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This 38-Year-Old Man Will Spend Life in Prison Over 1.5 Ounces of Marijuana

Plus: The gas crisis, it's time to free Reality Winner, and more...


Reminder: People are still sentenced to life in prison for marijuana possession. With so many states choosing to legalize marijuana, it's easy to forget how draconian the penalties for possession can still be. Case in point: The Mississippi Court of Appeals just upheld a life sentence for 38-year-old Allen Russell for being in possession of about one and a half ounces of the drug.

Russell was sentenced in 2019, after being convicted for having 1.55 ounces (or about 44 grams) of marijuana. On appeal, Russell's lawyers argued that his life sentence amounts to "cruel and unusual punishment and is grossly disproportionate."

In general, "possession of between 30 and 250 grams is a felony punishable by a maximum of 3 years imprisonment and/or a maximum fine of $3,000" in Mississippi, according to the drug policy group National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

But this sentence can increase drastically if a person has previous felony convictions.

"In Mississippi, a person can be sentenced to life without parole after serving at least one year in prison on two separate felonies, one of which must be a violent offense," notes the Associated Press. Russell had been convicted in 2004 of burglary (serving more than eight years in prison for it).

"By law, burglary is a violent offense in Mississippi, whether or not there is proof that violence occurred," the A.P. points out. "That was not the case when Russell was sentenced for home burglary in 2004. Then, burglary was only considered a violent crime if there was proof of violence. The law changed in 2014."

Then, in 2015, Russell was convicted of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. He served two more years in prison.  The marijuana arrest came in 2017.

"The evidence at trial showed that police found five bags of a green leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana inside a pair of Russell's blue jeans," noted Judge P.J. Wilson of the appeals court in a dissent from the majority opinion. "The total weight of the bags was 79.5 grams, and an analysis of two of the five bags showed that they contained 43.71 grams of marijuana. The remaining bags were not analyzed because the charge only required proof of more than 30 grams."

Because by this point, Russell was what the state deems a "habitual offender," his conviction came with a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment without eligibility "for parole, probation or any other form of early release from actual physical custody within the Department of Corrections."

Russell's case presents another example of the absurd and unfair way that U.S. criminal laws can be stacked against people to create absurdly severe punishments.

Owning a gun in Mississippi is not illegal in and of itself—but because Russell had a previous felony conviction, it is for him. A person with a previous felony conviction and a firearm is guilty of unlawful possession.

Marijuana possession in Mississippi is always illegal without a prescription—but not a life-in-prison offense.

Yet because Russell made that initial mistake more than a decade earlier, he's now sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for something that other Mississippians might get sentenced to one year for, and Americans in many other places can buy legally in state-sanctioned stores.

The Mississippi Court of Appeals ruled that Russell's sentence was not cruel and unusual because it was in keeping with Mississippi law on "habitual offenders." Several judges dissented from the majority opinion.

"The evidence at trial indicated that he had somewhere between 43.71 and 79.5 grams of marijuana in his blue jeans. If his jeans had contained only 30 grams of marijuana, it would have been treated as a civil infraction punishable by only a small fine," noted Wilson in his dissent, which was joined by four other judges. In addition, "there is nothing in the record to show that Russell's prior crimes involve any actual acts of violence or other aggravating circumstances."

The U.S. Supreme Court "has held that a particular sentence is unconstitutional in a case that is not materially distinguishable from the case in front of us," the dissenting judges noted, meaning the Mississippi Appeals Court is "obliged to apply the Supreme Court's decision and vacate the sentence."

"The purpose of the criminal justice system is to punish those who break the law, deter them from making similar mistakes, and give them the opportunity to become productive members of society," one of the dissenters, Judge Latrice Westbrooks, wrote. "The fact that judges are not routinely given the ability to exercise discretion in sentencing all habitual offenders is completely at odds with this goal."


It's time to free Reality Winner, writes Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan:

She anonymously mailed a copy of a single document to the investigative news organization the Intercept. But despite that outlet's reputation for taking top-secret information and turning it into news stories, its staffers didn't take all the precautions that might have protected their source. Then, when a fleet of FBI agents showed up at her home, Winner didn't insist on first consulting a lawyer.

Soon, she was indicted under the Espionage Act and eventually pleaded guilty to one felony count of transmission of national defense information. No one has ever received a longer sentence, more than five years, for leaking classified information to a media outlet.

A heartbreaking — and infuriating — new documentary about how the Trump Justice Department went after her reinforced my long-held belief that, although her prison term is due to end in November, it's high time for our government to set Winner free.


What's behind skyrocketing gas prices? And what can be done? "A cyber-attack on the company that operates one of the country's most important fuel pipelines has temporarily crippled the supply of gasoline and jet fuel to much of the East Coast, causing prices at the pump to rise by several cents in most of the affected states," Reason's Eric Boehm explains. "More increases could be on the way as some gas stations have run out of fuel amid a craze of panic-buying."

"These sorts of disruptions are annoying, but they don't signal an imminent Mad Max-style future for America. They are, by nature, self-limiting," notes the R Street Institute's Josiah Neeley. That is, the shortage is temporary. But bad policies people are pushing in response are not. Let's keep that in mind as we formulate responses, Neeley suggests.


• "Edwin Chandler…spent 10 years in prison because of [former Louisville Detective Mark] Handy's lies," notes the Louisville Courier-Journal. Handy also helped send three other innocent men to prison. On Tuesday, Handy was sentenced to spend one year behind bars.

• I talked to Right Now's Stephen Kent about libertarian feminism, "the she-cession narrative," why capitalism is good for women, and more: 

• CNN journalists, "traditionally restricted by industry-wide standards of impartiality, have been given the green light under network President Jeff Zucker to say what they actually want to say — even if it strikes some as opinionated.…These days, it's not uncommon for CNN personalities to cry on air." What does this mean for the station's (at least one-time) reputation as a neutral news outlet?

• The promise of legal psychedelics:

NEXT: The Police Dog Who Cried Drugs at Every Traffic Stop

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  1. Reminder: People are still sentenced to life in prison for marijuana possession.

    Our president needs some satisfaction out of his job.

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    1. But i thought weed is legal. i read Somethin Similar this morning on but lets see what will happen to the person that prosecuted him

  2. But this sentence can increase drastically if a person has previous felony convictions.

    Please, you’re getting our vice president all hot.

    1. Kamala Harris as a sadist dominatrix is somehow a more comforting and reassuring a figure than real Kamala.

      1. A sadist dominatrix being someone who has a clue, and has actually worked for a living.

        1. Hey now, all those pot smokers didn’t lock themselves up.

  3. A heartbreaking — and infuriating — new documentary about how the Trump Justice Department went after her…

    Honestly, with a name like that, how could she not have come to the attention of Kim Kardashian?

  4. “The remaining bags were not analyzed because the charge only required proof of more than 30 grams.”

    At which point they were evenly distributed among the officers involved for a job well done.

    1. “Smoke up, Johnny”.

      1. “No dad! What about you!?”

        1. fuck you.

        2. sorry, should have put that in quotes

      2. This is just a Biden Administration pilot program.

  5. “The gas crisis”

    There. Is. No. Gas. Crisis.

    Just like there’s no “border crisis.” These are just fake problems Republicans are seizing on because Biden’s first few months have gone so amazingly well.


    1. This is just a Biden Administration pilot program.

      1. Part of the Green New Deal.

        1. green nude deal? i’d LOVE to see Alexandra in her birthday suit. she might be a truly maximal dimwit but she has a great rack.

          1. devils advocate: we have no idea how much work her tops are doing. how many times you seen a rack that looks like it could be good but when those things come out, things are decidedly not great? for all we know she has nips the size of dinnerplates and they hang down past her navel

    2. i finally figured out that you’re being sarcastic. i’m a little slow on the uptake but nothing gets by for too long.

  6. That is, the shortage is temporary. But bad policies people are pushing in response are not.

    Almost as though these crises were engineered to spur bad policies.

    1. ^GOLD!


    On May 8, 1945, men and women rushed to the streets of New York, London and Moscow to hug, kiss and dance. Germany had just surrendered. The war against Nazi Germany was over. The killing had stopped. A great evil had ended. Yet many had mixed feelings of joy and grief. More than 100,000 US soldiers had given their lives and almost another 450,000 had been wounded. In all, 15 to 20 million Europeans had been killed. May 8 is still celebrated in our times as Victory in Europe Day, or V-E Day.

