Andrew Cuomo's Vaccine Distribution Rules Are a Threat to Public Health

The New York governor says hospitals have to increase vaccinations—but there's a catch.


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has given hospitals a conundrum. Fail to use all of your COVID-19 vaccines within seven days of receipt? That'll be a $100,000 fine. Vaccinate someone out of the state-designated order? That'll be a $1 million fine.

Damned if you let your vaccines expire, damned if you don't let your vaccines expire—by using them on anyone outside of the approved hierarchy.

The state's distribution plan mandates that a slew of people receive the vaccine before the elderly, including health care workers, patient-facing employees at long-term care facilities, first responders, teachers, public health workers, grocery store workers, pharmacists, transit employees, those who uphold "critical infrastructure," and individuals with significant co-morbidities. Such a plan is common across the U.S., and it requires a robust logistical framework to execute properly.

That hasn't been going so well.

"States have held back doses to be given out to their nursing homes and other long-term-care facilities, an effort that is just gearing up and expected to take several months," reports The New York Times. "Across the country, just 8 percent of the doses distributed for use in these facilities have been administered, with two million yet to be given."

In New York, most individuals over 65 are still not eligible to receive the vaccine—and won't be until the state graduates to Phase Three of its plan—which partially explains the sluggish rollout. That prioritization, or lack thereof, inspired backlash from politicians and armchair pundits alike, many of whom argued that the elderly should have been first in line to receive the vaccine.

Right now, New York's hospitals have gone through less than half of the doses shipped to them.

That's a problem. Both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines can last for several months when frozen but must be thawed before use. And at that point, they have a very limited shelf life.

Of the nearly 900,000 vaccinations sent to New York, only about 275,000 first doses have been administered. That's 30 percent. Some states lag even farther behind: North Carolina clocks in at around 26 percent, California at 24 percent, Florida at 23 percent. Kansas is at 15 percent.

But New York leads the way in filling the process with fear and red tape. In Washington, D.C., by contrast, the Department of Health is reportedly encouraging health care providers to administer surplus vaccines nearing expiration to any willing recipient. David MacMillan documented such an experience on TikTok after a pharmacist approached him randomly in a D.C. Giant supermarket with an offer to get the Moderna vaccine.

A similar approach is popular in Israel, which has vaccinated 12 percent of its population with the first dose—the U.S. is at 1 percent—and has moved so rapidly that it is running out of vaccines. They, too, allow the younger population to benefit from extra vaccines. More than 100,000 Israelis between the ages of 20 and 40 have been inoculated.

In MacMillan's case, he lucked out when two people didn't show up for their scheduled appointments—something that is bound to happen and is out of health care workers' control. The pharmacist "turned to us and was like, 'Hey, I've got two doses of the vaccine and I'm going to have to throw them away if I don't give them to somebody," MacMillan said on TikTok. "'We close in 10 minutes. Do you want the Moderna vaccine?'" In D.C., that's one more person who's been vaccinated against COVID-19 and one tiny step closer to herd immunity.

Had that happened in New York, the pharmacist might be out of a job.

CORRECTION: The original version of this article overstated the progress that New York has made in distributing its vaccines.

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  1. By any reasonable metric, New York has had by far the most effective pandemic response. Cuomo clearly knows what he’s doing. I trust him.


    1. I’m surprised he is allowing the distribution of the Trump vaccine.

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        1. Springtime with Andrew in Albany uses the scientific method to achieve his goals — and since the personal is the political, he is definitely effective.

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    2. #CuomoForGrimReaper

      Yeah, he knew what he was doing. Just like Phailing Phil Murphy.

      1. Murphy deserves to be nut punched, except he’d probably enjoy it.

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    3. Well he DID win a grammy for pretending to be a governor on TV.

      1. An Emmy…he’s not much of a musician.

        Come to think of it, he’s not much of a governor either. I guess that’s why he won an Emmy. “I’m not really a governor, but I play one on TV.”

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  2. A glimpse into the future of SleepyJoe Care.

  3. Andrew Cuomo’s Vaccine Distribution Rules Are a Threat to Public Health


    1. Public health, constitutional rights, economic prosperity… Is there anything the man isn’t a threat to?

  4. If New York State were a country it would have the highest per capita covid death rate in the world.

    1. Not true. New Jersey is slightly in the lead, with 216 per 100,000 while New York has just 197.

      1. New Jersey never fails to fail.

        Except at making NYC look slightly less horrible.

