Evan McMullin

Never-Trump Republicans Announce New Fundraising Effort To Re-Defeat the Ex-President

Renew America Movement co-founder Miles Taylor vows, "We will split the vote and sink him."


Miles Taylor, a man who was most famous when he was anonymous, threw his name last night into a hat most people were hoping wouldn't open until November 2022.

"If [former President Donald] Trump somehow wins the GOP nomination in 2024, I will run against him as an independent. And recruit more conservatives to do the same. We will split the vote and sink him," Taylor tweeted, insisting in a follow-up: "This is not a joke."

Taylor, a former Trump administration Department of Homeland Security chief of staff who wrote the bestselling book A Warning in 2019, starred in anti-Trump ads in 2020, and last month announced the intention to co-launch with 2016 anti-Trump independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin and a few former Republican elected officials an initiative to "catalyze an American renewal," made his latest splash on the same day as the official unveiling of the Renew America Movement (RAM).

RAM held a national town hall last night attended by such figures as 2016 Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee Bill Weld, Weld's fellow 2020 Republican presidential primary loser Joe Walsh, and former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele. The renewalists vow to raise "tens of millions" of dollars to defeat pro-Trump Republicans in a handful of Senate races and a couple dozen House contests in the 2022 midterms, according to Bloomberg.

For the moment, the new group is raising that money through an old vehicle, McMullin's 501(c)(4) nonprofit Stand Up Republic, which he launched two months after coming in fifth place in the 2016 election. McMullin, whose candidacy—like Taylor's threatened 2024 run—was a direct challenge to Trump from the right, exceeded the Trump-Hillary Clinton margin in just two states: His home base of Utah, where he received 21.5 percent while Trump won by 18.1 percentage points, and Minnesota (1.8 percent vs. Clinton's margin of 1.5 points).

Only two independent candidates for president have received more than 1 percent of the national popular vote in the past century—Ross Perot with 18.9 percent in 1992, and John Anderson with 6.6 percent in 1980. More to the anti-Trump point, the 45th president failed to win reelection not because his voters were lured away by third-party or independent candidates, but precisely because they weren't.

Trump received a higher percentage of votes in 2020 than he did in 2016: 46.9 percent, compared to 46.1. The main difference was that support for third-party candidates collapsed, from 5.7 percent to 1.8, and most of that bloc went to the Democratic Party, whose nominee jumped from 48.2 percent to 51.3. As I noted in November:

Pre-election polls predicted this—2016 third-party voters, and specifically Libertarians (who made up 57 percent of the third-party electorate that year), repeatedly said that a majority of them were going straight, and preferred Biden to Trump by more than two to one. There were 7.8 million third-party voters last time, and just 2.7 million this time, so any strong lean by the remaining 5 million-plus was always going to dwarf whatever impact partisans may attribute to "spoilers."

Never-Trumpers have lost just about every intra-Republican fight over the past six years, usually by lopsided margins. Where they have punched above their weight has been in media attention, and (relatedly) in raising money from Democrats dreaming of a fractured GOP. As ever, I am rooting for all new political competition while taking all bets against.

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  1. Miles Taylor, Rick Wilson, John Weaver, David Frum, Bill Kristol — it’s encouraging to see there are still some conservatives doing their patriotic duty to promote total Democratic control at all levels of government.


    PS — Reason.com’s editor-in-chief KMW used to work with Bill Kristol at The Weekly Standard, so the neocon / libertarian alliance actually predates Drumpf.

    1. Lincoln Project grifters all.

      1. He’s got that look.

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        2. Yes – that Mitt Romney, Jr. look.

      2. I wonder if this Taylor guy fucks children too.

    2. “We will split the vote and sink him.”

      Let me fix that for ya.

      “We are controlled opposition.”

  2. “We will split the vote and sink him.”
    Sink him?
    I think he misspelled “be sure only democrats get elected”.

    1. You’d think at some point they might ask why Trump gets votes.
      That would be asking too much though.

      1. Talk about an analysis that so, so, so many people refuse to do.

      2. I’d rather ask them why they don’t want Trump.

        1. Orange man bad?

        2. For all his faults, Trump was a light shinned on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night for many of these career political cockroaches. He specifically campaigned against “the swamp”, and that’s not just Democrats. Trump threatened their benefits as permanent minority politicians, namely campaign/lobbying money flowing with none of the risk that comes with actual leadership.

          1. Trump also exposed the news media as the total Democratic/leftist shills that they are.

      3. You’d think at some point they might ask why Trump gets votes.

        Good point.

