Get Ready To Show Your Vaccine Passport Everywhere

It's too late for health passports to make a difference, but the damage could be immense.


Originally touted as an innovative means of reducing the reach and duration of pandemic restrictions, health passports have moved beyond speculation to reality with the recent debut of several versions of such credentials. But after a year of lockdowns, travel restrictions, and surveillance justified on public health grounds, it's likely that, rather than live up their liberating promise, health passports will become just another bureaucratic hurdle for people trying to go about their lives. For better or worse, though, the new credentials look destined to be part of the post-COVID-19 world.

"The Biden administration and private companies are working to develop a standard way of handling credentials — often referred to as 'vaccine passports' — that would allow Americans to prove they have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus as businesses try to reopen," The Washington Post reported over the weekend.

The federal government is something of a johnny-come-lately to a phenomenon already in motion.

"IATA Travel Pass is a mobile application that helps travelers to store and manage their verified certifications for COVID-19 tests or COVID-19 vaccines," according to the International Air Transport Association. "By the middle of March 2021, a total of 17 airlines had signed up to trial IATA Travel Pass. Singapore Airlines was the first airline to launch a full pilot on March 15 on the Singapore-London route, followed by Qatar Airways on March 18."

IATA's Travel Pass is a leading contender among a host of competing credentials sponsored by governments and private entities and intended to demonstrate to authorities with a renewed fear of contagion that the bearer poses minimal risk. IATA's digital credential (with paper alternatives available) offers information on destinations' testing and vaccine requirements, connects travelers with their test and vaccination certificates and, by verifying and storing those certificates, acts as a "digital passport" for health purposes.

IBM's blockchain-based Digital Health Pass offers similar capabilities and is customizable for organizations that have different requirements for travel and access to facilities. "[T]he solution is designed to enable organizations to verify health credentials for employees, customers and visitors entering their site based on criteria specified by the organization," the company says.

The European Union is developing its own Digital Green Certificate that will serve as proof that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result, or recovered from the disease and accordingly gained immunity. "The Digital Green Certificate will be accepted in all EU Member States," the European Commission promises. "It will help to ensure that restrictions currently in place can be lifted in a coordinated manner."

Such credentials aren't entirely unprecedented; the World Health Organization's International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis, or "yellow card," serves as proof of vaccination for travelers headed for places where certain diseases are common (yellow fever, for example). But the yellow card is a low-tech paper document that doesn't store health data or link to a network, it's in limited use, and it applies only to travel. Pandemic-era health passports are already taking on a larger role.

"Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the launch of Excelsior Pass — a free, voluntary platform developed in partnership with IBM, which utilizes proven, secure technology to confirm an individual's recent negative PCR or antigen test result or proof of vaccination to help fast-track the reopening of businesses and event venues in accordance with New York State Department of Health guidelines," New York State announced last week. 

An implementation of IBM's Digital Health Pass, the Excelsior Pass is voluntary for both businesses setting policies and customers seeking entry. But it's easy to see how people might feel pressure to adopt the standard in order to stay in the good graces of regulators and licensing authorities. Major New York venues such as Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center have already implemented the Excelsior Pass as a means of satisfying state testing and vaccination requirements for attendees, and other venues are likely to follow.

Of course, to demonstrate that you're tested, vaccinated, or otherwise immune, these various passes need access to relevant health data. All of the systems promise tight security for users, but they still need potentially sensitive information.

"When you receive a COVID-19 vaccination or test in the State of New York, the Department of Health receives a copy of your records from your vaccine administrator, provider or lab," New York State says. "Using the information you provide, Excelsior Pass searches the Department of Health's records for your COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results and then provides you a Pass showing your name, date of birth, Pass type and Pass expiration. No other information is accessed or stored."

IATA goes further, assuring that "Travel Pass does not store any data centrally. It simply links entities that need verification (airlines and governments) with the test or vaccination data when travelers permit."

Still, these systems need some degree of access to sensitive health information in order to function, and that creates an unavoidable vulnerability.

"If you have your health records attached to something you have to carry that has to be verified, you have created an opening into the most private data you have," Member of Parliament David Davis last week cautioned fellow British lawmakers considering vaccine passport requirements. "It is straight away a problem and it will grow because, inevitably, once we have the mechanism, it is common sense that people will try to use it for other uses and it will grow and grow."

