Mass Shootings

Do Mass Shootings Inspire More Mass Shootings? If So, What Can Be Done About That?

Both advocates and skeptics of the copycat theory recommend self-restraint by the news media.


In the last month, the United States has seen four mass shootings in public places that killed at least four people aside from the perpetrator, including yesterday's attack at a FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis. Prior to the Atlanta spa shootings on March 16, more than a year had elapsed without such a crime, which is the definition of public mass shootings used by the Congressional Research Service.

That pattern is consistent with data indicating that public mass shootings tend to happen in clusters, suggesting that one such crime makes others more likely. "One happens, and you see another few happen right after that," Hamline University criminologist Jillian Peterson noted in a 2019 interview with NPR.

A 2015 PLOS One study seemed to confirm that impression. Statistician Sherry Towers and her collaborators looked at 232 "mass killings" (defined as "incidents with four or more people killed") from 2006 through 2013, based on USA Today's database. They also considered 188 school shootings—defined as incidents on campus (including college campuses) during school hours, on school buses, or at school-related events (such as football games) in which at least one person was shot—from 1998 through 2013.

"We find significant evidence that mass killings involving firearms are incented by similar events in the immediate past," Towers and her co-authors reported. "On average, this temporary increase in probability lasts 13 days, and each incident incites at least 0.30 new incidents….We also find significant evidence of contagion in school shootings, for which an incident is contagious for an average of 13 days, and incites an average of at least 0.22 new incidents." The researchers did not find such evidence when they looked at a broader category of shootings that included attacks in which at least three people were injured or killed.

What is the mechanism of the "contagion" described in this study? Towers et al. say "stressed individuals may have, consciously or sub-consciously, been inspired to act on previously suppressed urges by exposure to details of similar events." They argue that "such contagious ideation is not implausible," since "vulnerable youth have been found to be susceptible to suicide ideation brought on by influence of reports and portrayal of suicide in mass media" and "media reports on suicides and homicides have been found to apparently subsequently increase the incidence of similar incidents in the community."

In a 2016 paper, Western New Mexico University psychologist Jennifer Johnston and graduate student Andrew Joy say "recent analyses of media coverage followed by copycat incidents," including the Towers study, "indicate a media contagion effect." Consistent with that hypothesis, other studies have "found that most shooters desired fame and wished to emulate a previous mass shooter." Johnston and Joy argue that "identification with prior mass shooters made famous by extensive media coverage, including names, faces, writings, and detailed accounts of their lives and backgrounds, is a more powerful push toward violence than mental health status or even access to guns."

Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox, a leading expert on mass shootings, is skeptical of that argument. "Some bunching just happens," he told The Washington Post in 2016. "Yes, there is some mimicking going on, but the vast majority of mass killers don't need someone else to give them the idea."

In a 2013 Homicide Studies article, Fox said there was a "paucity of hard evidence about the exact magnitude of copycatting." But he also noted that "there are many curious examples of copycat offending," including the series of shootings by U.S. Postal Service workers that began in 1986, which gave rise to the expression "going postal." He also cited the perpetrator of the 2012 attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, who reportedly was "obsessed" with the mass shooter who had killed 77 people in Norway the previous year.

"Whatever the extent of imitation," Fox wrote, "it is important that media coverage not obsess over large and especially record-setting body counts and avoid the tendency to sensationalize already sensational events….There is a critical distinction between shedding light on a crime and a spotlight on the criminal."

University of North Carolina sociologist Zeynep Tufekci likewise argues that news organizations should exercise restraint in covering mass shootings. "I am increasingly concerned that the tornado of media coverage that swirls around each such mass killing, and the acute interest in the identity and characteristics of the shooter—as well as the detailed and sensationalist reporting of the killer's steps just before and during the shootings—may be creating a vicious cycle of copycat effects similar to those found in teen and other suicides," she writes in a 2012 Atlantic article.

