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Judge Rejects New York City's Ban on Cops Compressing Suspects' Diaphragms

Plus: Trans girl sports ban vetoed, Connecticut legalizes marijuana, and more...


Recent years have seen a string of high-profile deaths brought on by police officers restricting people's breathing during arrest, leading some cities to reconsider cops' use of chokeholds and similar tactics. For instance, last summer, in the wake of George Floyd's death, New York City passed a law banning police from "restraining an individual in a manner that restricts the flow of air or blood by compressing the windpipe or the carotid arteries on each side of the neck, or sitting, kneeling, or standing on the chest or back in a manner that compresses the diaphragm."

But New York City cops and their unions objected to the law, which made such actions a misdemeanor crime. Police unions sued over the law last August, saying it was too vague and had a "chilling effect" on their conduct (um, isn't that the point?).

Now, a state judge in New York has partially taken their side.

In a Tuesday ruling, Judge Laurence Love struck down the portion of the law related to compressing a suspects' diaphragm, calling it "unconstitutionally vague." The diaphragm language "cannot be adequately defined as written," he opined.

Love's ruling did not affect the first portion of the law, related to restricting compressing the windpipe or the carotid arteries.

Notably, the NYPD has banned the use of chokeholds by police since 1993. But advocates of the new law argued that the NYPD's internal ban on chokeholds was ineffective, as they were still widely used (and abused) by city cops with little consequence—a practice tragically showcased by Officer Daniel Pantaleo's 2014 killing of Eric Garner.

Both the New York City law and a state law passed last summer (Senate Bill S6670B) attempt to actually set consequences for cops who don't follow that policy. The state law made it a crime for police officers or peace officers to obstruct breathing or blood circulation, or use a chokehold or similar restraint, that results in serious physical injury or death.


Trans girl sports ban vetoed. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, vetoed a ban on transgender girls participating in women's sports teams. Edwards called the law—which cleared the state's Senate 29–6 and the House 78–19—a "solution in search of a problem that does not exist in Louisiana." The measure could still become law, however, as the margins of victory are wide enough to override Edwards' veto. But "the Legislature has never in its history called itself back to Baton Rouge for a special veto override session," notes The Advocate.


Connecticut just became the 19th state to legalize recreational marijuana. Gov. Ned Lamont, a Democrat, signed the new legislation into law on Tuesday. "People age 21 and older will be allowed to possess and consume marijuana beginning on July 1 under the new law, which also lays the groundwork for a new cannabis industry in the state and attempts to address racial inequities stemming from the nation's war on drugs," reports USA Today.

Though the 19th state to legalize it and the fourth this year,

Connecticut is one of the only states whose law clears marijuana convictions under certain conditions (it will automatically clear records from Jan. 1, 2000 through Sept. 30, 2015).…Montana, Michigan, New York, Utah, Vermont and Virginia are the only others that automatically clear marijuana convictions with conditions. Arizona will begin expungements next month.


• Senate Republicans used a filibuster to block a voting bill yesterday. "Democrats' best remaining hope to enact legal changes rests on a long-shot bid to eliminate the legislative filibuster, which Republicans used on Tuesday to block the measure, called the For the People Act," notes The New York Times.

• Students are suing over Indiana University's vaccine mandate.

• A federal judge has permanently struck down an Iowa law passed in 2020 mandating a 24-hour waiting period for people seeking abortions. "In a 28-page ruling on Monday, Judge Mitchell E. Turner found that the law violated the state's constitution because it was passed as an amendment to an unrelated measure. He also found that the measure was similar to a 72-hour waiting period on abortions that the Iowa Supreme Court struck down in 2018," notes The Hill.

• The worst-case COVID-19 predictions turned out to be wrong. But so did the best case predictions, points out Ron Bailey.

• A new study suggests that not only can stress lead to graying hair, reducing stress can also lead to re-pigmentation of hair. "Our data add to a growing body of evidence demonstrating that human aging is not a linear, fixed biological process but may, at least in part, be halted or even temporarily reversed," said senior study author Martin Picard.

• State attorneys general are reportedly filing another antitrust lawsuit against Google, this one concerned with its Play Store. "The investigation by the state attorneys general is being led by Utah, Tennessee, North Carolina and New York. It is unclear how many states will participate," says Reuters. The lawsuit would follow a federal lawsuit against Google filed by the Department of Justice and joined by prosecutors from 13 states last year.

• In other antitrust news…

• Andrew Yang has conceded in his bid to become New York's next mayor. In a test of ranked choice voting, Democrats had 13 candidates on their ballots and could choose their top five, ranking them in order of preference. Results that came in late Tuesday showed Yang in fourth place, with Eric Adams leading among Democrats. On the GOP side, Curtis Sliwa took the lead.

• Buffalo, New York, could be getting a socialist mayor (though this depends on the direction of a large number of still-uncounted absentee ballots).

• Are Democrats coming around to voter ID laws?

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  1. Senate Republicans used a filibuster to block a voting bill yesterday.

    Democracy is dead.

    1. We have to have democracy so we can destroy it.

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    2. Democracy can’t exist until every election is fortified.

    3. Democracy works when my side wins.

    4. Democracy is the will of the majority.

      As is gang rape.

      1. Apt analogy.

    5. Good riddance = Democracy is dead.

      Fortunately, we live in a Federal Republic; not a democracy. Just sayin’.

      1. Not anymore you don’t. Harvard law has been working hard on workarounds to that little speedbump in the Davos bandwagon’s path.

    6. Practically an insurrection.

  2. Students are suing over Indiana University’s vaccine mandate.

    They want to procreate now?

  3. A federal judge has permanently struck down an Iowa law passed in 2020 mandating a 24-hour waiting period for people seeking abortions….

    Periods are what they want to get back to.

