National School Choice Week

Teachers Unions Use Accusations of Racism To Oppose School Reopening

Good Democratic voters don't like being called racist Trump supporters, which unions are leveraging to keep schools closed.


The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), as Robby Soave detailed this morning, is on strike this week over being asked to teach in schools. Last month, the CTU laid out its basic objection in one short if repetitive (and eventually deleted) sentence: "The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny."

This non-sequitur of an argument—why would racists advocate on behalf of educating a school population that's 89 percent nonwhite?—has nonetheless been popular this past week among teachers unions and their supporters who oppose reopening schools on grounds of safety, even though the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has repeatedly stressed that (in the words of recently departed director Robert Redfield) schools are "one of the safest places [kids] can be."

"Will We Let 'Nice White Parents' Kill Black and Brown Families?" asked the Chicago Unheard headline over a Jan. 24 piece (reprinted at Education Post) by public school teacher Mike Friedberg.

"The culture of white supremacy and white privilege can be seen in our very own community in regards to the decision to reopen schools in a hybrid format, despite rising cases and community spread," wrote 140 members of the Pasco (Washington) Association of Educators Tuesday.

The Cambridge (Massachusetts) Education Association on Friday rejected school reopening plans while endorsing an Educators of Color Coalition letter that stated in part, "We have said repeatedly that the process the District has undergone, as well as the plans they have put forth for reopening, are rooted in white supremacy norms, values, and culture."

The school-reopening debate after 320 days of some districts being shuttered is bound to be emotional and messy. We're in the dead of winter, the pandemic death toll in the U.S. is rapidly approaching a half-million, businesses are on their last rubber band, and the vaccines for most people are still just out of reach. It is a season crying out for urgency, yes, but also grace. Which seems to be in short supply.

Like Chicago, Cambridge is an overwhelmingly Democratic-voting town. As are the New Jersey townships of Montclair, which this week saw unions pull the rug out from under school reopening, and nearby Maplewood, which last week finally reopened. A lengthy New York magazine feature this week about the fraught politics of those two New Jersey cases underscores something I have been writing about for the past year and a half: Politicians and public-education officials in staunchly progressive cities are using accusations of racism and white privilege in such a way that discourages public participation by any parents who may disagree with their policies.

April Mason, a public-relations professional, told New York reporter Andrew Rice that she was hesitant to speak up about reopening schools: "I'm a liberal, and I didn't want to make a lot of noise about this issue. It was almost like this whisper campaign."

Rice, who lives in Montclair, paints a scene of professional-class lefties walking on eggshells, in part for fear of being tarred as Trumpy and racist:

For months, the parents' conversations about the issue had been mumbling and conflicted….Some social-justice activists, who have an outsize influence in the community, were apt to say that anyone who discounted the risks of COVID-19, which has brutally impacted Black families, was speaking from a position of privilege. No one wanted to alienate their children's teachers. No one wanted somebody to die. No one wanted to sound like Trump. […]

"I still get called a granny killer,' says Maya Ziobro, a parent who supports reopening. 'If we say anything about wanting our kids to return to school, we're painted as Trumpers."

This isn't some kind of white paranoia. Rice quotes Rutgers communications professor Khadijah Costley White, founder of SOMA Justice, "a group of local volunteers working to promote racial justice and safe spaces for people of color," thusly:

"You see all these mothers constantly using poor and abused kids as fronts for getting their own kids back in school," White said. How many of them were outraged, she asked, at the disparities within the school system before COVID? Through her eyes, it looked as if many of the protesters were affluent suburban parents, demanding that the schools bend to serve their own needs, as usual, while wishing away the deadly reality of the pandemic. "To me," White said, "that doesn't sound too different from the Trumpers."

One of the reasons articles like these are such chalkboard-scratching exercises is that they illustrate how our degraded, Manichean national political discourse, in which opponents don't just have a different preference for using government to solve a problem but literally want people to die, can, when grafted onto local situations, ruin personal relationships and community goodwill.

It also demonstrates that the effect, intended or not, of increasingly deploying such radioactive phrases as "white supremacy" to describe routine disagreements, is to actively alienate those on the butt end of the accusation. People in positions of power in Democratic strongholds are growing accustomed to opposition melting away in the face of words like "racism," "privilege," or "Trump," in no small part because the "Nice White Parents" that abound in such polities will be mortified to be labeled as part of the problem, not the solution.

There is an alternative path to both sides in such disputes. Don't assume that the other wants to kill people. Use precision in arguments, especially when making grave personal accusations. Freely acknowledge error and the limitations of your knowledge. And if someone calls you the worst name you can bear, don't whisper, don't slink off: Laugh at them. And then come back twice as loud.

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  1. In California they say it's racist if your schools don't reopen, because wealthy communities are reopening their schools, and because lower income families don't have the same quality of Internet connections.

    1. At least that has some sort of logical reasoning to it (still stupid). CTU seems to not even feel the need to give a coherent explanation of the allegation. Just shout racism and it's so.

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    2. Not just internet connections, but computers and laptops. Fuck, I know upper middle class Wight families where not every kid has a laptop. Why should they? Lower class kids gotta share theirs if they even have access to one. Many don't even have that.

