Biden Tells Federal Bureaucrats To Approve Regulations With Benefits That Are 'Impossible To Quantify'

Biden has also moved quickly to remove some oversight that limited the growth of the regulatory state.


President Joe Biden has moved swiftly to rev up the regulatory state by weakening oversight and effectively ending a reality-based assessment of the costs and benefits of federal regulation.

It may have gone largely unnoticed amid a flurry of executive orders Biden has signed since taking office less than two weeks ago, but a January 20 memo from the White House to the "heads of executive departments and agencies" outlines a regulatory framework that will empower federal bureaucrats to count unquantifiable "benefits" when weighing the potential impact of new regulations.

Specifically, Biden instructed those officials to revamp their regulatory review processes to "promote public health and safety, economic growth, social welfare, racial justice, environmental stewardship, human dignity, equity, and the interests of future generations." The memo also states that the new regime "serves as a tool to affirmatively promote regulations."

Towards that end, Biden's memo says that his administration will alter the Office of Management and Budget's rules regarding regulations "to ensure that the review process…fully accounts for regulatory benefits that are difficult or impossible to quantify."

In other words, if a bureaucrat can conceive of a way that new regulations could advance the goals of racial justice or environmental health, those political aims should be counted as benefits—even if they can't, well, actually be counted.

That's a recipe for more regulation, and for a less honest assessment of which rules might be worthwhile and which merely make the appropriate gestures to a political agenda.

"The aim is to put weight on the scales of whether or not to regulate such that the answer will always be in the affirmative, replacing market operation and civil society with government in the pursuit of a range of non-quantifiable goals, even without legislation from Congress," says Clyde Wayne Crews, a vice president at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Biden's directive builds on a 1993 executive order issued by then-President Bill Clinton, which altered a Reagan-era directive ordering federal agencies to issue regulations only when the benefits exceed costs. Clinton shifted the standard to say that the benefits of proposed regulations must only "justify" the costs. Biden's memo suggests that his administration is prepared to inflate the definition of "benefits" to the point of making any cost/benefit analysis effectively worthless.

During his first week in office, Biden also abolished a Trump-era rule that imposed some measure of accountability on the federal bureaucracy. In 2017, President Donald Trump's Executive Order 13777 established regulatory reform officers and task forces at federal agencies. Their job was to ensure compliance with Trump's other regulatory reforms—including the famous "one-in, two-out" order, which mandates that two regulations be removed for each new rule that was imposed.

While the Trump administration did plenty to grow the size of government during its four years in power—including a gigantic hike in federal spending and expensive new tariffs on many imported goods—the one-in, two-out regulatory policy was a success from a small-government perspective. According to Crews, who has been tracking the size and power of the federal regulatory state for decades, the Trump administration actually revoked about 3.2 regulations for every new one approved.

Biden wasted no time in scrapping those Trump-era changes, not just removing the "one-in, two-out" policy but also gutting the extra layers of accountability that the administration imposed on the regulatory approval process.

If Biden was serious about modernizing regulatory review in a fair way, that oversight could provide important insight. Removing it suggests that to Crews that Biden is preparing "a new architecture for never-ending, endless regulations."

It hasn't taken very long for the Biden administration to demonstrate why it's not enough for Republicans and conservatives to merely roll back the administrative state when they take control of the White House. As soon as a Democrat takes over, those changes can be quickly wiped away. Serious, lasting reform will require congressional action.

Meanwhile, get ready for the regulations to start spewing forth from Washington once again.

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  1. Wrong within normal parameters.

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    3. .Biden has also moved quickly to remove some oversight that limited the growth of the regulatory state………….MORE DETAIL.

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  2. So much for a “presumption of Liberty”.

    1. Are there any regulations defining this “liberty”?

      1. The right of the people, to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

        Congress shall make no law…

        And so on.

        1. The problem is not the verbs. The problem is those well-known phrases. “The right to keep and bear arms”, for instance, was well-understood, and is still well-understood, not not include felons, the insane, infants, etc. The problem then becomes how do you determine these exceptions, and the modern answer is the regulatory state — permits, codified exceptions, etc etc etc.

          Same with “freedom of speech”, which was, and is, well-understood to not include libel, slander, military secrets, etc. Hate speech is just racial slander and libel; it must go. Derogatory speech, as shown by the Alien and Sedition Acts so usefully employed by John Adams, must be curtailed in the interests of national security.