    1. Waiting periods for abortions and guns should be the same.

      1. True! The waiting time for a vasectomy or a face lift is longer than it is for an abortion.

        1. I needed my spouse’s consent for my vasectomy. So oppressed!

      2. Likewise, I support a 3 month’s lead time on early voting with a 3 month’s waiting period,

      3. Why? You’re going to kill the baby with the gun?

  4. The worst-case COVID-19 predictions turned out to be wrong. But so did the best case predictions…

    How about the economic predictions?

    1. Look, if both predictions were wrong. Government was justified in using one of them to increase the states power.

      1. When do we get reports on the social engineering predictions?

    2. Hmmm…now what to do about the predictions of the predictions….

  5. A new study suggests that not only can stress lead to graying hair, reducing stress can also lead to re-pigmentation of hair.

    Weed is going to put Loreal out of business.

  6. State attorneys general are reportedly filing another antitrust lawsuit against Google, this one concerned with its Play Store.

    Wait until they find out about the App Store.

    1. No opera store joke?

  7. Tim Wu, father of net neutrality, is Biden’s top tech & competition policy guru.

    Biden likes to surround himself with people as consistently wrong as he is.

    1. And by Biden I of course mean Biden’s handlers.

    2. Welp, when you put Harris in charge of the southern border, obviously the overall standards aren’t that high. I guess even the subpar kids need employment.

  8. …with Eric Adams leading among Democrats.

    A mayor who wants to make certain only cops (and himself) can carry in the city?

  9. 200 parents show up at Loudon County school board meeting. Eventually school board shits off mics and sheriff arrests 2 citizens for unlawful assembly.

    1. Here’s former Virginia state senator Dick Black getting his mic cut off

      That guy must be huge!

    2. School board shits off mics?

      1. Phone typing. No edit button. Doesn’t change the message.

        1. It works either way – – – – – – –

    3. Those insurectionists deserve to be shot in the face
      -spb, dol, los

    4. If you want to be treated like a peaceful protestor, you gotta burn down buildings.

      1. I was just thinking that they should have been tossing Molotov cocktails at the school board and no arrests would have been made. But instead they had to go and say some unacceptable words.

    5. What right do parents have in decisions about public education? That’s for politicians and unions to decide.

      1. I love the whole “that’s voter suppression!!!” thing when its coupled with “we can’t let your votes actually matter”.

      2. “The Experts” – CriticalJeff Racial Theorist

  10. Democrats continue to fight against any type of forensic election audit.

    To put this in perspective. Recounts would be like the IRS checking your math is right on your tax form. A forensic audit would check the values you entered were correct and matched W2 forms.

    1. To put this in perspective.

      Yes, we are the ones who need perspective.

      1. Agreed. But you leftists don’t actually care about actual election integrity.

        1. Like most progressives, they care only about outcomes.

  11. Are Democrats coming around to voter ID laws?

    Thank God they have regular cover in the press or this could get awkward with the stoked constituency.

    1. The link to that story goes to the Reuters ‘Andrew Yang Concedes’ blurb from earlier.

  12. Finally realizing that almost 3/4ths of voters support Voter ID. Democrats now lie about never supporting Voter ID.

    1. Y’all make up the stupidest shit to complain about. And you misunderstand practically everything. And you’re dishonest. And you’re not going to understand anything I’m about to write.

      Democrats have never been opposed to verifying the identity of the person voting. It’s just a question of procedure. Republicans want a hard fast inflexible rule that requires the presentation of an ID or you don’t get to vote whereas Democrats think IDs are a useful way but not only way of identifying identity.

      1. Jake sullum plagiarizing Stacy Abrams.

      2. Btw jake.. you do understand all those racist state laws you railed against regarding voter ID already allow alternative forms of proof? Or are you just ignorant? As long as the proof is tied to some form of residency proof it is generally accepted. But all of those such as the GA changes were called racist.

        Youre such a dishonest person.

      3. Sure, since just claiming I am somebody is a form of legitimate ID.

        1. I identify as a registered voter and that should be good enough.

          My next party trick is identifying as 10 registered voters.

          1. not a party trick if everyone can do it.

      4. “Y’all make up the stupidest shit to complain about.”

        And steaming piles of lefty shit show up to give us plenty of more stupid shit to complain about.
        Fuck off and die, asshole.

      5. LoS…I mean Pod….I mean Jacob(?)…..Really?! You should be a DC politician, lies come easily to you.

      6. Im pissed I didnt realize this was a parody account like OBL

        1. The sequel is rarely as good as the original.

      7. >>Democrats have never been opposed to verifying the identity of the person voting.

        what color is the sky on your planet?

      8. Y’all make up the stupidest shit to complain about. And you misunderstand practically everything. And you’re dishonest. And you’re not going to understand anything I’m about to write.

        Every accusation from a leftist is really a confession.


        1. This is true.

      9. The first paragraph is pure projection and the second is pure lies.

  13. “Trans girl sports ban vetoed.”

    Good. Anyone who says transgender females are “anatomically male” or have “unfair advantages in sports” is a science-denying bigot.


    1. 2/10….needs more Koch brothers references.

      1. Yes, we need to know how trans woman impact the Koch bottom line.

    2. Probably not the best year to keep up with your science-denier appeal to authority bullshit. You sound like a dick… or if someone cuts you off, a pu**y. Good to know that “science” believes that chopping off a dick makes you a woman. ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O’RLY?

  14. Governments across the country are lionizing someone who once threatened to attack a pregnant woman with expensive statues.

    1. Ya I saw a few Juneteenth celebrations marked with George Floyd statues.

      That’s who you want representing your cause? A guy who did almost no good in the world, who’s only accomplishment was dying? Deadbeat father, drugged up, assaulted a pregnant woman, pointed a gun at her pregnant belly, passing counterfeit bills? This is the guy?