That's the next concern. Having already expanded beyond air travel to encompass access to sports and concert arenas, it's easy to see COVID-19 being only the first entry in credentials designed to be scalable. They can all be easily tweaked to record conformity with any imaginable public health requirement. Underground entrepreneurs certainly anticipate a large role for such documents—they've established a brisk business selling bogus vaccine certificates to buyers unable or unwilling to secure the real thing.

A year-plus into the COVID-19 pandemic, health passports are far too late to mitigate the damage done by lockdowns, surveillance, and travel restrictions. Even so, they're almost guaranteed to be a part of the world to come.

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  1. Remember when Papers Please was a huge hit on the Steam store. Yeah, amazing how well we rationalize.

    1. That’s what immediately comes to mind whenever I hear “vaccine passport”.

      Great game.

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    2. A few years ago, I visited an African country where the “authorities” can stop anyone at any time for any reason and ask for their “papers”. If you don’t have them, you will either be hauled off to jail or you will pay a hefty bribe.

      Most North Americans who are begging for “safety” have no idea what they’re actually asking for.

      1. I think roughly 50% of North Americans would agree that this is an excellent idea. They want rules, and they want government to make you follow them.

        1. This.^ I think people don’t crave liberty. They prefer security.

          1. And they will get neither. It’s truly liberty or death.

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          2. I, too, am somewhat pessimistic about the mental health and self-esteem of the average person, but studies back up what my personal real-world (not TwittBook) experience shows, that people vastly over-simplify and exaggerate the “opposing” side.


        2. Unless you call the passport a voter ID. Then opponents and proponents flip sides

    3. The same white people who claim demanding an ID for voting is racist, will undoubtedly say NOT demanding an ID to prove vaccination is completely irresponsible.

      1. But wait till they figure out a large chunk of minorities are refusing to get vaccinations. That’ll change.

        1. The same thing that happens when certain minorities refuse to be poor/stupid. You get your “minority” card revoked and become an honorary white person.

        2. Systemic racism is causing the minorities to refuse vaccinations.

        3. Actually the percent saying no is highest among Republican men. Blacks and whites are about the same overall and a bit higher among Latinos.

          It is on page 25

      2. I would like to see both a verified photo ID and a COVID-19 passport needed to vote.

        1. With Covid 19 passport required, expect the most tyrannical governments to be elected.

        2. Obtaining a gun should have the same ID requirements as for voting, otherwise, it’s racist according to Joe Biden. Or shall we have gun purchase integrity?

          Seems to me, there’s no integrity in government, if voting isn’t secure from cheating.

    4. The passport isn’t needed. If by this October you are still dutifully wearing your best 3 masks, then you should be shot… and maybe inoculated…

  2. “Underground entrepreneurs certainly anticipate a large role for such documents—they’ve established a brisk business selling bogus vaccine certificates to buyers unable or unwilling to secure the real thing.”

    They’ll just have to invent something more difficult to fake, like a QR code tattooed to your forehead.

    1. Or a serial number on your forearm. Proven effective.

      1. Doesn’t even have to be anything complicated–just, say, a three-digit code to show you’re in compliance with the ruling earthly power.

        1. 999?

  3. Elect fascists, get fascism.
    Damn, whodathunkit?

    1. Bingo! Elections have consequences. So who did the Reason staff vote for last fall?

      1. They published that in an article last November, which is commendable. But why do you ask? You’re not one of those “if you don’t vote my way you’re a bad person!” people are you?

    2. Talk up fascist ethos/religio-politics, elect fascists structurally oppose fascists minimally, look the other way as they enact fascist policies, foment their specific fascist opportunity-crises, rail against the existential threats posed by bear spray (for variety), get fascism.


    3. We need to not discount the lack of mean tweeting

      1. I’m so glad we don’t have mean tweets, and instead of a Nazi Papers Please.

  4. “Coming soon! Simplly upload your political affiliation and voting record using the OurGov mobile app and gain access to all your favorite locations! Grocery stores, public transportation, restaurants, and more!”

    ::looks at watch::

    1. In China, if a person has a bad Social Credit Score they can’t travel on a train, plane, or intercity bus. Their kids can’t go to college. Membership in a church or expressions of support for anyone in opposition of any position taken by the CCP is enough to get you on the ‘don’t do’ list – even being caught looking at censored media like Reason.
      This way, we get to do the same thing, but for SCIENCE!

