A Black Market in COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Was Inevitable

Mandates, instead of incentives, were always going to drive people away.


Given my warnings about the dawning age of vaccine passports, it shouldn't have surprised me when my phone rang over the weekend and an old college buddy asked if I could hook him up with a forged COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. For the record, I can't help with that, but plenty of other people can. Proliferating requirements for proof of vaccination by schools, employers, and governments have, inevitably, spawned a thriving industry in bogus documents for use by those who don't want to get jabbed, or who resent being bossed around.

Back in February, when vaccines were young and we were all pretending to be innocent, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned that posting photos online of vaccine cards could invite ID theft and, more convincingly, that people were "using the vaccination cards placed onto social media to forge vaccination cards and selling them for profit."

Later, the FBI called out active markets in forged cards and arrested vendors of the documents. "The unauthorized use of an official government agency's seal on such cards is a crime that may be punishable under Title 18, United States Code, Section 1017, and other federal laws," warn the feds. "Penalties may include hefty fines and prison time."

Note that black market vendors of bogus vaccine cards began appearing prior to New York City requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry to the city's bars, restaurants, gyms, and concert venues. Demand for their wares can only grow now that other jurisdictions are floating similar requirements.

Even before local governments seriously considered requiring shots, employers and colleges began the trend. The federal government, Microsoft, Tyson Foods, and Walmart are among the larger employers mandating vaccination for some or all on-site workers. Tyson suffered COVID-19 closures at plants as early as spring of 2020, and fears further disruption from outbreaks among its workforce.

Colleges, too, worry about large numbers of people in close quarters in classrooms and dormitories. As of this week, The Chronicle of Higher Education counts 675 campuses requiring students and employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

But a lot of people are hesitant about the vaccine, or else just don't like being told what to do. The CEO of Snap-On told the Wall Street Journal that his company rejected mandates for fear of angering workers. Instead, the tool company offers incentives for getting vaccinated, including time off. Other companies pay bonuses for vaccination rather than tick-off people on whom they rely—Walmart offers $150 for getting a shot, while steelmaker Cleveland-Cliffs sweetens the pot with four figures.

That's creative thinking, because ticked-off people resistant to vaccines or just resentful of mandates fuel the black market for vaccination documents. A recent Associated Press investigation found bogus vaccination certificates for sale across social media and on dark web sites for as little as $25. The main customers to-date appear to be college students satisfying school requirements before registering for classes, but more mandates from employers and governments can only mean increased demand.

Of course, the flimsy CDC-issued COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards aren't exactly high-tech documents designed with security in mind. They require nothing more than a scanner/printer, some card stock, and a few minutes to duplicate for those who care to do the job themselves. That's why governments and businesses are turning to digital vaccine passports that are supposed to be both durable and resistant to fraud. But early efforts haven't been entirely successful.

"I forged it in 11 minutes," Albert Fox Cahn, executive director of The Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, warned in April about New York's much-ballyhooed Excelsior Pass. "Not only do the security promises of New York's Excelsior Pass fail to hold up to scrutiny, but the tracking tech raises an alarming array of public health, equity, and civil rights questions that remain unanswered."

More recently, NBC News's Cyrus Farivar got the NYC Covid Safe App to accept a menu from a barbecue restaurant as proof of vaccination. While it's true that a rack of ribs will cure most ills, that's not much of an endorsement for the app's reliability.

"Some of the apps we've seen are made by companies for whom creating secure health passes isn't a sole focus," point out the Washington Post's Chris Velazco and Geoffrey A. Fowler in a review of competitors in the field. "Others might try to get you to pay after you start using the app. Apps that are poorly or unscrupulously written could be used to violate your privacy."

The digital documents can also be complicated to use, so authorities generally accept paper alternatives—which brings us back to those flimsy CDC cards.

This is not to say that it's a bad idea for employers, educators, or even officials to urge people to get vaccinated. There's plenty of evidence that vaccination protects people from illness and limits the spread of disease.

But mandates requiring documentation invite people to battle the system, and it's highly unlikely that anybody is going to out-smart black-market operators working hard to satisfy customers. After years of warnings about how easy it is to forge boarding passes to bypass airport security, hackers still spoof even the modern digital documents. There's probably a lot more demand for fake COVID-19 vaccination records than for bogus boarding passes and therefore more incentive to stay ahead of the authorities.

Already, vaccine mandates have become just another battle of wills between bossy authorities and those who refuse to be bossed. They've spawned protests in some places, and an inevitable market for forged documents everywhere. These mandates have become the latest struggle over the limits of authority and free will. And lost in it all is the fact that vaccination effectively reduces the danger to people of COVID-19 even when others refuse to get jabbed.

A black market in proof of vaccination was inevitable as soon as arm-twisting became the preferred tactic for convincing people to get their shots. Instead of backing people into a corner, we should convince them, even bribe them, and be happy that we get as many to agree to protect themselves against COVID-19 as we do.

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  1. Of course paper documents can easily be forged, which is why they’ll need digital vaccine cards. Fortunately, these can easily be integrated with your other health records, your criminal record, your banking and credit records, your social media commenting records, your driver’s license and passport records, your license to buy and sell goods, your voting and campaign contributions records, and your social credit score.

    1. Digital health records? If BIPOC can’t be expected to come up with a government-issued ID in order to vote, it sounds like the grossest kind of racism to require them to come up with a digital health record in order to hold a job.

      1. OK, then. To achieve safety AND equity, only white people will have to provide proof of vaccination.

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      2. The DNC will now both vote and assign their health records for them

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      3. Below that are “the proles,” numbering perhaps eight-five per cent of the population. In terms of our earlier classification, the proles are the Low, for the slave population of the equatorial lands, who pass constantly from conqueror to conqueror, are not a permanent or necessary part of the structure.

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      4. Anyone promoting Antibody Mediated Viral Enhancement therapy is a War Criminal. Time to call for hangings.

        1. Haha. There is a SimonP around here who is your polar opposite.

          All is in balance.

        2. Hi:

          I’m short of aluminum foil. Since you use so much, can you tell me where you buy yours?


      5. Digital health records? On your smart phone, so you can show that instead of the paper card. But what if you don’t have a smart phone? A lot of us old timers still use flip phones. I guess next thing you know we’ll be required to get new phones.

        1. The left is saying they’ll (use tax money to) pay for everyone to have an obamaphone and wifi broadband. Everyone will get. Then everyone must have. Then everyone must have with them at all times.

    2. But don’t even think about bundling it with voter ID that might be needed for voting.

    3. The app accepted a menu from BBQ restaurant as a proof of vaccination. I must say it’s justified. After a good medium rare T-bone steak, one is, generally speaking, immune to most diseases, especially if the steak is properly marinated in Boston Lager after the meal.
      The problem will arise if the app starts accepting menus of White Castle, Wendy’s, Burger King or MacDonalds. Five Guys is OK, that should be accepted, but only for the burgers containing cheese and bacon. No veggie burgers and similar nonsense.

