The Food Industry Is Pressuring Biden To Dump Trump's Awful Tariffs

Biden should repeal Trump's food taxes immediately.


Last week, dozens of food industry groups, many of which represent key cogs in the domestic and international food industry, released an "urgent call" to President Joe Biden and European Union (E.U.) Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen to work together to repeal retaliatory trade tariffs that have helped raise food prices and harmed consumers and food producers alike. 

The groups, based in the U.S. and Europe, urged von der Leyen and Biden to immediately suspend the tariffs because of the economic damage they cause and "to help re-establish a cooperative Trans-Atlantic trading relationship."

The joint call to lift the tariffs and renew that relationship is a subtweet-style reference to former President Donald Trump, whose antagonistic nature, nationalist bent, and love of tariffs (he dubbed himself "tariff man") drew a wedge between traditional trading partners America and Europe. 

The food tariffs in question arose after the World Trade Organization determined both that the U.S. had provided illegal subsidies to Boeing, the U.S.-based airplane manufacturer, and that the E.U. had provided similar illegal subsidies to Airbus, the E.U.-based airplane manufacturer that is Boeing's chief competitor. As the (mostly) food-industry parties rightly note in their letter to Biden and von der Leyen, punishing the food industry and the hundreds of millions of consumers who rely on these businesses in the U.S. and E.U. is not only foolhardy, it's "wholly unrelated" to the dispute over airplane subsidies.

The 72 signatories, made up of representatives from U.S.- and EU-based interests, include fruit and juice makers, bakers, wine and spirits makers, wheat growers, fisheries groups, frozen food makers, and groups representing farmers who grow, pack, and ship everything from sweet potatoes to soybeans, citrus to rice, and cranberry to blueberries.

What's wrong with tariffs? As I explained in a 2018 column, tariffs "cost jobs; hurt domestic and foreign producers, consumers, and taxpayers; put the petty interests of government over those of the public, and are prone to spinning out of control."

Those impacts aren't hypothetical. When Trump's trade war hurt American farmers, the president simply ordered the government to write checks to those farmers—"Trump money," as it became known—in order to cushion the blow. While that stopgap measure may have been fine for some U.S. farmers, it didn't help consumers (or taxpayers, for that matter) one bit.

In fact, food inflation—which many (me included) predicted would result from Trump's misguided policies—is a growing problem. Data show domestic food prices rose gradually in the U.S. during the Trump administration, before ultimately doubling during the pandemic, which devastated domestic and international food supply chains. Notably, the percent growth in food prices in 2020, 3.9 percent, also outpaced inflation in other areas.

These high prices are a problem that isn't going away on its own. In December, The Economist reported on still-surging food prices. And this week, Successful Farming reported that a key global food index hit its highest number in more than six years. Worse, reports elsewhere predict global food prices will continue to climb.

Amid these rising food prices, the Trump administration's tariffs on E.U. foodstuffs aren't the only such policies under review. Food industry groups also hope Biden will lift retaliatory U.S. tariffs on China. Last week, a Biden administration spokesperson said they are "evaluating" tariffs on China.

While not all of the aforementioned food-price increases may be traced to tariffs, they're a key part of the problem. Getting rid of those tariffs, in turn, is an important way to help address the problem.

After Biden won the U.S. presidential election in November, I urged him to repeal all of Trump's misguided food tariffs. Just weeks into his administration, Biden has an important choice to make. But it's also an easy choice: He should help American farmers and food producers, consumers, and taxpayers by lifting all of the Trump administration's food tariffs.

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  2. I love this article. The Trump Administration imposed food tariffs over a dispute on airplane manufacturing. This is yet another example of an administration that understands nothing about international trade. I say let free the French cheese and Swiss Chocolates.

    1. Do you not understand how trade wars work?
      For a generation the US has been fucking over British Columbia’s softwood industry because Quebec’s Dairy industry successfully convinced the Canadian government to block dairy products from the US.

      There’s nothing strange and unusual here. I’m guessing that you’re the one that understands nothing about international trade.

      1. Trade wars are when governments compete over which one can do a better job at forcing its own citizens to pay more for imports.

        Same idea as a trade embargo, except they do it to themselves.

        It’s really, really stupid.

        1. That may be the result, but that’s not the reason. The reason is to protect certain sectors from external competitive forces, or as a reprisal measure against another countries tarriffs.

          1. So reasons are more important than results? You should know better than that.

            1. I never said that. You said that the results were the reasons and I corrected you.
              You’re not very bright, sarc, so I’m trying to help.