      1. The Chinese Social Credit Score, is what they use rather than just coming out and saying, beatings will continue until morale improves.

        On the other hand, it’s not much different from laws that restrict felons from voting in a do something bad, suffer some negative consequences form of justice, and encouragement to do what the political class says.

        1. I doubt many people in the US have gone to jail for attending a church.

          1. *Cough* (Branch Davidians)

          2. –> Mississippi police issue $500 tickets to drive-in church service attendees

  5. This will only serve to further divide the country: rich urbanites who follow dictates like lemmings versus the rebels who won’t and the elderly and rural poor who can’t because they don’t have access to the technology that would allow them to do so.

    My hope is that the vaccines take so long to roll out (can’t require passports if there is still a huge segment of the population who hasn’t been able to receive the vaccine) that this hysteria will end and, along with it, the requirement to show proof of a vaccine for something that time proves is no worse than a bad flu.

    1. .. can’t require passports if there is still a huge segment of the population who hasn’t been able to receive the vaccine…
      Says who?

      1. If anything it strengthens their stance on keeping businesses and services closed for those undocumented types…

        1. Yeah, unfortunately, I can see it. Strange times to be living through. Let’s hope “through” is the operative word and not “in.”

          1. Makes you start to wonder whether Skynet might have actually been on to something, doesn’t it?

            1. …. Damnit.

  6. Will these internal passports be required for voting?

    1. I worked the polls last fall in a state and county with all kinds of mask mandates. It was made CLEAR to us that we could not require voters to wear a mask. Voting might be the one activity that won’t require the vaccination passport.

      1. Don’t count on it

      2. No such mandate where I voted in Leon County in Florida.

      3. Maybe they can’t technically require it, but they can deploy elderly grandmother types who will frown at you in a disappointed manner, and that’s pretty heavy coercion in real life.

      4. I say, to purchase a gun, requires the same checking of ID as for voting.

        After all, many places that didn’t ensure integrity in voting (and there isn’t if ID’s are used), ended up in civil war, so we may very well need our guns to protect ourselves, without requiring IDs for voting.

        Unfortunately, the federal government politicians in Biden’s party want to take over what States are obliged to do regarding elections, and make them totally insecure all across the country. That’s not helpful for unity, and shows they just are attempting to gaslight us.

    2. These will, but ID will not be required.

    3. That’s what’s so amazing. The double standard. Requiring identification to vote is horrific, racist, and practically torture.

      However, requiring identification to GO OUTSIDE or TRAVEL BETWEEN CITIES is somehow good and necessary.

      Shockingly, these are the same people saying this.

  7. What a ridiculous idea; anybody with even a sliver of intelligence knows the only way to solve this problem is with implantable microchips. The implant makes surveillance so much easier for the ruling class, and prevents individuals from accidentally doing anything without permission.

    1. Yup, it works for my dog. It will work for people.

  8. Insane, I hope Tony is proud. Btw 48% of healthcare workers are still not vaccinated per CBS mostly on choice. Are we going to do an AIDs passport next instead of making it hip through commercials for the descovy drug?

    1. Few ads make me wish to stab kittens more than those.

      Any ad about anything actually medical that uses the term “assigned male/female at birth” can go fuck itself.

    2. AIDS is soooo hip hop.

  9. There are also studies that obese people shed more virus. Maybe don’t let any Americans travel, because we are all fat.

    1. Why not have a type II diabetes passport ? We couldn’t let them into a brewery or restaurant if they were positive because we’d be endangering their condition.

      1. That facetious btw.

        1. I can see this being a serious proposal five years from now when government healthcare is forced on us and we’ve been conditioned to accept internal passports for five years.

          1. Given the nation’s obesity rate, I’d say it’s inevitable.

        2. is it really? or is it just the eventual conclusion?

      2. Just restrict their menu choices. Light beer and salad with no dressing only.

        1. The food industry is too in bed with government for any government proposed solution to actually work.

          Fasting is still a bugaboo in the health industry.

    2. Speak for yourself.

      1. I just enjoy gross generalizations, because I’m a terrible person.

        1. I am a terrible person as well, but I’m not fat.

          1. Don’t worry; I’m filling your slot.

    3. Higher than average is a trivial consideration. The problem is that some people shed 1 million times more than the average and their is NO correlation of such supertiters with any medical condition.