    In 1930, my father moved as a young boy from Holland to Germany with his parents and brothers. My grandfather hoped to earn some money there during the Great Depression. He said that nobody had foreseen what would develop in the next fifteen years. Until 1930, there were only a few hundred Nazi Stormtroopers (SA), or “Brownshirts,” in German streets intimidating voters, opponents and Jews. Many of the stormtroopers wanted socialism. In the following years, their number escalated quickly to thousands, and even hundreds of thousands. In 1933, when Hitler took power, there were two-to-three million SA Stormtroopers in Germany. It went amazingly fast, my grandfather always said.

    The Nazis were obsessed with race. They suppressed dissent, controlled the dissemination of news and controlled culture. In 1933, the German Student Union started to burn books in an effort to align German arts and culture with Nazi ideas. Books of authors such as Hemingway, Helen Keller and Jack London were considered dangerous and had to be canceled. The students did not see themselves as suppressing culture; they saw themselves as advancing a just culture.

    The intimidations by the Brownshirts peaked on Kristallnacht (“The Night of Broken Glass”). It was a night of looting, arson and public humiliation — solely on the basis of ethnicity. More than 90 Jews were murdered. Then the Blackshirts (SS entities) ‘finished it off’. That night, they brought tens of thousands of Jews to concentration camps.

    Nazi officials disguised the organized nature of the pogrom. They described the actions as spontaneous and justifiable responses of the German population to the assassination by a Jew of a German diplomatic official, Ernst vom Rath, in Paris.

    The government confiscated all insurance payouts to Jews whose businesses and homes had been looted or destroyed during Kristallnacht and blamed the Jews for the destruction. Soon, more Jewish property was confiscated and Jews got canceled from employment in the public sector and from most professions.

    In an interview with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Iranian professor and author Azar Nafisi, whose book Reading Lolita in Tehran was canceled in Iran, describes what took place:

    “The first thing every totalitarian regime does, along with confiscation and mutilation of reality, is confiscation of history and confiscation of culture. I think they all happen almost simultaneously.”

    What used to be unimaginable is now taking place in America. We see certain aspects of Nazi-like totalitarianism in the United States. The obsession with race, declaring an ethnic group collectively guilty, shaming, humiliations based on ethnicity, lootings, arson, racist violence, intimidation of opponents, cancel culture, controlled dissemination of news, and indoctrination of children in schools. We see fake news, conspiracy theories, an overhaul of history, a new language imposed, and unprosecuted theft. All in the name of a more just culture.

    On May 8, we remembered that America had a leading role in liberating Europe from the totalitarian Nazi regime. But who will liberate America if it becomes totalitarian state? America is playing with fire.

    1. We are doomed to repeat history. Everyone sees this coming, even the progs. This is their holy war.

      1. But it’s the goal of the progressives to become Nazi Germany.

        1. Well they did have cool uniforms.

          1. The uniforms will not be as nice, I can almost guarantee.

      2. Isn’t it amazing how hard Reason and Cato are trying to excuse and handwave it all away. Gillespie’s interview with John Samples was basically a gang rape of both organization’s former libertarian principles.

        1. That is right , Isn’t it amazing how hard Reason and Cato are trying to excuse and handwave it all away. Gillespie’s interview with John Samples was basically a gang rape of both organization’s former libertarian principles.

      3. Get rid of the democrats while we can. They are an existential threat to Americans.

        1. I really hope the Biden administration can weed anti-American extremists like you out of our military.

      4. The real threat of fascism is from Mormon tyrants like you Bob.

    2. If a Confederate general statue identifies as a member of the Union army, can they remain in a public space?

      1. Just say the statue is to remember the General’s actions in the Mexican/American war.

        1. That will surely quiet the hullabaloo.

      2. Remember when they vandalized the Civil War memorial in Boston?

        Union Soldiers. All-Black all-volunteer regiment.

        1. That illustrated two things.
          1. The left’s ignorance of actual history.
          2. The real purpose of BLM and Antifa was destruction and intimidation in preparation for the election.

          1. Pretty much. Look at this writeup on the monument from the Boston Herald:

            The work depicts Shaw, the unit’s white commanding officer, riding on horseback while his Black soldiers walk in the background, a dynamic that some suggest is problematic.

            Except it depicts the unit when it was marching down Boston during a parade–IOW, the monument is historically accurate.

            Fuck the Wokesters and their destruction of history.

        2. That was hilarious.

          “Frito! That’s your car!”

        3. Nothing compared to the elk statue they destroyed in Portland.

          1. Those elk think they are so much better than deer.

            …and they are tastier.

    3. yet this disappointing rag with a phony libertarian moniker has bought the dangerous progressive narrative and now shills for Biden. I once said that Biden and Harris are proof that two half don’t make a whole. I realize perhaps too late it is no laughing matter.

  8. ‘The use of genealogical databases for crime fighting makes it possible for government to search through personal information of innocent citizens—their genetic code—in ways that violate privacy norms enshrined in the Constitution.’

    When we all know that those databases should be used to determine who must pay reparations.

    1. Just a matter of time.

    2. Maybe Gillespie can find a better poster child than a serial killer.

      1. First they came for the serial killers and I did not speak out…

    3. Those genealogy firms are private companies who can share whatever information they want, no?

      1. “Those genealogy firms are private companies who can share whatever information they want, no?” does not provide any information to the police without your permission (at least not without a court order)*. It’s part of the contract. I can’t speak for the other ones, but I suspect they are similar.

        *Note: apparently this does not apply to the genetic information of deceased people.

  9. On Tuesday, Handy was sentenced to spend one year behind bars.

    If it happened more reliably it might serve as an actual deterrent against police misconduct.

  10. Unfortunately,’s benefactor Charles Koch had a bad day yesterday, losing about half a billion dollars.

    But brilliant businessmen like Mr. Koch know it’s the long game that matters. Even with yesterday’s setback, he’s still up almost $7,000,000,000 this year. IOW Biden is creating exactly the billionaire-friendly economy that Koch-funded libertarians were hoping for when they overwhelmingly endorsed him.


    1. the billionaires are the heroes!

  11. I talked to Right Now‘s Stephen Kent about libertarian feminism…

    I’m already full up on fictional content. Ha!

    1. What are the odds he is as creepy as democrat feminists?

  12. “What does this mean for the station’s (at least one-time) reputation as a neutral news outlet?”

    What reputation for neutrality?

    1. Was wondering that too. They weren’t called the Clinton News Network for nothing.

  13. CNN journalists, “traditionally restricted by industry-wide standards of impartiality, have been given the green light under network President Jeff Zucker to say what they actually want to say — even if it strikes some as opinionated.…These days, it’s not uncommon for CNN personalities to cry on air.”

    The pretense was ‘literally’ killing them.

    1. Like when the NYT ended their editorials. A difference without a distinction.

    2. Unwritten, Zucker must approve what they “actually” want to say.

      1. Unwritten, Zucker must approve what they “actually” want to say.

        That’s assuming they aren’t part of the same hive mind.

        Anyway, it’s nice to know that they’re openly dropping any pretense of objectivity, and anything they say can be summarily dismissed.

        1. It was well known among the Democratic candidates that Tom Perez gave marching orders to CNN. Here’s Marianne Williamson giving the game away.

          1. Shit, we’ve known since 2016, thanks to the DNC hack, that they coordinate their talking points directly with the media and collude to ensure their candidate is selected, not elected (Biden getting a full-court press of support after Nevada just reinforced this fact).

            We also know that left-wing journalists coordinate their talking points prior to releasing news stories, thanks to the Journolist exposure. Modern news media is more scripted than a Wrestlemania event.

            1. I thought it was real like wrestling, but it turns out it’s fixed, like boxing

              1. I… have some difficult news for you…

            2. really, we must stop calling the news readers “journalists”. they are no more journalists than triumph the insult comic dog was when he was giving the weather report in honolulu

  14. “Reminder: People are still sentenced to life in prison for marijuana possession.”

    Reminder: Reason still puts out bullshit headlines.
    The life sentence was for being a repeat offender, not for just the possession.
    Not commenting on the right or wrong, just on the distortion of facts.

    1. I’m not sure that’s really inaccurate. The charge was marijuana possession. The punishment was enhanced because of the repeat offenses, but it’s still the punishment for the charge he was actually facing.

      1. I disagree. The punishment is for being a “repeat offender.”

        I do agree that it’s awfully convenient that we provide so many opportunities for black people to repeatedly offend us. And then we blame THEM.

        1. On further consideration, I agree.

    2. I was sitting next to a Hippy in court a few years back. The Hippy said, “Can you believe that I’m going to do time for ONE joint”? I said, “Really”? “Jail”? “For one joint”? He then said, “Well, it was a really big joint”.

