Food Freedom

Food Freedom Is Coming To Colorado

The state legislature and Gov. Jared Polis are unshackling local ranchers and consumers.


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) is champing at the bit to ensure his state has one of the nation's best food laws. Polis has said he'll sign a bill, Deregulate Meat Sales Direct To Consumers, which will permit farmers and ranchers in the state to sell cuts of meat directly to consumers in the state "without licensure, regulation, or inspection by a public health agency."

The Colorado bill mimics a key expansion of Wyoming's groundbreaking food-freedom law. Last year, Wyoming added an animal-share amendment to that law. As I detailed in a column, the animal-share amendment allows consumers in Wyoming to buy individual cuts of meat, such as steaks or roasts, directly from ranchers. This effectively allows farmers and consumers to opt out of a pervasive federal- and state-run meat inspection system that favors large national and international producers over smaller, local ones.

As I explained last year, Wyoming's law takes advantage of an exemption built into the Federal Meat Inspection Act. While that 1906 law established the processes and parameters for a nationwide scheme of meat inspection, an exemption in the law allows for custom slaughtering of livestock by and for an owner of the animal. Colorado's law will capitalize on that same exemption.

While North Dakota and a few other states have adopted elements of food freedom legislation, Colorado will be the first state to follow Wyoming's lead on animal shares. Colorado's welcome embrace of food freedom should come as no surprise.

In my book Biting the Hands that Feed Us: How Fewer, Smarter Laws Would Make Our Food System More Sustainable and elsewhere, I laud Polis, who was then a member of Congress, for co-sponsoring the PRIME Act, "a bill that would permit farmers to expand options for selling meat locally that's been processed by local slaughterhouses."

In 2015, then-Rep. Polis and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) held a publicized lunch at which they consumed steak and other animal products that had not been inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

"We think people should be able to go to a farmer's market, and if a farmer there raised cattle and wants to sell it, they should be able to," Polis said of the meal. "In a way, it's restricting capitalism, restricting free enterprise, to say totally legal. You can give [meat] to people, you can share it with people, but the minute there's money involved, it's a federal crime."

That both Polis and Massie continue to live and breathe is evidence that USDA meat inspection is not a necessary precondition for obtaining safe and healthy food. Nevertheless, food safety concerns are front and center for critics of the current Colorado bill.

But, as former Wyoming State Rep. Tyler Lindholm (R)—the chief architect of Wyoming's first-in-the-nation food freedom legislation—told me in 2017, Chicken Little predictions that Wyoming's food-freedom law would lead to illnesses or deaths have proven entirely unfounded. 

"Wyoming's local food options have exploded and we still have had 0 foodborne illness outbreaks due to this act passing into law," Lindholm said. "Currently Wyoming has experienced none of the deaths that we were all warned would happen, and for that matter none of the illness[es] that were prophesied to take place upon passage of the bill."

Food freedom's upsides—much unlike its downsides—are very real. In a 2017 column, I listed three key factors that bode well for the spread of Wyoming's food-freedom legislation: "it expands choices for farmers, home-based entrepreneurs, and consumers; it hasn't led to negative food-safety outcomes; and it enjoys bipartisan support."

Polis caught some flak recently for sponsoring a statewide "MeatOut Day." But that's merely a distraction. Polis doesn't want the government to tell you what to eat. Rather, as Polis noted in a great op-ed last month on the importance of food freedom, "one of the values we share is the right to eat whatever we want."

When it comes to food, that's the most important value we can share. Hopefully, other states will soon follow Wyoming and Colorado in protecting that essential American right.

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  1. America’s first openly gay governor Jared Polis is declaring March 20 “MeatOut Day”

    Wear your chaps.

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      It’s what’s for dinner.

    2. I too am glad him being gay was included. If I didn’t know his identity score I wouldn’t know if what he says and does is good, or a secretly homophobic/racist/globalphobic/transphobic plot

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  2. Finally a reason article Jeff can fully support after all of these vicious attacks on Biden the last few days.

    1. I don’t think my best friend Jeff had any problems with the Biden articles per se, he just wanted to remind everyone how bad Trump was for perspective.

      1. Great new name.

        1. Thanks! I coined it myself.

          1. I love every single second of all of this.

            1. You were an inspiration to us all, Tulpa.
              Sorry that the fifty-centers blamed you for my lulz.

              1. Never ever stop.

          2. White Knight VI, some people call it White Knight IV. They mean pretty much the same thing

      2. hey if Biden spends seventy five trillion bucks we don’t have, it’s only because Trump started it.

    1. and then they decided all MLB players would make the same salary, for equity’s sake.

    2. It’s amazing to see all these companies who know that they’re exploiting a genocide every bit as disgusting as the holocaust, freak out because Georgia is trying to stop the DNC from fixing elections.

      This is cartoonish supervillainy.

  3. Wyoming’s law takes advantage of an exemption built into the Federal Meat Inspection Act. While that 1906 law established the processes and parameters for a nationwide scheme of meat inspection, an exemption in the law allows for custom slaughtering of livestock by and for an owner of the animal. Colorado’s law will capitalize on that same exemption.

