The Media Have Finally Realized That Cuomo and Newsom Are Terrible. Will Voters?

The governors of New York and California have botched major aspects of the pandemic response.


Nearly a year into the pandemic, people on both coasts are increasingly fed up with their leaders. In California, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has done such a poor job handling COVID-19 that activists in the state have submitted more than 1.1 million signatures for a "Recall Newsom" ballot initiative, hoping to qualify for inclusion by the March 17 deadline. In New York, previously chummy reporters and TV anchors are finally holding Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's feet to the fire after reports surfaced that his administration had not only issued a March directive that put nursing home residents' lives in peril but had also hidden the total deaths resulting from that decision. 

For those who soured on the efficacy of lockdowns many months ago, or voiced skepticism of executive power right from the start, the incompetence of Newsom and Cuomo is unsurprising. It's encouraging, though, because now people other than partisans and principled critics of executive power are taking notice of the ways these two governors failed their constituents over the last year.

In California, schools remain closed, meaning 6 million children continue to be subjected to ineffectual virtual learning. The vaccine rollout got off to a terribly slow start. The second ban on outdoor dining, which was in place from early December until late January, has been lifted but was in place for far too long. The 10 p.m. curfew for all non-essential work and gatherings, which was put in place at the end of November, was finally lifted at the end of January. And, as Newsom asked residents to continue to stay home and avoid gatherings this fall, he was caught redhanded attending a lobbyist's 12-person birthday dinner at the Michelin-starred French Laundry in early November. 

So now the chickens have come home to roost, and an effort to recall Newsom is gaining steam. Recall proponents must submit nearly 1.5 million verified signatures from registered California voters by March 17. As of February 5, proponents had submitted 1.1 million signatures, 800,000 of which have already been officially verified. Of those verified signatures, 84 percent belong to registered voters, which the New York Times notes is an unusually high percentage compared to typical recall efforts. Wasting no time, the former mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, is already campaigning—as a Republican, no less—for the Newsom's job.

If the recall effort is successful, Newsom would be the second California governor to be fired from the job. And, according to organizers, it will be in no small part due to the crippling effect his policies have had on small business owners, school children, and working families.

A related story of incompetence is playing out on the opposite coast.

Cuomo has not covered himself in glory since the start of the pandemic. New York has been afflicted by typical blue-state pandemic governance, the likes of which we also saw in places like California: a winter of closed indoor dining and 10 p.m. curfews, very limited school reopening, guidance from leaders advising residents to double mask, and maybe even to continue masking once vaccinated. But Cuomo's administration has also been embroiled in an enormous scandal. Just a few weeks ago, New York Attorney General Letitia James reported that the governor had undercounted the state's COVID-related nursing home deaths by nearly 4,000, making the true nursing home resident death toll about 40 percent higher than Cuomo's administration claimed. Then, Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa admitted during a private conference call with Democrats that the administration had covered up the true death toll, afraid of provoking a Department of Justice investigation.

For months, the Cuomo administration has been rightfully hounded by critics asking for more information on the March 25 directive, which required nursing homes to admit or re-admit COVID-19 patients regardless of whether they'd tested negative for the virus. Though it was intended to free up hospital space by shifting patients back to nursing homes, many theorize that the total death toll in nursing homes could have been significantly reduced had they required negative COVID-19 tests prior to admission. So Cuomo is essentially facing two different scandals: The initial negligence of the March 25 directive, which resulted in thousands of additional people dying, and a disgraceful refusal to come clean and face accountability.

Though Cuomo's blameworthy nursing home directive has been an open secret for many months, the national news media largely averted their glance from this story while people like Fox's Janice Dean sounded the alarms alone. (Locally, journalists at the Newark Star-Ledger were ripping the policies of New Jersey and New York as far back as May 2020, but national media outlets took fairly little notice.) Of late, they've taken a gruffer stance, even examining Cuomo's past and present of strongman bullying. A New Republic headline reads, "The Andrew Cuomo Show Has Lost the Plot"; New York Times headlines declare "Uprising Grows Over Andrew Cuomo's Bullying" and "Cuomo Faces Revolt After Handling of Nursing Home Deaths" and even "As Outcry Over Nursing Homes Grows, Cuomo Lashes Out at Critics"; The Wall Street Journal bluntly asks if Cuomo did the same thing to disabled people that he did to the elderly in "Another Cuomo Cover-Up?"

Another Times article notes that Cuomo has for years "berated aides and elected officials, brought people to tears and threatened to fire them or end their careers. People outside the governor's direct control who have clashed with him said he told them they would be subject to negative news stories or political challenges or, in one case, would be publicly likened to a 'child rapist.'" Most recently, Ron Kim, a New York state assemblyman (and fellow Democrat), has come forward with stories of Cuomo calling him to threaten him after Kim called the nursing home cover-up an "obstruction of justice." Kim has also declared his intention to pursue impeachment proceedings in a scathing piece in Newsweek.

