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Cuomo Reportedly Secured Special Treatment for Family Members and VIPs During Early Days of Pandemic

He should've focused on containing nursing home COVID spread, not getting VIP treatment for penthouse-dwelling Manhattanites (and his own family members).


For most New Yorkers, the early part of the pandemic came with fear, uncertainty, and sirens growing more regular with each passing day. There was limited testing if you thought you'd been exposed, and long wait times if you did manage to nab one of those precious few tests.

But not if your last name starts with a C and ends with an uomo! The Albany Times Union reported last night that Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed the state's top health officials to prioritize COVID testing for "the governor's relatives as well as influential people with ties to the administration" such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and Port Authority heads (as well as the wife of one of them).

If you felt inclined to summon every ounce of charity possible when assessing Cuomo's purported corruptness, you could make the case that the MTA and Port Authority directors, as well as CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, interact with a large number of people in the course of doing their jobs, and that two out of the three play essential roles in keeping New York City up and running.

The Times Union reports that Gov. Cuomo's brother (Chris), mother, and sister received testing, sometimes multiple times, during the early part of the pandemic:

"The medical officials enlisted to do the testing, which often took place at private residences, included Dr. Eleanor Adams, an epidemiologist who graduated from Harvard Medical School and in August became a special adviser to [Health Commissioner Howard] Zucker. Adams conducted testing on Cuomo's brother Chris at his residence on Long Island, according to the two people.

'If their job was to go test an old lady down in New Rochelle, that's one thing — that's actually good,' one of the people with knowledge of the matter said. 'This was not that.'"

The Washington Post adds:

"The coronavirus test specimens were then rushed—at times driven by state police troopers—to the Wadsworth Center, a state public health lab in Albany, where they were processed immediately, the people said. At times, employees in the state health laboratory were kept past their shifts until late into the night to process results of those close to Cuomo, two people said."

Other reports have emerged saying the samples collected from Cuomo family members were marked "critical" and given priority treatment. But they weren't the only ones who were well-connected enough to receive special treatment.

"Separately, nurses working for the state were dispatched in two-person swabbing teams to test 'dozens' of VIPs, some living in penthouses in Manhattan, according to one person with direct knowledge.

'We referred to them as "specials,"' the person said.

Those tests were then driven to the Wadsworth lab by state troopers for processing, according to the person with knowledge."

New York law does not allow the governor to secure special treatment or privileges for his family members or other well-connected VIPs. But Rich Azzopardi, a spokesman for the governor, implied in a statement that these news reports are "insincere efforts to rewrite the past" and said that, in the early part of the pandemic, "when there was a heavy emphasis on contact tracing, we were absolutely going above and beyond to get people testing—including in some instances going to people's homes—and door to door in places like New Rochelle to take samples from those believed to have been exposed to COVID in order to identify cases and prevent additional ones."

This impotent attempt to cover for Cuomo does not answer questions about why the "critical" samples were rushed, why some Cuomo family members received multiple tests at a time when testing was so scarce, and whether members of the governor's family ultimately received special treatment as a result of their connections. The Cuomo administration has a troubling history of attempting to save face when they have clearly engaged in terrible wrongdoing.

At times, CNN has admitted that Chris Cuomo is unfit to cover New York state's pandemic response (and unfit to interview his own brother on the air), due to the conflict of interest that stems from being related to the governor, but at other times during the pandemic this moratorium has been lifted, allowing some cringey Cuomo-on-Cuomo coverage. It's concerning that the TV anchor himself was the recipient of privileged treatment—sitting on a bombshell story, too—that he did not disclose to viewers. (It's unclear whether he disclosed this preferential treatment to his employer.) Cuomo has recused himself from covering the sexual assault allegations that have surfaced against the New York governor, a partial admission that conflicts of interest ought to be taken seriously.

Of course, Gov. Cuomo has been adding scandals to his tab lately, knowing he probably won't ever have to settle up. At least eight women have accused him of sexual assault or harassment. When vaccines were first being distributed, Cuomo told providers he'd fine them $1 million if they let anyone hop the state-mandated queue, resulting in some providers throwing out soon-to-expire doses instead of administering them to the eagerly waiting masses. His March 25 directive (issued a year ago, to the day) potentially resulted in the deaths of thousands of nursing home residents—a death toll he then attempted to cover up, inviting an investigation from the state's attorney general.

Cuomo's spokesman is right that we shouldn't "rewrite the past." But there's no rewriting necessary to understand that the governor has engaged in corrupt and disgraceful behavior at every twist and turn; behavior that has resulted in ordinary New Yorkers getting shafted—or worse, killed.

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  2. It's actually pretty amazing just how garbage a governor and human being Cuomo is. And couple that with the previous media sycophancy in order to have an anti-Trump when the dude is just as bad as Trump is so entertaining.

    1. I have long suspected that the reason Trump and Cuomo hate each other is because they are so much alike.

      1. Trump's a failure.
        He get's all the credit for killing hundreds of thousands with Covid, but it was hard-working Governors like Cuomo that did all the real work.

        1. Good point. Cuomo sure did do a lot of real work in killing people with Covid by ordering infectious people into nursing homes. Trump just kinda sat around letting it happen while making silly statements. Giving Trump credit for all the deaths would be a mistake.

          1. Trump’s the reason that a vaccine is a really right now. No democrat would have ever gotten it pushed through this fast.

        2. This is sarcasm, right?

      2. I completely agree.

    2. "It’s actually pretty amazing just how garbage a governor and human being Cuomo is."

      Emmy-winning garbage... the left loves to give itself medals.