  3. “threw his name last night into a hat most people were hoping wouldn’t open until November 2022”

    I thought the more common metaphor was throwing one’s hat into the ring.

    1. Now we’re going to elect a president by choosing a name out of a hat. I say let’s give it a shot.

      1. Imagine a two term president named 6 7/8

        1. Hey, that’s better than average!

          Oh, you mean that’s a hat size.

      2. Our current POTUS picked a running mate based on skin color and indoor plumbing, is that any more rational?

        1. White supremacist!

    2. The complete metaphor is I believe – he threw his name in a hat, threw the hat into the ring, ring the bell until it tolls, take the bull by the horns, toot your horn and put it on a dilemma, and then pull rabbits out of the hat.

      It’s still a bit of a mystery where the bull comes from. Probably a shop in Wuhan

  4. He should run with the LP, because he ain’t getting on all 50 states ballots otherwise.

    Anyway the RINO never Trump assholes are pathetic, creepy, and downright strange creatures. But I get it they are garden party elitists who want to keep the federal military and intelligence grift going over there in DC. So they become woke schmucks and schmooze with democrats and flirt with MSNBC/CNN agitprop while plotting some revenge over losing their grip on the party.

    1. Trump, in a fit of pique, threw two senate races. Because of him the only thing that stands between us and the Great Progressive Revolution is people like Manchin and Sinema.

      All because his ego couldn’t admit he got beat. Fuck Trump with a rusty softball bat. Make sure to thank him from your anti-racist re-education camp.

      1. There was no way the establishment wasn’t going to “fortify democracy” in those elections either.

        If that Time article is to be believed that is.

      2. Nice narrative. Did CNN burp you after they fed it to you?

        1. Actually, this analysis it’s fairly widely accepted in conservative circles as well.

          1. All these guys can respond with is partisan bromides because partisanship has wrecked their ability to think.

            1. So this didn’t happen?


              You can blame trump, but the exact same election bullshit documented in GA happened again on jan. And democrats ran hard on free money to everyone. There is no denying that.

            2. “All these guys can respond with is partisan bromides because partisanship has wrecked their ability to think.

              All the TDS addled assholes never had that ability.
              Fuck off and die, slimy piece of shit.

          2. Which circles? Because I can point to a lot of evidence of the same election shenanigans as well as idiots demanding their 2000 dollars that democrats promised.

          3. Nice samefag, and no it isn’t.
            Unless by “conservatives” you’re referring to Captain Kristol, Max Boot and the Lincoln Project pederasts. But then who do you imagine gave CNN that narrative?

            1. Homophobe

              1. He didn’t intend to slur your orientation.

                1. I’m not gay.

                  So do you burn American flags on the fourth? Do you wave Confederate flags? Do you use the constitution as toilet paper?

                  Or do you just not celebrate?

                  I’m genuinely curious what you America hating traitors do on Independence Day?

          4. The people of Georgia watched the Governor and his sleazeball secretary of state ignore serious questions about the election integrity and the GOP push for establishment candidates with no message other than screw Trump and the people he represents.

            They have nothing else to offer and conservatives are sick of their grift.

      3. FTA Libertarians went 2 to 1 for Biden. What the fuck are you complaining about?

        1. What does Biden have to do with Trump
          giving control of the senate to the progs?

          His surrogates (Wood, Powell) told his right leaning voters not to vote in the run off. They didn’t. The Dems won both races narrowly and now we’re all gonna get progressive bullshit rammed down our throats. He did this and still you defend the guy.

          And regardless of what anybody here thinks about 1/6, there are enough people out there in the independents that blame him for it that he’s got zero chance of ever being elected again.

          1. Because they put themselves in the situation that the one president since Reagan to actually accomplish something even remotely libertarian was at risk on hopes democrats emboldened by what even 30% of democrats believe was a dirty election wouldn’t do it twice.

            Nothing in Bidens platform was libertarian. Yet the nearly sole focus here was anti trump.

          2. “What does Biden have to do with Trump
            giving control of the senate to the progs?”

            What does that pile of shit have to do with reality?

      4. “Trump, in a fit of pique, threw two senate races. ”

        bevis the lumberjack, in a fit of TDS:

      5. Ah, it is Trump’s fault the Democrats seek to put fascism upon America.

        Not the Democrats…TRUMP alone.

        Got it.

  5. This wonder team will have as much of an impact as the guys screaming about how the CIA implanted chips in their brains in-between sips of their rotgut.