Tufekci notes that news outlets changed the way they covered suicides in the hope of weakening the copycat effect—for example, by omitting the word suicide from headlines, by refraining from describing the method of suicide, and by not portraying it as "an inexplicable act of an otherwise healthy person." She suggests that similar self-restraint could help prevent clusters of mass shootings.

Some of Tufekci's specific recommendations are debatable. She suggests, for example, that information about "which guns exactly were used" should not be reported. Yet that information is of keen interest to people on both sides of the gun control debate, especially because politicians and activists always react to mass shootings by pushing the firearm policies they already favored, such as "assault weapon" bans and expanded background checks for gun buyers. The relevance of such proposals is hard to evaluate without knowing what weapon was used or how the perpetrator obtained it.

Tufekci's recommendation that there should be "no reporting of the killer's words or actions before or during the shooting" is similarly problematic, especially when those words and actions illuminate the shooter's motivation. When a killer might have been driven by racism or anti-Semitism, for instance, interest in the views or sentiments he expressed goes beyond morbid curiosity or sensationalism and is legally relevant when prosecutors are contemplating hate crime charges (whether the law should allow such charges is another matter).

Tufekci also suggested that mass shooters' social media accounts should be taken down right away, which has since become common practice, and that perpetrators' names should not be immediately revealed. The latter recommendation, insofar as it implies that police should withhold that information "for weeks" (as Tufekci suggests), seems inconsistent with principles of transparency and accountability, since we are talking about public records concerning newsworthy events with implications for public safety.

But the fact that such information is available does not mean it has to be included in every article about a mass shooting. Likewise with photographs of mass shooters. I try to do my own small part by omitting the perpetrator's name and picture when I write about mass shootings, which has been my practice in recent years. When the subject is something like the wisdom of public policy solutions proposed by politicians, there is no need for those details. And even in straightforward news coverage, reporters and editors really should be thinking about how often and how conspicuously they need to name and show the mass shooter.

More generally, the sheer volume of coverage that tends to follow mass shootings not only makes the perpetrators more famous; it creates a distorted sense of how often these crimes occur. Despite the impression left by the attention they receive, mass shootings remain rare events that account for a tiny share of annual gun homicides, and policies proposed in response to them may be ill-suited to the broader problem. Leaving aside the illogic of "assault weapon" bans, for example, they plainly have nothing to do with run-of-the-mill gun homicides, which overwhelmingly involve ordinary handguns (which are also the type of weapon most commonly used in mass shootings, including some of the deadliest).

In addition to cautioning against obsessive coverage of mass shooters, Tufekci argues that "the intense push to interview survivors and loved ones in their most vulnerable moments should be stopped," which "may help reduce the sense of spectacle and trauma." That too is more a matter of proportion, tone, and emphasis than a yes-or-no question. But if the news media contribute to the copycat effect by dwelling on the suffering of victims and relatives, so do the activists and politicians who endlessly highlight those stories while pushing firearm restrictions.

That is another reason (in case we needed one) to emphasize logic and evidence rather than emotional appeals in debates about gun control. Public officials could do their part by not reflexively pushing their pre-existing agenda after every mass shooting, even when the details of the crime are still unclear or make the supposed solution irrelevant. But if expecting self-control by click-hungry journalists seems unrealistic, expecting politicians to think before they speak is an even taller order.

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  1. Now do drug gangs in any city. Ending the drug war would have the same effect as the end of the war on booze.

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    2. Data support that. The 1911 Chinese revolt was prohibitionist and ramped up U.S. prohibitionism with the Harrison Act in Feb 1914 as signatures gathered on the Hague Opium Convention. By amazing coincidence some communist or nationalist youth shot a German bigwig, and the world’s largest heroin producer had the pretext it needed for a shooting war to delay ratifications. An earlier Chinese boycott in 1903 had brought on the Pure Food and Drug Law, which was thinly-veiled prohibitionism. Coercion begets coercion.