      1. I’m picturing Bill Murray as Hunter Thompson in “Where the Buffalo Roam.”

      2. RIMSHOT. i’ll try the veal, are you here all week?

    3. He was jailed for having 5 bags of marijuana in 2017 after serving a two-year sentence for felon possessing a gun in 2015, after serving several 8 years for burglary starting in 2004.

      I can do math. Less than a year after being released from prison on a second felony, the man was caught with enough illicit substance that I can confidently say that he was either a dealer or transporting it for one. Before that, he was out only 3 years before being caught with a firearm he was not allowed to own. Once you account for the time it takes to get a conviction, the times were even less between when he was caught.

      Is it excessive? I still have to say yes. That is more than most murderers get. However, we are talking a career criminal here that rapidly and repeatedly offended twice. This man needs to be, at the least, on a controlled release for a substantial amount of time.

      1. Any punishment for possessing or selling drugs is excessive.

        1. Agreed, but the guy is obviously dangerously stupid or dangerous and stupid. This story isnt going to garner much sympathy from people.

          All vices should be legal, but with this guys past, he would have caught that 3rd strike for something else by now.

          1. He should have moved to a state where he wouldn’t be subject to a life sentence like this. Kind of a pain, but the current situation is much worse for him.

          2. stupid and dangerous are not illegal. three strikes is a retards response to a bag of dope. a little pot buzz is a fine idea to take the egde off a fella.
            mandatory minimums are a bone thrown to cruel and ignorant voters

        2. And any punishment for possessing a firearm is excessive as well. It seems the only real crime he committed was burglary, for which he served 8 years (which is also more than many violent offenders get).

          1. agreed. if we consider time spent in jail “paying ones debt to society” then the debt has been squared. i will add that EIGHT YEARS is way out of line unless someone got injured. violence is only violence when someone takes a slug or a swat.

  15. 1,000 feral cats released onto Chicago streets to tackle rat explosion
    The Windy City has ranked number one on pest control company Orkin’s list of the “rattiest cities” in the U.S. for six consecutive years.

    1. Don’t worry, Chicago. After the cats do their job, 1000 feral dogs will be released onto the Chicago streets to tackle the cat explosion.

      Wonder how much it cost them to spay or neuter 1000 cats…

      1. “Do what now?”
        -Chicago Gov

      2. Spay or neuter all cat owners.

      3. It’s a pilot program before

        “1,000 feral tigers released onto Chicago streets to tackle gang-banger explosion”

        1. I smell a Samuel L Jackson movie plot.

          From the director of Snakes on a Plane comes…

          Tigers in the Hood

          1. They would be skinned for fanciful car seats and hats.

            1. lol

        2. Cry Havoc, and let slip the tigers of war.

        3. Release the tigers in city hall to get the real criminals.

      4. Release the goats!

      5. To quote a famous philosopher:
        “I don’t know why she swallowed the fly. I guess she’ll die”

    2. Unfortunately, the cats will arm themselves and start robbing the taxpayers when they get tired of eating rats. They will also unionize, demand welfare, housing, reparations, and the right to vote without an ID.

    3. If the release lions and tigers on the streets, will it reduce the gang crime problem?

      1. Doesn’t work in Detroit.

        I’ll see myself out.

        1. That’s because they are in the suburbs rather than hunting gangs in the street or politicians in city hall.

    4. Chicago recently hire some Australians in their public health department?

    5. “That’s the beautiful part – when wintertime rolls around, the gorillas simply freeze to death!”

      1. go Chirpy Boy! go Bart, Jr.!

      2. Kill the horrid beasts… And do away with their lizards.

    6. Oh goody. A whole new category of You Tube cat videos.

  16. 124 retired generals and admirals question Biden’s mental health
    “We must always have an unquestionable chain of command.”

    A group of retired U.S. military admirals and generals signed a letter released Tuesday questioning President Biden’s fitness for office and seemingly challenging the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

    The letter, signed by 124 former military leaders and posted by Flag Officers 4 America, said the “Constitutional Republic is lost” without “fair and honest elections that accurately reflect the will of the people.”

    “Recent Democrat leadership’s inquiries about nuclear code procedures sends a dangerous national security signal to nuclear armed adversaries, raising the question about who is in charge,” the group added.

    1. Retired Generals? Do you mean that pack of millionaires that just got a whole bunch of men killed due to utter incompetence? The same men that kept us in a failed “nation building” mode so that they could get rich? Generals that lose lucrative government contracts do this after every election. Remember the last few whining sessions? A whole lot of white Generals just lost the side gigs due to equity. Think of all the years they spent carefully building requirements for equipment and services from companies that they planned to work at when they get out.

      1. No, those guys voted for Biden. Keep the party going.

    2. A little late, guys. Where were your balls before November? Felt a bit ashamed by the French military officers’ recent open letters?

    3. This is less news than the post of 100 no name republicans lead by the NYT anonymous guy leaving the GOP party that sarcasmic felt was a libertarian article yesterday.

    4. Shouldn’t they have released the statement in small parts, across seven days in May?

      1. It’s coups, all the way down.

    5. 124 traitors. Can retired military be court martialed?

      Mark Thrust, Fascist traitor needs to be court martialed with them. That guy is dangerously stupid.

      1. Sometimes I think KAR is secretly Tucker Carlson astroturfing.

        1. I don’t get you Mother? You act like you know a lot about science, but also believe patently false election conspiracy theories.

          I’d say it’s more likely you’d be Tucker.

          You’re both racist bigots.

          “Nativism isn’t the same as racism.”

          It is if there’s only 1 color of immigrant you care about.

          1. “Being nativist doesn’t make someone racist.” Is what I meant.

            Doesn’t matter because you lie about everything.

          2. ” You act like you know a lot about science”

            Comparitively, I do. I’d be shocked if you’ve graduated high school.

            “I’d say it’s more likely you’d be Tucker”

            Seems like you didn’t understand what “astroturfing” means either.

            1. I know what it means. Tucker’s a Trump fellating fascist.

              Why would he be astroturfing shit he doesn’t agree with?

              I graduated from a better college than you most likely.

              1. Why would he be astroturfing shit he doesn’t agree with?
                Are you being retarded on purpose? Go look up what the word means.

                Also, I’m afraid the University of CNN isn’t accredited, KAR.

  17. “Yet because Russell made that initial mistake more than a decade earlier”

    Burglary is a mistake? ENB, and Reason in general, just can’t help themselves when it comes to undermining their position on these types of cases by being disingenuous with the details.

    1. Perhaps they meant getting caught was a mistake?

    2. You guys don’t have hearts or brains apparently. Just fucked up people. And the interesting part is how you rightwingers play up the idea that the govt is out to get you and yet here you are whistling past the graveyard thinking this couldn’t happen to you.

      1. Burglary doesn’t enter my mind as a money making scheme. It has real victims. It is not a fucking mistake.

      2. It’s just odd to see “Property Rights are Fundamental Libertarians” pooh-poohing theft. You’d think that’d be a big deal for them.

        1. You just don’t understand. Theft is bad. Burglary is bad. Massively overdoing punishment is bad. Maybe someday they’ll outlaw some gun you like, you’ll resist, get arrested and then you’ll be in a cage.

          1. Get back to us if you ever get out of the 6th grade, dumbshit.

          2. I lost all my guns in a tragic boating accident, so I’m not worried about it.

            1. I miss mine so much that I still buy rounds for them.

              1. lol

          3. The right to burgle shall not be infringed.

        2. Damikesc, seeing that attitude take root here (pun somewhat intended), was a bit jarring during the articles advocating bail reform and decriminalization of petty theft.

          It isn’t Balko’s Reason anymore. Hell, Balko isn’t Balko anymore.

      3. I have a heart for whoever’s house he broke into. People who’s house has been broken into suffer psychological effects long after the crime. I still think the sentence is bullshit, I just think that case can be better made by not downplaying his previous crime.

        1. Then again, in ENB, we’re talking about someone who covered the mostly peaceful riots all last year with little concern for property rights.

        2. Reason has been doing more and more of not giving the whole story. It happens alot with brick bat’s where when you read the whole story and it’s completely different from what they summed it up to be. Here’s a hint to reason, you can be gains abusive government practice and still give the full accurate story, you used to be great at this when you were all libritarians.
          How about
          “ex felon caught with 1.5oz of pot now faces life sentance for decade old parole requirements.” then have a discussion about harsh terms of patrol, and the need to revisit sentancing

          1. Not clickbaity enough, and besides… how does that further the party narrative?
            (lol no, not the LP)

            1. Volokh just did an article on what he called “Steelmanning” (opposite of the strawman fallacy). If you can refute the strongest version of the opposing argument, then you are obviously right and everyone can see it.

              If you have to lie to get your point across, then you are obviously wrong, and everyone can see it at well.