      They have the choice to honor thousands of brave, courageous, productive, innovative African Americans, and they went with scum of the earth, who should only be rotting in prison rather than dead.

      1. It’s fucking weird. The killing was awful, but the victim wasn’t some good guy and I’ve seen no reason to believe race had anything to do with it. Sometimes it seems like they are trying to see how absurd they can get and still get masses of people to agree. There are far more sympathetic victims like Breona Taylor. Why do they pick the assholes like Floyd, Martin and Brown?

        1. “….. trying to see how absurd they can get…..”

          Absolutely. They’re fucking with their own base. It’s probably a fun game for them.

        2. Honestly, why is it necessary to always couch any comment about Floyd as a tragedy? He was a human excrement, a waste of skin and oxygen, and his family even didn’t give a damn about him till they could make a few million off his worthless corpse.

          His death was anything but a tragedy, though the political and economic results certainly are. The world is better off without this jackass and the fact that he died during an altercation which he instigated and only likely shortly before the drugs and organ failure took him is little more than a nuance, even in his own worthless life, and it likely saved someone else from becoming his victim.

      2. That is exactly who the left/progressives want black people to aspire to.

        1. lol. word

      3. Look at Ibram X. Kendi and Nikole Hannah-Jones. It’s not brave, courageous, productive, innovative African Americans in the driver’s seat here.

    2. He threatened with a gun, not a statue.

  15. “Are Democrats coming around to voter ID laws?”


    Our allies in the Democratic Party have made it quite clear that voter ID laws are literally Jim Crow 2.0. There’s no way they’d flip-flop on such a fundamental civil rights issue.


    1. Jim Eagle

    2. Have you never owned an opinion that you didn’t copy/paste from someone else? Presumably you’re one of those Democrats who believe black people are too stupid to get a drivers’ license. Bigot!

      1. Just FYI. OBL is a parody.

        1. Caw caw!

  16. “unconstitutionally vague.”

    “The language should be something like ‘The flow of air or blood in a restrained individual shall not be infringed’.”

    1. Well, the first thought I had when I heard about it was, “They’ve outlawed the Heimlich maneuver?

  17. Jen Psaki blames the increase of rapes and assaults on guns, not defend the police movements.

    1. “Come to think of it, gun violence is also driving the poor graduation rates and health-care disparities.”

    2. Defund the police? It hasn’t happened. I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite as in there’s more money than ever flowimg into police budgets. But like a good little fascist you’re looking to use everyday crime for politics.

        1. It’s sullum so both

        2. “Ignorant or lying?”

          Yes, and too stupid to realize it.

        3. I say both.

      1. We have always been at war with Eastasia

        1. But now we are going to fight the war without guns?

    3. Well at least she gave White Supremacy a break.

  18. Are Democrats coming around to voter ID laws?

    Hard to tell from the linked article, but Ima say “no”.

  19. “Hey, I just don’t get it! Joe Biden is almost a parody of what libertarians call a ‘statist’ — gun controller, drug war supporter, neocon war (including Iraq) supporter. So why did so many Koch-funded libertarians endorse him?”

    Yup, there are still some clueless people asking this question. Well, here’s what we Koch / Reason libertarians knew a Biden victory would produce: The top 10 richest Americans have gained a combined $160 billion this year.


    1. That’s the OBL we all know and despise.

  20. The state law made it a crime for police officers or peace officers to obstruct breathing or blood circulation, or use a chokehold or similar restraint, that results in serious physical injury or death.

    Great. Except that cops lie on their reports, they lie to cover for each other, they lie on the stand, and when video contradicts their lies the courts often side with the cops because they have the public trust and cannot lie.

    1. Banning chokholds will lead to more beatings. Choke holds were introduced as an alternative to smacking someone upside the head with a baton.

      1. Facts don’t matter for emotions.

        1. Oh my god you’re lame! You think you’re clever by using my words but you’re too stupid to do it right! And still you’re either too stupid or too dishonest to tell when sarcasmic is being serious or using hyperbole!

          Please put me on Mute. I see your grey turds dangling off of my posts and they always stink. You have never added anything to a conversation, ever. Just personal attacks. So why bother? Just give up already. Put me on Mute. Or kill yourself. No one will miss you. On Reason or in life.

          1. Sorry, barely understood you through all the sputtering and complaining.

            I don’t put anyone on mute, I like exposing hypocrites such as yourself.

            By the way, taking discussion lessons from Chrissy Teigen is a good move on your part. You’re totally posting unemotionally now. LOL.

      2. I’ve listened to cops in the bar after a few drinks. They LOVE to choke people. From their point of view they’ve got a person by the neck, they squeeze until the person goes limp, as if they were dead, but then they wake up. If they resist then they get another squeeze. For cops who dream of killing people (there’s a lot of them) this is the next best thing. It’s better even, because they get to “kill” the same person over and over and over.

        This is why cops object to bans on chokeholds. Because squeezing the life out of someone over and over is one of the highlights of the job.

        1. Because cops in a bar aren’t simply blowing off steam and participating in gallows humor, the same shit many troops do as well. It is a means of reducing stress.

          Just wear an ACAB shirt already. Save yourself some trouble.

          Also nobody believes your story. Have you ever even sat down and talked to a cop about their job? They will freely admit there are bad actors. Maybe instead of being the emotional wreck you accuse others of, go have a discussion with a couple.

          1. And here you make another post that doesn’t actually address anything I said. It’s 100% about me. Always me, me, me.

            1. I thought you muted him.

              1. He is begging me to mute him for some reason, maybe so he can claim I’m as childish as him. I like countering his infantile arguments. Helps me prepare for Jeff.

                1. What a poor broken soul.

            2. Dude we get it. You’ve had some very bad experiences with cops and are biased. I’m sure some of that is justified. But not all cops are bad; not by a long shot. And a lot of these shitty and tragic outcomes are caused by bad policy, not bad cops.

