right. Trump wouldn’t have made much of a difference. We fucked up so bad on withdrawal that Americans are now starting to favor reentering that region.

    Don’t forget that AFG was among the origins of 9/11. They don’t have a strongman / western ally who can suppress extremism with his own brand of tyranny. If they start launching operations there, we’ll be back there. Drones for sure, troops on ground maybe.

    It was a mistake to get out, at least in the way that we did. You can’t deny this reality by saying “we shouldn’t have been there in the first place.” If the drug wars ended and the cartels took over the market and stole the equipment of drug warriors, what do you say?

    1. “But the chaos unfolding before our eyes seems to be a prime example of two wrongs not making a right. Trump wouldn’t have made much of a difference.”

      Disagree. This would also have been a rat-screw under Trump’s watch, and ANA/ANP would also have folded. But stuff would have been blown up in place, Bagram would have been held, and concrete deadlines (with consequences for breach) would be known and adhered to.

      Bagram in particular, would be far easier to defend than the mess that Karzai is. You could enforce a cordon sanitaire around it, without killing thousands of civvies. You could have legit VCPs, with distance to minimize damage if one of the vehicles is a VBIED. All of the things that Karzai doesn’t let you do.

      We likely still would have Americans left behind. Many of the Americans are recent citizens and former Afghan residents. They came over as refugees—claiming asylum, whatever—got citizenship/permanent residency, and then traveled back to their home areas. (Cue, “I Wanna Be A Baller…”) I dunno if all of those guys make it back before the GoIA implodes.

      OTOH, the NGOs, the diplomats, the stringers and camp followers; all of those people likely would be able to pack up a tiny portion of their stuff, and get out. Still would be a ugly mess, and the press would be screaming about how this was Trump’s Saigon, and demand impeachment.

    2. “Trump wouldn’t have made much of a difference.”

      Let’s review the timeline.

      January 26, 2021:

      Biden announces he’s reviewing Trump’s withdrawal deal with the Taliban and criticizes the deal on social justice grounds for failing to make the Taliban guarantee the rights of women. Most everyone interprets that as an indication that Biden doesn’t plan to leave.

      Mid-April, 2021:

      Biden announces that the U.S. will violate the withdrawal date of May 1, 2021 that Trump agreed to with the Taliban–surprising most everyone. Between the election in November of 2020 and mid-April of 2021, the Biden administration did nothing to withdraw American troops, allies, or equipment–because he wasn’t sure they were leaving at all.

      August 15, 2021:

      The Biden administration has now had an EXTRA four months to withdraw American troops, allies, and equipment, and, meanwhile, the Taliban has used all that time to move their troops, supplies, and equipment to the outskirts of Kabul–sans American air power to stop them–and subsequently take over Kabul without hardly a shot being fired.

      I maintain that if President Trump had been reelected (or if Biden had stuck to the deal with the Taliban to get us out of Afghanistan by May 1st), Americans, our allies, and our equipment would have been out of Afghanistan more than three months ago, long before the Taliban were ready to take Kabul.

      The collapse of the Afghan military may have been the same, but the evacuation would have been over long before the Taliban entered Kabul. No way Biden should escape responsibility for his incompetent and disastrous decision to review Trump’s deal with the Taliban, do nothing for three months, and then unilaterally decide not to evacuate with all haste. Biden and the Democrats own that.

      If Biden had stuck to Trump’s timetable of May 1st, he might have been able to blame Trump for this disaster, but then if Biden had done that, I doubt this disaster would be happening.

      1. shrike will be along shortly to call you a conservative and lick the democrat’s asshole.

        1. The things I wrote are true or false regardless of whether I’m conservative. And if he likes licking the democrats’ asshole, that’s between him and his doctor.

          Is there like a hepatitis vaccine for that?

          1. All true.

            And sadly there’s no cure what ails shrike.

          2. He does like to take a Johnson and Johnson injection orally.

      2. Maybe Trump could have managed an orderly withdrawal, but the Taliban takeover and some outburst of violence was probably inevitable.

        AFG doesn’t have what it takes to be an autonomous nation that can defend itself from the threat within.

        1. “Maybe Trump could have managed an orderly withdrawal, but the Taliban takeover and some outburst of violence was probably inevitable.”

          I agree with that, but screwing up the orderly evacuation is the issue.

          Like most Americans, I support withdrawing from Afghanistan entirely but oppose doing so in an incompetent way that leaves Americans, American allies, and our military equipment at the Taliban’s disposal.

          He had seven months. He did nothing but twiddle his thumbs dithering about whether to really go between inauguration and just a couple of weeks before May 1.

          1. Not just Biden – this is the product of the entire left

            1. Yet the right had no better answers to the bigger eff ups that happened to our resources, and training failures of local Afghans over the last 20 years. The mission should always have been a brutal one. Take out OBL and as many terroristic outfits as you can and inflict maximum damage and get the hell out of there. There could have been some nation building but we should have appointed better puppets if we had to go down that route of nation biulding (which I don;t feel like is worth our resources). A puppet is a puppet . The worst kind is to have a puppet pretend he has real power and steal our money with impunity.

                1. Look, we get you’re desperate to “both sidez!” this away and play in the kiddie pool, but pissing in the shallow end is a different conversation that completely ignores the reality of the situation as it is and will be.
                  Go jack off with Greenwald and Tracy on Twitter if you’re determined to only discuss the irrelevant.

                  1. And what have you offered other than bitch and moan just because the idiots in charge belong to a different camp?

      3. “Americans, our allies, and our equipment would have been out of Afghanistan more than three months ago”

        Our equipment was out of the country. It sounds like you’re saying we should have disarmed the Afghan military on our way out. Americans were not told to leave Afghanistan months ago. It was a war zone. If you’re over there you obviously know that and hopefully you also realized that Trump had released 5000 Taliban fighters and agreed not to stop them or attack them. Biden then adopted the Trump deal so the Americans who were over there understood what was happening. I just assume they placed their trust in the Afghan govt and it’s ability to defend against the Taliban. Those Americans could have left on a commercial flight up until August. They stayed in a war zone, knowing the Taliban had captured all that territory, knowing the American military was out of the fight. That’s the reality. The SIV people are a different story. They should processed more of those but again Trump was worst on that so you have nothing to say about that.

        American didn’t leave equipment behind. We didn’t leave Americans behind. Those Americans were in Afghanistan by choice. And our military is doing a hell of job evacuating over 100,000 people from Afghanistan. That never would have happened under Trump!!!

        1. Your excuses are no better than your normal piles of lefty bullshit. Fuck off and die; you own this.

          1. Good, I’m proud of the US military’s evacuation of so many out of Afghanistan. I know with certainty that Trump’s piece of dishonest shit ass wouldn’t have saved 100,000 people. I’m so thankful Biden is your President.

            1. “Good, I’m proud of the US military’s evacuation of so many out of Afghanistan.”

              You misspelled ‘getting an asskicking’ shit-for-brains.

            2. Then you are fucking stupider that. I thought you were. This is nothing but a disaster. We rescued not because of Biden but in spite of him and only because the military is the best in the world.

              1. I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. What does “we rescued in spite of Biden” even mean?

                1. Lord of shit, you pretty much don’t know what anyone is talking about, including what YOU post.
                  Fuck off and die, slimy pile of lefty shit.

                2. Means the troops did the job despite how stupidly Biden’s plan is and was. He has been completely reactive rather than proactive ever since this began, and it is entirely clear to anyone who understands military operations. We never had mission momentum because we were forced to be reactive because of Biden. If you don’t know what I meant that just demonstrates how stupid and how little you understand strategy and tactics.

                3. Oh, and as for the last, it means ‘getting people out in spite of droolin’ Joe’s best efforts to get them all killed’.

        2. “Our equipment was out of the country.”

          This is inconsistent with what I’m reading elsewhere.

          “Photos and video posted to social media show Taliban posing with captured aircraft, trucks, Humvees, artillery guns and night-vision goggles. Such equipment could be used to suppress internal dissent or fight off their rivals.

          The U.S. military removed planes, heavy weapons and sophisticated military equipment as it began winding down its operations in Afghanistan in the spring. But it couldn’t take home 20 years of accumulated hardware and instead left much of it to the Afghan military.

          National security adviser Jake Sullivan acknowledged as much earlier this week.

          “We don’t have a complete picture, obviously, of where every article of defense materials has gone, but certainly, a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the Taliban,” he said.

          —-NPR, August 21, 2021

          “How Valuable Are The U.S. Weapons The Taliban Just Captured?”

          1. “Another official said that while there are no definitive numbers yet, the current intelligence assessment was that the Taliban are believed to control more than 2,000 armored vehicles, including U.S. Humvees, and up to 40 aircraft potentially including UH-60 Black Hawks, scout attack helicopters, and ScanEagle military drones.

            —-Reuters, August 19, 2021

            “Planes, guns, night-vision goggles: The Taliban’s new U.S.-made war chest”


            1. Visualize just how many years you’d go to Federal prison if you’d busted ITAR, and sold those items to the Taliban. Shit, you’d go to jail for selling many of them to American citizens here.

              1. To add insult to injury, the Pentagon is paying for that hardware by taking it out of our future paychecks. Some of the money you earn for the shit you put up with at work is going to buy military hardware for the fucking Taliban.

        3. Lord of Shit ought really to look around for better lefty-shit lies:

          Stupid talking point #1:
          “It sounds like you’re saying we should have disarmed the Afghan military on our way out.”
          Courtesy of Joe the fuck-up, the ownership of those weapons became totally irrelevant. This is not a matter of property rights, it’s a matter of destroying weapons before they can be used against you or your friends

          Stupid talking point(s) #2
          “Americans were not told to leave Afghanistan months ago. It was a war zone. If you’re over there you obviously know that and hopefully you also realized that Trump had released 5000 Taliban fighters and agreed not to stop them or attack them”.
          You were informed that the turn over was May 1, until droolin’ Joe tore up the agreement and put his foot in his mount. The release was part of the conditions on the US and they caused no US deaths (per that agreement).

