Brickbat: Five and Counting


A Georgia sheriff, who is already facing facing federal civil rights charges for placing four inmates in a restraint chair for hours even though they complied with officers, has now been charged with violating the civil rights of a fifth inmate. According to the indictment, the man was arrested for speeding and driving on a suspended license and was taken to the Clayton County jail, where Sheriff Victor Hill had him placed in a restraint chair even though he wasn't aggressive. The indictment said Hill was present when a guard struck the man twice.

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  1. Sheriff Victor Hill should have stuck with established protocols, and settled for shooting the dogs of the offenders, instead. It serves as good target practice as well!

    1. PS, SQRLS don’t like dogs at ALL! They bark at us and chase us entirely too often!

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  2. There is an excellent probability that this sheriff EXCITEDLY lays awake at night thinking, “I may shit myself, but there’s no way I’m untying all these knots in time to get to the bathroom.”

    He liked it like that.

  3. This is the sheriff who shot a real estate agent (likely his side piece) and got away with it?

  4. Were any of the alleged victims dingers?

    1. The sheriff knows them dingers were up to no good.

  5. What a racist GQPer. Oh. He’s Black.

    Never mind.

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