Police Abuse

Body Camera Footage Shows a Chicago Cop Shooting a 13-Year-Old Boy Who Had His Hands Up

Prosecutors initially suggested that the boy had a gun in his hand, but the government walked that back today.


Body camera footage released Thursday shows a Chicago police officer shooting a 13-year-old boy who appeared to have his hands up. The victim, identified as Adam Toledo, was killed on March 29.

"Hey, show me your fucking hands!" the officer yells as he chases the teen down an alley. Toledo complies and is then shot. "Look at me, look at me. You all right?" the officer says. Toledo was later pronounced dead.

The video, embedded below, is graphic.

Early that Monday morning, police were called to address eight gun shots—detected by the Chicago Police Department's ShotSpotter technology—that went off in the Little Village neighborhood. Ruben Roman, 21, was seen on surveillance firing the rounds; when police arrived, Roman was arrested while Toledo fled.

Prosecutors initially suggested Toledo had a gun in his hand when the officer shot him, but the state's attorney's office walked that back today.

"An attorney who works in this office failed to fully inform himself before speaking in court," said Sarah Sinovic, a spokesperson for the Cook County state's attorney, according to Chicago's WGN-TV. In a bond hearing for Roman, that attorney erroneously claimed that the cop told Toledo "to drop it as [Toledo] turns towards the officer. [Toledo] has a gun in his right hand." That isn't what the body camera footage implies: A slowly rendered version of the clip shows Toledo dropping a gun and raising both of his hands in the air, after which point he was shot in the chest.*

In a press conference, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that "there is no evidence whatsoever that Adam Toledo shot at the police." She added that the officer "sprang into action to try to revive" the boy, and she asked for the city to remain calm.

The shooting follows Sunday's fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. In that case, Officer Kim Potter says she mistook her taser for her gun before delivering the fatal shot. She immediately resigned and now faces second-degree manslaughter charges.

In 2020, 55 unarmed people were shot and killed by police, according to The Washington Post.

*CORRECTION: The original version of this article did not mention that Toledo dropped a gun prior to raising his hands, which was reported by Chicago's WGN-TV after publication.

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  1. “Hey man the little punk squirmed when I tried to strangle him; that’s resisting arrest!”

    Waiting for all of the usual troglodytes to show up now an “back the blue”…

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    2. Looks like a bad shoot. The one thing that would have made it kosher is if it was you they shot, and not this kid.

      1. Hey Sexless Stranger-Strangler… This book was written for YOU! Study up!

        To understand evil better (and to see that it SURE doesn’t lead to blessedness or happiness), read M. Scott Peck, “People of the Lie, the Hope for Healing Human Evil”, https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0684848597/reasonmagazinea-20/
        People who are evil attack others instead of facing their own failures. Peck demonstrates the havoc these people of the lie work in the lives of those around them. He presents, from vivid incidents encountered in his psychiatric practice, examples of evil in everyday life.

        1. Were you one of his patients?

          1. Sexless Stranger-Strangler wants to strangle ALL of us, but it could NOT get ahold of me! So no, I was never a “patient” of Sexless Stranger-Strangler, fortunately! That (among other reasons) is why I keep my ID secret!

            (Also because of people like R Mac, who are would-be Jesus-killers ( Mahatma Gandhi-killers, Martin Luther King Jr.-killers, etc.) ) … ANYONE who makes R Mac (etc.) look bad, MUST be killed!

            To see full details of this sad phenomenon, see http://www.churchofsqrls.com/Do_Gooders_Bad/

            1. Sexless Stranger-Strangler

              haha. clever

              1. Yes, I’m sure you find SQRLSY to be funny. As you are almost a big an idiot as he.

            2. Strangulation is an extremely inefficient form of execution. And I have no interest in killing anyone. I would however be ok with YOU ending your own life.

              Most of us here are capable of having a civil discussion. It’s shitposting garbage like you, Buttplug, Tony, Redneck, Jeffy/DOL etc. that are the problem.

    3. Classy, SQLFKR. Your first instinct while others watch a kid get snuffed is make sure you get in first to mock them.

      You are the worst.

      1. It is kind of his thing. He did it with the other Minneapolis guy too.

        1. lol@people with tongue so deep in authoritarian asshole they know what dinner tasted like concern trolling

    4. I’m not backing the blue.

      No, I’m telling you Binion is an idiot.

      Meanwhile Chicago PD have released time stamped cop-cam showing that the kid was holding a pistol, and the time between that pistol becoming visible and the shot being fired is literally less than one second.


      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      The kid is dead and that cop’s life has been ruined.

      1. Meanwhile Chicago PD have released time stamped cop-cam showing that the kid was holding a pistol, and the time between that pistol becoming visible and the shot being fired is literally less than one second.

        I am not sure what you think this proves but it absolutely doesn’t absolve the cops of anything. They didn’t give him a chance to drop his weapon/comply with their commands before using deadly force. That’s an execution.

        Cop should go to jail.

        1. “I am not sure what you think this proves ”

          It proves that the decision to shoot was literally a split second decision.

          And If you know anything about human reaction time it indicates that the decision to shoot was made as soon as he saw the gun.

          It also proves that the headline of this articles could have also read “Body Camera Footage Shows a Chicago Cop Shooting a 13-Year-Old Boy Who Had Raised a Gun.” Because there is no way the gun goes from being held behind his tailbone to lying several feet away without him raising it up in his hand.

          I don’t know if things would have gone any differently if the kid had simply let the gun drop straight down. The cop may have already been committed to fire as soon as he saw a weapon.

          And I agree that’s not right. We certainly can train cops differently – explicitly tell them they need to wait until they get shot at before they can start shooting. But that is not what they are taught, and it is also not the standard that civilians are held to either. The standard is a judgement call about perception of a threat.

          Superhuman judgement and reaction speed, or 20/20 hindsight while calmly viewing a video is not the standard and never should be.

          1. Chicago is a shithole town that is run by a shitheel political machine that the residents tolerate if not explicitly endorse.

            Blame that cop all you want, but don’t think you all aren’t tainted too.

          2. My judgement: it depends greatly on what happened beforehand. If the kid had been actively shooting at the officer earlier, that would give him an explanation, though still not an excuse.

            There’s really no justification, as at the moment he was shot, the kid was doing exactly what the officer told him to do. At that point, how could he have avoided getting shot? If the answer is “nothing”, then that’s a large problem.

            1. Correcting myself. Youtube has a better quality video. At the time he was shot, it appears the kid was pretending to raise his hands, but had his gun in front of him, apparently pointed towards the police officer (this was actually censored at 1:09 of the video, as the blob on his head didn’t move with the camera).