              1. People assure me that these mythical “good cops” exist, but I’ve never met one. Every time I’ve asked them for help I’ve been treated like a criminal. You can’t convince me that cops are anything more than high school bullies with badges.

              2. All the cops in sarc’s town know who he is since they’ve had to deal with him so often and they all hate him as much as he does them.

              3. Most of the cops be has talked to were called on him for domestic disturbances.

            3. And just to be clear, any cop that truly fits that description, as in enjoys hurting people, is 100% deserving of a severe ass wooping or worse.

            4. Actually he did. He said your story went the full distance past incredulous and crashed right into bullshit, only humorous in that you thought someone might be stupid enough to believe at least part of it. You’ve got enough silly personal stories that you actually qualify as an NBC news anchor. [No, seriously – Brian Williams is not a good role model. Stop it.]

        2. Not defending cops, I’m pointing out that the alternatives to choke holds are much worse

          1. The cop who was so excited about choking people was talking about a middle-aged woman. His mom’s age. He’d choke her, she’d come to all confused and try to fight him, so he’d choke her again. He did this a half a dozen times. And he loved it. He was absolutely gushing about how good it felt to squeeze her neck until she went limp like she was dead, to have her wake up so disoriented that she wouldn’t obey his commands, and then squeeze the consciousness out of her again.

            This guy loved his job.

            1. And now he’s going to be excited about beating people in the skull with a baton. Horrible people are everywhere, expecially in the government, it’s figuring out a way to mitigate that. Choke holds are far better than a fractured skull

              1. Sarc’s just projecting here. He’s broken.

              2. I thought Tasers were supposed to be the substitute for a club.

            2. #ThingsThatDidn’tHappen

            3. Doubling down on the bullshit. Cuz when you add details, it makes the absurd suddenly credible.

              1. So what? If a bunch of people get together and say “I don’t believe you! Nanny nanny boo boo!” that makes me a liar? Grow up.

                1. We did call you a liar. You made it too obvious.

            4. Choking a woman, letting her revive, then doing it again?

              Somebody has a kink. Too squicky for me.

  21. “Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, vetoed a ban on transgender girls participating in women’s sports teams.”

    Meh. Let’s first institute a ban on transgender girls from participating in stripping and hooking.

    1. Bad experience in Thailand?

    2. I can’t wait to see what the betting odds are on the sports where men compete as chicks

      1. New meanings for the over/under, and the “tuck rule.”

    3. “But “the Legislature has never in its history called itself back to Baton Rouge for a special veto override session,” ”

      That’s more than a veto.

      1. & give up Mint Julip Days starting ceremonies?

  22. Reaspn would seem more honest on the police discussion if they didn’t act so one sided as an activist does. There are plenty of good stories regarding officers, not everyone one of them is bad. But the type of rhetoric and discussions Reason focuses on has led to an increase of shootings and violence against cops.

    The rise of violence against cops will eventually lead to more protection for officers as well, it is a cycle.

    If reason was a bit more balanced on coverage, admitting not every cop is a racist kkk member seeking to kill minorities, then reason could work on the complex discussions a police force in a society is. Right now it is just emotional caterwaul that feeds into ACAB that should be left to violent bastards.

    1. It is a cycle though and like everything now, it moves much faster. Especially with the rise of remote work after COVID, the urban cores are going to decay due to high housing prices, taxes and crime. Except this time, I’m not sure tough on crime mayors are going to convince anyone to come back when housing outside of the big coastal cities is so much more affordable and no one has to go into an actual office.

    2. Cops are supposed to be the good guys. So stories about cops doing good should be as interesting as stories about the sun rising. It’s their fucking job.

      The problem is that quite often they’re not the good guys.

      This is where, if I was having a conversation with an honest person, I’d drop a few anecdotes. But you’re anything but honest.

      1. Yeah, you want to be seen as a hero or a good guy, then you need to accept that your job as a cop is to expose yourself to danger so that other people don’t have to.

      2. LOL. “We can ignore cops doing good things because they are supposed to be good, instead we should demonize all cops because some of them are bad.”

        Did I summarize that well enough for you?

        How about instead you recognize that the need for a police force in a complex society is actually a complex set of regulations and actions allowable on their part?

        1. If you want to have a conversation a good start would be to stop being a condescending dick.

          1. How about you start from an adult level premise.

      3. Yeah, we need more of your anecdotes. Tell us one the one where you put on your cape and saved the flaxen hair damsel from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham with your trusty bow and arrow. There’s a book and movie out there about it even.

        Conversely, if you have that many negative police anecdotes, you may wish to consider a change in lifestyle or friends, because it’s most likely about you, not the evil policeses.

        1. Meant for sarcasmic

          1. I knew. Laughed.

  23. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, vetoed a ban on transgender girls participating in women’s sports teams.

    ENB misspelled boys

    1. If they were girls by sex then there would not be the need for the modifier “transgender”. Female sports are segregated out by sex, it does not make any sense to segregate female sports by gender identity.

      1. It amazes me that this is controversial. The only reason there are separate women’s sports is the biological reality that men are much better at pretty much every athletic activity that doesn’t require extreme flexibility. And if you don’t believe that those differences are real, then you should oppose women’s sports being a thing at all. Nothing to do with socially constructed gender identity.

        1. The problem for progressives is people having any boundaries that progressives can’t trespass, redraw, or erase whenever they feel like it. TRAs (and any other “activist” cause demanding top-down government controls as the vehicle for their activism) are useful to the establishment because their cause helps extend government/corporate control into every corner of people’s lives. Like most full-time activists, TRAs are too narcissistic and fantasy obsessed to see they’re only being used, and they wouldn’t care if they did see it.

          1. Well put.

        2. Instead of segregating by sex, they should have sports competition for those who are good at sports, and competition among those who are bad at sports. You know, classes of competition instead of sexes.