  2. The media could stop letting people know if they shoot up something with the ‘right’ type of gun they will be famous forever

  3. You gotta find something to talk about and since “Russia, Russia, Russia” seems to be off the table, mass shootings it is. Just think if Trump was still President, none of these shootings would have happened. Hope you’re happy.

    1. WK will be here soon to define (without the sarc) exactly how Trump caused these shootings!

      1. He’s the worst. It would be ironic if we were brutally slaughtered by antifa after trying to declare his loyalty to them.

    2. Lol what? How do you figure “Bump Stock Ban” Trump would have stopped these shootings?

  4. Wow if there was only something that gives people a purpose for living and stops making them see their fellow humans as targets.

    It’s not leftism, it’s not wokism, and it’s not voting democrat.

    1. You mean like a steady job and a family to raise?
      Are you like 300 years old or something?

    2. People are more lost and unhappy then ever, that’s why this happens more and more. A thousand trends from social media to politics being in absolutely everything. From having to walk on eggshells thanks to cancel culture everywhere you look to cell phone addiction. From the trendiness of being an activist as opposed to just living your own life while minding your own business. Of course also the effect the lock downs have had on depression due to diminished real human contact. To the economic aspect of the lockdowns spreading justified widespread fear over people’s financial well being. To watching society unravel as law and order degrades into woke mob rule. Is anybody honestly surprised?

      1. Yeah, I see these shootings as a reflection of our society’s desire for fame through 24 hr news and social media combined with the alienation you describe. Nowadays, lots of younger people grow up thinking that the world owes them something, and when they can’t get it, they lose their shit.

    3. Pornography to the rescue!

      Has any mass shooter ever been determined to have rubbed one out in the hour preceding the killing? The release eases the tension that drives the shooters.

      Pun intended.

  5. It’s just violent white supremacists emboldened by their “victory” in the last election.

  6. I’ve observed the apparent “cluster effect” several times; no “mass” shootings for a year or more, then several in succession. And media coverage [as in “news”] is one thing, but gratuitous sensationalization is another.

    Not that any of this will ever change. Perhaps if more of them could be captured alive and drawn and quartered, or slowly burned at the stake? Now that might have a deterrent effect.

    1. More severe punishment never has made a country more civilized. It generates more cruelty, insurrection and civil war. The US should try to become more civilized and stop using so much violence. Remove the weapons and deescalate in your society. But I am not optimistic because of the aggressiveness of US culture. It is more likely you will destroy yourselves, just hope you don’t take the world with you.

      1. Keep hoping the end of the US proves your world perspective correct, meanwhile, the US will move through these issues without the need for mass prohibition just as it has in the past.

  7. “Whatever the extent of imitation,” Fox wrote, “it is important that media coverage not obsess over large and especially record-setting body counts and avoid the tendency to sensationalize already sensational events…”

    We’re pretending there’s not an agenda.

    1. If it bleeds, it leads. Sensationalism sells.

  8. Nice definition. Who got to pick the number four?
    Is there a link to the study showing it is an actual thing, and not the result of a die roll?
    How many of the ‘mass’ shootings were gang related (drugs or otherwise)?
    How many could have been stopped at one or two if the second amendment were actually followed?
    Who is John Galt?

  9. Do Mass Shootings Inspire More Mass Shootings? If So, What Can Be Done About That?

    Switch to directed energy weapons?

  10. Funny how the FBI always know these guys.

    1. Yeah, quite the coincidence, isn’t it?

    2. like tsarnevs in boston. France warned them to not let muslim terrorists in and they did.

      Barack Obamas Boys.

  11. Inspire? Like the media inspires people with false reporting?

  12. other studies have “found that most shooters desired fame

    Other studies? People seriously need multiple studies to figure out something that obvious?

  13. I proposed a solution for this years ago. No slander suits allowed for anything written about a mass killing or attempted killing if admitted to or caught in the act.

    A media blitz on the Georgia Massage Parlor guy’s micropenis or the FedEx shooters extensive collection of stool samples of the rich and famous that he regularly feasted upon would dissuade any copycats.

