January 6

Trump Supporters Stormed the Capitol, Smashed Its Windows, and Fought the Police

What I saw from the grounds of the U.S. Capitol building.


Thousands of President Trump's supporters surrounded the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday afternoon as Congress met inside the building to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. Many protested peacefully, but a substantial number did not, and the entire scene quickly devolved into utter chaos.

Shouting "MAGA" and "stop the steal," some protesters breached police barricades and then the very doors of the Capitol, forcing Congress to suspend certification. There are photos and videos on social media of rightwing agitators clashing with police in the halls of the building, and even making it to the floor.

I walked the perimeter of the building, and saw multiple groups of pro-Trump protesters climbing up walls, knocking down doors, and smashing windows. Some carried hockey sticks, flag poles, and wore riot gear. The police were frequently overwhelmed, and deployed tear gas. The air was thick with it, and the considerable winds caused clouds of the stuff to blow over the crowds of people who were actually standing back and behaving themselves. I saw dozens of them coughing, crying, and a few trying desperately to pour water into their eyes.

Protesters attempting to enter the building screamed at the police that they were oathbreakers and traitors. Many called for a second American Revolution. I heard a few members of the pro-Trump crowd who were surprised by the amount of violence coming from their side try to claim that this was the handiwork of undercover antifascist provocateurs; it was not. These were earnest rightwing militants resorting to the kind of lawlessness they frequently deride when practiced by leftwing political extremists at racial justice demonstrators.

Indeed, what happened at the Capitol was no less a riot than any of the window-smashing and church-burning that occurred in the summer, ostensibly under the banner of Black Lives Matter. The biggest difference I saw today was that many, many fewer people wore masks—despite being packed into very close quarters, shouting, smoking, and choking on tear gas. And of course, the pandemic is far less under control than it was in the summer.

What a great day for COVID-19, and an awful day for the country. For sheer consistency, anyone who criticized the unruly antics of antifa must swiftly condemn both this madness and the far-right grifters who stoked it.

NEXT: Trump Tweets About Mike Pence's Betrayal While His Supporters Force the V.P. To Evacuate the Capitol

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  1. Many called for a second American Revolution.

    Uhh, BLM was just calling for a few minor reforms.

    1. But those were heroes fighting for progress. These are terrorists threatening our democracy. Get your narratives straight.

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      2. They were defending our democracy. The rally was Stop the STEAL! BLM are Marxist commies fuck them.

        1. I was just waiting for the CNN "mostly peaceful protest" comments. Still waiting. On the good side, just 5 minutes in, they'd already spent more time covering this than they did in the combined 8 months of multi-state BLM riots, cities burned, and stores looted. And they have commented more on the woman who was accidentally shot than on the couple hundred who were murdered courtesy of BLM.

          Also of note, while it took Trump too long to denounce the mob violence, it didn't take him the 6 months that it took Biden to get around to his "this isn't helpful" comment.

          This is bullshit from both sides, and frankly equally pointless. But don't sit around bitching about a few hours of stupid when you've spent the better part of a year defending the other stupid. And acknowledge that there were no congressional members supporting this shit, unlike the Occupy DC rally in 2011 that took over the same Capitol building while Democrat congressmen were having pizzas delivered to the occupiers.

          1. The MSM has no credibility whatsoever.

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        2. Stop the steal. ROFL! And learn was Marxism is.

      3. Sorry leftian, you don't have the sole discretion to define what constitutes "progress".

    2. So, mostly peaceful.

      1. If they had burned the Capitol to the ground and looted the town our intrepid reporter may have upgraded it to mostly peaceful.

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        2. If they hadn't forced their way into the Senate in a pathetic attempt to disrupt the electoral process it would have just been a riot. But these goobers managed to break into Congress, so it was upgraded. And they were too stupid to wear masks, so it will be easy to identify them.

    3. RESIST!
      Not my president

      1. Ah, so you are a traitor to democracy and the US. Get out of our country.

        1. The US is not a democracy, it's a loose collection of states with a representative democracy at the federal that has very little power. Absolutely everything from the green new deal, to the public option to reparations to blacks is NOT an enumerated power the federal government has under the constitution, so actually the democrats are traitors for attempting to step well outside of their power under the constitution.
          Even if we were a democracy, are you actually going to say with a straight face that this was a totally legitimate election? When the primary voting method (mail in) which was never used to close to this extent before is actually remotely secure? That the many many videos and hard evidence of election tampering don't exist? That the voting machines with ties to Venezuela and many prominent leftists are untamperable?

          1. So Trump, like Hitler who made himself dictator, is in the right? He should be arrested for inciting violence and subverting the voting process. As for ties to Venezuela, you have to be an absolute embecille to believe that. By the way, there is a paper trail. The machines do scan a paper vote.
            As for MAGA, your pompous leader purchased steel for his buildings from communist China. He is a millionaire who could easily afford to purchase US made steel. Where was his Make America Great Again rhetoric when it was his money that was on the line? The guy is an absolute narcissistic moron, liar and a major hypocrite who is willing to start a civil war to bail himself out of massive debt.
            Before you call me a libtard, I voted for this empty suit. Unlike you, I know when I have been duped, conned and taken for a ride. However, you my friend and all those who have layed siege to the capital building, will stay a hopeless chumps for the rest of your lives.

            1. Do you believe Joe Xiden, a politician who got rich by being one is an upgrade? His is already the least legitimate administration in history, expect full-time fiscal and economic disasters.

            2. You do know the first sign that you have no argument is when you start comparing Trump to Hitler, don't you? FYI, I didn't vote for Trump, I vote for Jorgensen. I didn't vote for him in 2016 either. If I lived in a swing state I would have voted Trump, not because I like him, but because the Democrats these days are power lusting communists that will never stop growing the government and shrinking the individual to the point of servitude to the state, ever.
              So Trump decided to make a wise financial move because manufacturing in the US is way too expensive these days thanks to excessive regulation. Makes him a hypocrite? Sure. Makes him a traitor? Hardly.
              Regarding the voting machines, you do know leftist media outlets ran stories on their ease of hackability 4 years ago after Trump won right? They just don't mention it now because they lack principles and it helped them this time around. I couldn't help but notice your lack of response to the susceptibility of fraud of widespread mail in voting. Or how any of the leftist priorities are actually legal from a constitutional point of view at the federal level.

            3. Trump is a dictator?

              1. He "dictated" limited government!!! And the horror it was....

                You have to think of it through the eye's of lefties who elect personal Gov-God saviors instead of taking any responsibilities upon themselves...

                1. Trump limited government? ROFLMAO.

                  1. Democrats limited government plans? -- Such a stupid idea it's not even funny.

                    1. Never said Dems were for limiting government.

            4. So you AND the "Reason" author all missed the Antifa goons in black riot helmets. See your optician.

            5. "The guy is an absolute narcissistic moron, liar and a major hypocrite who is willing to start a civil war to bail himself out of massive debt."

              How do you still not understand at this point that Biden is even worse?

          2. "This election wasn't legitimate because I'm a gullible moron who believes evidence pulled out of someone's ass."

            Got it chief, loud and clear.

            1. "I believe anything the NYT publishes."

              Got it, sport.

            2. Live video, reckless numbers, thousands of sworn testimony... Someone's got an awfully big and talented ass.

              1. All debunked nonsense, dipshit. There is no video of fraud, moron.

                1. No widespread corruption.

                2. What's the 'debunk' on the the Georgia video again pulling ballots from under a covered table after hours again? Still the same B.S. of, "We have 'fair elections' no matter what is right before your eyes."

                  Did they even confirm there was really a water-line break? The video doesn't show any water. Usually broken water lines lead to flooding.

                  1. Someone actually did a FOIA request to confirm there was really no water-line break, since the ostensible contractor invoice would have been sent to the city, and ostensibly only a contractor would be able to stem a water-line breakage.

                    Spoiler: there was no invoice.

          3. Saying the election was fraudulent does not make it so. The evidence you claim has been disproven over and over. Mail in voting has been used as the only form of voting in numerous states..it is secure, accurate and efficient. The election did not go how you wanted...deal with it and quit listening to delusional morons who claim otherwise.
            You should join the large number of Dems who believed in Russia Gate and go back to either lala land or your mothers basement, whichever you prefer.

            1. Saying it was disproved does not make it so. There's plenty of eyewitness evidence, including live video, which has never been disproved.

              Mail in voting isn't used in any other significant western democracy because it is ripe for fraud. It is neither secure (especially when signature validation is effectively turned off) nor accurate. If you believe that nonsense enjoy the coming fascism and keep telling yourself it's the "libertarian moment." I'm sure that'll make it feel better.

              1. Mail voting is used in many countries, you God damn lying piece of shit.

                No fraud was EVER proven.

                1. Election Fraud to a Democrat this Election Season ---
                  "I woke up and all my stuff was gone; somebody stole it!"
                  Democrat, "Do you have proof that someone stole it?"

                  You lefties are as corrupt as the devil himself.

                  1. I'm a libertarian.

              2. Don't bother having that argument with someone who's just going to call you a "Russian bot" when you point out how quickly their talking points crumble.

                Speaking of Russian bots, I seem remember the same people saying the 2016 election was stolen by Russia for Trump using Facebook ads or something. There is no point in letting them smugly insist that reality and, at this point quite a bit of video evidence, does not exist. Meanwhile, Mueller report...crickets

            2. Tell you what Chip D. Please give me a key to your house, one to your car, your credit card number and your social security number and shut off any security systems or cameras in your house. I promise I won't abuse it. Hate to break it to you buddy, but if you make it easy for people to cheat and steal en masse, they will cheat and steal en masse.
              Hell, I voted in person and was shocked at how easy it would have been to cheat if I was an asshole. All they asked for was my name and address. Not my ID, not a social security number, didn't want to look at my voter registration, etc... In fact, if I was really an asshole I could have voted 3 times (if not more). Once in person (which I did), once by mail in ballot for New Mexico (where I live since June and received but DIDN"T request a mail in ballot) and once by mail in ballot for Nevada (where I lived until June and received but DIDN"T request a mail in ballot AND updated my registration to let them know I no longer live in the state).

            3. It's absolutely true that the election laws in several states were circumvented illegally by governors, courts and SOSes.

              1. Yep. It’s not even in question.

                1. Cry some more.

              2. Which is a violation of Constitutional rights to its citizens. When rules are administratively changed in a way that reflects the best opportunities for members of the administrator's party. One should not have to prove more than it exists in order for the court to hear how far the evidence goes. Essentially, the judges have been asking for the case to be fully given before discovery can be invoked, much less a trial actually be heard.

              3. it is not a question of whether you "could" break the law. of course you could, but did mass numbers of people and if they had would they have gotten caught. Mail in voting is the only form of voting in several states. In Washington, they routinely cross check ballots for accuracy. i have been asked to verify my signature 2 times in the last 6 years. The fact is that there is no evidence of any widespread voter fraud. A couple anecdotal second hand stories are not proof.

