Election 2020

The Republican Election Officials Who Put Process Over Partisanship

Aaron Van Langevelde, Brad Raffensperger, and other state and local officials did the right thing and steered America away from the precipice.


It wasn't blowhards on cable news, Twitterati members of the "Resistance," or protesters marching in the streets who ultimately prevented President Donald Trump and his Republican abettors from stealing the 2020 election.

It was people like Aaron Van Langevelde, a Republican member of the Michigan Board of State Canvassers, the four-member body responsible for certifying election results. With the other Republican on the board abstaining from Monday's vote to certify the presidential election in Michigan—a maneuver that Trump's legal team and state Republican officials were hoping would keep the outcome of the election an open question—Van Langevelde did the right thing. He acknowledged reality and voted to certify that Biden had won the state of Michigan by about 154,000 votes.

Van Langevelde is, deservingly, the hero of a must-read, deeply reported piece from Politico's Tim Alberta, who has emerged as one of the best chroniclers of the Republican Party's Trumpist takeover.

Writes Alberta:

In the end, it wasn't a senator or a judge or a general who stood up to the leader of the free world. There was no dramatic, made-for-Hollywood collision of cosmic egos. Rather, the death knell of Trump's presidency was sounded by a baby-faced lawyer, looking over his glasses on a grainy Zoom feed on a gloomy Monday afternoon, reading from a statement that reflected a courage and moral clarity that has gone AWOL from his party, pleading with the tens of thousands of people watching online to understand that some lines can never be uncrossed.

"We must not attempt to exercise power we simply don't have," declared Van Langevelde, a member of Michigan's board of state canvassers, the ministerial body with sole authority to make official Joe Biden's victory over Trump. "As John Adams once said, 'We are a government of laws, not men.' This board needs to adhere to that principle here today. This board must do its part to uphold the rule of law and comply with our legal duty to certify this election."

A few hours after Michigan certified its results, the federal General Services Administration announced the start of the official transition process. Later on Monday night, Trump tweeted that such steps were "in the best interest of our country"—probably the closest thing to a concession Biden will get.

Van Langevelde did his duty, and even the most powerful man in the world couldn't stand in the way.

That's been one of the silver linings to emerge from the unprecedented (at least in recent history) stress test of American democracy that was the 2020 election. The combination of Trump and the COVID-19 pandemic could have been a disaster, but the country avoided the worst-case scenarios in part because enough civic-minded people stepped up to the plate and put their partisan preferences aside.

In Georgia, for example, there was Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who refused to give any oxygen to Trump's claims of voter fraud. Raffensperger stood firm even as Trump attacked him personally and other prominent Republicans called for him to resign from his job because he was doing his job. 

"After any election, half of the voters will be happy and the other half will be disappointed. But I wanted to make sure everyone felt confident in the process and confident in the outcome," Raffensperger wrote in an op-ed published Wednesday by USA Today. "In times of uncertainty, when the integrity of our political system is most at risk, the integrity of our politicians is paramount."

Without Van Langevelde and Raffensperger, Trump's scheme probably would have failed anyway. His top legal team produced the Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle and pushed a bunch of nutty conspiracy theories to "explain" how the election was "stolen" from Trump, but their myriad lawsuits were rejected by judge after judge.

With the courthouse strategy failing miserably, Trump's only hope was a statehouse strategy—one that would have required Republican lawmakers and election officials in several states to reject their duties to the Constitution and substitute them with fealty to Trump by refusing to certify results. If the Michigan State Board of Canvassers had been unable to certify the state's results—which would have happened if Van Langevelde had joined his fellow Republican in refusing to vote on Monday—then certification of the outcome would have fallen to the Republican-controlled state legislature. Blocking certifications in enough states to change the outcome of the race was never anything more than an extreme long shot, but Van Langevelde ensured it wouldn't happen.