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      2. Ironically, a higher proportion of NJ’s population is in NYC’s shadow than NY’s.

        Let’s point the finger at someone everyone agrees is horrible: this is all Bill De Blasio’s fault.

      3. It’s actually a true statement because in the hypothetical New Jersey is remaining part of the US, not becoming its own country like NY

  5. There’s a lesson here about Medicare for all, but I can’t quite figure out what it is.

    1. Public education?

    2. I think we need to do away with any trails of federalism and make health care not only a state matter, but centralize it entirely. Just like education. There needs to be a central, worldwide, “For-All-Government” (FAG) under which we can regulate and streamline the great rollout of 2021 and finally the great cleansing.

      1. FAG? Just how long did you ponder that acronym?

  6. I can’t wait for the “if we just had a bigger government” crowd to come along and explain how a bigger government would have prevented the catastrophe that is the government handling of this.

  7. Cuomo seems to think he’s Vito , not a Fredo. He’s making them an off they better not refuse. He’s probably working on another book about it. Hopefully there will be some lawsuits to tame down this power mad a hole.

    1. He’s more like a Sonny. He’s lucky that there’s EZPass now.

  8. And yet, Cuomo will be easily re-elected if he runs.

    People are crazy…..

    1. Clarity and consistency are perceived as assets in a time of crisis. If Trump had done nothing different but stayed with the same messaging from Feb – June then general attitudes about how the pandemic was handled (not media, whose perceptions are tied entirely to party affiliation) would look very different.

      1. And yet it was Fauci and all the leftists who had even less consistent policies than Trump.

        Fauci in the Spring: “don’t wear masks they don’t do shit.”
        Fauci now: “wear masks they save lives.”

        Then just look at the totally arbitrary things that were being shut down. Churches but not liquor stores. Anti-lockdown protests but not BLM protests. Etc. The second I stopped taking them seriously was when Fauci refused to say BLM protesters were being irresponsible while condemning everybody else.

        1. Or maybe the leftcrazies are just as tonedeaf to nuance as people who don’t get that masks don’t protect the wearer, they keep a person who is in the early stages of infection from infecting others?

          1. But the angle has always been that all unmasked are a threat because -‘asymptomatic carrier’- which also turned out to not be the case.
            If you recognize you have symptoms, then by all means wear a mask to protect others. To assume that everyone is in the early stages to protect one seems overzealous at best.

            1. Asymptomatic transmission is starting to get questioned in the literature.

              Symptoms like coughing or sneezing are symptoms because they spread the bug more effectively than no symptoms. On the face of w/o writing any papers or doing any studies, asymptomatic spread is more or less an oxymoron.

            2. Nonsense


              Asymptomatic and presymptomatic individuals account for a large percent of transmission.

              1. “Now, evidence suggests that about one in five infected people will experience no symptoms, and they will transmit the virus to significantly fewer people than someone with symptoms. But *researchers are divided* about whether asymptomatic infections are acting as a ‘silent driver’ of the pandemic.”


                1. The confusion arises between asymptomatic, people who will never develop symptoms, and pre symptomatic, people who will.

                  The incubation time is up to two weeks before symptoms occur and even then you may not know you have it at first.

                  Of course in the days just before or in the early stages you have a high viral load. Then it also depends on the level of contact, duration, proximity and so on.

                  Nobody really knows what the threshold is. It is not unreasonable to just take precautions as much as possible.

                  1. It is not unreasonable to just take precautions as much as possible.

                    For a virus that is merely an inconvenience to 99% of the population, yes it is. Especially since the correlation legislative connection between reasonable precautions and unreasonable precautions is so self-evident.

                  2. “…It is not unreasonable to just take precautions as much as possible.”

                    This is an attempt to disguise “if it saves just one life!” as something other than bullshit.

                    1. Yes – while completely ignoring all the other deaths (e.g., suicides, untreated medical conditions, etc.) resulting from overzealous draconian lockdowns.

                      Damn, if ONLY we could all have the BLM/Antifa gene that renders the virus impotent.

        2. Fauci might be inconsistent, but he’s very clear. The hill he has to climb is also much less steep since he’s a Professional Scientist, career bureaucrat, and obviously not a member of the wrong party.

