This D.A. Is Trying To Prosecute a Doctor for Vaccinating Unauthorized People Instead of Letting Supplies Expire

Kim Ogg ran for district attorney as a criminal justice reformer. Maybe she should think about what that entails.


Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg swept into office in 2016, promising important criminal justice reforms like prioritizing important crimes and easing up on pretrial detention and high bail in her Texas jurisdiction. Her campaign site advertised her as "Texas' most progressive District Attorney."

"We're going to have a system with fair bail; we're going to have a system that doesn't oppress the poor; we're going to have a system that goes after the rapists and the robbers," she said in her victory speech in 2016. She was reelected in 2020.

But right now, Ogg is hellbent on trying to prosecute a Houston doctor who vaccinated 10 people against COVID-19 rather than let doses go to waste. And even though a judge has already essentially laughed her out of the court, she's taking the case to a grand jury.

Hasan Gokal, a Pakistani immigrant, briefly became national news in January when media outlets reported he had been fired for "stealing" a vial of COVID-19 vaccine doses and giving it to friends and family.

"He abused his position to place his friends and family in line in front of people who had gone through the lawful process to be there," Ogg said in January.

But that characterization of what happened is disputed, and Harris County Judge Franklin Bynum has already tossed the case out for lack of probable cause and rebuked Ogg's office for attempting to "criminalize a doctor's documented administration of vaccine doses during a public health emergency."

It turned out what really happened with Gokal is the problem we've been seeing play out across the country—medical providers having to hustle to find people to inject before these vaccines expire.

The New York Times Wednesday detailed the timeline of Gokal's behavior, documenting not a thief looking to jump his wife and friends to the front of the line, but rather a desperate doctor who had six hours to use 10 doses of the Moderna vaccine before they expired.

It all happened on December 29, when according to Gokal's account to the Times, not enough people showed up for vaccinations at an event in the Houston suburb of Humble because it had not been well-publicized. A new vial had been opened toward the end of the event and only one person was injected. That left 10 potential vaccinations that could go to waste.

Instead of letting that happen, Gokal informed the Harris County health officials in charge of the event that he was going to find people to inject. County officials knew full well what he was doing.

In the end, Gokal found several elderly people and those in high-risk categories who weren't yet approved for vaccinations but most certainly would be soon. The last to be injected was Gokal's own wife, who was actually eligible for the vaccine because of a serious lung condition. He told the Times he gave her the last dose 15 minutes before the vaccine would have expired.

He says all of these vaccinations were fully documented and submitted to Harris County Public Health. He was not concealing what he was doing at all. He was simply trying to avoid vaccine waste.

Nevertheless, days later, he was fired. Here's what he says he was told:

The officials maintained that he had violated protocol and should have returned the remaining doses to the office or thrown them away, the doctor recalled. He also said that one of the officials startled him by questioning the lack of "equity" among those he had vaccinated.

"Are you suggesting that there were too many Indian names in that group?" Dr. Gokal said he asked.

Exactly, he said he was told.

Two weeks later, Ogg announced that she was going to charge Gokal for theft. He says nobody from her office even contacted him before announcing the charges.

Since the incident, the Times notes, the Texas Medical Association and the Harris County Medical Society announced support for doctors who skip vaccination protocols to avoid the problem of doses going to waste.

Ogg's office is still bringing the case before a grand jury to see if it'll indict Gokal.

If what Gokal's claiming is true—that he was told doses should be allowed to expire rather than be injected—anybody who told him this and anybody who thinks this way needs to be ejected from any sort of position of authority in the vaccination process.

By all means, focus on those who are at the greatest risk of spread or those who would suffer the most or are most likely to die if they're infected. But no moral or ethical goal is served when any dose of a vaccine goes to waste. Nobody's version of "equity" should result in fewer people being vaccinated against a deadly disease out of a comically cruel concept of fairness.

As for Ogg, she still has a tweet up sharing an initial news report from January that characterizes Gokal's behavior as "stealing," despite all the information that has come out since then. It will be up to the grand jury, apparently, to reject this case.

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  1. Without government, who would punish doctors not wasting this super important vaccine?