Still, the attempt to subvert the results of the election matter. The Republican officials who went along with the plot—including some of the highest-ranking Republicans in Michigan—ought to be ashamed and booted from their positions of authority. Republicans should root out anyone who has attempted to undermine the public's trust in elections with the same fervor they apply to stopping voter fraud. The stakes are the same, and the threats to the system revealed by the 2020 election will not vanish on January 20.

America never got to the very edge of the precipice in the weeks after the 2020 election. But for a little while, the country was staggering in that direction. Thank the Van Langeveldes and Raffenspergers of the country for doing the right thing and steering the country away from the edge.

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333 responses to “The Republican Election Officials Who Put Process Over Partisanship

  1. Oh boy, the mean girls aren’t gonna like this one!

    *pops some popcorn*

    1. I mean sure. But it’s kind of apparent Boehm doesn’t hate the state and in fact worships at the alter of it’s mysticism.

      1. Or maybe he’s just calling a spade a spade. I mean shovel. Spade is racist.

        1. He has utter faith in the system we get it.

          1. Eric “Top Men” Boehm.

            1. Sure… Supporting elections-supervising officials for being honest, and allowing the voters to vote OUT Der TrumpfenFuhrer… WITHOUT letting the tin-foil-hat-wearing club to outvote millions of voters who had the numbers to out-vote the tin-foil-hat-wearing club… THIS is authoritarianism, top-men-ism!

              I’m soooo sorry that your Great Whitish-Orangish Pumpkin-Father has been CHEATED out of His Office by evil Demoncrats! I suggest that you might be able to retreat to your safe space… I hear they have laid in a large supply of Teddy Bears. Maybe one of the Teddy Bears will agree to lay with you, and snuggle your wuggle for a while! There, there!

              In a mere few more years, as you are still jonesing for Great White Father, I bet you could persuade Alex Jones to be your Next Savior! Slogan: Jonesing for Jones!

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        2. Don’t eat with your hands, son, use your entrenching tool!

          The Firesign Theatre

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      2. Wanting free and fair elections = “worshiping at the alter of state”.

        Get a grip.

        1. Dude, it’s only “free and fair” when your guy wins. Duh.

          1. The salt in here could fill all the oceans ten times over.

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          2. Do you support an election audit. Yes or no? So far your answer has been no. May want to change your creamed undies if you’re going to pretend you aren’t a biden supporter.

            1. Talking to me?

              I’ve never heard the term “election audit” until this year. I have no idea what it entails, but if it is part of a state’s laws on elections, then go for it.

              But don’t pretend that Trump and co are simply pursuing legal challenges to elections. They are also, and actually mostly (since their court challenges have all proven to be completely empty) spreading disinformation and outright lies in an attempt to discredit elections in general and foam the base into taking extra legal actions.

              And you can see how close to success they were in that, by looking at Nardz, and to a lesser extent, your posts on this topic.

              1. I’ve been ahead of the news for years, while you’re still devoted to the Russia hoax (even after it’s been proven as complete fiction)…

              2. Whine some more, cretin.

            2. I support election audits. I’d like to see one in Michigan, which had anomalous results. Michigan by a wide margin is a Democratic state. Democrat affiliated Michiganders outnumber Republicans by 13%. This should have delivered an easy win to Biden. But his win was less than 3%.

              I suspect the Republican legislature. Through gerrymandering, Republicans have engineered a lock on the legislature. As the majority party in the legislature, they enact election laws that favor Republicans, thus cementing their lock.

              Another state that should be audited is Missouri. It’s a swing state with a small tilt toward Democrats. Yet Trump won there by 15.3%. That does not compute. His win or loss there should have been less than 2% as it was in other swing states like North Carolina and Georgia.

              1. Where is your evidence for voting irregularities in Missouri?

                Oh, that’s right, you don’t have any.

        2. lmao you sound like a fucking catholic taking communion. How could you or anyone possibly know it was free and fair? Go read a book elections can and have been stolen in this country just because you got the result you want doesn’t change that fact.

          1. Do you have some evidence, anything at all really, that the elections were not fair?

            If so, please send to root-and-toot-rudy69@aol.com.