          1. And receiving his paycheck weekly in that capacity.

          2. I’ve written papers for guys like Fauci. They fund the study and get their names on the paper, last name though.

        3. It took you that long?

    2. He’s angling to be President Harris’ running mate in 2024.

      1. I think you mean Harris’s replacement in 2023. We’re going to need a new VP then because BaiDen will be stepping down in January of 2023.

    3. I listened to podcast with Niall Ferguson, who said there seems to be a bias among people for authoritarian measures during a pandemic. The bias s there even if the measures are incompetent, i gives a tipping point number of people reassurance that the problem is being addressed.

      He dis not say this was a good response, just that it seems to exist.

      1. We need a virus that targets the irrational.

    4. And then he’ll run for president when the opportunity arises. And the media will continue to throw massive smoke screens over his handling of this “crisis”.

    5. The NBC/Marist poll reports all-time highs since he took office in 2011:

      60% of New Yorkers registered to vote rated Cuomo’s performance as excellent or good
      86% of Democrats, 65% of independents, and 28% of Republican approve of the governor
      55% of upstate New Yorkers responded positively overall, compared to 67% of those in the City
      69% of upstaters approve of his leadership during the pandemic, compared to 75% in the City
      52% of upstaters like the way he’s handling the economy, compared to 63% in the City

      1. I was born and raised in NYC (escaped in 1980), and these dumbass NYers deserve everything they get. Stupid motherfuckers.

  9. Would love to see what would happen if governments got the hell out of the way and let the market sort this out.

    1. South Dakota is just fine.

      1. The SD Department of Health is directing distribution and priorities of vaccination in the state, not the market. The peak case rate and death rate occurred months later than eastern states and both rates are rapidly trending down in SD. Back in March 2020 the governor of SD used a foot race analogy: response to the virus should be similar to a marathon, not a sprint, in setting public policy. In one you pace yourself, not throwing away your, in the other you go all out since the race is so short. She said she was advised that the science indicated policies should be set that are sustainable for months, not weeks. The state epidemiologists suggested peak case and death rates might not occur till July or August – months later than other models. Even their modeling turned out wrong – though closer to what actually happened than all other models.

        1. That’s the difference between Science! and science–one is popshit driven by media narratives, and the other is driven by real, actual data, research, and future-time orientation.

    2. Well, we certainly would have had the vaccine available weeks, if not months earlier with the FDA out of the way.

  10. On time, on spec, on budget; pick two.
    Work fast, or a 100,000 fine.
    But only perfection is acceptable. A million fine for one inadvertent person slipping through.

    You want lots of people vaccinated fast. So do the hospitals, and other delivery agencies. Get out of the way and let them.
    Cripple their budget with fines like that, then the state has picked ‘budget’ as a priority, and time or spec are both crippled.

    1. Never let an opportunity to replenish the state coffers go to waste.

    2. On time, on spec, on budget; pick two.

      Unless the government is involved, in which case pick one and hope you get lucky.

  11. Cuomo is insane.

    1. He seems quite sane, which makes any authoritarian even more dangerous.

    2. No, just a complete fucking asshole.

  12. Learn from what Israel has done right. Israeli politics makes ours look like a Sunday church picnic. Yet they know, they know how to fight.

    The medical system there is well prepared for any emergency. The government planned for this.

    The enemy is the virus.

    1. You left out the part where another country gives them shitloads of money every year because they have one of the most effective lobbying organizations inside the Beltway.

      1. Money didn’t help.

        Their national strategy and commitment to excellence helped.

        The fact that nearly every man in the country, and many women, have military experience helped.

        Money is not an issue. They make hundreds of times more money than they get in aid. They don’t need the aid. The aid goes directly back to the US, in payments to US firms. The aid is actually a subsidy to US firms.

        So don’t be an idiot.

  13. Wait What? I missed it; What did the almighty dictator dictate again?

  14. Cuomo is a Nazi.

  15. Instead of government red tape and regulations and threats, we should use the most efficient system we have to distribute the vaccine….the free market.

    1. That would never work. If the government ever announced they were relying on the (more efficient) free market, then mobs of crazed Biden supporters would start setting cars on fire.