    3. Felon in possession is kind of a big deal, too. If the Feds had tried him on it, he’d still be in jail. ‘Course, he wouldn’t be carrying a lid of weed then.

      The question to always ask, whenever post-Balko Reason runs a criminal justice story is, “What else did the accused criminal do, that isn’t being mentioned?”

      Courts usually don’t try and convict all of the potential crimes a criminal committed during a criminal episode. Yet those accounts may be used when evaluating a convicted criminal’s sentence.

      1. “The question to always ask, whenever post-Balko Reason runs a criminal justice story is, “What else did the accused criminal do, that isn’t being mentioned?””

        That was the point to my post. Reason doesn’t seem to understand how much doing this hurts the cause they’re trying push. Those of us that are already libertarian can still agree with the cause, while pointing this out. But what about someone who’s new to these ideas that has an open mind, but is intelligent enough to see dishonesty when they see it? They could easily come to associate libertarianism with dishonesty, and move on.

        If your position is the correct one, you shouldn’t have to be disingenuous to promote it.

        1. Exactly! God knows there’s enough evil in the machinery for the Drug War. They don’t have to lie, tell half the story, or bullshit us about it.

          But when I find out you’ve been lying to me, I don’t care to listen to much more of what you have to say. It just cements the increasingly prevalent view of Libertarianism as LOLbertarians.

        2. Yes, this is the cartoon version of libertarianism that you would get from some fourth-rate conservative talk radio dope.

          “Hey man, I just want to be free to fly slaves around in my B-52 while smoking peyote!”

        3. Right, the real problem is that drug possession is a felony.

          Retroactively changing what counts as a violent felony seems like a problem as well.

    4. He went in meaning to leave stuff but accidentally took stuff instead.

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      1. More honest too.

  19. Thread

    1. In 1941, James Burnham published “The Managerial Revolution,” which boldly asserted that Capitalism was not only dead, but destined to be replaced by Managerialism- or “rule by managers.”

    9. And yet throughout it all, one class always seemed to emerge unscathed. They didn’t perish in Iraq, succumb to opioids, lose their pensions, watch their businesses burn in riots, or witness their communities decay and disappear.

    The managers ascended.

    17. The narcissism and self-pity described here resembles that of depraved feudal lords bemoaning their meager estates and seething at far-off kings, queens, and emperors- oblivious to the plight of the multitudes of serfs all around them.


    1. Management class/Mandarin class – no wonder China looks so good to their fellow Socialists.

      1. Lots of Top Men.

        1. Who are you to assume their gender, comrade?

    2. It’s called Pournelle’s iron law of bureaucracy.

  20. “Enemy of the people”

    1. It’s weird how you nutbags refuse to see those examples in the unholy fusion occurring between the media, multinationals and the Democratic Party.
      Corporatism is part of actual fascism you know.

    2. Talk about a cult. The Martyrdom of Liz Cheney.

  21. After the disastrous foreign policy of the Drumpf years — remember when he literally started World War 3 by killing that Iranian guy? — it’s such a relief to have Biden in charge.

    Thank you @POTUS @JoeBiden for standing with Israel!


    1. Biden screwing up the emerging alliance, President Trump was forming, between Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the UAE, and others–so that the U.S. could reclaim responsibility for peace in the Middle East, is one the most obvious and stupid policies of the Biden administration, walking in.

      We were looking at a future, when it wouldn’t matter if the United States supported Israel against Hamas–since all of Israel’s neighbors in the region save Hezbollah and Iran supported Israel. But noooOOOooo. Biden is a neocon, Israel is a client state of the U.S., whether they like it or not.

      Liz Cheney should be a Democrat. She belongs in the Biden administration.

      1. Biden’s also doing a good job with our relations to Russia:
        “Kremlin-imposed cuts at US Embassy leave thousands adrift”
        “MOSCOW (AP) — Under Kremlin orders, the U.S. Embassy has stopped employing Russians, forcing the embassy to cut its consular staff by 75% and limit many of its services.
        The order went into effect on Wednesday, bringing the sharply deteriorating U.S.-Russia relationship to an intensely personal level.

        This advances US interests exactly how?

        1. More evidence that Trump was a Russian stooge?

      2. Clinton did the same when he was president Israel and Palastine came up with a peace deal that the U.S. which the U.S. had nothing to do with but Clinton ran there to be in the middle of it and it broke up within a few days. I think parts of our government likes the idea of forever wars in the middle east

      3. Liz Cheney should be in Nuremberg.

      4. Yeah, thank god that insane warmonger Trump is out of office. Now we’re finally seeing what real diplomacy can do in the middle east!

    1. I can’t believe he didn’t knock her out. Open my door like that and you are likely to get shot.

      1. How christian of you!

        You Mormons are full of shit.

        Enjoy your stay in hell!

    2. I’d normally be sympathetic because that soy-voiced dumbass WAS driving on the wrong side of the road. But you don’t walk up to someone’s vehicle and just yank open the door to yell at them. Bitch is lucky she didn’t get shot.

      1. It was a parking lot. There was no road, and no wrong side of it.

        1. Few more clueless, coddled creatures in world history, than the middle to upper-class, liberal American white woman.

        2. People shouldn’t follow the same rules of the road in parking lots?

    3. This and the term “carjacking” are why I lock up as fast as I get in my vehicle. Anyone who grabs my door handle may get to do some urban asphalt skiing.

  22. “…What does this mean for the station’s [CNN] (at least one-time) reputation as a neutral news outlet?..”

    It means they’re finally admitting that they’re a propaganda outlet.


    “Israeli privilege,” eh?

    I told you. Critical Theory is the greatest threat to Jews in the world today.

    Last night the world watched Israeli settler mobs smashing Palestinian shops, invading Palestinian homes & lynching Palestinian people. This is how Israel respects the historic suffering of Jews.
    Jewish privilege may not exist but Israeli privilege does. It’s a bomb shelter.”


      Whiteness was created to justify domination. It’s aggressive posture is a result of this imperative. The creation of the state of Israel was a reification of the Whiteness of European Jewry after Hitler violated it. Israel is NOT a Jewish nation. It is a White supremacist state.

      1. The stupidest part of that argument is that genetically Israelis and Palestinians cluster close together on a principal component analysis chart. And both show some genetic drift towards Europeans. The Palestinians from when the Kingdom of Jerusalem was a Crusader state, and the Ashkenazi Jews from marrying shiksas in Europe.

        These guys have the same ancestry, they’re the same race. This is a religious squabble. It’s not some black vs white horseshit.

    2. Fuckin’ hilarious that they actually believe they can apply some brain-dead academic concept to a decades-long conflict between two ethnostates.

      1. Decades long?
        You haven’t read a Bible have you?

        “On that day, the Lord made a covenant with Abraham, saying “To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt as far as the great river, the river Euphrates”. Genesis 15:18″

        The 1967 borders are a HUGE concession.

        (and oh by the way, Egypt owes Israel reparations for 400 years of slavery)

        1. There’s really no evidence “Jews” were ever enslaved by an “Egyptian” dictator. The story has so many holes in it. You should look into to that if you’re interested.

          1. Wow…. Now do Europe mid 20th century.

            1. Wow what? Moses is fake. Does that hurt your feelings?

              1. Here’s where Stroozle demonstrates he gets his ‘book learnin’ from YouTube.

                You should read on the Hyksos.

                Josephus associated the Hyksos with the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Many modern scholars believe the Hyksos may have partially inspired the Biblical account.

                1. Sevo isn’t joking when he points out pod’s 6th grade education.

              2. A few years back we toured the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Their museum of religious artifacts was a hoot: the highlight was right there in a glass display case was what they claimed were Moses’ wooden staff and cooking pot.

                1. They also has hairs from Mohammed’s beard, which I could see being possibly maybe genuine.

                2. Correction: It was suppposed to be Abraham’s cooking pot, so even more unlikely to be geniune.

                  1. Why are you talking to yourself Dee?

          2. Ah, but there were other legitimate, documented pogroms and persecutions of Jews throughout the rest of history.

            If it were not for thousands of years of persecutions by Pagan, Christian, and Islamic rabble and tyrants, maybe no one would have ever called for a Zionist Jewish Homeland in the first place!

            Maybe Jews could be just individual folks with equal rights, responsibilities, and dignity who can live anywhere they have title or pay rent, just like everyone else! What a concept!

            Just something you may want to bring up at the next Boycott, Divest, and Sanction rally.

            1. Yeah, but a lot of them were bankers that charged interest on loans, so they deserved it.

              1. I hope and trust there’s a hidden /sarc there, right?

        2. Yeah, I’ve read it–and one interesting fact about the modern state of Israel is that the Jews who were actually living there before the Mandate years didn’t trust the Zionists all that much. They thought they were basically a bunch of secular European socialists who didn’t understand how the cultural dynamics of the region worked.