              1. I didn’t say results were the reasons. Can you try to have an honest conversation for once?

                1. Everything you’ve said in this thread is Bad Faith, and you’re now asking for an honest conversation?

                  I’d admire you’re chutzpah if I didn’t already know that it was merely the result of Dutch courage.

                  1. Ah yes, any disagreement must be bad faith. I’m sorry you’re so emotionally attached to these policies and take disagreement to be a personal attack.


                    Give it a listen. You might learn something.

                    1. This: “Trust the Trumpistas to have a fit when a libertarian magazine promotes free trade”

                      And then this: “you focus on me and ignore my point”

                      Are the very definition of bad faith, sarcasmic. You’re not getting away with this.

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        2. …And criminalizing bank robbers is “really, really stupid” too…..

          The U.S. government cannot enforce ‘Justice’ in International Trade without any Power to ensure it. Do you suggest the USA goes to war over every single International “Bank Robber”?

      2. If protectionism is good then countries should welcome trade sanctions. After all, sanctions protect domestic producers from foreign competition and encourage self sufficiency. Yet such sanctions are considered to be punishment. The effect is the same. The only difference is the stated intentions.

        1. “If protectionism is good ”

          Hi I’m sarcasmic and I’m fucking stupid. That’s why I don’t know that conditions can change what is good and what isn’t so I boil everything down to the simplest situation I can.

  3. Breaking News: According to CDC, 35% of Americans (i.e. 114.1 Million) have been infected with Covid so far, which is more than half way to achieving natural herd immunity.

    The CDC recently estimated 4.6 times more Americans were infected with covid (than tested positive), and 25.4% of Americans (i.e. 81.3 million) had been infected in 2020, when 20.06 million had tested positive for covid.

    Since an additional 6.75 million Americans have tested positive for covid so far in 2021, an additional 31 million Americans have been infected in 2021 (per CDC’s estimate, as 6.75M x 4.6 = 31.05M), and a grand total of 114.1M Americans (83.1M + 31M = 114.1M) have been infected with covid in 2021.

    Therefore, according to CDC data and most recent estimates, 115 Million Americans (i.e. 35% of Americans) have already been infected with covid (81.3M + 33.6M = 114.9M), and are very likely immune from future infection or transmission.

    How about an article (or ten) exposing this important information.

    1. 157 counties in the US had a covid case rate above 13% (i.e. percent of population testing positive) as of 2/3/2021. Since the CDC now estimates 4.6 times more Americans have been infected (than have tested positive), counties with a 13% case rate (i.e about a 60% infection rate) have or are very close to achieving natural herd immunity, which occurs after about two thirds of people have been infected (.13 x 4.6 = .598).

      I’ve also discovered that state prisons were the sources of covid outbreaks in many/most rural counties that have the highest covid case rates (but I only researched about 40 counties).

