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Lawsuit Says Chicago Cops Pointed Guns at Young Girls During Warrantless Search

The latest in a long string of allegations that Chicago police terrorized families during botched raids


A Chicago family says in a federal civil rights lawsuit filed Wednesday that police officers burst into their house without a warrant and pointed guns at two young girls and their 74-year-old grandfather.

According to the suit, five to six Chicago cops kicked open the door of Regina Evans and Steven Winters' home on August 7, 2019. The officers allegedly yelled at Winters to "get down on the fucking floor," then threw him on the ground and held him at gunpoint. The lawsuit says the officers then swept the house, pointing their guns at two girls, ages 4 and 9, as they lay in bed, as well as at their grandfather. 

This is the latest in a long string of civil liberties suits alleging that Chicago police terrorized families during wrong-door raids based on faulty search warrants. The family is represented by the law firm of Chicago attorney Al Hofeld, Jr. Hofeld says this is the 11th lawsuit filed by his firm on behalf of black Chicago-area families who had guns pointed at them and their children in their own homes.

"We have an epidemic of violence, and the police contribute to it," Hofeld said at a press conference Wednesday. "Chicago police routinely do what they're not supposed to do, which is point their guns at young children, often during wrongful home entries."

The lawsuit says police were chasing a possibly armed suspect that they believed had entered the apartment building where Evans and Winters lived, but the lawsuit says body camera footage from the raid shows no sign of anyone entering or exiting the apartment building, and no evidence or reason to believe that the suspect had entered their apartment.

The suit alleges the officers then filed a false police report claiming that the suspect had actually entered the family's apartment but eluded capture by running out the back door.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages for violations of their Fourth Amendment rights. They say their family has suffered long-term emotional distress and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

"I think the officers need to be held accountable for their actions," Evans said at the news conference, according to the Chicago Tribune. "And I also think they need better training on how to deal with people. Because I think, in my own opinion, I think that they treat blacks worse than they treat whites. I can't call them…because I don't feel like they would help me at all."

Last December, the Chicago Police Department made national headlines after body camera footage showed officers humiliating a naked woman during a wrong-door raid. Chicago police burst into the apartment of Anjanette Young based on a faulty tip and handcuffed her while she was naked, forcing her to stand in full view of male officers as they searched her home.

In March, responding to the furor over Young's case, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced a new search warrant policy for the Chicago Police Department.

"What Ms. Young experienced served as an abrupt wake up call to our entire city to the reforms our city needs and our values demand," Lightfoot said. "Every step we have taken and we continue to take will be with that goal in mind."

Despite Lightfoot's promises, Hofeld says no new rules have been issued for pointing guns at people during home entries. A proposed ordinance that would prohibit Chicago police from pointing guns at children during search warrants has been languishing in the city council for five months.

An investigation by the local news outlet CBS 2 found that Chicago SWAT teams were frequently relying on unverified search warrants to ransack houses; hold families, including children, at gunpoint; and in one case handcuff an 8-year-old child. In another case, 17 Chicago police officers burst into a family's house with their guns drawn during a four-year-old's birthday party. The members of one Chicago family say officers raided their house three times in four months looking for someone the residents say they don't even know.

In 2018, the Chicago City Council approved a $2.5 million settlement to a family who said police stormed their house and pointed a gun at a three-year-old girl.

The City of Chicago Law Department, which handles legal matters for the city, was not immediately available for comment.

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  1. Democrat city. Ya get what you get.

    1. Whoa, buckleup is becoming more advanced! buckleup did NOT blame it all on BLM! Kudos, buckleup, maybe one of these days you won’t even be a fascist any more!

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        Go shill for your racist, CRT pals on Stormfront.

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  2. “We have an epidemic of violence, and the police contribute to it,”

    Wear a mask, get vaccinated.

    1. The cops were probably masked, and they do their vaccinations 120 grains per shot.

  3. But they didn’t shoot! That’s the most progress the cpd has had in decades!

    1. ^ I don’t care who you are, that there is funny. 🙂

    2. No dog – – – – – – – –

  4. “We have an epidemic of violence, and the police contribute to it,”

    Will the DOJ be saying this about Phoenix Arizona?

  5. Not 100% related, but this website says a lot about the situation in Chicago: https://heyjackass.com/#

    So far this year 33 people have been shot in the junk in Chicago, where is Mayor Lightfoot on the epidemic of people being shot in the wobbly bits?

    Also, police have wounded 8 and killed 4 people in Chicago this year. That’s a problem, but it does seem a little bit like we’re focused on rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

    1. Actually, they are wiping the deck chairs down with disinfectant, to slow the spread.

    2. That’s a depressing but interesting web site.

    3. But how many of the 33 people shot in the junk were shot by police?

  6. They had to point the guns, or else someone might say something, and speech is violence.

  7. Just abandon LE in those neighborhoods. They don’t want them there (when they’re not demanding perfection that is) and the resources can be used effectively elsewhere. When crime, and especially violent crime, goes up respond with some variation of “well the important thing is nobody was shot by police so that’s a win for the community”.

    Yes, there are things to be done better, but this reads more like they’re just looking for a payday.

    1. Funny how doing police business with some minimal level of competence and doing it without threatening innocent people with violence isn’t a solution for you.

      Why? Are those chuckleheads just not capable of doing that?

    2. So the citizens who just don’t want to be the victims of crime regardless of if the criminal is wearing a badge are at fault in your mind? Is it really too much to ask that police follow the law and that courts don’t carve out illegal exceptions for them to avoid accountability? Don’t break the law, and don’t violate rights.

  8. Wait, what’s the problem that QI can’t solve? Sorry-not sorry, FYTW!

  9. The cops pled “not properly trained by our bosses”? How do you teach common sense and decency? Defund SWAT. Enforce rights. Before a suit can be filed, make the cops go to the family and promise to be better people, better cops, while being videoed. Show it on the MSM, with their names/faces. Humiliate them in public.

    1. The requirement to state that this is wrong is still sitting in front of the City Council after at least five months. Why? For years Democrats have been sucking up to the Police Unions. They are the cause of qualified immunity.
      Why do they have a problem now?

  10. Did anybody notice that an ordinance preventing Police from doing this has been in front of the City Council for over five months? Isn’t this the same Council that want’s to defund the Police? Kind of self-serving isn’t it? If you blame anybody for this blame the City Council.

  11. How about outlawing no knock raids?
    Florida did just that years ago.

  12. With more than 15 people shot EVERY weekend in Chicago, the problem is not the police.

    But that violates the BLM/Democtratic/Woke narrative.

    1. Only one type of criminal can be a problem at a time? Your objection rings hollow. If you really cared about law and order, you’d adamantly demand those enforcing follow it. Instead, you just want to assert that “your side” and is superior, and you think police are on your side.

    2. This is Chicago. Now explain the difference between the police and the gangsters.

    3. Oh yeah. Chicago cops are so woke.

    4. Dead on!

    5. The problem is criminal behavior which in this case was demonstrated by the police. Suppose they hadn’t been police; someone breaks down your door and starts waving guns at your grandfather and your two kids for no reason? It is sad they have to file a civil suit; these police should be fired, arrested, tried and imprisoned

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