    1. With a name like Ogg, she’s a lap down to start with. Small wonder she’s mad at the world.

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      2. "If what Gokal's claiming is true—that he was told doses should be allowed to expire rather than be injected—anybody who told him this and anybody who thinks this way needs to be ejected from any sort of position of authority in the vaccination process."

        You can be sure that no Grand Jury will ever hear this.

    2. Now, extend that line of thought to every other illegal action government takes, and you begin to recognize the real problem.

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    3. You are SOOO right!! Get rid of this foolish, foolish woman. She is wasting state funds and detracting from the situation at hand. This Dr should be commended!!

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    5. Perhaps if you could read, you have have understood the story.
      Ogg is a traitor, a criminal and a threat to society.

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  3. Kim Ogg = asshole progressive = typical Democrat pol

    1. Wonder if she's one of "Soros' Army" of progressive DAs deployed to make America lamer than ever.

      1. She's been a candidate here for awhile. I want to say she was a deputy DA back in the days of Rosenthal and Lykos. As bad as she can be, she's nowhere near as crazy as some of the new judges swept in during the last Blue Wave.

        Even if she does like retrying 11-1 hung juries for Not Guilty when the defendant was politically incorrect.

    2. sounds much more like a repugnantcnt.

  4. Ogg's office is still bringing the case before a grand jury to see if it'll indict Gokal.

    "We will see what a bunch of idiots have to say about this!"

    1. Well, you never know. The grand jury might have one decent human being on it who will put his boot up her ass for daring to bring this before them.


    2. well with Houston going toward proggie these past few years, and the vaccine being hailed as the greatest thing since the wheat which makes the making of sliced bread possible, any jury seated in that county will return a NO BILL verdict.
      "They OUGHT to then draft a new charge against this Ogg from the Swamp Lagoon creature for a false prosecution and resultant waste of public funds, and the time this jury wasted even hearing the matter.

      Now THAT would be justice. And I'd cheer loudly and longly.

  5. he gave her the last dose 15 minutes before the vaccine would have expired.

    Good thing he didn't give a dose 16 minutes later -- Ogg probably would have charged him with attempted murder.

  6. Kim Ogg (Democratic Party) is the Harris County District Attorney in Texas.

    Sometimes I wonder why I even have to look this up anymore.

    1. If I was King Of Texas I would give Harris County to Louisiana.

      1. Sheeeit! Louisiana wouldn't take it. Albeit Harris County still has quite a few ex-Louisiana residents, courtesy of Katrina.

        It really did used to be quite a bit better than this.

  7. What a shock, leftists use the power of the state to arrest brown people for non-crimes. Who could have possibly seen this coming?

  8. "It will be up to the grand jury, apparently, to reject this case."

    Let's hope it's not a ham-sandwich grant jury, but a grand jury embodying the hopes of the Founders for a check on official power.

  9. the real question is how will Ogg's office manage to screw with this poor guy if/when the grand jury also sends him on his way?

  10. What a ridiculous prosecution.

    I mean, I understand why there should be some Official Message sent, otherwise it condones and encourages line-jumping.

    But throwing this guy in jail is stupid.

    1. NO Crowding in the Gov-God Bread Lines!!! And to think Government Bread-Lines were more of a joke than serious only a few years ago.

    2. We cannot have line anarchy! That’s why we have lines!

  11. I live in Harris County, where can I sign up for the Grand Jury? I would love to dismiss this case.
    The City of Houston is actually doing a great job. Harris County not so much. We live in the county but not city limits. We drove my 92 year old Granny into the city for the vaccine because they had a great online system for vaccine distribution.
    And yes I voted against Ogg.

  12. Kim Ogg ran for district attorney as a criminal justice reformer. Maybe she should think about what that entails.

    Perhaps literally everyone should stop and think about what the term "justice reformer" means when they screech it, as it clearly means different things to different people.

    As we've seen from recent events, it's not about throwing fewer people in jail, it's that we're throwing the wrong people in jail.

    1. Given that "justice" has a very clear definition, I would oppose anyone who feels "justice" needs reforming.

      justice (countable and uncountable, plural justices)

      1. The state or characteristic of being just or fair.

      2. The ideal of fairness, impartiality, etc., especially with regard to the punishment of wrongdoing.

      1. Neither of those are good definitions of justice, because fairness is just a synonym, and so explains nothing, especially since what is considered 'fair' varies from person to person. (It's the same mistake Rawls makes in On Justice).