  24. I would think discussions around parents and school boards would be a more libertarian topic than which democrats in New York are winning their primaries. Then again ENB is the most libertarian person Robbie knows.

  25. Cleanest election evah!!
    A group of House Republicans sent a letter Monday to the left-leaning group Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), calling on them to explain where the hundreds of millions of dollars they were given during the COVID-19 pandemic went, saying the group spent less than one percent on personal protective equipment (PPE).

    The Daily Caller first obtained the letter which was spearheaded by Republican New York Rep. Claudia Tenney who was joined by 13 other House Republicans. The letter mentions that CTCL gave $350 million to nearly 2,500 election officials in 48 states and the District of Columbia in 2020. The lawmakers call on the CTCL to immediately publish their full financial 990s for public review, saying it is the groups legal obligation as a registered 501(c)(3).

    “Many state and local entities have reported spending your grant money on expenses as varied and unrelated to COVID-19 as advertising, designing absentee ballots, registering teen voters, automatic voter registration, and even pay raises and new vehicle purchases. An elections supervisor in Lowndes County, Georgia, stated that CTCL was ‘very lenient regarding what we could spend the money on. They put virtually no restrictions on it as long as it relates to the election.’ Furthermore, it appears that 92% of CTCL grants were given to overwhelmingly Democrat-leaning precincts,” the letter states.

    1. REPORT: Joe Biden Rode Record-Breaking ‘Dark Money’ Donations Into The White House

      President Joe Biden rode a record-breaking $145 million in “dark money” donations into the White House, Bloomberg News reported Saturday.

      “Dark money” is donations from anonymous donors to outside groups backing a given candidate. Biden’s $145 million is the all-time record for a candidate challenging an incumbent president, according to Bloomberg. Former President Donald Trump received $28 million from such donations.

  26. ‘Redneck Rave’ Descends Into Throat Slashing, Impalements, and Mass Arrests

    A massive country music festival in Kentucky this past weekend started off on rocky footing: Police found meth, marijuana, and an open bottle of alcohol in the first vehicle they stopped at a traffic checkpoint. One of the people in the car had two active warrants out for their arrest.

    “We were like, ‘Well, this doesn’t bode well for the weekend,’” Edmonson County Sheriff Shane Doyle told the Lexington Herald-Leader.

    By the end of the five-day bash, dubbed the “Redneck Rave,” one man had been impaled, one woman had been strangled to the point of unconsciousness, and one throat had been slit. In all, Edmonson authorities arrested 14 people, and charged four dozen people from five states.

    1. Thanks! I will link this story the next time I see someone talk about murders in a Democrat-controlled city like Chicago.


    2. So another Saturday night at your house buttplug?

      1. His involves more minors.

    3. You’re right…guns aren’t the problem. It was and always has been knives.


    4. Fuck off and die, turd.

    5. Sounds like my kind of party.

    6. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here, plug –the article notes that there were over 20 thousand people with just six arrests and a few dozen tickets.

      The recent Juneteenth celebrations have a body count that is in the double digits.

      The pride parades have a body count.

      But the drunk people festooned with guns? Nope.

      Y’all really need to think about that.

    7. Shouldn’t the police be facing criminal charges for stopping cars and searching vehicles with no probable cause?

  27. Are Democrats coming around to voter ID laws?

    From the article: “Democrats in the U.S. Congress suffered a bruising defeat in their drive to pass a major election reform bill but said there are more tools at their disposal to overcome Republican efforts in several states to roll back expanded voting procedures.

    “It will be a long march but it’s one we are going to make,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer proclaimed”

    When the motherfucker is openly invoking “The Long March”, you can’t be seriously portraying his aims as “election reform” and “expanded voting procedures”. Jesus Fucking Christ, did Hitler support family planning measures for Jews?

    1. Quoting Mao is big in the left these days

      1. If they are going to quote the great humanitarian, they should be accurate. Official publications of the People’s Republic of China refer to it as “The Long March of the Red Army”. And the good news is that 90% did not survive. But the bad news is that the remaining 10% eventually conquered.


    HUNTER Biden may have accidentally paid a Russian prostitute $25,000 from an account that was linked to dad Joe, according to text messages obtained from his laptop.

    In May 2018, Hunter reportedly ordered “thin brunette” Yanna on the site Emerald Fantasy Girls.

    The pair reportedly had sex, drank vodka, and filmed porn while he smoked crack, the New York Post reports.

    Hours later, Hunter received a message from a former Secret Service agent, who the agency told the Post retired prior to this alleged incident.

    A message reportedly said: “H, I’m in the lobby come down. Thanks.”

    A second text followed shortly after, saying: “Come on H, this is linked to Celtic’s account. DC is calling me every 10. Let me up or come down. I can’t help if you don’t let me, H.”

    1. DOL already told you everything Hunter is paid for doesn’t matter. It is all on the up and up.


      1. Fuck off and die, turd.

    3. That is one hell of an accident.

    4. Can you imagine if they had info like this on trump’s kids? It’s not even close, the difference in coverage we’d have from the mainstream media.

  29. Wonder why YouTube blocks covid ‘disinformation’…
    REVEALED: Google FUNDED virus research carried out by Wuhan-linked scientist Peter Daszak for over a decade, new report reveals, amid accusations Big Tech has silenced COVID lab leak theory
    Google’s charity arm,, has provided financial backing for research and studies carried out by Peter Daszak and his EcoHealth Alliance charity
    The financial ties, which were first reported by The National Pulse , are disclosed in various scientific studies dating back to at least 2010
    Google on Tuesday issued a statement saying the ‘one-off philanthropic grants’ were years old and had nothing to do with COVID
    ‘We have engaged precisely zero times with this organization on any work related to COVID or the Wuhan lab,’ a Google spokesperson said
    Daszak has faced intense scrutiny since it emerged that his charity previously worked with the Wuhan lab accused of being the source of COVID-19
    He has been removed from the COVID-19 commission looking into the origins of the pandemic after it emerged that he tried to gag the Wuhan lab leak theory
    It was not immediately clear how much funding Google has provided over the last decade to Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance

    1. Still, just a private company.

      1. Just because they take orders from the government to avoid constitutional restrictions doesn’t mean there’s anything to worry about according to every Reason writer. Such champions of freedom and liberty.