              The answer is: no sudden movements, don’t hide the gun behind you and then suddenly bring it out, pointing at the officer.

              If he wanted to surrender, he should have stopped in the middle of the road and slowly raised his hands out wide. Just like you see in every TV show and movie.

          3. Tough when you are 13 running away from cops holding a gun. The cop does not want to die and the cop is well aware of how many cops are shot and killed. The 13 year old likely not so aware. Bad for all involved very bad.

          4. ThomasD says, “Because there is no way the gun goes from being held behind his tailbone to lying several feet away without him raising it up in his hand.”

            Not everyone has your disabilities as some are able to flick things with their wrists. You would make a bad juror.

        2. This is a really crappy opinion which places zero value on the cop’s life.

      2. The cop told him to drop the gun and hold up his hands. The kid did and the cop shot him anyway. The cop was hyped to the max and right at the edge. Calm, cool and collected he was not. He was scared shitless and ready to shoot.

        1. This is literally not true. Watch the video.

        2. I said it the other day in a Daunte Wright thread.

          Running from the cops should not warrant a death sentence. And neither should skydiving or mountaineering. But death is in the cards any time you engage in any of those activities. So while your death may indeed be a tragedy you cannot be absolved from at least some measure of responsibility.

          1. Presumably, being 13 and armed at 2:30 in the morning does not warrant such a sentence, either, but like you said, not an activity that is without risk.

      3. “Meanwhile Chicago PD have released time stamped cop-cam showing that the kid was holding a pistol, and the time between that pistol becoming visible and the shot being fired is literally less than one second.”

        Nope, don’t believe it. If you believe that you’ll believe anything.

      4. Well said.

  2. “An attorney who works in this office failed to fully inform himself before speaking in court,”

    I wonder if there’s a more concise way to say that.

    1. Sounds like he was fully qualified for his position.

  3. An attorney who works in this office failed to fully inform himself before speaking in court…

    Hey, no harm in trying, I guess. (Sans video, this would be gospel.)

  4. “An attorney who works in this office failed to fully inform himself before speaking in court,”

    And was immediately fired?

    1. “works”

    2. Promoted, once this blows over.

    3. You must not understand how Chicago works.

  5. What with all the armed gangs of thugs roaming around Chicago, you’re bound to get shot by one of them sooner or later.

    1. I was never shot there, but I always dressed in loose fitting clothing and a belt to keep my pants up.

    2. You calling CPD a gang of roaming thugs?!?

  6. Is there a gun in his right hand? It looks fuzzy. Mayor Lightfoot held a press conference, says that she watched the video, and did not say whether the gun was still in his hand when he was shot. You would think that would be a critical piece of information to clarify at a press conference. Nobody cares about your 13 year old kid, Lightfoot, stick to the damn facts.
    Either way, Michigan Avenue is going to get hit again tonight. Uhauls are being stolen or carjacked, preparations are being made.
    I’m in a Chicago death pool. This weekend, odds are, there will be 25 people killed and 90 shot.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7a9JzHCjNk
      This video clears it all up. He turned with the gun.

      1. He ain’t kidding, everyone. The video shows a gun in Toledo’s hand.

        The DA’s Office is throwing their officer under the bus. Seriously, go watch the video Talcum linked. From Fox 32 Chicago.

        1. The local news never supports the cops. For this incident, they knew they had to.

          1. I am boggled that the Cook County DA is not only throwing that cop under the bus with a complete fucking lie, but one of their own ADAs too.

            I would have my resignation papers in that fucking day, if I was the hapless bastard who my boss just told a judge that I was lying to them. Your credibility is everything to a criminal litigator. You see these people every day. No one trusts a liar. Not judges, not the jury, no one.

            We’re ripping apart at the seams.

        2. “The video shows a gun in Toledo’s hand.”

          Not by my eyes. Look at 1:24 in the video and he appears to have thrown it before turning around.

      2. So what do we think is more likely, Reason corrects themselves when they realize they’ve made a mistake, or keep pushing this narrative?

        1. Update at the bottom a day later. It is future vox bottom Binion. He did this earlier this week too.

          1. Did ENB ever correct herself after that atrocious take on a, IIRC, Maryland OIS? Where, “he was unarmed!” Turned into, “Oh yeah, this other angle shows the guy trying to shoot the cop with a handgun he dropped after he got out of the car and got shot.”

            1. It’s getting hard to keep track of what Reason gets wrong/lies about when it comes to stories about the narrative.

              1. No, it’s entirely predictable.

      3. Nice spot.

  7. >>In a bond hearing for Roman, that attorney erroneously claimed

    all sorts of shit to clear the state agent of murder.

  8. The strobe did the officer no favors, it alternately blindingly reflects back off the fence then drops into ambient low light.

    If you go unit by unit in the embedded video at 4 seconds (grab the marker and drag it) you get a shadow effect on the fence behind his hand at about shoulder height just as the light cuts out at 2:38:39-40 when Toledo is turning toward the officer and bringing his hand up. Then the light cuts out and you can’t see his hand clearly as he continues to turn. The shot breaks almost immediately after at 2:38:40.

    Given physiological response times, if the officer chose that moment to shoot, as Toledo is turning and bringing his hands, not visible, up, the first shot would have been basically impossible to stop. Given he stopped shooting immediately he was probably trying not to fire even as he did so.

    1. The strobe did the officer no favors, it alternately blindingly reflects back off the fence then drops into ambient low light.

      While I agree with this, the “gun” was clearly at shoulder height, pointing away, and going up. Bad shoot and should definitely lose his job, but totality of circs makes a murder conviction look improbable even without QI armor.

      1. makes a murder conviction

        A murder 1 conviction, that is.

      2. I think you are wrong. If the kid did not turn around with the gun, you would be right. If the kid has just dropped it before he turned around he would be alive. The kids was aware that the police were chasing him and he knew why, “shots fired”.
        When that kid turned, the officer is looking at hands, if that gun was in his hand when he turned the officer is guilty of nothing. There was already a “shots fired” call, that gun had just been fired at something or somebody, otherwise the officers would not be there. The officer has every right to believe that when the kid turned, he had intent to shoot. That officer did not have time for anything else. What was he supposed to do, wait until the gun was firing at him?

        1. Wrong where? Workplace accidents that don’t kill anyone happen all the time. People get fired for them all the time. Trained professionals should be held to a higher standard. Especially if we’re going to grant them QI, constitutionally-guaranteed pensions, multiple pensions across positions, etc. If the gun fell out of its holster, discharged, and killed the kid, he should be fired. Seems like a sensible and objective way to oppose police shootings *and* the goon squad/IL democratic machine.