    1. That’s why I only drink distilled rain water, and straight grain alcohol

      1. Yup, that’s how your typical hardcore Commie works.

        Purity of Essence!

  6. Just like Egg McMuffin did.

    The Lincoln project was a grift to pay their mortgages with large contracting fees and to cover up a founder’s attempts to fuck a 14 year old boy.

    A BLM founder is using her donation money to buy expensive houses in all white neighborhoods.

    This is yet another scam.

    1. Free minds AND free markets, amirite?

      1. A fool and their money.

    2. The Lincoln project was a grift to pay their mortgages with large contracting fees and to cover up a founder’s attempts to fuck a 14 year old boy.

      All they were missing was the right acronym:

      Renew America Movement (RAM)

      1. This country would be easy to save if progressives ceased to be aliVe.

  7. If [former President Donald] Trump somehow wins the GOP nomination in 2024, I will run against him as an independent. And recruit more conservatives to do the same. We will split the vote and sink him

    Worked great for Evan McMuffin.

    1. The question is whether he would actually have any noticeable effect whatsoever. It’s pretty conclusive that Republican voters like Trump (he won the primaries), and that independent voters were fairly stong on Trump in both 2016 and 2020. The RP royalty didn’t do so well.

  8. Do you want roaches? This is how you get roaches. I mean progressives

    1. Narrator: They like the roaches.

  9. So who’s funding this clown. I smell Demorats.

    1. Can’t get the stink off
      They’ve been hanging ’round for days
      Comes like a comet
      Suckered you but not your friends

      1. Haiku?

  10. “If [former President Donald] Trump somehow wins the GOP nomination in 2024, I will run against him as an independent. And recruit more conservatives to do the same. We will split the vote and sink him,” Taylor tweeted, insisting in a follow-up: “This is not a joke.”

    If the only issue you have to run on is that you’re against Trump, then, much like the Angels, which is the fifth best baseball team in California, your campaign will be irrelevant.

    1. Fullerton on line 2 says they’re fifth best.

      1. Fullerton is wrong.

        I don’t know how you’d rank ’em, but mine goes something like:


        No, I’m not buying into the Giants. They’re old men with old bats. They’ll start breaking down sometime after the All-Stat break. I’m just sayin’.

        1. Brandon Belt can’t even round third without blowing up a knee. Yaz is a fucking treat to watch though.

          >>I don’t know how you’d rank ’em

          honestly I forgot about the A’s I thought you had Stanford in there

  11. I want to dislike Trump, I really do. He’s an adulterizing, truth-challenged opportunist.

    But then I look on the people who make it their business to hate Trump…and Trump doesn’t look so bad. I mean, when have politicians been declared unacceptable for being adulterizing, truth-challenged opportunists?

    1. I doubt Trump runs again. My guess is DeSantis runs and wins the nominee.

      1. I agreed. The former President will keep his options open as long as there is money to be had and no longer.

        1. Pretty much the only president in the last 50 years who made his money before taking political office instead of during and after.

          Tell me shill, what’s the salary for a Chicago community organizer or a public defender from Scranton? It must be huge.

          1. “…Tell me shill,..”

            Make that “TDS-addled asshole”.

          2. You mean inherited it from his dad?

          3. Pretty sure the Bush’s had money before they were President.

      2. That would be my guess, too, but I expect Trump to keep making noises about running until quite late in the process, and then endorse DeSantis.

        It’s a way of keeping the Democrats obsessing about the wrong guy.

        But, run? Been there, done that, going to be older than dirt by 2024, and he doesn’t want Milena to gut him.

      3. Trump is not running again unless he can for sure win.

        Right now he can hide behind his delusional claims of a stolen election so as to keep his ego propped up. If he were to run again and lose again, that’s too much for his narcissism to handle.

        As such, I don’t remotely see him risking it.

        1. You’re pathetic.

        2. You do know there are multiple audits with a half dozen states more considering opening one right? It is so bad the Colorado secretary of state issued a rule to disallow audits. Surely the cleanest of elections wouldn’t be so in fear of simple things.

          There was already documented changes of thousands of votes, and that was from simply a facial audit of a recount. Forensic audits in states are already demonstrating errors. A dozen lawsuits the judge sided with objectors including multiple judges ruling laws were violated with election rule changes….

          Yet you still claim this was the cleanest election ever?

          Inquisitive is not the descriptor I would use.

        3. “It’s the economy, stupid”.