          These are not hard problems. Just because you don’t understand the ramifications does not mean they don’t exist.

          1. These are not hard problems.

            There are no easy problems that cannot be made hard with a little imagination and/or pointless bureacracy. Just because you don’t understand the ramifications doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

            1. The real problem is that I did not make up those arguments. Someone else claims to actually believe them, and I don’t doubt there are lots more followers too stupid to think for themselves.

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          2. Plus, if the guns are scary and if the words hurt someone’s feelings.

            1. I keep a photo from a magazine of a Ruger Presicion Rimfire .22LR Bolt-Action rifle, with a bipod mount. When it comes up, I show it to people and ask them if this is an “assault weapon” that should be banned (they’ve already mentioned their support for an “assault weapon” ban). Invariably, they say “YES!”

              When I ask them why, since it is a single shot, bolt-action rifle that shoots perhaps the weakest, smallest round in common use? It meats zero of the criterion normally associated with “assault weapon”

              “Err…umm…it looks scary!”

          3. Actually, you’re worng. Freedom of Speech was included to prevent the government from interfering with the ability of people to think for themselves, the free exchange of ideas, and to allow mutual discussion with those who might disagree, as well as to be able to address the government directly with grievances without fear of prosecution. If you say somethng that directly damages someone else, it was left up to a civil courts to handle. Yes, John Adams used those acts to suppress opposing opinions, but afterward there was a general understanding what he did was illegal in the court system. Hate and derogatory speech were commonplace when the Constitution was written. Yes there are limits when you deal with classified information, as well as just being employed. Once we begin to restirct what people say because it might offend someone, no matter how bad it is, you have begun sliding down a slippery slope which will not end kindly. As we are seeing now, any type of dissent or disagreement with the Democratic Party is not being tolerated, even if most people don’t agree with them.

            1. This sounds seditious. The authorities have been notified.

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  3. Most consequential EO Biden has signed and few people paid any attention to it. Just disgusting.

    1. At least civility and consensus has returned to Washington D.C.

      1. And we must not forget that Biden doesn’t make mean tweets.

        1. It’s the most important thing of all.

      2. that civility you mention is only for fellow democrats while the republicans are being treated like whipping boys. some RHINOs may enjoy that though

        1. ‘Whipping boys’? … persecution complex much?

          1. Maybe he’s looking for a gig with the Lincoln Project.

          2. Do you have evidence to the contrary?

            When Democrat becomes embroiled in a scandal, you’ll seldom find a (D) to mark the Democrat’s name, and Democrats (both in government and in the media) circle the wagons to explain why it should be ignored and forgotten.

            When a Republican becomes embroiled in a scandal, the (R) next to the name is never forgotten, and Democrats and Republicans alike call for the Republican’s resignation — sometimes even before all the evidence comes out.

            At some point, people realize that you’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you.

      3. As long as they keep DC militarized and force people to submit? The only consensus is “oh no” when ol joe picks up his pen or is required to speak in public.

  4. Who’s got the power?
    We’ve (i.e. bureaucrats) got the power!

    1. Putting the parenthetical in the chant makes it kind of clumsy though. But somehow appropriate. Can you stick in LGBTQ2I+ in there as well?

  5. Today in libertarian news and commentary.

    So much for white privilege…
    New data show that poor white teens are the least likely group to attend university.

    The Office for Students (OfS) claims that ‘poor white teens’ are being ‘left behind’ by not going to university.

    Chris Millward, the director for fair access and participation at the OfS, looked at a ‘combination of factors such as race, poverty and place’ and identified 90 per cent of those young people in the lowest higher-education-participation quintile as white British. These young people also either received free school meals or grew up in neighbourhoods with low HE-participation rates.

    The key word in Millward’s classification, ‘poor white teens’, is ‘poor’. Millward might have used the term working class instead. He says he did not because that category can be confusing given the ‘complex mix of working and living patterns, income and wealth’.

    1. Someone has to suffer so that God’s Chosen can attend an Ivy League without perpetuating white supremacy.

    2. Well, white teens actually have to get in …. with grades and shit.

    3. I suspect that even asking the question about the opportunities of “poor white kids” will be derided as racist. You are not supposed to question the victim narrative, and to whom it is supposed to apply. Those raggedy assed crackers just deserve what they don’t have.

    4. This news tells me that the parents of “poor white teens” are probably paying attention to what their schools are teaching their kids…and opting out of further indoctrination.