    4. I don’t have a smart phone, will my “vaccine pass” have to be tattooed onto my face?

  2. I had thought this would happen the second I heard of such requirements. There is a 2nd alternative, copy an actual vaccination card and say you are that person. Are they going to also ask for an ID which has been determined to be racist for voting purposes?

    1. Dingers aren’t expected to obtain snd carry IDs.

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      2. This made me genuinely laugh. Thanks.

      3. Like all other Dingers he lived in a time and area when birth certificates apparently weren’t widely available to everyone. Whether it’s 65 million years ago or 1993 and whether it’s IDs or vaccines….Dingers lack access to everything always.

        1. Why do democrats hate dingers?

          1. But crave the dinger vote.

            1. It’s “dengro”.

              1. No. It’s not. You’re ruining a joke.

      4. Things predestined:
        Black market CDC Vax Cards, and the new name for a certain fragile demographic…designation as a “slur” in 3,2,1…

      5. Seriously, wtf. These comments are toxic enough and you are using slurs.

      6. Goddamnit this is a morally repugnant joke Gumby.

        It’s also hilarious.

  3. All this and no info on where to get one? Sheesh.

    1. You must have the only browser in the world without a search engine.

      1. You must be the only commentator on Reason who doesn’t get sarcasm?

    2. What universe do you come from where one can openly flout unjust laws with no consequence?

  4. Instead of backing people into a corner, we should convince them, even bribe them

    If you can show a forged doc to collect your bribe, I’m not sure that will help.

    1. Like if gun buyback programs would pay for printed plans of 3D printers.

    2. bribing citizens who comply with tax money is exactly the same as fining those who do not comply

  5. Right-wingers: These vaccination cards are bullshit! I’m going to buy forged vaccination papers so that I can keep my job!

    Also right-wingers: Why won’t those illegal immigrants just do the right thing and get the legal immigration papers that they are supposed to get?

    1. Swing and a miss. Jesus that was bad.

      1. “Internal passports, proving one has injected oneself with the ordered drug, to go about daily life and procure necessities are the exact same thing as requiring foreign nationals to apply for immigration.”
        – citizen of the world, collectivistjeff

        1. “Demanding that THOSE PEOPLE get papers is totally different than demanding that MY PEOPLE get papers!”

          1. Huh? You seriously can’t see the difference in these two scenarios?

            How about this one for you:

            Socialists: No one needs documentation that they are legally residents of a particular place for any reason.

            Also socialists: Everyone needs documentation to prove that they are allowed to own, operate or enter a business, attend public school or cross state lines. In some cases several different pieces of documentation

            1. It is the right-wing entitlement mentality that I am mocking.

              It is the belief that the BLM protests and riots last summer were so awful and so terrible, that the military and the police should have used a firmer hand against the protestors; but when right-wingers protest and riot on Jan. 6, then they were just “peaceful tourists” and prosecuting them is unjust tyranny.

              It is the belief that those illegal immigrants should follow the rules and should be punished when they don’t, but when THEY are asked to follow the rules, they are entitled to circumvent the rules and should not be punished for it.

              It is the general belief that the world revolves around the entitled right-winger, and the purpose of all the rules is to constrain and control the behavior of everyone else so that the entitled right-winger is free to do whatever he/she wishes to do. That the right-wing concept of liberty means “I am free to do whatever I want, and you are free to do whatever you want so long as I am not inconvenienced by it”.

              1. It’s mostly people of color that are resistant. Probably for good reason when you think about it. But you can’t.

                1. Actually, people of color are mostly resistant to getting vaccinated for the same reason that they were resistant to voting.

                  Historically it was much harder to get to vote if you were black/brown, and these days, it is much harder to find a way to get vaccinated if you are black/brown.

                  1. You’re racist as hell, saljanal

                  2. Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair! ™, saij! Haha.

                  3. blacks and latinos get the jab for free like anyone else that seeks one. i saw two signs yesterday for freebies. black or white, anyone that can’t figure out how to get a free one is a dullard. same with an ID. 7-10 decades ago folks were born outside of hospitals and a birth cert might be difficult for proving ID. in the last 40 years? bullshit. get your ass to the place you were born and pop for the 10-30 bucks and be a grown up. or perhaps those apologizing for those without ID’S think those folks are stupid? i don’t.

              2. You mean the right-wing attitude that Americans are entitled to live in their own country without having to jump through hoops, while foreigners (i.e., people for whom this isn’t their country) aren’t equally entitled? I gotta confess, I’m having a real hard time seeing what’s wrong with that.

                1. Just consider the possibility that human beings, regardless of where they happened to be born, should have freedom of travel, and freedom of employment.

                  1. So I should be free not to hire dingers?

                    1. Classic libertarian answer is you should be free not to hire mascots at your place of business.

                    2. Only if they show a vaccination passport.

              3. Heh. It’s not hard to find right-wingers who think that the rioters in January 6th should be held accountable — who also think that the BLM/Antifa rioters who caused over the $2billion in damages should be held accountable, too.

                However, how many left-wingers are there, who are screaming their heads off to hold the January 6th rioters accountable, who turn a blind eye — or worse, actually encourage — the rioting all the months before? Rioting that destroyed minority owned businesses and ruined the prospect of prosperity for minority neighborhoods for decades?

                You have a lot of putzah to complain about “right-wing concepts” of liberty, when what you attribute to them far better explains what the Left believes, than what the Right does.

                1. This is broad brush theater, so par for the course

              4. It is the right-wing entitlement mentality that I am mocking.

                Its actually not. You just look like someone spazzing out.

                I’m sure this all sounded good in your head – but you’re not that bright. You should have said it out loud, wrote it down, read through it a few times, before posting.

                1. Collectivistjeff is basically confessing, but projecting it onto others.
                  You’d think he’d eventually have an epiphany and work on recovery, but he’s remained stuck in exactly this stage for the entirety of the 2 or so years I’ve seen him posting here.

              5. “It is the right-wing entitlement mentality that I am mocking.”

                ‘mocking’ ?

                You’re not doing a very good job of it. Don’t quit your night job.

                1. “It is the right-wing entitlement mentality that I am inventing/projecting/strawmanning.”


              6. Being fat and ugly doesn’t automatically make you smart Jeff.

              7. Of course you have no criticism of the left. You never do. You are a leftist. You’re also a lying sophist, who sea lions, and can’t make an honest argument.

              8. If you honestly cannot see and appreciate the difference between AntiFa and BLMbnvm led episodes of “undocumented shopping” and holding “ceremonial firedances”, and what happened on January 6th, you are either willfully blind or too dumb for your opinion to count. I cannot rule out that you are fully aware of the disparity between those happenings, and are just choosing to be a troll, in which case I regret wasting the electrons expended in this response.