          If there’s a recession between now and then, he absolutely can win.

        4. I’m sorry, you don’t announce that you’re stopping counting for the night but actually keep counting if you’re on the up and up.

      4. I’m not so sure. He still has a strong and loyal following. If he picks a competent running mate ahead of primary season, he’s likely to be the 47th.

        Candace Owens would be hard for the Dems to counter, she would be the first African-American VPOTUS.

        What could be fun is Trump/Owens 2024 — they would likely get my vote — then Owens/DeSantis 2028.

      5. That’s a real possibility. Lot of daylight between now and the convention though.

    2. It’s been especially fun to watch the same libertarians who defended Max Hardcore and wrote that a vulgar society is a better society suddenly turn into pearl clutching church ladies.

      1. Because they were always whorish hypocrites who love Uncle Charles’ fat Brown Envelopes more than they ever cared for libertarianism.

    3. The problem with Trump is that his personality has been the best friend of the progressive hordes over the last 18 months or so. They’re hoping he’s nominated again. They beat him with a brain dead moron last time, and that was before all the January 6 bullshit.

      He needs to go away but his ego won’t allow it.

      1. You forgot the election irregularities, the state censorship and the marxist media but other than that, spot on.

        1. Trump is the reason that the senate is not controlled by anti-progressives. He did it intentionally. But sure, let’s blame everything and everybody else for Trump’s ego fits.

          1. Trump is the one who changed election laws in Georgia in contravention to their state legislation the US constitution and still had to commit massive fucking documented fraud included videotaped evidence of boxes of ballots being pulled out from under the table after the poll watchers were sent home for the night? Man, dude really does get around.

            Or maybe you’re just a stupid piece of shit cunt who gargles the cock of any Democrat who comes within 50 feet of you. Kill yourself you fucking shank.

            1. Even if that shit happened it’s a different election dumbass. In January it was just two simple senate runoff elections. Trump knew what was at stake and he didn’t care. He threw them because the only thing he cares about is trump.

              Y’all can’t address that simple point. If we end up with huge tax increases and a fucked up New Green Grid and a packed SC and all the progressive wish list it’s all on your boy Trump.

              1. The No-Trumpers are exactly the same, by your definition: all they care about is Trump. You too, TDS boy.

                1. Y’all can only call people names when they criticize Trump. TDS!! Democrat!! Liberal!!

                  You can’t admit or deal with what he did. He sent his surrogates to Georga for two months to tell his supporters not to vote in the runoff. So they didn’t. And now we’ve got Democrats in control of the Senate and we’re basically Joe Manchin’s patience away from being drowned in progressive disasters. All over a guy who has no chance of ever being elected again.

                  TDS goes both ways.

                    1. Yes, what Trump did was pathetic. He sacrificed you to the progs because of his own instability and you’re fucking grateful.

                    2. You know I can link to trump speeches to prove you wrong right bevis? You are pushing the media narrative without even questioning it.

                    3. “Y’all can only call people names when they criticize Trump…”

                      TDS-addled shit piles deserve to be identified as such.

                  1. “TDS goes both ways…”

                    TDS-addled shits keep making that assertion with no evidence to back it up.

                  2. To be fair, most of us call people names for all kinds of reasons. Like how Pedo Jeffy is a sophist shitweasel, or Buttplug’s pedophilia. You just want to attack Keile for backing Trump.

                    It’s just deflection because your premise is weak at best.

              2. Oh FFS, now you’re just straight out crafting a narrative.

                1. Who, me? That’s what fucking happened. You’re in as much denial as the media on the left.

                  Republicans finished at the top in both races in the regular election.

                  Trump sent Powell and Wood to Georgia to repeatedly tell his voters there was no point in voting.

                  They didn’t and the Democrats narrowly won both elections. And now they control the senate.

                  Those are all absolute facts. Undeniable. Trump can intentionally give power to the progressives and you don’t care. Enjoy your trip to the camps.

                  1. “…Those are all absolute facts…”

                    It’s spelled “l-i-e-s”, TDS addled asshole.

                    1. You really don’t expect this TDS-addled piece of shit to deal with FACTS, do you?
                      I mean Trump sent out MEAN TWEETS and our adolescent fan-boi asshole can’t tolerate those who might not be mannerly enough to join his clique, the hell with his actual accomplishments! Shits like this are focused on appearances and personality to the exclusion of results; so mundane!
                      Unfortunately, we got what asshole here deserves.