      College / University study has taken a real blackeye in the past 10 years. Hyperinflated prices, poor treatment of racial differences, suppression of ideas and outright racism. Add to that the high profile nature of This behavior has filtered down to the junior college (community college) and high and junior high school level.

      I’m right in the thick of it all…being a teacher in the first and having children in the second.

      1. Sorry, hit the button in mid-thought.

        Add to that the high profile nature of recent graduate programs that teach absolutely noting of value (think PhD in women studies, slinging coffee at Starbucks) at the cost of a 6 figure debt and real fear starts to creep into the equation.

        Colleges and Universities are busy biting the hand that feeds them.

        This will pass in time and these institutions will get flushed…like all stinky movements.

  6. More libertarian news and commentary.

    Do you ‘identify’ as disabled?
    If so, the SNP could be the party for you.

    In advance of the Scottish parliament elections in May, the SNP’s NEC met on Sunday to debate a motion reserving eight spaces at the top of the party’s electoral lists – four for BAME candidates and four for disabled candidates. The vote was a tie, but the casting vote went in favour of the motion and it passed.

    Qualification for the lists is entirely dependent on self-identification – the SNP won’t check that candidates are actually BAME or disabled.

    1. For an IRN BRU and a bag of chips, you can stick your cock up Nicola Sturgeon’s anus and stir last night’s haggis.

      1. The funny thing is that contrary to most squeamish people’s assumptions, a well-prepared haggis is delicious…while IRN BRU is disgusting.

    2. Some day [soon] some one will write “The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization” and this sort of nonsense will be at the heart of it; they literally hated themselves to death.

      1. I always say white people will regulate themselves out of existence.

  7. Serious, lasting reform will also require not giving control of the elected branches of the federal government to the Democrats.

  8. By the way, this is what a real dictatorship in the making actually does.

    1. It can’t be a real dictatorship without mean tweets.

      1. Real autonomous dictators are Russian puppets.

        1. Real dictators take office in militarized Capitols. No democratic elected leader ever needs the military to take office.

  9. The party of Science! everyone. When what you’re doing has no measurable impact, just claim it can’t be measured.

    1. Its measurable . But the result is oppression and graft. They don’t want you to look at that

  10. “In other words, if a bureaucrat can conceive of a way that new regulations could advance the goals of racial justice or environmental health, those political aims should be counted as benefits—even if they can’t, well, actually be counted.”

    In an ideological dictatorship, commitment to ideological purity and dogma is the only measure of success. Nobody should be surprised by this, let alone the writers at Reason. The left did not for a moment disguise their intentions.

    But, hey — at least no mean tweets.

      1. With Liberty and Justice for all!

        Just without the Liberty part.

        1. And the justice is class based.

  11. Seeing as ~98% of the career Gov employees are retarded/evil progressives, they will have absolutly no problem justifying any of their actions. They are already justifying re-education camps and martial law.

    1. It’s remarkable the extent to which many progressives have begun to proclaim positions they’ve clearly long supported but until recently for the most part had the sense to keep to themselves using coded language. Now they loudly call for abolishing free speech, treating political opposition as terrorism and sedition, rounding up their enemies into reeducation camps, enforcing martial law, the whole authoritarian/totalitarian package. Progressives who in early January were crying about the Constitution when the other team’s rioters briefly violated one of their safe spaces now proudly say they’re ready to tear up that old document. I hope they keep going with this. The only way normies will wake up is if they see who progressives really are, and if progressives themselves do the unmasking, so much the better.

  12. They are just begging the Supremes (a) to pare back deference and (b) to impose a real rational basis test and block any regulation where no effort was made to analyze it’s effect.

    1. The Supremes will do no such thing. After all, these executive orders are “political questions,” and therefore nobody has standing to challenge them.

      1. The Supremes will do no such thing

        Stop, in the name of love is not standing?

        1. Reflections of the way life used to be.

      2. Congress has the job of challenging them as part of the checks and balances. Unless of course Democrats control Congress and the Presidency and then anything goes.

    2. And John Roberts won’t because he’s the same type of corrupt shill.

    3. They’ll pare back deference plenty, but they’re not going to do much in terms of a real rational basis test. Rational basis is the way it is because judges didn’t want to get into that kind of judgment. If they ever do, I don’t think you’ll like the outcome, because legislators will then try to throw everything against the wall to see what sticks, and then blame judges when it doesn’t. And then you’ll have to lobby unelected judges instead of legislators.