      Then you're looking at $50 to $75 a month for a connection that can handle three or four kids on video all day long.

      I suppose they could get by with just smartphones. Then again, how many poor families can give their kids a full smartphone with the expensive data plan necessary for constant video connection?

      Jeepers, when I was a kid all my parents needed to pay for was my pencils and first-day-of-school clothes.

      1. They wouldn’t buy you paste because they knew you would eat it.

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      2. It's funny--we created public schools to democratize education in the age of the Industrial Revolution here, so we wouldn't have to send 9-year-olds to work in factories where they might get shredded by heavy equipment, or in the mines where life expectancy on the job was about the same as the family dog's, or to give rural kids a modicum of intellectual knowledge that would still serve them well on the farm.

        150 years later, we're staring in the face of having a society of "educated" individuals that shouldn't be put in charge of a lemonade stand, much less a complex civilization of 330 million people that is more Austria-Hungary in nature than the Prussians whom we modeled our own system after, or ancient Rome in the mid-late 300s that had become a sclerotic, dysfunctional mess of an empire.

        1. Amen.

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        2. You can teach people skills and information, you can give them knowledge, but you can't teach wisdom.

    3. “Use precision in arguments....”

      Haha. That’s funny shit right there. The whole argument falls apart without the vague ambiguity and hard to define guilt.

      You want precision? White people are terrible. End of discussion. Just be honest and go with that argument. Haha.

      1. The Nazis were also precise as to whom their scapegoats were.

    4. The idea that not re-openinging schools while the Covid-19 pandemic is running so rampant and out of control here in the United States overall is racist is such baloney! The fact that so many people of virtually all ages refuse to abide by the rules of wearing masks while out in public and social distancing, not to mention the rules against having large gatherings of people is precisely why the Covid-19 pandemic is so out of hand right now.

      1. No it's not. Compare CA vs FL - same results with very different requirements put upon their citizens. Mask, lockdowns et al don't do much of any to stop the spread. This virus is going to do what viruses due regardless of our actions. Time to get out with our lives

      2. Where, exactly, are these places that so many people of all ages aren't wearing masks? Businesses are requiring them, outdoors is not critical to wear them, especially with social distancing. This virus will spread like all other viruses. Masks don't make that much difference since the virus is so small. Where are these multiple large social gatherings occuring? This is still hitting very old, sick people the hardest as all diseases do. Short of locking everyone in individual cells for 6 months the Covid is going to spread.

  2. Everything is racist. Teaching black kids? Racist! Not teaching black kids? Racist! Teaching white kids? RACIST! Killing grandma? RACIST .... but not if she's white.

    "They killed the country in the club room, with a heavy candelabra made of wokeness."

    1. A "house divided against itself" we have certainly become. There is no freaking way for this Orwellian insanity to prevail or even succeed within its own environs. There will come a time when the nonsense inflicts pain upon a sufficient plurality, and they can no longer simply brush it off as the verbiage of a few extremists. Or opinion hawkers like Krugman can attempt to gas light us and pretend it doesn't exist.

      When that horizon is met I fear there will be repercussions. The middle class will primarily ignore such things as long as they are not directly affected, but when they see their children actually suffering because of someone's nonsensical politics, that will not be the case. This is how you make actual, not hyperbolic, Nazis.

      1. Very true, indeed.

        The middle class is being steadily hollowed out. The cities are crumbling. The government is too busy with transgender bullshit. The kids are retarded. The economy is fake. The military is deployed domestically.


        At this point, I'd be surprised if the country in its present form makes it out of the 20's in one piece. Probably not.

        1. You will be expected to wear a mask on an airplane even though you have to have papers showing a negative Covid test.

          1. I wear a mask everyday by pretending to be a law abiding citizen that's okay with this bullshit .... until it's finally time!

            I think Reason is about to get hit with another subpoena ...

            1. What was the first subpoena?

              1. Just a small matter of a small dicked pajeet fuck (that may yet end up fucking us all) intimidating Reason into surrendering use information.


                1. I had to web search "pajeet".

          2. The point of wearing a mask on an airplane (or any public place, for that matter!) is also to protect yourself, even if you've tested negatively for Covid-19. Come on now!

      2. The Nazis are already here. They are the extreme Left.

        1. Ahhhhh, shut the fuck up, jimc54909!

    2. If grandma gets run over by a reindeer on Christmas Eve, does that make Santa racist?

      1. Santa doesn’t gift to Muslims or Jews. Smacks of white supremacy to me.

      2. Probably more misogynistic.

    3. Killing your white foster child after posting about her "white privilege" ? Is that racist?

  3. She works to provide safe space for minorities? So she wants to make camps where they can house minorities securely? Hmmm what could go wrong?

  4. "Teachers Unions Use Accusations of Racism To Oppose" Anything They Don't Like

    1. “The Left Use Accusations of Racism To Oppose” Anything They Don’t Like"


      1. "The Left use accusations of racism to oppose anything they don't like."

    2. 90% of teachers are self-centered mediocrities laboring under the apprehension that they're something other than glorified babysitters.

  5. > Through her eyes, it looked as if many of the protesters were affluent suburban parents

    Hey, guess what? THe afflent suburban parents will just leave the system and send their children to private schools. It's the Black and Latinos most hurt by your stupid plan not to educate children in the name of antiracism.