    If every killing spree was followed by a parade of humiliating revelations true of false, it would stop immediately.

    1. Your idea is stupid.

      Just like your deeply held religious beliefs.

      1. Actually a good idea. Dishonor, disrespect, and ridicule would be a deterrent.

      2. You’re stupid. And a traitor too.

    2. Remember how fast they put down The Oklahoma Bomber? He was as successful as the 9/11 terrorists and you don’t hear much about him. They never put any of these mass shooters down. They should. If they paraded them through the streets then publicly hung them, you may just deter one or two.

      1. Here you go

        Suspected FedEx shooter was part of My Little Pony ‘brony’ subculture [link]

  14. The most important thing to bear in mind is that the facts the U.S. has the most guns per capita and the most gun deaths per capita are IN NO WAY RELATED. IT’S A PURE COINCIDENCE. NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER. WE ACTUALLY WOLD HAVE FEWER GUN DEATHS IF WE HAD **MORE** GUNS.

    With that accepted, we can go back to agreeing that we shouldn’t do anything, because the BABY JESUS WANTS US ALL TO HAVE LOTS OF GUNS.

    1. Ching! Collect your $.50.

      1. Where do I sign up for that Soros $?

        You’re on the dole so you shouldn’t criticize people doing honest work.

        1. Asshole flag!

    2. You’re lying. The US doesn’t have the highest gun deaths per capita.

      1. Brazil out guns us. We need to close the murder gap.

        1. Well, that is something you don’t hear often enough.

        2. Thirtieth when you factor out suicides. Those don’t count, as there are dozens of substitute methods and e gun isn’t the actual basis for the suicide. Just a convenient instrument.

    3. Both of your “facts” are false. There are dozens of countries with much higher rates of murder per 100,000 population than the U.S. Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua are three that come to mind. Those three have murder rates in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 per hundred thousand, while the U.S. is around 4.2.

      1. Yes, and they don’t have very good crime reporting either. Imagine if they could actually document with accuracy.

    4. Let’s go London style, stabbings are much better.

    5. Um, gun ownership is actually much lower in the US than it was in the 1960s when the population was more rural and hunting more popular-but mass shootings almost never happened until 1966, and didn’t really become common until late 1990s. It’s true that there are more guns owned by a smaller number of people now, but these aren’t the mass shooters.

      1. And Whitman, “The Texas Tower Sniper” in Austin showed just how effective a normal, everyday hunting rifle can be. He was scoring hits at 500 yards from an elevated platform.
        I’ll bet you that less than 10% of police SWAT snipers with modern rifles could score hits like that without using a ballistics computer to set the holds.

        1. yep bc they are wannabees

    6. You wanna not worry about getting shot in the US? It’s pretty damn easy actually. Stay away from the inner city ghettos. It’s literally that easy. Your odds of randomly dying in a mass shooting or by some deranged asshole you don’t even know are statistically negligible. The murder rates in the suburbs or rural areas is practically non existent.

      1. awwwww dats RAYCISS!!

    7. Since 1993 the incidence of gun violence has constantly declined, while gun ownership has constantly increased. Correlation is not causation, but ANTI correlation is proof of a lack of causation. Hence, with absolute certainty, increased gun ownership does not cause increased gun deaths.

  15. The way to stop mass shootings is for every adult to be armed. How much you wanna bet the FedEx facility is gun free?

    1. Of course it is.
      One of the victims was killed running to his car to get his gun to stop the asshole.

  16. Names kept secret, of both killer and defense lawyers. Photos of the killers (live or dead) with faces Greeked out. Motive given in broad, general terms (“racism” rather than reporting their whole platform).

    1. I think I like Chuck’s idea above, and we should expand it to the reported motive of every mass shooter: Little Dick Syndrome.

      Kill at least four people? The motive is automatically LDS. You don’t get your preferred racial propaganda repeated. And it’s not like it’s needed in sentencing for multiple homicides anyway.