          Stupid LIE #1:
          “Biden then adopted the Trump deal so the Americans who were over there understood what was happening.”
          You’re a lying pile of lefty shit. Biden threw a perfectly functioning plan in the trash Get fucked with a running chainsaw

          More lies than I care to deal with, #35:
          “I just assume they placed their trust in the Afghan govt and it’s ability to defend against the Taliban. Those Americans could have left on a commercial flight up until August. They stayed in a war zone, knowing the Taliban had captured all that territory, knowing the American military was out of the fight. That’s the reality. The SIV people are a different story. They should processed more of those but again Trump was worst on that so you have nothing to say about that.”

    3. The chaos now could have unfolded differently – but it WOULDN’T have. We would’ve been attacked at the evacuation regardless of when or where. The only way those risks could have been minimized is if the evacuations had been spread out in both time and place. One week for Herat, later two for Mazari-Sharif, etc. With months of notice to our NATO allies and the various NGO/etc and the people to be evacuated re the general idea of what would happen.

      But the reality is – it was never part of our plan to ever hand over security to the ANA/govt – and nor was there a plan to hand over anything with the Taliban filling that vacuum. This war was about pigs at the trough and blowhards at the mic and morons in DC.

      1. The belief that the evacuation would have gone the same way if we’d left three months before the Taliban took Kabul is delusional.

        Stop being delusional.

        1. Here’s a list of suicide bombings just in Kabul – when the ANA govt was in charge. Not a short list – ‘fighting season’ is irrelevant – targets include many at foreigners – and many of the attacks in recent years were ISIS-K

          Any crowd with foreigners or Westernized apostates is an easy certain target. And as I said, the only way to minimize risk is to spread the evacuations geographically and make each one short enough so that it might be over by the time the jihadis can assemble their attack.

          1. JFuckup?

          2. Here are the dates on the list of attacks in 2021 that you linked:

            May 8, 2021
            May 14, 2021
            June 1, 2021
            August 3, 2021
            August 26, 2021 Kabul airport attacks.

            They all occurred after May 1, 2021, but Trump’s peace deal had us out of Afghanistan before May 1, 2021.

            Oh, and the terrorist attacks between February 29, 2020, the day Trump signed the peace deal with the Taliban, and May 1, 2021, when we were scheduled to leave, all appear to have been directed at the Afghan government–not Americans or our allies. The peace deal wasn’t between the Taliban and the Afghan government, just between the U.S. and the Taliban. None of the attacks since Trump signed the peace deal with the Taliban appear to have targeted Americans except the one today, and if Trump had been reelected, we’d have been gone months ago.

            Again, the Taliban didn’t take Kabul until August 15, 2021. The Taliban taking Kabul is what interfered with the evacuation. If we were out of Afghanistan before May 1, 2021, attacks on the Afghan government wouldn’t have interfered with the evacuation like the Taliban setting up checkpoints around the airport did after they took Kabul. And to pretend otherwise is strange. It’s almost like you’re trying to pretend something is true because you want people to believe certain things regardless of whether they’re actually true.

            If the truth is that reelecting Trump meant we wouldn’t have been there when the Taliban took over, would you admit it? Or would you keep grasping for any kind of interpretation that somehow seemed to justify the absurd idea that putting Biden in office didn’t make any difference–regardless of the fact that Biden could have stuck to Trump’s timetable but chose not to do so?

            1. Those Americans in Afghanistan didn’t want to leave. They could have booked a seat on commercial airliner up until the Taliban entered Kabul. They choose to stay there for whatever reason. They’re lucky Biden maintained that small force in Kabul to protect the embassy. Up until August any mfer Afghanistan with passport could have left on a commercial flight. No need to evacuate people. They just go to the airport. Your logic is flawed. Your story doesn’t make sense.

              1. Guess they should just fuck off and die then.

                You’re a fucking monster.

              2. Where do you think Lord of Shit gets his taking points? They’re a bit too clever for the 6th-grade shit here to develop.
                Stupid, yes. Dishonest, yes. But ‘clever’, doncha’ think?
                Fuck off and die, Lord of Shit.

                1. He probably goes to media matters or a similar site to find out what he’s supposed to say. A lot of his kind do that. They’re all drones, followers. So you have to assume they’re being directed like the drones that they are.

              3. They were assured by Biden that they had months to evacuate, when it was really hours. So fuck off.

                1. Americans were advised to leave Afghanistan months ago especially after May 1 because of that withdrawal agreement. Americans were told not to travel to Afghanistan. You can’t force people to leave. Even now hundreds apparently want to stay. Have you got anything to say to the Americans who want to stay in Afghanistan?

                  1. And then droolin’ Joe said: “Naah, we’re gonna be here until 9/11 – don’t worry”.
                    Try to keep up, steaming pile of lefty shit.

                  2. You are making the her skirt was so short she deserved to be raped argument.
                    Which Americans want to stay, according to the State Department at least 2/3rds left want to leave. Biden assured them that they had months to get out, it is on the record. So you are saying that Biden was saying one thing and the State Department another thing? And the State Department last week admitted that they didn’t speed up the withdrawal of citizens, green card holders and SIVs at the request of the Afghani government because it would erode trust in them. And just yesterday they stated that they told everyone to leave, so they have given two different stories in one week, which one do we believe? Have they shown the emails they sent out? Or just taking Blinken’s word, which contradicts what his subordinates have been saying for a week.

              4. The GDP per capita in Afghanistan is $2,474 per year according to the IMF.


                I doubt that the thousands of interpreters we’re rescuing could have afforded to fly themselves and their immediate families out of Afghanistan on a commercial flight, and, furthermore, I don’t know that there’s any country in the world that automatically grants visas to the citizens of Afghanistan.

                They’d have a valid fear of persecution claim now that the Taliban has taken Kabul, but I understand various countries have been rejecting asylum seekers’ persecution claims and sending old ones back to Iraq, Libya, and Syria at this point. Before the Taliban took Kabul, I don’t know that they would have been granted asylum outside of Afghanistan.

                1. Which is another valid point, it costs on average of $10,000 to fly out of Afghanistan. Yeah it’s their fault for not getting out.

                2. The Afghan translators/etc is a completely different issue – logistically – from American citizens.

                  There has been a full decade of BS re those visas – and a lot of heads should roll in that bureaucracy and in a congress that almost certainly politicized those visas over the years.

                  But again even if we want to assume that someone ever gave a shit about having a plan to get them out – the only plan that works is an evacuation in multiple places. From nearer where they lived and worked. Rather than have them wander around to Kabul to meet with a bunch of fat ass bureaucrats who chose to burn that documentation when trouble hit – and then sit around at an airport as a target.

                  1. You are really dumb.

            2. The Taliban didn’t do this attack. Isis-K did. They have now admitted that.

              Taliban’s ‘role’ in this was the same as the old ANA – a presumably incompetent security force at the perimeter of whatever we are doing. But I suspect – jmo – fewer Taliban sellouts to ISIS than ANA sellouts to ISIS.

              1. You should just stop saying anything else.

              2. “The Taliban didn’t do this attack. Isis-K did. They have now admitted that…”

                Folks, we got a live one, here.

              3. There are four options here.
                The Taliban allowed this to happen because they are incompetent.
                Some Taliban members without leadership approval or knowledge let it happen.
                The Taliban leaders knew about it but did nothing to stop it (passive approval).
                The Taliban leaders actively helped plan this and used ISIS K as patsies..
                All four have long histories of happening in Afghanistan in the past. And none of these options are very comforting for Biden’s continued plan to rely on the Taliban for security and assistance with getting evacuees out.

                1. Pretty sure Biden isn’t ‘relying’ on Taliban; that’s a lie he can pass off during pressers.
                  It’s actually nothing other than an admission that he’s now a puppet, but that doesn’t sound very good and CNN would probably redact it.

                2. Biden’s continued plan to rely on the Taliban for security and assistance with getting evacuees out.

                  Like it or not – the evacuation is going to occur from Kabul airport. It could’ve also occurred from Bagram – until that was closed. It could’ve also occurred from the 10 bases closed in 2020 – until they were closed.

                  Again – like it or not – our options for evacuation were entirely determined/limited by the decisions we made to withdraw and close bases BEFORE we evacuated Afghans/Americans/allies from near/around those bases we closed. Once we closed those without doing that – we de facto chose to just wing it re future evacuations. At core – we didn’t give a rat’s ass about that step then. And now – it doesn’t matter. Can’t get there from here.

                  1. No, it doesn’t have to happen from Kabul, we have other options but they require risk and probably some casualties,all of which Biden has decided to rule out.

                    1. Do you have actual info about whether there are people gathered at some other location to be picked up?

                    2. The State Department assures us they have contact with all of them, so it follows they know where they are. Unless they are lying to us again.

                  2. “…Like it or not – the evacuation is going to occur from Kabul airport…”

                    You seem to imagine that people here will accept your bullshit as something other than that after you’ve spent many, many months proving that you are full of shit.
                    No, the evac could well have been disbursed until the asshole you supported screwed the pooch.

      2. This requires facts not in evidence, it is pure conjuncture.

  19. “It’s becoming more and more apparent that the true struggle to control Afghanistan after the withdrawal was never going to be between the Taliban and the American-backed government that collapsed earlier this month. It’s the Taliban versus other Islamic groups. The script has flipped with stunning speed:”

    Once again if the reason writer once read the comment section, this would not be a surprise. Most of the people here have been saying as soon as we are out the different Islam groups will go back tk fighting each other like they have for the last 1000 years. You being ignorant of the last 1000 years of mideast history, and what has happened in every mideast country that the US tries to work with, doesn’t make this a new, unheard of development

    1. Jihadism is quite new in Afghanistan. The Taliban are extreme fundamentalists but not jihadis and their ideology originated in Pakistan not Afghanistan.

      AlQaeda was jihadi – but they also are NOT Afghans. They are Arabs or Chechens or morons from Marin County.

      It is ISKP that has marketed jihad to Afghans since 2015. By translating the jihadi writers into Dari, Pashto, Urdu. Via radio and propaganda skills.

      Afghanistan is not the Middle East either.

      1. JFuckup?

  20. Odd no ISIS-K attacks on American troops in the past 18 months, until now as we are leaving. When a rabid animal senses weakness it attacks.