    1. You think they just create aimless, illiterate rioters in a factory somewhere? I mean, they do .... it's called public school.

    2. Shh! Do you want them to outlaw private schools?

    3. I'm gonna guess they already know this and are perfectly okay with it. Leftists are known for playing the long game, and building an army of expendables is much easier to do with the ignorant and uneducated.

      What better a plan could exist than to slowly take over education from one end to the other, then yank it out from under society, while telling the ignorant that they are victims and glorifying their mob violence so long as it supports your politics?

      The longer this goes on, the bigger the feral population of kids who weren't making grade before, and have now become impossible to integrate back into a classroom of peers. Lack of education will only be one factor. For many, what little classroom discipline that had been acquired will have evaporated over the course of a couple of years.

      1. Well, yeah! Duh!

        This is where “everything is so terrible and unfair” as an ideology gets you. Complete division, by design.

        Gonna be fun. Haha.

  6. "The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny."

    The unholy trinity. Simply repeat and watch "Politicians and public-education officials in staunchly progressive cities are using accusations of racism and white privilege in such a way that discourages public participation by any [one] who may disagree with their policies."

  7. Racism has lost all meaning.

    1. Wrong. It's gained entirely new meanings.

      1. I'm sure you recall the chatter about living in a "post racial society" after Obama was elected in 2008; that is just too valuable a cudgel to relinquish, just because you have an African American POTUS. No, the definition changed to things like "white privilege" that has handily morphed into "white supremacy." Now it is lobbed like a verbal hand grenade all over the place.

        1. And they don't realize that their overuse of the term to describe anyone to the right of them meant when they may (stress may) have had a legitimate case against Trump, most of his voters tuned them out because they've heard that song and dance for so long.

          1. Is this the country you fought for?
            Because it is the country we have now.
            But hey, at least white knight's approval of you comes with it.


            Douglass Mackey, a.k.a. "Ricky Vaughn," faces up to 10 years in prison for 'spreading election disinformation' using several Twitter accounts, one of which had approximately 58,000 followers before Twitter suspended him on November 2, 2016.

            According to the Biden Department of Justice:

            "Starting in at least 2015, MACKEY participated in numerous Group DMs. These groups, which at times included dozens of individuals, and at times had overlapping membership, served as forums for the participants to share, among other things, their views concerning how best to influence the Election. Among other things, MACKEY and the members of these groups used the Group DMs to create, refine and share memes and hashtags that members of the groups would subsequently post and distribute."

            1. Holy shit, I remember that account. WaPo actually named him a Top 100 social media influencer or something like that, before Twitter nuked his account, along with a bunch of other alt-right accounts, in the wake of Trump's election victory.

              That was the first time Twitter's staff engaged in full-scale censorship in favor of Democrats. It seems rather ironic that the Democrats are prosecuting him for promoting their 2020 election strategy.

              1. Soviet level political persecution.
                Pretty sure the 1st amendment should prevent anything he did from being illegal.


                An alt-right social media influencer on Wednesday was arrested and charged with interfering in the 2016 election for allegedly fraudulently telling Black supporters of Hillary Clinton, they could vote by text.

                Douglass Mackey, also known as Ricky Vaughn, 31, of West Palm Beach, Florida, is charged with conspiring to disseminate information to deprive individuals of their right to vote.

                Prosecutors say that in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, Mr. Mackey conspired with others to use social media platforms, including Twitter, to encourage Clinton supporters to cast their vote by text message.

                Although Ms. Clinton was not identified by name in court documents, it is clear she is the candidate Mr. Mackey tried to undercut.

                A Nov. 1, 2016 tweet linked to Mr. Mackey featured an African American woman standing in front of a sign that read “African Americans for Clinton,” according to court documents.

                “Avoid the Line. Vote from Vote from Home. Text [Candidate’s first name] to 59925. Vote for [the Candidate] and be part of history,” he allegedly wrote.

                The text included fine print claiming it was paid for by Mrs. Clinton‘s campaign.

                At least 4,900 different telephone numbers texted Hillary or some derivative of her name to the text number in the ad, according to court documents.

                “Protecting every American citizen’s right to cast a legitimate vote is a key to the success of our republic,” said William F. Sweeney Jr., Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s New York Field Office, in a statement. “What Mackey allegedly did to interfere with this process — by soliciting voters to cast their ballots via text — amounted to nothing short of vote theft. It is illegal behavior and contributes to the erosion of the public’s trust in our electoral processes.”

                Prosecutors say Mr. Mackey and his co-conspirators also created false memes which they promoted through Twitter and other social media sites.

                One of those memes, according to prosecutors, included the #draftourdaughters campaign alleging that Ms. Clinton would start a global war and draft women to fight in it.

                Mr. Mackey’s “Ricky Vaughn” persona was one of the most influential far-right social media voices during the 2016 election.

                In February 2016, MIT Media Lab ranked “Ricky Vaughn” the 107th most important influencer of the upcoming election. His account ranked ahead of NBC News, Stephen Colbert and Newt Gingrich.

                Donald Trump Jr. was among his 58,000 followers.