As Cuomo and Newsom face deserved condemnation and maybe even real consequences for their pandemic malfeasance, it's worth remembering that the two combined make decisions affecting a collective 60 million people, or about 18 percent of the U.S. population. The pandemic—and subsequent deprivations of liberty in the form of cyclical lockdowns—are too-late reminders that we ought to be choosy not just about who sits in the Oval Office, but also the governor's mansion.

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  1. Yes, but the outcomes for each state won’t be any better.


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  2. Cuomo and Newsom are only in the cross-hairs because they are no longer needed. Their utility has expired. They were revered, adulated, and held up as exemplars of all that is right and holy only as a means of maligning Trump during the election cycle. Now, they will be replaced. The socialist elements that they unleashed will swallow them whole.

    Both will be replaced, however, by ideologues far, far worse than they. These new ideologues will be browner, blacker, more oppressed on the hierarchy of victimhood and, as a result, more ruthless and authoritarian. This is what the white class of elite democrats never really understood. The socialist identitarians never had an interest in playing second fiddle. They were playing for all the marbles. Now they want their power and, at the end of the day, they are going to get it.

    1. Gotta clear them out of the field to make way for Harris in 2024 most likely.

      1. And then AOC in 2028.

        These white shitlibs really thought they could tame the animals at the zoo. But, as it turned out, the animals never saw themselves as animals, but rightful rulers. And, they were right. The only animals in the entire equation are the myopic white assholes who believed that trafficking in racial hatred would never backfire. Go figure. Turns out that “white supremacy” includes Cuomo and Newsom. Oops.

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  3. I’ll gladly follow science, I will not follow propaganda.

    1. That’s what Newsom said. It didn’t work.

    2. And just who is this oracle of science, of whom you speak?

      1. That’s my point. There is no credible science coming out of any elected office. Or unelected government office either.

      2. That day the ‘oracle of science’ came from Gov-Guns instead of natural observation and reality.

    3. I don’t think it even makes sense to say you will “follow science” (unless you just mean keeping up with the literature). Science can’t tell you what you should do. It can only (at best) tell you what is likely to happen if you choose to do something.

  4. Andrew Cuomo’s feet to the fire after reports surfaced that his administration had … also hidden the total deaths resulting from that decision.

    This is what’s known as “misinformation.”

    1. “Adjusted totals”

      1. “massaging the data”

      2. Massaging the data.

        1. Something about a void.

    2. I think you mean “FORTIFYING” the information.

    3. Well, we can’t have Trump pointing out how many people we killed right before the election!!!!!

  5. Dewine has been just as bad.

    1. DeWine has done plenty of stupid and arbitrary things but he hasn’t been as nearly bad as Newsom or Cuomo or even Whitmer. Criticize DeWine all you like but do so fairly. He is at best a lesser demon in the Necronomicon.

  6. The media knew all along. You’re still playing pretend about the reality of the system. The Cathedral only makes these sort of changes when the working class is ready to erupt.

  7. There are many more tyrannical governors that need to be recalled and sent packing. It’s a hopeful site that Newson is close to being recalled and the Cuomo is being criticized.

    1. 57% of NY voters still support Cuomo. Liberals gonna liberal.

      1. Can’t help but wonder if most “liberals” are ballot printers.

  8. What?! Cuomo has been terrific. He literally wrote the book on effective pandemic response.

    We should be criticizing Republican governors like Ron DeSantis, who has overseen a complete disaster in Florida.

    1. He turned old folks homes into death camps.


    2. Ah, now I see the problem.

      “Liz Wolfe is a staff editor at Reason. She was formerly managing editor at The Federalist.”

      Hiring someone from The Federalist is a puzzling move when Reason is otherwise so clearly aligning itself with the progressive / neocon #Resistance.

      1. Isn’t the Resistance the First Order now? Or was that the Empire?

      2. I was wondering why there was one of these articles, makes sense.

    3. Sure if your definition of “effective” is eliminate non productive members of society.

  9. “The Media Have Finally Realized That Cuomo and Newsom Are Terrible. Will Voters?”

    Wow, you really think poorly of the media. How stupid do you think they are to not have known, rather than maliciously hid the truth for partisan advantage.

    1. Incidentally, hatred of the news media by average Americans is probably the most underreported story of the last few years.

      While it may not be surprising to hear that, as reported by Gallup a few days before the last election, 89% of Republicans had little or no trust in the media to report the news fairly and accurately, 64% of Independents, likewise, had either little or no trust in the media to report the news fairly and accurately, too.

      Given that environment, it shouldn’t be surprising to find that so many Americans doubted the integrity of the election system or that they don’t believe the news media when they assure our fellow Americans that everything was on the up and up.

      And when you look at Gallup’s historical numbers for the same question, you realize that things weren’t always this way. There are a number of reasonable explanations for why Americans lost so much faith in the media to report the news fairly and accurately. My favorite candidate is the explanation that from the runup to the election in 2016 straight through to the end of Trump’s term, the news media was completely full of shit.

      1. I think it was the media’s kid gloves treatment of Obama and his apparatchiks that started compelling people with critical thought to mistrust media.