    Would have been nice if they had instead just told the federal government to fuck off and that intrastate commerce was none of their business.

    1. Seems to work for marijuana, sometimes.

      Back when I didn’t think that would work, I (and some others) thought of a loophole in federal law that’d allow a state or subdivision thereof to have a medical marijuana distribution program: Have it be done by the police, and deputize the patients as agents to destroy it.

  4. Another COVID myth dies the death:

    “Finally,” said Linsey Marr, an expert on airborne viruses at Virginia Tech. “We’ve known this for a long time and yet people are still focusing so much on surface cleaning.” She added, “There’s really no evidence that anyone has ever gotten Covid-19 by touching a contaminated surface.”

    So if you have spent the last year plus as one of these misinformed people or businesses who has been obsessively cleaning your chairs every hour and drizzling hand sanitizer on yourself every ten minutes, you should read this and get better informed; you’re overdoing it and it’s almost completely pointless and a waste of time.

    1. Next youre going to tell me delaying peanut exposure to kids will cause a peanut allergy explosion.

    2. They used to say over sterilizing will creat super bugs that will mutate due to over exposure. Guess what we now have mire variants of covid. Who could have seen that coming. Literally everyone. Its almost like they wanted to for e more variants for some other purpose

  5. Still missing: Actual freedom.

    1. July 4th is national burn your mask day.

      1. Good luck.

  6. All good but Polis is still a leftie democrat who will go along with higher taxes, more spending, against fracking, pro gun control, etc.

    The SC bitch slapped the 9th and California for the fifth time regarding covid lockdowns. The execrable Roberts sides with the far left again. Thankfully Trump got three picks in the court. You’re welcome.

    1. You take the wins where you can get them. I’d rather have a leftist Democrat who can get elected do the right thing on one issue than have someone who’s generally good but unelectable take that side.

      1. I was trying to think of one good thing Karin Tiresome has done for California, but I just can’t even.

  7. Anyone think Reason will have an article on the Supreme Court only having a 5-4 ruling for the case of affordable regulating group prayers in ones home? With roberts joining 3 authoritarians on allowing a state to decide which groups are allowed and are not allowed to congregate when the government asserts a public safety issue? Seems like a scary thing to me.

    1. Most Supreme Court decisions are either unanimous or 5-4. Other splits are less common.

      1. Way to miss the point lol. The point is government telling people they can’t practice their faith IN THEIR HOMES should be derided.

        1. I think Mr. Depner is saying Supreme Judges frequently vote in a way to make it look close, as consolation to the losing lawyer. So their votes aren’t predictive of other cases.

        2. In other words, point shaving.

          1. Yes. If you’re sure there’s five votes for the just decision, you can safely make a political point by dissenting.

  8. No, JesseAz. I think the Reason editorial staff is having an emergency weekend meeting right now to notify all their writers they must not cover the topic, purely because you want them to cover it.

    And then they probably conclude the meeting with a round of “Hail, A-O-C!” chants.

    1. Ahh. I see you’re comfortable with governments deciding what you can do and what faiths you can practice in your home. Makes sense.

      Back to that benevolent government issue you have.

      1. Nope. I didn’t say a word about that.

        I made fun of your constant bitching that Reason didn’t cover this or that story you want them, too. Especially ridiculous because you are trying to pre-cog their actions and get a preemptive bitchfest on the record.

        1. So, you made fun of his bitching by bitching.

          Good one.

          1. Hypocrisy is all he’s got.

    2. “No, JesseAz”

      Aren’t you the fucking pile of trash that constantly bleats “rent free” despite having an admission that I live rent free in your head right there in your name?

  9. I’ll bet, in the special weekend meeting, they also made sure someone is assigned to cover the Matt Gaetz Venmo story:

    KMW is probably like, “Elizabeth, make sure that’s the headline on Monday!” And ENB is like, “I’m on it!”

    1. This is why people call you a leftist retard sqrsly. You think the Gaetz story is on lar with half of the Supreme Court saying California can shut down prayer sessions in a citizens own house. You equate the two as equal, because you’re a leftist piece of shit who thinks authoritarianism is fine and dandy if a Democrat does it. Lol.

      1. I think I see where your confusion is coming from. Just because I attacked you for your post, doesn’t mean I don’t completely agree with you on the subject, it just means it’s more important for me to defend Reason from your hateful rhetoric.

        1. We’re not called white knights for nothing.
          Who else will defend Reason’s honor when it’s caught lying or burying libertarian issues that reflect poorly on the left?

      2. hey, Biden said (referencing the Second) that no Constitutional right is absolute. of course the First is on the table.

  10. And Sullum is on the Zoom meeting no doubt pitching that in addition to his dailies on the Chauvin trial he can also cover Sidney Powell’s quoting “Toy Story”, complete with footnote citing the source, in her legal argument:

    1. God damn dude you’re acting like Jesse fucked your mom again.

      1. I think White Knight has a little crush on Jesse. He acts like a dumb teen girl trying to attract a cool boys attention around Jesse.

  11. And then Sullum is probably like, you know how that one commenter, Talcum X, keeps saying: “No, I believe the Doctor that actually performed the autopsy.”