        2. From the information available so far (including the bodycam video), there was no gun to drop. There might have been shadows that looked like a gun. But even granting the cop every benefit of doubt, you can’t drop a shadow.

          And yes, the cop is supposed to make a positive identification of a threat, not kill people just because there might be a threat.

          1. Go look at the video Talcum linked upthread. Then come back.

          2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7a9JzHCjNk

            Try this video. You are only paying attention to the narrative, not the truth.

            1. Yeah. Mad and Rossami are good people. They’ve just been lied to here.

              Christ, how could you continue working for Chicago P.D. after this? I don’t care how good the retirement package is. It ain’t worth dying for. And people will die now, rather than put themselves into a position where prompt violence of action would stop a criminal trying to kill them.

              1. Nobody wants to work there anymore. Nobody wants to live there anymore. Check out the CWB blog on Heyjackass, there are dozens of pages of outrageous crimes, mostly committed by people out on bail. My friends and family are there. They are all trying to get out. Even the most hardcore Chicago fans are fed up. Nothing is being reported, you have to look at neighborhood blogs to get an idea of how bad it is.
                This is about to get much worse. They lifted the larceny ceiling to $1000, retail crime exploded. They are now going to raise it to $2000, brilliant, huh?
                They don’t charge carjackers as adults. A kid can get caught carjacking NINE times before charges are filed. 1300 carjackings last year, this year will be worse.
                The Chicago PD is only clearing 10% of the murders there. It is a wonderful place to be if you are a murderer. Even if they are caught, they are out in less than a decade.

              2. Mad and Rossami are good people. They’ve just been lied to here.

                The lie is part of it. The other part is the answer to “Do you see or could you conceptualize a slippery slope between Adam Toledo, Harith Augustus, and Philando Castile?”

                1. I don’t know who Harith was.

                  Castile needed to: Not. Touch. His. Gun. I don’t care if Genius kept it in the same pocket he kept his credentials, or if Castile thought he was helping by fishing out his weapon. Don’t touch your gun on a traffic stop. If he was bright enough to do that, then tell the Officer.

                  (I’m personally batting 0.000 on what to do on a traffic stop while carrying. It’s happened twice. The first cop got pissed I mentioned right off the bat that I had a gun; the second got pissed I didn’t tell him at all I was carrying. Maybe they’re perpetually pissed, I dunno. Warnings on both, so they weren’t that mad, but at no time did I move anywhere near my weapon.)

                  Go back and watch Yanez’s bodycam footage. Yanez went from Officer Typical to OhMiGodThat’sAFuckingGun, fairly quickly. My guess is Castile was fairly baked, and didn’t realize he was fucking up. It’s tragic.

                  This kid? Doesn’t belong in that conversation, IMHO. Tamir Rice had cleaner hands than this kid.

                  1. And by bright enough, I meant: ‘bright enough to keep his gun in the same pocket as his wallet.’

                    I will put my keys in the same pocket as a holstered firearm I own, mainly to break up the outline, (and because I’m sometimes running out of pockets) and because i know that gun and holster won’t be at risk of getting caught on the keys and shooting a bullet. I.e., don’t do this with a Glock. Not that many of them will fit into a pocket while holstered.

                  2. The cop worsened the Castile situation by moving towards the front of the car. Move towards the back behind the B-pillar. If Castile had hostile intent, he’d have had to make some wierd trick shot behind his head the cop could easily have seen before shooting without losing a clear shot at Castile. Instead the cop moves towards the front of the car, making it easier for Castile to shoot him if he’d been so inclined, which increased the cop’s panicked state.

                  3. I don’t know who Harith was.

                    This kid? Doesn’t belong in that conversation, IMHO. Tamir Rice had cleaner hands than this kid.

                    OK, let me ask it another way; If Congress passed a law saying everyone caught with a weapon, but no CCW were to be executed on the spot, would you support such a law? If you thought the Mayor and the local DA would throw a cop under the bus for relatively whimsical political reasons, Constitutionality aside, what makes you think such a law would be used fairly and objectively?

                    1. Are you not gonna shoot if you think your life is in genuine danger? The suspect having a firearm invites the situation.

        3. “If the kid has just dropped it before he turned around he would be alive.”

          You contradict your own logic. Do you think that special ed kid was going to engage in a gun fight with the cop or that he used the fence to hide his attempted disposal. If the gun was in his hand then how did it end up where it was?

      3. ” but totality of circs makes a murder conviction look improbable even without QI armor.”

        QI would be irrelevant in a criminal case against the officer, as QI is immunity against civil liability.

        1. Fair but, what name would you give to the legal armor granted to cops (if only some) who shoot unarmed civilians (not necessarily/exactly this one)?

          1. Prosecutorial discretion?

            1. This exactly.

    2. I have to disagree. If you mean to stop and surrender, you stop and slowly raise your hands to the side. You don’t stop, turn around, hide the gun behind you, and quickly pull the gun up in front of you.

      The fact that the kid was hiding the gun behind him when the officer stopped was probably what killed him.

  9. I know it looks like he was completely innocent and it sounds like he was mentally handicapped but, I don’t care if he was whacked out on fentanyl and forging checks or violating a restraining order and reaching for a weapon, I can’t get outraged about this until someone can definitively clarify Toledo’s race.

    1. Why are we even talking about this? If the kid isn’t a BIPOC None of this matters.

  10. Who the fuck cares anymore?

    1. People who are against government sponsored and condoned murder.

      1. What about the 800 non-government sponsored murders committed in Chicago last year? Is anyone against those, or are those condoned?
        800 murders in Chicago last year, 4000 people shot. The cops killed 7 and shot 13.
        Are you sure the cops are the problem? The numbers state otherwise.

        1. Molly doesn’t give a shit about any of them, she’s a lying totalitarian bitch that begs the state to kill for her.

        2. I don’t see how the shooting of Toledo or the termination/trial does anything to prevent the 800 other murders. It’s not like cops had the other 800 at gunpoint and failed to pull the trigger. Given the decades of sub-33% clearance rates, it sounds like officers could stand less time practicing their shooting skills and more time practicing their detective skills.

          1. Running down an alley after shots fired, person turns toward you with a gun at shoulder level. What detective work would you do, Sherlock?

            1. The gun wasn’t in his hand. The video you posted above shows him dropping it behind the fence. Mistakes are made during ‘split second decisions’, no other industry would just throw up their hands and say “There’s nothing we can do.” as the ‘split second’ rationale was used to justify (e.g.) the shooting of Philando Castille.

              There are vast fields of research devoted to split second decision making, whether it’s splitting atoms or throwing touchdown passes, the process of reviewing the decisions in less-than-real time has shown to work and there’s no reason not to apply it to life-and-death situations. Accidents happen, but if you can’t make the right decision in the time it takes to stop your car, you should have your license revoked.