        1. Mine started in the 1990s when NBC and CNN both got busted for faking stories. NBC with their rigged chevy’s to explode (I’m a Ford man myself) and CNN with a fake story implying AR-15s were more powerful than standard bolt action rifles of the same caliber. It was then I began paying attention to their deceitfulness. It only got worse when I talked to fellow servicemen returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and compared it to the medias coverage of the wars.

          1. And it got worse with CBS and the fake Texas ANG Bush letter.

          2. Dan Rather’s fake documents on GWB in the Texas ANG deferment. He was straight up busted using fraudulent documents he reported as authentic

            1. I grew up just a couple hours from Ruby Ridge and the difference between the local and national coverage was stark. I also saw the Branch Davidian coverage and later reports and the difference between the reporting and the actual facts, not to mention Rodney King and the LA riots, the difference between the reporting and the facts were pretty stark.

              1. “a couple hours from Ruby Ridge.” I thought you lived in the asshole of Montana? Hell Missoula’s more than two hours from Ruby Ridge

                1. Grew up in Idaho, people aren’t forced to stay in the state they were born in (California in my case as my Dad was stationed there at the time, Ft Ord with the 7th ID). God your every post proves how imbecilic you really are. Bonners Ferry was two hours drive from where I grew up. And my family actually help settle Bonners Ferry.

                  1. I’ve also lived in Washington, Alaska, Missouri, Virginia, Florida and Texas and have visited every state west of the Mississippi and several east of it. OMG, I must be some sort of anomaly, I haven’t stayed in one state

                    1. And I’ve lived in both big cities and small towns. OMG how weird. And after all that I prefer small town life because city folks are generally self involved assholes.

                    2. I prefer small towns as well. Bonner’s ferry is beautiful.

                    3. Rednecks live in small towns.

                  2. If we’d just ignore them [the obvious trolls like Killrednecks, Tony, the Rev] they would literally dry up and be gone; I know the pleasure of comparing them to shit on a shoe, but still.

                    1. You’ll never get rid of me. As long as there’s Mormons to tell to go fuck themselves I’ll be here.

                  3. I get up to Bonner’s Ferry periodically on business, especially lately. Nice town. Week before last I was about ten minutes past town in Moyie Springs. It was a beautiful day, but very cold.

                    1. Why don’t you keep on driving north into BC you America hating piece of trash!

                    2. I am a patriot. When I joined the military long ago, I swore an oath to defend our constitutional republic, against enemies within and without. This includes leftist progressives, who by their very nature are traitors, and incapable of patriotism.

                      Although it has been a long time since I wore the uniform, the oath still applies. Best that you progs learn your place. Ideally in another country, far away. Lest you force the hand of myself, and my fellow patriots.

                2. And there is a lot of places in Montana closer to Bonners Ferry than Missoula. Fuck you are stupid. Did you think you had a gotcha there? Really?

                  1. You’re talking to someone who has specifically come here to let us know that he takes a lot of drugs in order to prove that he’s not Mormon, and who thinks that his meth-addled calls for genocide make him interesting and edgy.

                    You are really, really wasting your time engaging this person.

                    1. Good one!

                  2. No. I was just curious.

                    1. No you’re just an asshole.


                    2. Mormon’s gonna git ya!

                    3. You need Jesus.

                    4. He needs to go play in traffic.

                    5. Mark thrust Fascist Traitor: get out of my country you anti American traitor!

                      Truthfulness: I don’t know if the Christian God exists and I don’t care. I do know the Mormon god doesn’t exist. God wouldn’t make a 24 year old pervert con artist a prophet.

                      If you are a Mormon you’re a scumbag and if there is a hell you will fry.

                      The only good Mormon is a dead mormon!

                    6. I’m agnostic, but in my experience, most Mormons have been pleasant to deal with. Not sure if you ran afoul of a bad one. If so, it sounds as though he didn’t bother with lube when he had his with with you.

                      And for the record, it’s MY country, not yours. Progressives aren’t Americans.

                    7. Mark Thrust, KAR doesn’t like how Mormons vote

            2. The most outrageous aspect is his and much of the left’s continued insistence they document weren’t fake and Dan was treated unfairly. Reality just isn’t a relevant factor to the left.

        2. Hey, lapdogs don’t bite the lap they lie on…

        3. I think it was the media’s kid gloves treatment of Obama

          It depends on age. I remember as a young person people saying the media was biased. I didn’t watch news so I didn’t have an opinion. Then during the 1992 election I happened to catch a brief clip of CNN covering a GHWB rally for staffers which included the chant “4 more years”, a harmless if hackneyed bit of political theater used in every re-election campaign for a hundred years.

          The CNN “expert” claimed it reminded her of the Nuremberg Rallies.

          The media was always like this, they just hid it better before Ezra Klein convinced them they didn’t have to. Like AOC now he believed it was time to switch tactics from incrementalism to “race to the finish”.

      2. Like the major news outlets are going to report that no one trusts them anymore*.

        *Not intended to imply that there was ever a time they could be trusted.