            He could really use some help.

            1. keep licking that boot liber keep licking it while your’re down their go rat out some jews hiding in the attic you collaborating piece of garbage.

              1. haha

            2. Do you have some evidence,

              The election was held in the United States of America.

              1. Hilarious.

              2. Which means it was equally if not more likely that Republicans cheated for Trump in the states he won. Trump’s wins in Texas and Florida were highly suspicious. At a minimum, Texas should have gone as Arizona did due to its large Latino population and their distaste for Trump. Also, Trump’s 1.3% squeaker of a win in North Carolina reeks of fraud.

                1. I believe every word you say and find you fascinating and would like to subscribe to your newsletter newsfeed.

                2. I have this bridge in Brooklyn you can have for cheap.

            3. Audit are where one gathers evidence sweetie. You’ve cheered every time an audit has been denied. You and sarcamsic are fucking pathetic.

              1. Do we typically “audit” elections lost by 6 figures in several states?

                Do we typically do this audit without any probable cause to conduct one?

                The answer is no. So why should we this time? Because your feeling were hurt.

                Time to learn humility. You are not special.

                1. No, we audit elections when the vote counting is halted at 3am and then starts turning out very differently afterwards.

                  Don’t tell me that if Trump had gotten 600,000 votes at 3am and Biden had gotten 3,400 (the reverse of that HAPPENED IN PENNSYLVANIA) that you wouldn’t be screaming bloody murder.

                  1. Yeah these Biden/Harris supporters are gonna be eating their words. What tool votes that ticket?

              2. Michigan should be audited. Democrats have a 13% margin over Republicans statewide. It’s unimaginable that Biden won by less than 3%.

                1. You crack me up that you’re that fucking stupid.

            4. Granted English is my second language after Brooklynese, but I don’t get it. Is this article REALLY trying to convince any reasonable adult-sized person that there was not significant COORDINATED illegal activity with like-minded operatives in other cities, ala RICO laws???

              Sadly it appears that REASON needs to take a lesson or 2 from Twitter on censorship!

          2. Go read a book elections can and have been stolen in this country

            You have multiple documented examples of this on a national scale? And by “documented” I mean like facts and stuff.

            just because you got the result you want doesn’t change that fact.

            Let’s see if I got this right. If you didn’t get the result you want then the election must have been stolen, and if you don’t believe it was stolen then you must have gotten the outcome you wanted? Is that how it works?

            1. It’s a matter of historical record that there have and always will be corrupt regimes in power that cook elections. I’m really sorry if you want to take the state and the media’s word on it. It must be nice to live in a society where the gov apparatus is just and upright.

              1. It’s a matter of historical record that there have and always will be corrupt regimes in power that cook elections.

                Yes, I get it. I’m asking you to provide examples of that in this country on a large scale, which would be required for this election to have been “stolen.”

                I’m really sorry if you want to take the state and the media’s word on it.

                As opposed to what? Rudy Guiliani and Alex Jones?

                1. Sarcasmic I like you you’ve been on here forever and think of you as an honest broker you’re seriously telling me you don’t see anything wrong with this statement coming from a publication dedicated to critical thinking about state action?

                  “Republicans should root out anyone who has attempted to undermine the public’s trust in elections with the same fervor they apply to stopping voter fraud. The stakes are the same, and the threats to the system revealed by the 2020 election will not vanish on January 20.”

                  1. reads a lot like a religious cleric telling me I shouldn’t read a banned book.

                  2. Actually, no. I don’t. Sans hard evidence, allegations of fraud are just sour grapes. Could even call them lies with the intent of undermining trust in the system simply because their guy didn’t win. That’s dangerous. If people stop believing the outcome of elections then things could get bad. I mean revolution bad. Now if hard evidence is found, then that’s great. It would mean a problem was found and now it can be corrected. But without evidence it’s just people fomenting distrust in the system simply because they lost. And that isn’t ok.