    2. At some point these assholes are going to succeed and create the zombie apocalypse.

  30. …New York City passed a law banning police from “restraining an individual in a manner that restricts the flow of air or blood by compressing the windpipe or the carotid arteries on each side of the neck, or sitting, kneeling, or standing on the chest or back in a manner that compresses the diaphragm.”

    A law? Against police? Who is supposed to enforce it?

    1. The Crips and Latin Kings. They outnumber the cops anyway.

  31. “Democrats’ best remaining hope to enact legal changes rests on a long-shot bid to eliminate the legislative filibuster, which Republicans used on Tuesday to block the measure, called the For the People Act,” notes The New York Times.

    And what did the cunts at the NYT think of the filibuster in 2017?

    1. The same thing they believe now….that their readers hate it when it blocks Obama/Biden and love it when it blocks Bush/Trump.

      Why is everyone here on the Times today? They just want to sell some newspapers and this logical inconsistency is logically consistent with that goal.

    2. …the measure, called the For the People Act…

      Really? The For the People Act? I mean who could possibly be against…. the people.

      With Congresses’ track record, the bill name itself suggests they plan to legalize capital punishment for all crimes. Effective immediately and retroactive.

      1. Note: I’m aware it’s an unconstitutional attempt to federalize election standards among other such BS.

  32. Great moments in religious freedom:

    House Democrat Suggests Stripping Catholic Church Of Tax-Exempt Status If Biden Denied Communion

    “If they’re going to politically weaponize religion by ‘rebuking’ Democrats who support women’s reproductive choice, then a ‘rebuke’ of their tax-exempt status may be in order,” Huffman tweeted.

    1. WATCH: Protesters Gather Around Calgary Prison To Support Pastor Arrested After Police Helicopter Found Outdoor Church

      A group of pastors and protesters gathered around the Calgary Remand Centre in Alberta to support Pastor Tim Stephens, who was jailed earlier this month after a police helicopter found where his congregation was meeting outside.

      Heavy police presence hovered over the gathering, according to video of the event from Rebel News (see below), but the demonstration remained peaceful despite many of the participants expressing disgust toward the Alberta government for how they are treating Stephens and other pastors.

    2. Is there any single bill proffered by the Democrats that isn’t unconstitutional on its face?



    Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-New York) appeared on CNN Tuesday and admitted that the Democrats’ federal election bill is all about Democrats staying in power.

    That’s it.

    That’s the post.

    Democrat Jamaal Bowman admits S.1 legislation is a power grab.

    “If we deliver [S.1], we maintain power in 2022. If we don’t…we risk losing power.”

    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) June 22, 2021

    1. Why do you think Manchin supports it? It’s the only way he’ll be in the Senate in 2025.

  34. > Trans girl sports ban vetoed.

    So I have a friend who is Woke as they come. So very woke. Wokety woke. He’s a friend though because we can discuss stuff without him flying into a gibbering rage.

    He is now in trouble however, because he will not admit that Trans-Women are identical in every way to Cis-Women. There is a subsect of Woke where this is blasphemy of the highest order. He thinks there should be trans divisions in sports, so ex-men don’t compete with cis-women. It’s sensible. I mean, imagine if 1976 Bruce Jenner claimed to be a women and competed against the 1976 women with his physical advantage. But that’s now forbidden thought.

    I think he will get past it. I think the Wokes are losing steam. I think even the far left is starting to realize that it’s a rabid cult of crazies.

    1. After they eat themselves, they’ll just regurgitate the same old Marxist critical theory crap they’ve been spitting out since the 30s.

      Marx would label them all class traitors for their reactionary adherence to ideas that were discredited almost 100 years ago. And 50 years ago.

    2. I said when this transgender idiocy started gaining steam that the leftists had really gone off the deep end with this crap, and that this is a bridge too far for normal folks.

  35. The state law made it a crime for police officers or peace officers to obstruct breathing or blood circulation, or use a chokehold or similar restraint, that results in serious physical injury or death.

    Punishable by up to two weeks administrative leave with pay.

  36. An early test of Biden’s newly minted antitrust czar at the FTC has materialized. The FTC will review Amazon’s acquisition of MGM.

    “During recent interagency negotiations, the FTC secured the right to review the Amazon-MGM deal, the people familiar with the matter said. The FTC pushed for jurisdiction over the merger review because it already has an open, wide-ranging antitrust investigation into Amazon’s business practices, the people said.

    The FTC and the Justice Department previously agreed to divide up investigations of four leading tech giants’ conduct, with the department taking Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, while the FTC took Facebook Inc. and Amazon.”

    —-Wall Street Journal, June 22, 2021

    Lina Khan, the newly appointed and confirmed commissioner at the FTC, was the lead author of the House Democrats’ plan to break up Amazon into little pieces and restrict their ability to make future acquisitions. One of the reasons Khan’s reports criticized big tech companies was for tolerating “misinformation” on their platforms, and considering that Kina Khan will now be overseeing the ongoing antitrust investigation into Amazon (and approving or suing to stop Amazon’s acquisition of MGM), Amazon kicking Parler off of their servers looks like a real smart move, doesn’t it?

    It’s looked the same way since the Democratic Party and the U.S. government became one in the same in the wee hours of January 6th.