      2. Can you explain in what way it was bad? Seemed dead on.

    2. This might be a fun gotcha if not for the clear authority undergirding one of these things.

      Yeah, overly strict laws get ignored. Fabulous insight. It’s almost like you’ve been on a highway at some point in your life.

      1. Wait wait. I thought vaccination cards was the modern-day equivalent of Nazi-style “Papieren, Bitte”. So then what are immigration papers?

        1. Immigration papers are proof that you have government permission to be in the country, because trying to get a job without government permission is exactly the same as trespassing on private property.

          Whereas vaccination cards are a liberal plot to destroy America.

          1. Sarc so I don’t have an issue there with your point, but what is the end game of cards the virus lives in animals it mutates and will reappear in other forms, this isn’t small pox where you can count on it being human based only. A new updated card every year? To me vaccine benefits aside to the individual this seems a waste of money and time. I’d like to see if having every place check and maintain systems to check is worth just not doing it. What I mean by that is everyone is mostly likely going to the hospital at someone for a sunk cost is that cost just being spread out with covid forcing those folks sooner or adding way more for their total time of existence? I’d like to see that analysis but with age and time value of money I don’t think this program(s) are worth what is being spent up front.

            1. My personal opinion is that the reaction to COVID has been completely overblown, that people in positions of power know this, but they’re going to put their heads down and plow forward rather than admit to being wrong.
              I got the vaccine because I don’t want to be excluded from going to concerts. That’s it.
              As far as the cards are concerned, like I said in the first sentence it’s just CYA by people who can’t admit to overreacting.

              1. Something about don’t confuse incompetence with malice.

                1. I’m really hoping that old bromide applies here. Thought so at first. Not so sure now.

              2. Yeah, all of this.

                There’s also the reality that certain people are rather thrilled about the new normal and for whom any return to policies and attitudes which predominated c.2019 would represent unforced surrender.

              3. I agree, good post.

            2. Obedience uber alles

              1. Submission is freedom.

                1. Comply your way to liberty!

                  1. No passports at borders, just restaurants.

                    1. You can work illegally at a restaurant, under the table, without any documentation but if you want to dine at a restaurant you’ll need to show your papers.

                  2. We have to enslave you to save your freedoms.

                2. Not doing something solely because someone in authority said you should do it is letting yourself be controlled.

                  1. Thinking for yourself is stupid.

                    1. Behaving like a reactionary 3-year-old is what’s stupid.

                    2. Jeffy, if you believe that, then why do you do it?

                  2. White Mike and collectivistjeff cannot conceive of people who have confidence in their immune systems, have already had and recovered from the virus, and to whom covid19 has always represented a maximum threat in the .001% ballpark deciding for these reasons to disobey The Official Authorities and forego experimental vaccination, rather than reactionary defiance they’ve been manipulated into, because white Mike and collectivistjeff are lemmings whose instincts cannot but follow the herd.

            3. “…but what is the end game of cards” (?)

              A good method that has both predictive and explanatory value is to ask “What measures will produce the greatest profit for the pharmaceutical companies going forward?”

              So far, that’s worked pretty well.

        2. I’m well aware how kafkaesque our immigration system is, and largely support efforts to liberalize/streamline it. But, as usual, you’re being intentionally obtuse.

          This is a completely false equivalence; Congress maintains the power to regulate immigration and to enforce those provisions. Where does Congress / states / municipalities derive the authority to make legal participation in commercial activity contingent on recent history of a specific medical procedure?

          It’s actually worse than the immigration regime: I still have every right to serve a hamburger to an illegal Guatemalan in my restaurant without checking for a green card, but I can’t serve my brother without proofing his vax status.

          1. States and municipalities have always had broad authority under the Constitution to make such laws. And there are numerous precedents of requiring vaccination, for example to attend public school.

            1. to attend public school

              Totally the same!

              1. Most (maybe all) of the business requirements to show proof of vaccine came from the business’ owner or management, not the government. But my point is state and local government do have the authority under the Constitution.

        3. Wait wait. I thought vaccination cards was the modern-day equivalent of Nazi-style “Papieren, Bitte”. So then what are immigration papers?</

          The modern equivalent of 1930s immigration papers. I don't recall that anyone back then suggested that the U.S. requirement that aliens have immigration papers was anything like the Nazi (or the French) requirement that citizens carry and produce papers.

        4. You think you’re witty, but really you’re just boring, and parroting the current talking points is not going to get you laid.

    3. Rules for thee, not for me!

    4. Jeff to counter point could you just juxtapose that situation with left winger and voter id?

      Idk I guess each side stand by their internal moral compass?

    5. False equivalence.

    6. Eh, I support opening the boarder and letting more people enter but still think you have made a bad analogy. Despite my stance on immigration I can still see why people have border concerns.

      Not the same as citizens of the US being forced to display Das Papiern for everything.

  6. I know that this is (partially) irrelevant; but, I came home from getting the Pfizer-jab (strictly out of maternal-pressure) with a stiff neck & shoulders. Therefore, I WILL NOT receive the 2nd dose.

    1. Oh my heavens. Mildly uncomfortable after receiving the first vaccination shot, therefore, just give up?

      Having a stiff neck is not as bad as having a ventilator shoved down your throat.

      Have you had a tetanus shot? The COVID vaccine was nowhere near as bad as that.

      1. Jeff come on that’s a bad faith argument which uses bully tactics to try to make a superior point, I may disagree at times with you but at least you’re usually a bit better than that.

        1. No, he’s not.

      2. Yes, I’ve had a tetanus shot. And you’re right. The Covid vaccine was nowhere as bad. It was significantly worse.

        Assuming everyone reacts to vaccines the same way shines a light on your stupidity.

        1. No no, I was told yesterday that because Chris Christie survived COVID without the vaccine, then the vaccine is pointless.

          Some anecdotes are stronger than others, it appears.

          1. You didn’t hear that from me.

          2. That’s not what you were told at all. You were told that the vast vast vast vast majority of Americans will survive covid without the vaccine.

            As usual you had to spin that into something stupid so you could keep blabbing.

            1. He has nothing else. He’s too stupid to have good ideas, and too ignorant and dishonest to effectively regurgitate arguments from a third party.

      3. Jeff, I’ll be honest. I had COVID, and then got the vaccine later for the added protection (belt and suspenders theory). I had a worse reaction to the vaccine than the actual disease. My circumstance is not unique, or even that unusual, especially from my observations on the Moderna vaccine.

        Besides, even a single shot gives substantial protection against the worst effects. It’s not as effective as the full dose, but to beleaguer a metaphor, even a single suspender can keep your pants up.