        The best definition of justice is from Aristotle: "Giving each their due."

    2. It means she wants the "justice" system to be even more criminal than it already was.

  13. People, think creatively, please!

    The doctors and nurses in cases like these need to lay down a layer of sterile plastic or paper on top of the trash in the trash can, place the doses of vaccine in the trash, pull it OUT the trash (or better yet, have the patient pull it out of the trash), and THEN inject it! AND, or course, report the doses as "properly" discarded according to the law!

    Problem solved! You're welcome!

    1. I wish to nominate you as the new District Attorney of Harris County.

      1. Thank You! Nomination accepted!

          1. Thanks, done. Though why you keep telling us to flag your comments I don't know.

  14. Great Moments in Unintended Consequences

    Sounds like a great idea!
    With the best of intentions.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  15. What is this another soros prosecutor? Anyway Paxton should bring her up on misconduct charges.

  16. District Attorney Ogg is just pissed that hard working immigrants got vaccinated instead of lazy ass White dudes. I mean seriously, part of the complaint was that there were too many Indian names. Gosh.

  17. Dear Kim Ogg,
    Please die in a grease fire.

    1. But then someone has to smear her with grease first.

      1. Not mentioned, but she is (D).
        There she cannot be smeared. (with anything)

  18. Greg Abbot should issue a pardon immediately.

  19. make enough rules to keep doctors in line and soon you will have no doctors. I've lost a couple of mine due to Obama care already.

    1. ^THIS --- Excellent Point.

  20. "Texas' most progressive District Attorney."

    Well, persecuting innocent people for non-crimes certainly fits the modern lefturd behavior that they call "progressive."

    Fuck that snotty little bitch.


    1. Please, do not do that.
      She should never breed.

      1. Anal is the obvious answer.

        1. with a telephone pole.

    2. Turns our according to the Texas Monthly article linked to above, she wound up not so progressive after all, and not just because of this case. So for instance she instituted a marijuana diversion program, which at the time she was elected might've been a progressive move to take marijuana cases out of criminal justice, but now at a time when other DAs have stopped prosecutions entirely (in response to a state-legislated change in the definition of marijuana that made it unclear whether a sample of cannabis product was such), her continuation of the diversion program continues to hassle those who are holding. But lots of other examples in the article.

    3. Oh please. Compared to Garza or Moore in Travis County? Yeah, no. Thankfully, Ogg isn't quite that bad. Yet.

      I'm sure she's trying.

    4. she is a repugnantcnt in disguise... the lowest are always republican.

  21. Every DA in the country should be summarily executed, they all seem to be scum.

  22. Don't worry, if he just burns down a federal courthouse and says it was to defeat systemic racism they'll drop all charges.

  23. On the officials title DA, might hat be short for Duplicitous Ass?

  24. It is said that a zealous prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. But the doctor is a Muslim, so he cannot be a ham sandwich. He should be OK.

  25. Vote for Democrats and this is what you get. The people of Houston deserve this. It’s like the end of ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ Let the lights go out.

    1. WMD's ring any bells or just echo's in the empty cavern of your skull?

  26. The names on the list belonged to brown people, but not the right kind of brown people.

    1. In the Identitarian Ranking of Worth, Subcontinental Asians rank pretty damned low. Apparently the don't tend to vote Democrat reliably.

  27. You are one stupid cunt! Go after some real crime or is Harris county now devoid of serious crime?

  28. Insanity is the new normal.

  29. Typical Houston.

    Example of full governmental control. No logic. Tons of waste and miss management

    And the progressive want total central control. That has never worked worth a hoot.

    1. Houston is what most people think of when they think of a city in a Red State.

  30. Do Grand Juries even get to hear the defense's case? As I recall, they don't. So it is no wonder they will "indict a ham sandwich" if they only hear one side - how so and so broke the law - of the case.

    1. pyscho's like oog use the broken law to inflict the abuse they live for giving.