  3. The gold standard of doing everything right!

    Give that man an Emmy!


    The flexibility of its alleged principles - i.e. sexual harassment is the worst of sins but Clinton, Cuomo, etc. get free passes - is a vital feature of totalitarianism. It's about power, not principle. Totalitarian elites are never held to their own ostensible standards.
    Absolute principles, enforced vigorously and without regard to political privilege, tend to limit power. Laws that apply to everyone equally tend to be less oppressive because the elite, their allies, and their favored constituencies don't want to live under them.
    As every corner of life is politicized, mobilized, and weaponized under totalitarian ideologies, the elite always reserve free passes and exemptions for themselves and their friends. Exemptions are among the most valuable commodities politicians sell to top financial supporters.
    "Believe all women, except those who accuse Democrats" is a perfect statement of totalitarian principle. Due process becomes a privilege reserved for the Party; all others are guilty without trial, based solely on the accusations, even when they're patently absurd.
    "Rules for Radicals" taught Saul Alinsky's disciples to use the standards and principles of their enemies as weapons against them.

    The corollary lesson they all learned was: Never let your own principles become an obstacle to gaining or keeping power.
    Even murderous terrorists can be rehabilitated to become important figures in left-wing academia and politics. Ted Kennedy killed a young women and became a "liberal lion" hero of feminism. Of COURSE sexual harasser governors and presidents have little to fear from "MeToo."

    1. ...Totalitarianism rests on the bedrock assertion that "it's okay when WE do it." Real power - total, nation-transforming, society-wrecking power - is exempting the elites from rules imposed vigorously against their enemies. True power is the ability to violate principle.


    It's sort of convenient that CNN does not "get involved in the medical decisions of our employees" now. Chris Cuomo having COVID was an actual storyline on the network.

    He announced he had COVID on his show. He then broke quaranting, while actually sick with the virus, and was confronted by a bicyclist. I have a whole timeline thread starting here.

    AFTER the story broke that Chris had actually broken quarantine WHILE COVID positive, CNN's resident doctor Sanjay Gupta was on Chris's show to discuss that Chris was still having symptoms. CNN knew what he had done. Dr. Gupta knew what he had done.

    But wait, it gets better. CNN then stages a Pravda-quality segment of Chris emerging from his basement even though, again, everyone knew he had already broken quarantine and been outside with other people in a different town days before.

    1. Do we know if Fredo really had COVID-19? There has been rumblings the entire "saga" was a charade.

  6. Greenwald:

    What’s even more remarkable is that on May 6 — just weeks after Gov. Cuomo provided special COVID testing and treatment for him — Chris Cuomo “interviewed” his brother and began the interviewing by noting that New York State lacks the resources to provide COVID testing to the public at large. So not only did they conceal that they had both just used state resources to get Chris that scarce testing, but they both acknowledged that there was a resource shortage to serve the general public, even as Gov. Cuomo was lavishing those resources on his own family.

    1. And yet CNN — which has spent the year relentlessly shaming anyone who is even slightly off-key when it comes to COVID — is defending and even glorifying what their host did in corruptly obtaining for himself medical care unavailable to the broader public. This is the statement the cable network provided to media outlets through its spokesman Matt Dornic:
      We generally do not get involved in the medical decisions of our employees. However, it is not surprising that in the earliest days of a once-in-a-century global pandemic, when Chris was showing symptoms and was concerned about possible spread, he turned to anyone he could for advice and assistance, as any human being would.
      Ponder what they are saying. It is unsurprising that someone in Chris Cuomo’s position would want special privileges. Of course it’s unsurprising: everyone has a motive for wanting special privileges for themselves. The same exact defense CNN offered here could be made if Chris Cuomo had instead bribed state officials to provide him special medical treatment unavailable to the general public, or if he had broken into the home of another sick person to steal their medication that he could not obtain for himself. It would be understandable that a person with COVID would want to do this, in the sense that it is a rational motive. But the fact that Cuomo had a rational motive for doing this does not make it less corrupt, unethical or amoral. There are all sorts of things that it may be “understandable” for us to want for ourselves that the law, morality and/or ethics nonetheless prevents us from obtaining.

      1. There shouldn't be any doubt that CNN is a DNC party organ.

        1. CCP party organ. All media counts on the Chinese market nowadays to pay the bills. The DNC is just a useful domestic tool.

      2. When his power was being threatened, Christie closed a bridge, as any human being would.

        When rising to power, Stalin eliminated his political rivals as any human being would.

  7. Seems the media is less curious by the day how a sexual abuser like Cuomo and his retarded brother are so politically connected and continue to stay in power.

    Meanwhile, how about that Biden son story lying on form 4473 - that's a sure fire way to go to jail - nah of course that won't happen.

  8. Cuomo's done for. What is it with NY city mayors and blowing all of their accumulated goodwill?

    1. Nah, this will blow over.

  9. It makes you wonder why the Dems are suddenly trying to get rid of Cuomo. To make way for Harris or Newsom in 2024? But Biden just put Harris in charge of the border crisis, so her political career is likely doomed too. And Newsom is about to be recalled.

    So who are they clearing the decks for?

    1. Hunter Biden.

    2. Harris. She's got Obama behind her.

    3. A lot of de Croats hate him. He’s a well known client bully. I’ve heard many anecdotes about him calling other NY democrats at 1 in the morning when he wasn’t getting his way. Screaming and threatening them.

      The stupid goombah needs to lay off the coke.

  10. Special rules, for special people.

  11. ah but sending a photo of your manhood THAT get you....touching though ....

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