  16. The medical center where my wife and daughter work had an extra vaccine for both. Neither are front line workers but contacting patients at admission. My wife called my daughter yesterday and had her go down and get it as they had 82 people show up for vaccination (Workers at the medical group). There ware 10 doses per opened container. They had to decide either send two people home and come back later for vaccination or try to bring in 8 people to get vaccinated. They ended up with 88 people vaccinated and two doses wasted. This is in fairly rational Iowa though where the government seems to be staying out of the way. It was not an option to give me a vaccine per medical center rules. Just Sayin’.

    1. At my hospital network in NJ, we’re basically given a two week exclusive window for each tier before opening up to the next one. I’m at Tier 3 (Admin and otherwise not-patient-facing) and getting mine on Friday even though I haven’t seen the inside of a hospital since February. Next wave is high-priority general population.

      Plans are just about finalized to open up drive-thru clinics at stadiums and convention centers around the state. Once that happens there’s going to be a huge ramp-up in % vaccinated.

  17. Someone needs to shoot this fucker. Seriously. Hell, I’d shoot him for all those interviews he’s done with his brother, or, as I like to call it, the Fredo and Sonny Variety Hour.

    Besides, doesn’t he have some old people to kill or something? Or has he gotten bored with that already? Fucking waste of space on this earth, as Trevor Phillips would say.

  18. Cuomo must really hate the elderly as he insists they be denied the vaccination as. Killer Cuomo the senior slayer is not done reducing the ranks of the elderly. Prolly needs to balance the budget, on the corpses of the seniors, because those nursing home costs and state pensioneers need to be lessened. Makes sense for this demoncrat, as it is just a less overt way of implementing death panels by virtue of simply denying potentially life saving preventive care.

    Good thing the media can be counted on to demand an investigation into Cuomo’s handling of the Wuhan Flu any minute now.

    1. Democrats love the Death Tax after-all. Every time a senior dies, NY State gets part of their estate. Never before has someone been able to legally profit from killing another.

  19. I’ll shed no tears when that human piece of shit Cuomo bites the dust. Guy is such a cocksucker.

  20. A few hospitals in California have been widely criticized for giving the vaccine to relatives of hospital administrators, rather than doctors or the elderly or “essential” personnel. Even though it was only done when the vaccine was about to expire.

    1. Seems like a good way to do it. Maintain a list of lower priority people who are available for vaccination on short notice to fill the gaps. It makes sense that that list would mostly be family of healthcare workers at the facility and other inpatients.

      1. Partner up with gig app developers. Any leftover doses, give them an alert and whoever hasn’t gotten a dose should be pinged to show up. In a week, you could get those dirty immigrant delivery people vaccinated.

  21. Politicians are actively deciding to kill people with their lists of preferred occupations who get vaccinated before others (excepting health care workers, who clearly do need to go first). Most other countries are starting with health care workers, then the oldest people, and then moving downward progressively toward younger age brackets. This is the only thing that makes sense (and it values human life) because it will reduce deaths and hospitalizations most quickly, freeing up health care resources for everyone. This game of “you get it and you don’t” is a power grab for politicians, like lockdowns. But in this case they’re not just destroying people’s lives and livelihoods but quite literally taking their very lives. I can’t believe there isn’t more outrage over this.

  22. A Few Hospitals in California Have Been Widely Criticized for Giving the Vaccine to Relatives of Hospital Administrators, Rather than Doctors or The Elderly or “essential” Personnel. Even Though It Was only Done when The Vaccine Was About to Expire.

  23. Gov. Cuomo has been the biggest threat to public health since the pandemic began, why does Reason think he would change now?

  24. Has anyone in the press directly challenged the governor or his office to explain the predicament they’ve placed healthcare workers in? (The deadly predicament, if you believe the vaccine is the answer to the pandemic.) Maybe Cuomo can clarify his position in his next puff interview on CNN.

    1. He was challenged. That’s when he posited these stupid dictates, on the fly. He was caught completely off guard by the reporters.

  25. At least they’re not as bad as France…only 352 doses given out nationwide out of the 300 million total doses ordered.

    I bring that up because France is America’s future: where incompetent socialism rules the day and the only way the government responds to the people is when they start setting cars on fire (is that sounding more and more familiar?).

    1. You’re right; we do have to keep that point in mind. As poorly as certain states are run, our advantage is that they’re in the minority. Our Federalist system provides more accountability than in places such as France, where the national government runs much more. People in NY, CA, and IL can elect Cuomo, Newsom and Pritzker, but people can also leave those states for ones run differently, which they’re doing in droves.