              1. Yeah, Mad. It dropped either because it did when he got shot, or he dropped it right at the split second he turned to put his hands up.

                This isn’t the NFL. It’s ridiculous to try and make calls based on literally split-second reactions, in the dark, where, if the cop gets it wrong, he gets shot at.

                I would have shot this kid too. (Not that I would have been chasing him in the first place.)

                1. The kid dropped it a split second before the shot, as far as I can tell.

                  This may be technically a bad shoot, but I’d actually give this officer a pass.

                  More than that. I feel bad for him. Shooting a 13 year old is going to stick with him. Not everyone comes back from that.

                  It’s a tragedy, but definitely not criminal on the officer’s part*.

                  *my humble opinion with the information available at present.

                  1. I find it encouraging when I see good critical thinking skills being displayed by someone with whom I rarely find common ground.

                    Then you had to go and ruin it below. What a cunt.

                    1. Inevitable. At this point assume any display of reasonableness is a feint.

                  2. You have to consider something else. The majority of the murders and shootings in Chicago are mostly located in two clusters of neighborhoods. This is the south end of one of them. In those areas, there is gunfire all night. I’ve been there at night, it is hairy. The north side of the city has very few shootings. They did go up last year though.
                    Ten cops were shot last year. The CPD has been getting shot at regularly. They are on edge. It is to be expected.
                    Those neighborhoods are war zones. You have to be crazy to be a cop there. They have lowered all standards to get the numbers they need. This is not going to get better.

                    1. Those neighborhoods are war zones.

                      Plenty of war zones where the standard is/was “Don’t fire until fired upon.”

                      On the flip side, I absolutely agree that if the officer hadn’t fired, arrested the kid, and secured the weapon without a loss of life, it’s entirely possible people (Reason among them) would be demonizing him for arresting a kid.

                    2. Yep. They hired Carl Gallagher, for Christ’s sake!

                  3. Agreed, this looks like a good shoot, or at least nor so bad as to justify criminal charges against the officer.

                2. This isn’t the NFL. It’s ridiculous to try and make calls based on literally split-second reactions, in the dark, where, if the cop gets it wrong, he gets shot at.

                  And this is pretty much my point. You don’t get better police officers and better policing by insisting on holding it to a lower standard than Monday Night Football.

      2. Oh, so you’re finally going to demand justice for Ashli Babbitt?

        1. Babbit has nothing to do with this. She doesn’t matter, Cupcake. Besides, she was an adult with kids, she should have considered that before she decided to be point man for the Larper’s failed assault.

          1. You really should back up your assertion of it being an assault. By this definition cops should be shooting rioters left and right at the blm riots.

            1. Don’t bother. He’s a stalking horse for Dee.

        2. Justice was fully served already for that.

          1. Yes. Trespassing as a capital offense of youre white. Got it.

            Just say you don’t give a shit unless it helps you politically.

            1. No one wants to play your silly little game where you pretend that members of the immediate chain of command from the president weren’t just on the other side of those doors, that the mob hadn’t been chanting and screaming about hanging these same lawmakers, and that Babbit and the rest weren’t warned verbally, shown the guns that she would be shot with, and that she didn’t still persist when even the other traitors around her got the message.

              1. the other traitors around her got the message

                For someone who claims to have a military background, you don’t seem to know what that word means, you mendacious twat.

                1. He is a piece of shit.

                2. He does have a military background.

              2. Game of truth? Did you even bother to read the DoJ explanation? Please tell us how trespassing is a capital offense yet you cry for murder 2 when someone dies of drugs resisting arrest

                Youre just a piece of shit stolen Valor. Politics rule your mind.

                1. He isn’t a stolen valor case. He was in Group. Disagree, argue all day, but stop with the stolen valor crap. He has served, he has fought in Afghanistan. He is a qualified SF combat diver and served on a dive team.

                  1. members of the immediate chain of command from the president weren’t just on the other side of those doors

                    I’ve never heard a veteran refer to the line of succession as the chain of command.

                    1. Oh brother. That proves it, you got him. Where did you serve and when, that you have such a keen eye for fake veterans?
                      To all you guys. There is a guy named Shipley. He has a website dedicated to catching fake Navy SEALS and the like. He is all over youtube, he has been doing it for years. He looks into green berets claims too. Why don’t you contact him? You are going to lose. I can guarantee it.
                      While we are at it, what units/MOS/jobs did you guys hold? We can run that through Shipley too. That way, we are all above board. Let’s do this.

                    2. Is it common for veterans to confuse chain of command and line of succession or not?

                    3. Perhaps you have little experience with veterans. Do you walk up to veterans on the street and call them phonies? Probably not. Then why do it here with no way of either of you knowing? I called DOL out a few weeks back, and he proved his service to me. You don’t know who I am so why don’t we bring in an expert?
                      That man saw combat with Special Forces. Prove your service or shut your man-pleaser.

                    4. I will tell anybody claiming to be a vet that he is at best a fucking retard if he thinks Nancy Pelosi in his chain of command.

                    5. Just to be clear, I didn’t question whether he served. What I questioned was how a veteran can be so fucking dishonest as to refer to what anyone did on January 6 as traitorous. Veterans should known better than anyone else what actual treason is. Treason gets soldiers killed. It is a betrayal by people who others are depending on to protect their lives. Traitors deserve to get hanged.

                      Benedict Arnold was an excellent general, better than his superiors. His disobedience of an order to withdraw — he attacked instead, was critical to our victory at Saratoga. But then he decided the other side had a better offer. His name deservedly still stands as substitute for treason.

                      Reckless use of epithets like nazi and traitor diminish the words that refer to some of the most evil shit that has ever happened to meaninglessness. It needs to called out. It needs to stop.

                  2. “He isn’t a stolen valor case. He was in Group. Disagree, argue all day, but stop with the stolen valor crap. He has served, he has fought in Afghanistan. He is a qualified SF combat diver and served on a dive team.”

                    But, why should we believe you? For all we know, you are DOL. Prove that you’re not.

                    On the internet, no one knows I’m a dog. Or am I?

                    1. “For all we know, you are DOL. ”

                      And consider that he only materialized shortly after people corned Dee on his bullshit.

                    2. Cornered.

                      Which does not prove anything, but it sure is a coincidence.

      3. But enough about Ashli Babbit.

  11. This is what has always happened every time a government is taken over by looter collectivists using the initiation of force as a universal panacea for all ills–and tool for demanding obedience to rights-violating laws. Only mindless apes are attracted to such work, and liability for the laws that demand these apes commit murder rests with entrenched, tax-subsidized machine politicians. Naturally, these politicians sit secure behind assurances they “shall not be questioned.” This leaves only 2A as an avenue of appeal.