          The 1967 borders are a HUGE concession.

          Concession to what? It doesn’t matter what they believe has been granted to them by divine right. It only matters if they can hold it. The Bible and history itself is full of examples of this reality.

        3. ““On that day, the Lord made a covenant with Abraham, saying “To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt as far as the great river, the river Euphrates”. Genesis 15:18″

          But Ishmael, legendary father of the Arabs was also Abraham’s son in the Bible.

          1. Most Muslims I talked to seemed to believe it was Ishmael that Abraham was asked to sacrifice rather than Isaac. Ishmael is supposedly buried near the Kaaba, the object of the haj, and the stone that showed Ishmael and Abraham where to build the Kaaba is still in the Kaaba.

      2. Yes about 700 decades

    3. Israeli privilege is that not enough jews were killed? What the fuck is wrong with these people?


    JUST IN – Hamas has reportedly started to use suicide drones to attack border communities in southern Israel. A new escalation of weapon systems used in the conflict.

    1. Dang, someone should give them precision guided missiles so they kill like civilised people.

      1. Why should they be -given- those, and who should do the giving?

        1. “An armed society is a polite society.”

          1. “someone should give them precision guided missiles so they kill like civilised people”

            So you support Hamas killing Jews?

            1. Hamas is trash. The rightwing Israelis are not so hot either. I honestly think they’re all trouble. They feed off each other.

          2. There are a few other elements necessary for a polite society. But if you have a stable, more or less tolerant and peaceful society, people being armed helps keep it that way.

    2. What the fuck are “suicide drones”? This isn’t a new tactic–we saw it in that attack on the Saudi oil refinery, and there have been a number of these “drone swarms” going on in Syria for the last three or four years.

      1. Suicide drones are like “ghost guns”–much scarier than DIY kits or regular drones!

        They really do it call them “suicide drones”, though.

        1. I mean, kamikaze planes in WW2 were suicide drones. Rather effective ones too. At least with the integrated circuit revolution, we can put silicon brains in our missiles, versus those of flesh and blood.

          1. The human wave suicide attacks of Imperial Japan were probably far scarier than suicide drones.

            The reason terrorists user terrorism is to exploit the media, and the media seems to do a great job of making everything scarier than it needs to be.

            Oh we got trouble
            Right here in the River City
            With a capital “T”
            and that rhymes with “D”
            and that stands for suicide Drone!

            1. If it hadn’t been for things like Banzai charges, human wave attacks, kamikazes, Okinawans throwing themselves off of cliffs, etc., Truman may not have felt it necessary to drop the big ones on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the American public might not have thought it was okay, either.

              We’ve built the terrifying capability of terrorist groups to convince kids to blow themselves up for a cause into a psychological advantage that is far less than what we were faced with when we fought against Japan. And news outlets really should be called out for using terms like “suicide drone”.

              When the media is doing its best to further the cause of the enemy, they shouldn’t be surprised when people like Trump or Shultz refer to them as the enemy of the American people. The neocons will use this shit to justify bombing campaigns and invasions if they can.

      2. I don’t know. And the Twit thing seems to be gone. I was imagining ultralight aircraft with bombs on board.

        1. Could be something like a heavy quadcopter carrying something like a SADARM puck. Nasty. The EFP in the puck’ll peel apart an armored vehicle.

          These are probably drones with a claymore mine on the bottom.

          1. I bet they’re very nasty as counter battery assets.

            1. The loitering feature is nice, but they aren’t stealthy or quick. Great way to get a grid reference for something like an Excalibur GPS-guided 155 though. Or any of the other gazillion ways we have to deliver ordnance to a particular time and point. That’s a near-peer kind of treat though.

          2. Where’s the suicide part? I figured there must be a pilot onboard or it wouldn’t be suicide. But then “drone” does imply unmanned. So does it just mean “drone” then?

            1. Drone that destroys itself in deploying its payload, is my understanding.

              Which is every guided missile until recently. Drones used to be thought of as merely observation, maybe targeting platforms until recently. Kind of like the development of manned aircraft in warfare, now that I think of it.

              1. The drones with flame throwers attached are concerning.

              2. Well that’s dumb. That’s not what suicide means.

      3. Funny how these tactics are consistent among Iranian proxies

    3. What is a suicide drone? Don’t we call those, “Guided Missiles?” And how are they nastier than the 122mm on up rockets that Hamas has already been using?

      1. Suicide drones are presumably not reusable.

        At your next outdoor barbeque, don’t call them paper plates. Call them “suicide plates”!

    4. I’m all for the Secular nation of Israel defending itself, but a book of Grim Fairy Tales is no basis for real estate title searches.

      Take it from a U.S. Citizen, Israel does not want or need territory that damn big as mentioned in Genesis 15:18. It means bigger borders and more that you have to patrol and police.

      If it’s this damn much trouble having a homeland, a manmade coral reef island or a network of offshore platforms would look much more attractive to me right about now!

      In fact, the offshore platform was invented right about the time of Theodor Hertzl’s Zionist Movement. Maybe that should have been the way to go for a Jewish homeland with style!

      With glass-bottomed platforms, so the plankton fan get some Sun and the fish can eat plankton and the people on the platform can eat fish! Other livestock can be brought on as carrying capacity permits, grapevines can grow from structures like the Ziggurats of Babylon!

      There can be satellite Internet connection, shops and achools and sightseeing tours…And Yacht Rock playing from the PA system!

      And defending it all could be flanks of battleships and submarine patrols, a circle of fighter planes and drones, and enough nukes so anyone firing as much as a minié ball at the starboard bow gets turned into a sheet of glass.

      “I am Mister Rabinowitz, your host! Welcome to Fantasy Island!”

      1. Don’t know if any of what you propose would fly in real life, but you’ve outlined a fairly interesting sci-if novel. Maybe call it “Exodus 2.0”.

      2. Does it help that during the 30s and 40s the jews purchased the land from the neighboring countries?

        1. True and that does make it legitimate from a libertarian stance. However, the offshore platform idea would put added distance from trouble. To my way of thinking, as long as you’re here and free, it doesn’t matter where ‘here’ is.

          1. You’d be free, and that would be great. But might also be living in a physical environment that is naturally hostile to air-breathing life. And literally corrosive.

            A lot would depend on where your platform is, but if it is located close to shore or in a protected bay, it’s likely your dealing with the government providing or protecting or leasing that space.

      3. But the Tanakh says…

    5. If Mother’s Lament country invaded the US would you do nothing?

      Palestinians have a right to defend themselves.

      1. You don’t seem to realize that most Jews that ended up in Israel weren’t European Ashkenazi. Most were kicked out of the Arab states like Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq post partition. And there were far more Christian and Jewish Palestinians in 1947 than Muslim ones. The vast majority of whom chose to become Israeli.

        Your analogy is so wrong as to almost be retarded.

        It always amazes me how poorly educated our resident lefties are.

        1. I was referring to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.

          Funny how you fascists scream about sovereignty and borders except if it’s people you hate.

          1. Prior to 1947 the West Bank was owned by the British and filled with Jews and Christians. Particularly Bethlehem.
            Post mandate it became part of Jordan and Levantine Muslims moved there, and the Jews and majority Christians became Israelis.
            Palestine never existed as a country and before 1967 “Palestinians” never existed as a people. It was part of Judah, Greater Syria (Greek), Rome, Byzantium, the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Ottoman Empire, and the British Empire, but there was never a country called Palestine filled with Palestinians.

            You have absolutely no idea of what you’re talking about, but you’re still spouting retarded opinions.

            1. No Mother you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

              All the Palestinians demanding a right to return don’t exist?

              Hadrian didn’t rename Judea “Syria Palestinia” in the 2nd century?

              Yes the West Bank was part of Jordan, NOT ISRAEL.

              Shame on you for supporting Israeli terrorists.

              You’re a terrible person and compulsive liar.

              1. Syria Palestinia was a province, not a fucking nation, you fantastic moron. The concept of a Palestinian didn’t exist until the 1920’s, and nobody called themselves “Palestinians” or identified as such until after 1967.

                These people identified as Christian and Muslim Arabs, Druze, Jews, Arameans, Bedouin, Samaritans and Ahmadi. I believe strongly that they should have a right to their homeland. But let’s not pretend for a second that Hamas, Fatah and the Palestinian Authority actually represent any interests that aren’t Sunni.