  21. “Orange Man Bad” – Cuomo Network News

  22. We definitely should have gotten out much sooner. We also definitely should have had a leader who actually leads with substance and understanding rather than by hollow performative action.

    The withdrawal that has taken place is so monumentally bad at this point I can’t help wonder if it was intentionally done. Maybe I hope it was intentionally done as thinking this is just how monumentally incompetent the administration and federal government is is just too depressing.

  23. GOP in 2021 “Biden’s sloppy evacuation from Afghanistan has cost us 12 lives and humiliated the US in front of the whole world. Biden must resign”.

    13 years before:

    GOP in 2008 “We can be proud of President Bush’s management of two wars in the Middle East that only cost us 7600 US soldiers and $4 trillion and the world loves us!

    Four more years!”

      1. Eat shit.

        It was you dumbasses who cheered the Bushpigs worthless “War on Terror” on from 2001-2009.

        All of us who opposed the stupid Bushpigs were told we were not patriots.

        So no, fuck you.

        This is the end of the War on Terror if we are lucky.

        1. Stuff a running chain saw up your ass, turd.

          1. Says the moron who believed LBJ. Victory to the Vietcong, I say.

            1. Do you have to be a lying asshole to become a lefty shit? Or do you become a lying pile of shit during training to be a lefty asshole?
              Inquiring minds want to know, commie shit.

              1. You mostly have to be evil.

            2. Oh, and you and the rest of lefty assholes own this, commie shit.

              1. You mean the end of an occupation of a poor country in Asia? Totally. I think it’s great— warts and all.

                1. No, I mean the deaths which are resulting from your BFF’s colossal fuck up.
                  But as a steaming pile of lefty shit, keep trying with new excuses; you need to remind the world of what lefty assholes are like.

                  1. Once again ignoring that we all want withdrawal. It has to be orderly and controlled though.

                    I would gladly throw you out of a helicopter to get those soldiers back

                    1. I’d do it for the lulz.

                    2. I’d do so for the benefit of the world, just ‘cuz I’m a nice guy.

            3. It will be good when you are dead. Hopefully your death will be slow and agonizing.

    1. Bush had 25% approval in 2008. His post-presidency numbers are higher with Democrats than Republicans now.

      1. Okay, this is a great stat.

      2. He said mean things about Trump, so now they love him.

    2. Get teabagged by old man scrote, shill.

    3. Biden voted for that war as senator then helped oversee the occupation for eight years as VP.

  24. Remember when Reason was claiming we had a duty to get our Afghan allies out? Now it is all cut and run. Still looking for those cocktail party invites Boehm?

    1. I was hoping the Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team wouldn’t make it.

  25. Biden babbling on TV right now. Turns out he had a son who died from cancer. Overwhelmed by his humility. And all within normal parameters. We are truly blessed.

  26. Eric,
    You got the sign wrong. This would not have happened or at least not had the same effect except for the extraordinarily poor planning by President Cut-and-Run.

  27. Does Reason realize cutting and running just emboldens the terrorist to attack us again? That running after Mogadishu directly lead to both WTC attacks and the attack on the USS Cole? Especially if we abandon our citizens and allies? They are now hostages! Expect within days to see ISIS K and maybe even Al Qaeda beheading American citizens on camera.

    1. No, they’re worth too much. They’ll sell them back to us for billions.

      1. I bet a few get beheaded by terrorist then the Taliban can white knight it by saving them, for a price.

    2. Oh look, neocon asshole shows up and argues for the forever war. Get fucked, neocon. You go over there and, more importsntly, you pay for it.

      1. Tell that to droolin’ Joe, commie shit; he backed every dollar spent in the mid-east wars.
        And then that lying POS Obo had 8 years to get us out and did nothing.
        Fortunately, we had a POTUS who finally arranged an orderly withdrawal, and then whits like you elected a fuck-up who got us an as-kicking in place.

        1. People like AmSoc should be given a short tribunal style trial then summarily executed for their Marxism.

        2. ‘More importsntly, you pay for it,’ I don’t recall it not paying taxes.

  28. Kabul Attack Is a Vivid Reminder of Why America Should Leave Afghanistan ASAPl

    That kind of statement isn’t even wrong. It’s the kind of vapid, pseudo-contrarian drivel that counts as “libertarianism” among Reason writers.

    1. To me, it’s just another straw man argument. How many people on either side of the aisle are arguing that we should stay there?

      The question is NOT whether or not we should stay in Afghanistan, the question is whether or not Biden did a good job getting us out. Most people, including myself, say that he screwed the pooch royally.

  29. Biden’s fiery, but mostly peaceful withdrawal.

    1. His withdrawl will be less deadly than his vaccine mandate.

    2. Operation Napghanistan.

  30. The average age of a CEO in the private sector is 54. Biden at 76 is in way over his head. He cannot handle the job any more than he could be CEO of General Motors. If he were in the private sector, arrangements would be made behind the scenes to have him resign. Even in his prime, he was not known for being that smart, competent, or decisive. There are good reasons why most CEO’s retire at 65 or so.

    1. “…Even in his prime, he was not known for being that smart, competent, or decisive…”

      I’m guessing his ‘prime’ was when he was acting as Hunter’s bag-man, right?

    2. Biden isn’t 76, he’s 78. He will be 79 on November 20th.

  31. When he put his head down there for a moment or two I thought he was going to burst out in tears.

    Someone please slap that pathetic old buffoon across the face and tell him to act like a man, like Don Corleone would have done.

    1. We are actively destroying equipment, which you do when bugging out. But Biden says we are going to finish the mission and get those involved. We can’t even get out all our citizens, green card holders and SIVs. You don’t start destroying equipment if you are planning on staying.

    2. And he was probably instructed to act like he was crying to show “empathy” because people think he had been to detached. He was hoping for a moment like Bush climbing up on the rubble with the borrowed megaphone. The difference was Bush’s speech was spontaneous and this was a scripted speech and Bush acted tough while being empathetic, he talked from the heart.

      1. Agreed. He sounds detached when he speaks because he’s just reading words off a prompter without understanding them.

  32. Biden helped create this mess. Happy he is getting shit on. Depressing that it took the murder of US citizens for it to happen. Taliban has been slaughtering Afghans all year.

    Afghanistan was and will forever be a failed state. Nation building is futile there. Alexander failed. UK failed. USSR failed. This is the only way it was going to end for us.

    Evict all Democrats and GOP. Neither “side” can be trusted.

    1. “Evict all Democrats and GOP. Neither “side” can be trusted.”

      The brain-damaged “both sides” argument!

  33. The number of deaths in Afghanistan under Trump were basically nil.

    This is all on the people who wanted out ASAP, as opposed to an orderly withdrawal.

    1. If by “nil” you mean 60, then yes.

      1. MG can’t count, either. Fuck off, steaming pile of lefty shit; you and your asshole BFF in the WH own this.

      2. Better than the Obama admin:

        “U.S. Casualties: 2,403. 2010 marked the deadliest year in Afghanistan, with 499 U.S. soldiers and 711 total coalition forces killed, according to the Iraq Coalition Casuality [sic] Count. Violence escalated in the country following Obama’s announcement in December of 2009 that an additional 33,000 troops would be sent to battle al Qaeda and the Taliban.”

        I know you like that black dick, #PaidTroll, but your apologizing for his fuckups is embarrassing for you.

  34. Following this logic, the US should leave Chicago.

    1. Like they left Portland?

      1. We should pick one of those cities and seal it off like in Escape From New York. Evacuate all the normal people and deposit all the kooks, like Buttplug, AmSoc, Tony, Jeffy, etc.. then let them fend for themselves.

        It shouldn’t be a problem, since they always say that red states live off the democrat urban populations anyway.

    2. It isn’t in the best interests of the United States to leave Chicago, but it is in the best interests of the United States to leave Afghanistan.

      If there is another serious attack originating from Afghanistan and targeting American civilians after we leave, it will be in the best interests of the United States to retaliate from orbit.

      It will probably never be in the nest interests of the United States to waste the life of any American on the ground in Afghanistan ever again. There simply isn’t enough on the benefit side of the cost/benefit analysis to justify it.

      And sunk costs don’t justify anything but making politicians pay at the polls.

      1. Air power without ground power is useless. We tried that in the 1990s and as a result we ended up blowing up an empty tent and a baby formula factory.

        1. And got 9/11 as a result. No don’t do nation building but send in enough troops to effectively cordon off the enemy, wipe them out and then get the fuck out. We didn’t do that in 2001, we sent in a minimal force and relied on the Northern Alliance which allowed Al Qaeda and the Taliban to escape, because Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield were afraid of taking casualties. If Patton had been afraid to take casualties, Bastogne would still be surrounded by Nazis. That’s hyperbolic but it makes my point. If you are going to fight, fight with everything you have (conventional weapons) with all your might or don’t fight at all. Bombing and missile strikes are rarely effective without ground troops to scout and clean up afterwards.

          1. By all means, continue your arguments for more war crimes committed by an occupation army. Gee, is it 2002-2003 around here? Feels like it.

            1. How is attacking those who first attacked you a war crime? Fuck you are stupid.

            2. It ain’t 1928 around here either, but you wouldn’t know that from commie shit.

            3. American Snowflake is butthurt that reality has got a thing or two to say about the actions of his demented Messiah. Your soft, whiny, defeated ass will now receive a culture war CURB STOMPING and you will be busy absorbing the fallout for years to come.

            4. Your face is a war crime

        2. “Air power without ground power is useless.”

          We hit a lot more than what Clinton did in Sudan when we bombed Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and in the firebombing of Tokyo.

          Just because Clinton did something incompetently doesn’t mean it can only be done incompetently. I’m not sure Clinton’s bombing of Serbia was entirely incompetent, even if I disagreed with it. I’m reading about 38,000 missions flown over 78 days, and they appear to have been quite effective.

          Reagan bombing Libya in retaliation for helping terrorists attack Americans wasn’t entirely ineffective either.

          Trump taking out the Iranian general who ordered an attack against Americans probably did more to discourage any future attacks on Americans than doing nothing would have, too. Invading Syria would have been too costly and might not have been as effective. If we don’t want people ordering attacks on Americans, killing a man responsible for ordering them seems like a pretty effective deterrent.