        1. But your adverse reaction was more than a stiff neck and shoulders, no?

        2. I had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Both times, my shoulder was a little sore for about a day, and I had a mild headache. That’s it.

          When I had my tetanus shot, my shoulder was sore for about an entire week, so much so that I had trouble lifting my arm.

          EITHER WAY, both of those side-effects are not nearly as bad as actually going to the hospital with COVID, or with tetanus for that matter.

          1. I had COVID and didn’t even know it.

            I win.

            1. I had covid before it was cool

          2. And I had a sister who decided against getting a second dose, because she was afraid that the first dose almost caused the voices in her head to re-appear. Voices that had taken years of therapy and medication to bring under control.

            In other words, “Your Mileage May Vary”, and “Not every person’s experiences are the same” are words that I think are very good to keep in mind.

          3. Few healthy people are going to the hospital with coronavirus, but the vaccine side effects are affecting healthy people along with the unhealthy. I don’t blame people for rejecting vaccines that are killing and hospitalizing people. Just because most people haven’t died or been hospitalized, that doesn’t mean the vaccines are safe. I am not living my life in fear of a virus that is not a serious threat for healthy people.

            1. I don’t blame people for rejecting vaccines that are killing and hospitalizing people.

              Put down your social media feed and read the actual research.


              Serious Adverse Events
              Serious adverse events were defined as any untoward medical occurrence that resulted in death, was life-threatening, required inpatient hospitalization or prolongation of existing hospitalization, or resulted in persistent disability/incapacity. The proportions of participants who reported at least 1 serious adverse event were 0.6% in the vaccine group and 0.5% in the placebo group. The most common serious adverse events in the vaccine group which were numerically higher than in the placebo group were appendicitis (7 in vaccine vs 2 in placebo), acute myocardial infarction (3 vs 0), and cerebrovascular accident (3 vs 1). Cardiovascular serious adverse events were balanced between vaccine and placebo groups. Two serious adverse events were considered by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as possibly related to vaccine: shoulder injury possibly related to vaccine administration or to the vaccine itself, and lymphadenopathy involving the axilla contralateral to the vaccine injection site. Otherwise, occurrence of severe adverse events involving system organ classes and specific preferred terms were balanced between vaccine and placebo groups.

              So the probability of a ‘serious adverse event’ is only around 0.6% for the Pfizer vaccine. I’d say that qualifies as ‘safe’. Don’t be spreading bullshit about vaccines killing people.

              1. The probability of serious adverse effects for a healthy person infected by covid is 0.1%

                1. Lol. Case closed. The “radical individualist” loses again!

              2. Heh. You said “put down your social media feed and read the actual research” and then linked to the CDC!

                One of the major reasons why we don’t have good vaccination rates is because those who aren’t getting vaccinated don’t trust the CDC at this point. The CDC has lied too much to be trustable.

          4. I have a friend who has had severe ongoing problems for over six weeks now from his first and now only dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Some men have developed inflammation of heart tissue form the vaccines. There are more side effects being reported all the time. So this is not like other vaccinations.

    2. It made my arm sore for a couple days. Boo fucking hoo.

      1. I’m pretty sure this is how we get where we are on many issues lack of any empathy in conversation. Even a minor bit.

        1. Nobody has ever accused me of having empathy.

        2. I have plenty of empathy — for real problems.

          1. Unfortunately, your stupid and hive mind instincts RE dems you unable to determine what a ‘real problem’ is.

      2. So, not my body?

        1. Where did sarc say he wants to force you to not make stupid decisions about your own body?

          1. Just above. How did you manage to miss it?

      3. Made my arm sore for over a week, and caused me to skip 2 days of work due to the chills, fever and fatigue I experienced.

        1. That sucks. Like I said, a couple days of discomfort. While the second one did give me a bit of fatigue it wasn’t enough to miss work.

          Still, it’s better than getting sick.

      4. *so far

    3. If you took the blue injection, something else would have been stiff.

    4. That’s just the blood clot working it’s way into your brain to cause a stroke. Nothing to worry about.

    5. Man up, dude.

  7. Imagine going to these lengths to avoid a damn shot.

    Talk about a group of pansies.

    And no, I know…”freedumb.” I get it.

    1. Imagine govt going to the lengths to suppress facts to avoid an honest discussion about people’s individual situations.

      Talk about a group of fascists.

      We can’t verify people voting but we need to verify people sitting down at a table in McDonalds. “Da da da da-da. I’m lovin it.” – fascists

    2. What ever happened to “My body, my choice”?

      1. The cards are incredibly easy to forge, and that makes total sense.

        Ken was verbosely opining the other day that the government screwed up by making the cards too easy to forge. Why make it hard to forge a card that proves you received a free-of-charge, safe vaccination that will prevent you from getting a nasty, potentially deadly, disease? It’s easier, and smarter, to get vaccinated than to go to the trouble of faking it.

        1. Whoops, comment went in the wrong place.

          1. Go back to Quora, faggot.

        2. Not free. Taxpayers are footing the bill at $100/shot. It isn’t charity.

      2. Pregnant women are not sources of mutant variants of viruses.

        1. But it would be so easy for them to just cough up the papers.

        2. Cite?

        3. But they could be sources of future wards of the state.

    3. Sometimes it’s two shots! And needles are scary!

      1. And three shots. And four shots. And shots every month, as a “booster.” Then, everyday. And then the government can put anything they want in your body because your body is not yours, but the state’s.

        The time to bury cunts like you cannot come soon enough … and the boots you lovingly fellate are going to be the ones kicking dirt on your unmarked grave.

        1. You can get counseling for paranoia.

          1. Even as they’re pressing the gun to the back of your head, you’ll be smiling in denial, won’t you?

            1. It’s like history books don’t exist.

            2. Nobody even came close to pressing a gun to my head. I had to wait several weeks and then schedule an appointment to get vaccinated.

              If anything, the Federal government put up FDA approval obstacles that made it take longer to get a shot, and put me at unnecessary risk.

              1. Nobody even came close to pressing a gun to my head.

                That will change.

              2. To be fair “Pointing a gun at your head” is anything government asks, because if you refuse to cooperate eventually armed men will come to kidnap you and take you to court.

                But right now vaccines are not mandatory. So it’s a non sequitur on his part.

                1. Sure, right now vaccines are not mandatory. But it’s not as if there’s no talk to make them mandatory, either, right?


                    Of course, there will always be people who won’t get vaccinated no matter what. About half of America’s unvaccinated adult population say they’ll never get a vaccine. The key is to convince the other half who aren’t vaccinated yet to get it. Fear does seem to be working with them.

                    1. The regional governors now have direct control over their territories. Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station.

                2. Agreed. It’s not always a slippery slope, but it often is.

              3. Los Angeles City Council mulling over whether or not to make it mandatory for all komrads to be jabbed before being allowed into any public places. Gun. Held. Head.