    1. This review of Amazon’s acquisition of MGM will be an especially interesting test case because, from my perspective, I can’t see any way in which Amazon is using its market position to disadvantage competitors in the streaming industry. Start with the streaming apps that are available on Amazon’s Fire TV player hardware. You can download Amazon’s competitors’ apps on Amazon’s Fire TV including: Apple TV, Discovery+, Disney+, Fox Nation, HBOMax, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+, YouTube, YouTubeTV, and all the others.

      Likewise, Amazon doesn’t appear to be withholding Amazon Prime Video from any of its competitors’ hardware either–you can watch Amazon Prime Video through an app on an Apple TV player, a Google Chromecast player, an Nvidia Shield player, a Roku player, or any one of a number of smart televisions made by the manufacturers themselves–such as Sony smart TVs running Android.

      If there is an industry that is suffering less than the streaming industry–from a lack of competition–I don’t know what it is. The streaming companies are destroying each other’s dominance through cutthroat competition–all in the name of offering more choices to more consumers at lower price points–and some of the old dominant players are getting destroyed by upstart newcomers that didn’t even exist before the streaming revolution. This cutthroat competition is why local monopoly cable TV is circling the drain as an industry, and it’s ultimately why MGM is being forced to sell itself! Is the FTC trying to protect monopolies from competition?

      The value of MGM is in their back catalog–which various players in the industry want to stream. But content has always been more or less exclusive. If you want to stream old episodes of Game of Thrones, you need to subscribe to AT&T’s HBOMax. If MGM wants to sell their content to Amazon Prime Video exclusively, that’s not a threat to competition. That’s copyright functioning properly. Do Lina Khan and the FTC plan to prove in court that copyright is subject to antitrust law because it monopolistically favors the creator of that content?! That would be ridiculous. That would require an (incredibly stupid) act of Congress.

      In short, I see no compelling reason why the FTC should fight this merger. This is like throwing OJ in jail for trying to steal his own stuff back because you think he’s getting away with murder; only in this case, Amazon isn’t stealing anything. In the case of acquiring MGM, Amazon isn’t colluding or using its market position to disadvantage a competitor–not that I can see. Rather, this acquisition appears to be nothing but a result of competition that will offer consumers even more choice at an even lower price point–in a streaming industry that is already enjoying as much or more competition as any major industry in our economy.

      I see no compelling reason for the FTC to oppose Amazon’s acquisition of MGM, and if they do so, it is probably for bad reasons.

      1. If there is an industry that is suffering less than the streaming industry–from a lack of competition–I don’t know what it is. The streaming companies are destroying each other’s dominance through cutthroat competition–all in the name of offering more choices to more consumers at lower price points–and some of the old dominant players are getting destroyed by upstart newcomers that didn’t even exist before the streaming revolution.

        And they’re killing themselves.

        Because they’ve made a gigantic error.

        No one wants Disney Plus and paramount plus and Apple TV and Amazon TV and all the other extremely specific streaming services for 5 – 10 bucks a month.

        They want one or two, for next to nothing, that gives them eerything there is, from netflix to pornhub.

        They want cheap aggregators, not pricey specializers.

        This cutthroat competition is why local monopoly cable TV is circling the drain as an industry,

        What the streaming services are doing are cable’s only hope. As long as you’ve got to buy 10 or so services to get what you used to get from 2, the cable companies will be a good choice.

        1. “As long as you’ve got to buy 10 or so services to get what you used to get from 2, the cable companies will be a good choice.”

          .I was going over the plusses and minuses with an elderly couple not so long ago, and they showed me their cable/internet and phone bill. They were paying the cable company $267 a month. They can get the same thing now for about half of that. $130 a month for not having to use four services instead of one is a hell of a high price. But you know what really sold it for them? They wanted to be able to do everything with one remote!

          Changing from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 to watch Netflix, with one remote, and then needing to change channels with another remote, they hated that. When they tried Roku, they could do it all with one remote–and changing between different services on Roku can be easier than changing between channels on cable TV–especially if you’re using station specific apps like the AMC app. You just go home, and all their options are there. No need to use a second remote. No need to go through 50 channels to find American Pickers

          “No one wants Disney Plus and paramount plus and Apple TV and Amazon TV and all the other extremely specific streaming services for 5 – 10 bucks a month.”

          Streaming solves a problem you haven’t addressed, which is that people would rather pay $5 – $10 a month for a service–but only for a month or two, not every month–when the channel in question isn’t showing anything they want to see. If their favorite show on Discovery+ is no longer airing new shows for the summer, they don’t want to pay for it.

          In fact , there were some channels they were charged for as part of their subscription package that they never watched. They don’t watch MSNBC or Fox. Why should they be forced to pay for them? Oh, and now that they’re streaming, they can get YouTube on their Roku like it’s a regular channel–accessible just as easy as all the rest–and there’s no charge for that at all. (P.S. I hear you can load your favorite disgusting pr0n channels onto your Roku by way of Roku’s website when you log into your account).

          The RSN people like to watch their local sports team on (formerly Fox Sports but now Ballys Sports) just announced that before next baseball season, they’ll be selling subscriptions to locals for $23 a month. ( only shows out of market games). Why should people pay a monthly fee to have a cable channel that shows their local baseball team when their local baseball team isn’t playing? Why should people pay for a subscription for 12 months of the year when they’re only watching it for six months?

          We haven’t even started talking about Locast, antenna based apps, and how and why you can get all your local broadcast stations for free–without paying a fortune for them like you’re required to do by law with cable.

          Streaming solves those problems, and the reason all these companies have launched their own services is because consumers are abandoning cable like rats off a sinking ship once they try streaming. I suspect there are still a lot of consumers who don’t really understand what streaming is like, and they’re afraid to get rid of what they already know.