      3. That’s critically important. And additionally, what that means specific to a story like this, is that it simply further erodes trust. “Oh…so NOW you’re reporting on the malfeasance of your brothers-in-arms…of course”.

        It’s pretty much hopeless for the MSM. They’ve lost the general public. Something entirely new would need to arise to regain trust. BUT…the economic incentives of building echo chambers vastly outweigh actually unbiased reporting.

      4. And when you look at Gallup’s historical numbers for the same question, you realize that things weren’t always this way.

        This will always be Ezra Klein’s legacy. He convinced the younger and more politically extreme journalists they could be more open advocates for leftism in their reporting and commentary and pushed out those who held to the old standards. As many of those more professional journos (Kaus, for example) warned trading credibility for political fame may help specific journalists get rich but it is a very bad trade for the profession and even worse for the country.

    2. Funny how they fixate on the COVID/Nursing Home thing. But the rest of Cuomo’s ignorant bullying thuggery is a-ok.

      1. Don’t forget the sexual harassment.

      2. #believeallwomen


    3. As Mark Twain once said “I’m often taken to wondering if the world is run by smart people who are trying to fool us, or actual imbeciles who really mean it.”

      I’m surprised at how often it’s the latter.

  10. “The Media Have Finally Realized That Cuomo and Newsom Are Terrible. Will Voters?”

    Apart from the media, there isn’t anybody outside of California and New York who are confused about wanting to be like California New York.

    Assuming that the people of Iraq wanted us to bomb, invade, and occupy their country wasn’t a safe assumption either–and, yes, what progressives in California and New York have done to their local economies is a lot like what we did when we bombed, invaded, and occupied Iraq.

    1. Hopefully the situation here becomes so ridiculous that people will return to the Lower 49 state they moved here from. Then California will return to the Shangri-La that it was.

      1. We appreciate that Cali absorbed all the wing nuts and kept the rest of the country saner. Please don’t send them back.

    2. “…there isn’t anybody outside of California and New York who are confused about wanting to be like California New York…..”

      Except for slightly more than half of the US Congress.

    3. A better article would be “America has realized that Joe Biden is an awful piece of shit, will Reason Magazine?”

  11. Democrats have ruined California for decades to come. Newsom has no real talent or leadership ability but has great hair and loves the sound of his own voice more than he loves his children. That is what it takes to be deemed “an ideal Democrat candidate for Governor” in the People’s Republic of California.

    1. When he was playing at being mayor of SF, it seemed appointees’ only requirement was to not get between him and a camera.

      1. Schumer’s staff gets hazard pay for that reason.

    2. The backing of the unions doesn’t hurt, either.

  12. The Reason comment section realized a Biden presidency would be terrible and would be by far the least libertarian and most authoritarian of the available choices. Will Reason?

  13. Who will replace them? A raging brown trans SJW, or another corrupt dem or toothless RINO. Most citizens with any sense left fled these shitholes long ago.

  14. Somehow the media started accurately reporting on Cuomo in mid January? Strange right Liz?

  15. Newsom hasn’t done a poor job he’s done a great job at destroying his state which is the job the Democrats want him to do.

    1. It’s just to get the non-native Californians out.

  16. Maybe their pal Joe can appoint them ambassadors to Zimbabwe and N Korea

    1. Too bad Chechnya didn’t break away from Russia or that would have an option too.

  17. It goes so far beyond Cuomo and Newsom. It’s a cancer that has metastasized through our entire government and even managed to spread to the media.

    I don’t believe anything I’m told anymore. At some point I am dropping the masks and the distancing and if you don’t want to get sick then stay away from me. (In fact, stay away from the world, because the world is chock full of viruses.) I got the vaccine and the second dose laid me up for several days complete with fever. I may as well have had Covid. Then they say it won’t keep me from spreading it, so I still have to mask and all that bullshit.

    I’m at my wits end. Nobody knows what they are doing, but they’ll never actually say that. “Let’s take a step back and evaluate the information because we might have been wrong about a few things” isn’t something you hear from government.

    I think the Trump presidency has destroyed the country. Not because of anything Trump did, but because of how the country – especially those in power – have responded to Trump. Cuomo won a fucking Emmy. AN EMMY. Newsom is a smarmy shit stain who puts the lie to his own advice by going out to a posh dinner. Pelosi gets her hair did. Numerous other government officials have blatantly ignored their own dictates – rules are only for the little people and they aren’t even pretending that isn’t true.

    Meanwhile Congress is going to decide what we get to read or hear. They will dictate what news is appropriate to share.

    Fuck this country. I’m finally ready to run to the window, stick my head out, and scream that I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take it any more.

    Even a goddamn virus is partisan.

    1. Well said Lady D; I, and many others, share your frustration.

      I cannot think of a single institution a plurality of us haven’t lost faith in. Not so much as a shred of credibility in the government, most [large] corporations, and the so called “Fourth Estate.” They have their narrative and that is what you are going to see and hear.