              4. Nobody even came close to pressing a gun to my head. I had to wait several weeks and then schedule an appointment to get vaccinated.

                If anything, the Federal government put up FDA approval obstacles that made it take longer to get a shot, and put me at unnecessary risk.

                “Comrade Napoleon is ALWAYS right”

                Boxer the horse, from the back of the knacker’s van

              5. “If anything, the Federal government put up FDA approval obstacles that made it take longer to get a shot, and put me at unnecessary risk.”

                (1) This is why the FDA should have no power to ban a substance, but only have the power to inform patients of risks vs potential benefits discovered so far via testing. If individuals want to be guinnea pigs for something, or are confident that the risks are worth the expected benefits, they should be free to take the drug.

                (2) On the other hand, if a drug isn’t fully FDA approved (and even if it is), then each individual should be free to weigh the risks vs potential benefits, and decide that the potential benefits are found wanting, and decline the drug.

                Yes, you should have been allowed to take the vaccine from the onset, if you were confident there were no risk, and didn’t care about FDA approval. For many other people, however, they aren’t so convinced about the safety of the vaccine as you are, and the “unnecessary risk” (in your eyes) of refusing to take the vaccine is none of your business.

          2. That guy is messed up. Very hateful. Comes here to vent I guess. Must make him feel better or something.

            1. Inconceivable that accelerating totalitarianism would anger anyone, and motivate them to oppose it.

        2. Yes that’s right. It’s a straight line slippery slope from polio vaccine, to literal chattel slavery.

          1. The same straight line that went from “two weeks to slow the spread” to “unvaccinated people have no right to participate in society.”

            Fuck off.

            1. Yes that’s right, taking the vaccine is submission to illegitimate authority, and we should refuse the vaccine, let ourselves get sick and possibly die, so as to resist tyranny and pwn the libs. Brilliant.

              1. Slit your wrists, selfish bimbo

              2. The submission to illegitimate authority was submitting to “two weeks to flatten the curve”, and everything has been downhill since then.

                It should be kept in mind that one of the largest contingents who are resisting the vaccine are blacks — and it’s highly doubtful that they are doing it to “pwn the libs”. But then, they are just being paranoid, right? It’s not as if the government has a history of performing unethical and harmful experiments on them because of the color of their skin? And it’s not as if there was no discussion to make sure that blacks had the highest priority to get the vaccines, when vaccines were first becoming available, and were in very short supply, right?


                Because government will never harm the people, right?

                1. It’s still dumb on your part if you are black and you are not getting vaccinated because you have some paranoia based on something the government did decades ago.

                  1. On the other hand, everyone is constantly barrated by how systemically racist everything still is to this day. And as for “paranoia based on something the government did decades ago”, what has the government done since then, to convince us that they have changed?

                    Besides, isn’t it just months ago that government has done horrible things to people? How many State governments deliberately put COVID patients in nursing homes, even though those homes were urprepared to keep the virus contained? How many people died because of those policies?

                    1. Is that what we do? Actively search for things to support our paranoia, even if they are irrelevant? In this case, having nothing to do with sneaky government experiments on black people.

                    2. “Is that what we do? Actively search for things to support our paranoia, even if they are irrelevant?”

                      Based on your comments regarding covid19, a virus no worse than the common cold or flu for anyone is is not obese or over 65, and getting vaccinated, looking for support for your paranoia is certainly what YOU do.

                    3. Each individual has their own reasons for being paranoid about government.

                      And government hasn’t done a very good job doing things to endear trust. If anything, government has only made matters worse.

                      (And I see you have no answer to government literally killing people of COVID-19 itself via policies that can be seen, at best reckless, but nonetheless have some speculating if this has been an attempt (for New York State in particular) to ease the State’s burden of dealing with pensions. Paranoid? Maybe. But what other explanations are there for implementing a policy that would guarantee COVID-19 deaths?)

                  2. Your democrats party was pushing that fear last year when it was still the ‘Trump vaccine’. Including statements form Biden himself. Now you act surprised when they’re reluctant to take it.

                    Are you really this weak minded?

                  3. Haha. The entirety of prog ideology is centered around guilt and grievance of long gone days.

                    Don’t abandon it now, mike!

              3. Are you deliberately being obtuse about the implications of forced vaccine mandates or are you just stupid? Look, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, eliminating sugars and alcohol, not smoking, and exercising every day are great ways to stay healthy and guarantee a long and healthy life, but no one is forcing them to be mandates.

                1. Jeff unquestionably swallows everything the government tells him to swallow; he does not even bother threatening to bite and feels like it is his duty to shame everyone else into opening their mouths alongside him relying on half-assed sophistry and an astonishing ignorance of history (aka current events) that literally unfolded before his eyes.

              4. So what’s the argument again? Statism or the vaccine is helpful so you should take it? Someone has deflected and redirected.

                1. Stupid statist fucks can only make stupid statist fuck type of arguments. Jeff is a stupid statist fuck … ipso facto …

    4. I know…”freedumb.”

      You’ll make a good slave.

      1. ras is hoping to be a house dinger.

        1. Shitlunches hopes to be the next Sally Hemmings.

        2. I can see this dinger thing sticking around for a while.

    5. No. You don’t.

  8. For the record, I can’t help with that…

    wink wink

    1. What made his buddy think he could?

    2. The cards are incredibly easy to forge, and that makes total sense.

      Ken was verbosely opining the other day that the government screwed up by making the cards too easy to forge. Why make it hard to forge a card that proves you received a free-of-charge, safe vaccination that will prevent you from getting a nasty, potentially deadly, disease? It’s easier, and smarter, to get vaccinated than to go to the trouble of faking it.

      1. It wasn’t intelligent the first time white Mike said it, and still isn’t

  9. The first finding of this study is that vaccine hesitancy is the exception rather than the rule in almost every setting, but that in order to achieve the global eradication of x, hesitancy must eventually be addressed. This study further finds that while confidence (trust in the safety of the vaccine and the motives of its providers) has historically been the leading cause of hesitancy by a wide margin and continues to account for most incidences of hesitation today, complacency (not deeming the risk of disease to outweigh the effort or perceived risk of immunization) will be a growing problem in the future as demand for the x vaccine falls— ironically, as the campaign’s success grows and there are fewer observable cases. Finally, this study makes several recommendations for how vaccine hesitancy can be addressed in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Republicanistan, taking into consideration current drivers, future risks, and decision-making psychology.

    1. Yeah, all those black Trump supporters.

      1. I live in one of the whitest, Republican-most states with one of the lowest vaccination rates. The problem here ain’t black people.

        1. But across most southern states, rates of non-vaccination and stated suspicion of vaccination, are equal or higher among black people. So the “problem” is as much black as white. Unless you want to excuse their feelings.