                  2. The democrats won because of various cheating schemes. Period.

                    Peddle your anti Trump ravings elsewhere.

              3. You are right. The former President lost his own election and then sabotaged the Georgia runoff elections. You get lots of flak on this and JesseAz will link a hundred articles to refute the fact. Note most of the links are to sites very unlikely to be viewed by Republicans (2 are MSNBC). But what none of those challenging you will admit is that the former President sends message to supported through tweeter and there he was undermining the election. When he did go to Georgia he did not put the Republicans first, he just whined about his loss.

                Don’t worry about comments, you are right.

                1. “You are right. The former President lost his own election and then sabotaged the Georgia runoff elections…”


          2. Are you making excuses for the media?

          3. “Trump is the reason that the senate is not controlled by anti-progressives. He did it intentionally.”

            Is TDS the cause of your imbecility, or were you a raging imbecile before contracting TDS, asshole?

      2. Why is anyone declaring themselves libertarian more concerned with personality than they are actions?

      3. “The problem with Trump…”

        The problems with you are that you’re still alive and:

      4. They beat him with a brain dead moron, millions of dollars’ worth of in-kind, 24/7 campaigning by the media, and the Civil War veteran vote.

    4. He’s an adulterizing, truth-challenged opportunist.

      Honestly, how goes this statement not apply to Biden, and a good percentages of all pols.

      1. I think that was Cal’s point

      2. Given things I’ve read that Biden’s daughter said, plus the laptop evidence that Baby Boy Hunter molested Beau’s daughter Natalie, it gets far worse.

    5. “I want to dislike Trump, I really do. He’s an adulterizing, truth-challenged opportunist.

      But then I look on the people who make it their business to hate Trump…”

      For years, people have been drawn into first defending, then supporting Trump by the scumbaggery of his opponents. Trump ain’t perfect, but The Establishment are vermin, and transparently so.

  12. He has a rather high opinion of himself. I never even heard of him. Why does he think conservatives will flock to his banner to elect, of all people, Kamala Harris?

  13. Being an Ahab may be quite lucrative.

  14. If celebrated governor Bill Weld with all his gravitas couldn’t crack double digits in the Republican primaries, I doubt Trump is losing sleep over this amateur.

    1. I’m ot even sure who he is. These beltway idiots have lost all touch with reality.

  15. There are lots of Republicans interested in running for the Presidency in 2024. I don’t see anyone of them wanting to take a back seat to the former President. The trick now is to keep his voters and but dump the former President. My guess is DeSantis, Abbott, Cuz, Hawley and a host of others are trying to figure than angle right now. I am guessing that after dust settles on the 2022 race, the pack breaks out and race starts. I think Taylor is out of luck and should maybe focus on another seat.

    1. Yes, a soft headed leftist like you believes that is a good idea. The only special impediment Trump would have is his advancing age.

      Really, go back to CNN, which you somehow believe is real news. AndersonCooper will tell you what to think.

      1. I read, give it a try.

        1. Yeah, Parade Magazine.
          Fuck off, TDS-addled asshole.

  16. Mike Pence made a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, yesterday, in which he stated that he was proud to have certified the election results–against a backdrop of Trump supporters who were chanting, “Hang Mike Pence”.

    Mr. Pence also took the opportunity to praise Donald Trump for changing the national consensus on China, for Trump’s border security policies, etc. Pence praised Trump for challenging the establishment–just like Ronald Reagan had done. Pence also denounced Critical Race Theory as “state sponsored racism”. He seemed to think the issues were what was important.

    There are a number of explanations for why Mike Pence might be speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library yesterday, with the most likely explanation having to do with Pence running for president in 2024. In order to keep Donald Trump from becoming president again, it isn’t necessary to run against him in the general election as an independent–or to rail against him. In fact, there are a lot of things for a conservative to like about Trump’s policies, and Pence would be smart to run on Trump’s agenda–if he wants to win.

    Trump outperformed his personal approval ratings–even in states that he won. That doesn’t mean the polls were wrong. That means people voted for Trump because they liked his policies so much, and they voted for him–in spite of the fact that they couldn’t stand him personally–because they liked his policies so much.

    Alienating Trump supporters by denouncing Trump is self-defeating and unnecessary. Why not praise the parts of Trump’s agenda that you like instead? Neither Pence nor any other Republican candidate needs to persuade voters that they aren’t Trump. Everybody can look at Pence, Haley, Cruz, Rubio, or Rand Paul and tell that they’re not Trump. What those candidates need to do is convince people that they support Trump’s policies. Give Republican primary voters a reason to vote for you instead of Trump, and maybe they’ll vote for his policies and not his personality. Aren’t there any of Trump’s policies that this guy likes?