                Twitter had shut down the Ricky Vaughn account about a month before the 2016 election. However, Mr. Mackey reappeared under the new handle of @RappinBill.

                1. I could see fraud, maybe, if he did disseminate false advertisements with the claim that they were paid for by the Clinton campaign.
                  But doesn't fraud require the perpetrator(s) to acquire direct financial benefit from a fraudulent transaction?
                  Where was the transaction?
                  What is categorically different about what this guy did vs what CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, Washington Post, NYT, etc do?
                  This is absurd.

                  1. Keep in mind, the Iowa caucus featured the use of a voting app that was run by a software company with ties to the Buttigieg campaign.

          2. You shiould have read the Newsweek article published after the election showing how various race/sex demographics voted in comparison to 2016.

        2. “Now it is lobbed like a verbal hand grenade all over the place.”

          Haha. Yup. Scorched earth always works out so well!

        3. The term White Supremacy came to the fore because the left became racist, but racist in the pursuit of social justice. Because they knew their positions were no longer able to be defended as non-racist, they abandoned the generalized term and switch to the specific form of racism or more specifically a subset of racism, which is white supremacy.

  8. This non-sequitur of an argument—why would racists advocate on behalf of educating a school population that's 89 percent nonwhite?—has nonetheless been popular this past week among teachers unions and their supporters who oppose reopening schools on grounds of safety, even though the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has repeatedly stressed that (in the words of recently departed director Robert Redfield) schools are "one of the safest places [kids] can be."

    It's like watching the slow kid in class beginning to figure out how all this works.

    1. Lol. Poor Welch.

    2. Weird seeing the country start talking about shit we knew six months ago.

  9. Wow, who'da thunk that using false accusations of racism to silence opposition would eventually be used against them?

    I may overdose on schadenfreude over these 4 years.

    1. Yes, there is the pay back element. Always a silver lining with these things. And it will be fun to watch pols like Biden twist and contort themselves so as to not upset the coalition this is Democrat [he will just stand there and no say anything, until the MSM moves on to the next question]. It is going to get harder and harder to do that, so I say let them run amok until they destroy themselves; they are clearly hell bent on doing just that.

      1. The GOP will throw away this golden opportunity. If they disassociate themselves from Trump and find someone less decisive, they could swamp the woke brigade in 2022 and 2024. Trumpistas would have to choose the new GOP star or nobody; they would never choose a Dem. If Trump were to start a new political party, I have no clues how many Trumpistas would abandon the GOP.

        These next two years will be fascinating, and fucked. The two after will be fascianting.

        1. I think most GOP voters are done with them. Dems are the abusers, GOP are the enablers. To quote someone else I'll give the GOP my vote when they fight for it.

          New party could get off to a cracking start if it moves quickly. There is a reason the Dems are going on an authoritarian bent to quell any thoughts of going off the Dem/ GOP reservation.

          Dems really don't see they are the bad guys now, and after years of rank hypocrisy in their actions covered up by a complicit media, powered by corporations, they will overreach.

          1. The mystery to me is how many GOP voters hate Trump but hate Dems more, and how many actually like Trump's plans. The Trump lovers might stick with Trump if the GOP veers too far, and the Trump haters, well, their only choice is the GOP. Would it be a replay of Teddy Roosevelt's third party giving the Presidency to Wilson, or would it be a replay of the Whig remnants splitting the Democratic vote and giving the Presidency to Lincoln?

          2. Dems don't really see themselves as the bad guys, eh?

            Ha ha ha! That's the problem with the Republicans.

        2. You're thinking like an establishmentarian who has bought the leftist MSM bullshit of how the GOP can beat them. It's always fun [actually hilarious] taking the advice of your adversary because it's always so sincere. I'll bet Tampa Bay also has suggestions as to how KC can beat them, and KC should listen [Ha!]

          I also think you meant "divisive", though most Trump supporters would agree that your error is actually more correct, seeing anyone less "decisive" than Trump is no longer an option.

          I'm not saying Trump would carry the day by forming a new party, but your idea of putting Romneyish capitulating dem-lite pabulum up against the inevitable vitriol of the left in hopes the name-calling will stop won't fly anymore. Remember, anyone who supported Bush or anyone running against Obama was RAAAAZIST too, and anyone else will draw the same fire, and that would include any Libertarian candidate, assuming the LP could draft anyone capable of drawing more than low single digits. Let's not forget who decided Trump was "divisive". It wasn't his supporters.

          What I do suspect is that if should Trump form a different party, manages to rein in those tweets that caused even his most ardent supporters to facepalm, and bring in a few new firebrands, he would eviscerate the GOP. Not because everyone who voted for him is that ardent supporter, but because they see no point in milquetoast GOPisms of the past 35ish years, and Biden will only stoke the fires and fuck it all up.

          With that in mind, a new party could win. Hell, Tea Party took massive wins for an unorganized non-party with no leadership and about a year to prepare. A new party with wind at its sails, a belly full of coal, and a pissed off crew can go from creation to behemoth in pretty short time.

          1. Less divisive, less's about less infantile.

            1. You could alwats cry less.

          2. I don't think he's saying to put up a Romney-type, because anyone with a brain knows the GOP base wants nothing to do with someone like him. But someone like Pence, who's basically Trump without the constant shitposting and drama, and is about as receding a personality as I've ever seen in a major political figure, would still be palatable to them.