              4. States get to make up their election rules. No court has found that they did it illegally. Just because the rules are different in Texas than Pennsylvania does not make them illegal.

                1. States' LEGISLATURES get to make up their own election rules.

                  The PROBLEM is that the COURTS and GOVERNORS (literally the OTHER two branches of government) did not follow the rules passed into law by the LEGISLATURES and instead unilaterally colluded to in effect, put different policies into practice.

            4. So 'disproven' = stating we have 'fair' elections over and over and over again while evidence to the contrary continues to surface??? CHECK.

          4. Is it really fair to go snoozing so long and then wake up at the last minute to see that all the things that should had been done to secure the vote are not done, and then get cranky about it?

            Go back to sleep for 2020 and prepare for making 2024 a unique election year. Seems like good advice to me :: shrugs ::

            1. So it's the Republicans fault the Democrats rigged the election?

              1. Nothing was rigged.

          5. So think about democracy is. Instead of people slaughtering each other with blades, one side counts the numbers of their faction and the other side counts the numbers of their faction. We assume they are about the same in ableness, and given their numbers alone, we assume a victor can be drawn from a theoretical battle where they slaughtered each other. There we go - democracy. Now I don't see why we have to follow democracy. If we perceive we have the numbers and the ableness, and we reject the tally, we can just skip to negotiations or commence the slaughter. And democrats will negotiate in lieu of a slaughter. After all, they couldn't even shut down the CHAZ.

    4. You're joking, right? Defund the police, get rid of grading systems in schools, pull down statues of Lincoln and Frederic Douglass, assault Madison, Wisconsin (Democratic) representatives, try to burn down the Portland Federal Courthouse, "autonomous zones" in Minneapolis (still), Seattle (again) and now Portland, Critical Race Theory, "racism is the air we breathe," "end capitalism," etc. THAT is a second revolution!

      1. Welcome to Hit&Run, don't get me killed, new guy.

        1. LOL awww

          Yea Paul is not a hypocrite, Kohoutek. Welcome to a very interesting and educational but also rather inconsequential spot on the internet.

      2. LOL awww

        Yea Paul is not a hypocrite, Kohoutek. Welcome to a very interesting and educational but also rather inconsequential spot on the internet.

        (And now again in the correct thread)

    5. Unfortunate in these times, but what goes around, comes around.

      1. Exactly. These are the rules of the game now.

    6. Yeah, minor reforms like doing away with the nuclear family, fathers and mothers and support of homosexuals and transsexuals...oh, and making this a communist, totalitarian state.

  2. For sheer consistency, anyone who criticized the unruly antics of antifa must swiftly condemn both this madness and the far-right grifters who stoked it.

    Haaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hooooo ho ho ho ho ho! That's fucking hilarious! I'm trying to catch my breath here! Dude, you're killing me! Haaaaa ha ha ha ha! I'm getting lightheaded from lack of oxygen! Stop it! I'm gonna pass out! Haaaa ha ha ha ha!

    1. So will you condemn blms riots yet?

      1. Will you finally admit that not every protestor is a rioter?

        1. Doesn't seem you re doing so here.

        2. Every rioter is a rioter. My city (Minneapolis) burned. You should see it now. It's not getting better.

        3. So thats a no.

          I've never said every protestor is a rioters. I have said those that stick around to provide cover to rioters are rioters.

          Your simple alcoholic brain doesn't understand this.

          You ignore video of the ones you call protesters blocking cops and others from arresting those committing arson.

          1. I’ve never said every protestor is a rioters.

            But you never said that every protestor is not a rioter. By the same logic you apply to me that means you said every protestor is a rioter.

            On top of that (no pun intended) you've never publicly denounced gang rape, which means you openly endorse it. Same logic.

            Probably because you're a rapist.

            Why do you engage in gang rape?

            1. Just can't do it, can you? Just gotta protect the precious. Same logic.

            2. We don’t regularly discuss gang rape here. We DO discuss antifa/BLM/DNC riots. So your analogy is spurious.

              The fact is you are a booster for violent leftists. Hence your complete unrepentant refusal to condemn them here.

            3. Well you just lost that argument. Pathetic turd.

            4. Doesn't matter. The rules of the game have changed. They were changed by the left - again. And those rules are that rioting and protesting are acceptable. And so storming the capitol building is an acceptable form of protest. It doesn't matter how upset Sarcasmic, or Chuckie Schumer is. The rioters were ignored and supported by the left. And so the rioters of the right shall be ignored and supported by the right. I fully support the capitol building being ransacked, and the left can suck a cock. And the milquetoast, milksop, pathetic compromising republican's can suck a cock too. My only disappointment was they weren't able to break into the senate floor and beat them all to death, with fists, over the course of several minutes. Then we can move to secede and finally detach ourselves from the hideous infection, the disgusting infestation, that is the left, whose sole purpose in life is to subjugate us and force their culture on our culture by means of a cudgel, called the federal government.

          2. Well, if you have as much a right to be there as the provocateur, then do you really think your vote counts if you just stand there, doing nothing, during a riot?

        4. Got it. You’re for leftist rioters. But we already knew that.

    2. I judge protest movements on three criteria. Who are you protesting against? For what reason are you protesting? Are your protest actions rationally related to your grievances? Let's compare.

      Antifa and BLM:
      Who are you protesting against? Primarily cops. To a lesser extent all of "capitalist, patriarchal, white-supremacist" society. I give partial credit here. The cops do a lot of filthy things, but that's because they're the enforcement arm of the state. If you don't recognize the legislature as the root of the problem, you're misguided. To the extent that they oppose capitalism and misidentify society as white-supremacist patriarchy, they're dangerous idiots.

      For what reason are you protesting? Systemic racism. Fail. There are a lot of systemic problems with our laws and their enforcement, and none of them have the least thing to do with race. Misdiagnose a problem this badly, and you'll never find an effective solution.

      Are your protest actions rationally related to your grievances? No. Fail. Random acts of violence, arson, and theft against innocent private citizens. Antifa and BLM are the bad guys here.

      The current mob in the Capitol:
      Who are you protesting against? The federal government. Full marks. No better target.

      For what reason are you protesting? Donald Trump lost an election that they believe was stolen. Partial credit. There's plenty of reason to believe the process was dirty, but so is everything the government does. Don't make this about Trump, make it about the swamp generally.

      Are your protest actions rationally related to your grievances? What do they think they're going to accomplish? They have no plan, and no achievable goals. Partial credit though, because at least they're in the right place and they're not targeting innocents. Plus, they've discomforted Congress at least momentarily, which is an end in itself.

      1. I intend to get this post tatooed to my chest. Its that good.

        1. T-shirts aren't permanent, and you never know when you need a newer tattoo.

      2. For what reason are you protesting? Donald Trump lost an election that they believe was stolen.

        As a wise man once said, “misdiagnose a problem this badly, and you’ll never find an effective solution.”

      3. Nice comment. Is this the Reason comment section?

        1. If it'll make you feel more comfortable, I can send you a link to a seedy website and tell you it will let you make over $1000 an hour working from home.

      4. "...Plus, they’ve discomforted Congress at least momentarily, which is an end in itself..."

        The TV news is in full panic mode this evening: '25th amendment since Trump didn't say 'mother may I!!!!!'
        If Congress coughs, the news media gets a cold; it's the reason Trump has been treated such by the news media since November '16: He's an outsider and is hated as such by the insiders and their toadies. He had the nerve to upset the accepted corruption which allows HRC and slobbering Joe to sell political access to the highest bidder.

    3. Let's flip that...I was condemning BLM/Antifa violence back in the summer, and would have also condemned storming the Capitol today. But our intellectual superiors on THE LEFT educated us that such behavior is righteous if BLM/Antifa does it. So, I mean, those Trump supporters were educated by their leftist, intellectual superiors on what is the appropriate way to protest.

      Therefore, they are peaceful protesters.

      1. At the revolutionary poker table, it does seem that the bids are escalating.

      2. In T2: Judgment Day, the boy's robot promises not to kill anyone.

        I didn't see that the protesters were killing anyone nor stealing private property, although some people had not stopped their agenda to do just that when both the protesters and crooks got into camera ranges.

  3. And anyone who did not criticize antifa must let this slide as well.

    1. Ideas have consequences, you dog faced pony soldier.

      Meanwhile, to all the people who were warned during the antics over the last four years: FOAD.

      And, eat a bag of dicks.

      1. Be careful what you normalize, lest it come around on you.

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  5. I bet this will be the end of Democrats calling for gun control

    1. I mean they will want to own guns for protection from the Trumpers.

      1. The average urban Democrat would rather die with a phone in their hand than live with a gun in their hand.

        1. Well. Not quite. Oregon is oft-described as "a place where all the Democrats carry guns." An exaggeration, for sure, but quite a bit of truth in it.

          1. Yeah, but we're usually too stoned to hit anything.

            1. Dude, you have to practice stoned.

        2. More "good guy with a gun" B.S.
          The solution isn't for everyone to own guns. The solution is to keep guns out of the hands of people who cannot be responsible with them.

          Disclaimer: I'm a vet. I have an expert marksman award. I have owned guns and support the right to own guns. I also voted for Biden.

          1. You can't keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them anymore than you can stop people from using unapproved chemicals. Once you accept that fact, then it becomes apparent that the only way to protect yourself from a bad guy with a gun is to have one of your own.

            1. What is the purpose of any law then?

              1. To punish people when they disobey?

              2. Society has law. Government has legislation. Where they connect on a Venn diagram is justice.

          2. Ah yes, actual common sense! Well said. It's never been about taking everyone's guns away.

            1. Sure it is. Or making it impossible to own one, or get ammo.

            2. Sure it has you fucking tool. The whole point is making it difficult or impossible for law abiding citizens to arm themselves. How else are they going to rule.

            3. "...It’s never been about taking everyone’s guns away."


          3. The solution is to keep guns out of the hands of people who cannot be responsible with them.

            You're an idiot.


          4. Voting for Biden proves that you cannot be responsible with your guns. Ever notice how gun violence is always higher in leftist run cities?

        3. Is that how the leading cause of death of black men ages 18-35 became homicide by another black male?

      2. As a rule I don't discuss politics with my coworkers, but I'm starting to think they're all Biden-bots. None of them own guns, and they all trust government.

        1. Anyone who trusts any facet of government is a fucking tool.

          The only facet of government that seems to get anything right are various state fish and game commissions, and that’s only because they’re not funded out of the general fund, and actually have to do things according to the will of those who do fund them: fishermen and hunters who fund them via select taxes on fishing and hunting gear.

          1. hunters who fund them carry guns

          2. EXCEPT in California where fish and game came up with a fake study to outlaw lead ammo. BTW they are trying to outlaw all lead ammo anywhere in California

          3. I was trying to think of something the government does well. I think many National Parks are nice.

        2. I have to assume that if you don't trust government that you don't bother to vote?

          After all, if you vote in a bunch of Republicans or Libertarians that you don't trust once they are elected, why elect them in the first place?