  13. “Meanwhile, get ready for the regulations to start spewing forth from Washington once again.”

    In other words, a return to “business as usual.”

    1. Hey, we could have fewer regulations OR we can have mean tweets. Seems like a fair trade.

      1. Just because you can’t quantify the cost of mean tweets doesn’t mean you should discount them.

      2. The are only mean when they tell the truth about the left.

  14. To virtually no ones surprise, Biden is a brain dead idiot [who was a moron before he got dementia] and he is doing exactly what he is told to do.

    But Trump, for all his anti regulatory behavior, was so bad you couldn’t even….

  15. “Meanwhile, get ready for the regulations to start spewing forth from Washington once again.”

    So why did Boehm and others at Reason campaign for Biden (after hundreds of reader’s comments correctly pointed out that far more unwarranted job/business/economy killing regulations would be imposed if Biden won the election)?

    1. Because whatever Biden’s faults, unlike Trump, he’d be “wrong within normal parameters”.

      1. Based on precedent, fiddling while Rome burns is acceptable, even if you were responsible for lighting the fires. Playing golf while Rome burns even if you didn’t light the fires and dispatched public servants to put the fires out, is inexcusable.

      2. My favorite turnabout recently has been a Trevor Noah commercial with a bit of an ‘own goal’. Trump snubbed Biden at the transition and Noah (in the least funny way I could imagine a human doing so) said it would be awkward because Biden’s already been in the situation room and Trump wouldn’t know where it was.

        Nothing says, “return to status quo” like shunning the guy who doesn’t know which room the President is supposed to use when he wants to watch his extrajudicial killings take place.

        1. Have you noticed how epically less funny these TEEVEE comedians get when they don’t have a staff of writers and producers polishing their turds? Jeebus.

          1. Comedy in general has taken a deep nosedive. It’s hard for the jesters to be funny when they’re fellating the powerful instead of mocking them. For all their talk about the evils of punching down, progressives don’t seem to realize that’s all they ever do. They’re not the rebellion, they’re the empire.

            1. The Hodgetwins are awesome. Check out their YouTube episodes on Rogan voting for Bernie Sanders, black national anthem. almost all of the vids are hilarious.

        2. Trevor Noah was never funny. He will be less relevant now that his main shtick is gone.

      3. If the media were sycophants of Trump’s he would have been no where near as bad as they claimed.
        Think about the difference if they had actually just been honest about ol Joe during the campaign let alone amplifying any thing they could to discredit him. Biden would be a rich environment for discrediting news coverage. They had to reach back to the 1970’s and blame Trump for the actions of his father and eagerly did .

    2. Because Biden doesn’t tweet mean things

    3. Yeah they spent 4 years carrying water for the DNC but it’s Ok because they all voted Libertarian.

    4. They live in D.C. and New York.

    5. “So why did Boehm and others at Reason campaign for Biden…?”

      Because he, and the rest like it this way.

      The stuff they put in print now is strictly performative until a better gig comes along.

      The tone here regarding the occupant of the White House has gone from rage to a sigh.

  16. >>Meanwhile, get ready for the regulations to start spewing forth from Washington once again.

    dude y’all really can’t say a motherfucking thing at this point. you bought this farm. wholesale.

    1. Except Trevor Noah HAS a writing team, and this is what they came up with.

      1. He is still the most unfunny person ever.

        1. Samantha Bee. Like Rachel Maddow, but without the jokes and laughter.

          1. She’s Lena Dunham funny.

  17. If they were truly interested in future generations they would quit spending those generations money

    1. Money is a fiction. Money based on gold, doubly so.

      1. You keep saying stuff like this. It’s very, very, very stupid.

        1. So make an argument. What do you think money and gold are?

  18. “We know for sure we have a problem to solve here. It’s just hard to quantify how awesome our solution is!”

    1. Or how complex that problem really is.

    2. Democrats: “We don’t know what’s wrong with America, but we can fix it!”

      Republicans: “There’s nothing wrong with America, and we can fix that!”

  19. Good job, libertarians.

  20. The memo also states that the new regime “serves as a tool to affirmatively promote regulations.”

    Disgusting arrogance. They’ll be honest if the people are willing to listen.