  10. At least 30% of the country has probably had it and is immune. I’m all for vaccines that help, but it seems a tad unethical to push people who don’t need it into getting a fairly new and experimental drug in their systems.

    1. I’m all for vaccines that help, but it seems a tad unethical to push people who don’t need it into getting a fairly new and experimental drug in their systems.


    2. Totally unsurprising how many people who want the ‘freedom’ (read: government sanction) to imbibe psychoactives are ok with government mandating documentation of ‘preventative’ healthcare.

      1. Have any libertarians come out in favor of this? The comments around here have been pretty much universally negative, except among the lefties who line to show up to argue (not that there is anything wrong with that, but don’t blame their opinions on libertarians).

    3. The Covid-19 vaccines, like all the other vaccines we’ve had here are an absolute necessity. The people who refuse to get vaccinated and/or to wear masks out in public and to social distance are the people who helped Donald Trump get us into this whole goddamned mess in the first place. I got both of my Covid-19 vaccines and I’m glad of it.

      1. No, we don’t need a vaccine for the WuFlu. It’s just not that deadly. The Moderna injection description doesn’t match the CDC’s definition of a vaccine so a covid-19 vaccine doesn’t really exist. Besides it being an experimental long term test.

        1. 3% is not so small, but you can take your chances, as long as I can forbid you from being in my environment

  11. I will happily watch any biz that demands a vaccine passport go under. They will deserve it.

    1. They won’t. People will support it because “safety”.

      1. yes plenty of people in my town upset at a few restuarunts that were open. they even damaged one

      2. Not the people who would actually go out and frequent the business in the first place.

    2. Karens R Us.

  12. Get Ready to Show Your Vaccine Passport Everywhere

    “16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark…”

    1. Funny how all those crank flyers in the late 80s and early 90s that warned about this shit turned out to not be so wacky after all.

      1. Yeah, who knew those xeroxed religious tracts left in garage waiting rooms would turn out to be more prescient than any mainstream media prognosticator.

  13. There is a whole industry to facilitate this kind of thing for pharmaceutical sales reps who need vaccinations and screenings prior to visiting hospitals (nevermind the thousand fold greater number of actual patients and visitors who enter those same hospitals).

    So, I can see this kind of thing generating some serious rent-seeking.

    And once you have this, why stop there? Why not flu vaccination? Measles?

    1. “There is a whole industry to facilitate this kind of thing for pharmaceutical sales reps”

      That would be Premier Pro Security Services

    2. That’s what the vaccination mark on people’s arms were good for. See the circle with indentations and you know they have been vaxed

    3. There are already flu vaccines and measles/mumps vaccines.

  14. voluntary platform”

    Won’t stay that way for long.

    1. It’ll stay “voluntary,” but the cost of opting out will become so unreasonable, people will be forced to participate. Sure, you can opt out, but you’ll be a pariah in every aspect of public life.

      1. It will not stay voluntary, because that would require restraint on the part of government bureaucrats. And government bureaucrats are never punished for their mistakes, or their overreach.

        Have you not noticed the trend over the last 50 years?

    2. “My body my choice” is only for abortions.

      1. Not so fun when the shoe is on the other foot, is it?

  15. passport business lobbying like crazy to require passports. always knew the quickest way to be a millionaire is to make something and then make it required by the government.

    1. Passport business = Gov’t, yes?

  16. What they are forcing is for everyone to carry a mobile phone. What if you don’t have one, or if it is a cheap one that won’t run these apps. Or better yet what if just don’t want to carry one around with you. Will you be forbidden to fly, to travel? After what happened after the Jan 6th incident, where the FBI was able to tell who was in Washington by gathering cell phone information without a warrant am I the only one who is appalled by this prospect?

    1. No. You’re not the only one.

  17. The best thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from!

    Will I need to get one of each of these things if I want to travel to different locations?

    1. If I get a bone marrow transplant will all my old passports be valid or will I have to get all new ones? Do I inheret all the old ones of my donor? If a 14-yr.-old can voluntarily half-transition their gender and identify as the opposite sex, can I voluntarily half-transition my immune system and identify as immune?

  18. Who honestly cares. I will get vaccinated and thus be fine. If someone else chooses not to get vaccinated, who cares; that’s on them and their choice. It won’t impact me because I’m vaccinated. And don’t give me any of that doomsdayer bullshit about possible new variants and new pandemics. I don’t buy in to perpetual fear arguments.