  31. Leaving the DA's idiocy aside, it seems likely that the health department was looking for an excuse to fire him.

  32. Do something potentially effective, start a recall petition.

  33. Central planning always delivers the optimum result! It's been proven many times.

  34. Isn't she also the DA that is prosecuting the narcotics cops in Houston who badly and fraudulently botched that drug raid last year?

  35. "Nobody's version of "equity" should result in fewer people being vaccinated against a deadly disease out of a comically cruel concept of fairness."

    Are you kidding? This is exactly the far-left's version of equity. They believe that no one should have anything that everyone can't have. Except, of course, the high-ranking members of the elite leadership.

    1. Lying thieving repugnants are why the world sucks.
      GOP = Guzzlers Of Poop. Wipe your face you look like a manure pile.

  36. There is also the obvious question of what the expiration time means.
    As if the viability of the vaccine changes from “15 minutes to expiration” to “2 minutes after expiration.”

  37. I find myself going against the author and every commenter (even if a day late) except for chemjeff, yeesh. I believe that what the doctor did was wrong - it does encourage line-jumping, even if a tiny amount. Why would restaurant staff not be allowed to take home unsold food? It would incentivize them to cook more food than necessary so that they could take some home, costing the restaurant money (they instead will sometimes give any extra to the homeless).

    The author said:
    "If what Gokal's claiming is true—that he was told doses should be allowed to expire rather than be injected—anybody who told him this and anybody who thinks this way needs to be ejected from any sort of position of authority in the vaccination process.......Nobody's version of "equity" should result in fewer people being vaccinated against a deadly disease out of a comically cruel concept of fairness."

    This indicates to me that the author has a short-term view on this topic. In a short term view, the vaccine being wasted is a net loss, but in a long term view, this behavior may lead to more line-skipping, and thus must be stopped. The doctor's main saving grace imo is that he did not hide his actions, so it appears that he did not think he was doing anything wrong. I think he should be punished, but it should be very minor, like writing an essay on the dangers of incentivizing line-jumping.

    This seems clear to me, am I the crazy one?

    1. Except that they have to take the vaccine out one vial at a time, and a vial contains multiple doses. It's like if you were working at a pizza place and took home a *slice* of pizza that was left over. You didn't cook an extra pizza; some of those slices were sold so that pizza did have to be cooked. There's no unnecessary cooking going on.

    2. Yes, you're the crazy one. Have you been a bootlicking nutjob for a long time, or have you recently suffered a head injury?


    3. Reality is often beyond the grasp of the defective like oog and other psychopaths... its to be expected, a non human can't be expected to have human views.

  38. Ogg like all psychopaths just needs her personal karma delivery.

  39. I think there's a larger story here, which is the body count due to leftist ideology. The pandemic alone exposes certain realities, one of which is the cost in lives lost of having the FDA's rules for things like vaccine studies.

    For example, what if we were free to volunteer to participate in COVID vaccine studies where we would be deliberately infected with the virus? I think the standard study designs for all these vaccines never involved actual experimental control and randomization of infection status – no one is ever infected by the researchers. Rather, they assign people to vaccine and control groups and then just sit and wait several months to see how it goes with those groups. Participants either get infected or not as they carry on with their normal lives – there's no experimental control over that, and researchers just have to wait until enough people have been exposed. It would go a lot faster if they could actually expose people to the virus, people who volunteered for that. You'd probably have to pay them lots of money, which seems fair given the 1% or so risk of death for the exposed but non-vaccine group.

    That exposes another problem – you're not allowed to pay participants significant money in the US. It's characterized as "ethics". All these rules are just leftist ideology, but they're conflated with ethics as such. I would gladly volunteer to be exposed in a vaccine study if you paid me a clean million or so (in the exposed but no vaccine group – I'd do it for $10,000 to be in the exposed but vaccinated group, but they'd probably have to blind it so I'd need the million, since I wouldn't know which condition I was in and would have to assume the worst). Having a thousand such volunteers would be super handy and cost only $1 billion – pocket change in this context given the money governments have been throwing around. The US government could easily accelerate vaccine research by several months by spending maybe $10 billion. That's a rounding error to them. If we had these vaccines several months earlier, how many lives would've been saved overall? 100,000? I haven't crunched the data, but I think it would likely be at least 200,000. That's a lot of people to sacrifice to an ideology.

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