      So what now? I think Civil War 2.0 will be vastly different than 1861-65 [and 625K fatalities]. I believe it will emanate from community levels to State, and we will increasingly disregard what we are told by government and media. They will lose power to the extent we deny them credibility; and with that the legitimacy to govern.

      Yes, there will be plenty who clamor for these institutions to represent their interest and exert its authority toward all others, and to that I say they can have that within their own confines. Let them have critical race theory, intersectionality, socialism, and green new deals. This will typically be urban and suburban areas; but it will last until they’ve eaten the last of their pets and start looking up recipes for one another.

      It’s going to have to break before it can be fixed.

      1. The second American Civil War is going to be between the liberal areas on the coasts ( and Chicago) and the rest of the country.

        The liberal areas are deficient in both food production and firearms knowledge.
        That will be very quickly rectified by the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians shipping supplies to the coastal cities.
        It is in the interest of our enemies to prolong the American Civil War as long as possible.

    2. Herr Whitmer uses the words “science” and “data” a lot so we just do whatever she says.

    3. That’s what we all need to do. Just stop going along with this shit. The world really is broken. It’s chances of recovering in any reasonable time get lower the longer people keep acting like it’s all OK and something we just have to put up with. It has to stop.

  18. I downloaded the petition to recall Newsom with the intention of signing it. Then I read it. It says nothing about his mishandling of the Covid situation, and is clearly targeted only at conservatives. Some of what they attack him for I agree with them on, some of it I agree with him on. While I will be happy to see their efforts succeed, I am not willing to sign a petition based on arguments I disagree with.

    1. I signed it just because it’s a recall. I will sign any recall petition put before me.

      But yeah, this is an explicitly partisan petition, and if it loses it will be because of that alone.

      I should also note that the organizers of this recall are freaking out about Falcouner because he’s apparently a RINO. He still better than Newsome. I’m hoping McClintock throws his hat in the ring. And while I feel dirty suggesting it, I would even cast a vote for Michelle Steele.

      1. if it loses it will be because of that alone

        Definitely – my brother, a progressive Democrat school teacher, I think would probably sign a recall petition at this point, but would never sign the statement that’s on the one that’s floating around now.

        I’m hoping McClintock throws his hat in the ring.

        Me, too. Falcouner is, as you say, better than Newsom, but a stuffed poop-emoji would be better than Newsom, so that’s not really saying much.

      2. I signed it as well. And there are recall volunteers in areas around here where I am surprised to see them like in Lamorinda

        1. Lamorinda is fairly conservative as Bay Area regions go, is it not?

    2. Yeah – I have similar reservations. I wish the form just said “We want to recall Gavin because we have a right to” and left it at that.

  19. In defense of California voters, I’d like to draw your attention to the following propositions on the ballot–and how Californians voted. In the 2020 election:

    California voted down a proposition to tax commercial property.

    California voted against affirmative action.

    California voted against sentencing reform.

    California voted against rent control.

    California voted to keep cash bail.

    If those propositions had been on the ballot in a deep red state like Wyoming, they would have gone the same way. In other words, progressive polices aren’t even popular in California.

    Trump lost because of the pandemic, the economic fallout from that, the lockdowns, and because suburban women found his tweets offensive. Cuomo or Newsom will be lucky to fend off primary challengers the next time around, and any aspirations that had for national office are over.

    Meanwhile, Biden and the Democrats don’t have a mandate to do anything but stay off of Twitter–some of their biggest signature policies aren’t even popular in California.

    1. The cash bail thing sucks. It might work in low populated states like Wyoming, but bail is big businesses in California. You can tell you’re within five miles of a courthouse because there are no other businesses beside payday loans and bail bonds. Bail bond businesses use more neon per square foot than even Las Vegas.

      Bail bonds are about taking the working poor schmuck and keeping him in jail until his court appearance three years in the future. BEFORE he has been sentenced. It’s indefinite incarceration without a jury conviction because a cop found a year old pot seed in his ashtray.

      1. My point was that progressives don’t have much influence on their favorite issues–not even in California–regardless of whether we like it or not.

        Oh, and what’s the alternative to cash bail–keeping them in prison until their trial? Releasing those who can’t make bail now because no one in their right mind would put up cash on their promise to show up for court? Sacramento has run our state so incompetently for so long, they been having to release convicted violent offenders for lack of a place to put them–for more than a decade.

        We have a lot of problems with our criminal justice system in California–including not enough prison space to hold violent offenders. The state was forced by the courts to release tens of thousands of convicted criminals for lack of space because they were holding them in such crowded conditions that it violated their constitutional right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. They were ordered to release tens of thousands of convicted criminals in 2006, 2009, and 2011.

        The only legitimate purpose of libertarian government is to protect our rights. We have a criminal justice system to protect our rights from criminals, and if the government of California is failing to do that because they’re squandering money on bullet trains to nowhere and outrageous pension benefits for Caltrans workers, then the solution isn’t to stop convicting criminals or to stop holding them for trial if no one in their right mind will underwrite their bail.