          Iran has a terrorist Army in Hezbollah that hasn’t really targeted Americans since the elements that attacked our Marines in Lebanon coalesced into Hezbollah. I don’t believe that’s out of the goodness of our hearts, and I’m not sure they fear a U.S. invasion either. I suspect they’d rather not suffer death from above. I understand we’re pretty good at identifying targets these days.

          Suffice it to say, aerial retaliation for attacking Americans isn’t necessarily useless. In fact, it may have a better record than spending 20 years on the ground in Afghanistan. And the chances of us getting bogged down in a quagmire go down dramatically when we never deploy. The reason it was so easy to withdraw our ground troops during Obama’s Libya war was because we never deployed ground troops in Libya during the war.

          1. Yeah 9/11 was a better result. We lost 2400 troops in Afghanistan, we lost nearly 3,000 on 9/11. We tried to get Bin Laden with air attacks multiple timed and missed every time in the 1990s. And Dresden and Hamburg didn’t end the war, it took troops. Hiroshima and Nagasaki also are questionable, that according to multiple historical accounts the Emporer was entirely willing to keep the war going after Hiroshima but then the Soviets invaded Manchuria and combined with our taking Okinawa a few months before that started the Emporer to start thinking about surrendering and Nagasaki gave him an excuse to do it by saving face.

            1. And over the horizon attacks are only possible with good intelligence, especially Humint. We won’t have Humint in Afghanistan. Singint and Satint are not as effective. The only time we really knew where Bin Laden was in the 1990s was because of Humint, and Clinton decided not to go get him. How we finally verified where Bin Laden in 2010 was through Humint. How do we verify targets to hit from the air without Humint? Special ops troops can do the job, but where will there SAR and QRF come from if there are no ground troops. And finally, once we pull out do you think Pakistani will allow us overflight? Afghanistan is a land locked country and for our air force or naval aviation there are only two surrounding countries we can overfly, Iran and Pakistan.

            2. “Yeah 9/11 was a better result. We lost 2400 troops in Afghanistan, we lost nearly 3,000 on 9/11. We tried to get Bin Laden with air attacks multiple timed and missed every time in the 1990s.”

              I don’t understand the point you’re making here.

              “And Dresden and Hamburg didn’t end the war, it took troops.”

              You cited Clinton’s bombing of a pharmaceutical factory and a tent as an example of air power. My point was that air power can do a whole lot worse than that.

              “Hiroshima and Nagasaki also are questionable, that according to multiple historical accounts the Emporer was entirely willing to keep the war going after Hiroshima”

              My understanding is that half of Imperial Japan’s staff wanted to keep fighting after both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the other half wanted to surrender. The emperor broke the tie in favor of surrender for fear that the next one would come for Tokyo.

              And the point of retaliating against the Taliban if they conspire in terrorist attacks against Americans won’t be to conquer Afghanistan. It will merely be to deter future terrorist attacks. We can rain the wrath of God on their heads if they fuck with us again, and if they fuck with us again, that’s probably what we should do.

              Sending ground troops in for fear of harming too many civilians was the nice guy approach. That didn’t work. They won’t like Plan B. In the days after 9/11, when every car on the freeway in Los Angeles was flying an American flag from its window, the American people would have been fine with George W. Bush leveling Kabul. Democrats. Republicans. Wouldn’t have mattered.

              Don’t see why it would be any different next time–if there is a next time. If the world isn’t big enough for us and the Taliban and their supporters in the mountains of Pakistan, we have the ability to make them disappear. We gave them a second chance every day for 20 years. They’ve got a second chance now. If they blow it, it’ll be time to take the gloves off. It won’t be the first time we’ve leveled a city or a country. The second half of the 20th century was ours because we leveled Germany and Japan. This won’t be the first time the world wasn’t big enough for both us and the enemies of the Constitution.

              1. Ken, what SM’s trying to tell you is that airpower needs guys on the ground to tell the button-pushers which pixel to shoot at. It isn’t as simple as just flying a thingy around and killing bad guys. Or, it is, but there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that has to happen—which is supremely difficult in a hostile, landlocked country like the new Emirate of Afghanistan—to make it look simple.

                Oh, and we do not have the ability, because within ‘ability’ is the will to use said ‘ability’, to make the Taliban and their supporters disappear. Not without, as I was saying when discussing this with John, killing about a million to a million and a half Pashtun. Given the 6.6 kids per woman they have, it’s only gotten worse since then.

                We are not killing several million people to eliminate the Taliban.

                1. “Ken, what SM’s trying to tell you is that airpower needs guys on the ground to tell the button-pushers which pixel to shoot at.”

                  We used spotters in Libya like that, but there were very few of them. What SM is talking about is dominating on the ground with conventional forces.

                  “Oh, and we do not have the ability, because within ‘ability’ is the will to use said ‘ability’, to make the Taliban and their supporters disappear.”

                  We don’t have the will to keep troops on the ground now, but in the wake of another 9/11, the squeamishness goes out the window. I watched old school anti-Vietnam hippies in the lunchroom at the office in Los Angeles screaming for vengeance in the wake of 9/11.

                  Most American wars are precipitated by some act of outrage (what The Big Lebowski is really about btw). 9/11. Gulf of Tonkin. pearl Harbor. The sinking of the Lusitania. The sinking of the Maine. The impressment of sailors ahead of the War of 1812. The Boston Massacre. Because we’re not mad as hell 20 years on like we were 20 years ago doesn’t mean we can’t get that mad again after another 9/11.

                  We can. It’s part of our national character. Social justice warriors even demonstrate in their enthusiasm for someone to hate with all their might. They hate you for being racist, homophobic, or what have you, and it’s like your rights don’t exist anymore as far as they’re concerned. They’re already primed to something like support flattening Afghanistan. They just need to be convinced that Afghanistan is the enemy.

                  1. No, I never have only talked about conventional forces, but for this mission, conventional forces would be necessary. And if you don’t think there were conventional forces in the Mediterranean to save those spotters if shit hit the fan you don’t understand how special forces work. It’s called a QRG, quick reactionary force. And I Libya it was an assault unit of Marines parked off the coast of Libya on five minutes notice in an assault carrier group.
                    And you keep saying conventional land forces equals army of occupation which is complete bullshit. Go in, kick ass, get the fuck out. And to do that properly you need ground forces and air power and artillery and missiles.

                  2. Do you think we send in special operations without backup? By definition a QRF force needs to be fifteen minutes out. Fuck you don’t even need to have worn a uniform to understand that, just read any Tom Clancy novel, Blackhawk Down or watch Navy SEALs on CBS and you would know we always have a QRF to get the fuck out of Dodge if shit hits the fan.

                    1. Yeah, an adjacent sea makes a lot of the shit we like to do, a whole lot easier. We had one for Libya. Syria too. We don’t have one for Afghanistan.

                      We’re not killing 3 million Pashtun Ken, absent a nuke on US soil. Are you kidding me? With how this country freaks out about collateral damage?

                      If a nuke does go off, we’re far beyond worrying about Afghan/Pakistani casualties anyway. I’ve written it here before, I’ll do it again: a nuclear device going off in a city will be the greatest public health crisis the US has ever experienced. Prompt casualties in excess of two orders of magnitude beyond the SF Earthquake, or Galveston Storm. Nevermind the radiation effects afterward.

                      I don’t think the US survives as is after it. We’ll still be here; the country won’t.

              2. More civilians were killed by ground forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan than through air power. That wasn’t the good guy option to avoid civilian casualties. Anyone who thinks that doesn’t understand warfare. See Gray Jay’s response.
                Attacking from the air without ground support (a lot of our so called smart weapons, especially the ones that hit moving targets require targeting, which is usually done by special operations “painting” them with a laser) is not effective. No one is saying conquer Afghanistan.

                1. “More civilians were killed by ground forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan than through air power. That wasn’t the good guy option to avoid civilian casualties.”

                  I wasn’t comparing air power to what we did in Afghanistan.

                  I was comparing what we did in Afghanistan to what we did to Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. Almost as many people died in the firebombing of Tokyo as died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

                  That isn’t like what we did with air power in Afghanistan. What we did in Afghanistan was playing nice compared to what we did to Japan, and our capabilities are far greater now than they were in 1945.

                  It is unusual in wold history for someone as powerful as we are to have the ability to squash our enemies and choose not to do so for humanitarian reasons. And if playing nice won’t do it, then we may just need to get nasty next time. Sheridan and Sherman took it straight to the civilians, too.

                  1. Exactly do it like Sherman, Sheridan and Patton, and then get the fuck out. That is what I’ve been saying all day to you.

              3. We should go back to fighting wars much more viciously. As opposed to tying our hands.

                I’m not suing we should start a new war, just that when we do fight one, fight to win.

                1. Yes. Exactly.

          2. And we took out the Iranian general because we had forces and CIA on the ground providing up to the minute Humint, the same in Syria.

      2. Remember Goering and Harrison both thought they could end the war with air power alone. Didn’t work in 1941 or in 1945 and it still won’t work today.

        1. We’re not talking about fighting World War II. We’re not trying to conquer Afghanistan like Goering was trying to conquer England.

          We’re talking about retaliating for terrorist attacks on Americans and deterring such attacks.

          If Goering had only been trying to deter English terrorist attacks by England, the bombs falling on London might have been more than sufficient to achieve that.

          1. Bombs falling on London just reinforced the British resolve. Bombing targets in the middle east and the horn of Africa only increased the resolve of terrorist in the 1990s.

            1. Do you think occupying Afghanistan for 20 years has been a success?

              1. When have I ever said that or even implied it? I have said we should have fought a no holds barred offensive with our full conventional power and then got out once we eliminated most of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. And in this case I have stated multiple times to you today that we should fight a full, no holds barred conventional war until we finish the evacuation and then withdraw. In the process I would most definitely target the Taliban command and control as much as humanly possible with all assets, including special operations, conventional infantry and air power to degrade them as much as possible to allow the nascent resistance a chance to fight back (but other than maybe special forces and weapons and munitions albeit both of those are questionable too) leave it up to the resistance to retake the country or not. I would also use the power of the purse to force Pakistan to stop backing the Taliban. I would do the same to ISIS K and Al Qaeda. Once we have finished the evacuation, I would withdraw our troops and leave the country to its own devices.