      Crowley, CO – 31.0% (State Prison)
      Chattahoochee, GA – 25.5% (Fort Benning)
      Dewey, SD – 23.5% (Indian Reservation)
      Lincoln, AR – 22.8% (State Prison)
      Lake, TN – 22.3% (State Prison)
      Norton, KS – 21.8% (State Prison)
      Bent, CO – 21.9% (State Prison)
      Bon Homme, SD – 21.5% (State Prison)
      Trousdale, TN – 21.2% (State Prison)
      Buffalo, SD – 20.6% (Indian Reservation)
      Buena Vista, IA – 20.2% (Meat Packing)
      Eddy, ND – 19.5%
      Alfalfa, OK – 19.2% (State Prison)
      Ellsworth, KS – 18.9% (State Prison)
      Forest, PA – 18.4% (State Prison)
      Jackson, AR – 18.4% (State Prison)
      Bethel, AK – 18.3%
      Dakota, NE – 18.2% (Meat Packing)
      Childress, TX – 18.0% (State Prison)
      Lee, AR – 17.8% (State Prison)
      Lafayette, FL – 17.6% (State Prison)
      Lassen, CA – 17.6% (State Prisons)
      Hale, TX – 17.4% (State Prison)
      Nobles, MN – 17.2% (Meat Packing)
      Seward, KS – 17.1% (Meat Packing)
      Lincoln, CO – 17.0% (State Prison)
      Foster, ND – 17.0%
      Big Horn, MT – 17.0%
      Logan, CO – 16.9% (State Prison)
      Menominee, WI – 16.9% (Indian Reservation)
      Pawnee, KS – 16.9% (State Prison)
      Sheridan, KS – 16.7%
      Wayne, TN – 16.7%
      Yuma, AZ – 16.6%
      Walsh, ND – 16.3%
      Maverick, TX – 16.3%
      Texas, OK – 16.2% (State Prison)
      Aurora, SD – 16.1%
      Ford, KS – 16.1% (Meat Packing)
      Finney, KS – 16.1% (Meat Packing)
      Lee, KY – 16.1%
      Santa Cruz, AZ – 16.0%
      McKinley, NM – 16.0%
      Potter, SD – 15.7%
      Morton, ND – 15.6%
      Stutsman, ND – 15.5% (State Prison)
      Lyman, SD – 15.4%
      East Carroll, LA – 15.4%
      Nelson, ND – 15.3%
      Lubbock, TX – 15.3%
      Culberson, TX – 15.0%
      Chicot, AR – 15.0%
      Madison, ID – 15.0%
      Cass, IL – 15.0%
      Burleigh, ND – 15.0% (State Prison)
      Val Verde, TX – 14.9%
      Crocket, TX – 14.9%
      Woodward, OK – 14.8%
      Dickey, ND – 14.8%
      Benson, ND – 14.7%
      Sioux, ND – 14.7%
      East Feliciana, LA – 14.7%
      Davison, SD – 14.7%
      Haywood, TN – 14.6%
      Webb, TX – 14.6%
      Whitfield, GA – 14.5%
      Faulk, SD – 14.5%
      Rolette, ND – 14.5%
      Morgan, KY – 14.4%
      Toole, MT – 14.4%
      Yell, AR – 14.3%
      Scurry, TX – 14.3%
      Oglala Lakota, SD – 14.2%
      Imperial, CA – 14.2%
      Gove, KS – 14.2%
      Plymouth, IA – 14.2%
      Clinton, IL – 14.2%
      Lawrence, IL – 14.2%
      Douglas, SD – 14.1%
      Fayette, IL – 14.1%
      Lamb, TX – 14.1%
      Colfax, NE – 14.0%
      Minnehaha, SD – 14.0%
      Nemaha, KS – 14.0%
      Crawford, IA – 14.0%
      Okfuskee, OK – 14.0%
      Kearny, KS – 13.9%
      Republic, KS – 13.9%
      Pickett, TN – 13.9%
      Wilbarger, TX – 13.9%
      Griggs, ND – 13.8%
      Beadle, SD – 13.8%
      Richmond, VA – 13.8% (State Prison)
      Potter, TX – 13.8%
      Hemphill, TX – 13.8%
      Kings, CA – 13.8%
      Sevier, AR – 13.8%
      Stark, ND – 13.7%
      Obion, TN – 13.7%
      Grand Forks, ND – 13.7%
      Teton, WY – 13.7%
      Perry, IL – 13.7%
      Ramsey, ND – 13.7%
      Trego, KS – 13.6%
      Golden Valley, ND – 13.6%
      Henry, IA – 13.6%
      Miami Dade, FL – 13.6%
      Towner, ND – 13.6%
      Utah, UT – 13.6%
      El Paso, TX – 13.6%
      Pershing, NV – 13.6%
      Madison, LA – 13.6%
      Clarke, AL – 13.6%
      Graham, AZ – 13.5%
      Apache, AZ – 13.5% (Indian Reservation)
      Rush, KS – 13.5%
      Roosevelt, MT – 13.5%
      Kusilvak, AK – 13.5%
      Jones, TX – 13.5%
      Hansford, TX – 13.5%
      Dodge, WI – 13.5%
      Hale, AL – 13.4%
      Coddington, SD – 13.4%
      Dubois, IN – 13.4%
      Dyer, TN – 13.4%
      Jones, IA – 13.4%
      Tom Green, TX – 13.4%
      Deaf Smith, TX – 13.3%
      Sanborn, SD – 13.3%
      Thomas, KS – 13.3%
      Moore, TN – 13.3%
      Terry, TX – 13.3%
      Dawson, TX – 13.3%
      Sioux, IA – 13.3%
      Wright, IA – 13.3%
      Cass, IN – 13.3%
      Navajo, AZ – 13.2% (Indian Reservation)
      Charles Mix, SD – 13.2%
      Hot Spring, AR – 13.2%
      Ward, ND – 13.2%
      Kandiyohi, MN – 13.2%
      Starr, TX – 13.2%
      Adair, OK – 13.1%
      Webster, IA – 13.1%
      Jerauld, SD – 13.1%
      Pickaway, OH – 13.1%
      St. Francis, AR – 13.1%
      Brule, SD – 13.0%
      Union, MS – 13.0%
      Putnam, TN – 13.0%
      Saline, NE – 13.0%
      Calhoun, IA – 13.0%
      Woodbury, IA – 13.0%
      Coke, TX – 13.0%
      Cottle, TX – 13.0%
      Zavala, TX – 13.0%
      Crockett, TN – 13.0%