            Keep in mind that Pence emulsified two VP candidates in 2016 and 2020 in their debates. Imagine what happens if he's running against Harris in 2024, with the Democrats going full Oceania now and the mid-term backlash that's going to build up.

        3. If they disassociate themselves from Trump and find someone less decisive,

          I guess now that John's not posting here anymore, we need someone to take up the Typo Lord mantle.

      2. They're gonna get mo' money. You can take that to the bank.

        1. The Power to Steal.

  10. "The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny."

    I get it. They're playing one of those games like Cards Against Humanity.

    1. Well done, sir.

  11. I think we're missing the real problem here: these fine folks are falsely being accused of being Trump supporters. That's way more serious than some minor issue like racial disparity in education.

    Maybe they should just make all the actual Trump voters wear something identifying so that these kinds of mistakes don't happen. Gold stars are so passe, most of those folks already own a snazzy red hat, just force them to wear that 24/7 so everyone can be sure they're shaming the right people.

    1. My sister went to a rally and got a Trump bear; will that do, to carry it around all the time?

      1. Does the bear have a snazzy red hat? I don't want these people to have to think too hard before deciding to lob insults, so being able to quickly identify your sister as a wrongthinker is key.

        Red = bad is about as much as I want them to have to deal with, anything more than that and they'll get wrapped around the axle and who fucking knows what they'll do.

      2. Your arms might get tired, better off to find a Trump twink to carry around.

    2. We could do Red and Blue, like the Crips and the Bloods but that might be deemed cultural appropriation, which is racist so....square one.

  12. CTU is openly proving that they are not qualified to teach.

    1. "Teach?" The very notion renders you racist, sexist, or misogynist!"

      1. ^According to the CTU teachers.

  13. What, exactly, does this do to prepare children to compete in the real world?

    1. Nothing.

      But, then again, nothing is fine because in the very near future everyone is just going to receive their UBI while our corporate overlords shame us for not wearing three masks at all times.

      1. Remember when we joked about them wanting us to wear 2 masks? Those were the days.

        1. To keep you from screaming when they swab your ass.

    2. Competition is a racist construct, why would we want to prepare them to participate in such a thing?

      1. I read a comment in an online forum from one of those Kumbayah types that asserted competition was a human invention based on ego. The meme was a flower. The words, a flower doesn't care if another flower blooms beside it. The comment then stated nature was not competitive.
        I was like...Really. So, the flower beside it isn't competing for the best soil and grabbing the water with it's roots to pull in nutrients so it grows the biggest? It wouldn't block the sun or strangle the roots of the other flowers if those items suddenly became scarce? A vulture doesn't compete with a Hyena for the remains of the water buffalo brought down by the pride of lions, whose members also don't compete for supremacy in the pack? Really? No competition in Nature.

        1. Somehow, we are all turning into pussies.

        2. They teach evolution, but they do not understand it.

      2. "Competition is a racist construct"

        These takes are so fucking boring. I could have said this stupid shit myself if I wanted it said.

    3. They will learn worship to the State and compete for the spoils.

    4. What, calling your boss a racist prick for not giving you a raise for doing nothing isn't a valuable skill in the modern workplace?

      1. ^THIS... In a Democratic National Socialist system; he who screams the loudest gets the Power to Steal the most.

        So as to the original question, "What, exactly, does this do to prepare children to compete in the real world?" -- In a world where political *POWER-to-STEAL*, which is the curs-id delusion of the left, wealth is a power struggle instead of a *value*.

        The Left; The Power to Steal = Wealth. (criminal)
        The Right; Value = Wealth.

        1. A self-induced criminal system of the political theft ... or I mean left --
          "Like Chicago, Cambridge is an overwhelmingly Democratic-voting town."

    5. This will inspire a new generation of really low performing, lazy, leftist kids to become teachers.
      In Communist countries, the college professors lived in the nicest apartments and had weekend dachas while an engineer lived in "the projects".

  14. For people who complain about white supremacy, they're sure working hard to assure that it persists for another generation.

  15. Newsflash!

    The progressive Left is disingenuous on all matters concerning race in America and around the world. Branding people and situations as racist has been their go-to tactic for at least 30 years. They stir up racial discontent that doesn’t exist and exploit it for political, social and financial gain.

    The “smart set” writers at Reason are just figuring this out.

    1. They're not figuring it out.

      1. In this very post, Welch shows signs that he understands the woke scolds are evil and stupid, but he just can't bring himself to actually say so. Were he to do so, he'd have to own up to voting for Biden.

        1. Own up? By the time he admits he voted for Biden, it will be a badge of honor. Only traitors voted for the other guy, and we all know what happened to them.

        2. Welch is temporarily conflicted. He still likes to think of himself as a libertarian, and so is at least miffed that Brenan included libertarians with white supremacists. It's like when your girlfriend calls your sister a bitch. It's not like you're gonna break up. You just have to take a night off on principle.

    2. It really is blindingly obvious. If there are people still claiming not to see the pattern at this point, the only two options are that they're dimwitted or disingenuous.