        Private parties offering up cash and holding the friends and family of the indicted contractually responsible if the accused doesn’t show up for court is probably the least of our problems, and I’m by no means alone in that assessment.

        I would argue that the primary reason why so many Californians voted against sentencing reform and getting rid of cash bail is precisely because so many Californians are sick of the catch and release program. That’s also what inspired three strikes–my fellow Californians were so sick of liberal justices and parole boards letting criminals off the hook, they decided to overrule them all by putting them away forever by way of the referendum process.

        1. Much of the catch-n-release is due to the war on drugs. The criminals may still be violent, but without the WoD they wouldn’t be gunning each other down. Whoever heard of a liquor store bombing another liquor store? So end the war on drugs. We still have pot smokers in jail for gawdsake.

          Second, our rights include the rights not to be imprisoned while innocent. Bail bonds allow the middle class and wealthy to avoid imprisonment while awaiting trail, but they keep the poor in jail. And the backlog of criminal trials means that imprisonment of the innocent can be three years. In a county jail, not fatcat country club federal jail. That you think this is the height of libertarian fairness means you don’t understand what rights are. The system is imprisoning innocent people because they don’t have the cash to pay a bail bondsman.

          Getting rid of bail doesn’t mean we release all those awaiting trial. It means that judges get to decide if someone is safe to release or not. Leave the imprisonment for those the judge deems likely to flee or be violent.

          So you get caught with one ounce too much of medical marijuana? You’re not dangerous. No one presumes you will flee. So just have you sign that you will appear three years hence for the trial and let you go.

          1. I think you’re getting at least a couple of things wrong.

            “The criminals may still be violent, but without the WoD they wouldn’t be gunning each other down.”

            If that’s the problem, the solution isn’t to stop holding violent offenders for trial, convicting them, or giving them prison sentences.

            “Bail bonds allow the middle class and wealthy to avoid imprisonment while awaiting trail, but they keep the poor in jail.”

            The wealthy don’t generally need bail bonds. Bail bonds are for poor people who can’t afford their bail. The whole point is that the bail bondman puts up the cash because you can’t afford it.

            Incidentally, pay day lenders aren’t generally servicing the well to do either.

          2. “Getting rid of bail doesn’t mean we release all those awaiting trial. It means that judges get to decide if someone is safe to release or not.”

            They already do that when they set bail.

          3. The biggest problem there (besides the war on drugs being a thing) seems to be the unavailability of a speedy trial. Whether out on bail or in jail, 3 years wait can’t be considered a speedy trial. If they can’t get to a case within a few months, then they need more courts and judges or fewer criminals.

            1. Fewer _laws_. The justice system should not be _creating_ crimes.

      2. Bail bonds let the poor schmuck get out of jail, at one-tenth of the cost.
        Ending cash bail just means the judge can lock you up indefinitely, contra the US Constitution.

        1. Or it means California taking money away from their pet environmentalist projects and the bloated pensions of public servants and using that money to build the prisons we need in order for the government to fulfill its most basic legitimate function in protecting our rights (from criminals in this case).

          1. I’ll agree with that when we toss out the vast majority of laws on the books because it’s quite easy to end up on the wrong end of the law in our current high regulation, low trust society. We’ve got people serving years in jail for “ethnic intimidation” for basically saying words that hurt, or having some drugs on them (none of our business) yet people serving a few years in jail for taking someone’s life (manslaughter). Our criminal justice system is a joke, and not because there’s not enough room in jails. It’s because we have fucking shit laws and we’re a country fill of bootlicking statists who say shit like “don’t do anything illegal and you have nothing to hide” — tell that to the guy serving 7 years for clearing his personal browser history. Our country and criminal justice system are a fucking joke. Clown world, honk honk.

    2. Trump lost because he didn’t take the possibility of fraud as seriously as he should have.

    3. And they thought they were doing so well.

    4. That’s an astute observation. The problems here are from entities which can’t be changed by voters like teachers unions, state and local bureaucrats, and their partners in the media who are able to advance narratives that support the unions and politicians.

      Another example as it relates to your point is Newsom extending state pandemic relief money to illegals. That shit wouldn’t fly with voters so he does it by executive order

      1. LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office will no longer prosecute a range of misdemeanor crimes, from resisting arrest to drug possession to making criminal threats, according to a memo issued this week by new DA George Gascon.

        . . .

        The other reforms that Gascon announced Monday include shifts away from the use of cash bail

        —-KABC, December 10, 2020

        One of the interesting things about this is the date–weeks after the state wide ballot initiatives that rejected sentencing reform and decided to keep cash bail, this guy decides to give the voters the finger.

  20. Racist!

  21. > principled critics of executive power

    All four of them!

    It looks like Calfornia may be inching towards the defacto policy of recalling all governors. I hope it is. I think all governors of all states, as well as all congressmen, senators and prezidents, regardless of hair color, need to face a vote of no confidence every two years like clockwork. And that’s just me being generous. Shoving them through the wood chippers every two years if they fail to resign in shame seems like the better option, but baby steps, baby steps.

  22. “realized.”