    1. Only mindless apes like this stupid idiot shooting the gun off?


    1. Keep up the good work, Reason, you’ll soon get that unaccountable federal police force imprisoning and murdering all those who dissent from the Global Socialist Wokers Party that you’ve always wanted.

      1. I found that video in about a minute. These assholes at Reason didn’t try to research anything. Mayor Lightfoot should have spoke the truth. She didn’t because she is a progressive piece of garbage.

        1. It wasn’t in their Twitter feed.

    2. “But his tweets were beyond the pale. I’m glad we don’t live in that dystopia where Trump said mean things sometimes anymore.”
      Hmm. I’m thinking that would look pretty good on the Reason masthead.

  12. Body cam == potato cam, I can’t see shit.

    1. James’s right. That twitter clip doesn’t show shit. The better quality bodycam feed in Talcum’s cited video upthread, shows a lot more. Like a gun in the kid’s hand.

      Gee, why wasn’t that clip tweeted?

      1. Because the filed this story. in red, POLICE ABUSE.

  13. Does anybody see Binion promoting a remedy for this?

    What’s the point of this article?

    Is he arguing for some policy change, or is this just anti-cop porn?

    1. The point of this to counter the narrative that if you comply with the cops then you will be ok. Cops don’t care if you comply or not, they are ok shooting you anyhow.

      1. Criminals are OK with shooting you too. It happens multiple times a day in that neighborhood. Live by the gun, you may just get shot.

      2. But he didn’t comply with the police. He ran from a shooting, then turn around suddenly and put his arm up, something easily mistaken for aiming a gun.

        1. The cops told him to stop, turn around, and put his hands up.

          1. No, he said, “hands”, “Let me see your Fn’ hands”. He should have dropped the gun and complied. He didn’t.

            You are incapable of the truth.

            1. I don’t see a gun in the video.

              1. Then you are blind or you are looking at the wrong video.

                1. He does not have a gun in his hands when he is facing the officer. There is a few frames of video that may so a gun before that. Dropping a gun and complying with officer’s instructions is not grounds to shoot them.

                  1. How many frames per second?

      3. That’s your point or his? Can you quote where he says that?

        I don’t see where he says that. I see outrage porn.


      4. You should go walk around little village, where the shooting was, at 3 am.

        1. Yes, it takes a village to raise a child. Just not “little village”. They raise themselves there.

      5. Running from cops isn’t complying you retarded fuck.

    2. The Chauvin trial would be porn. This would be a snuff film.

    3. He’s promoting chaos, Ken. A removal of authority from state and local PD, which—since we’re not going to go without cops—will then be vested in a national, Federal police force.

      And if Binion’s too stupid to see that’s the goal….well, then he’s perfect for writing for this magazine.

      1. I think this is just outrage porn.

        He’s trying to provoke outrage for the purpose of provoking outrage and nothing more.

        No call to end qualified immunity. No call for police to wear cameras. I don’t see a call for any policy anywhere.

        1. Ken, can’t you see that coverage like this helps serve their global point when it comes to American criminal justice? Binion doesn’t need to mention the goals in every piece of bullshit on the subject that he, Shackford, Davis and others have vomited forth over the last year.

          Their patron pays them to write articles that help rip this society apart. It isn’t—with the exception of Rommelmann’s outstanding reporting—written to decry violence. Or to advocate more Libertarian views. It’s done to lie, inflame, and divide.

          1. I guess they want riots.

            1. All I can tell them is that, should the shit truly hit the fan, their paymaster may be able to afford private security but they surely won’t.

              And there will be plenty of people who know just who it was fanning the flames.

              Nobody will miss them.

      2. a national, Federal police force.

        Whose primary focus will be to toss dissidents in jail if any SJW can be found to claim that said dissident hurt their feewings. They won’t give a shit about street crime.


    4. “What’s the point of this article?”

      Feeding the narrative like any good journolister. CBS even edited the video to remove the frame where the gun appears. This is clearly of a piece with an ongoing effort to sow further unrest.

      It certainly isn’t any sort of effort to promote or effect any actual change in the players who rune these shithole Democrat dominated municipalities where it all seems to happen.

  14. Note that the guy who fired the shots they were responding to wasn’t killed, because he didn’t run

    There’s a common thread in most of these things, that someone who was resisting arrest was killed. Should resisting arrest be a death sentence? No, but it is going to result in force being used in most cases.

    1. No, he handed the gun to the 13 year old for him to take the rap. Typical.

      1. This is probably what happened. The just thing to do would be to hang that shithead from the highest tree.

      2. Sounds like felony murder to me.

        Not sure if that’s on the books in IL.

        1. Oh who am I fooling?

          He’s not doubt gang connected. Which means the gang will pull strings with their Alderman and that Alderman will then reach out to City Hall and any charges will either be reduced or dropped.

          Money will change hands, votes will be tallied and everything will go on as before. Plenty more thirteen year olds where that one came from

  15. No one favoring a libertarian view should be happy about the current state of police interactions. However, this article fails on many levels at being an honest or a forthright reporting of the facts. Toledo, a mere 13 year old boy, did have a gun. It can be seen in the video (2min4s timestamp in the vimeo snippit being circulated). You can hear the cop shouting for the gun to be dropped. The gun was found after the shooting. Toledo’s hand had gun powder residue. The video shows Toledo had the gun in his hand and as he rotated counter clockwise, he tossed the gun behind the fence. The video and physical evidence are consistent on this. It is tragic that Toledo was clearly surrendering at the moment when he was shot, but ignoring everything but the very instance Toledo turned around is disingenuous at best.

    Unfortunately, with the angle that the cop was standing and Toledo’s body was positioned, Toledo’s right hand with the gun vanished behind his own body as he tossed it behind the fence and was raising his hand. As the hand came up there was no way for the officer to know the gun has been tossed. The motion of tossing the gun would have been very similar to the motion of raising that same hand with the gun to fire. As others noted, the lighting in the area and the shape of Toledo’s hand as it became visible again likely further made the cop see a gun still.

    This is still a horrid tragedy. My own view is the cops should not be running down potential perps where they are not known to be posing a danger. It just amplifies the risk of a deadly encounter all around. Indeed, there is a legitimate policy issue to be raised about whether cops need to be chasing down individuals on city streets when their is no known crime being committed (I believe the were responding to an automatic report of shots fired). Further, we ought to be talking about why a 13 year old kid was out committing crimes with a gun, but of course that never gets discussed.