    1. until they make you get vaccinated every year for every strain. and the flu. and measles. and the next big scare.

    2. Bear in mind that the people who choose not to get vaccinated against Covid-19 are screwing everybody else–big time, and they don’t give a shit, either. I got both of my Covid-19 vaccines ( I just got the 2nd dose yesterday.), and I’m glad of it. There’s no guarantee that one won’t get infected by the illnesses that the vaccines protect us against, but they can and will at least reduce the severity of the illness(es) in question.

    3. I’m more concerned about possible other uses for this. Social security was never intended to be a unique identifier for credit reporting, but it has become one. We are now talking about having to carry a certain certification in order to access businesses. Do you think it will stop with vaccinations? Given the current censorious political climate and the example of the Chinese Social Credit Score, which has been praised by several politicians, do you think this easily extensible platform won’t be expanded? Even if it’s unlikely, do you want to take that risk?

  19. I leave shit everywhere can’t I just get a number-tattoo on my arm instead?

    1. “Well, now that you mention it…”

  20. Health isn’t the reason, it’s the excuse.

  21. how is this not racist?

    1. Or at least “problematic”?

  22. So a passport or ID for every damn thing – except voting.


  23. Why stop at Covid? If you’re going to force people to expose their health data make it mandatory for AIDS vaccines, Flu, measles and anything else the Feds can think of.

    1. Yeah, proof of suppressive therapy should be mandatory for bath houses.

  24. I will show my vaccine passport everywhere I show my pistol permit.
    Which is nowhere.
    I refuse to get any permit to exercise my rights.

    1. When I was at the Cathedral at Chartres I had to use my drivers license for something [I think it was to rent a tape player] but then needed another ID for something else; so I gave them my concealed carry permit. Maybe the clerk didn’t look at it very closely, but they didn’t give me any grief about it.

      Then I went across the street and bought an Opinel knife. I guess France isn’t too bad, at least compared to Britain. I would likely have been arrested and deported from there.

      1. Those are good knives. These days I wonder how you could get it home.

        1. Single edged jack knife, checked baggage and you will have zero problems.

  25. Peace really isn’t a reasonable option anymore.

  26. Isn’t this warning about 50 years too late?

    My mother had to show a vaccination card to get me into kindergarten, almost 50 years ago.

    1. This 100%. I had that WHO yellow booklet throughout my childhood – many many decades ago. Still have it along with other obsolete relics in a file folder. It was stored with my passport and had to show the two together every time I went through customs to wherever we lived or traveled to. My childhood vaccinations and my tropical disease vaccinations were all ‘stamped’ by the doctor/clinic who gave them. so it served

      I understand the semi-paranoia of most commenters here – and they are mostly proven idiots anyway. And the legitimate concerns about whether this info is digital and thus can get linked with all other info in a database.

      At core though – pretty much everything in these comments is just hyperventilating nonsense.

  27. Can’t ask for ID for voting because it’s racist, against the poor, or they are lazy. Hey, we can ask for a Covid Passport.

  28. Get Ready to Show Your Vaccine Passport Everywhere

    No. Full stop.

  29. The European Union is developing its own Digital Green Certificate that will serve as proof that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result, or recovered from the disease and accordingly gained immunity.

    Emphasis added. The Union Certificate will be *proof* that recovery from COVID confers immunity. Now, *that* is SCIENCE!

    1. Except for the deadly variants.

    2. Look at what happened in Manaus Brazil. Proof that natural herd immunity is a myth.

      1. The entire human herd in Manaus Brazil is dead? Woulda thought something like that would make the news.

        1. Or at least make a bigger splash than Zika.

        2. Humans are herds like cattle now.

          Few here if any read the links I post.


          1. There’s nothing definitive there. They are still just guessing as to the reason for higher than expected resurgence.

      2. Echo, when I look up population for manaus it looks about 2.2 million the whole state not the city has had 11k deaths so about half of one percent that doesn’t seem as “grim” of a disease as they are clamoring about. If I’m off on those numbers just let me know as this was from google dashboard.

        1. Echospinner gets his talking points to cut and paste from a Media Matters email, so he probably has no clue what you’re talking about.

        2. I use professional sources every day. I post peer reviewed articles from trusted sources in the medical scientific community.

          I do not even know what media matters is.

          I could care less about talking points.