  23. The Media Have Finally Realized That Cuomo and Newsom Are Terrible. Will Voters Vote Counters?

  24. The vid has Cuomo ‘accepting responsibility’, just like Reno ‘accepted responsibility’ for Waco – and nothing happened.
    Throw his ass in jail; he’s responsible for thousands of deaths.

    1. Reno offered her resignation in the aftermath of Waco. Bill Clinton refused to accept it. Reno, at least in that small instance, showed a smidgen of nobility. I suspect Clinton refused her resignation because had he accepted it, that would have been admitting that the federal government had acted irresponsibly.

    2. I would think impeachment would be brought up. It’s all the rage.

      1. Wrong party

  25. Though Cuomo’s blameworthy nursing home directive has been an open secret for many months, the national news media largely averted their glance from this story while people like Fox’s Janice Dean sounded the alarms alone. (Locally, journalists at the Newark Star-Ledger were ripping the policies of New Jersey and New York as far back as May 2020, but national media outlets took fairly little notice.) Of late, they’ve taken a gruffer stance, even examining Cuomo’s past and present of strongman bullying.

    This isn’t just a story about how awful Cuomo and Newsom are, it’s a story about how awful Cuomo, Newsom and Newsroom(s) are.

    The media (especially CNN) is essentially complicit in this scandal– almost to the point of being a coconspirator. The crass behavior of the journo-sphere has been unforgivable over the last five or six years.

    Further, I believe awarding Cuomo an Emmy for his performance was not just the media-entertainment complex’s attempt to fellate a favorable person in power, but it was an attempt to divert attention away from his critics on this story.

    1. It’s not all journalists. We knew about the nursing homes almost from the start. We knew about the French Laundry the next day.

      It’s just the the dominant mainstream news aggregators refused to cover those stories. But anyone on Reason knew about them, even though Reason is not a news site. Hell, anyone keeping an eye out on the Google front page knew about it too. The news services covered it.

      It was just the big city papers and big broadcast/cable news shows that didn’t.

      People act surprised, but I stopped getting my news from them decades ago, ever since they lied about exploding pickup trucks and faked military documents about Boosh. I now get my news from multiple sources, as should everyone. People who only listen to CNN, or only to FOX, are the problem.

      1. Yup. It’s not that hard to get a better view of what’s going on. Many people just can’t be bothered. And they just can’t understand why those nice news readers would deceive them. I run into that a lot when talking to normal people about what I see as outrageous usurpations of power and propaganda. “Why would they do that, it doesn’t make any sense?” I can’t always answer that, often I’m baffled as well, but I’m going to believe my own eyes still.

    1. The Babylon Bee rapidly approaches the Poe Horizon

    2. They are as on the mark as the Onion used to be. It’s great to see something created out of nothing virtually overnight.

  26. Breaking News: Cuomo allegedly sexually harasses aide. #METOO

  27. Cuomo has not covered himself in glory since the start of the pandemic.

    That has to be a misprint.

    1. He needs to cover his “glory”. Jeepers, enough already.

      1. Coming soon – a statue of Cuomo on horseback raising a sword on high, above a defeated COVID virus.

        1. Later on that day, it will be torn down when he is mistaken for someone who once did something of value for the country.

    2. Cummo has not covered himself at the glory hole since the start of the pandemic…I’m sure that’s what Liz meant to say. Sux to be Andrew not able to suck ’cause science!

  28. “…typical blue-state pandemic governance”

    And all we got in MI was some wanna be boogaloo boys drinking beer and bragging about dropping the gov in the lake

  29. Newsom is getting recalled. California conservatives (there are some) think he is power mad and overreacted with the lockdowns. California liberals see him as a hypocrite who doesn’t follow his own rules, and whose fine-tuning of everything didn’t work.

  30. Though Cuomo’s blameworthy nursing home directive has been an open secret for many months, the national news media largely averted their glance from this story

    What could have changed between the whitewash from May 20th until “recently”? C’mon Liz, still can’t speak the truth if it even secondarily helps Trump?

  31. But what about his Emmy?

  32. After Andy resigns CNN should fire Fredo for leading the pro-Andy propaganda.

  33. Cuomo really looks like the human-ape missing link. Did his mom get impregnated by one of the chimps at the Bronx Zoo?

    1. Have you ever seen his dad? Very simian features.

      Fun fact: NY Italians, especially Sicilians, are still extremely butthurt about that whole Moorish occupation thing a thousand years ago. I’ve seen many a Staten Islander of them freak out upon any suggestion that they might have some kind of African ancestry, or have any overlap with stereotypical blacks on basically anything.

      So pointing out Cuomo’s ape-like appearance to him would likely produce hilarious results.

      1. “Now tell me, am I lyin’?”

    2. No, he looks a lot like his father. Now as to Mario’s parentage, who knows?

  34. This article needs better copy editing; “for the Newsom’s job” should be either “for Newsom’s job” or “for the job”.

  35. And let’s not forget Mayor de Blasio, who closed down skating rinks in Central Park because the Trump Corporation had a lease on them until April, and he wanted to show his wokeness. The only problem was that the shutdown ended a hockey program for poor Black youth, and another for developmentally challenged youth and adults. Classy guy, eh?