              2. I’ve only answered this question multiple times today when you’ve asked it.

                1. You seem to be suggesting that our work on the ground has somehow been successful–relative to what we’d get from retaliating from the sky. No, I don’t believe it’s true that our work on the ground has been especially successful or made us safer, but more importantly, I reject the idea that there’s anything we can do in a country under occupation to make the government legitimate in the eyes of the people of Afghanistan. No amount of conventional warfare will make them accept the right of a government we install to exercise power over them–which is what political legitimacy is all about. 20 years didn’t do it, and another 20 years wouldn’t do it either.

                  Ground troops under occupation are the wrong tool for the job. You’re driving fence posts with a wet sponge, and if the sponge were bigger or you pushed down on it harder for longer, the sponge would still never be able to drive that post into the ground. I believe that what you want to do with ground troops simply can’t be done, and if our presence there can only undermine the legitimacy of the government we install, then leaving is the first part of the real, long term solution.

                  Meanwhile, the purpose of our military shouldn’t be to remake other people’s societies or governments anyway.

                  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men”.

                  —-Declaration of Independence

                  The legitimate purpose of government is to protect our rights. The legitimate purpose of the military is to protect our rights from foreign threats. The legitimate purpose of the military is to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies. The legitimate purpose of the military is not to fight and die for the people of Afghanistan–especially if they don’t want what we want them to want and especially if we can’t make them want what we want them to want.

                  If all we can do to defend our rights against the enemies of the Constitution is to bomb them into oblivion, then that is what we should do. And if the American people can’t enjoy their rights under the Constitution so long as Kabul remains intact, then Kabul should be six feet deep and glow in the dark. Again, we cannot inflict legitimacy on a government at the point of a gun–not unless the people there want it. And they won’t want it until they reject the government they had before and their country has been thoroughly destroyed like Germany and Japan after World War II.

                  1. Again you talk about an army of occupation after I’ve said multiple times that isn’t what I am proposing why do you keep going back to that point? And the airpower had only been successful because we had forces on the ground to find targets for the aircraft to hit. Who do you think finds those targets and paints them with lasers so our missiles can hit them? You just don’t understand how it actually works. And once again because you can’t seem to grasp this, no army of occupation, no nation building. A limited objective short term ground campaign paired with airpower to accomplish the mission. Period. I don’t know how many times I have to say it and in how many ways I have to tell you this today. Are you just not bothering to read what I am writing?

                  2. You obviously don’t understand what actually happened in Japan and Germany also.
                    And do you think I would have troops without airpower? Fuck that is stupid. We haven’t fought a war like that since 1861 (we used air balloons for artillery spotting during the Civil War). We have used combined arms since 1916,when we used aircraft as part of our punitive raid into Mexico against Pancho Villa. Combined arms not just infantry and not just airpower wins wars. World War 2 was won by combined arms, period.
                    And you cant develop the target packages without ground forces. It’s impossible. Only armchair generals who have never spent a day in uniform, believe that air power alone wins wars. You can’t exploit targets adequately without at least special operations on the ground. You can’t develop target packages with out human intelligence (Humint). We have tried that multiple times. We tried it in WWII, we tried it in Korea, we tried it in Iraq and Vietnam and in every case we figured out that it wasn’t effective without putting in ground forces. You actually are proposing the same strategy that the people that advise Biden are in favor of,the same thing people advised Clinton to do, that led to 9/11. The same thing that Obama’s advisor wanted him to do.
                    Don’t ask me about occupation forces or 20 years of war again, or I can only conclude you are arguing a straw man or are incapable of understanding what I’ve said multiple times to you.

                    1. “And you cant develop the target packages without ground forces. It’s impossible.”

                      Read, and re-read that, everyone.

                  3. And in this case I have stated multiple times to you today that we should fight a full, no holds barred conventional war until we finish the evacuation and then withdraw.
                    Did you bother to read this any time I posted it?
                    If you did why do you keep arguing about armies of occupation? Especially when this has nothing to do with an army of occupation or nation building. Are you just stuck in a false dichotomy that is airpower alone or ground forces forever?

                  4. Normally I think you’re a smart person, but the fact you keep circling back to occupation forces, forever wars, etc, it really raises questions today. I’ve told you multiple times in multiple ways today that ISN’T WHAT I AM IN FAVOR OF AND USING GROUND FORCES DOESN’T REQUIRE A FOREVER WAR OR AM ARMY OF OCCUPATION.

                  5. And just one more point I don’t think the ground war has been a success, it’s contributed to whatever success we had, but it wasn’t a success. Because we were playing nice like you said. If we had went balls to the wall, full conventional warfare, e.g. no nuclear weapons, full force of the US military with a clear objective and once that objective is achieved get the fuck out. Take the fucking gloves off.

                    1. Oh look tweedledumb and teeedledipshit are having an argument about how long we should either a.) bomb poor people or b.) shoot poor people. Go on, guys, I won’t get in the way of your war criminal fantasies. Dick Cheney would be proud.

                    2. Poor Amsoc his messiah has been shown to be a pumpkin, fuck he isn’t even Brian. And now he has no answer so he resorts to old anti war tropes that helped make this disaster possible and made the war last 20 years
                      Because fuckers like him, who never served a fucking day in their lives, believe you can fight a clean war. Or that we should ignore deadly attacks against us and sit in a circle and sing Kumbayaya.

                    3. “Oh look tweedledumb and teeedledipshit are having an argument about how long we should”

                      Oh, look! Tweedle commie shit trying to deflect the assholery from droolin’ Joe’s fuckupery!

                  6. Ken,
                    I’ve said this before, and i may say say it again, but probably will not. Air and artillery support can only deny territory temporarily, they are an inconvenience to a motivated or single-minded adversary. To effectively engage forces -particularly during counterinsurgency or to control territory, one must commit ground forces. This is not a cheer for 20 years of attempted nation-building in Afghanistan. It is a statement of fact.

                    1. “…It is a statement of fact.”

                      Contradicted by most every modern military text.

      3. If there is another serious attack originating from Afghanistan and targeting American civilians after we leave, it will be in the best interests of the United States to retaliate from orbit.

        There are two things that lead to blowback. This video game crap from afar. And doing our dirty work through proxies in order to pretend our hands are clean or that we aren’t really involved.

  35. as the Taliban have been taking control of jails formerly controlled by the Afghan government, they reportedly have summarily executed ISIS-K leaders

    “One man’s freedom fighter ….”

  36. I believe the proper contemporary term to describe the Biden Administration’s removal of American forces and our allies from Afghanistan is “shit-show”. There would be a slap-stick humor to all this if there weren’t so many innocent lives being lost.

    And make no mistake, the world is watching. I recall a Neil Stephenson novel (I think it was “Cryptonomicon”) in which Yamamoto is trying to talk the imperial Japanese military leaders out of invading the US. And they respond with something like “Why not? What are they going to do, throw a pie in our faces like the Three Stooges?”.

    I know it’s a sacred cow at Reason, among others, for the US to withdraw from Afghanistan. But at what cost? Demonstrating to the Islamic world beyond doubt that the USA is incapable of performing a military operation? Because ultimately that’s all this clusterfuck has accomplished.

    The opportunity to minimize damages from this is all but gone, and I pray for the innocent people over there who are suffering due to the US gov’s criminal incompetence.

    1. Withdrawal was the right move, but the complete disaster of its execution has made it more negatively consequential than if we’d decided not to withdraw.
      No good options. No neutral options. Only choices between different types of bad.

  37. ISIS-K is the exceptionally “special needs” branch of ISIS.

  38. This is why Ds are the worst. It was Ds, who got us into Afghanistan in order to fight the Taliban, then it was Ds who negotiated with teh Taliban to withdraw, and got nothing in return.

    Oh wait. Rs did both.

    1. All the neocons who got us in there are now part of the democrat party #PaidTroll

      A negotiated exit that was fucked up by those same neocons in the Biden admin who decided to make a mess of it in hopes they could stay, because democrats are corrupt and they are in thrall to the fascists running the shit show.

      Your dick sucking and swallowing the Biden and democrat line is embarrassing for you. You can’t think for yourself and you believe anybody gives a shit whether you live or die.

    2. Hey, pile of lefty shit! Tell us how Biden opposed this all along.
      Oh, wait.
      Fuck off and die, asshole.

      1. No, Barbara Lee opposed this all along. She got called a traitor for her efforts by people just like you.

        1. Democrats called her a traitor too.

        2. “No, Barbara Lee opposed this all along.”
          Stupid sumbitch can’t read, either.
          It’s spelled B-I-D-E-N, asshole.

          “She got called a traitor for her efforts by people just like you.”
          Do you have to be a lying asshole to become a steaming pile of lefty shit? Or does that come about from the training?
          Cite my calling Lee other than an ignorant piece of lefty shit. Or STFU.

        3. Shut the fuck up leftie shitbag

    3. One might take a look at the US Congress voting record before spouting ignorant bullshit like this. Because it took Congressional approval, so each member of Congress, (D) or (R) voted. And, yes, Trump negotiated for a withdrawal in Spring 2021. It is not Spring of 2021, so, put on your thinking cap… This means, someone changed the plan, was a re-negotiation with the Taliban by the Biden Administration reported? No? Perhaps this is the issue, other than the complete lack of competence?

  39. What this shows is that Biden catastrophically bungled the withdrawal by pulling troops out before civilians had reached safe havens. It is inconceivable to me that this could have happened. It all means that he has got to do a do-over. It’s obscene to hear anyone argue that the troop withdrawal should be sped up. Rather the troops need to go back in and secure the airport — and retake Bagram as well. Whether we were right to “nation-build” or not (I think it was a mistake), we have moral obligations to our friends and allies who will otherwise left to the mercy (I joke) of the Taliban.
    I suggest that Biden personally accompany the troops back in and return on the last plane to leave Kabul.

    1. “…It is inconceivable to me that this could have happened…”

      Not if you’ve been watching Biden…

    2. ” Rather the troops need to go back in and secure the airport — and retake Bagram as well.”