          1. I don't vote anymore. Lost all faith in government.

            1. Yet you are giddy the one promising more won and happy the one promising less lost.

              1. You know, it might be interesting if you applied all this energy you spend refuting things I never said into, I dunno, replying to things I actually say.

                1. You were going to get Trump or Biden. You always attacked Trump and defended the democrats. That makes you a Biden supporter.

            2. So you spent the last several months as a Biden supporter, and always take the Democrat’s side in everything.

            3. Aaaaaaand here comes my fan club to jerk each other off...

              1. You are actually making some sense tonight. Drunk? Sober?

              2. That’s your fetish, not ours.

            4. I don’t get this. If you don’t trust the government, why give people who don’t trust the government telling them the election was all above board any shit?

              1. Because he doesn't have principles. He just has dumb thoughts.

        3. Youre a biden cultist.

    2. Nope. They're aghast that some of these people today actually have GUNS!!!!!! It will only embolden them even further. The thought crossed my mind today that gun sales will probably sky rocket and one of the first things Sloppy Joe might call for is a moratorium on new gun sales. We'll see....

  6. Why are they censoring all the footage of burning vehicles and storefronts and looted small businesses?

  7. At this point I think I'm done with giving a shit about Americans. This is a failed society.

    1. Finally, you're catching up to what BLM has been saying for years now. Burn it all down!

      Oh, sorry, I was channeling my inner ESPN reporter hours before they started burning his house down.

    2. Any one person giving up does not mean the train stops. Even a lot of people giving up does not make the train stop. When Rome "fell," was it like Thanos snapped and the whole society went poof in a cloud of dust? No. People were still there and they had to carry on, or go somewhere else and carry on.
      That's one reason a functioning society is precious. It may take another 200 years for Washington to "fall" if it ever does, but the intervening decades will be full of minutes and seconds in which people have to carry on.
      It seems that lots of our neighbors have been quite bored and are now entertained.
      Years ago it was "burn it down to contain the capitalist virus." Global neoliberal capitalism is, well, global now. The virus has been out for a long time. Burning down America might actually make it worse.

      1. True. The downfall of the Roman Republic, and later the Western Empire, took several decades in the case of the first, and a couple hundred years in the case of the second.

        Secondly, holy fuck, that crowd was a hell of a lot bigger than I thought. I figured it was just going to be a few hundred people that would fuck around, chant some slogans, and go home.

      2. I'm certain my personal opinion doesn't matter one whit to the way things will unfold.

        I'm also certain it won't take centuries. We've moved pretty fast down the 'every election is now deemed increasingly illegitimate' path. Where it is no longer just lawyers in suits doing their usual unethical - to half the population deeply believing the other half is the major existential enemy and already living in separate worlds.

        All this takes is catalyzing events and 2020 proved that those are now well beyond politics.

        1. Yes, this started in at least 2000. But only one side will get blamed in the media (the majority of it anyhow).

          1. Who are you who is so wise in the way of narrative?

  8. How many neighborhoods burned?

    2 articles?

    Why 2 for this an hour apart when the blm riots virtually ignored here for over 100 days.

    1. 3 articles. Almost up to as many as the blm riot condemnations. Sullum, hurry up.

      1. And now 5. Think we passed the reason editor authored blm riot criticism.

    2. And the kids murdered by 'security' in CHAZ.

      Their black lives didn't matter.

      1. And the guy burned alive in Minneapolis

    3. I thought there were plenty of articles on that, but because Reason wasn't sufficiently critical they were tacitly in support. But now they never reported on it?

      Get your story straight.

      1. Can you read? Up to 5 in 5 hours for this protest. Go count me the number over 100 days that actually criticized the blm violence. I'll wait.

        1. Oh yeah. Because BLM assholes in the street is equal to people storming the Capital building, forcing an evacuation, shots being fired, in an effort to overturn the presidential election. They're like totally equal in worthiness of coverage. Ass.

          1. Because BLM assholes in the street burning and looting and killing is superior to people storming the Capitol building. Of course they also stormed the Capitol during the Kavanaugh hearings, but you liked that particular character assassination, so that makes it all fine.

            As for the shots being fired, it was a cop who did the firing. Wow, look at your newfound respect for the the police.

            Hypocritical jackass.

          2. It contributed to today, as state and city goverments allowed it. And people were killed and buildings destroyed and they did set fire to buildings with people in them and try and block them in.

    4. Because an attempted coup in Washington DC is a bigger deal than a riot in Portland.

      1. Oh. Government officials are more important than the thousands who lost their livelihoods during the riots. Okay.

        1. Being that they control our fucking lives, yeah. It does make it more important.

          1. Look at your newfound respect for government. What happened to the post earlier where you said you had no faith in it. I guess you just yearn for the return of an aristocracy.

            1. Respecting power and not trusting the people who wield it are not mutually exclusive.

              1. But considering them more important, i.e. worthy of protection, is. But consistency has never been your strong suit.

                1. Worthy of news coverage. I never said protection. Even if I didn't, I will now because I'm not an anarchist and I'd rather the devil I know.

                  1. Bs just embarrassed you.

        2. Yes. An attempted coup is a much more important story. It effects 330M people.

          1. The coup already happened - infringing on the citizenry's right to bear arms, and refusing to enforce the border control and immigration laws. The constitution was trampled underfoot long ago, mostly by the left. I'm not for these guys or Trump. But like I've said for years - our choices are submission to bolshevism, civil war, or partition.

            1. If we're lucky, partition is the only way this gets peacefully resolved. Red areas and blue areas really need to split apart and go their own way, or its going to get ugly.

              Expanding Congress and creating a whole bunch of city-states from the blue areas so the red hinterlands aren't dominated by urban metropoles is really the only way at this point, that I can see, that the US remains intact.

              1. And now tee hee has everyone filled that we have a two-party system instead of candidates who mostly want to be certain that they get their socialist directives from diploma'ed experts!

              2. Red, I disagree. Splitting or partitioning merely makes us fodder for the Communist Chinese.

          2. So you're fine with trying Barry and biden for the sedition they carried out in 2017 then, right?

      2. Attempted coup? This is why nobody takes you people seriously. Just like your definition of peaceful protest.

    5. to be clear... rioting and storming the National Capital is a bit more of a national story than the crap in Portland and Minneapolis and Seattle, but to be fair, Reason was perhaps the only national publication to report the violence in those cities over the summer.

  9. “ For sheer consistency, anyone who criticized the unruly antics of antifa must swiftly condemn both this madness and the far-right grifters who stoked it.”

    That sword cuts both ways.

    1. Yeah Robby, tell us the names of the left wing grifters who stoked the last four years.

      We are waiting.

    2. What's sad is I absolutely condemn violence and rioting, but I sure am going to enjoy trolling the shit out of everyone who pretended the last 9 months were totally peaceful.

      Relentless, I will be.

      1. Do you still leave in Seattle? It was weird seeing all the places I recognized on the news in CHAZ or whatever the fuck they called it. I can't imagine what it was like while still living there. Bizzarre.

        I feel lucky that the biggest event I got to see in Denver was a marching band come out and play music for the BLM protests.

        1. You missed all the fun in Aurora, then. Total shitshows there.

          1. Apparently, what happened there? I'm in Arvada so it was chill.

      2. This is about my position.

        We have “patriots” thinking that Pence refusing to just make shut up and declare Trump the winner, contra to all constitutional arguments, and storming the capital because he won’t. This is a very sad day.

        But yeah, fuck all those who supported 3 months straight of rampant rioting, and who will no doubt condemn this.

      3. Nobody said the last 9 months were peaceful. The ones who were violent were condemned. By and large most protests were peaceful, but of course the media is going to focus on the sensationalism of the violent few. Pay attention.

        1. Violent demonstrations, meanwhile, have been limited to fewer than 220 locations ​

          Love the usage of limited there. That is the blm rioting.

          1. And “fewer”. “More” than 200 just ruins the spin.

          2. The gunshot victim was limited to 220 entrance wounds

        2. I'm for taking on the bad stuff police do as much as anyone who reads Reason, but mostly peaceful demnstartions? That's delusional. And the left doesn't care about police reform - they want to overturn the constitution and create a leftist state.

          1. "demonstrations", bugger.

        3. Except you and your pals at reason. "Mostly peaceful" was the 2020 version of "credible." There's really no talking point that the progressives at reason can't parrot.

      4. Heh, not a fan of violence either, but I can't help but grin thinking about stampeding swamp creatures pissing themselves looking for a safe exit. Those feckers occasionally need to be reminded who really has the power. And at least they didn't burn down some guy's business. This is not just going to go away. I predict the "Sniffer" will have to be inaugurated in his basement.

  10. Not enough "what I saw" for a what I saw.

    Robbie, you are Reason's only hope.

    Get some interviews. Find out who they are. Why they are there....

    "But covid" might be a valid health concern.... But it is not the salient take here.

    Here it sounds ridiculous. We had an entire year of public health officials telling us that protesting for left wing causes was not a problem for covid in any way. Politicians were happy to endorse and join such protests. Adding your voice to the "when the right does it, it is wrong" crowd does nothing to elevate the argument. It deminishes your voice.

    I look forward to some genuine insights from the scene. These folks seem to be nuts. But maybe there is more to it. What are they thinking?

    1. This might be the most sane thing I’ve seen on reason in years.

    2. Yeah, the Covid comment seemed quite unnecessary and silly. Who gives a fuck? There is other stuff that matters a lot more than a virus that is already everywhere.

      1. It's like muscle memory in a certain group of people. I just choose to glaze over at this point.

      2. But but but... They Weren't Wearing Masks! THE HORROR! That's so far outside of normal parameters it's beyond comprehension.

        By the way in the 2019 flu season the CDC estimated between 39 and 56 million flu illnesses. So far in this years season they're reporting 877 cases. No not 877 million or 877 thousand. 877 total cases. Influenza has magically vanished.

        1. Is there a source to that? That's insane.

    3. Good comment. All the live feeds I can find seem to skimp on important details (who got shot, where's violence orginating, what was the inciting incident) and long on 'analysis' and moralizing.

    4. Just wear an old tee shirt across your face, you will be totally safe.

    5. +1

    6. Yeah, the Covid thing is way out of place in this article. And this writer's obviously got a major ax to grind with "right-wingers" or "Trump supporters". This article seems like some high schoolers' rant with little of substance. Not to be taken very seriously.

  11. Interestingly, the propaganda machine is already starting to move. Anchors on CNN, MSNBC and NBC are already calling for federal troops and action from the federal government. They seem to want a violent confrontation and a violent suppression of this action.

    A very odd take, given that they have spent the entire year explaining to me that people burning down buildings, assaulting people in public, and even trying to burn a bunch of people alive in a police station are actually just peaceful protesters. They all explained to me why it was super important that the government not intervene when they took over part of downtown for months at a time.