        3. No big deal then.

      3. Weak sauce. Proof of nothing with a bunch of conjecture using “could”, “maybe”, etc.

      4. Or that initial infection/immunity estimates were too optimistic……

  30. Also you get a free donut so there’s that.

    Around 25-30% of Americans do not plan to get the vaccine so this bug is not going away. Also nobody know about transmission from those who were vaccinated or had the virus.

    1. The bug is not going away because coronavirus is ALREADY endemic in the human population and no vaccine is ever going to fix that.

      1. Thank you. Spinner is a moron.

        1. Spinner is evil, he just doesn’t know it.

      2. Again, thank you. I think most people get this, most people do NOT support anything about what’s going on.

    2. It isn’t going away anyway because new vaccine evading strains will develop and circulate. If that were not the case herd immunity would ultimately be reached whether or not everyone got vaccinated.

  31. “First, show me *yours*.”

  32. We also know that men are evil. The forced transitioning of everyone to female would increase public safety. We need a hormone passport to be allowed outside.

    1. Or purchase a firearm.

    2. Future headline “Violence Against Women Explodes After Eradication of Men”

      1. Nothing future about it. Lesbian violence is already recognized as substantial.

  33. We have reached a point where people who don’t want to take an unproven, experimental, risky vaccine will have to wear a yellow star as the Jews once did. How are these “vaccine passports” not a violation of every medical privacy law?

    1. You need proof of immunization from various things or TB testing to travel back and forth from many places already. Use inside the country is another matter.

      1. Sort of. You used to have to be HIV negative to get into the US until it was discovered that testing people for a virus that has no known vaccine and not practical or widely applicable cure was homophobic.

        1. Plus the fact that most of the cases were being spread primarily through the bathhouses. No point in quarantining the country if it’s something that’s spread through behavior rather than just breathing.

          The Ryan White and Arthur Ashe cases were on the margins and only played up in the media for the “anyone can get this!” narrative. Doctors and dentists wearing gloves and testing blood donations for HIV completely eliminated that risk.

          1. No point in quarantining the country if it’s something that’s spread through behavior rather than just breathing.

            Border enforcement isn’t 100% synonymous with quarantine. Don’t go contract HIV in some 3rd world shithole and then come here expecting free health care to treat it.

        2. So what? Are we trying to prevent spread or prevent hurt feelings? It isn’t anyone elses fault that indiscriminate buggery produces nasty health problems, of which HIV is the tip of the iceberg. Also note that this was for entering the country, not entering a local movie theater.

    2. This is not the Holocaust but I will tell a story.

      During WW2 there were outbreaks and great fear of typhus. A certain Polish doctor Eugene Lazowski saved over 8000 Jews and many others with a trick.

      He discovered you could inject people with a benign strain of the Proteus bacteria and the lab test (Weil-Felix) came out positive for Typhus. So he went around doing that. After escaping from a concentration camp.

      When the Nazis came to round up Jews and other Poles he showed them the test results which could be verified. You don’t want these Jews.

      One of the unsung heroes of the world.

    3. Absent at a minimum a HIPAA exception passed by congress, it may be.

  34. It works. New data reported demonstrated significant reduction in transmission and prevention of symptomatic disease for those with the mRNA vaccines.


    1. No such info reported for masks.

      1. It is just amazing in such a short period of time.

        They opened it up to anyone over 16 here. You can go by appointment to CVS, Walgreens, Publix, other places and get jabbed.

        Easter is coming up. Time for family and friends to get together. We had a wonderful Passover. Hopefully the wine killed all the virus.

        Best to all of us. I think the worst is over.

        1. Healthy young adults and teens need this vaccine about as much as they need Polident.

          1. The reason is because the younger population with lower mortality rate can still be a vector. There is increasing evidence that the vaccines significantly decrease transmission.

            Israel now reporting around 500 new cases/day. Down from 8000 at peak and they are not done yet.

            It is not going away and may never. We are all sick and tired of the masks and all that. The approved vaccines are the best tools we have. They are safe and efficient. It is a good choice to make.

            1. Vector to who though? The vaccines are near perfect. Vaccinate all the high risk folks and the low risk folks are irrelevant.

              1. oopsie…spinner hasn’t thought it through.

                1. Yeah he has, he knows a ‘vector’ for controlling other people’s behavior when he sees one.

                  Collectivist is as collectivist does.