  16. Perfect answer - Agree to put off start of in person until next fall. This is to give time to reinvent education quality. Fire every teacher, no exceptions. Hire new teachers that want to teach and good teachers that want to reapply for next year. The result is that you dump the teachers you knew sucked and the the union zealots. You can't be a teacher's union zealot and a good teacher because a good teacher will always care about the students first.

    1. You forget: If you leave the same fools that hired these teachers in charge, they'll just find more of the same sort of people to pretend to teach. Fire the administrators. Fire the professors of education who mis-educated them. Let none of these people ever have authority over another person again.

  17. Whites are racist because they send their kids to charter schools and private schools, or homeschool them, and leave the public schools to the minorities.

    Whites are racist because they want to re-open the public schools.

    It's all so very clear.

  18. Rice quotes Rutgers communications professor Khadijah Costley White, founder of SOMA Justice,

    From a Brave New World
    Henry Foster and Lenina Crowne have used soma as a recreational drug. On the surface, the drug symbolizes pleasure, the goal for everyone in the World State society. But this quote reveals the drug’s primary purpose—to make people avoid reality. The reader can infer from the mindlessness of Lenina and Henry that they are susceptible to mind control.

    Interesting name for a Justice Organization. I would assume a professor would be aware of a Brave New World when choosing that Acronym.

    1. Why would you assume that?

    2. She’s a professor in communications.

  19. Everything the left doesn't like is racist, misogynist, etc

    Look at Mitt Romney and how he was treated when he ran for president. He is so moderate he won as governor in Massachusetts and implemented the forerunner of Obamacare.

    Yet once he was running for president, he was a dangerous right wing demagogue that would literally put black people back in chains and women into binders and dogs onto car roofs.

    1. A perfect example of "they will come for you next". Something that nobody thinks will happen to them till it does. Yet here still stands Mitt, still thinking that Dems will accept him if he meets them on their side. This is the guy you can punk 10 times and he stands up and thinks you won't do it again.

    2. Hell, look at McCain. The press licked his shriveled ball sack every time he shanked his own party, and openly pimped his campaign in 2000.

      The minute he had the chance at the big chair, they turned on him like wolves and tore him to shreds, then went back to treating him like a "maverick" after Obama kicked his ass.

      The press doesn't like any Republican that isn't a party quisling, but will cover all the live-long day for Democrats regardless of what they do.

  20. Yet they refuse to rename to city to "trashfagisco" like the rest of CA calls it?

  21. Good Democratic voters don't like being called racist Trump supporters

    Which is how we got Trump in the first place. Every time the pendulum swings back against socialism, the blade drops further.

  22. Hoping Chicago sees a similar exodus that LA is seeing. Lots of families with big bucks there that are tired of this BS, that need to vote with their feet. They wont learn until it hurts.

    1. Most of the ones you're talking about have left to the west and northern suburbs already. The ones that are still in town aren't the ones you want to join you anywhere else. These are just the rich patronizing elite leftists, their kids are in private school anyway, and they see themselves as vote-benefactors for their inferiors. No, they don't like where things are at, but they are emotionally incapable of tying their reality to their vote. If they moved anywhere else, they'd take their vote with them and 10 years later wonder what happened to the nice place they moved to.

  23. Don't assume that the other wants to kill people. Use precision in arguments, especially when making grave personal accusations. Freely acknowledge error and the limitations of your knowledge.

    And tell people upfront you don't give a shit if they're "offended" or "triggered".

  24. Thomas Sowell recently posted a video wherein he speaks for a bit about charter schools:

  25. Surely, we can achieve equity, empowerment and social justice in a society in which schools aren't educating the young.

    How? I don't know. The democrats say so though. And these are people who say rioters burning down cities are acceptable as long as it's protest.

    If schools in Korea and Japan were closed this long, their students would be educated still. The kids would go to private academies or their parents will make damn sure they attend very Zoom class. Some teachers will make in house visits. Or SOMETHING - they wouldn't just twaddle their thumbs and say "lalalalala schools come back when we feel like it."

    That's the tragedy of America. Half the country thinks it should run essentially as a nonprofit advocacy group that exists to uplift and provide opportunities for whatever people they designate to be special. The left is not loyal to a nation, they're loyal to identities. They will gladly dismantle the foundations of the society if their vision of egalitarianism isn't.

    "No one can be educated until past grievances are addressed, even though democrats run all the schools and us social justice guys keep on voting for them". Yes Welch, your kids are screwed. You put out 2 articles on this topic in 2 days and I can sense a certain desperation. But don't worry, Biden will let all the immigrants in. That's what matters for libertarians now.

  26. Okay, calling it 'white supremacy' is ridiculous. They talk as if everyone who is in favor of schools reopening are members of Stormfront or something. That is completely stupid. The teachers here DO have a valid point here, but don't call it 'white supremacy'. It is a form of privilege, no doubt, but it is the form of privilege of the rich and powerful, not due to skin color. Of course those with money and power want the world to revolve around them, so of course the more well off think their point of view should be weighted more heavily than the points of view of everyone else. Everyone needs to stop for a moment and learn a little bit of humility. The parents demanding reopening need to listen to the teachers and their legitimate fears of having to work in this uncertain environment. The teachers resisting reopening need to listen to the parents and their very real challenges trying to juggle jobs and education.