    We really are living in a bizarre time. I sincerely suspect that we are in a dream sequence that began sometime around 2008. None of this stuff makes any sense.

    1. The civil war has already begun, the current battlefield is the narrative.

      1. It has. It’s been a cold civil war now for at least 4 years.

        It may well get hot in a minute.

    2. It's probably a bad look overall for Trump folks right now, but if it gets violently put down that will generate martyrs aplenty for that side. Beyond the atrocious loss of life, which is easy to forget in the excitement, but underlies every act of violence.

      I don't know the correct way forward though, this is obviously a hard situation and a sensitive situation. I wish I was a person with more confidence in the competence of the powers that be at this moment.

      1. None of them can be trusted for any number of reasons.

        Fuck all politicians and bureaucrats. The only way out it to ignore them en masse, but that will never happen.

      2. The correct way forward was to remain consistent on violent protests, and maintain a zero tolerance policy to anything that isn't 100% peaceful. And when I say peaceful, I mean peaceful. Disruptive? Sure. As long as it's peaceful. But the second the windows start getting smashed, the instant the molotov cocktails start getting thrown, and by gum, the nano-second people start dying, you dig in and start making arrests. But our professional pundit class wasted untold amounts of moral capital over the last few years, and therefore, I'm literally finding it difficult to get my blood up over some smashed windows and fisticuffs, even though in my heart, I know it's wrong.

        1. I agree. I was deeply disappointed when the BLM protests went from reform to complete removal of police, and when calls for reform against nonsense laws became police shouldn't even exist against actual violence. At that point they became a joke organization.

          I sympathized deeply with the actual reasonable voices I saw come out in the aftermath of George Floyd, but they got drowned out by the same revolutionary jackasses as it ever does.

          1. Hot damn, BUCS and DR (Paul.) hitting the nail right on the head! Thank you for actual coherent and logical statements.

          2. What's frustrating is watching the extremists on each side talk about the other side. They just feed each other, and anyone not on the far ends of the spectrum ends up holding the bag while they try to tear down the country.

            1. Yes, it's frustrating how such diehard progressives masquerade as libertarians at reason.

        2. Taking the good with the bad, if police saw a fellow smash a window, they can't pin the act on all the others. When they do not see a fellow smash a window, they probably won't arrest everyone to determine who did the deed unless the district rulership requires it.

    3. Well, I guess the one argument they have there is that DC is actually federal jurisdiction.
      But yeah, the propagandizing about this is going to be ridiculous.

      1. Federal Courthouse in Portland is technically also federal jurisdiction.

    4. Yes, exactly. There is no doing business with the left - they are committed to creating a bolshevist state, that's it. It's submit, fight, or separate.

    5. I seem to recall these same people being appalled at the idea of the feds taking any action against the BLM rioters over the summer.

    6. You think hypocrisy is an odd take for the likes of CNN?

  12. I don't recall any articles by Boehm criticizing the left wing anti-Trump, anti-police, racist rioters, thugs and thieves that took over dozens of US cities this summer (and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to private and public property).

    All of the protesters (outside and inside the Capitol) that I’ve seen so far today (on C-SPAN, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Fox Business News) have been FAR more peaceful than the left wing rioters in dozens of cities this summer.

    And of course, the same media propagandists that promoted, defended and lied about the left wing race riots this summer and that advocated lockdowns since March (in order to sabotage Trump’s reelection) are falling all over themselves condemning the Trump supporters and fair election supporters who are waving American flags in and around the Capitol.

    The news media is clearly demonstrating its partisan hypocrisy today.

    1. To play favorites for ratings -- they know their most beloved median majorities -- it is not strange. And maybe it were good business. They -- video journalists -- have been on stage for decades and may have learned a thing or two.

      "Your party cannot even run a successful print newspaper much less an online one." Why? Odd politics rarely sells newspapers!

    2. Approved violence vs unapproved violence

  13. No "to be sure"?

  14. "What a great day for COVID-19, and an awful day for the country. For sheer consistency, anyone who criticized the unruly antics of antifa must swiftly condemn both this madness and the far-right grifters who stoked it."

    To be consistent, anyone who didn't criticize the unruly antics of antifa should the same excuses for these protestors as they did with antifa. These protestors are as much "Mostly Peaceful" as the antifa protestors are. The other thing to consider is were there any antifa grifters stoking the madness today?

    1. The author covered that in the article.

      No antifa required. The boogeyman wasn't needed to tip a bunch of armed crazies into full riot mode where they broke down doors and windows on the Capital building and forced the full session of Congress to flee to safety.

      Antifa never did that.

      1. You're right. Instead, antifa attacked private businesses and citizens. These current protestors are attacking what they consider an illegitimate Federal government. Of course, libertarians everywhere should object. We should acquiesce to our rulers no matter how obviously elections are stolen.

        1. Which could have been mitigated by actually having a real election audit the last 2 months instead of people like Sullum ridiculing them for having questions.

          1. Exactly. If Biden had a clear conscience, he'd be the loudest voice in the country demanding a full investigation to clear his name.


            1. Why was the president unable to go under oath for the impeachment or the Russian investigation, even after promising many times to do so?

              1. IS GREEN purple WWEST stuff?
                I made your imbecilic comment more intelligible than did you.

      2. Yeah, instead they attacked multiple federal buildings and tried to light them on fire with the occupants inside. Instead they killed 30 people at their "mostly peaceful" protests. Instead they burned whole city blocks.

        Antifa did much, much more than that.

      3. "a bunch of armed crazies"

        You made that up. I'll bet you voted more than once, too, didn't you?

      4. There is literally 0 evidence any of these people were armed.

  15. I'm not seeing any of this on TV, but that crowd looks pretty big.

    1. Bigger than the crowds at actual political rallies.

      This one was a lot more fun?

  16. Perhaps the Mayor of DC will issue a permit to paint "MAGA" down Pennsylvania Avenue.

  17. Oh please, its literally the best day in the history of America. I am grinning ear to ear.

    1. Best day in American history was July 4th 2017 when I got my dick sucked during a fireworks display. Have better standards.

        1. You were on the other end of the transaction?

      1. Hate to one-up you, but the best day in American history was May 2nd, 2011 (?) when my future wife and I banged for the first time after we heard that Osama was killed.

        1. Death is pretty sexy.

          1. It makes for an...interesting "first date" story now that we're married.

            1. bignose....Stay married.

    2. Joe Manchin is now the most powerful US Senator.

      Manchin recently said he opposed stacking the SCOTUS, ending the Senate filibuster, adding two more states, and further restricting the US energy industry.

      Unfortunately for libertarians and other fiscal conservatives, Manchin supports further increasing the federal deficit and debt.

      1. Yeah, Manchin opposes all those things.... until he doesnt. He will be bought or bribed or blackmailed... or maybe he's doing what politicians do and just saying what he needs to for now. When the moment comes he will prove to be a democrat just like the rest of the Pelosites - count on it.

      2. Doesn't matter. The libertines at reason are just fine with increasing the debt too.

    3. Gotta say watching those pompous assholes fleeing in terror from the people they've been trashing for four years is pretty cool.

      1. The best take I saw was when they announce the capitol was on lockodown a commenter on zerohedge said we should keep their lock down going for 10 months like they did to us.

    1. As always, my thoughts more succinctly articulated.

  18. Of course rioting is stupid and usually counterproductive.

    But the left has been getting away with literal murder all summer long, and has been demonizing right wingers for decades, expanding government at every chance, violating the Constitution daily, infesting academia with Marxists, and Pelosi demonstrated how absolutely idiotic the left is with her "amen and awomen" House prayer.

    There's a clear distinction between statists and individualists: one wants to be left alone, the other can't get enough of meddling in every nook and cranny of life. The left has only one of those kinds; the right is a grab bag mixture. Guess what happens after the individualists get tired of being poked and prodded, and the right wing statists see an opportunity for payback?

    This was all predicted. The backlash from and to both sides is going to continue until government shrinks or expands into a dictatorship.

  19. I like how all the reports comment on the lack of masks.

    yes, that's the issue.

    1. Because between the Government, leftist riots, right-wing riots, and COVID, the latter two are the real threat to Democracy.

      To. be. sure.

    2. Lack of masks.
      So, a self correcting problem. They will all be dead in a week.

      1. Well .04% if they've some over 75 rioters with them.

  20. I saw Biden's comments. I laughed out loud when he called the Capitol "the citadel of liberty". Apparently he doesn't remember what goes on in there.

    1. And it’s not because of his dementia

      1. C'mon now. I know the Citadel is that spot in SC where they train the kids to be war daddys. My own son Hunter wanted to go there but my good friend General Corn Wallets couldn't make a spot for him. Liberty South Carolina, right?

    2. It's pretty hilarious that this dude is getting propped up as the bulwark of preservation of the old order. He and his handlers are trying to appeal to a 90s-version of America that doesn't exist anymore.

      1. It never existed in the first place.

      2. "his handlers"

        They are called his "caretakers."

  21. I heard authorities used tear gas. Any word if it was 'military grade' they used?

    I seem to recall that being some sort of crime against humanity and an indication of impending tyranny.

    1. I wonder if ENB will dust off the phrase "kinetic munitions" for this one.

      1. They think their words are forever fungible.

    2. Only if it's used on peaceful protesters as it was a few months ago.

  22. CNN's new take, Trump had the square in front of the White House cleared so that he could have a photo op yet he has done nothing to clear the capital. Now, That was after a couple of days, but still. The fact that he hasn't called in the army after an hour means that he is simultaneously weak infectless and a strong arm dictator. It really is impressive mental gymnastics over at CNN.

  23. It is a testament to the professionalism of the US Capital Police that they did not shoot them as soon as they got the the doors of the building. They would have been completely justified to shoot them all.

    1. Well yeah, these people weren't black.

      1. Actually, there was shooting and race had nothing to do with it. Ashli Babbitt was a Trump supporter that was killed at the riot by the police.

    2. They would have been completely justified to shoot them all.
      How about the guy who’s liquor store antifa burned down?

      1. I see your point. Yeah, would've been completely justified to shoot him too.

    3. If we could get CHAZ security on the job, I guarantee everyone would have been killed, and all evidence neatly tidied up immediately after.

    4. Wow, advocating cops to kill anybody who breaks any laws. Weird.

      1. Not anyone, violent insurrectionists who storm the US Capital with an intent to overthrow the government.

        1. They sound like the mostly peaceful protestors that stormed Senate offices during the Kavanaugh vote.

          1. Are you really this stupid or just a troll?

            1. Yes you really are this stupid.

            2. Bahaha. The fact YOU had to ask that...

          2. They also tried to storm the SCOTUS building during his swearing in ceremony. But that's different because...FYTW.

        2. Molly if you don't think they were peaceful protesters then you really are a retard. We learned from CNN what a peaceful BLM protest looks like and unlike BLM, these guys didn't even set any cars on fire.