      1. Are you anti or pro lds?

        1. Asshole flag 2!

        2. I’m anti murder. And I’m all for it being as embarrassing as possible to be a murderer, even for murderers who know they’re gonna die at the end of their spree. If they’re doing it for fame, let them be de-incentivized to seek fame this way.

          1. If your Mormon it’s not murder to kill you.

            Mormons aren’t people so it’s ok to kill them.

            1. No. PROGRESSIVES aren’t people, or really even human. You have no souls. So anything done to you is ok. As you are merely a soulless, unclean thing.

    2. I’ve always got money to put in the pool saying that the as-yet-unnamed perp is a mystical fanatic. If it isn’t some redneck with green teeth killing for Jesus, or some saracen berserker eager to please Mohammed, I lose my bet. But I find no takers.

      1. Probably because you have no friends. You’re a weirdo. I went to your website. You’re even weirder there, and it clearly is you. Your distinctive, bizarre phrasing, religious bigotry, and unrestricted abortion enthusiasm are in full display.

  17. You know who else initiated mass shootings which inspired other ones?

  18. Remember kids 76.98405% of statistics are made up on the spot.

  19. Interesting to note: there were 7 mass shootings during Trump’s administration from November 2017 to August 2019 — that’s almost 24 months; while there have ALREADY been 4 FOUR mass shootings since Inauguration Day of the wh res & his regime has not even reached that despicably ‘magic’ 100?days. Are the liberal socialist communist Ds aggravating mass shootings so they can enact a gun control law & get rid of the 2nd Amendment without going through the proper procedures, which they prefer not to do (liberal socialist communist Ds prefer cheating) or are there a Lot of depressed people out there who just plain don’t like this controlling regime? The former or the latter? I believe it’s both!! This regime will destroy America, so shooters are doing the job for him!!

    1. Are they counting the one in SC?

      1. Well, according to Wikipedia, there have been 25 in just April, with 40 deaths + 95 injured. That’s defining “mass shooting” as 4 or more people shot.
        Only 5 incidents had multiple fatalities:
        -April 3rd; 3 dead, 4 injured at a house party in Wilmington, NC
        -April 5th: 6 dead in a murder-suicide pact between 2 brothers who took out their family in Allen, TX
        -April 6; 4 dead when a man murdered his ex and her 3 children in NYC
        -April 7; 7 dead in an inexplicable mass shooting by Philip Adams in Rock Hill, SC
        -April 7; 2 dead, 2 injured in a gas station shooting in Milwaukee
        -April 15; 9 dead, 7 injured in Indianapolis

        1. At a glance, there seem to be 4 types: gang/conflict related, familial, law enforcement confrontation, and random/terrorism.

        2. Oh wow, Pareto strikes:

          40 deaths from 25 incidents
          5 incidents account for 31 deaths
          78% of fatalities from 20% of the incidents

          1. 80%/20% rule…
            In a former life, 80% of our sales came from 20% of the AEs; holds close where nearly any results can be quantified from the actors.

            1. Just funny to see it appear here

              1. Not really. Pareto distribution generally tends to occur when there are multiple causative factors which are themselves somewhat correlated rather than completely independent. So they tend to reinforce or diminish each other

        3. They report it two ways though. Some call a mass shooting, 4 or more shot. Some call a mass shooting 4 or more killed. If you go by, “4 or more shot”, Chicago had 52 last year. This year is looking like it will surpass last year. Summer is coming!

          1. Yea, but it’s ridiculous to define “mass shooting” by the number of fatalities rather than number shot.
            Some dude murders his family of 4 in their home and it counts as a mass shooting, but a gangbanger sprays and prays a crowded sidewalk, hits 20 but kills no one, and that’s not a “mass shooting”?
            The term “mass shooting” itself is unnecessary, but useful as political propaganda.

    2. Over 160,000 people died from the China virus in the first 80 days of the SleepyJoe regime.

      1. Correction, 160,000 died WITH Kung Flu not from.
        We have no idea how many actually died from the dreaded Wuhan Wipeout.