          1. Dingers that need to are not getting vaccinated.

          2. So, then by your own argument, Lord was making a valid observation about Republicans, although there is ALSO a problem with black people not wanting to get vaccinated.

            1. But he is only worried about the republicans.

            2. There is no problem with not getting vaccinated, you walking death wish

            3. Uh, OK. Just like there is a problem with cops shooting black people and white people?

              1. Thats quite a non-sequitir.

                1. God this thread is satisfying. Watching you fucking squirm and lie against all this proof is mwah!! *Chef’s kiss*

                  You look really fucking stupid right now White Faggot.

            4. It isn’t isolated to any political group. According to the Kaiser Permanente poll. Which had a slightly higher percentage of democrats than republicans against getting vaccinated. And similar in politically unaffiliated people.

        2. Looking at ‘whitest’, ‘most republcan’ and ‘lowest vaccination rates’ gives you Idaho or Wyoming.

          Both have less than 50 cases per 100K, and Idaho has less than 10 per 100K.

          If you are, as you say, in “one of the whitest, Republican-most states with one of the lowest vaccination rates” COVID isn’t a problem in your state either.

        3. Oh, ok then. It’s just dumb rednecks refusing the jab, I guess.

      2. Where did this idea originate that vaccine hesitancy is a PoC problem?

        A previous KFF analysis examined the demographic groups among the unvaccinated population finding two distinct groups, those who are open to getting a vaccine (“wait and see”) and those who say they will definitely not get a COVID-19 vaccine. The latest KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor finds the key demographic differences between the “wait and see” and the “definitely not” groups still center on racial and ethnic identity and political partisanship. Four in ten of those in the “wait and see” group are people of color, while the most vaccine resistant group, those who say they will “definitely not” get a COVID-19 vaccine, is overwhelmingly made up of White adults (65% of the group compared to 50% of the “wait and see” group). Partisanship also plays a major role with more than half (58%) of the “definitely not” group identifying as Republican or Republican-leaning. In addition, religious identity also plays a role as White Evangelical Christians make up nearly twice the share of the “definitely not” group (32%) as the “wait and see” group.

        1. Well, let’s see. According to the CDC ( ), blacks are 12.4% of the population, but only 9.7% of persons who have had at least one dose and 9.4% of the people who are fully-vaccinated . . . and this is what’s the situation after a major upsurge in blacks getting vaccines in the last fourteen days in reaction to the Delta news.

          But instead of up-to-yesterday actual data on who’s getting the vaccine, you prefer . . . a telephone poll designed, run, and reported by an activist organization back in the middle of July.

          1. He was taught 2+2=5

            1. He was taught 2+2=RAYCISS


        2. Are the POC who are refusing the jab as “stupid” as the republicans doing the same?

          Careful with this one Jeff, it’s a minefield.

        3. It’s taken you days to finally address this argument and not run away like you’ve been doing every time you are confronted with this. This is what you come up with? This is pathetic even for you fatso. More proof that you are really the dumbest poster here. Even SQRLSY ONE tries harder than this, but keep posting your L’s, it’s very entertaining.

    2. You’re a fucking dinger sullum.

  10. It would be so much easier, and smart, to just go get vaccinated for real. Our local drug store chain is doing walk-ins and our local grocery store chain is entering anyone who gets vaccinated in a raffle for free groceries.

    1. More free stuff! And all you have to do is support (and comply with) the nanny state?

      1. I just gave an example of a grocery store chain, a private business, offering a huge prize. Has nothing to do with the government.

          1. The leftist morons in these comments are really committed to landing their heads on pikes with their hot takes.

            1. If you are referring to me, I’m not a leftist. I’m a non-partisan libertarian.

              1. LOL

                Fuck off.

              2. “White Knight stated, correctly, that Mike Laursen is a non-partisan libertarian.”

      2. Drunk driving is illegal. Should we do that too for the sole purpose of not submitting to the nanny state? What about armed robbery? Murder?

        The government encourages you to do lots of things that also happen to be good ideas. Doesn’t mean the government should encourage those things or discourage them.

        Getting vaccinated is not a statement in support of the government. It’s for your own safety and everyone else’s.

        1. Not a single person on this site has stated that the only, or even primary, reason they don’t intend to get a vaccine is because government is telling them to.
          But arguing against that strawman motivation is easier than admitting the fact that there is no medical reason for many, many people to decide to get vaccinated.

          1. The person I responded to just did … learn to read

            1. Then quote it, because right now you just look psychotic.

        2. Yeah, fat lot of good ANY law does, LOL, especially against drunk driving. Do you KNOW how many people drive drunk every single night of the week and make it home just fine without killing anyone, or causing bodily or property injury? Conversely, I can’t tell you the number of news stories I’ve seen over the decades where people were showing up for their 10th, 11th, hell, 15th DUI.

          What is it that Cormac McCarthy said? “It takes very little to govern good people. Very little. And bad people cant be governed at all. Or if they could I never heard of it.”

        3. Safety über alles?

          1. If by “safety” you mean “obedience and submission” then yes.

    2. Totally free! Pfizer, Moderna, etc. are just giving this vaccine away, free of charge!

      1. Bingo.

        The shots are put into arms by unpaid volunteers, too. It’s one big racket and they’re making millions.

  11. “But a lot of people … just don’t like being told what to do.”

    That is clearly unacceptable in a modern progressive society. Unless you want to pee in whatever bathroom makes you happy.

    1. It is really dumb to not get vaccinated just because the government wants you to. It is just another way of letting the government control you.

      1. It’s really dumb to continue letting white Mike breathe just because the government told you to.

        1. All that wasted carbon dioxide (or in Dee’s case, C2O) belching up into the atmosphere, warming the planet. Causing the ice caps to melt and the oceans to rise which will threaten third world people living near sea level as well as Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard mansion.

        1. Cut and paste derp

          “I know how to be controlled
          do opposite of what you’re told…”

          Same tune

      2. And if you believe that dumbness justifies loss of rights and autonomy, you might be an elitist authoritarian.

        1. That made no sense.

        2. All I did was say that something was dumb.

      3. There is a difference between healthy skepticism, and irrational opposition.

        Too many people are just being irrationally oppositional. If Dr. Fauci tomorrow recommended brushing one’s teeth, how many people here would burn their toothbrushes?

        1. There’s a reason people have such a staunch opposition to Fauci as an individual. It’s because he’s got a long record of being wrong, reversing himself, and lying. Yet he remains at the very top of the Federal Government as an unvarnished, unwavering source of Truth and Scientific Fact.

          Perhaps if the administration put him where he deserves, and instituted a health communication policy that didn’t rely on a bizarre cult of personality around a self-admitted liar who sounds like Dr. Girlfriend, he wouldn’t engender such opposition.