    1. "need to listen to the teachers and their legitimate fears "

      They can fucking quit.

      1. That'll be a short conversation since there are none.

      2. If you wanted to be able to punk out because you're afraid of a cold, you shouldn't have picked a job that provides something mandated by the Constitution.

    2. "...It is a form of privilege, no doubt, but it is the form of privilege of the rich and powerful, not due to skin color. Of course those with money and power want the world to revolve around them, so of course the more well off think their point of view should be weighted more heavily than the points of view of everyone else..."

      You've posted some steaming piles of shit, but this is among your best.
      Not a word of evidence, not a single bit of effort to tie your shit-pile to the facts, just lefty class-warfare propaganda. OBL couldn't do better.
      Fuck off and die, lefty shit.

      1. Time for your nap.

        1. Time for you to fuck off and die, asshole.

    3. 2021 will be the year that millions of taxpayers finally realize that distance is the only answer. Except in Chicago. The Chicago Public Schools prepared Chicagoans for little else than voting Democrat and living in fear of the herds of fat BLM sows and their ultra-violent crotch droppings.

    4. "form of privilege of the rich and powerful" -- Gained by either adding *value* to society or being allowed to *steal* it through political powers.

      Once upon-a-time the American dream consisted of getting what you *EARNED*; in the world of Democratic National Socialism it has become more about getting how much you can lobby to politically *STEAL*.

      The very incentive to *earn* wealth by adding *value* to society has been demolished by National Socialism and it's plans to *steal* all of man's value (i.e. Slavery).

    5. chemjeff radical individualist
      It is a form of privilege, no doubt,

      What a fucking douchebag. Parents are expecting them to accept the same risks as everyone else. The teachers are demanding unique treatment.

      1. Try to put yourself in their shoes for a moment:

        Through her eyes, it looked as if many of the protesters were affluent suburban parents, demanding that the schools bend to serve their own needs, as usual, while wishing away the deadly reality of the pandemic.

        From THEIR point of view, their job was already a thankless underpaid job in the first place, and now they are being asked to return to the classroom in the middle of a deadly pandemic because rich suburban families are inconvenienced.

        From THEIR point of view, it is exactly what I said - people in positions of privilege telling them, the serfs, what to do. Ironically it's actually the teachers acting more like the perpetually-victimized Trumpers in that regard.

        Of course their point of view is not entirely grounded in reality - their fear of COVID seems a bit overstated, to put it mildly - but what is needed here is not to yell at them or call them names, but to listen to their concerns and try to address them. Just like we would expect for all of us were we to be in that situation. That's all I'm saying.

        1. Yes; The consequence of Democratic National Socialism. The very root problem of ALL the political bipartisan battles going on today.

          The REAL point of view -- YOU don't TEACH (do the job) you don't get PAID (PERIOD!). End of the political *power* battle.

          Who knew the solution was as simple as, "YOU'RE FIRED!".

  27. It’s so weird how everyone who disagrees with them just happen to be racist. It’s almost like they’re lying cunts.

    1. To be completely fair, not all of them are lying cunts.

      Some of them are lying cucks.

  28. The next pandemic to hit the cities will be WOKEflight. The teachers union can try to get money out of the non-taxpayers.

  29. The two at the front identify as women when no one is close enough to laugh.

  30. After publishing a thousand articles trashing Trump (who advocated and implemented school choice, and opening schools due to very low covid risk) during the past four years, Reason is disingenuous and hypocritical for publishing a dozen articles advocating school choice and opening schools in the past several weeks.

    Reason editors and writers are now trying to pretend they are libertarians (after four years of demonizing, lying about and trashing the most libertarian president since Cal Coolidge).

    1. TDS was the National Pandemic of 2020...

  31. Brooklyn segregationist Matt Welch is in favor of racist school re-openings.

  32. So sad to see all those nice white progtards who put up BLM signs last summer being called racist. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch...

  33. It's ironic to be lectured about 'privilege' by people who are basically refusing to work for a living, with the confidence that they will still be paid regardless. Government - abled trust fund babies.

    Meanwhile people in the real world are losing their asses, whether they own a business or work for one.

    Fire them all.

    1. Yeah, good luck with that. Job for life

    2. There are teachers who are dedicated to scholarship and imparting knowledge to the young, but there are many who got into that profession as a sinecure.

      1. Are the ones who are dedicated to scholarship and imparting knowledge quitting the union and reporting for duty?

  34. CTU, "How DARE you ask us to *earn* our wages --- We've spent the last decade electing Democratic Crooks so we wouldn't have to *earn* anything."

    ------- and having NOTHING is most certainly going to be the end-game goal there. Obvious to any one with a speckle of reasoning. But rather than acknowledging the truth of the situation; Racist and sexist projection-blaming is so much easier than *earning* anything especially with a whole party of crooks/criminals who think the Power to Steal = Wealth.

  35. i am good bussiness man my work is making doors for home and offices. and other things…. if u buy door u can contect me.... visit my web site for more information...

  36. "Racist", "White Supremacy", and "White Privilege" are the new mic drop phrases for the Woke, that end all argument.