                  1. If it were up to me Thomas there would not be any government mandates. Certainly nobody can force anyone to get a vaccine they don’t want.

                    I present the facts as I see them. Anyone who does not agree, well fine.

                    For example I have a friend who has stage 4 cancer and can’t get the vaccine. I would like for him to come visit but travel is too risky for him.

                    1. Risk of what? Not dying of cancer?

                    2. That is interesting. I had thought the only counter indications for vaccination were pregnancy, current illness, vaccination for a different disease within 14 days, and reaction to the first dose of the vaccine. I guess there are some conditions I had missed.

                      I wish your friend well and hope that he’ll be able to visit you soon.

                    3. “I present the facts as I see them. Anyone who does not agree, well fine.”

                      Yeah, sure. Yet just a little above that you previously quipped “No big deal then” to somebody else’s factual statement.

                      So go fuck yourself you pompous mendacious windbag.

                    4. Risky how? Dying as a result of traveling or COVID-19 as opposed to dying of stage 4 cancer? If I had stage 4 cancer COVID-19 would be the least of my concerns……..

              2. In Brazil cases in the under 60 group are up by as much as 500%.

                The way epidemiology works is that the goal is to greatly reduce or even eliminate the pathogen in the population. That is the meaning of herd immunity. Since not everyone will or can get the vaccine you still have a problem.

                The path to getting rid of these mandates and crap is to have as many people vaccinated as possible so the disease prevalence drops to a very low level and stays there.

                It is a false assumption that there are no consequences for people under age 60. For example if you are 45 years old you are 15x more likely to be hospitalized and your risk of death is 130x increased because of Covid compared to a 17 year old.


                1. This is a pipe dream. Mutations will occur and variants against which existing vaccines are ineffective will quickly arrise. Vaccination is no more going to get rid of COVID-19 than it has influenza.

            2. “The reason is because the younger population with lower mortality rate can still be a vector”

              What part of “fuck off slaver” do you not get?

              Because fuck off slaver.

    2. Was anyone dubious of its efficacy? The main concerns I’ve read were of unintended consequences (both biological and bureaucratic) of totally-not-mandatory vaccinations, which vaccine passports would also seem to validate the notion of “It works.”

      1. The US is giving over 2,7000,000 per day.

        Nobody can force anyone. It is an individual choice.

        The study I linked to from MMWR looked at real world outcomes.

        That is important because it is not a controlled experiment. Similar results have come from Israel which has the most vaccinated.

        1. I’ve been hearing mixed reports from Israel.

          1. What do you expect?

            They just had the fourth election in the last two years with no decisive outcome.

            Published results from that chaos have been positive.


    3. So get vaccinated and don’t worry about who else does. If the vaccine works then you are protected, if the person next to you is or not should make little difference to you. If the vaccine is supposedly 100% effective at preventing death or cases severe enough to cause hospitalization as is claimed with Moderna, Phizer and J&J you have nothing to worry about.

  35. Papiere, bitte.

  36. “It’s too late for health passports to make a difference, but the damage could be immense.”

    Pretty much sums up all the governments’ response to a relatively harmless disease, doesn’t it?

    1. It only has kill >560,000 Americans so far. Unless one of your relatives was in that number it was relatively harmless

  37. Make the vaccine passport a requirement for voting or collecting welfare. The Democrats will nuke it in a heartbeat.

  38. Indeed..The socialist workers party DID tattoo and armband citizens. But, hey, mean tweets.

  39. Searching this article for the words “civil liberties” yields 0 results.

  40. The passive voice here is getting tiresome.

    We get it, you simply have no fight when it comes to the left.

    Mean tweets are so much more problematic.

  41. Actung! Papers please. Schnell!!!

    The new American Dictatorship demands to know who you are, where you are, and what you are doing.

    1. Looks like a good opportunity for people to make and sell fake “papers”…..

  42. This is a really bad idea and if Government is involved even a worse idea!

  43. This, not to put too fine a point on it, bullsh!t.

  44. These will be perfectly counterfeited within days of the first issuance making them essentially useless, which is probably a good thing since they are a privacy nightmare.

  45. So the private sector is going to push these passports. The end result will be the same as if the government pushed them. “Oh, we’ll get private corporations to do it.” It’s called fascism.

  46. What about people with previous allergic reactions that are told not to get the vaccine?

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