    Regardless, reporting as if Toledo had no gun and reporting that he was shot with his hands up is the worst kind of sensationalist journalism.

    1. You’re kinder than I.

      The guys killing each other in Chicago right now over stupid shit—to the tune of, what, 800 last year, or whatever Heyjackass compiled? They start out like this kid.

      I mean, who here didn’t at 13, take a handgun and start shooting it in an alley, in the middle of the night? Then ran from the cops while still carrying it?

    2. Nobody wants to shoot a kid. This is the kind of thing that nightmares are made of.

      1. Remember the sympathetic ‘good guy’ character from Die Hard? The desk cop.

        What was his hard luck story again? Why wasn’t he on patrol anymore?

  16. 55 people? Fuck no wonder they rioted. It’s a CDC health crisis.

  17. The Chicago Sun Times has a much more complete rendition as well as a separate surveillance video.


    The police bodycam was turned off when the “gun” was found on the other side of the fence and unfortunately the separate surveillance video.didn’t show the police finding the gun either. It should demonstrate if the police placed the gun there.

    Police shouldn’t be able to turn off their bodycams as time stamps on multiple camera angles would either corroborate or refute their rendition of events.

    If the police are shown fabricating evidence by placing a gun as “evidence” it would demonstrate criminal conspiracy.

    1. If you actually watch the videos that were released you can see the cop, looks to be a supervisor (heavy set white shirt), that is the first to go on the far side of the fence. Until he entered that area, it was untouched since the shooting. This can be confirmed from the cameras of the 2nd and 3rd officers on the scene. It is the BWC 10 video file that is the body cam for that supervisor. As he looks back and forth from the body of Toledo to the street where onlookers are gathering, you can see the gun in the exact spot up against the fence that it is seen in the portion of the shooting officers video.

      This type of hot take is a huge part of the problem we have in this country. Of course, not nearly as big of a deal from us random internet commentators than, say, a professional journalist in an actual news article. I had the same thought when I didn’t see a gun on a first viewing of the shooting officer’s video feed but suddenly a gun shows up later in the video. However, instead of just making unsupported assertions about what might have happened I actually went through the available evidence. If as a society we were more willing to invest time in the facts instead of sprinting to hot takes, the country would be in a much better place. At the very least, perhaps the journalist class could be bothered to do it.

      1. Well, if all the unedited video footage was released by the police immediately and all their body cams were continuously running and the police lawyer’s didn’t lie in a press release you might be able to accuse someone of “hot takes”.

        I call them like I see them.

        1. You mean like the video released today at ChicagoCOPA website. It is Case 2021-1112. The video was not released two days ago as originally scheduled because the family requested it not be released yet. None of the raw video released appeared to have a body cam turned on, then off, then on. For example, the shooting officers video starts at 2:36:35 and ends at 2:45:57 when you can hear the order come over the radio to turn off all cameras. That is 9 minutes and 22 seconds of real time. The elapsed video is 9 minutes and 22 seconds.

          If police lawyer lied in a press release refers to the statement made in court that Toledo had his hand on his gun when shot, that was literally false. The mistake was already admitted by the police. That was sloppy on their part, and I would expect a judge to chastise the lawyer for that misstatement. Toledo had a gun and the officer may have thought he still had a gun, but he did not have it at the moment he was shot. Toledo appeared to toss the gun less than one second before being shot.

          1. Mistake my ass.

            Are you suggesting that the police lawyer didn’t review the police bodycam footage before making a press release statement?

            I haven’t seen the videos that police haven’t released yet either.

            Just as in a police interview, lying and withholding information is indicative of complicity, not merely a “hot take”.

        2. Thats the problem, you stupid Nazi fvck

          1. Either you’re agreeing with me or advocating actions that aren’t based on available evidence.

  18. Unfortunate that kid was rolling with gangster pieces of shit. But that’s Chicago for you.

  19. At best it’s police negligence shooting an unarmed complying citizen. At worst it’s criminal conspiracy.

    It demonstrates the need to establish a consistent command from police to all people they want to detain that best de escalates the potential threat to law enforcement.

    Saying “show me your hands” when someone may be holding a gun is problematic anytime, especially in the dark.

    Something like “lie face down hands down” first and repeatedly would seem far less likely to be mistaken as pointing a gun.

    If the kid had been seen with a gun, it’s not hard to imagine a cops brain tricking him to “see one” when things are happening fast, in the dark.

    1. Have you been in any situation like this, Rob? Have you answered a “shots fired” call or run towards gunfire in battle? Have you ever lived in Chicago? Have you been to the “hood ” at night? Have you ever had to point a gun at someone and give them an appropriate command when your adrenaline is screaming and your ears are ringing like an alarm in your head? What about, run after a guy down a Chicago alley after shots fired, then, breathing hard, try to identify what is in his hands with a flashlight and holding a gun?
      You should go sign up for the Chicago Police Department. They sure could use a guy with all your skills. You sound like you would be an awesome addition to the force.

      1. I would be terrified to be a Jew anywhere near a jurisdiction where Rob is a cop.

        1. You are terrified by your bullshit bogeyman story, shitstain.

          1. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? You want to get rid of the Jews.

        2. Id rather be a Jew with Rob, than myself where talcum is on patrol.

          1. Rob wants to exterminate the Jews. Talc does not.

              1. Your ongoing comments. You’re an anti semite and appear to be favorable towards the nazi regime.

                1. Of course you can’t cite.

                  You’re a lying sack of shit.

      2. That’s the job.

        If cops aren’t being trained how to minimize lethal mistakes, they should be.

        That’s the point.

        1. And you have never done that job. Until you do, you should not be so critical of those that are doing it. That cop did not want to be in that alley. Nor would you.

          1. Fuck you.

            Have you ever been president? What makes you think you’re qualified to vote for one?

            Someone has to be critical when a kid with his empty hands in the air gets smoked by the authorities.

          2. “That cop did not want to be in that alley. ”

            Yeah, he actually did.

            Otherwise, if he saddled up at the start of his shift not considering what was clearly in the realm of possibilities (responding to a report of shots fired and giving foot chase to an armed/possibly armed suspect) then that was his mistake.

            He made a split second decision, turned out it was the wrong one. And I say that as someone who, under similar circumstances, would have done substantially the same.

            Hindsight is a total bitch like that. But hindsight is not proof of guilt either.

            1. As to the idea of minimizing mistakes, yeah I get that. But I also see that these moments are the moments where the ‘mistake’ could have gone the other way. That hand coming up could have just as easily been bringing the pistol around to fire. And it could have just as easily been a bullet flying in the other direction at that same moment the cop fired his pistol.