                Fucking learn something you stupid shit:

                “the West Bank was part of Jordan, NOT ISRAEL”

                Fun fact that KAR obviously didn’t know. The British created Jordan and gave it to the Hashemites at the same time Israel was created. The Hashemites then kicked out all the Jews… including those living in the West Bank.
                Wonder if KKKAR will argue for their right of return?

            2. Yes there were Jews there before the British mandate ended. They were Zionists who started moving there in the late 1800s.

              They drove the Arabs from there homes and murdered many.

              Israel has a right to exist, but not a right to occupy territory that doesn’t belong to it.

              Why do the majority of countries consider the West Bank an occupied territory? BECAUSE IT IS. Unfortunately the far right media has brainwashed most Americans.

              Trump moving the embassy to Jerusalem was wrong(so was his treason).

              You fascists make me so mad. RUINING MY COUNTRY!!

              1. When did the West Bank become part of Jordan, idiot?
                What did Jordan do that caused it to lose the West Bank?
                Why is Jordan not demanding it back?

                It’s like if someone was demanding that Texas should be given to Coahuila, and the Noreste cartel was firing missiles into Del Rio.

                You’re so absolutely fucking unlearned.

  25. Teacher opts to remote teach, now decides she should hop a plane for Mexico and miss some classes:

    “An East Bay teacher chose not to teach in person. Parents are asking why she’s now heading to Mexico”
    “The East Bay kindergarten teacher’s email to families Monday offered a simple update: She was heading to Mexico for 12 days to attend her son’s wedding and, while she would teach remotely from there, her online classes would be canceled on certain days, given travel or family activities, requiring students to work on their own…”

    The dead-tree version says they’re not identifying this public employee to her bosses (us, the taxpayers) because she might get harassed. I’d suggest firing is more appropriate.

    1. When 185 days off per year is not enough.

    2. Tell me, what would you do with infinite vacation days and no income

      1. We could all make love

    3. Taking vacation days to attend her son’s wedding would be perfectly reasonable – if pre-arranged and approved by the administration so they could hire a substitute. But she wants to get 10 paid days off without using paid vacation, and apparently she didn’t tell anyone about it in advance.

      If the union contract doesn’t allow firing her, they need to break the union.

  26. “CNN journalists, “traditionally restricted by industry-wide standards of impartiality, have been given the green light under network President Jeff Zucker to say what they actually want to say — even if it strikes some as opinionated.…These days, it’s not uncommon for CNN personalities to cry on air.”

    If you’re someone who’s still paying for cable, you’re sending CNN your money through your cable subscription whether you watch their news broadcast or not. The reason they can get away with such things is because they get your cable subscription money regardless of whether you watch their channel.

    Please stop sending them your money and find a streaming service instead. Chances are you can find a service that lets you watch everything you really do watch without paying for the things you don’t. And when enough of us stop paying for cable, the layoffs at CNN and MSBC will ensue.

    You won’t get to see them cry off the air when the people who work at CNN and MSNBC are laid off, forced to sell their homes, or when their spouses divorce them, but the more you save on your cable bill, the sooner that will become a reality. You can make those dreams come true!

    Ask me or a friend or look for a streaming service online. There are a dozen people in this thread who will be happy to help you find a streaming service you’re really happy with–and there’s probably a convenient way to get all your local broadcast channels for free, too!

    1. Sling on the Roku box for me.

      1. Since I dropped the DirecTv which I only had for the NFL Sunday Ticket and since I don’t watch football any more…..

        1. I don’t watch the NFL anymore either, but just in case someone else sees this, it is no longer necessary to subscribe to Direct TV’s sattlite service in order to Get NFL Sunday Ticket.

          There is an NFL Sunday Ticket app on the Roku app store, and you can subscribe to it without a cable package, without a satellite package, and without any other deal. Direct TV will sell you that subscription at the regular price without subscribing to Direct TV.

          If you always wanted to get NFL Sunday Ticket, but you didn’t because Direct TV is too expensive, then that’s another great reason to start streaming with a Roku player or some other device from an evil entity like Apple, Amazon, or Google. You don’t need Direct TV to get NFL Sunday Ticket anymore.

        2. Did you not like the uppity woke black players sharing their opinions?

          It’s fine when Brett Favre speaks his mind about Trump though…

          I fucking hate Favre!

      2. Are cnn and msnbc on sling?

        1. CNN is on Sling’s orange plan, but MSNBC is not–so at least you won’t be paying anything for MSNBC.

          And with Sling, you don’t need to pay for any of the local broadcast stations–which also profit from the government forcing cable companies to carry local broadcast stations (which you get charged for), even though the broadcast stations are required to make their channels free to the public, as part of their license, in exchange for the local broadcaster not being charged for the spectrum. Disney, ViacomCBS, and others have bought up their local affiliates becase the fees they get from cable subscribers are so lucrative. You can undermine that (and MSNBC) by using Sling + Locast.

          Most of the country is now covered by Locast, which streams all of your local broadcast stations from a local antenna for free. My understanding is that Sling now integrates your Locast channel guide into their Sling guide.

          When you’re choosing a streaming platform, you may do yourself better by thinking of all the things you do want first. You may find that some of the skinny bundles, like Philo, carry all the channels you watch when you add in a free service like Locast and add in things like Netflix.

          The other way to do this is a la carte–to subscribe to an app like Discovery+. That gives you A&E, Discovery Channel, Food Network, History Channel, HGTV, and more–without any need for another streaming service or a cable subscription. And a Discovery channel plan is just $4.99 a month.

          Add in Locast, Netflix, the Peacock Network (which is also free) to that, and maybe another on demand service without live TV like Hulu or HBO Max, and you may be watching everything you want–without paying for CNN or MSNBC.

          If you’re trying to turn the old folks onto this like I did, you might start with a single free service like Locast or Peacock. Once they get their nose in the tent, it’s hard to resist all the free and excellent programming you can get for fraction of the cost you’d pay for cable, and it’s getting better all the time.

    2. Have you tried any of the dvr apps with Locast? I’m currently streaming Hulu and would like to get rid of it (still paying CNN, etc) but we never watch anything besides sports and news live, and last I checked Locast doesn’t have its own dvr.

      1. As I was saying above, Sling now integrates Locast into their channel guide. My understanding is, however, that Sling’s cloud DVR won’t record Locast channels. There may be legal reasons why Locast doesn’t offer their own DVR, and I suspect it has something to do with them being a non-profit in order to be able to retransmit the signal. If they were charging for services, they would need permission from the local broadcasters to retransmit the signal.

        I actually bought an antenna and a Tablo device, which serves as a link between my antenna and my wireless router. You need a cheap external drive with the Tablo set up, but once you have that, you watch all your broadcast channels through an app on Roku, just like Netflix, and it records whatever you want on the external drive with an easy interface in the app.

        I bought a refurbrished model from Tablo’s own website. AirTV sells a similar device. It’s an expense, but if you look at the $50 per month difference between Hulu with live TV and, say, Philo, a fat chunk of the price difference is that with Philo, you’re not paying for the local broadcast stations–so if you go with a Tablo like device, it’ll pay for itself over time.

    3. While I still have Internet via cable and Wi-Fi, the TV cable and satellite dish are right out and it’s all Internet video, streaming, and HDTV for me! It has all the selection of cable or satellite but á la carte not as a package deal where you have to support things you don’t like.

  27. The Mississippi Court of Appeals ruled that Russell’s sentence was not cruel and unusual because it was in keeping with Mississippi law on “habitual offenders.”

    DA is the lowest form of human life, but judges are often close behind. Many them are former DAs.

    1. Three strikes laws are often a function of public frustration with judges failing to sentence the worst offenders.

      And I’m not saying that three strikes laws are necessarily appropriate, just like socking an obnoxious drunk at a baseball stadium isn’t necessarily appropriate.

      . . . but if you’re repeatedly convicted of felonies, one of them considered violent, you’re not necessarily blameless if you trigger a three strikes law either. That may not justify three strikes, but the fact needs to be acknowledged.

      I knew an idiot kid , who, after graduation, went to a job interview at a fast food restaurant. The manager who was interviewing him was called out of the office for some reason, during the interview, and when he came back to continue, he noticed that the wallet he’d left on his desk was missing. He asked the kid he was interviewing to give it back, which is when this kid grabbed a spork to defend himself and ran away. Of course, he’d left his job application there with the manager, so the police were waiting for him when he got home.

      They put him away for armed robbery, which may technically be accurate, but probably wasn’t a just verdict at all. I heard he pled guilty because they were treating him so bad in the county jail waiting for trial, and it’s safer once you get to the state pen.

      That’s all a terribly sad story, of course, and in a better criminal justice system, there would have been a better outcome. That being said, the reason most people never feel compelled to plead guilty to armed robbery is because they never steal a wallet during a job interview.