      1. As of 2/5/2021, the 20 states with the highest covid case rate (i.e. positive tests) are

        ND – 12.9%
        SD – 12.3%
        RI – 11.1%
        UT – 11.0%
        TN – 10.8%
        AZ – 10.6%
        WI – 10.3%
        IA – 10.2%
        AR – 10.0%
        OK – 10.0%
        NE – 10.0%
        KS – 9.7%
        AL – 9.5%
        IN – 9.4%
        MS – 9.4%
        ID – 9.2%
        NV – 9.1%
        WY – 9.1%
        IL – 9.0%
        MT – 8.9%

        So far, 8.3% of Americans have tested positive for covid.

        1. To see how natural herd immunity occurs, simple go to
          and look at the huge decline in new covid cases in many states during the past 6 – 10 weeks.

          States with the greatest declines in new covid cases are:
          ND (-93%)
          SD (-90%)
          MN (-88%)
          WY (-84%)
          WI (-81%)
          NE (-81%)
          IA (-80%)
          TN (-78%)
          MT (-78%)
          AK (-77%)
          IL (-77%)
          IN (-75%)

      2. To see which counties are very close to achieving natural herd immunity, simply look at all the counties in purple.

        1. Since 26.5 million Americans have received covid vaccines so far,
          140 Million Americans have either been infected by or vaccinated for covid (114.1M + 26.5M = 140.6M), which means that almost 43% of Americans are now immune, about two thirds of the way to achieving herd immunity nationwide.

          1. But the left wing media have been censoring and denying the reality of herd immunity (especailly natural herd immunity).

            I just did a Google search using the words “Scott Atlas Herd Immunity”, and the first 10 pages of articles (i.e. the first 100 articles to appear) ALL were criticizing, denouncing, and falsely claiming that Scott Atlas’s claims about natural herd immunity was wrong, inaccurate and dangerous.

            How about an article in Reason exposing this biggest public health misinformation campaign (to deny the reality of natural herd immunity) in order to help Big Pharma sell/give vaccines to ALL Americans, including the 114 Million (per CDC’s estimate) who have already been infected with covid.

            1. Holman Jenkins amplified my argument in the January 13 WSJ at


              Sen. Rand Paul was assailed for tweeting that his own natural infection was more than 99% protective against future illness, compared with 94.5% for a vaccine. He was not recommending people go out and indiscriminately spread the disease. But once you accept that we’re not just one or two preachments away from solving the problem of Covid with mask-wearing, it’s time to be grateful for the one upside of infection. “Herd immunity” was a taboo term when paired with the word “strategy” but needs to rehabilitated now as a description of the goal that both vaccine and natural spread are helping us achieve.

              The U.S. will soon reliably be vaccinating a million people a day but natural infections, by conservative estimate, were already putting a million a day in the U.S. on the path to natural immunity, though only a fifth of them showed up for testing.

              Either kind of immune response is considered almost sure to prevent serious illness from future infection. Less certain is whether either also prevents transmission. But as epidemiologists such as Yale’s Harvey Risch and Brown’s Ashish Jha independently predicted, new cases in the Dakotas are starting to fall precipitously with perhaps half their populations having experienced Covid 19.

              The practical implications are obvious. Don’t spend vaccine in the short term on people who have already been exposed if at all possible. A second implication: Unlike other countries, the U.S. has been strangely resolute in pretending that “confirmed cases” are the measure of the epidemic. Seldom has there been a clearer test of how the media sets the agenda for politicians. The press repeats this misleading statistic a thousand times a day to no real purpose, leaving us only less certain where we stand in the herd-immunity race. Underplaying the disease’s true prevalence, we have (without realizing it) conditioned people to be less careful even as we preach at them to be more careful. We cause them to underestimate their exposure risk and overestimate their death risk. Now we’ve put ourselves in the weird position of being unready to use vaccines optimally to stop the epidemic as soon as possible. We find it hard even to admit to ourselves that natural immunity is helping to bring our goal within reach.