  20. The article tries to imply that he never had a gun. But he did. One second before he was shot, he was holding a gun, which he had carried through the whole time he was being chased.

    Why was a 13 year old running from cops at 0230, while carrying a gun that had just been used in a shooting?
    In a perfect world, the cop would have had unrestricted visibility and the sort of lightning fast reflexes to tell that he was ditching the gun instead of drawing it on the officer.
    I am not a cop, but I am a combat veteran, and I think there are similarities. People keep putting themselves in very dangerous situations, and everyone is shocked when people get hurt. Each of these situations illustrates a whole string of bad choices made by the victim, which offered them the chance to live, had they just made a different choice at any of those points.
    These articles are trying to convince us that cops are going around picking random innocent people out and shooting them.

    1. The kid was more focused on ditching the gun without getting caught with it than anything else. The results are tragic.

      1. The time to ditch the gun was when he was running at full speed. One, because he’s a harder target to hit while moving, two because the cop is less likely to shoot when he’s also running, and three, there is a chance the cop will pause to secure the weapon giving him a chance to gain more distance.

        1. ^^ This guy runs from the cops while armed.

          1. I can honestly say have never done that. I cannot say I was never in a position to do that.

            In life it is important to think everything through to the best of your ability. This is especially true if you know are going to break the law.

        2. He probably thought that he was going to get away. When the cop caught him, he was probably debating whether to start running again, toss the gun, or try to shoot the cop.
          We have already established that the kid was prone to making poor decisions. Would anyone here want to be in that alley with that kid, him holding a gun in his hand, and hope he makes the right choice?

  21. He DID have a gun.


    Way to put a whispering “correction” at the end of the article.

    Wapo also said that more than 70 percent of anyone who were shot by cops had a weapon or threatening someone else. A few years ago cops shot around 15 unarmed black people, even though that demographic commits half of all murders in this country.

    This kind of slanted coverage belongs in CNN.

  22. Why publish the story before you have all the facts? If I want to read nonsense, I’ll go to CNN-dot-com.

  23. Someone should put this together in a video game simulation. You have to press fire on your controller before the armed guy shoots… But not at all if he does what this kid did.

    Then people could see from the cop’s point of view how identical the spin to toss the gun and throw hands up looks to spin to fire.

    Someone showed a clip up thread that demonstrates that you could see the gun in his hand .8 seconds before the officer fired… And you don’t see his hand again until after the decision to fire has been made. It takes about .5 seconds to react and take an action.

    So our simulation would show a guy facing away from you digging in his pocket to pull out a gun, show the gun held low to his side in his right hand as he pulls it out. Then it disappears behind his body as he spins to his left and toward you. His arms are coming up as he spins.

    As his shoulders turn toward you .4 seconds have elapsed. His hands are still obscured by the fence. You have about .5 seconds before you could be shot. You must decide to fire or wait now. If you wait .1 seconds more, you cannot physically press the fire button before a shot is fired at you.

    Now run the simulator with “tossed the gun while spinning” and “fires the gun”.

    Because of our physical limitations, you could not possibly do better than chance on our video game. There is not enough time between the full turn and hands are empty moment and the moment when a gun would have been fired at you. That interval is about .1 to .2 seconds.

    This case is actually very instructive. It is too bad that nobody will learn from it.

    This is the classic “different frames of reference” case. Operating as the kid… You are tossing the gun in a stealthy manner and turning to surrender.

    Operating as the cop, you see an armed person who was involved in a shooting only moments earlier, fleeing and refusing commands to stop, fiddling in his pocket and pulling out a gun, then suddenly spin toward you raising his hands (and presumably the gun).

    Most people are incapable of processing both versions at the same time… So their third party perspective must follow only one of these narratives.

    1. If you go to a top of the line pistol range, the targets rotate. They turn towards you. You have to look at the cartoon target glued to it and decide whether to shoot or not if you see gun, you engage.

      1. And if you fail, nothing happens.

        Come back when you’ve set up a range with rotating targets that SHOOT you if you don’t shoot first.

    2. The cop told him to show him his hands.

      What was the point of giving that command if the cop is going to shoot anyways?

      That’s the issue here.

      1. The cop wasn’t going to shoot until he saw the weapon taken out and appearing to fire back at him, that’s the thing.

        1. What are you blathering about.

          Link to the video that shows the kid is pointing a gun when he is shot, to prove that you’re not only a lying sack of shit.

          “Truthfulness” haha.

  24. Amazing how many such shootings occur in cities with Democratic, and often Democratic NIPOC, administrations.

    1. Racist Republicans in Texas and Florida make them have racist police in Democrat controlled cities across the nation.

      This is known.

  25. Uhhhh yeah after watching the full video it’s pretty hard to fault the cop for this one

    1. And it is pretty hard to say that the characterization “he had his hands up” is an honest and fair characterization.

      Now, compare and contrast with the tech companies policies on fake news. As we speak they are all banning content that is literally factually true as fake news. Don’t hold your breath for tweets that say he was shot while his hands are up to be banned and have their accounts locked.

  26. Interestingly, CNN had an african american guest on to comment on this and he defended the police in this case.

    He used it to make the point that the police have lost trust in the community and that is why they don’t get the benefit of the doubt… But at least CNN had the correct view of the actual police actions.

    Dang, Reason.

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  28. Police called for 8 shots being fired – – – –
    This in a city with draconian gun control laws.
    Local news.

  29. It is hard to fault the cop in this case. Even if the kid tossed the gun a second earlier there is no way he could have known that.

  30. Chicago machine politicians get fat at taxpayer expense.

    If you continue to pay people to solve a problem, who never ever solve the problem, what chance is there that the problem ever gets solved?

    1. The graft goes in many directions. So long as the gangs stay out of the Loop and protected areas in the north side there is no problem. You can bet that someone is getting a cut to look the other way when the Latin Disciples are getting a big score.

      It is actually better for them to just go after some low level stuff every now and then. If the gangs are well organized there is some order and discipline because you want to keep the money flowing. If you arrest the leaders it fractures and you have a bigger war as they found out when they tried it a while back.

  31. This is a terrible article.

    Watch the video.

    A 13 yo was running from the cop with a gun in his hand – WTF is a 13 yo doing with a gun anyway???? – and then he stops with the gun in one hand behind him and then starts to bring his hands up. At that split second, the officer shoots him. It’s not clear whether he was dropping it in that split second. So he was armed with a lethal weapon and moving his hand with the gun upwards in a possibly threatening manner. WTF was the officer supposed to do? Wait for the perp to shoot him?

    There may be more to the story. But it looks justifiable by any stretch of the imagination. If you don’t want to get shot, don’t put yourself in this situation. Period.