      What we’ve got isn’t perfect but it’s far better than the alternative. When people in other countries malign the US pandemic response, I’m convinced that it’s born of jealousy. In most places here people are earning a living, flying on airplanes if they need to, and just living their lives. Compare that to the locked down masses in the UK, who can’t even go more than a certain distance from their homes. Even the lockdowns in the worst states aren’t as bad as that. Yet…the UK has more deaths per million population than we do.

  26. Virginia’s governor is a medical doctor, and he doesn’t seem to have planned well for the roll-out either.

    1. doctors aren’t planners, anymore, normally an office person tells them what to do next. that is literally what happens 15 minutes with X then 15 minutes with Y thats there entire day.

  27. Like a lot of believers in strong government, he thinks making rules covers his responsibility. Whether those rules can be followed is somebody’s else’s problem.

  28. And in other pandemic news, remember when Singapore promised that their contact tracing app wouldn’t be used for anything besides contact tracing?

    Well, not anymore.

    1. That is really shocking. At least we can trust that OUR government would never, ever do something like that.

    2. Singapore gonna Singapore.

    3. Oh. Gee. Totes shocked.

    4. I had a fellow student in an international business course at business school from Singapore. When she described the government there, we remarked that it was democratic authoritarianism, and she responded: “Yep, and that’s how we like it.” May they get what they ask for, good and hard.

      1. Some people like being told what to do it relives them of any responsibility. its like being a child forever. Eat this, take that, do this. In America we call them Liberals

  29. NY deserves itself. If only we could quarantine these coastal hotspots of insanity.

  30. Too Slowly?

    Critics have decried development and distribution of these novel vaccines is proceeding too slowly. Perhaps, it is proceeding too quickly. No one knows.

    That which we do know is the appearance of new viral variants. Is the vaccine effective against them? No one knows. Do the new variants allow repeat infections? Apparently so.

    Political medicine may be leading us towards a mass human extinction as predicted for years by microbiologists. Hopefully not.

    See “Suicide By Political medicine” at … .

    1. Not enough attention is being paid to the medical technocrats.

      Fauci, Collins etc. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to scrutinize these guys.

      They smell funny.

      1. When you stop smelling them time to go into quarantine.

  31. The infotainment industry has literally lauded the guy, all while savaging governors who have done much better.

    Why would he ever question the benefits of his ‘wisdom.’

    (In case you didn’t notice Billy, this is as much an indictment of you, you media sapling, and your inability to see or condemn the forest of lies.

    Profession my ass. You are an errand boy running words across town.
    or condemn the forest of lies

    1. Well he looks good on TV.

  32. Cuomo poses a threat to the lives of New Yorkers.

    I’m serious. This guy’s arrogance and incompetence leads to injury and death. He’s beyond stupid.

    In any other field, these idiots get arrested.

    1. Mobsters gotta mob.

    2. Is he the one who sent thousands of covid+ patients into nursing homes?

      But he won a grammy so I guess it’s all good.

  33. The state’s distribution plan mandated that a slew of people receive the vaccine before the elderly

    Cuomo didn’t turn nursing homes into death camps just to save old people later on.

    1. You gotta give him this: He’s done more to further the solvency of SS and Medicare than anyone else in recent memory, so there’s that…

      1. And visiting mom in the home is such a pain.

    1. But this is the game they play – cover for the people they like (e.g. Cuomo) while playing gotcha with the people they oppose.

      Binion, you and your ilk are slime.

      1. Sorry accidentally flagged.

        1. Too offensive to actual slime?

  34. The lockdowners “seem” to treat every death as a tragedy. We know that 80% of the deaths are represented by folks over 70. I know the vaccines were not trialed on elderly patients but you would think that the lock down enthusiasts would relish the saving of the vast majority of people?

    1. n=15,170) on Day 1 and Day 29. Participants were stratified by age and health risk into one of three groups: 18 to <65 years of age and not at risk for progression to severe COVID-19, 18 to <65 years of age and at risk for progression to severe COVID-19, and ≥65 years of age, with the latter two groups consisting of 41.4% of the study population.

      From the Moderna study.

    2. They would have never gotten it approved if they did not have a representative population including those with risk factors. The only ones excluded were those under 18 as it is not intended to be used for them at this time.