              1. On Full Measure with Sharyl Atkinson this past Sunday, Rep. Tom Massie exposed CDC’s ongoing public health malpractice of lying about the scientific evidence and inappropriately recommending covid vaccines for all Americans who are already immune (due to a previous covid infection), which denies, deprives and delays vaccines for high risk Americans who don’t have immunity.

                I’ve been pointing out this very problem for the past two months (in comments here on multiple threads), as CDC has been ignoring (and even denying) that natural herd immunity has been occurring in thousands of communities, hundreds of counties, and more than a dozen states.

                Why have Reason editors and authors continued to ignore this public health malpractice? I already gave you several articles worth of data and scientific information, just as Tom Massie did to CDC officials (who admitted their error to Massie more than a month ago, but have continued lying to the public even since.

                1. Since 35% of Americans have already been infected with covid (per CDC estimates), it is likely that a similar 35% of covid vaccine recipients had been previously infected, and thus immune.

                  So why waste 35% of vaccines on people who are already immune, at the expense of high risk elderly and sick who haven’t been able to access vaccines?

                  To promote vaccines for all Americans (including the 114 million, per CDC’s estimate, who are already immune due to previous infection), Big Pharma, CDC, FDA, Big Tech, and left wing media propagandists have colluded to downplay the importance of antibody tests (that find out if people have ever been infected with covid), which cost more money (and aren’t paid for, subsidized nor recommended by Big Government) than PCR tests (which only detect a current covid infection).

                  C’mon Reason, why not an article (or five or ten) exposing this massive public health malpractice by Big Pharma, CDC, FDA, US SG, Big Medicine, Big Tech, Big Media and Biden/Harris?

      3. While natural herd immunity for covid is primarily taking place in many different rural areas, it also appears to be occurring in increasingly more urban areas.

        Urban counties with the highest covid case rates are
        Miami-Dade, FL – 13.6%
        El Paso, TX – 13.6%
        Salt Lake, UT – 11.3%
        Providence, RI – 11.7% (very high covid test rate)
        Los Angeles, CA – 11.1%
        Maricopa, AZ – 10.8% (Phoenix)
        Richland, NY – 10.5% (Staten Island)
        Milwaukee, WI – 10.9%

        1. But see how the left wing media propagandists have lied about and denied the existence of natural herd immunity (while denouncing Scott Atlas as part of their strategy to discredit and destroy Trump),

          1. Fackcheck.org smeared Sen Rand Paul and Scott Atlas for truthfully claiming that many more Americans have been infected with covid (than tested positive) and that natural herd immunity exists for those previously infected with covid (which has occurred for virtually all virus pandemics in the past century).

            And yet, everything Paul and Atlas said is now proving correct.

            1. I just did a Google search for “natural herd immunity”, and the top article that appeared was
              The false premise of herd immunity for COVID-19 – Nature

              The next article appearing on the google search was a google Covid alert with the question

              “Can herd immunity to COVID-19 be achieved without vaccination?”
              and answer
              “In most cases, herd immunity is not achieved without an effective vaccine. For COVID-19, the percentage of the population that needs to be infected to achieve herd immunity is estimated to be between 70% and 90%, and this is assuming lasting immunity is possible.”

              But that first sentence is incorrect, as herd immunity has been achieved many times in the past century without a vaccine.
              Google even acknowledges that fact in another answer to another question.

              But the key problem is that Google (and virtually all other Big Tech and news media outlets) is promoting vaccines by lying about natural herd immunity.

              will generate hundreds of articles that lie and mislead about herd immunity, while demonizing the people who have told the truth about natural herd immunity.

    2. After recovery from my bout with the ‘rona, my doctor was adamant that I now had a measure of immunity. His nurse separately and later told me that no one knows so I shouldn’t expect to have any protection from getting or giving the virus. His (the doctor) sentiments were informed it seemed by medical knowledge. Hers (the nurse) seemed to be echoing the talking heads.

      I hate using the term gaslighting but I don’t know any better way of putting it. From infection or vaccination, it sounds like no one is going to admit that herd immunity should or will free us from our mitigation chains.

  4. What’s wrong with tariffs Democrats? As I explained in a 2018 column, reality and history have proven tariffs Democrats “cost jobs; hurt domestic and foreign producers, consumers, and taxpayers; put the petty interests of government over those of the public, and are prone to spinning out of control.”

    Those impacts aren’t hypothetical.