  36. The governors of New York and California have botched every aspect of the pandemic response.


  37. Meanwhile, the media are ignoring the tyranny and incompetence of Dictator Murphy in NJ, who is as bad as Cuomo. Wouldn’t want to hurt his re-election bid.

  38. I wonder if that CNN guy is still shilling for Andrew Cuomo? I forget his name, Chris something I think.

  39. I guarantee you that most of the 60-70% of voters who approved of Cuomo knew deep inside that what he did was problematic. But they belong to a tribe as much as the Trump supporters, so they invent rationale to convince themselves that he was actually doing a good job.

    Cuomo did his Covid report in a calm, dignified manner! He waxed poetics and race and stuff! He took Trump to task for lack of supplies, even though his own policies led to shortages and Trump ended up giving him everything he wanted!

    Do you what these people say (Tony gives us the most sterling example) when we meet their insurrection canard with year long BLM riots?

    (1) Well it didn’t happen at the capital
    (2) It’s different because that was on private property
    (3) It’s ok because unlike voter fraud allegations, racial equity is a serious issue
    (4) It’s not a crime when it happens at night (Merrick Garland)

    They have a narrative for everything. When one of these blue states come to ruins, they’ll put on repeat the same song and dance about how the rich couldn’t save them by paying their fair share of taxes and systemic racism, even though the system is ran by democrats.

  40. For sure, Cuomo and Newsom must be removed from office. One further step, Cuomo must be held criminally responsible for the more than 15,000 nursing home covid deaths.

  41. Verified signatures required and a statistical anomaly considered noteworthy (“Of those verified signatures, 84 percent belong to registered voters, which the New York Times notes is an unusually high percentage compared to typical recall efforts”).

  42. Democrats can’t lose. It’s clear that Americans want to give communism a good try.

  43. Let’s not forget Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolfe. He has followed exactly the same path as Cuomo and gotten pretty much the same results. He continues to deny requests for information and data. Now his is proposing the largest tax hike in PA history. He uses his emergency powers like a king ruling a kingdom rather than an elected official serving the people. He needs the focus of “journalism” focused on him as well.

  44. Funny how you focus on blue states. How about the enormous amount of deaths in South Dakota and other red states per capita?

    Oh, I guess we ignore them since Koch pays the bills around here. Apparently people not being able to get a burger trumps human lives. On par for conservatives.

    Cuomo and Newsom are both shit, but acting as if they are the worst in this country is sheer asinine. Might wanna shine that light on your own shit sometimes.

    1. Next you’re going to tell us that Florida handled the vaccine rollout worse than NY.

      “Cuomo and Newsom are both shit”

      Well, at least you’ve said something that didn’t roll straight out of left wing talking points, for maybe the first time, ever.

      I keep getting you and Tony mixed up, I wonder why?

      Put down the CNN and slowly step away…

    2. “…Cuomo and Newsom are both shit, but acting as if they are the worst in this country is sheer asinine. Might wanna shine that light on your own shit sometimes.”

      Outside of you, they are the worst.
      Fuck off and die.

  45. The article draws an illogical conclusion. What media criticism of Democratic governors shows is that the media is indeed fair and impartial. I know that this is hard for right-wingers to accept, but it is true.

  46. The media also needs to be aware of and to cover the abuses by Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania. He and Levine also sent thousands to their deaths in nursing homes. His decision making has been arbitrary and dictatorial. When businesses were declared to be essential or nonessential without any announced criteria he made sure his family’s business was deemed essential. Levine made sure that she got her mother out of the nursing home before forcing sick patients into nursing home leading to thousands of deaths. The state’s economy has been decimated. Pennsylvania may not be a high profile state on a national level but the suffering and economic devastation caused by Wolf and Levine has been catastrophic. Biden rewarded Levine’s incompetence with a nomination to be assistant secretary of health.

  47. Governmental positions have ceased to have anything to do with governing. They have come to exist solely to enable those who hold them to exercise political power — power for its own sake and the public be damned.

  48. Huh. Weird article coming from Reason. Maybe your staff should consider not voting for democrats in the future.

  49. I don’t believe the media “realized that” they are “terrible”, they have been aware of the poor decisions all along, but they believe power for the Democratic party is the most important thing and from that point of view these governors are not terrible. The cost of 10’s of thousands of lives is small price for increased Democratic party power. That is why they have aggressively defended them for so long. The only ‘realization’ going on is that they can no longer afford to defend them, and with Trump gone and Biden in the White has they can fight to increase power for the Democratic party via the executive in DC again.

  50. Voters no longer matter in elections.

  51. “Nearly a year into the pandemic, people on both coasts are increasingly fed up with their leaders.”

    Nearly a year into the pandemic, people in the biggest, most influential blue states on both coasts are increasingly fed up with their leaders.

    fixed it for you.

  52. it seemed appointees’ only requirement was to not get between him and a camera.

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