      1. You’ve defamed true idiots everywhere!

      2. Felonies should be limited to real crimes with actual victims. If felonies were limited to violent crimes and serious property crimes the repeat offender thing might be a good idea. If the guy had been convicted of 3 burglaries or robberies or assaults, I wouldn’t be bothered.

        1. Armed robbery is a violent crime, even if no one is hurt. It’s the threat of violence. If they could get away with a misdemeanor so long as no one was shot, they’d do it more often.

          1. I’m not arguing with that. But that makes one violent crime on his record. And I would say 8 years is probably adequate penalty for that.

            1. And wasn’t he convicted of burglary, not armed robbery. I have no sympathy for burglars either, but there is a distinction for a reason.

              1. Burglary’s traditionally been considered a crime of violence, Zeb. No idea why MS felt differently before.

                I don’t really care either about pos with intent to sell, other than he’s clearly not interested in trying to go straight. I do care about the specifics of the conduct that got him convicted, and again, I wonder what Reason is leaving out.

                1. I don’t know if it’s automatically “violent”, but it definitely violates the NAP.

      3. Yeah, DAs are pieces of shit. I had a drug addict friend that pulled a fire alarm and tried to steal money out of the register when the front desk person left. The front desk person came back too soon and the friend pushed them out of the way trying to flee and said drug addict got charge with armed robbery.

        The person was an idiot, but armed robbery? Come on, man!

        1. Sounds like you have cool friends

        2. Seriously though I hope he has gotten his life together or does soon…

        3. “Armed” sounds like a stretch, under the facts you’ve given, but robbery is theft through the aid of force or threatened force. That charge fits.

          You need better friends. I hope his trashy behavior didn’t or doesn’t get you jammed up too, A.M.

      4. Common sense spork control.

  28. “These sorts of disruptions are annoying, but …, by nature, self-limiting,” notes the R Street Institute’s Josiah Neeley.

    Like, say, nuclear war?

  29. “Edwin Chandler…spent 10 years in prison because of [former Louisville Detective Mark] Handy’s lies,” notes the Louisville Courier-Journal. Handy also helped send three other innocent men to prison. On Tuesday, Handy was sentenced to spend one year behind bars.

    If there’s going to be a death penalty, this crime deserves it.

    1. Really, this sort of thing needs to be aggressively sentenced as a warning and a deterrent. Handy should have received the sum of the sentences of those that he lied about.

    2. If nothing else, he should consecutively serve the same length of time as the people who were imprisoned by his false testimony.

    3. As oppose to all of the people that spent years in prison due to kamala lies?

  30. “She (Winner) stated she “wasn’t trying to be a Snowden or anything”

    Obviously. Snowden exposed actual criminality being performed by the US government. Winner and the tranny didn’t.

    I think Winner should be eventually released (Manning should rot), but what she did was not comparable to Snowden’s heroic act.
    Trump’s biggest mistake was not pardoning Snowden.

    1. There is a sign on 880 that reads Free Reality Winner

    2. There is a decent amount of evidence that trump was threatened to not pardon sniwden

      1. I’ve not heard of that, but I can see it. Those I know in .mil and Fed LE, are nearly unanimous in their hatred of Snowden.

        I don’t understand it. “Don’t spy on the American people,” seems like an easy goal in our governance culture. Yet they did, and still do.

  31. Socialists in China want us to do this. Socialists in the US want us to do this. Socialists = Socialists.

    The lowest grade students can get in a Sacramento school district is 50. Why that’s equitable

  32. The Feds Are Trying To Use George Floyd’s Death To End Local Policing

    This matters because local police are the last obstacle to federal hegemony. This is the unspoken and unsettling agenda behind the leftist mob’s “defund the police” slogan. It is not, as National Review’s Andrew McCarthy believes, simply a misguided replacement of police by gentle, albeit ill-equipped, social workers. It is another step toward federal anarcho-tyranny: the ruthless suppression of politically disfavored activity by federal law enforcement while violent crime is tolerated or endorsed.

    Americans have already dealt with anarcho-tyranny in cities like Philadelphia, where COVID restrictions were brutally enforced while the cops pulled back from “peaceful protests” that set the city ablaze. That’s what all of America could look like when local police’s hands are tied and only Washington makes the arrests. The feds don’t do “community-oriented policing.”

    Plenty of Americans were disgusted by last year’s riots and especially the weak, politically correct response that left dozens dead, including children. Those same Americans are perturbed that riots and other scare tactics politicized a trial by jury and pushed a conviction despite ambiguous evidence.

    But this latest DOJ indictment goes beyond dubious social justice jurisprudence. It’s a bleak reminder that our own federal government is ideologically targeting local police and average citizens more intensely than ever.

    1. I remember when most libertarians preferred federalism to centralized power. This site is not that.

      1. Yeah, remember their take on the feds getting involved in local zoning/building codes? I forget the details, but their stance was completely backwards.

        1. I forget which idiot it was, but one of the resident idiots argued that Biden’s plan to eliminate single family zoning was actually BETTER for local communities because having the federal government interfere in local decisions gave towns more flexibility than being able to establish their own zoning ordinances based on community needs and wants.

          1. Sounds like Britschgi. Let no one get in the way of the Federal Government’s right to plunk Section 8 tenants wherever they wish.

            1. Even people in the ghetto dont want section 8 in their neighborhoods.

    2. I used to be against policing generally. I was convinced to change my stance by a persuasive friend that pointed out that lynching would likely make a strong comeback in the absence of police.

      Even so, I would like to see some kind of reform. There has to be some sort of solution that doesnt give free reign to criminals, angry mobs or state sanctioned gangbangers.


    JUST IN – Colonial Pipeline paid hackers nearly $5 million in #Bitcoin, contradicting reports earlier this week that the company had no intention of paying an extortion fee (Bloomberg)

    1. If you dont have a comprehensive DR plan, you dont really have a choice.

    2. Should have demanded Monero.

  34. Rats and a cat is not a fair fight, for the cat

    1. BTW, used to go out to the old dump and soot them on Sundays. The rats would eat the dead. The come in gangs at times and can kill larger prey.


    BREAKING: Maricopa County elections Officials deleted entire database from Voting Machines – Including “All Election Information” from Main Database days before the election equipment was delivered to the audit. [Link]

    1. This entire drama with 4 lawsuits, DOJ threatening the state over the audit, the Democrats/Maricopa officials denying a judicial subpeona, etc is amazing to watch. Yet in the media it is all attacks on the firm doing the audit. This despite the entire floor is live streamed, all counts are done in 3 independent groups with deeper analysis only when the groups come to different conclusions, etc.

      It really makes you wonder what democrats are scared of people finding out.

    2. Isn’t this spoilation, in any other litigation context? The sort of thing that shreds your law license, and sticks your ass in jail for criminal contempt of court?

      1. I haven’t been following this closely, but I keep asking myself how this judge hasn’t tossed anyone in jail for contempt.

        1. Like that time with The McPoyles Family

          1. Speaking of, Mike Liarson is Dee.

            1. That’s pretty obvious. The posturing and the weasel words used are identical.

              1. This was her handle before. She was ridiculed until she left, then came back later as White Knight. I guess she left because she felt threatened, which makes me sad, because I thought I’d chased her off with the “Mike Liarson” parody.

      2. They wiped it with a cloth.

    3. This is what a clean and fair election looks like.

  36. CNN journalists, “traditionally restricted by industry-wide standards of impartiality, have been given the green light under network President Jeff Zucker to say what they actually want to say — even if it strikes some as opinionated.…These days, it’s not uncommon for CNN personalities to cry on air.” What does this mean for the station’s (at least one-time) reputation as a neutral news outlet?


  37. Thread


    As Richard Barnett’s family burned through their life’s savings in legal fees, sold both their cars and their house …he has now turned to a Public Defender who has worked out a plea deal of 82 months NO PAROLE.

    I hope this idiot enjoyed himself [pic]

      1. Guy who sat in Nancy’s chair in the Capitol.

        Hell of a stretch for B&E and trespassing.

        1. It was that or being shot. So got off light based on what the left wants.

          1. That twitter thread with all the people celebrating and wishing him to get prison raped . . . stay classy, lefties.

            1. Doesn’t sound like a group of people interested in live and let live, with those of different political views, does it?

    1. Fucking take it to the jury mang. If youre innocent of the over charge, ffs take the jury trial. Worst case you can kill yourself later.

      1. What was the USA threatening him with if he went to trial?


    As soon as I heard that Mike and Jillian Carnevale were facing criminal penalties, like possible jail time, for not requiring masks at their gym I stepped in to shield them from this local government overreach.