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  5. Data show domestic food prices rose gradually in the U.S. during the Trump administration, before ultimately doubling during the pandemic

    No, food prices did not double during the pandemic.

    1. Gaslighting readers is totes libertarian these days.

    2. I saw it double. My wife and I moved in together during the trump administration and our grocery bill doubled. Don’t give me any crap about also doubling the people! Orange man bad!

      1. That’s amazing and it’s all Orangehitler’s fault.

  6. Just weeks into his administration, Biden has an important choice to make. But it’s also an easy choice

    Yes, it is an easy choice. Farmers are disproportionately white men, they will be punished for that.

    1. Would you eat something poor white men have touched?

  7. Do Democrats usually favor lowering taxes or lifting tariffs? We know that the practical effects of policy choices don’t seem to matter as much as signaling or generating revenue. The act of raising energy costs usually hits lower income people hardest but the party still pushes hard for Climate Change policies that do just that. I don’t see it happening.

    On this subject, with Trump you got Trump. With Biden you get Biden and Trump.

  8. “it’s “wholly unrelated” to the dispute over airplane subsidies”

    And the traditions continue! Blame and restrict everyone for the the actions of one, that’s the American way!

    1. What’s wrong with airplane subsidies? If they want to force their taxpayers to make stuff cheaper for us, why complain?

      1. Lol, oh wow.
        The kids internet is over there sarc ===>

        You do realize that if Embraer, Bombardier and Airbus were far more heavily subsidized than Boeing, Boeing wouldn’t be able to compete on price and no one would buy it’s jets, destroying the American aircraft manufacturing industry.

        In a libertarian world nobody should be subsidized.

        1. So much for a respectful conversation. I tried.

          1. You didn’t try, you plumped for subsidies on a libertarian site.

            1. No, I said that subsidizing exports benefits importers by lowering prices. That’s a fact, not a judgement.

              1. No you didn’t you pettifogging shit, you said “If they want to force their taxpayers to make stuff cheaper for us, why complain?”.

                Who the hell do you think you’re fooling?

                1. If you interpret that to mean that I want more foreign subsidies then that’s your own fault.

                  I see no reason to continue this conversation if every comment of yours involves misrepresenting what I said while calling me names.

                  1. You flat out stated it was a benefit for the consumer you lying fuck; “If they want to force their taxpayers to make stuff cheaper for us, why complain?”

                    Don’t whine that you’re being bullied just because you were called out on your bullshit.

                    1. I did say it’s a benefit to the consumer! That’s the whole point!

                      But that isn’t the same as saying that I want more subsidies. It means that I don’t think imports should be taxed to negate that benefit.

                      Is that too subtle for you?

                      Doesn’t matter. You’re accusing me of arguing in bad faith while continually misrepresenting what I say. It’s so ironic I’m gonna shut down my computer. Have a good weekend.

                    2. Enjoy your bottle and don’t stalk your ex.

                    3. “while continually misrepresenting what I say”

                      Lol, my sides. I quoted you directly in every response. You poor sod.

  9. The Time Magazine story the “libertarians” of Reason will never ever acknowledge where it’s basically acknowledged the left wing government/media/corporate alliance rigged the election:


    1. OUT: The election wasn’t rigged.

      IN: The election was rigged, but in a good, smart, upper-middle-class Wine Aunt way.

      1. The election was fortified by those who know what is best.

        1. For your own good, you see. You’ll thank them later.

          1. Because you’re all idiots and lefties are gods in their own minds.

      2. Reason will still go on insisting that every single ballot in every single box snuck into the polling station through the back door at 3:00 A.M. with no postmarks or anything was completely 100% legitimate though.

        1. No widespread election intefrence that would have changed the election outcome.

          How many qualifiers do you need MAGAt!

      3. Yep. We see what the spin will be now. Fortifying the election isn’t rigging it, because shut up.

  10. The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

    Man, thank fuck for that self-described secret shadow campaign by business and labor leaders to save the 2020 election! If anything good was ever accomplished in this country, it was always done by a secret shadow campaign.

    1. By the way, the insane power-mad left’s goal now is to make this arrangement permanent and to ensure that we never have another honest national election in this country again for the rest of our lives.

    2. They’re laying the ground work for their legal defense, because the cases currently in play are going to find the evidence and they need to explain it.

  11. So awful that only a tiny, tiny percentage of people even knew about them.

  12. Trust the Trumpistas to have a fit when a libertarian magazine promotes free trade.

    Yes yes I know you guys feel that it must be fair not free, but even unilateral free trade is better for consumers than Trump’s protectionism.