    3. If Republican rednecks with green teeth weren’t so eager to bully girls with coathanger laws, you lot could still be in the limelight being blamed for everything. Sad.

      1. Oh fuck off. You’re a baby killer enthusiast piece of shit. You’re not even a real libertarian.

        Babies have rights too. One of them is the right to stay alive.

  20. “…That pattern is consistent with data indicating that public mass shootings tend to happen in clusters, suggesting that one such crime makes others more likely. “One happens, and you see another few happen right after that,” Hamline University criminologist Jillian Peterson noted in a 2019 interview with NPR…”

    Correlation =/= imply causation; gonna need more *specific* data to go with this.


    Why is it that mass shootings are peaking in the 3rd Obama term?

  22. Meanwhile:

    BREAKING: FBI Director Wray finally admits to House Intel Committee that Antifa is ‘a movement with local and regional nodes who commit violent attacks’

    1. no shit dick tracy! theyre finally figuring it out!

  23. Off-topic:

    “Prosecutors secure first guilty plea in Capitol riot cases”
    (nope, it’s not the cop who shot the unarmed protester in the face)
    “Jon Schaffer, a member of the Oath Keepers, pleaded guilty to unlawfully entering Congress and obstructing an official proceeding….”

    Pretty sure Arlo Guthrie had is as “…and causing a disturbance…”.
    Pathetic; we are 4-months along and the prosecutors managed to threaten a protester with enough bullshit charges that the defense attorney suggest a guilty plea FOR ONE PERSON?!
    Other than the TDS-addled lefty assholes here, who is willing to take this seriously.
    Like turd, the prosecutor here seems too stupid to accept the obvious re-faced embarrassment.


    ???????? We are working at the limit, they said.
    ???????? It’s the worst pandemic in human history, they said.
    ???????? Our profession should be taken more seriously, they said.

    Enjoy this awkward dance video of the University Hospital of @kieluni and @UniLuebeck financed with taxpayers’ money. [Video]

    1. theyre twitching at the end of a rope called “Obama Care.”

      THIS is health care rationing when the Socialist system collapses!

      The System is NOT the solution!


    According to a BJS report from 2016, 90% of crimes committed with a firearm involve firearms that were obtained illegally.

    The reason that people point this out is because the law clearly didn’t stop these people from getting a gun.

    1. especially when the Police are giving them the guns.
      It couldnt be ” gun buy BACK” Unless the cops sold them to criminals in the first place.

      The CJC (Criminal Justice Complex) livescon bloid and money. No crime? No jibs!

  26. The media is not going to suppress stories/info that leads to clicks. Readers are not going to suppress their desire to click on all the gory details.

    This isn’t really about mass shootings. It’s about Americans in a technological world that enables us to follow our bliss. Apparently virtue is not our bliss.

    1. “It’s about Americans in a technological world that enables us to follow our bliss.”

      I think I agree. There’s something the coverage tends to miss entirely. There mass shootings are fun. They are the ultimate Diesney ride.

      1. Someone’s asking for a visit from the FBI.

  27. Yet again Sullum shows his true colors. You can “restrain the media” starting with yourself.

    1. Readers will observe the typical lying fallacy of equivocation. The SELF-restraint advocated by people whose writing Sullum is reporting on is different from the forcible restraint of others.

  28. People who are irrational don’t perceive reality like those who are rational. It’s unlikely that a mass murderer has altruism in mind, though they might think they do.

    Instead of censoring the irrational logic of these people, we should expose and illustrate where their reasoning is faulty.

    They should see that their “fame” will be a demonstration of their feeble reasoning. Their thoughts will be publicly ridiculed for all time.

    1. I doubt that. Here are a few examples:
      “Hands up don’t shoot”
      “I can’t breathe”
      “He was just trying to drive away with his kids”
      “I can’t breathe II”
      “He liked Sponge Bob and wanted to be a cop”

      1. He went to get some Skittles.

      2. Do either of you think that you were responding to my post?

        I don’t see any connection.