  21. Couldn’t see this coming, right? But, hey, who cares if the TDS-addled shits don’t have to suffer nasty tweets?

  22. Oh for fucks sake what did you cuck assclowns think would happen? Whoever has their hand up the back of the Biden puppet is pulling the strings. You all sat here for the entire election cycle pushing this decrepit senile fucktard on the rest of us because “orange man bad” – Choke on the woke dick that you all have stuck up your asses and dont pretend you have a consistent or even remotely coherent plan on how to deal with the shit storm you all supported.

    What a morally bankrupt fuckstain this place has become.

  23. “Environmental Health”. Giddy up, get ready for rolling blackouts or rationing energy. Or, perhaps wrongthink gulags for economic growth and environmental health?

    1. We’re getting TV ads (spokes-kid a 12YO girl, doncha’ know) informing us that California has “abundant” solar and wind energy.
      So “abundant” that she requests you don’t use it between X and Y.

  24. It’s amazing how much leeway legislation allows state and federal regulators. In some cases it’s understandable (although not a good thing): where products, services, or other actions are made illegal by default, but requiring licensure — the license to be provided by the agency according to broad statements of goodness and badness that leave a lot of room for judgment — marketing a drug or pesticide, for instance.

    But in other instances, legislators have simply set agencies to the task of regulating products, services, and other activities with some broadly-stated good in mind. Where such regulations have been taken to court, the rulings have come out that, apparently, the legislature, by leaving out any mention of any other objects, intends all other considerations in any amount, including cost, to be sacrificed to the stated goal. Fortunately a federal ruling in the 1980s established that if the benefit was de minimus, it would not justify the otherwise implied infinite sacrifice, but if the intended benefit was any greater than de minimus, there’s still only one thing holding back the practically complete extinction of any line of business: the possibility that the agency will neglect it or won’t have time to get around to it. So all this business about trade-offs that the various administrations have “adjusted the dials” on have no legal basis.

    The upshot of all this is that in large areas of life we don’t really have representative government. Not only Congress but state legislators are just as glad to not take a stand on anything and hope that the bureaucrats will act reasonably, even if illegally.

  25. “…fully accounts for regulatory benefits that are difficult or impossible to quantify.”

    Only a Big Government Fool would try to “fully account” for something “impossible to quantify”. Now that’s some MOTHERF’IN DOUBLEGOODSPEAK right there!

  26. Biden tells federal bureaucrats to CATCH THAT UNICORN no matter how many people have to be regulated and sacrificed at the altar of Democratic National Socialism (syn; Nazism). Well crap; so much for “Democratic” now it’s just flat out Biden Nazism.

  27. So are the idiots on Reason’s staff who endorsed this jackass before the last election still employed there? Because I think its time to eat some crow.

  28. Congratulations, Eric! You actually covered a relevant topic that ought to be discussed and pushed back on!

    Hope it didn’t hurt too much to move on from writing Trump insult pieces.

  29. “”to ensure that the review process…fully accounts for regulatory benefits that are difficult or impossible to quantify.””
    But if they are difficult or impossible to quantify surely they CAN’T be fully accounted for. I mean do politicians every use editors? Does anyone every look over what they write before it goes out and say “That makes no sense”?

  30. Libertarians are so excited about their new overloads who regulate everything but do not tweet mean tweets!

  31. I don’t know if you noticed, but we were trying it your way for four years. How did that work out for you? Was it a successful four years? Do you feel happy with the results of implementing a low-regulation philosophy?

    Don’t start crying now that you really meant competent low-regulation zealotry.

    This country is so complex that even minor fits of deregulatory exuberance takes wealth out of millions of people’s pockets. See 2008. The Wall Street bros made out pretty good though, either way.

    You aren’t selling good ideas, you are selling a cult of deregulation. I’ve had it up to here with fucking cults.

    To sum up: all fail and no win elections means your middle class asses will benefit while not deserving to.

    1. Do you feel happy with the results of implementing a low-regulation philosophy?

      Did one actually exist, or just the one in your head?

      1. Seems like you should be mad at Republicans for failing to deliver even a symbolic win in the fight against big government. Not once in about forever years have they succeeded.

        Why do the capitalists believe so much in rewarding failure?

  32. And might I add, “again.”

    Maybe it’s just the nature of America to take the gains we make during Democratic administrations and squander them on hookers and blow and wars during Republican administrations.

    The fact is, you can’t quantify all benefits. Anyone who says you can is autistic. If your theory is that regulators can do largely what the political branch wants them to do (and that is certainly the fuck the case during Republican administrations), then they can use their expertise and their tools to do their idea of good.