    Where are you on forever wars? Are you willing to negotiate with the Taliban to get us out of Afghanistan?

    Where are you on gun rights?

    Where are you on the Green New Deal?

    Where are you on China, any greenhouse gas emissions deals with them?

    Where are you on capitulating to Iran’s nuclear ambitions?

    Where are you on Medicare for All; where are you on taxes?

    If you can give Republicans what they want on the issues–without being Trump–then whether you’re Trump or not will not be the most important issue to them. And IF IF IF whether it’s Trump or someone else in the White House is more important to you than any of the issues, then the real issue is your personal obsessions with Trump and his personality. In that case, seek professional help. If you can’t think clearly so long as Trump is in the picture, there are medications, professional therapists, and yoga instructors that may be able to help you. Please don’t take your obsessive disorder out on the Republican party or the American people.

    1. This doofus isn’t a serious person, amd neither is Reason for giving him space as if he were a real contender. Nobody outside of the rabid left knows or cares who he is, and the only people who would even consider voting for him are people who wouldn’t vote for Trump’s policies in the first place.

      It’s just more propaganda to try and paint the GOP as “the party of Trump.” You’re right- Trump didn’t win in 2016 or gain votes in 2020 because he was a great guy and people liked him a lot. He won in 2016 because he spoke to the policies that Republicans and many independents actually want. And he gained votes in 2020 because people recognized that they were better off under those policies than they had been under previous administrations. All the GOP needs to do is find another personality that is more likeable than DJT, and they can win again. I don’t know if Pence has the juice to do it. As much as the “Hang Pence” crowd is odious, the Republicans are going to need those votes in 2022 and 2024, and Pence is damaged goods on that front, I think. There are other candidates out there who the MAGA crowd can get behind, even grudgingly.

      But you’re right, it has to be someone who can hammer those policy issues in every debate, who is capable of getting above the progressive smear machine. Whoever runs in 24 will be the next LITERAL HITLER, so whoever it is has to be someone who A) the MAGAs will support, and B) someone who those attacks will bounce off of.

      1. I’m surprised that there seem to be people who actually like Trump on a personal level. As you remark, a lot of his support is from people who like his policies while thinking that he, personally, isn’t all that.

        A candidate who is not Trump but doesn’t insult

        (a) the people who like Trump or

        (b) the people who like his policies if not Trump himself

        would be someone I could get behind, other things being equal.

        1. The establishment Republicans of the Bush Jr. era completely lost their way on the issues, and Trump savaged them for it.

          I can hardly imagine someone who appeals to Trump voters being all about occupying Iraq for the sake of the Iraqis, expanding Medicaid, or using taxpayer money to bail out Wall Street investors–and yet that’s what the Republican party was about before the Tea Party cleared the way for Trump to happen.

          It started and ended with the issues. We saw huge influxes of blue collar workers from the Midwest and elsewhere show up in the voting booths for Trump because of his stance on the issues.

          To some extent, seeing him unfairly savaged by elitists and the media made people like him, but the blue collar middle class of the Midwest didn’t back him because they identified with his being a brazen New York casino magnate playboy with a foreign trophy wife.

          The American people just aren’t into the Bush Jr.-Obama continuum anymore. Be Trump on the issues that resonate with those people–and likable too–and that will be a tough one to beat.

          P.S. You want Nikki Haley on the ticket. Nikki Haley scares me on the neoconservatism warmonger front, but from a pure electability perspective, the press will have a hard time vilifying her, she’s immensely qualified as both a former executive branch governor and with foreign policy experience. She was also run through the grinder in South Carolina. They threw every made up allegation at her in the book. She’s been through it, and whether her opponent as president id Harris or Biden, she should be able to roast them in the debate.

          1. Trump has been a philandering dirt bag on national television for 40 years. Everyone knew who he was when they voted for him, and they either didn’t care, or held their noses and went for it anyway because of the issues.

            I do think part of his appeal was his brashness and to some extent, his boorishness. Those apple pie Americans in the midwest had gotten tired of being condescended to and treated with contempt by Yale and Harvard snobs, and Trump didn’t talk like them. He was unsophosticated, uncouth, and said the things they’d been wishing someone would say for years.

            Whoever gets the nomination in 2024 needs to be someone who can pull that off somewhat, who can speak plainly and make apple pie Americans believe he cares about them.