  39. Fuck Reality Winner. She passed classified information to an unauthorized party. Thats against the law. She should serve the sentence she was given.

    1. Doesn’t seem unreasonable. I thought Libertarians were all about honoring contracts, and Ms. Winner deliberately breached hers with .Gov.

    2. She should serve the same sentence Hillary Clinton got for her treasonous shenanigans.

      1. Hillary wasn’t convicted in an actual court. Reality was.

        1. Hillary wasn’t investigated indicted tried convicted in an actual court. Reality was.


          1. No reasonable prosecutor…


    Politico’s playbook today leads with how Biden allies plan to arrest Donald Trump.

    Yes that’s right, we’re already at the imprisoning political opponents stage of Marxism in America. [Link]

    1. ‘Do it, phaggot.’

      Seriously, go right ahead and arrest Trump. That’ll totally show his supporters.

      1. They got him on a jay-walking charge, the criminal!

    2. The coup is progressing well, I see.

    3. Yeah what’s the deal? It’s not like Trump and his supporters would chant “lock her up!”

      To be fair he didn’t.

  41. “The fact that judges are not routinely given the ability to exercise discretion in sentencing all habitual offenders is completely at odds with this goal.”

    So why don’t judges just ignore the sentencing “guidelines” as a legislative impingement on the judicial function, as a violation of the separation of powers? What is the legislature going to do if judges don’t follow their dictates? It’s not as if the legislature can over-rule the sentence and impose a harsher one, can they?

    1. How can laws for crimes be an unconstitutional infringement on the powers of the courts?

      It’s one thing to say that a penalty is cruel or unusual, but the courts are supposed to follow the law.

      1. They don’t and neither do the police. Both frequently do not enforce laws they don’t want to enforce. Judges can also always find a way to dismiss a case. This happens a lot with pot laws which was the issue here.

      2. The Legislature can make certain things a crime, but delineating the punishment seems to me a core judicial function. Legislating a one-size-fits-all punishment seems to me to be an injustice.

        1. Justice is whatever the SCOTUS says it is, until another iteration of the SCOTUS says it isnt.

        2. Defining punishments has been a legislative function for pretty much as long as we have had legislatures. Before that Monarchs and ruling councils defined the punishments. There’s nothing virtuous about making the relatively unaccountable judge pick the punishment.

    2. Legislatures can impeach judges, take away their jurisdiction to hear certain disputes, gerrymander their districts, eliminate their judgeships. A legislature could make disregarding sentencing guidelines a felony and incarcerate a judge.

      1. They can – but would they? I could see it in the case where the crooked cop gets a judge to give him a year for robbing people of years of their lives, people would support that. A judge that refuses to sign off on a life sentence for a couple of ounces of weed, not so much.

        1. A year. If he doesn’t accidentally slip on a bar of soap and land on a sharp object.

        2. It’s not a life sentence for a couple ounces of weed. It’s a life sentence for a lifetime of choosing to commit crimes.

  42. Wow, ENB looking quite fetching here

    1. Is that dog on the right her? Woof…

  43. What the fuck is this fucking mute button? The fucking faggots here can get a fucking mute button but not an edit function.

    Does every path lead to nowhere?

    1. It is a good idea. They don’t moderate the comments and this gives the commentariat the ability to self moderate.

      1. The edit feature is the Ark Of The Covenant between the staph and the libertarians on this site while a mute button is more attuned to Stormfront.

        Mute Buttons = When you can’t control your eyes like an adult and must read shitposts

        1. I am a reformed AOL and IRC troll and almost nobody can resist reading and reacting to shit posts. Sometime I even lower myself to reading NYT or Fox comment sections, which are nothing but shitposts… Cant explain why, but it is a thing.

        2. It was more like wading though a deep swamp of shit posts, not skipping over an occasional shit post.

          1. “wading though a deep swamp of shit posts”

            And White Knight was responsible for 90% of it. Wouldn’t you agree “Mike Laursen”?

      2. What time is it in Canada?

        1. Don’t know what time it is over yonder. I live in the heart of Dixie.

          1. Haha you live in America’s anus!

      3. There are 5 people with eight socks each on this board. Why are you muting each other?

      4. It’s fantastic. That feeling when I clicked Mute on the Rev. Kirkland was sublime.

  44. I want to defend the guy but you gotta have friends carry your guns & weed if you’re out on parole. and always have the chick drive.

    1. Those are good ideas anyway.

      1. thank you. people need to crime smarter.

  45. What’s behind skyrocketing gas prices? And what can be done?

    We all know what’s behind rising prices, and unfortunately taking certain steps to fix the problem is just going to result in Kamala Harris assuming the office.

    1. We could all just go out and buy a Tesla I suppose.

      1. Buy a Tesla and be unable to recharge it when the power grid breaks down, and soon whenever hot weather strains the capacity of the grid, as well as whenever windless nights and windless cloudy days shut down the “renewable” power generation.

    2. I heard it was some squirrels that damaged the pipeline machinery. It was kinda suspicious though because the squirrels were all chattering in Farsi.

    1. Oh hell no. Susan aint even fucking black. Condoleeza is a damn national ebony treasure.

  46. He sure does seem like an habitual offender to me. He doesn’t have the foresight or impulse control to avoid doing known illegal things despite the known consequences.

    He was already on two strikes and decided marijuana was more important to him than the rest of his life. Sounds like it’s probably good for the rest of us he’s not walking around free.

  47. Surprising the asshole(Mississippi) of the asshole of America(the south) would have regressive drug laws?

    They have a rich tradition of libertarian segregationists like James Eastland and Trent Lott.

    It’s hilarious that there’s people so inbred and backwards that they actually take pride in being from such a shithole.

    SEC fans are the second worst. B1G fans are worse because they’re just as obnoxious, but outside of Ohio State they all suck. The B1G west has the most overrated, stupid fan bases in the country.

  48. Another example (of very many) I sometimes avoid voting for any high office position. Yes, the guy really screwed up. Life imprisonment for roughly 40 years? No way. I have 2 GOP senators neither of which I will vote for. My assessment maybe wrong but I’ve little trust in politicians. What is the biggest business, by far, on the planet? High position in elected government. The facts about Hunter Biden’s financial life illustrate this. Thanks Quid Pro Joe Biden!

    1. I encourage you to keep not voting.

  49. Nobody should be locked in a cage for any reason.

    You put people in a room to fill out a questionnaire about their political views. You pump the scent of freshly baked cookies into the room, and their answers skew liberal. You pump the smell of a rotting corpse into the room, and suddenly their answers reflect a more conservative worldview.

    Antisocial criminals always have something wrong with their brains that causes them to act that way.

    A person born with a genetic predisposition to low empathy will grow up to be a successful businessman if he’s raised by wealthy, loving parents. But that same person will grow up to be a serial killer if his parents sexually abuse him.

    We need to focus on providing healthy environments for people and fixing what’s wrong with them if they do harm. Locking people up as dangers to society should be only a very minor aspect of any social system.

    Hand-wringing about what amount of physical harm is necessary to do to people in response to their infractions has no role to play.

    Every prisoner is the victim of one of our society’s gravest and most ignorance-fueled injustices.

    1. Looks like Tony’s on Sqrlsy’s medication.

      1. If you can’t get to the point where you understand the terrible truth about so-called criminal justice, then you’re a bad libertarian. Ending the practice of government locking people in cages for no reason should be your first priority.

        If instead your motivation is to punish people for being on Team Bad and exacting retribution for your own emotional needs, then you should check your walls for rotting corpses and get back to this discussion when your mind is straight.

  50. I have no sympathy for a felon in possession of a firearm. I doubt that he was out in the woods squirrel hunting. There is no felon that does not know that being in possession of a firearm is not going to be a serious problem and off straight to jail.

    If you do the crime….you must do the time. Burglary, illegal possession of a firearm and possession of drugs reads like a career criminal in the making. Just how difficult is it to live within the law? A felon with a firearm is exactly why a good citizen needs to be armed legally.

  51. The headline is grossly misleading. The sentence in question was NOT for having an ounce and half of weed. It was for being a habitual criminal that showed his disregard for the law and his fellow citizens by not only possessing an illegal drug but for being a felon in possession of a firearm and more seriously for breaking and entering someone’s private home in order to commit a felon – to wit theft of property. This guy has proven himself a threat to the safety of the community repeatedly refused to follow the laws of his community. He deserves no sympathy for the position into which HE PLACED HIMSELF. Please stop with the sob-sister routine and clean up your headline.

    Thank you very much for your wonderful offering

  53. the propaganda machine of this idiotic industry never stops, there really are a lot of weak minded, addicted peasants out there who drink articles like this up

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