    5. "that they did not shoot them as soon as they got the the doors of the building."

      Yes they did. An unarmed peaceful protester is dead for doing exactly that.

  24. You can't condemn left violent riots and then riot yourselves. Also, you can't condemn right wing riots while remaining mainly silent on left wing riots. A pox on both houses. Both the left and right are now enemies of the Republic. Fuck it all. Who is going to turn the lights out? Mr. Franklin, I hate to say it but we have officially lost the Republic today.

    1. Not quite, but we are approaching something large.

      Think Bonus Army large.

      1. More like Stimulus Check Army large, amirite? I'm waiting for the signs that say: "Keep Yore Gummint Mittz Off'n Muh PeePeePee Chek!"

    2. Lots of people are perfectly happy to condemn both. Even Trump came out today and told the protestors to go home.

      1. Donnie, king of the fuckwads said: The election was stolen, time to go home.

        Did I mention Donnie is a fuckwad? No, he is THE fuckwad.

      2. Trump needs to do that on Tv not on some twitter feed that few have

        1. The most followed Twitter feed is few?

        2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_JxN9CwIMU

          If only someone like CNN would air stuff like this!

        3. It's not the Prez charged with making & keeping law & order in the District, or not normally anyways.

        4. Hey fucktard... All the msm said the same thing. And when trump made the video yesterday afternoon... The msm/social media refused to air it because he mentioned election fraud too.

          So eat a dick.

    3. With COVID-19 in the mix, it *will* be "a pox on both their houses."

      Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my streaming of simpler times on PlutoTV and staying the Hell away from anything that even vaguely looks like Trumpista/Proud Boys/Alt-Right vs. SJW/BLM/Antifa.

      If any of them come my way, I always can make a sound like I'm hacking up a lung and blast "Let Me Clear My Throat" on the car stereo. I've found it works even with COVID-19 deniers.

      *Sigh!* Just hunkering down and waiting to rebuild on the ruins.

    4. I hate to say it but we have officially lost the Republic today

      Oh, stop.

    5. I don’t see why any other people need to be brought into this at all. There are lots of criminals out there. Only one group currently committing treason.

      1. Yeah, but they're going to be installed in 2 weeks.

      2. Yeah, because th left didn't riot for three months straight and you haven't been calling for the destruction of conservatives for four decades. People have been listening to that, they are afraid. So, yes you are culpable also.

        1. I think you are just alt right. Really. How can you even hypothesize conservatives would be human?

      3. I agree. Enough of the "whatabouts."

    6. When the left consistently gets away with it, sure you can.

      And it's not just last summer - occupy wall street, in which leftists appropriated public land. The attempted assassination of the Republican House leadership. Rodney King riots. Martin King riots. Whenever the left is aggrieved and they use violence, it's ok. Well here's a rightist riot. Why isn't that a symptom of the disenfranchisement and despair of a part of the population, and thus ok? That's what I hear from the leftist media all the time.

      The left started the destruction of constitutional government (perversion of the commerce clause, infringement of the right to bear arms, refusal to Enforce The Laws of immigration and border control, for starters), so here we are.

      Submit, Fight, or Partition.

    7. That certainly includes the progressives here at reason. We lost the the republic a while ago.

    8. Today?

      So not the Russia hoax. Or the impeachment. Or the lockdowns. Or the widespread racist rioting.

      No, not today.
      RIP USA

      The day the fix came in

  25. Just think of the Capitol as a police station in Seattle or Portland and the mostly peaceful protesters as BLM/Antifa.

    All good!

  26. Tit for tat works according to game theory.

    I criticized the tit and warned of the inevitable tat. Do not try to tell me of my moral inconstincency in the face of no actual consequences for the tit. That there were none is on you and your ilk who provided so much cover for all the rioting and destruction.

    That you still think yourself some sort of arbiter in this matter is laughable if also entirely predictable.

    Here is my next prediction, ignore at your own peril:. You are nothing more than a speed bump.

      1. tits with tats?

        1. Not into soccer-mom cougar tits, thank you very much.

          1. Tits with Tater Tots are another story, tho.

    1. I understand the sentiment and agree this is as much the lefts fault as Trump's but the left controls most of the media and so it was a huge strategical mistake and tactical mistake. Game theory also maintains that at some point escalating tit for tat backfires on the one responding not on the original perpetrators. And today the rioters crossed that line. They could have used the energy to fight effectively but this is bad optics and will backfire most likely. In fact, I would be surprised if at least some of those who stated they would vote against the electoral college change their mind because of this.

      1. Oh they did just cross that line soldiermedic. Way past it.

        This is not a defense of the constitution. Enemies foreign and domestic. It was an attack against it.

        Antifa has nothing to do with it. Thug criminals they are whatever. No better than the Crips. These people were not defending against them.

        There is no excuse for this. There is no excuse for the president not conceding an election after ample opportunity to contest it. This is an attempted coup. It still is.

        I cannot disagree with you. It will be a political loss as will be the entire Trump presidency. Perhaps the Republicans can rebuild. I doubt it.

        1. "Oh they did just cross that line soldiermedic. Way past it..."

          I was certain you are were than willing to accept anecdote and TDS-driven hyperbole.

          1. Correction:
            I was certain you were more than willing to accept anecdote and TDS-driven hyperbole.
            Just so it's not misunderstood.

        2. Poor lefties. Democrats started civil war 2.0 years ago.

          All this massive democrat election fraud and kungflu hysteria are a last ditch effort to save political power for commies hiding among americans.

          1. You lost. Lol.

        3. Now do illegal fisa warrants, the corrupt Mueller investigation, and the 4 current investigations into hunters bidens business dealings in Ukraine and China both during and after his father was vp.

          No coup there...

          But citizens attempting to petition their government for redress (1st amendment since youre too dumb to know) is totally a coup

      2. "...And today the rioters crossed that line..."

        I'm not about to claim they didn't, but given the last 49 months of press coverage of Trump and his supporters, I'm not sure you can yet make that claim. The press is not above outright *lying* as regards Trump, and it is not above doing so in unison.
        I once drove by a teacher's protest for higher pay ('natch); there were all of 15-20 people there. When shown on TV later, the camera was jammed up close and you'd have sworn several hundred people were there. The lefty TV news lies and like Tony does so with enough regularity to make you wonder why anyone not afflicted with TDS trusts it.
        For starters, tomorrows WSJ will make for interesting reading.

  27. ...and the law wonnnn... ♫

  28. The only thing Donnie's crew of fuckwads forget was their brown shirts.
    The only thing that the antifaaalalalal dickwads forgot was their black shirts.

    Reminds me of when I was a boy back in Germany in the early 30's. Now that was something to remember.

    1. "The only thing Donnie’s crew of fuckwads forget was their brown shirts..."

      The only thing you forgot to bring was a brain, TDS-infected shit.

      1. Piss off, faggot.

        1. A homophobic lefty... Whaaaaaaa?!?!

          This man is an imposter!

  29. "protesting its what Americans do" at least thats what they said about BLM and Antifa why teh change of hart. there not Demanding Trump to be king they just want a real open count with verification

    1. Looks like what they want is to subvert the constitution and put their strongman in power.

      They’ve gone from a political movement to insurrectionists today. Be on the right team. You don’t have to love America, but it will make violent traitors a stain on the ground either way. That’s what we pay it to do.

      1. That's exactly how biden is getting installed. Don't lecture us about your literal Manchurian Candidate isn't the traitor here.

        1. Seek mental healthcare. My taxes are probably paying for it anyway.

          1. Oh sport, I pay more in taxes than you make in a year. You don't even break even.

          2. We all know you're too poor to pay taxes

      2. If you don't think they were peaceful protesters then you are a racist.

  30. I heard a few members of the pro-Trump crowd who were surprised by the amount of violence coming from their side try to claim that this was the handiwork of undercover antifascist provocateurs; it was not.

    Such certainty. How could you know, Robby? They probably are, but Robby loves to throw up the blinders whenever there's a partisan point to make.

  31. These were earnest rightwing militants resorting to the kind of lawlessness they frequently deride when practiced by leftwing political extremists at racial justice demonstrators.

    The Right watched and learned what is allowed, tolerated and works for the left.

    1. Grreat, someone has hacked democratic suppression techniques!

      But removing statues as if to see if American factions still really want them there looks a lot different than interrupting Congressional validation of constitutionally-explicit electoral college results.

      1. How about trying to prevent the swearing in of a SCOTUS justice?

        1. Statues are not the Constitution. Public property isn't same as private property. And the Boston Tea Party was nothing personal against tea nor harbor nor docks but does apparently relate nowadays to taxes on importation of British goods.

          1. That said, the law should be observed correctly and properly. Those who act plainly beyond reasonable intentions -- in accord with the law -- should be given the sixth amendment.

  32. No sweat. Just a "peaceful" protest like BLM and Antifa. At least you didn't see any fires set did you?

    1. Yeah - congresscritters need to check their feet and see if they still have their Nikes on, or if they were looted by the citizens protesting the outrageous behavior of congress.

  33. "For sheer consistency, anyone who criticized the unruly antics of antifa must swiftly condemn both this madness and the far-right grifters who stoked it."

    Hold on right there, that's a load of crap. These are targeted attacks, not randomly rioting, assault, arson and looting anything in sight. No matter what you think of BLM/Antifa, their violence was NOT solely directed at the police, far from it. No matter what you think of these pro trump protesters, their violence IS only being directed at politicians certifying the election results.

    1. I'm watching Conservative-minded NewsMaxTV on PlutoTV and "Spicer & Co." commenters are condemning those who stormed the Capitol Building and saying that Antifa/BLM rioters do not justify what these people are doing in D.C.

      So it is indeed "Both Sides."

      1. As Joe S said to Adolf H: Good people on both sides.

  34. This is not a great day for covid, its a great day for hypocrisy on just about every side.

    1. No bigger hypocrites than reason.

      1. Reason is typically brilliant, some who come here to comment aren't libertarians, they are single issue crazies just like every group.

        1. I am not single issue.
          I hereby certify I am a crazy with multiple issues.

        2. If you consider parroting the latest talking points from nyt or wapo brilliant, I guess. Those of us that value critical thought, not so much.

  35. So the event is still ongoing and only started a few hours ago, but Soave has already determined exactly who is/was who carrying out various actions (which are still happening) and had time to make it back to his keyboard to pen a report on it. Definitely no predetermined analysis there.

    1. Right. But unicorns do.

    2. America is Antifa. We made our bones killing fascists.

      We’ve been extremely patient not killing them lately. This is what we got for it.

      1. You are the fascists. The fact that you don't understand the meaning of the word just makes it ironic.

        1. Fascists always project. It’s part of the package of not having any real ideology but power.

          1. Fascist/communist. No fucking difference.

            1. Yeah just like that. You have a million problems and the only solution is Trump.

            2. Reason "libertarian"/progressive. No fucking difference.

          2. Fascists always project.

            We know, Tony. We see you do it constantly here.