            1. Leftists should be made to suffer, and live in fear of real Americans. Most Americans desire this, whether they realize it consciously. Trump was a step in the right direction.

            2. “Trump has been a philandering dirt bag on national television for 40 years.”

              That’s a hell of a claim you go there; let’s see the evidence.

      2. As much as the “Hang Pence” crowd is odious, the Republicans are going to need those votes in 2022 and 2024, and Pence is damaged goods on that front, I think.

        People underestimate Pence at their peril if he does decide to run. He’s only 62, and he showed during two VP debates that he can make forceful, convincing policy arguments (he absolutely eviscerated both Kaine and Harris), and can do so without Trump’s bombastic NEW YORK CITY personality grating on everyone. ENB even admitted this.

        I don’t know if he really wants the headaches, though, and it’s likely the Lincoln Project crowd of True and Honest Conservatives would undermine him anyway. He’s also one of the most vanilla personalities in politics since Coolidge. It ultimately comes down to whether he wants to go through the grind of another 1-2 presidential campaigns again, and deal with all the bullshit that entails.

        1. Pence is a better candidate than Biden in every way, and if Biden hadn’t been Obama’s Vice President, he wouldn’t be president today.

          If Joe Biden can win, Pence can win.

          The Democrats have odious SJWs like the “Hang Pence” crowd, too. They’re called SJWs. Elizabeth Warren came in third in her home state of Massachusetts. Pence could steer a course like Biden.

        2. Pence is miles better than Biden ever was on his best day. The only thing Biden can do is look cool in aviators and a suit, and that’s fading quickly. I wouldn’t be mad about a Pence presidency. It’s about time we had low-key president who just fucking went to work and wasn’t a goddam reality tv star. And I’m not just talking about Trump. Ever since Clinton went on Arsenio Hall with his stupid saxophone, it’s been ridiculous.

          In a fair fight, Pence would wipe the floor with Biden. But it’s not going to be a fair fight, because Pence won’t have the entire media establishment propping him up, and billions of dollars in dark money spent “fortifying” the election for him.

          UpThe dems needed every liberal vote they could get, so they pandered to the SJW crowd because they knew it was going to be a squeaker. I have a feeling that 2024 may end up being a squeaker too, despite the abject failure so far of Biden to do anything except make life worse for everyone. The MAGAs feel betrayed by Pence, and the GOP needs their votes, so if Pence is going to be the nominee, there’s going to have to be some reconciliation between him and DJT that allows Pence to be redeemed.

    2. Where are you on economic protectionism?

      Where are you on xenophobia?

      Where are you on censorship?

      Trump gets points for being libertarianish regarding foreign intervention and regulation, but that’s mere coincidence.

      The man is not a libertarian. Saying libertarians need personal help because they won’t go all-in on someone who is clearly not libertarian is like saying their principles and beliefs are a mental illness.

      1. “Where are you on xenophobia?
        Where are you on censorship?”

        Explain how Trump was actually xenophobic… for real, not just throwing out the word.
        Also, you’ve been shilling for censorship pretty damn hard yourself lately. I forget, are you the one that’s been arguing here that censoring others is okay as long as it isn’t the federal government doing it?

        1. He has gone full jeff. He even said the anti crt bills disallowed the teaching about racism earlier.

        2. “Explain how Trump was actually xenophobic”

          They never can. Same with racist.

          When challenged for proof they throw out lies, and when the lies are challenged, they give up and flounce off in a huff.

          1. I usually have my tablet with me. When I hear their bullshit about things Trump said, I pull it out and play the speech they reference. It never fails to make them a meltdown.

      2. Lol. Youre now adopting the language of the left. How amazing.

        1 million a year in immigration is xenophobia?

        Trump wasn’t a protectionist. He told europe and others he would agree to zero tariffs if they did as well. What he did was retaliate in similar markets for other market actors doing so. Letting one side alter the market isn’t free market dumbfuck. And Biden doubled down on it and not a peep from you.

        Censorship? How is that a trump issue. The worst thing he did is say to relax defamation laws to allow people to settle harms of character in courts. Meanwhile biden and the side you seemingly are okay with want to shut an entire spectrum of conversation down.

    3. This is why I stopped voting. I got tired of voting against the pile of shit that smells the worst. I’ll reregister when I can actually vote for someone.

      1. You probably should check the voter rolls. You may have been voting more than you think.

      2. “This is why I stopped voting…”

        May your dog cares.