      HKIA can only be secured with air support/overwatch. And that can only be supplied by Bagram.

      Re-taking Bagram would be a real fight – an opposed airdrop onto a dug in enemy – with dozens, if not hundreds KIA.

      Biden does not have the stomach for that.

      1. Biden’ll get that many and more killed just by ‘accident’; watch and see.
        A fuckup of this magnitude don’t come cheap.

      2. “HKIA can only be secured with air support/overwatch…”

        We have that now. We have air supremacy. Nothing flies w/o USAF permission, and I’m sure that there’s been some sort of persistent armed ISR platform immediately overhead throughout this whole thing. HKIA still isn’t secure, and can’t be secured from the kind of threat we saw enacted today. It also really can’t be secured from indirect fire. Not without blasting the living shit out of a bunch of civilians they’re going to be firing in the middle of.

        I don’t think Bagram would be as bloody as you stated for the US. Provided enough ass was brought to the fight. Which the Rangers and USAF can easily provide. It wouldn’t be bloodless though, and bloodless is how the O-10s roll these days.

        Which will make any fight with China interesting.

        1. “We have that now.”

          We have very limited local air power. We can put bigger stuff on loiter, but from darn far away. And as you note, the sorts of ordnance they carry would mostly fall into the “blast the living shit out of civilians” in Kabul. We all know they’d do a mix of shoot & scoot along with human shields.

          “I don’t think Bagram would be as bloody as you stated for the US.”

          I hope you are correct if it comes to pass, but they’ve had far too much time to fortify that place and it’s beyond huge. Just getting it secured could take multiple days and if the current occupants are wiling to die then they can take a lot of others with them.

          1. We have air supremacy. And Bagram’s comparatively in the middle of nowhere. It could be done as crudely as, “Stick a JDAM on every heat source.” Done. Then do it on everything within, oh, 5k from the base perimeter. More sorties, but done.

            Revisit how Wagner Group basically got vaporized attacking Deir ez-Zor. The US can bring an absolutely amazing amount of precisely applied pain if allowed, and if we either don’t care about non-combatant casualties or they aren’t there.

            Then bring in truly massive amounts of air mobile power—a Ranger battalion plus one from 173rd or 101st should be able to do it—hit the runways, and move out. Kill anything that approaches; something you explicitly can’t do at Karzai.

            Still messy, but doable. You’re going to lose a few helicopters getting people from wherever-they-are in Kabul to either Karzai or direct to BAF, but those are the breaks. Still better than planning on leaving people behind.

            1. Conceivable, but the spin up would need to start immediately. Nothing the Biden admin is going to commit to.

              1. Completely agree on all counts. Needed to be done a few days ago. They decided not to, for reasons discussed upthread.

                Milley’s head would be on my desk, were I King, and I’m not sure whether that would be a euphemism or not.

            2. The biggest lesson we haven’t learned over the past five decades is that when you fight limited wars and try to avoid casualties, you usually end up losing and end up with more casualties. We understood the longer WWII, the longer we WWI, the longer the Civil War lasted the more casualties we would inquire over the long run. So we appointed generals who were willing to do whatever it takes to win, and if they didn’t deliver (see first three years of the Civil War) we fired the generals and found ones that would. Lincoln wasn’t afraid of firing generals. Pershing knew that he had to win or be fired. Eisenhower, Macarthur and Nimitz fired generals and admirals all the time when they failed. Even Truman fired generals during the Korean War. We haven’t been willing to do that in decades because we don’t want to lay blame. Sherman, Sheridan, Patton, Bradley, Nimitz, Pershing, any of them wouldn’t hold flag offices today. And we are weaker for it.

          2. Not to mention, the first bomb that hits Bagram triggers an attack on the airport.

      3. Air support could come from Kandahar as well -which is much further away and also gone.

  40. Prediction:
    Droolin’ Joe’s colossal fuck-up is just beginning to cause deaths and injuries. A fuck-up of this size isn’t going to be limited to double-digit casualties; this is just the beginning.
    Droolin’ Joe’s got 5 more ‘deadline’ days and then the real fun starts as he tries to get the remaining thousands of people out of there.
    Give blood, folks.

    1. Yep. This was just the beginning. The Taliban were given lists of Americans. How many of the Taliban also are ISIS?

      5 days until everyone left gets fucked, and good luck making it to the airport. Though I’m sure the State Department will send a strongly worded call your way.

  41. I don’t think the issue was ever stay or go, but rather how to go. First, you don;’t block all tech support for aircraft and equipment like Biden did before the pull out. When you are evacuating and you have at least 6 significantly fortified airbases, you really have to wonder who the military strategic dunce who designed this one. Given that you have several options of holding, with Nato and other allies, at least one fortified airbase – Bagram – but preferably 1 or 2 others in areas where civilians and Afghans who are likely to get slaughtered so you can evacuate them, why put all your eggs in single virtually undefendable airport? Where was our Secretary of Defense? Working on his book – “How to Make Great Teams that Are Woke and Hate Each Other” and a sequel “Once We Get Rid of All Evil White Folks We Can Use The Military to Kill Whitey”. General Milley I guess was staying brushed up on Mao’s Little Red Book so he’d understand the motivation or thinking of China as it completes total penetration of the US Government, Water, Power, Corporate communications, internet and supply chain. Maybe he was focused on writing the blow by blow book of how China decided to Take Down Taiwan before the latter’s tech industry completed a transfer to safer areas. We have pervasive, stunning incompetence in this Biden Administration. Or maybe it is all deliberate but it is so bizarre, it almost has to be serial incompetence.

    1. The question was never whether to stay or go. Nobody at all is arguing that we should have stayed in Afghanistan.

      It’s just a bullshit talking point to deflect from how bad the “going” was botched.

      1. This cannot be repeated enough.

        At this point people trying to say this is and argument about the decision to leave are being plain dishonest.

        1. They’ve been trying that move since 8.15.
          Talking points they’ve deployed:
          1. Trump’s fault
          2. It was going to be disaster no matter what, at least we’re out
          3. Criticism of the withdrawal means you’re arguing to stay
          4. (This is the one they’d settled on over the weekend, and had bots pushing it full force) Biggest airlift evah and no American blood spilled!

          But today they had to cross 4 off their list, because it was the deadliest day for US military in a decade, so they’re back to cycling the first 3.

          1. You forgot:.any citizens left didn’t leave when we told them to (but we were also saying they were safe to stay and we didn’t want a mass exodus because it made the corrupt Afghani government look incompetent) so it’s their fault they are in danger, so it’s okay if we abandon them.

            1. They trotted that one out yesterday and I guess it didn’t poll well because they haven’t really used it. And I’ve noticed they didn’t use the tag phrase “all Americans who want to get out” much either today. Guess that didn’t poll well either.

  42. I always find it ironic how much libertarians oppose U.S. intervention in other civil wars, knowing full well that we would have never achieved the liberty we love so much without France intervening in our own.

    1. Pretty sure the phrase “non-sequitur” was is covered in the class you’ be getting sometime soon.
      Or you forgot it.

      1. Huh? How is the comment a ‘non-sequitur’? His entire article argues against intervening in another country’s civil war (see below). It would seem appropriate to respond to such an argument by underscoring the potential hypocrisy of an American opposing foreign intervention in the name of securing liberty for an ally, when we would have never gained our own freedom without such help (think: the former-mentee who now refuses to mentor others despite owing his success to such a relationship).

        Still, my comment was mostly an observation–not necessarily an argument for or against intervention. I obviously understand how the world has changed since the 1770s and the differences between the present-day Middle East and Colonial America…

        “They are a vivid illustration of the bloody civil war that’s gripping Afghanistan—a war that the United States cannot stop and should not participate in.”

        “”I cannot and I will not ask our troops to fight on endlessly in another country’s civil war,” Biden said two weeks ago, shortly after the Afghan government collapsed and the Taliban took control of the country. That civil war, which most Americans probably paid no mind until it arrived at the threshold of the Kabul airport on Thursday, has been and will continue to be a violent and bloody affair.”

        1. Yeah, and that intervention didn’t work out to well in the end for for the French.

          Not the greatest parallel to try and draw from, there.

  43. What? What is this article man.

    If the justification for leaving was to save lives … more people died in Kabul from these terrorist attacks in the past week than the prior 20 years! By the time this is all said and done we could have probably stayed for another 20 years and not lost as many people.

    What exactly was achieved in pulling out? Afganistan is now run by the taliban. Millions of people are now subject to Islamic Rule. We have embarrassed ourselves in front of the world. And the benefit to outweigh all of that was to save American lives … and we didn’t even do that.

    Look, you cant have everything. I understand Reasons position is we pull out, but competently. But the relevant decision is, provided that this was going to happen, as Biden was specifically warned by his military advisors!, should the decision have been made to pull out now? No! Obviously not.

    He should have waited, developed an actual plan, then did it, or develop the plan months ago, then execute it today! You can’t make the argument, this is executed incompetently, and that proves he should have made the decision. That is just a nonsensical argument, REGARDLESS of whether of not you support the pull out.

    1. Now, take this slow:
      Biden was offered a functioning withdrawal plan, with agreement by the US, Taliban and Afghan gov’t.
      And he tore it up!
      Yes, that’s right; Trump had a plan in place, working fine, and droolin’ Joe’ threw it in the trash.

      1. Because he wanted to protect women’s rights. See how that worked out.

      2. I vote for people that actually do and don’t talk.

        1. IOWs, the fuckups currently in the WH, as opposed to those who had a functioning plan?
          Do you imagine such sophomoric assholery isn’t obvious, commie shit?

        2. Let’s be clear here:

          “I vote for people that actually do and don’t talk.”

          Commie shit prefers to bullshit in the hopes that most of us will assume other than he votes for assholes with no idea what they are doing as opposed to those who have workable plans.
          And that is likely true; Lenin, Stalin and the lot simply winged it and starved or murdered enough such that they ended up with ‘agreement’.
          Commie shit is more than happy with such lack of plans; gotta break eggs to make omelets, right commie shit?