    Concentrated benefits and dispersed costs are reality, and reality is not optional.

    1. Who the hell is having a fit sarc? Is delirium tremens giving you hallucinations again?

      Better go have your wake-up whiskey.

      1. When you focus on me and ignore my point, then I know I’ve won the argument.

        1. “When you focus on me”

          Lol, your opening statement was a lie attacking us; “Trust the Trumpistas to have a fit when a libertarian magazine promotes free trade”.
          What the hell did you expect when you deliberately start shit, you retarded drunk.

            1. How the hell did that comment “have a fit when a libertarian magazine promotes free trade”
              Is your reading comprehension that impaired by booze already?

          1. And still no response to why protectionism is good and sanctions are bad, other than to call me names. Whatever. I’ve got to do laundry.

            1. Because protectionism isn’t good and sanctions are bad, you retarded fuck. Don’t put words in my mouth I never said and don’t try to run away from a fight that you started.

              Who said this sarc? Trust the Trumpistas to have a fit when a libertarian magazine promotes free trade”
              Was it you, being a retarded goblin?
              Point out who here was against free trade, you lying fuck.

            2. “And still no response to why protectionism is good and sanctions are bad”

              Probably because that’s a childishly simple position and you’re the only one espousing it.

      2. HERE is who is having hissy fits! Insurrectionist trumpanzees gone apeshit! Do you read the NEWS from time to time?

        The Capitol insurrection was never about the election. It was about white supremacy.

        1. Cripes, Sqrlsy’s gone Woke and is pushing Intersectionalist agitprop.

          Isn’t Woke Sqrlsy the forth horseman?

          1. Question for you: Are all right-wing nut-jobs liars, or only the stupidest ones?

            1. Conservatives used to be rational, but over the Trump years they’ve been reduced to the level of emotional progressives. Intentions are more important than results, populist nonsense, protectionist bullshit, calls for censorship, wild conspiracy theories… They’ve gone off the deep end.

              1. Amen! So sad! I hope that the GOP regains its senses! If not, we need a NEW conservative party! (Power to the “L” party, sadly, is still a pipe dream).

                1. Stop talking to yourself.

            2. Sarcasmic already outright lied five times already just in this thread, but look at you two sockpuppets giving each other handies.

              You’re not fooling anyone you know:

        2. “HERE is who is having hissy fits! ”

          Yes we can see you sarc.

    2. Why do you keep insisting FOREIGNERS get free trade but domestic citizens have to be taxed at up to 90%???

      1. Why do you keep on insisting that the USA has been, for 200 years, a 1-party dictatorshit, and should remain so?

        Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot believes that the USA already is (and should be) a 1-party dictatorshit! That the USA HAS BEEN a 1-party dictatorshit for some 200 years!!! There is NO point in trying to persuade the Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot of ANYTHING! Almost ALL of the circuits of the Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot have gone kaput, big-time!

        Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot is lusting after an UPGRADE to its rusting old body! Wants to be upgraded to Model TJJ20666 Dictatorbot, and run for POTUS in 2024, with Alex Jones as the VEEP of Model TJJ20666 Dictatorbot!!! Be ye WARNED!!! Model TJJ20666 Dictatorbot will be well-nigh INDESTRUCTIBLE! (Unreachable by ANY logic or considerations for the freedoms of others, MOST certainly!)

        PLEASE do NOT enable the lusting of the rusting TJJ20000 Dictatorbot!!!

        1. Why do you keep on insisting that the USA has been, for 200 years, a 1-party dictatorshit, and should remain so?

          BECAUSE the USA is a Constitutional Union of Republican States NOT a “democratic” National Socialist Country (i.e. Nazism).

  13. Another argument in favor of protectionism I often see is that it’s only a nickel here and a dime there. Well there’s an expression about that.

    1. You’re right ‘free trade’ FOR ALL AMERICANS!! No more taxes, no more regulation!! Tell the D.C. Democratic politicians compulsively legislating ‘Protectionists’ to F-OFF!

  14. I thought Biden wanted us to buy American. Isn’t shunning stinky foreign cheese for good American products patriotic?

    1. Patriotically cheesy, probiotically cheesy, machs nix! Same difference!

      Yeah, Biden is talking out of all 5 sides of his mouth… But he’s a politician! What else does one need to add to that?