          3. LOL. Which is literally what you progressives want. You want government control over nearly everything. Your "mixed" economy is literal fascism, but again I know that your New Speak dictionary doesn't actually properly define the word.

            Every single thing that the fascist left (but I repeat myself) accused Trump of doing they literally did. And that especially includes colluding with foreign governments.

            1. You’re referring to the type of economy that has existed the entire time you’ve been alive in every single country you’d be willing to set foot in, yes?

              Make a stronger case than an insurrectionist tantrum.

              Your movement just had its biggest setback since the civil war.

              1. "You’re referring to the type of economy that has existed the entire time you’ve been alive in every single country you’d be willing to set foot in, yes?
                Make a stronger case than an insurrectionist tantrum.
                Your movement just had its biggest setback since the civil war."

                Shitstain's mom said that was intelligible, and shitstain believed her. Poor shitstain!

          4. "Fascists always project."

            You call everybody a fascist all the time. What's that say about you?

      2. You lost all credit.

  36. To bad the bars aren't open. Then they would have something to do?

  37. Dollars to donuts the violent protestors at the Capitol are Antifa, dressed to look like Trump people. How about the guy at the podium dressed in black, fist raised?

    1. "Proud Boys" said they were going to dress in black.

  38. So to sum up, they were definitely right-wingers because Soave just knows these things, and they were much worse than BLM rioters because lack of masks.

    1. Pretty much.

    2. Tell me about it man. There wasn't even any arson.

  39. "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

    Peace and freedom, a/k/a civilization, are rare and precious. Since men are not angels and angels do not govern men, these blessings have been best preserved throughout history by societies with strictly-limited, consensual governments.

    Chaos and captivity, a/k/a barbarism, are characteristic of pre-civilizational societies where might makes right. During the past several decades, these curses have become more prevalent here in America as liberty-hating globalists worked tirelessly to transform our "government of laws, not of men" into an omnipotent, coercive federal government comprised of corrupt, self-serving politicians, of unaccountable, social-engineering bureaucrats, and of lifetime-tenured, hyper-politicized lawyers posing as impartial judges. What we are witnessing at present is the godless, Marxist left's chickens coming home to roost.

  40. “ For sheer consistency, anyone who criticized the unruly antics of antifa must swiftly condemn both this madness and the far-right grifters who stoked it.” and anyone who described the unruly antics of antifa as peaceful protests must say the same of these riots...

  41. Did they use the tear gas that makes you poop? Hope so

  42. What a hand-wringing, soy-boy article from Soave. OMF, Robbie, look out, your shadow, it's right behind you!

  43. "anyone who criticized the unruly antics of antifa must swiftly condemn both this madness" HAH! And anyone who apologized for the antics of Antifa and their rioting, looting, arson, and assault needs to swiftly acknowledge that this is what happens when citizens in a democracy who have been maligned and denied their birthright justifiably rise in rage against the cheaters who have denied them. The most beautiful picture I've seen was of congresspeople cowering and hiding from demonstrators who took their rage forcefully to the center of government. Politicians SHOULD fear the citizenry - it is a main check and balance on tyranny. They need to remember: more outrageous behavior on their part will lead to their being run out of town on a rail. It is a poetic representation of the will of the sovereign - the people; as in, We, The People. WE make the rules in the final analysis; when the legislature abdicates their responsibility, they SHOULD be read the riot act. It is America shouting: "YOU'RE FIRED!'

  44. >"What a great day for COVID-19, and an awful day for the country."

    The USA has been re-programmed and reset. It's not going to ever be un-reset. The world too. The USA has been fully overthrown. Its Constitution is worthless ink on paper. The Covid-19 planned-demic is the definitive reset button. Secession is the only possible peaceful path to reverse tyranny and rapidly-waning liberty (at least in the lives of those who favor, seek or at least accept secession). Do you really think the globalist tyrants who control the USA will ever let us run our own lives? Do you really think there's a peaceful solution possible? No--the opportunity for peaceful solutions were disregarded decades ago. Like most of the Reason staff, I guess you think the pandemic is real too and somehow medically and epidemiologically different from countless flu seasons in the past. The true evidence indicates otherwise! I'm spending more of my time over at LRC and AIER where the editors and contributors can still actual REASON for themselves.

    1. They're progressives. This is what robby wants.

  45. Interesting.

    The Trump crowd promised everyone that they were the law and order crowd...talk about broken promises.

    Even though the judges who've tossed out Trump's lawsuits were mostly Trump appointees (who themselves promised to uphold the laws of the United States), and even though Trump - knowing that his phone calls are recorded and his memos are public record - publicly broke the law the other day in his call to the Georgia Secretary of State, his "law and order" fans are calling for a revolution. Against what, exactly?

    I expect this kind of stupidity from the Left. The Right...? I kind of expected less naked inconsistency. Silly me, eh?

    I think this is the hard left turn the Right has been wanting for decades. Buckle up, folks: US politics is going to go from Stupid to Ludicrous.

    Off topic: does STEVE SMITH still lurk on the Reason message boards? Does anyone remember him? He would hit the topics with the full force of a stuck CapsLock button!

    Ah, the good ol' days...

  46. The left started this and always gets away with it. I said for some time - our choices are to put our head in the bolshevik noose, civil war, or partition. Partition the country.

    1. I think all anti-american countries are having an excellent time right now.

  47. Come on, Robby. Suggesting that BLM protests were somehow better is ridiculous. If this was a BLM protest, the capitol building would be on fire and many police would be in the hospital with injuries.

  48. My car got broken into two years ago. Guess I get to try to install a dictator now. Damn leftists forcing my hand.

    1. Ok, Goebbels. Keep telling that big lie.

      1. Don’t get your news from Facebook dude.

        1. Don't get yours from the tabloids, sport.

  49. Robby whines about lack of covid masks...whatta tool!

    1. You shouldn’t get your medical advice from people who storm capitol buildings over trans pronouns.

      1. Nor should you get them from people who burn, loot, and kill. But you do.

        1. We were always at war with trans pronouns.

          1. Tony, you need to get over the discussion about pronoun bullying from the left. A legal groundwork for prosecution exists in Canada, and if it is unconstitutional, it only shows the lefts disregard for the constitution. And the fact it is there says something too.

            Nobody storms buildings over trans pronouns, I assure you, except maybe for radical leftist rioters who think their rage about any kind of social justice matter entitles them to violence.

            1. Oh so their only grievance is losing an election?

              Maybe prison has some law books for children.

              1. And by continuously missing the point on purpose and demonizing one half of the population because it gives you massive dopamine rushes, you think you will make this a better country?

                You know what they're upset with, actually many many people in this country. And now their extreme wing attacked, like the antifangels earlier.

                I think these people are terrorists and need to go to jail. Fast. Sure. And they are a symptom. It would require trails of empathy to get past the hate and see what the problem is here.

                Nobody likes cancer. But a few very bright people will still look at it "under a microscope" because they know that a solution might be found there. They have overcome their emotions and disgust and can now reason. They can... REASON.

                1. Tony can't. All he can do is lust for power and worship the big state.

                2. Not with their media diet they can’t.

                  It’s a fairly standard rightwing authoritarian movement, only with more sophisticated and widespread propaganda than it’s ever had.

                  It’s more of a natural disaster than a political cause. They have no beliefs. You think Trump has an ideology? Come on.

                  I study these people and I couldn’t articulate their political platform if I tried. Ideology isn’t the point. Power is the point. You can tell because they stormed the US capitol to try to steal the election.

                  1. Are you a color blind person trying to use their mind to deduce what colors look like? You don't seem to have access to a functional model of the motivation of people who are a certain distance from yourself on the political spectrum. That's what I get from "studying" you so far. Sorry about that.

                    But maybe you're not an outlier with that. I don't know. I think the chance is not low.

                  2. "...I study these people and I couldn’t articulate their political platform if I tried..."
                    The concept of shitstain here 'studying' anything is beyond any possible belief.
                    This stinking pile of lefty shit thinks watching CNN amounts to 'study'.

                  3. "I study these people and I couldn’t articulate their political platform if I tried."

                    Maybe you have a learning disability?

                3. Exactly.

  50. Every group has it's crazies who make the fringe look bad.

  51. Uhm... Excuse me... uh... Mentioning the masks here is a little... retarded?

  52. I think terrorists need to be arrested. Even if they're as peaceful and non-violent and just and as non-existant as the antifangels.

    1. "non-existent". It's a disgrace.

  53. "Many called for a second American Revolution."

    Oh, no, surely not? God knows how they got away with the first once, all those fools in buckled shoes with their pitiful muskets.

  54. During the pandemic BLM and ANTIFA did much worse in their riots and looting not only in DC but many other major cities through out the nation. Yet they were not condemned by the democrats. Now that the shoe is on the other foot and people who some are backers of Trump they are receiving all kinds of damnation. And prosecution will follow.

  55. Well, folks, we can say we saw it live: the shortest "insurrection" in history that lasted, oh, six hours at most, and was mostly dispersed before the riot squad showed up, the insurrectionists having to get back to their mortgages and families, to put their kids to bed, or to get enough sleep so they could get to their job or run their small business, perhaps so they could donate to help raise again the toppled statues of Jefferson, Lincoln and Washington.

    When we see shit like this from the non-Left for a hundred or more nights in a row, with billions in property damage and looting, and the storming of government buildings and the establishment of "autonomous" zones, well, then I'll take it seriously.

    1. There was a way to keep your enemies in the news. Trump easily could have won this election if the focus had been on the scary blacks burning cities down like he tried to make it.

      Alas, people care when they are told to infect themselves with a disease to make an orange man feel good about himself. You’ll find someone with his head on his shoulders instead of up his ass next time, I’m sure.

      1. Keep up the big lie, Goebbels.

      2. "...scary blacks burning cities down..."

        Oh, I don't think that would have worked due to the millions of blacks and other minorities that supported Trump.

        Perhaps you have a more helpful suggestion.

      3. "...Trump easily could have won this election if the focus had been on the scary blacks burning cities down like he tried to make it..."

        TDS-infected lefty shits wouldn't have voted for him if he'd managed to get a vaccine developed before the end of the year.

    2. And go watch Finding Nemo with their children after a late night snack of milk and cookies (don’t tell mommie you need to get up for school in the morning).

      As opposed to other parents who were doing, other stuff other than storming the Capitol today.

      No big deal.

      1. "...As opposed to other parents who were doing, other stuff other than storming the Capitol today.
        No big deal."

        "...storming the Capitol..."
        You could look up "hyperbole" and perhaps learn not to use it, but TDS is a serious condition, affecting the brain in many ways.

  56. Know what's funny? The Senate democrats were in utter disregard of the MASSIVE RIOTS voting the president out of office would have spawned, but they kept going for it anyways. What if some Republican power politicians had seen their chance, and the thing had actually worked out? But now Trump is being blamed for kinda asking for this in his speech.