    Trump appointees, though not for the first time in a Republican administration, were put in charge of agencies they were openly tasked with undermining. Literally the uber-wealthy selling privatization schemes or science-free whack-jobs trying to navigate the climate change they didn’t believe in.

    We’re trying another way now. Sorry. Fail less next time.

    Just kidding there won’t be a next time.

    1. Just kidding there won’t be a next time.

      Yeah, I remember “40 more years!” in 2008, too.

    2. Hookers and blow does not constitute squandering Tony. I would call it entertainment expenses.

    3. The hilarious thing is Tony thinks he’s important and not a dumb plebe.

    4. Tony is King of his own tiny skull-sized kingdom. To all other living creatures, he is a windless fart.

      1. We are all farts in space. The earth is a fart in space. The universe is a fart in the multiverse. I’m here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of ass.

    5. This way has been tried so many time…and failed each single one of them. Government should NEVER be trusted. These beasts only live for themself feasting on the people. They’re like means dogs, they have some very specific utilities but should always be on very short leashs.

      1. Government should be trusted if it earns trust, same as anyone else.

        People should not be trusted to wield unilateral power. That’s what checks and balances are for.

        “Or we could install an orange retard as dictator, whatever works.”


        Your mistake is listening to people who so desperately want to be in charge of government that they’re willing to burn the constitution to ashes and eliminate all those checks and balances, and you believe them when they say they are skeptical of government power.

  33. Benefits That Are ‘Impossible To Quantify’ = unconstitutional, repressive, socialist benefits to the Democratic party.
    Reason Magazine: Libertarians for a left wing Socialist Dictatorship

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  35. Imagine if Libertarians voted Trump instead of for their “principles”…we wouldn’t have to deal with this demented old pedophile, his socialist handlers, and Antifa goon squad…enjoy watching your Liberties get trampled for the next four years…

  36. With the duopoly “republcrats” maintaining power in federal government, the continual progression towards a more authoritarian police state will continue.

    We have transitioned from an authoritarian wannabe president and now a new president who holds the belief that he has a mandate to become even more authoritarian.

    While the previous authoritarian wannabe president was undesirable, the new authoritarian president is more of a threat to freedom loving citizens primarily due to the sycophantic corporate media providing cover that the previous authoritarian wannabe president was denied.

    The new authoritarian president can exactly duplicate an action that the previous authoritarian wannabe president was assailed by the corporate media, however be lauded instead. The corporate media no longer has any semblance of impartiality having opted for overt partisanship.

    1. Report from TDS-addled shit.
      Fuck off; you got what you deserve.

  37. Was hanging out with the second grader yesterday and she was giving me her wish list which included a pony.

    I said to her “oh a pony. Don’t worry. Joe Biden will get you one”

    She cracked up laughing.

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  39. Did the staff quit writing since they ran out of orange man bad material?

  40. Just further obfuscating the money in politics… but, we all know that politics and the risibly termed ‘independent press’ have all been bought and paid for by the corporate world: Freedom Of Speech Is Dead, Long Live Medical Tyranny ::

  41. The Biden adminstration: taking the “budget” out of the Office of Management and Budget. Now, it’s just the Office of Management. Which sounds about right for a new Democratic regime.

    1. Welcome to the USDR

  42. This is what the Reason staff wanted. You worked so hard for this. Enjoy it.

    1. I suspect a lot of the Reason staff thought the GOP would hold on to the Senate, thinking there would be enough gridlock to impede much of the far-left agenda. Whoops.

  43. Trump was clearly the lesser evil. No Libertarian or liberal (in the truest sense of the word) could justify to vote for the socialist Biden.

  44. That one about Hunters laptop being destroyed should probably raise some eyebrows

    1. Pornhub still has fronties of Hunter and a buns up of Malia.

  45. Sounds like some kind of Craigslist FWB thing except Joe, you ain’t my friend and you ain’t stickin that thing in me. The only benefits accrued with the Biden Crime Syndicate all went into their pockets, the US got screwed.

  46. Single Mom With 4 Kids Lost Her Job but…READ MORE

  47. During his first week in office, Biden also abolished a Trump-era rule that imposed some measure of accountability on the federal bureaucracy.……..MORE READ

  48. Well, math is racist, so this makes sense.

    1. great artical but reality is..READ MORE

  49. I enjoy Reason, but was there any analysis of this inevitability in its presidential election coverage? I’ll have to go back and reread the cases against Biden and Trump.

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