      3. You seem to be perfectly fine with the current pile of shit based on your posting.

  17. Never-Trump Republicans Announce New Fundraising Effort To Re-Defeat the Ex-President

    And also to fuck young boys. The boyfucking has always been part and parcel of Nevertrump conservatism.

    1. Losing strategy Mother

      Gay baiting is one of the things Trump never did. He really doesn’t care about any of that. A term like “boyfucking” as applied to a gay man is pejorative. You are not helping Trump out here.

  18. So you see, the statists are opposing the statists, but that makes people mad because it means the statists might win.

  19. I like how the Brits spell it paedo.

  20. That boy is probably fighting off both the straight women AND the gay guys with a club.

    A friendly word of advice Miles: do NOT let Scott Shackford ever sneak up on you from behind.

    1. I bet the Lincoln Project guys just loved his pretty mouth.

      1. We know for sure that John Weaver did.

  21. These guys hate Trump so much that they are willing to ensure that the GOP never again wins another election…lol. They might be the dumbest group of people on the planet. You hate him so much that you will elect people that support polices you hate and despise just out of spirt. Are you teenagers???

    1. Fan-bois.
      Trump just didn’t act like the star of day-time soap operas, so their hearts didn’t swoon!

    1. McMuffin’s gay kid brother, apparently.

  22. Why can’t we all just get along? Like they did in Germany under Hitler, in China under Mao, in Russia under Stalin, in Cuba under Castro, in all the other collective (socialist) dictatorships? We did for the most part under FDR, the anti-war POTUS who started a war with Japan by instituting an oil blockade to ruin their economy, a clear act of war according to international law. Of course, it went unreported, unchallenged by the MSM, as did the unconstitutional imprisonment, stripping of all assets of 125,000 innocent American citizens based on ethic history. Instead, the press called him, “The Great Humanitarian” ignoring his refusal to let in EU Jews seeking sanctuary from the Nazi death camps.
    No, lets debate choosing between rulers who front for “the deep state” while the country goes to hell. Or, we could STOP VOTING and start boycotting all coercive govt., federal, state, county, city, and neighborhood. You can choose yourself, or sacrifice yourself.

    1. You’re not looking far enough back. The first “Progressive” POTUS was Woodrow Wilson, who campaigned on “He Kept Us From War!” but as soon as he was re-elected started putting together the plan to put us into war in Europe.

      1. Try TR; cleaning out the tenements in NYC by throwing people in the streets:
        “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt”, Morris
        Enough to keep you from reading the sequels; yeeeech.

  23. Why do so many Never-Trumpers seem to come from the Log Cabin wing of the GOP?

    1. Style!
      It’s what they objected to, ignoring results.

      1. Both were pretty fucking horrible if you had eyes and/or ears.

        1. Assertions from piles of lefty shit =/= evidence or argument.
          Fuck off and die.

  24. bevis the lumberjack
    June.25.2021 at 1:52 pm
    “Trump, in a fit of pique, threw two senate races. Because of him the only thing that stands between us and the Great Progressive Revolution is people like Manchin and Sinema…”

    Hey bevis the pathetic TDS-addled asshole, are you swooning to the pic of the other TDS-addled asshole trying to make a public ass of himself?

  25. Idiots and gluttons for punishment. Who’s their leader, Mittens? LOL.

  26. “Renew America Movement co-founder Miles Taylor vows, ‘We will split the vote and sink him.’ ”

    What an idiot. This makes NO sense at all. How does an anti-Trumper “split” Trump’s votes? I can’t figure out if he’s dishonest or stupid.

  27. This is all rather silly journalism. Politicians/candidates don’t drive the DeRps. They just get in front of cameras and get media attention (in journalistic hopes of future advertising dollars). Money/donors and actual partisan activists drive the DeRps. All of these Never Trumpers are part of the ‘I need money’ top-downers – but the only reason they are vocal is because they are old-hat and irrelevant.

    If the country club wing of the R’s coalesces around someone (almost certainly meaning a current or near-current elected official), they will pave the way with money not talk. It won’t be Trump though I suppose it could be Trump Jr – unlikely though.

    I don’t know how many Trumpistas are part of the partisan activist base now. They may not be or may only be so in heavily R areas. Been awhile since I’ve been an R. But the socons will coalesce around one of theirs – Pence maybe.

    Any of these ‘I’ll go independent’ candidate-wannabes or ‘libertarian leaning kind of’ commentariat Trumpistas are irrelevant.

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