      1. Testing on minors is a nightmare. Very few drugs ever get formally tested in that population.

        1. And the same for pregnant women.

    3. No, they relish turning over control of your and my lives over to assholes that they vote for.

      Those dead old people are merely “collateral damage.”

  35. “Andrew Cuomo’s Vaccine Distribution Rules Are a Threat to Public Health”

    At least he’s being consistent.

    1. bazinga

  36. You don’t need a doctor or a scientist in charge, you need someone who understands logistics. For some reason everyone was opposed to the idea of using the military to assist in distribution and administration, but if there is one thing the Army especially excels at, it is logistics (the Navy and USAF are also really good at it, less the USMC, mainly because they rely on the USN for logistics). They also have nearly 20 years experience in deploying large groups of servicemen, which includes reviewing medical records and administering vaccinations. They have large numbers of trained medical personal, and field hospitals and hospital ships that could easily be utilized for administration sites and provide adequate supervision for adverse reactions.

    1. If you are going to have the government in charge, the military would probably have been the best agency to oversee and administer the vaccination.

    2. The head of US Navy Logistics was put in charge of distributing the Trump Vaccine.

      1. Distributing it, not administering it. Delivery hasn’t been the problem, administering it once it’s been delivered has been the problem.

    3. “You don’t need a doctor or a scientist in charge, you need someone who understands logistics…”

      In the ideal world, this would be true; the aim being to get as much out there as possible (and Walgreen is pretty good at distribution also).
      But the purpose has changed from actual vaccination to winning SJW points:

      “…Democrat-run states spent weeks trying to figure out how to distribute the vaccine, cooking up a racist scheme to pander to voting blocs favorable to them in the name of “fairness,” in spite of the fact that the biggest preexisting condition and co-morbidity for COVID 19 is advanced age….”

      1. Yes, the free market would have sufficed, probably excelled, buy my point is if we are going to use government agencies, the DoD has more experience and expertise in this stuff than any other agency. The secret of US military supremacy since at least the Mexican-.American war has been logistics. Despite field commanders always complaining about being undersupplied, they always exceeded their enemy supplies, even when critically short by our standards. Often even when fighting on their enemies home turf with huge logistical trains.

    4. Another thing the military medical departments are heads above civilian medicine at is triage. I argued with a progressive ex friend who is a doctor and former EMT about this. He maintained that civilian hospitals do train for mass casualties. But not like the Army does. A mass casualty exercise in the Army is often multiple CH-47s and UH-60s full of patients. A single CH-47 can carry 20 litter patients and a UH-60 is something like 10. We trained for being able to triage 200 patients in under an hour with only two ORs. I’ve done both civilian and military mass-cal exercises and the civilian training ain’t shit to what we did in the Army. And after 20 years of war, the military is pretty much experienced in triage.

  37. In New York they love the governor:

    The NBC/Marist poll reports all-time highs since he took office in 2011:

    60% of New Yorkers registered to vote rated Cuomo’s performance as excellent or good
    86% of Democrats, 65% of independents, and 28% of Republican approve of the governor
    55% of upstate New Yorkers responded positively overall, compared to 67% of those in the City
    69% of upstaters approve of his leadership during the pandemic, compared to 75% in the City
    52% of upstaters like the way he’s handling the economy, compared to 63% in the City

    1. Well that just proves how good the propagandists, eh I mean the media, has been covering his ass.

      1. If covid had come along a year earlier, he would have been our next president instead of Biden. Now they’re covering for him for 2024. Would be great to see him running against DeSantis by comparing COVID numbers.

        1. I sincerely believe that our electorate increasingly growing in favor of a Stalinist model of government; a “STRONG” leader who will just get things done, according to the correct playbook. I often hear from younger and generally well educated people that the Constitution is outdated and not appropriate to todays problems. As long as someone they favor is in power, I fear the boundaries will be limitless, and our founding documents relegated to a censored repository.

          1. I sincerely believe that our electorate increasingly growing in favor of a Stalinist model of government; a “STRONG” leader who will just get things done, according to the correct playbook.

            Well, yeah, that’s what happened every time radical leftists gained power over the last 220 years.

    In contrast to Cuomo, DeSantis seems to understand how it should work. If you can’t meet you target, he will distribute apart of your supply to hospitals that are exceeding their target. But the media will probably chastise him for this rather than applaud him for his ingeniouity.