    Yea, totally. You would never do something like this, democrats.

    1. Again, terrorists need to go to jail. Absolutely.

      But hypocrites also need to be called out.

      1. Yes. And there might have been, uh, how many of them?

    2. Rioting is the fault of rioters. It is not the fault of legislators or public speakers who do not call for violence. That this needs to be said is an indication of the dire straits our freedoms are in.

      1. "...That this needs to be said is an indication of the dire straits our freedoms are in."

        It only needs to be said here for three reasons:
        1) Trump didn't hold his mouth right when he asked it be peaceful and that they go home.
        2) It scared congress critters and the news media who rely on them to provide "news".
        3 ) Trump!

  57. The beginning of the four year resistance.
    Adopt the Cruz plan for a complete review. If the election was fair, democrats have nothing to fear

    1. Nah. Fuck off.

  58. OK, can we get some real information rather than TDS-driven hyperbole from the likes of Sullum? Or Soave's "I saw, therefore..." anecdote as anything other than they are.
    Looks like some Trump supporters were real assholes, but how many actually got involved other than shouting?
    How many "fought the police" and how? How many broke windows?
    "News" about Trump and his supporters has been crammed full of lies, rumors, distortion, hypotheticals and other bullshit since November '16; teasing out facts regarding Trump has pretty much used up our stock of salt. Give it a week and some other views.

  59. Let's be fair, they were mostly peaceful protesters.

    1. They broke into the US Capital. That is not at all peaceful.

      1. public building. Spectator areas should never be closed to view proceedings.

      2. You guys changed the definition of "peaceful." Per BLM rules, they were in fact "peaceful protesters."

        1. "What about BLM?" Lol.

          1. I know, right? I was laughing up a storm watching the talking heads twist themselves in hypocritical knots trying to condemn this.

            Yesterday was really funny! And nobody even started any fires!

  60. Well well well. What an entertaining afternoon this has been. That's the one thing about Trump that I like. He has always entertained me well. He may be a liar, a cheat, a shitty president and a conspiracy theory fan for his own good. But he is also a good entertainer. Can't wait to see him dance some more for me before he leaves office. I'm pretty sure there are now more than ever more people that believe he will leave the white house in chains. That will probably be the last time he dances for me, at least for a while. Not much he can do for my entertainment behind bars. Unless of course he decides to act like the monkeys in the zoo when there are a lot of people watching. So, a stand back and stand by for at least a little more entertainment.

    1. TDS-infected shits like you are amusing; yes, Trump's going to 'leave office in chains' since some supporters rioted!
      Please don't seek treatment; we can hope it's fatal in your case.

      1. Some supporters rioted? It was more like thousands. You do realize that was an illegal break-in right? While Trump was giving his speech, he said "we're" going to march down to the capitol. But where was Trump. He was nowhere in sight. What a coward. What he should have said was, " You're all going to march to the capitol for me and fight my fight. He's such a pussy. I've never seen a man do something like that since Charles Manson. But I guess that's the kind of guy trump is.

        1. "Some supporters rioted? It was more like thousands..."

          I'm sure you do NOT have evidence to back your bullshit claims; TDW-infected lefty shits never do.

          1. Well I saw the video. So there's that.

            1. Yes, and?
              You've proven yourself to be a TDS-infected shit; what vid convinced you that your TDS-infected opinions were worth other than the TDS-infected TV news?

              1. Lol@ TDS. I think you have TDS (Trump dick syndrome). Because no matter what he does, you keep sucking it.

                1. I certainly was entertained by all the Congressmen pissing themselves on the Senate and House floors today. That image might just be enough to get me through the year.

  61. Soave: "Indeed, what happened at the Capitol was no less a riot than any of the window-smashing and church-burning that occurred in the summer ...."

    On the contrary, it WAS “less a riot,” AFAIK:
    Fewer windows were smashed
    No fire-setting was attempted,
    Fewer objects were hurled at the cops
    Cops were less spat upon and kicked.
    Bystanders and passing cars were not attacked.
    Shots weren’t fired (by protesters).

    It was predictable that rioting would occur if the grievances of the election-protesters were not given a fair hearing. It was very unstatesmanlike to deny them their—so to speak—day in court, especially in light of their large numbers and high passion. It was very unwise to give the Deplorables a reason to consider the state illegitimate. That our “clerisy” thinks it can carry on in this fashion, dismissing objectors with the back of its hand and telling them to Move On, is an indication of its profound immaturity—and its out-of-touchness. (It seems to be living in the Fifties, when the public trusted mainstream institutions to have its interests at heart and not to be actively evil.)

    The clerisy’s arguments that objectors are trying to “overturn the results of the election” assumes what it tries to prove—i.e., it begs the question, Were the so-called “results of the election” really the results of the election?

    Rudy Guiliani said recently, “It’s perfectly reasonable and fair for us to ask for 10 days. Who hides evidence? Criminals hide evidence…. If we’re wrong we look like fools.”

    If the accept-the-results Consensus is correct in thinking that Trump’s claims are preposterous or toxic, it should air them before the nation and expose their foolishness. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, it’s been said. So let’s let it do its work and we’ll be one happy family again—or at least a happier one.

    Choir-member Lynn Cheney disagrees. She just said that reviewing the results of voting would set a bad precedent. On the contrary, voting-results-review is a badly needed reform. No close election’s results should be accepted until a review-panel has heard and evaluated the losers’ objections to the way it was conducted. This would discourage voting fraud, increase the legitimacy of the winners, and diminish social divisiveness. The current set-up, whereby precincts’ vote-counts are rubber-stamped by the local secretary of state, incentivizes dishonesty and creates a festering boil of resentment and alienation that impairs and discredits democracy.

    1. PS: I may have been unjust to our clerisy. It probably feels that it would be dangerous to allow an Electoral Commission to possibly find that cheating gave the election to Biden, as it would result in massive rioting by Biden’s supporters. So it thinks it’s being statesmanlike. But if Congress can be cowed by the threat of violence, that means that force rules, not consent, and we therefore ought to abandon the attempt to govern the nation by voting, and resort to gladiatorial contests instead. Or adopt massive decentralization.

    2. "On the contrary, it WAS “less a riot,” AFAIK:
      Fewer windows were smashed
      No fire-setting was attempted,
      Fewer objects were hurled at the cops
      Cops were less spat upon and kicked.
      Bystanders and passing cars were not attacked.
      Shots weren’t fired (by protesters)."

      So far, we have the TDS-drenched TV-news versions, we have an anecdote from Souve, and we have Sullum's spittle-filled versions of the events.
      I'm waiting for something credible.

  62. What happened to “mostly peaceful”?

  63. So we glorify when poor areas and small businesses are burned to the ground and innocent people shot by communist thugs and yet when folks occupy the center of the rich and powerful elites...well you get the point. this was started when state and local govts allowed the lawlessness. I know a bunch of people who after the covid police state and trying to get by have had enough ....they have lost all faith in a system corrupted by govt elites...

  64. In the meantime, the woman who was killed today, Ashli Babbit, was apparently shot by law enforcement -- https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2021/01/06/305725-n305725 -- and was unarmed.

    And I can't keep straight the status of Trump's Twitter account; am I to have faith in the censors?

  65. HOLY FUCKING SHIT are you SERIOUSLY blathering on about MASKS right now? Am I on Candid Camera? What is wrong with you? This is the point you land on? Masks? Covid?

    Obviously I will not continue my subscription. This breaks my intellectual heart. I want rational, libertarian discussion, but that isn't what reason offers anymore. Treason, arson, socialist policies, the Green New Deal, a nearly-dead dude will be president, the current president incites sedition, and you are still obsessively focused on covid bullshit. Enough.

    Absolutely insane. Can you see past it? At all? How do you fail to realize there are more important things happening here?

  66. Republicans are abandoning Trump left and right while Proud Boys get beat up by cops in DC. What a humiliating end for these losers

    1. Even for a parody account, that's pathetic.

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      2. Everything he said was correct, retard.

    2. Are you kidding me?!? This event is just a giant advertisement screaming HYPOCRISY! HYPOCRISY FOR ALL!

  67. Republicans are feckless cowards and the Democrats are evil bastards trying to make us slaves. They should have burned the place to the ground. Using force in defense of liberty is a moral obligation.

    1. You are a treasonous piece of shit.

    2. When they stormed the house floor I was waiting for someone to set the drapes on fire. But I guess Republican rioters don't set fires like Democrats.

  68. Drats, only one woman was killed as she tried to make her way through a broken window. Those minions are lucky a lot more didn't get shot.

    1. You've got shit for brains, Haystack.

    2. "Those minions are lucky a lot more didn’t get shot."

      You're lucky your parents or kids haven't killed you by now, lefty shit.

      1. They know better. How bout you?

    3. She was shot while standing behind a group of men.

      1. Meh, whatever. She shouldn't have been there. She'd be alive right now if she didn't follow the orders of that coward Trump.

        1. Yeah Biden has been a hero as a politician for 47 years. He might have got a paper cut.

          1. Who said Biden was a hero? I said Trump is a coward. https://nypost.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2019/12/trump-tweet-meme-1.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&w=1286
            "In reality, they're not after you, they're after me. You're just standing in the way." That's what he really meant. You just didn't get it.

            1. He's an old man. What do you expect a senior citizen to do exactly?

        2. Trump explicitly said before today that people should peacefully protest. People got confused because CNN told them peaceful protest means something different.

      2. You better watch the video and not go by what Trump tells you. Haven't you had enough of him yet? He's a coward and you still follow him.

    4. Oh, and three other minions dies as well. They say from medical complications. That probably means they got trampled by the other minions.

      1. Covid deaths for sure.

    5. She was an unarmed peaceful protester. We learned over the summer that when a cop shoots an unarmed peaceful protester, the solution is more peaceful protests.

    6. She was an unarmed, peaceful protester. You are a violent monster.

      And when police kill unarmed people, BLM rules dictate that they be allowed to riot and break shit. It's just a peaceful protest.

  69. So how did your writer manage to take a photo from behind police lines, and how did he know what was in the hearts and minds of those attending today? He sure writes as though he was copying from the same press sheet used by the rest of the media today.

  70. If you back off far enough it's amazing how symmetric the left and the right look.

    1. Agreed; and it's really really sad how so many Republican Politicians have/are joining the Socialist movement. This country is in ruins and it's showing. Yet somehow; the socialists keep getting elected!

      1. The democrats sure win somehow. Stalin was right about counting votes is the most important thing.

        1. Biden was officially certified. No twelfth amendment. Both houses overwhelmingly rejected all.challenges. You were wrong, as usual. Lol.

          1. The Gov-God's worshiper, "Both houses overwhelmingly rejected all.challenges." Right; because politicians are Gods? Right, right?

      2. It is in ruins and the trumpist village idiots ruined it. The dems have the house, senate, and presidency now. Hope you are proud of yourselves.