        1. Those are examples of fake news that many, many people believe, that valorize the ‘victims’. The MSM makes up a narrative and it’s hard to rebut. So people emulate these thugs.

          1. No kidding. I never would have made that connection.

            There are people who think that someone saying “I can’t breathe” while being choked out, who dies from the choking, was lying.

            Talk about feeble mental gymnastics.

        2. Reason commenters seemingly can’t resist being racist bootlicking shitheads.

  29. Actually, working at a distance has become very profitable these days, especially with the pandemic Corona that afflicts the world. It has become more young people going to work via the Internet, whether through Twitter or Facebook newsytop

  30. Actually, working at a distance has become very profitable these days, especially with the pandemic Corona that afflicts the world. It has become more young people going to work via the Internet, whether through Twitter or Facebook newsytop


  31. Maybe showing the killers with their heads blown off and shitted pants would be a better message to communicate to these confused mfers? Make that their public google image.

    1. Or that.

    2. Make plunder more difficult, painful, and if necessary, more deadly than labor, and that includes plunder of the lives of rational beings. Frédéric Bastiat said it best.

  32. When our FF gave us the right to bear arms, a typical weapon was the Charleville musket. Two shots per minute and a range of around 50 yards. If we ban both hand guns and high powered rifles with automatic features, but give everyone who wishes the right to purchase a modern replica of the Charleville, gun deaths would drop,. My guess is this guy would have missed with his first shot, then could have been easily tackled before getting off his second one.

    1. Only if you limit the press to an 18th C printing press and no electronic media, and the government to no Dept of Ed, HHS, etc.

    2. They were state of the art infantry weapons meant to defend against tyranny.

      Today the tyrants have drones, killer robots and spy on every aspect of our lives.

    3. Your retarded twitter talking point has no power over people who aren’t complete faggots, like yourself.

    4. The Founding Fathers didn’t give us our individual rights. They fought for the recognition of our individual rights, which are a product our nature as rational animals who require thought, productive effort, keeping and using the fruits of our labor, and defense of these to survive.

      Taking any kind of weapons away only disarms the peaceful and law-abiding, not thugs bent on murder and mayhem. That applies here with mass shootings as well.

      1. Bravo

    5. our FF gave us the right to bear arms

      They did no such thing. The right to self-defense is intrinsic to our humanity. Without it, all other rights are moot.

      The second amendment makes no presumption that it grants the right. It acknowledges it as already existing, and forbids the government from infringing it.


    6. They gave us nothing; we already had rights. This was the first government that recognized them. Standard performance with a musket was one shot every 15 seconds with a .75 inch ball, continuous. In addition, you’re a moron.

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  34. Another odd coincidence from a single shooting. Herschel Grynszpan was Jewish AND Polish and shot a Nazi diplomat 07NOV1938. U.S. Republicans promptly swept the elections 2 days later and after another 2 days of Kristallnacht violence in altruist Germany and Austria, it became illegal for anyone Jewish to buy, own or have any kind of small arms. Some shootings may me unequal and apposite reactions to Kleptocracy coercion, others possibly self-sacrificial attempts to stir up hatred and get rid of a Bill of Rights Amendment.

  35. this is caused by violent POLICE STATE programming on TV.

    The model shown is that the solution to every problem is cops waving guns around and shooting people.

    That Police drama filth wasnt on TV ” back in the day” when this was unheard of.

    1. “this is caused by violent POLICE STATE programming on TV”

      I doubt this. Do you know anything about video games? One genre is called ‘first person shooter’ in which the player goes about killing anything that moves until the player is him/her self killed. Sound familiar?

      These first person shooter games are extremely popular. Imagine how much more compelling it would be to replicate the fun and excitement in real life with real guns killing real people. Especially if you are planning on topping yourself anyway, What a wonderful way to go out in a blaze of glory.

  36. I know what won’t fix the problem, doing the same thing we always do. The Definition of insanity is expecting a different result while doing the same thing.