    It would help if Reason wasn’t reflexively anti-cop. They are human beings with a right to self defense and to go home alive every day.

    1. The cop told him to show him his hands.

      What was the point of giving that command if the cop is going to shoot anyways?

      That’s the issue here.

      1. He showed his hand WITH a gun in it. You drop the gun before that or you risk getting shot. This poor kid made more than one extremely dumb mistake which proved fatal. It’s tragic. But this is real life not the movies. Cops don’t have superhuman reaction times or other supernatural abilities. If he hesitates, he might die.

        1. I didn’t see that in the video

          1. Link to the video where he displayed a gun after he stopped running and the cops demanded he “show his hands”

            1. Also, please note that he raised his hands in front of him, not out to the side like would be normal. On the video, you can’t see which way the gun was pointing due to quality and movement, but if he wanted to actually give up, he would have moved slowly, not hiding the gun behind his back and quickly raising it.

              1. Link to the video you’re describing as evidence or admit that you’re lying.

                1. Or grow up and find the video yourself. It’s not like it’s all over the internet or anything

                  1. The point is that there is no video, that I’ve seen, that shows what these dipshits are claiming.

                    So, if you or any dipshit wants to argue that the evidence exists, prove it.

                    Dipshits making false fake news claims are a dime a dozen and should be exposed as such. Like I’m doing.

                    Smarten up.

                    1. That video showed only two frames. One turned away from police with a gun in his hand and the next frame facing the officer hands raised and empty. Then he was shot.

                      Since the movie shows him immediately collapsing after being shot he must have discarded the gun before turning toward the officer who had commanded him to “show me your hands”.

                      Why did the officer give that command if he was going to shoot anyways?

                      Ben said, “ not hiding the gun behind his back and quickly raising it.”

                      Neither you nor he has produced any evidence of the gun being quickly raised. Hence, “lying sacks of shit.”

                    2. Are you dipshits advocating that police shoot everyone who has a gun, even when they comply with commands?

                    3. “That video showed only two frames. One turned away from police with a gun in his hand and the next frame facing the officer hands raised and empty. Then he was shot.”

                      That is because the time between the gun being visible in Toledo’s right hand, then no longer visible as Toledo started to turn while dropping the gun behind the fence and out of sight of the officer, before completing his turn toward the officer was such a short amount of time.

                      We agree Toledo had a gun in his hand just before being shot.
                      We agree he did not have a gun in his hand at the moment he was shot.

                      Could the officer have known at the time he fired the shot that Toledo had dropped the gun behind the fence and so was no longer a threat?

                    4. We agree the officer told Adam to show him his hands.

                      We agree that Adam did, his hands were empty and he was shot dead anyways.

                      What we don’t agree on is whether whatever fantasy the cop imagined when he chose to pull the trigger is relevant.

          2. Watch it again. But it seems no amount of evidence would overcome your anti-cop bias.

            1. Link to the video you’re referring to prove you’re not only a lying sack of shit.

              I won’t hold mi breath.

    2. Gangsters use young recruits like him. The older guy who was with him fired the shots for whatever reason and handed him the gun to get rid of it. They use them as runners for drugs or whatever.

      Or maybe he was giving the kid shooting lessons. These guys don’t go to ranges. Who knows.

      Chicago has been run by gangs, especially the south side since the days of Capone and probably before that. The city officials and police have been in on it all along.

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  33. Funny that the officer involved wasn’t identified. This story also didn’t get much press as I didn’t hear about it until the video surfaced.

    1. The Officer has been named and his biographical details stated in several news articles. His name also appears in the documents released with the videos that are the basis of the Binion’s article.

      The story was featured on most of the Chicago Local news channels within a day or two of the shooting. National news, including CNN, picked up the story within a few days.

  34. And now, the available video shows that this little cretin was armed, and had gun shot residue on his hands. So much for narative.

  35. A still frame taken from Chicago Police officer Eric Stillman’s jumpy nighttime footage appears to show that Adam Toledo wasn’t holding anything and had his hands up, or partially up, when the officer shot him in the chest on March 29. Police say the teen had a handgun on him that morning, and the body camera footage shows the officer shining a light on a handgun on the ground near Toledo after he shot him.

    1. Video shows Toledo holding a gun behind him after he stops and less than a second before he was shot. So the officer fired when Toledo had the gun in his hand or still perceived the gun in his hand.

      If you run from a cop in a dark alley while holding a gun and then stop and turn before dropping the gun, you might get shot and it’s not the cop’s fault.

      1. Link to the video you’re referring to prove you’re not only a lying sack of shit.

        I won’t hold my breath.

        1. Just a lying sack of shit.

  36. Wow, we act as judge, jury and executioner now based not on facts and testimony that is yet to come out, but on political association.
    Give it a chance to be investigated and the facts revealed. Today everyone is ready to jump on a guilty or innocent band wagon based on politics.

  37. *CORRECTION: The original version of this article did not mention that Toledo dropped a gun prior to raising his hands, which was reported by Chicago’s WGN-TV after publication.

    The above correction is not nearly sufficient to offset the misleading OP. The gun was dropped immediately before showing his then empty right hand, and the gun was dropped behind the fence outside of the view of the officer. How was the officer to know the gun was no longer in Toledo’s hand as Toledo spun around? If the officer had witnessed the gun being dropped and shot anyway, we would have a different story and Binion would have point.

  38. “That isn’t what the body camera footage implies: A slowly rendered version of the clip shows Toledo dropping a gun and raising both of his hands in the air, after which point he was shot in the chest.*”

    The OP is further misleading in that the slowed down video shows Toledo holding a gun, but the slowed down video does not show him dropping the gun. This is because he was holding the gun behind him where it was not visible from the officers perspective as Toledo turned and apparently tossed the gun behind the fence.

    If the gun had been dropped where the officer could see it this would be a different story.

    1. He complied with the officers commands and was shot dead.

      That’s not how it’s supposed to work…unless that’s exactly what you’re advocating police do.

  39. A partial truth can be the same as a lie, and in this case it is.

    He “complied” initially by raising and showing only his left hand while shielding the gun in his right hand from the officer’s view with his body, eventually dropping the gun behind a fence, again outside of the officers view, before finally turning to the officer.

    Was the officer supposed to wait to see if Toledo still had the gun in his hand as he turned towards the officer?

    1. Yes, duh.

      When the officer said, “show me your hands” he was supposed to allow him to do so.

      He did, and both of Adam’s hands were empty, proven by his own body camera footage, but he shot anyway.

      There is no half truth.

      Adam was running, the police told him to stop and he did. He was told to show his hands, he discarded the gun behind a fence and complied. For that he was shot.

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