    2. Democrats are the real visionaries. Republicans usually just copy them.

      1. Hitler was a visionary too that wanted to -- and I quote; Obama, "Fundamentally change" the nation. You people trying to ruin the greatest country ever founded are sick in the head and are just too blatantly stupid to see the state of this nation is your own d*mn fault.

  71. Indeed, what happened at the Capitol was no less a riot than any of the window-smashing and church-burning that occurred in the summer

    Yes. And the root cause is the same: young Americans see a dismal future for themselves, brought to you jointly by the Democrats, the Republicans, the mainstream media, etc. That's why they are angry and getting more and more violent.

    And it's going to get worse, as Biden will just accelerate the economic decline and divisiveness while he and his cronies enrich themselves and Pelosi eats ice cream out of her $20000 freezer.

    If you think that by electing Biden over Trump, things will return to normal, you're in for a rude awakening. Now, you have both angry Trump supporters and angry Antifa and BLM supporters to deal with.

  72. I don't agree with either side. But in a conflict, public buildings and the government are legitimate targets. Civilians are not. Though in a democratic state, it is possible to argue that only people who are not allowed to vote are civilians. The most accepted standpoint is that this is limited to non-government officials and workers.

    If there is to be made a comparison between Magaists and Antifa, it is clear that the targets and victims of Antifa have been mainly civilians. In this event, the target was a public building, and the government officials protecting it. Though I wouldn't head to DC in Antifa gear to find out if their violence would extend to civilians. It is clear to me that these things are miles apart.

    1. This is how you will be remembered trumpists. You caused this disgrace. All of you.

      1. Are you seriously calling this guy a trumpist?

        1. My mistake

          Post was not supposed to go there

  73. Poor commies at unreason.

    The capitol is a public building. There is no legitimate reason to prevent the public from being inside the house and senate spectator areas.

    Civil war 2.0 started years ago and is just coming to the state trying to protect itself from wha5 is coming. Woodchipper action for politicians and bureaucrats.

    1. Wrong.

  74. Trump supporters look to their moral superiors on the left for moral guidance. All summer long the public was taught what a peaceful protest looks like and today they put that into action.

    If you call it anything but a peaceful protest you are a racist.

  75. For sheer consistency, anyone who failed to condemn the invasions of the Capitol by protesters on September 20th, 2018, September 24th, 2018, and October 6th, 2018, needs to sit the fuck down and be entirely silent about the protesters who invaded the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

    1. Whataboutism.

      1. Maybe "precedent" is a better word for it.

  76. Subhuman Trumpkin scum!

  77. Impeach Trump, remove him, and disqualify him from holding any federal office again.

    1. poor Lefties. Trump is still the best President in US history.

      1. Best presidents get re-elected. They also win the popular vote and don't get impeached.

        1. ^More Democratic Gov-Gods worship.. Did you honor your Prom King & Queen as if they were your own personal saviors and puppet-masters too?? They won the popular vote; bow down and worship your popularity contest winner.

      2. What happened to the twelfth amendment solution you kept babbling about?

  78. DC cops teargas peaceful protesters yet do nothing when violent Trumpmorons break into the Capitol. Lol.

    1. They DID tear gas them. Uninformed as usual, Vince, maybe you're spending too much time eating Biden's ass.

  79. Trump to his violent supporters: I love you. You're special.

  80. Here's some great legal advice for anyone that gets prosecuted for yesterday. This guy is an inspiration:


    This is a recreation of an actual court case, they followed the court transcript verbatim and it's the funniest way to handle a kangaroo court ever.

  81. These thugs were not attacking Antifa. They were attacking the Congress of the United States while it was in session. They were attacking our constitution and the laws that maintain our democracy.

    Trump is not man enough to step down from a lost election. He caused this as did his supporters. None of you saw this coming? With your idiot q anon Breitbart conspiracy theories. Your insistence that the crap coming out of his mouth and Twitter feeds was inconsequential. It was all a big joke to you.

    The Republican Party is broken beyond measure because of you. Good luck winning an election now. America will not forget what we saw yesterday. We are firmly in the hands of the Democrats now. Shit.

    Remember this day 1/6/21. Remember it and teach it as a lesson because our country will never be the same.

    1. Attacking our constitution? That old thing? It doesn't exist so there was nothing to attack.

      "Good luck winning an election now."
      Don't worry, Republicans will just cheat, cheat, cheat. Cheat like a Democrat!

      Did you seriously not see BLM going nuts and didn't see this coming? YOU set the precedent. YOU must own it now.

      1. WTF do I have to do with BLM. Why don’t you blame me for Pearl Harbor.

    2. Uh dud -
      #1) The U.S. Constitution protects the right to redress government.
      #2) We are NOT a nation of democratic law which is obvious by the fact we have a Constitution.

      Your just blow-holing.

      1. You people learned a thing which is not uncommon for those suffering from a delusion.

        1. Haven’t learned.

  82. "I walked the perimeter of the building, and saw multiple groups of pro-Trump protesters climbing up walls, knocking down doors, and smashing windows."

    Oh, come on. Those were all far-left agitators on a false-flag mission.

    Hey, if it worked for the BLM rioters, why not for the MAGA folk?

  83. I don't see how storming the Capitol Building advances Liberty. I only see negatives.

    The overtly biased corporate media is doubling down with the double standards. The corporate media will attempt to whip up an emotional response disregarding their own hypocrisy with how they reported on the BLM/Antifa protests/riots the past year.

    The new administration, house and senate which in my opinion are less liberty minded than the players of the last 4 years (not that Trump was an advocate of liberty). I believe that they will use this as a excuse to further limit our freedoms and to impose their socialist agenda.

    I don't see negatives with a large gathering on the Washington DC Mall to make an impression on Capitol Hill, but breaching the cordoned off area surrounding the Capitol Building is the only bit of this event that will be covered.

    It does not matter if there were 2 million people on the Mall and only a dozen breached the Capitol Building. The corporate media will selectively loop the breach and ignore the over 95% peaceful crowd.

    I don't see any options for Trump to remain in office. The breach of the Capitol Building has sealed the deal. With the spin from the corporate media, the MAGA crowd has lost any sympathies remaining.

    This breach has possibly also removed enough support to appoint an unbiased, non-partisan Election Commission to perform a post election investigation and report on the 2020 election. To investigate the allegations of fraud, how votes were counted and validated, photo id and signature verification or lack of either.

    I fear that this breach has enabled the Democrats to advance truly draconian measures and do not trust either Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to do anything other than limit freedoms and punish anyone who has a different opinion or political leaning.

    1. And our adversaries in China, Iran, Russia, N Korea could not have accomplished more harm to this country if they tried.

      Thanks Trumpies. We love you. You’re very special.

      1. What "harm" did Trump do to the USA. Do you ever even take ONE FREAK-EN SECOND from your [WE] mob sheeple mentality to ask yourself that?

        The state of this nation is entire to blame on Democratic Socialists; maybe your young a dumb but I remember when Americans use to be about Individual Liberty and Justice (as is inline with this countries VERY FOUNDATION) NOT Democratic Socialism!

      2. Got an answer to this, Uomo Del Ghiaccio?

    2. Protesters also showed up for the Brett Kavenaugh hearing.
      Oh but warn you there that this was possibly a violent protest because of the advisory that accompanies the following article.


      Reports have suggested that the news media had been encouraging protesters there to the contrary of these other protestors earlier this week in house of Congress.

  84. Typical for corrupt, deceitful unreason and its depraved Trump hate of Trump Derangement Syndrome sickness, there's no actual verification that these really were Trump supporters, just worthless opinion from Trump haters. Those of us who actually are Trump supporters are used to sick deceivers lying about Trump and his supporters for years. When they stand before God in the Judgment and give an account for the lies and perfidy it won't go well.

    1. "Your Majesty, there is no evidence that the Revolutionary corps on big West Indes islands founded in Plymouth actually represent the American factions. I am told that they come from all over the world to get there and then oppose British rule."

      Hmmm ...

  85. Were they kidnapped by unidentified stormtroopers?

    Placed in unmarked vans?

    I know full well that Reason published articles attacking the federal response to the threat against the courthouse in Portland.

  86. Mostly-peaceful protests.

  87. For anyone who thought a Biden presidency would see a return to normalcy: it ain't gonna happen! And we realize that even before he's sworn in.

    Here's to 2021, year-to-date has been EVEN CRAZIER than 2020 at this point!

  88. Her name was Ashli Babbit. She was a victim of democide by our government.


    1. You mean Ashli Babbitt the domestic terrorist?

      1. Typical Democrat, using words they don't really know.

        We learned from BLM that we should be outraged whenever the police shoot UNARMED victims, no...matter...what. The security guard also violated procedure by failing to use pepper spray or taser first.

        BLM also set the example that the proper response to police shootings is to riot and break shit.

    2. How about charging the cop who shot her with murder? Has he been relieved of his police duties ? Suspended w/o pay ? Assigned to desk duties ? Disciplined in any way?

      1. I understand he's on administrative leave (paid vacation). Remains to be see if he will be charged.

  89. The author makes the assumption that the violence was driven by far right Trump backers, even as reports of antifa/blm infiltration exist. While it's nearly certain that some of the violence did involve Trump supporters, respectable journalism would investigate the very real possibility of infiltration by those known to embrace intimidation, violence, and property destruction, who never supported Donald Trump.

  90. Trump better not drop the soap in prison.

  91. If a blm mob had done this the leftist media would be comparing it to the storming of the Bastille and the Winter Palace. But rightists did it so it's terrible. We're past niceties here - it's fight the bolshevists, surrender, or partition the country.

    1. And how would you feel if it were BLM vandalizing the US capitol? The same, or different?

      1. Not much vandalizing has occurred, AFAIK.

        1. Property damage only . Insurance will cover it . /s

  92. The GOP is dead. May it rest in piss.

    1. Hoo boy, wait till you hear about this group called antifa

  93. Wait. Does this mean we're to stop laughing @ Frank's Monster for losing 55+/1 lawsuits? He wasn't trying to win them, after all?

    All was just coup victim narrative?


  94. Trump is wanted by Iraq for murder. Let's extradite Trump to Iraq after we throw him out of office.

    1. I was hoping he could share a cell here in the US with that rube from Arkansas who broke into Pelosi's office. Then they can decide who'll be the pitcher and who'll be the catcher.

  95. "Trump Supporters Stormed the Capitol, Smashed Its Windows, and Fought the Police"
    In other words they acted just like the Biden supporters did all summer during the riots in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland and Washington DC.
    For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

    1. At least the Republican condemned the riots, something the Democrats refused to do, the Democrats actually supported the rioters.

  96. It has been joked that the rioters should face the death penalty because they committed a Capitol offense.

  97. Trump asking Pence to come through for him is like if Biden asks Pelosi to pass a bill rejected 303-232 by signing a paper saying it passed 303-232.

    "Two and two are not four. Two and two are five, if the party says so." --George Orwell, "1984"

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