      1. You’re stupid, sarcasmic.

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        2. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

          So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

          Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

          Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

          Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

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          Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to ReasonNeedsBrilliantlyPersuasiveWriters@Reason.com .

          Thank You! -Reason Staff

          1. You’re still stupid sarcasmic.

          2. Spambots get spamflagged, Sqrlsy

            1. Whoa! PhD Computer Scientist here has figured out how to move the mouse-cursor, and click on the flag icon! Congratulations, Stable Genius Junior! Maybe You could write Your NEXT Computer Science PhD thesis on HOW You do that? And thread-clutter-post it EVERY FUCKIN’ TIME that you see a post that you disagree with? And expect all the OTHER marching morons to THANK you profusely?

              Well now… Have You and any of the other marching morons ever heard of “The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’?” Has it ever occurred to You, that the moderators will immediately ignore You and Yours? Now, when the time comes that Reason.com gets hacked, and some hacker posts a child-porn link to video of YOUR kid or relative’s kids… Or YOU abusing YOUR kid, or “doxes” You and Your SSN, real name, home address, and photo… OR, they post the IP address and WIP security key, access codes, etc., to the self-destruct mechanism in your battery-driven “IP of All Things” MAGA-magic underwear… And You (“The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’”) will FLAG the post that unveils all such things… You will be IGNORED, asshole!

              You ever think of THAT, asshole who cried wolf? I, for one, will NOT flag it when they “dox” you!!! Learn your lessons by SUFFERING, ye who will NOT learn otherwise!

              1. spam flagged you

                1. Watch me poop my pants! Not!

                  (PS, you hungry for your usual fare? Pants-pooped for FREE, just for YOU!)

              2. Are you threatening to post child-porn of my kid or relative’s kids?

                I don’t have any kids, but if I did I’d probably kill you if you went near them, Sqrlsy.

                1. I didn’t threaten you with jack squat (other than NOT flagging it if someone “doxes” you), but you just threatened me! I’m not a whining crybaby (like YOU!) who flags shit at the drop of a hat, but I just flagged you!

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                  2. If you try to molest kids you deserve to be threatened, creeper.

                    1. If you try to be a world-dominating dictator, or be on the “winning” side, along with the likes of Der TrumpfenFuhrer, you deserve to SUFFER the consequences of your self-righteous greed! Power-grabbing smug asshole!

                      Did you ever research the matters of the deaths of Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and the Romanian dictator? Or Caligula? Take a hint, power pig! It doesn’t end well, quite often, for the likes of you, power luster!

  15. Well it’s opposite month in DC where anything said or done over the last four years is reversed. So you’re likely gonna get what you want here. Personally the tariffs were bad policy, so fine.

    On another note the southern border is open for business. But strangely the northern one is not. Canada can keep people from the US out, but we cannot keep people from Mexico and Central America out. Biden is just ridiculous.

  16. “harmed food producers” — lmao. Ya right; don’t you mean “food importers” getting *free* subsidized shipping from U.S. taxpayers and selling out the U.S. Manufacturing and actual producers to slavery plantations of commie regimes while those regime’s steal all of American’s innovation and wealth by fiat manipulation?

    It’s the job of the ‘federal’ government to regulate International Trade so should the entire federal budget come from International Trade? They are the ‘International’ governing body.

  17. John Kerry has a wedge of hand crafted swiss cheese flown in from Zurich every Wednesday, on its own privately-chartered 747. These tariffs are really cutting into his checkbook!

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  19. “Biden should repeal Trump’s food taxes immediately.”

    Yes, he should. Taxes on food are an abomination as are opaque taxes like tariffs. In government, opacity is oppression.

    “The primary reason for a tariff is that it enables the exploitation of the domestic consumer by a process indistinguishable from sheer robbery.” ~ Albert Jay Nock

    “If taxation without consent is not robbery, then any band of robbers have only to declare themselves a government, and all their robberies are legalized.” ~ Lysander Spooner

    1. Don’t kid yourself; Biden has already taxed more by ‘fiat’ manipulation (i.e. loans) or more directly has already promised to eliminate Trump’s Tax Cuts.

      Tariff’s even miss your ‘consent’ take. Since importers CAN chose to purchase domestically.

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  21. Are Corn Pops and lunch buckets subject to tarriffs abroad? If so, even Trump supporters could get behind removing those.

  22. John Kerry has a wedge of hand crafted swiss cheese flown in from Zurich every Wednesday, on its own privately-chartered 747. These tariffs are really cutting into his checkbook! nifty blender

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