    1. Sullum went on to say, in the secret emergency Reason weekend meeting, I’ll make sure to cover that the Doctor that actually performed the autopsy testified that heart disease and fentanyl were only contributing factors in George Floyd’s death, but the direct cause was “law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression”.

      1. None of that means anything. The “direct cause” was Floyd fighting the police on drugs with a bad heart. All of those factors contributed, but none of them would have killed him if he had not resisted arrest. Subdual, restraint, and neck compression was done because Floyd was fighting. What were the police going to do, let a known, violent felon drive away, high as a kite?
        The police spent 30 minutes trying to talk the Junkie into behaving. He chose to make it hard. He chose to fight, he caused his own death, His fault. If the Junkie would have just got in the back seat, he had a chance of surviving. He didn’t. He never would have met Chauvin if he had behaved.
        The prosecution is getting it’s ass handed to them. They look foolish. But, they don’t need to convince normal people, just uneducated “denizens f the ghetto and pitiful liberals that hate cops.

        You keep omitting the fact that Floyd chose how the arrest went down.

        1. Driving away with his hands cuffed behind his back?

        2. You said before you would believe the doctor who performed the autopsy. You are now going back on that because he didn’t say what you wanted him to say?

          1. Damn dude you sure do post lot during the time when everyone else is having a life.

            Also, love how your name announces you lost to me.

          2. Wrong again. There were three “autopsies”, only one is real. The others were done for the Floyd family, a pack of greedy ghetto shits. They might as well have had Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton do the autopsy.
            The Coroner just reported his findings. He said “homicide” because the death was not of natural causes. Homicide doesn’t mean murder, Child.
            You are only reporting the statements of the prosecution. You always stop short when it comes to the defense. The defense is crushing this case, the prosecution is a joke.
            The autopsy that CNN and MSN keeps talking about, and you keep parroting, means absolutely nothing in court. They never saw the body, they just spouted off their paid opinion to get paid. You are content to spout off the same bullshit opinions that CNN and MSN feed you all day. I read their stories and they report everything with a bias toward the prosecution when clearly, they are screwing this case up. They never report the defense portion when the “witness” or “paid expert” gets slammed. The prosecution is turning their story around every time, but you, CNN, and MSN, have already tuned out. Perhaps you do not have the attention span for this, you have to watch the defense and the prosecution or you are only getting half the story.

            1. Ah, you aren’t up on the latest testimony. I should have given a more specific link. Please read it:


              “Dr. Andrew Baker, the chief Hennepin County Medical Examiner who performed Floyd’s autopsy and stood by his ruling that Floyd’s cause of death was a homicide, caused by ‘cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.'”

              Dr. Baker is the guy whose testimony you said you would believe.

            2. Homicide doesn’t mean murder, Child.

              Uh, dude, that’s exactly what it means.

    2. White Knight VI (aka Tulpa): “Your cite fell off?”

      White Knight III: “Oh, shit. You’re right. Thanks”:

      White Knight III: “You know, Tulpa, I used to be your disciple, man!”

      1. Wow. Full retard. Lol. Congrats.

        1. How badly did I piss him off that he name checks me out of thin air?

          Oh, bad enough to carry his embarrassment in his name, reminding the entire world that I won every time he posts.

      2. “White Knight VI (aka Tulpa):”

        1) rent free

        2) nope

  12. If there’s any “secret weekend meeting” of reason staff in person or on Zoom they’ll all be hoisting a Tsingtao to a toast of “here’s to nationalizing the truck stops”!

    1. Totally. Gillespie’s “familia” is no doubt in on a cut of the new service areas, amirite?

      1. you try soooo hard to fit in and do nothing but fail

    2. “…they’ll all be hoisting a Tsingtao to a toast of “here’s to nationalizing the truck stops”!”

      While this lefty shit thrills to regulations prohibiting people from eating where they please, right, lefty shit?

    3. BTW, lefty scumbag, stuff your pro-regulation assholishness up your butt so your head has some company.

  13. They considered naming it the Buy Over Thecounter Unregulated Lacking Inspection Select Meat, but then someone checked the acronym.

  14. Hooray Libertarians. Sex is a meat market too. Next in line. Share, give it away or sell it.

    1. Ass gas or grass

      1. There should be a comma between “Ass” and “gas”, because otherwise, well… you know.
        Unless its Sqrlsy giving the ride.

  15. I always wanted to go to a restaurant and when the wait staffer asks how I want my steak, I reply: Aw, just kill it and run it through the pan!” With this, my dream would come true.

  16. That’s something called as a good news for food lovers

  17. Will the niggers be able to sell their disgusting shit?

  18. Oh boy. If this catches on, that means we soon get the new variant of a pandemic. The one that’s comes from cows because of a lack of government meat inspectors.

    If you humans would just start eating bugs like your masters have told you too, we wouldn’t have to have any more pandemics. At least not until we get the one that comes from bugs.

  19. Hey, the law allows selling cuts of meat “without licensure, regulation, or inspection by a public health agency.” as long as it’s rabbit meat. If it’s a cow you want to eat, you have to buy a share in it.

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