          1. Great! People don’t like Fauci! And yes, he has made bad decisions that have endanger people. No disagreement.

            Doesn’t change the fact that not getting vaccinated is really, really, stupid at this point.

            1. Doesn’t change the fact that not getting vaccinated is really, really, stupid at this point.

              It depends on who you’re talking about. A parent who doesn’t want to vaccinate their 3 yr old with an experimental vaccine is being fairly rational. Most adults, sure. Old people with comorbidities, or even young people with poorly managed comorbidities, absolutely.

              Oh, and the vaccination won’t be enough.

              There won’t be A vaccine. It will be a regimen of ongoing vaccines for continuously evolving variants that will never stop until rational heads prevail, and we get a better handle on the real risk of this disease… putting it in proper perspective.

            2. “not getting vaccinated is really, really, stupid at this point.”


            3. Add in a few more reallys.

          2. I had that thought a few weeks ago while watching ‘The Venture Bros.’. Kind
            of a cross between Dr, Girlfriend and Harvey Fierstein.

        2. I’d say none.

      4. I sincerely doubt people who aren’t getting vaccinated, are doing so because the government told them not to.

        There’s a lot of people who have weighed the risks of the disease, the risks of the vaccine, and what the government says about it (and for what it’s worth — the government has lost a lot trust on this issue, particularly with how the CDC has behaved, independent of Administrations), and some have decided to take the vaccine, some have adopted a “wait and see” approach, and some have decided “I’m not going to be a guinnea pig”. Heck, some have refused to take it because their doctor told them not to. And they have made this decision, not to spite the government, but because they see the data, and have decided this is the best decision for them at this time.

        The fact is, some people — some of whom have even gotten the vaccine for themselves — are getting angry that the government is requiring this.

        1. Yeah, like AC said above, “really, really stupid”. No nuance allowed!

          Haha. Just kidding, he’s a doosh.

  12. “A Black Market in COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Was Inevitable”

    I have repeatedly predicted this would occur (in many comments on this website) during the past four months (typically in response to articles claiming vaccine passports would destroy freedom in America).

    Entrepreneurs will soon (and may already) be selling fake vaccine cards for $100, $50, $20, $10 and then $5 (after more competitors enter the new Biden created industry).

    While these fake vaccine cards will make it real easy to get into restaurants, gyms, concerts, etc., they could also be virtually impossible for even large and wealthy employers (including the US military) to detect and confirm.

    1. Will Reason discuss it when the FBI tracks them down and charges them with felonies, as they’ve stated they will do to the fullest extent possible?

  13. Haiku:
    Stupid idea becomes a rule
    People find ways around it
    Progtards shocked

  14. There once was a man that said, “Mask it,”
    Without you’ll soon be in a casket,
    Though the man oft told lies,
    But we should all still comply,
    Carry your passport for when they ask it.

    1. ++

    2. You are definitely talented with words

  15. Your passport doesn’t matter. You will be locked down and forced to wear a mask anyway.

    My company just reinstated its global mask policy as of ten minutes ago, vaccination status be damned. According to the HR department, we are at 90% vaccination compliance.

    So I don’t need to keep hearing “Get the vaccination! Just Get it!”

    Why, there’s no social value in it. There may be a health benefit, but it carries no social benefit whatsoever. That social benefit being: not locked down and not having to wear a mask or social distance.

    Prove me wrong.

    Masks today, masks tomorrow, masks forever.

    1. Sorry your company has adopted stupid mask rule. I swear, if I had a dollar for every stupid HR policy I’ve encountered — well, I’d have like 100 dollars.

      1. Does White Knight sign your workplace birthday cards?
        “To Mike, the bestest employee here. – White Knight”

  16. Much like the different PCR cycles run to discover covid in vaxed vs unvaxed individuals, standards to just effectiveness and threat levels for vaxed vs unvaxed will be changed to the narrative’s convenience:

    The AP is downplaying 100 deaths in in MA among fully vaccinated by noting that the average age was 82.5 and “the patients reported having underlying conditions.”

    Um, most Coronavirus deaths are among the old and/or among those with underlying conditions. [Link]

    1. It’s super weird that yesterday I was checking some stats on some official page or another, and they had a note that 21% of the after-vax deaths were NOT covid. Weird how suddenly that’s a thing again.

  17. Your dream of counterfeit vax cards might be over before it really gets started

    This is the guy who issued hugging guidelines for grandparents so prepare for something bad. [Link]

  18. It is almost impossible to botch this more than than Biden/CDC/media/democrats have botched it. It has been a complete disaster.

  19. This article makes no sense whatsoever. A bunch of nations and US states already have vaccine passports and that list is growing fast. Vaccines are mandatory for numerous prior pandemics already to go to school, college and immigrate to the USA and many other countries.

    1. Yes, yes, shut up and obey Daddy Gov.
      The System never gets anything wrong, nor has it ever mistreated someone or a group of people.

    2. It’s not a vaccine. It’s a pretreatment. Vaccines use attenuated viruses. This is not even close. Vaccines prevent infection. This reduces symptoms.

      It’s worthwhile to get the Covid jab. I got it.

      But calling it a vaccine is dishonest.

  20. It’s absurd that someone would pay money to get a card rather than get a free vaccine. These people are not very bright.

    1. It’s “absurd” that someone might object to being coerced into participating in a medical experiment of completely unknown long-term risks?

    2. It’s not free.

  21. re: “I forged it in 11 minutes”

    It takes about 1 second to get jabbed with a syringe.

    1. And you get a lifetime of side effects, for free, too! However many months or years your lifetime was reduced to…

    2. And then that shit’s in you, forever, for better or worse.

  22. The vaccine and a real vax card are free. Why do you hate the free market?

    1. NOT free. Billions of dollars in taxpayers’ monies, and plenty of lives lost or ruined by them.

  23. I’m curious as to how the transition from paper to digital might work. A lot of people got their paper cards with no actual personal information being recorded by anyone. My son got his vax at a Nascar event. Thousands of people get in line, get jabbed, then get handed a blank CDC vax card that you fill out yourself. At no time was his name even asked for, let alone ID recorded.

  24. Your old college buddy doesn’t need you. A two-second search of the internet brings up pictures of vaccine cards suitable for printing.

  25. Now why would we think this could happen, I mean I thought you all loved Biteme and his sociopathic protege and wanted all Americans to love and respect the government.

    That’s how I saw it.

  26. Reason like other libertarians are belatedly recognizing severity of delta variant but fail to grasp the larger lesson that without real suppression we will likely continue to see new more dangerous variants. Maybe they’re right that bribing people to vaccinate is more effective than forcing them, though I would think a combination of the two is most effective. Sadly many will only accept it when it’s too late.