        3. And for ones that collapse in on themselves in a matter of days, apparently.

        4. Yeah? Like who?

    2. There was a plan in place. He didn’t follow it.

    1. LOL he literally gave credit to Trump for the 0 deaths in the last 18 months. He tried to spin it as ‘he left me this dumpster fire’ but that is NOT how it came off.

  44. Agreed, but with the disclaimer that once we’re entangled someplace like we are in Afghanistan, we have a responsibility to withdraw in a secure manner. What we have done to the Afghan people is wrong because we trained them to be dependent on U.S. support and then abandoned them to the Taliban.

    We shouldn’t engage in nation-building. But once we’re entangled, we have to plan a responsible withdraw.

    1. we have to plan a responsible withdraw.
      The previous administration did that. This one blew it.

  45. I’m so fucking mad I’m gonna throw a hammer.

  46. I might have been right all along when I was wondering if the D-party was going to devour itself once in power.

  47. The problem I have with Reason and with Cato is when it comes down to brass tacks they weasel around…like with covid passports.

    Look the entire foreign policy of the US since the end of the cold war went off the rails driven by a small group of neocon/neolibs screaming for US intervention everywhere to make the world “safe for abortion, racial/ethnic quotas, “democracy” and of course Goldman Sachs and Greater Israel. And time and again Reason writers have said..”well in this case America must” instead of someone like Ron Paul who is a true American and said..”no”

    Now we get its time to come home..really Reason? Trump was ahead of you on this and had a plan that most likely would not have resulted in this..instead you get Corn Pop Biden and his band of adolescent Ivy League liberal art majors whose entire set of accomplishments was working on Clinton’s failed campaign and maybe Daddy’s or their Uncles Hedge fund or Google (not in a technical role of course but as a content “manager”). Little Jake or the other guy couldn’t manage a bagel shop let alone dealing with real world experience bad asses. They all remind me of the NYC kids at my eastern private university who majored in bullshit and loved to stay up all night in dorm bull sessions on how of a horrible person Reagan was and how the Soviets were our friends and how they were smarter than anyone else and should run the world…maybe its time Reason did an article on the failure of “experts” in the govt class…

  48. We should never have attempted to nation build in the first place. The circumstances that allowed that to work in Germany and Japan were unique. We have no business trying to recreate nations in our own image and the notion we should is both benighted and arrogant. War is merely leverage for advancing national aims and has very narrow utility in the grand scheme of things. When we make war we should do so with the aim of convincing our foes they don’t want us to make war on them again and will, as a result, not mess with us. Nation building is a waste of blood, sweat, tears, and treasure. Let them built their own nation.

    1. “We have no business trying to recreate nations in our own image”

      Especially in the cases of Germany and Japan, it worked marvelously well. Can’t get any more American than that.

    2. “The circumstances that allowed that to work in Germany and Japan were unique”

      As in unconditional surrender and complete domination of their nations.

      Yeah we get it. That’s a possibility but you have to be willing to get murdery there. As in nuclear bombs at Hiroshima or firebombing Dresen level.

      If you don’t, you appear weak and willing to negotiate.

      I’d just prefer not to get there ever.

      1. “As in unconditional surrender and complete domination of their nations.”

        The were both nations.

    3. “Nation building is a waste of blood, sweat, tears, and treasure. ”

      Half assed nation building, I agree. But the US never put in a sincere, determined effort to bring the Afghan tribes (nations) together. They had 20 years, and even at the end, the Northern Alliance types that formed the government were never on board for the withdrawal talks in Doha. They were stalling and dragging their feet all along, and never signed on to the final agreement. In effect, the US and Taliban were bargaining over the heads of Afghan government. A power sharing agreement among the tribes should be a reachable goal. Afghanistan has existed as long as it has because the various tribes found ways to co-exist.

  49. Ok, I’ll admit it. Your war boners are so big. Rike massive. Mine? They are so small… so small.

    1. Soviet boners are always small. Yours…micropenis.

      1. Well you are a cuckold….

  50. On the 6th of January, 1842, about 4,500 British troops and 12,000 civilians who had followed the British Army to Kabul commenced their retreat through the pass of Khourd Kabul, destined to be their grave. On the third day they were attacked by the mountaineers from all points, and a fearful slaughter ensued,

    The troops kept on, and awful scenes ensued. Without food, mangled and cut to pieces, each one caring only for himself, all subordination had fled; and the soldiers of the forty-fourth English regiment are reported to have knocked down their officers with the butts of their muskets.

    On the 13th of January, just seven days after the retreat commenced, one man, bloody and torn, mounted on a miserable pony, and pursued by horsemen, was seen riding furiously across the plains to Jalalabad. That was Dr. Brydon, the sole person to tell the tale of the passage of Khourd Kabul.

    Brydon, incidentally, served as inspiration for the character of Dr Watson, Sherlock Holmes’ companion and chronicler in the Conan Doyle stories.

    1. I like to say “Jalalabad”. It just rolls.

      1. It’s only about 70 miles from Kabul as the crow flies.

        1. Fuck off trueman; no one cares about your worthless blog.

  51. How come the vanguard of the libertarian movement— {guffaw} the commenters here at all seem to be ex-military? How much money have you taken from the productive members of society who haven’t made a career of bombing and maiming poor people in the ME?

    1. Oh yeah, insult the vets, smooth move.

    2. How come you haven’t served, you ignorant shit?

      Because you’re afraid.

      1. Nope. I have no desire to further the aims of oil companies or the geopolitical ambitions of a dying imperialistic empire.

        1. I see no publisher has decided to fund such assholery as a novel.

    3. “How much money have you taken from the productive members of society ”

      You’re a socialist…

      1. Am going to say one of ‘those’ poseur anarcho-socialists. Sucking on the govt teat, pulling in every form of ‘public assistance’ that it can, while pointing the finger and bragging .

    4. How much money have you taken from the productive members of society who haven’t made a career of bombing and maiming poor people in the ME?

      Pretty rich coming from someone who doesn’t pay his mortgage.

      1. My decision to do that didn’t cost the taxpayer one nickel. It did improve my bottom line though. I learned it from Trump who taught me how to go skip out on my debts.

        1. Of course, you pile of lefty shit, assuming that the rest of those paying mortgages weren’t taxpayers.
          I’m not going to ask, B/C I’m quite certain that you are stupid enough to make that comment.
          Like commie-shits the world over, you, asshole, leave a mess for decent people to clean up.
          I have a hint: Wanna know how the world sees commie shits? After you wipe your ass tomorrow, lick the paper.
          That’s the way decent people see commie shits.

        2. To be fair, a leftie skipping out on his debts is pretty normal going back 100 years.

    5. “…How much money have you taken from the productive members of society who haven’t made a career of bombing and maiming poor people in the ME?…”

      Far less than parasitic pieces of shit like you have.
      Pay your mortgage, asshole.

  52. Ok let’s get real.
    The Afghan army was a fiction, and would still be a fiction regardless if Trump had won in 2020.

    And if Trump had won, he would have been fed the same intelligence bullshit like “oh the Afghan army will hold out for months and we can use that time to get everyone out”. We would have seen the same chaos regardless of who was in charge.

    The real blame here though belongs to Obama. After OBL was killed, he could have said “well we got him mission accomplished, time to go home”. But he didn’t. Even after OBL died we dithering around in Afghanistan for some unknown reason.

    1. Or to Bush. Once we had trashed the places he could have said ‘mission accomplished’ (oh, wait – he did) and then left with a stern warning to the Taliban to keep control of their crazies or we’d come back and blow shit up some more.

      1. What this guy said. Only with the addition of turning the ISI headquarters into a lake, and repeating the message.

    2. You both get that presidents are vastly compromised by a military IC and defense industry that can undermine them and even push the opposition party into impeachment proceedings.

      It’s already happened more than once. Think about it.

    3. Certainly the hero here is Biden, who made the difficult, politically inexpedient (witness the fainting spells of those surprised the Taliban would actually start shooting back) decision to cut and run, but ultimately courageous decision to get Americans out of that country.

      1. Commie shit posts:
        “Certainly the hero here is Biden,..”

        Yep, droolin’ Joe, who tore up a workable arrangement and decided to wing it in one of the worst fuck-ups in US military history is the “hero”
        Commie shit really did post that. I guess commie shit decided proving to be an idiotic piece of lefty shit needed more evidence.

      2. LOL, the cope in this post is off the charts.

    4. chemjeff radical individualist
      “Ok let’s get real.
      The Afghan army was a fiction, and would still be a fiction regardless if Trump had won in 2020.”

      Yes, let’s get real. Fucking lefty piles of shit like you continue to invent reasons that droolin’ Joe is somehow blameless for throwing out a functioning withdrawal plan.
      But fucking piles of lefty shit like you deserve to own it, asshole.

  53. Kabul Attack Is a Vivid Reminder of Why America Should Leave Afghanistan ASAP

    No, its a vivid reminder of why we should have, you know, got competent people to plan out this withdrawal rather than just cut and run in the middle of the night.

    I mean, FFS, we *are* leaving ASAP. Or is the takeaway that we should be leaving everyone behind?

    1. And why we should have had competent people planning the operation back in 2001.

      1. C’mon. That bell was rung long ago. Let’s keep our eye on the ball.

        1. If we don’t pay some attention to the fuckups over the past 20 years we will allow it to happen again. So we should make Biden pay for this debacle and make everyone who fucked it up over 20 years also pay. We need to turn over the rock and expose all the vermin to the sun and not let them scurry away. To bad Rumsfield is dead, he deserves to answer some really uncomfortable questions about Iraq and Afghanistan.

  54. soldiermedic76
    August.26.2021 at 10:26 pm
    “Exactly do it like Sherman, Sheridan and Patton, and then get the fuck out. That is what I’ve been saying all day to you.”

    And I’m gonna call you on this.
    Total war is, properly, a recent development and is appropriate when the totality of the population is supplying, arming or provisioning the fighting force.
    Sherman cleaned out Atlanta, and arms, food and material no longer flowed to Lee. The Allies (admittedly limited by the tech at the time) bombed to make sure supplies did not get to the Nazi or Japanese military.
    We (the Allies) were further fortunate in that, for minimal loss of life, the terror (nuke) bombing of a “nation” ended WWII. But Japan was a “nation”
    None of those conditions apply here.
    The tribal areas provide nothing to the Taliban; they steal what they need from wherever they are, or rely on some oil money to compensate some who sell to them. They have no defense contracts with suppliers, nor any in-country industry/workers to do so. They hope assholes like commie shit will convince the allies to leave stuff for them.
    Bombing random civilians ain’t gonna get us out of droolin’ Joe’s colossal fuckup.