          My grandfather learned how to program when it was still done with punch cards. It wasn’t that he couldn’t learn how to use a mouse with a graphical interface. He’s a smart guy! He just didn’t want to learn until he found out he could trade options online. I think Amazon is running a Prime Day sale on Roku players right now. You may be able to get an ultra player for $69, that’s $30 off. It might be time to learn how to use a mouse already.

        2. I was thinking this very thing when I saw an Apple TV ad. I watch a total of five shows, each of which is on a different service.

  37. New. York. Fucking. Times.
    HONG KONG — No amount of outcry, condemnation or sanctions over the Chinese government’s purported encroachment in Hong Kong’s affairs will alter the fact that Hong Kong is part of China and that its destiny is intertwined with the mainland’s.

    Hong Kong has been rocked by a series of crises after the eruption of protests last year over a proposed bill (long since withdrawn) that would have allowed the extradition of some suspects in criminal cases to mainland China.

    Hong Kongers who wanted the city promptly to return to peace thought the authorities’ handling of the situation, which dragged on for months and grew more and more violent, was incompetent. For other locals, many outsiders and apparently much of the global media, a people’s legitimate quest for more democracy was being suppressed.

    Something had to be done, and the Chinese authorities did it.

    The scale and frequency of antigovernment protests has now subsided — thanks to a national security law for Hong Kong promulgated in Beijing on June 30.

    Several prominent democracy advocates have since announced their retirement from politics, disbanded their parties or fled the city.

    The West tends to glorify these people as defenders of Hong Kong’s freedoms, but they have done great harm to the city by going against its constitutional order and stirring up chaos and disaffection toward our motherland.

    1. So the NYT’s correspondent is a Chinese national who is a follower of the CCP official line.

      At least they are getting right fro the communist source rather than going through a useful idiot middleman like Duranty.

    2. Mostly Peaceful riots would have been applauded


    When Rep. Mondaire Jones was at the WH last week, he told Biden their party needed him more involved in passing voting legislation on the Hill.

    Biden “just sort of stared at me,” Jones said, describing an “awkward silence” that passed between the two.


    Despite Whitehouse’s insistence, qualifications for membership to Bailey’s Beach Club have been described by one lifelong member as “Jewish, yes … blacks, not really.” The Democrat felt uncomfortable with the seemingly overt discrimination at his club and promised to resign his membership in 2006, only to transfer membership to his wife. Whitehouse faces renewed scrutiny after being confronted by a local reporter who asked if “there are any minority members of the club.”

    “I think the people who are running the place are still working on that,” Whitehouse said.

    Considered one of the most exclusive clubs in the state, Bailey’s Beach is admired by Newport denizens and visitors alike for its “much loved … natural scenery.” One young white couple wedded at Bailey’s Beach Club exclaimed “No wonder this is a private club—it is stunning!”

    According to its website, the club offers “our membership and their guests lunch and dinner service daily, as well as two full service bars, swimming pool, tennis courts, and nearly a 1/4 mile of private beach front.” Job openings for the club expect applications to “demonstrate professionalism in appearance and attitude at all times.” The club pays many positions less than $15 per hour and has a policy against tipping.

    1. So I guess black Jews would be somewhere in between then.

      1. Sammy Davis Jr?

    2. “and nearly a 1/4 mile of private beach front”

      If a black man ever set foot on their beach, they’d probably replace the sand.

  40. I sure hope those Chinese elephants find someplace they can settle down and be happy sometime soon. It must be dangerous for them to be wandering around like that.

  41. A right-wing talk radio guy who cosplayed as a vigilante in the 80s and 90s.


    1. On the GOP side, Curtis Sliwa took the lead.

      He’s got to use The Clash’s Red Angel Dragnet as his campaign song.

  42. Judge Rejects New York City’s Ban on Cops Compressing Suspects’ Diaphragms

    I was really expecting this to be about contraceptive diaphragms.

    1. I know ENB has accused the police of abusing sex workers before, but the cops compressing a suspect’s diaphragm as a matter of official policy–what’s the point of that? In Virginia, the cops used to destroy your radar detector right in front of you if they caught you using one. It’s bad enough that the cops are arresting the victims of sex trafficking. For goodness’ sake, leave their diaphragms alone!


    “The inferior terms of employment offered to Ms. Hannah-Jones in the fixed-term contract resulted from viewpoint discrimination in violation of the freedom of speech and expression, secured by the United States and North Carolina Constitution; race and sex discrimination and retaliation in violation of federal and North Carolina state law.”

    I mean you have to give it to her for shameless displays of full on entitlement. She should be thanking her lucky stars she got an affirmative action trophy for her 1619 fairy tale, that “journalists” should be ashamed how much this has smeared the name Pulitzer.

    She is a political hack, grievance activist, pushing revisionist fiction as “history” and “journalism”. Her work has been critiqued, and even by lefty historians, she is found to be inept.

    She is so lucky to be even considered as faculty, but its not enough for the entitled. In her mind, she should have her feet kissed and be offered instant tenure, anything else is racism and sexism.

  44. What kind of city has to pass a law to make its employees not carry out their jobs in certain ways? Can’t they just, you know, order them how to do their jobs?

  45. Ok, quick straw poll:

    If we had ranked choice voting in your state, and you had to vote for a generic candidate of each of these parties, how would you vote:

    A). 1: LP, 2: Grren, 3: Dems, 4:. GOP
    B). 1: LP, 2:. Green 3: GOP, 4: Dems
    C). 1: LP, 2: Dems, 3: green, 4: GOP
    D). 1: LP, 2: Dems, 3: GOP, 4: green
    E). 1: LP, 2: GOP, 3: green, 4: Dems
    F). 1 LP, 2: GOP, 3: Dems, 4: green
    G). Other

    /Me:. **opens up bag of popcorn**

    1. LP; NOTA, any non-party independent; whichever of the duopoly candidates are considered “underdogs.”

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