  37. Okay, I see why there is a push for raising the minimum wage. It is because the teacher’s unions won’t/ can’t teach these kids.

    The solution for these parents is to get a proposition on the ballot for school vouchers. The unions would go bat shit crazy.

  38. Does this somehow help to improve the education of our children? What is all this for? This is called creating a conflict out of the blue, it would be better if they tried to raise the level of education.

    1. Their only idea for improving the level of education is spend more money, but I've seen reports that over the last 30-40 years, per-student spending on public education has increased by almost an order of magnitude while over the same time span student outcomes were flat, not the smallest bit of improvement for all that extra spending.

  39. The problem is paying people not to work. Once the pay stops they will be busting down the doors to work.

  40. It was racist to keep children from attending schools after Brown vs. Topeka now it's racist to let them attend schools? Talk about going full circle.

  41. More and more I'm starting to think that these baseless, mindless, reflexive charges of "racism" and "white supremacy" just deserve the response "Shut up, you idiot."

    It just seems proportional to me. It's no more than name-calling. Pure name-calling.

  42. Looking at the so-called “professional educators” in the picture accompanying this article tells me all I need to know about the root cause of problems in modern schools.

  43. Almost amusing to read and watch the 'elites' continuous swing into Anti White racism and Anti American nationalism. Should we pass a Anti White Racist amendment to the Constitution? Doubt it, the elite media will help ensure teaching and judicial rulings to undo it.

  44. Democrats KNOW this is a social class issue. If I had kids or grandchildren out of school over this , I would PRIVATELY CASH PAY tutors and private teachers by the hour to subsidize their education.

    Newsom’s kids are in private schools. Have been since the start of Covid. Press never covers it (for obvious reasons).

    This all just DEEPENS our social divide. This is DELIBERATE on the part of Democrats. They know that wealthy people will do this. Their kids will NOT fall behind.

    If you can afford it, no problem.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  45. Even though we have a socialist as Premier here in British Columbia, he has faced down the teachers' union calls for closing schools and has supported our Chief Medical Officer in her decision to keep schools operating. Although there have been a handful of outbreaks, hundreds of thousands of students are continuing with as normal a school year as possible with no serious negative effects.

  46. By throwing out this ad-hominem every time, no matter if race has nothing to do with the issue, the left is showing it’s getting crazier and crazier each moment.

  47. Even my sister, who lives in Chicago and has been and is a staunch Democrat believes that if you keep the schools closed it will terribly damage low income black children. She voted for Biden.

    She agreed completely when I said: “People with MONEY will always be able to SUBSIDIZE their children’s education, even during a pandemic.” She also agreed that “keeping schools closed in poor neighborhoods is racist.”

    Sanjosemike(no longer in CA)

  48. I think the Teacher's Union needs to be taught the same lesson the Air Traffic Controllers were taught under Ronald Reagan in 1981...

    On August 5, 1981, President Ronald Reagan begins firing 11,359 air-traffic controllers striking in violation of his order for them to return to work. The executive action, regarded as extreme by many, significantly slowed air travel for months.

    Two days earlier, on August 3, almost 13,000 air-traffic controllers went on strike after negotiations with the federal government to raise their pay and shorten their workweek proved fruitless. The controllers complained of difficult working conditions and a lack of recognition of the pressures they face. Across the country, some 7,000 flights were canceled. The same day, President Reagan called the strike illegal and threatened to fire any controller who had not returned to work within 48 hours. Robert Poli, president of the Professional Air-Traffic Controllers Association (PATCO), was found in contempt by a federal judge and ordered to pay $1,000 a day in fines.

    On August 5, an angry President Reagan carried out his threat, and the federal government began firing the 11,359 air-traffic controllers who had not returned to work. In addition, he declared a lifetime ban on the rehiring of the strikers by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). On August 17, the FAA began accepting applications for new air-traffic controllers, and on October 22 the Federal Labor Relations Authority decertified PATCO.

  49. Matt Welch, I'm a little confused by your appeal at the end. Do you seriously expect leftists to be open to it? Do you think they'll change their outlook or behavior based on an outsider's appeal to give their opponents the benefit of the doubt?

    We need to fast-forward to comprehension that we're dealing with a cult. I mean a literal cult, the way Scientology is a cult. This is a cult. As such, they distrust outsiders. Leftists have a built-in immune system in their belief system, where they preemptively marginalize, demonize, and trivialize dissent.

    They don't have a realistic model of human psychology or motivation. They don't think it's possible to be a good person and not be a leftist. Leftists won't take seriously the idea that they should assume good intentions in people who dispute their ideology – they already "know" that such people have terrible intentions, so the appeal won't make any sense to them. These beliefs about outsiders being racist, sexist, misogynistic, etc. are – conveniently – a core part of their belief system. These beliefs are like antibodies that protect the ideology from any kind of falsification or refutation. Anyone who disputes the ideology is dismissed out of hand as speaking from "privilege", advancing or embodying "white supremacy", etc. They won't listen. When interacting with leftists, people should remember that they're dealing with a cult. People who talk like that teacher's union are clearly not intellectually serious, they have no rigor or scholarly mindset. They don't know much about anything, including American history, and they're not curious to learn anything they don't already "know" about the world. They think they already know essentially everything one would need to know.

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