    1. Funny how politics can turn common sense into ingenuity.

      1. Common sense – local knowledge and local control.

        Too libertarian.

      2. True ingenuity for a politician is basic common sense for most people.

  39. When Kommandant Cuomo ordered NYC Hospitals to transport covid patients to local area nursing homes, this resulted at a minimum of 6,000 nursing home residents to die of the covid virus. This elected gangster must be held criminally responsible for these deaths.

  40. I think it may be even worse: if I heard correctly, Mr. Cuomo is effectively inviting any group that thinks it is capable to invent their own procedures and set up COVID-19 vaccination operations. I heard mention of unions with medical groups, urgent care centers, fire stations (I wonder how they’ll balance that with handling 911 calls), and individual practitioners.

    This seems likely to lead to loss of vaccine, use of vaccine damaged by lack of refrigeration, lack of ability to track in case of adverse events, and generally chaotic response in place of a rollout that the states and localities should have worked out in detail a good many months ago and should have been refining and practicing since the federal government told them a couple of months ago that the vaccine would be coming and they should prepare.

    The advance notice was such that there is no valid excuse for a state or locality not being ready to begin vaccinations as soon as they received the vaccine and ramp up in a week or less to whatever rate they received it. We’ve had mass vaccinations in the past (polio, for example), and organizations like the Red Cross have run an enterprise – blood collection – that is somewhat similar in the need to perform high volume medical procedures with high grade process control and tracking capability.

  41. All I keep thinking is Obamacare websites and VA Hospitals and what complete clusterfucks government made of these 2 examples alone. That was with years of planning and billions for websites and buildings. What could possibly go wrong. Thankfully in a few weeks Biden will be our new government savior, strikingly resembling old and save us all!! /s

  42. If it weren’t for reading about the abject stupidity of the government and the just as dumb voter that keeps thinking a new batch of them is going to do things better than the old batch, what would we have to talk about?

  43. Cuomo, not just the wrong tool for the job, the worst tool for the job.

    1. he’s a tool alright

  44. There are millions of doses constantly going out. If you want to vaccinate the population as fast as possible then just vaccinate people as fast as they show up once the hospital staff has been covered?

    No effing reason to use lists or tiers of who gets what when. Just get people vaccinated asap.

    We are only three weeks into this and almost 18,000,000 doses are already out there but incompetent regulation and poor planning have, as I type this, about 4,700,000 people having had it already.

    I bet if they just vaccinated people as quickly as they showed up for it we would be at twice as many people being covered already.

  45. like his fellow traveller gavin newsom, they BOTH defamed the virus and proudly proclaimed they would have their own scientists do a thorough investo of the trump vaccine. i’m sure they are close to finishing those up. we eagerly await their pronouncements.

  46. bureaucratic inefficiency at it’s finest…… if you can’t get enough people from the target group in to get the vaccines you have available, you might be targeting too aggressively. this was bound to happen, with the government having so long to consider their “plans” as the vaccines were being developed. do this like loading a plane. if you run out of people in line from group 1, you start taking group 1 and 2…. then group 1, 2, and 3….. and you keep on down the line until you get it all covered. it is the limits on only accepting people from one group that has the vaccines sitting and potentially going bad….

  47. Fuck this gumbah cocksucker piece of shit.

  48. This vaccination nonsense is beyond meaningless. We have untested vaccines, still in trial for the next two years, not proven to reduce the spread of covid, not proven to prevent death, not proven to be safe over longer terms, not proven to do much of anything…until all the lab rats get their doses, which if pharma and Gates have their way, will be on ongoing thing for decades.

    Cuomo is out of control and beyond sane. So tell us why masks, distancing, shutdowns and isolation have not made any difference after 10 months? And these bozos think a totally unproven
    RNA/DNA scrambling vaccine is going to matter? With 99.8% of the population surviving this fake pandemic, no vaccine will make one iota of difference. Any lives saved (highly questionable) will be swamped by the lives lost due to drug and medical errors alone.

  49. like his fellow traveller gavin newsom, they BOTH defamed the virus and proudly proclaimed they would have their own scientists do a thorough investo of the trump vaccine. i’m sure they are close to finishing those up. we eagerly await their pronouncements.We will update all the Pinoy Flix

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