    1. Funny – your comment applies much more to neurotic totalitarian leftists than the delta variant.

        1. Because covid19, including the delta variant, isn’t more of a threat to healthy, non elderly people than the typical cold or flu?

    2. Look up “optimal virulence”. The normal course of evolution is for disease-causing viruses to mutate into LESS dangerous but MORE contagious forms. There’s no reason at this point to believe that SARS CoV2 will be an exception.

      1. Some viruses do become less virulent. Others do not. Smallpox never lost its capacity to kill over thousands of years.

        1. Europeans were in fact becoming more resistant to smallpox over time; that’s why it swept through the Americas when the settlers arrived.

  27. How long after the first “official” currency was minted, stamped out or printed was it before Do It Yourself came to pass?

    1. A number of individuals in history have become famous as counterfeit money producers, although some have paid the price for their crime. Going as far back as the 5th century, Alexander the Barber was one of the first, famed counterfeiters.

  28. lol, is everybody falling for this snake oil? Or is there another danger in not playing along?

  29. Mandates AND incentives are both bullshit. If I want the vaccine, it is because after examining the available data on long term safety (which does not exist yet), then I will get the vaccine. Giving me $100 or whatever the fuck isn’t going to change that…it’s a decision about my health and the risks of taking and not taking the vaccine, not about “what can I get for taking a drug.”

    And face it folks, this virus and its permutations are almost certainly going to be here forever. These fucks have ruined the world by a significant step more than it was already ruined at the end of 2019.

  30. When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.

    There is absolutely NO moral problem with manufacturing your own “‘vaccine’ (sic) passport” card. The sham “vaccines” are NOT safe and they are NOT effective. The question is, why the Babylon System demands we all take it? Obviously not for our health.

    The CDC PDF template is still readily available online, for anyone who wishes to print their own “vaccination card.” And the virtue signalling morons posted thousands of their own cards (with lot numbers visible); some folks were wise enough to download those images before the Babylon System begged them to stop doing it.

    The paper cards are “vaccine passport” 1.0. Making them easily forged was deliberate, to push us to the next stage, 2.0, the “smart” (sic) phone QR code app. The final stage, 3.0, will be the on-body quantum dot invisible tattoo, the vision of which is what St. John was given by the Holy Spirit.

  31. There is no way to stop forgeries from being created. Even if the vaccines did have nanochips in them so that they could track us, there would be those that would get black market nanochips just so they could say “I didn’t get the ones the ‘government’ forced on me.”

    1. “Even if the vaccines did have nanochips in them”

      Stop giving them ideas.

  32. What people need to do is to pretend there is no “government” and think about what choices they would make in the absence of government. Then make those choices regardless of what the government says. And, remember, this sense that drugs/etc. have to be proven perfectly safe is mind control by the drug company/government cronyism regulations that protect the established drug companies from competition.

    1. Geez, right wing extremist, people cannot just be making decisions for themselves. Decisions are hard, they could be held accountable and other icky unwoke things. The decision might have too much sodium and they might even vote for the wrong person. Chaos, anarchy, the frogs were turned gay.

  33. Of course. Every ‘undocumented migrant’ has 4. They also printed out 4 for all their cousins. This is why illegal immigration is no problem, all of them are fully vaccinated. Otherwise we’d have a super spreader.

    I don’t know what all these Trumpbots are whining about.

  34. I personally don’t see a reason why one shouldn’t get vaccinated. I mean, for god’s sake, its for our safety. Avoiding vaccine for any reason would be way too much if you ask me.

    1. because we’re concerned about the well documented negative health impacts from experimental vaccines that the makers have a liability waiver for. because the normal vaccine test period extends for years and across wide and controlled demographics. because we are seeing deaths and harm from the vax’s we are being offered. because it turns out they don’t work NEARLY as well as they claimed. other than that there are no reasons to be afraid.

  35. Depending on an individual’s personality, vaccine mandates may compel or repel the individual. Mandates imply force. Many people will resist simply because of the implied violence.

    Individuals should be allowed the freedom to choose if vaccines are the correct decision for them. There are more aspects of the decision to ponder and analyze for each individual than the black and white decision the corporate media and government talking points.

    Simply put the corporate media and government are attempt to propagandize and manipulate us and when that fails they threaten us. Personally, I don’t like being forced into anything by anyone.

    1. Don’t forget that the persuasion is going both ways. There are people out there trying to stop you from getting vaccinated and they will say whatever it takes to get you to do what they want. It also appears that some of these are foreign actors and I don’t believe their intentions are for you benefit. They are looking to create chaos.

      1. No one who wants the vaccine should be stopped from getting it. It’s a good move for some people to get it. The problem is your democrat friends can’t help themselves and have to force it on everyone.

        1. I agree that no one should be stopped from getting the vaccine, but that means that people should be getting good information about the vaccine. Bad information can stop people from making a choice they are entitled to make.

          I would point out that Democrats and Republicans have encouraged people to get vaccinated.

    2. Yet you have the physical choice to go to Walgreens and get jabbed or not.

      All of the scientific information, all of the published articles are right there for you to review. You have access to everything the CDC does. Go to Google science. You are propagandized by your choice of where to go for information.

      I do not understand why the rejection of an obvious benefit. Your decision.

  36. I have a hard time understanding the mentality of someone who says “I won’t be told what to do”, then gets a fake card to show that they are doing as they are told. If your going to reject authority then should you not stand up and say that is what you are doing? A true rebel says I don’t care if I can’t eat in your restaurant, I don’t care if I can’t see your concert, and I can find another college or job. But for $25 dollar I can feel like a rebel with no consequences. No consequences assuming you don’t get COVID19.

  37. god damned vaccine made my third testicle swell like a tennis ball! no way i’m getting the follow-up…my slacks are already too snug

  38. So much metaphorical ink – so many electrons – expended here calling people who disagree with you dumb. Seems like right there is a comment on some commenter’s intelligence. There is a simple solution:

    want the vaccine -> go take the vaccine (and leave others alone)
    don’t want the vaccine -> don’t go get the shot

    I’d be willing to bet if fake vaccine certificates become common the FBI/DoJ will expend 10X the effort to corral and punish the fake certificate malefactors than they do identifying, pursuing, and punishing “undocumented shopping” and “ceremonial firedances” using other folk’s stuff as kindling. I think that’s the same principle that led to hanging for killing the king’s deer, i.e., it wasn’t the deer, it was the offense against the king. (Indeed, you see some remnants of this royal privilege fetish persisting in some state’s game laws today.)

  39. In this case it seems it is inevitable.

  40. From the article: “ And lost in it all is the fact that vaccination effectively reduces the danger to people of COVID-19 even when others refuse to get jabbed.”

    So then WHY is it that ONLY the vaccinated are still living in fear of the WuFlu?

  41. While it’s true that a rack of ribs will cure most ills

    Didn’t cure my mud butt.

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