    1. No but the spirit of them can be used. It would have been better in 2001, but it can still be used. Put in overwhelming force, if the generals say we have enough, put in more. I am talking whole divisions, not a brigade here or a brigade there. Give them permissive ROEs, take land, kill everyone who you suspect is Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS K. And the entire time be evacuating our citizens and then declare victory and pull out, saying play nice or we will come back and do it again. And the US Army did wage total war against tribal societies suçcessfully against the Comanche, the Apache, the Lakota and the Cheyenne. For example after Custer’s loss we applied pressure to the retreating bands until most surrendered. And when Sitting Bull refused to surrender and was safe in Canada the US Army went out and killed the last remaining free roaming buffalo herd that his band relied on for food, and he surrendered. And total war isn’t new, the English used it effectively for most of the Hundred Year War. Finally, the Taliban does have a base of resources, it’s the Pakistani IS, and we are the Pakistani IS main source of funding. All we have to do is pull funding for Pakistan until they cut off the Taliban and eliminate Taliban bases in Pakistan or allow us to destroy those bases.

      1. And if cutting off funds doesn’t convince them, drop a shit ton of JDAMS and other ordinance on their nuclear arsenal and then tell the Indians “go for it, we wash your hands of them.”

        1. But none of that will happen because we fight “enlightened”wars now.

          1. Yeah, that don’t involve war crimes or a wholesale slaughter. Pity.

            1. 2004 called and wants its talking points back.

              1. Why should I do that when there are so many neocon buttholes around here that think bombing people and killing them is the answer to everything. That particular sentiment is fucking timeless unfortunately.

                1. You don’t really think anyone in here believes you really have a problem with war crimes, shill?

                2. Perhaps because no one commenting here actually wanted us to stay there, and you arguing with a straw man?

                  I mean, I understand how hard it is to process how bad your guy fucked up here, but at least try not to pretend you’re making a point that passed its sell-by date when Evanescence was popular.

            2. Wholesale slaughter is how you win wars, the term war crimes now means nothing because lefty assholes like you have stretched the meaning so much that anything and everything is a war crime and restrictive Roses and limited warfare is how you end up fighting for 20 years and still end up losing the war. The first war we fought under this modern theory that dipshits like you support is still technically ongoing, it is the fucking Korea war that had been technically ongoing since 1951, over 70 years now, with no victory, and no end in sight. No treaty has been signed and the DMZ is still considered a war zone. Yes, let’s play nice and fight decades long wars with no chance of victory. Just to avoid casualties and ill defined war crimes.

              1. *restrictive ROEs.

  55. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden acknowledged the need to get out of Afghanistan. And, sorry, but that was always going to mean a Taliban win. The difference was execution. Donald Trump had negotiated an agreement that allowed for the safe and orderly exit of Americans and our allies. The agreement incentivized the Taliban to honor that peaceful withdrawal. And it worked. From the signing of the agreement until today, Americans weren’t attacked in Afghanistan. All Joe Biden had to do was follow the plan implied by that agreement. But, he couldn’t do that. He couldn’t admit that Donald Trump might have done something well (actually exceptionally well). So he scrapped the withdrawal deadline unilaterally, scrapping the agreement in the process. Then a few months later, during the midst of fighting season, he decides to withdraw anyway. And he proceeds to do so in the most incompetent and amateurish way imaginable, putting our people and our material at risk. And sure enough, our adversaries take advantage of it. Even now, as Biden talks about reprisals, our troops are bugging out. We will leave hostages. And we’ll wind up paying Danegeld for them, with the predictable consequences.

    1. Read B D’s comments above. This cannot be repeated often enough, and the assholish lefty shits keep trying to deny it, as they commonly do, hoping a lie repeated enough times will be accepted as truth.
      Here we are specifically dealing with turd, the asshole posting as Am Soc, (less so strangely) the pile of lefty shit posting as sarc or jeff (pretty sure they are the same asshole), Molly asshole and several others.
      Brandyshit, as a ‘both sides’ cheerleader (hoping to justify his idiocy) has also been scarce, but I’m sure Brandyshit’s working hard on proving how stupid can be justified once more.
      Now read this, all you assholes and piles of lefty shit, even if you have to look up the meaning of multi-syllable words to understand that droolin’ Joe’ screwed the pooch, assholes:

      “Trump instructed me to arrange a conditions-based, methodical exit plan that would preserve the national interest. The plan ended up being fairly simple: The Afghan government and the Taliban were both told they would face the full force of the US military if they caused any harm to Americans or American interests in Afghanistan.
      Next, both parties would negotiate to create an interim-joint government, and both sides had to repudiate al Qaeda. Lastly, a small special-operations force would be stationed in the country to take direct action against any terrorist threats that arose. When all those conditions were met — along with other cascading conditions — then a withdrawal could, and did, begin.
      We successfully executed this plan until Jan. 20, 2021. During this interval — when there were no US casualties in Afghanistan — President Ashraf Ghani and the Taliban conducted multiple rounds of negotiations, and al Qaeda was sidelined. The result was a successful drawdown of US forces in Afghanistan to 2,500, the lowest count since the dawn of the War on Terror.
      We handed our entire plan to the incoming Biden administration during the lengthy transition. The new team simply wasn’t interested…”

      Yes, there was an agreed-upon, functioning withdrawal plan, and the drooling asshole occupying the WH now threw it in the trash, and proceeded to deliver the colossal fuck-up we now have.
      Keep them bullshit excuses coming, piles of lefty shit, and expect to be called on every one.

      1. Let me be clear… i haven’t so strongly supported a President more than I do now. I’m not saying both sides here. I’m saying one side is finally withdrawing from a country that it never should have been in in the first place. I’m a 100% pro-Biden shill.

        1. Let me be clear…you should pay your mortgage.

        2. Let me be clear:
          You’re a 100% idiot.

        3. “…I’m a 100% pro-Biden shill.”

          And a parasitic piece of commie shit besides.

        1. LOL, more cope from someone watching Senile Joe get stun-locked as he humps his dead son’s corpse again.

      2. Wow, it’s crazy that you must get home, hop on the computer, and spend their entire evening brigading news forums trying to be an asshole. Lol I literally know children with the same routine. Are you a child, Sevo? I mean, you’ve literally got records for days that you don’t do anything but be a fat shit. At the least, you’ve got to be single and lonely if you can dedicate that much time to continuous posting on the internet. I bet your fat too.

        1. You’re being too nice. “Get home” suggests he has somewhere to be that’s not his mom’s basement.

          1. Got called on your obvious bullshit, so now you make up stories? How………….
            Fuck off and die, steaming pile of lefty shit.

        2. Hey board, who bitch this is?

        3. “Wow, it’s crazy that you must get home, hop on the computer, and spend their entire evening brigading news forums trying to be an asshole…”

          Just a guess on my part: You didn’t ‘get home’; you’re a parasitic piece of shit who never earned a living, and now you are really, really, really upset that the droolin’ piece of imbecilic shit you voted for is being called on his colossal fuck up.
          Hint: Shove your head up your ass and breathe deeply.

  56. It shocks me when I learned that not all Americans can be evacuated. A Taliban win is the biggest blow to America

  57. Boy, try to end a war or close up an American military base and the legacy media will rip you to shreads.

    1. Boy, cock up what should have been an easy withdrawal and the legacy media will rip you to shreds.

      1. And commie shits will defend the asshole-in-office.

  58. “Kabul Attack Is a Vivid Reminder of Why America Should Leave Afghanistan ASAP”
    You mean this is a vivid reminder of why this should be done very carefully and chaotically running away like some yipping dog just doesn’t work?

  59. Kabul Attack Is a Vivid Reminder of Joe Biden’s incompetence in planning a withdrawal, negotiating with terrorists, lying, and hiding from the press and American citizens. His joking about people trapped in Kabul, even being cut off by his own people, shows Biden’s contempt for the military and America. He needs to be removed from Office immediately.

  60. I have so many people to thank for their encouragement and advice. I never tackled a project like this before. It called for two strands of super bulky yarn and size 36 needles. I actually broke my first set! I did not know how on earth to attach more yarn. And of course I really had to pay attention to the pattern-not exactly my forte!

  61. ‘Thursday’s attacks was neither unique nor unprecedented—though they certainly received far more attention in American media than similar assaults in recent months.’ Perhaps the media focus has something to do with the horribly botched withdrawal and the grotesque evidence of failure visible at the Kabul airport? Not every take has to be processed through this ignorant ‘we shouldn’t have been there anyhow’ lens, yet, take three.

    1. “…Perhaps the media focus has something to do with the horribly botched withdrawal and the grotesque evidence of failure visible at the Kabul airport?…”

      Droolin’ Joe seemed well on his way to turning a “withdrawal” into a self-imposed ass-kicking long before the media reported anything.

  62. First of all the stated attacks in the begining of the article, had no US force kills. These attacks in fact are fore warnings of what is to come. Yes, the US made a mistake in Afghanistan…but pulling out without so much a real concern for the possible collaspe and its bloodshed. It was openly discussed at the begining of the pullout “how long would Afghan arm last”. And it was only a few years by many military observers. So this is simply was the invevitable, and the US is responsible for the many that will now be tortured, killed, executed, hunted down. We aren’t doing the right thing.
    We should have stayed…in fact up to the bomb blasts at the airport, there had been NO US Force lives lost for over a year. We could have provided stability in this land and avoided much blood shed, for very little exposure. I remind you, if you do something..even by inaction or leaving that knowingly causes bloodshed…you have a responsibility for it.
    The US already has almost 800 bases in 70 other countries that we maintain. And many of these bases are in dangerous places, what would be one more?

    1. You first, asshole. Plenty of empty seats going into Kabul; take your wallet to finance your idiocy.
      Not mine.

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