    Listen Gun Laws need to be hardened. Conservatives saying don’t touch our guns and liberals saying we need gun control doesn’t do a damn thing. We have laws on the books and they aren’t working. Time to either fix the laws or accept this is going to happen in the land of the free.

    1. Guns are tools used by people.

      We need people laws to be hardened.

    2. Or we could recognize that within statistical analysis there are always blips or groupings and these particular groupings need nothing special in response. This too shall pass.

  37. Gun Violence Archive counts 149 Mass Shooting events in 2021 to date, while the media go frenetic about 4 clustered events after Biden is elected. The very quit billions in Biden’s infrastructure bill, directed towards evidence-based community violence prevention COULD have an impact on crime and violence, if not overshadowed by gun control objectives. The most successful programs, like Operation Cease-Fire, do, however, target largely inner-city minority violence with heavy-handed police action. Such programs are not consistent with de-finding of police, and de-policing by police, so expect those billions to be frittered away and meaningless gun control measures to fail.

  38. Israel solved this problem a generation ago. The reason that Hamas switched from trying to shoot up shopping malls to lobbing half-assed rockets from Gaza is that enough Israeli citizens routinely carry that perps were typically dispatched to hell almost immediately.

    Shit happens, and when it does it’s better to be prepared than unprepared. If you want to defend yourself and innocent people around you from deranged attackers, carry concealed and be sure you have trained yourself well enough to hit your target.


    1. I guess that an entitlement when one is the oppressor in an occupied apartheid state.

      1. Go fuck yourself, Adolf.


  39. After the Christchurch Mosque attacks the NZ media voluntarily decided to not use the gunmans name or show his photo. Not in a Voldermort, we are afraid to say his name but in a we-will-not-give-this-piece-of-shit-any-publicity-or-recognition.

    Still refered to as “the Christchurch shooter” rather than his name over two years later.

    A good thing to do I think

  40. I still believe we could do a lot to reduce spree shooter events by asking/encouraging the media to precede absolutely every mention of a spree killer’s name with the words “pathetic loser”.

    It would go a long way to set the proper tone if people heard “In [whatever] city today, pathetic loser Kevin McDipstick went on a rampage at the local [church/school/store], killing six people and taking his own life.”. I might even be okay with providing monetary incentives to media outlets for such framing.

  41. If there were a decades-long epidemic of alligator attacks killing tens of thousands of Americans per year, every single one of you would be 100% in favor of getting rid of the goddamn alligators. Locking them up forever, at least.

    Talking about anything else is ignoring the obvious, because you’re brainwashed.

    1. No reason to get rid of alligators. We would encourage people to exercise their natural right of self defense and go armed when in alligator territory.

      You are not very good at this.

      1. I like how you sincerely believe something this insane and then think that you won the debate with it. Makes me have real faith in humanity.

        1. So you’re saying we wouldn’t teach people how to navigate around and defend themselves in alligator territory? And that by doing so we would show humanity to be horrendous?

          Fucking idiot.

  42. The real question is do shit eating law suits beget more shit eating law suits. Look at shit eating Crump extorting twentyseven mill out of the stupid dems for starters. But this takes the cake.

    Kyle Rittenhouse, Facebook and militia groups to face lawsuit over fatal shootings at Jacob Blake protest

    1. Why can’t we just move on from the murders of black people, right?

      Not the murders, just the talking about it. And the suing. How dare people sue over murder? What do they think this place is, a charity?

      The murders of black people is the whole point of being a god-fearing conservatard merkin anyway! We should have camps for them already!

      Small government traditional values, etc.

      1. Let us know next time BLM organizers get held accountable in lawsuits for the damages done in their name and we can compare and contrast. Until then, in a country with freedom of speech and what not, only those directly responsible bear any responsibility.

  43. The media know perfectly well that their sensationalized reporting induces copycats.
    Another example is that by emphasizing Asian victims a few weeks ago they inspired anti-Asian assaults.
    This is their intention, to manipulate mass behavior toward their own political ends.

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