                    1. we just overhauled how we elected presidents on the fly in the middle of a pandemic It’s fine to question the results and chase down everylead it’s not dangerous it is in fact healthy. There were several weird traditional and conventional metrics that were completely flipped upside down. Mail in voting isn’t allowed by most countries due to the absolute shitshow and opportunity for fraud that exists. It’s not a stretch to think in a media environment and traditional institutional system that hates trump and whose opponents think he’s a literal Hitler figure would stoop to cheating not in the least bit. It would be unhealthy to just uncritically accept results from any election. But that’s just my opinion and I respect yours.

                    2. Think about how many thousands of polling places there are in this country. Think about how many people are involved in counting the votes. Now think about how many of them would need to commit fraud in order to influence a national election, and how many thousands people across the entire nation would have to keep quiet in order to keep any evidence from being found.

                      I just don’t think widespread, coordinated fraud could happen in a national election without anyone squealing.

                      Call that faith in the government if you want. I call it being realistic.

                    3. Are you really so fucking stupid to not realize the ones who do the investigations are the same ones that would push the systemic fraud? Why are you against audits while yelling no evidence? Just proves you are a partisan fuck happy biden won. You have no interest at all in any evidence gathering.

                    4. Think about how many thousands of polling places there are in this country.

                      Ah. Just the usual blind ignorance from you. The abnormalities occurred in just a handful of areas. Try taking off the biden glasses.

                    5. “Think about how many people are involved in counting … Now think about how many of them would need to commit fraud in order to influence a national election”

                      Nice. The old Conspiracies are an Impossibility Argument, Max.

                      You failed to acknowledge the thousands of signed affidavits alleging fraud, videos, history of Dominion election software, extremely credible people (Sidney Powell and Overstock CEO Pat Byrne) with informed knowledge of the hackability of the machines.

                      Bullshit on your claim to be open to evidence.

                    6. Well, you’re in luck. Go read Sidney Powell’s lawsuit, and then you can no longer claim there is no hard evidence, fuckwit.

                2. Yet you keep saying and arguing against any and every audit that may produce evidence. We get it. Yoh got biden and are happy. But stop pretending you want honest elections.

              2. And this telling me what I think and then arguing against it is getting really old. If you want to know what I think, ask. Then answer that instead of the voices in your head.

                1. I apologize I was rather harsh to you there. It wasn’t a fair criticism.

                  1. Accepted. You’ve got more integrity than most here and I appreciate it.

                2. You are opey stating there is no need for any audits. You aren’t a supporter of free and fair elections. I’ve never argued against election audits, no matter the winner. You seem to not want one when a Democrat wins. Weird.

                  1. So my never saying I’m for audits means I’m against them?

                    I never said I’m for people eating a healthy diet. Does that mean I want everyone to eat shit?

                    I am against you eating a healthy diet, mean girl.

              3. “A matter of historical record that I can’t prove any of the bullshit I’m typing.”

                1. the 1960 election was clearly stolen and rigged by the mob.

                  1. Chicago is an outlier that doesn’t represent the entire country.

                    1. Al Franken won a senate election in minnesota on the back of fraud. It’s not crazy to want to look.

                    2. I never said people shouldn’t look. Quite the opposite. Of course fraud should be rooted out. But the system should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

                      Declaring fraud without evidence just because you lost? That’s dishonest, dangerous, and immature.

                    3. The system isn’t the same as it was at any other time. Mail-in voting should be treated guilty until proven innocent as it is in every other 1st and 3rd world country.

                    4. Then we can agree to disagree. Nice chat. Later.

                    5. It’s really funny you should say that since an idiotic UK mathematician on YouTube used Chi town election returns to disprove Benford’s law as an example of a free and fair election.

                    6. I never said people shouldn’t look.

                      Yes, you have been.

                    7. LBJ was laughed at by FDR for failing to sit in the ballot box of the election he lost through insufficient rigging.

                    8. Hey mean girl, you keep saying I oppose audits. Do you have a single comment of mine to back that up, or is this more of your “tacit reasoning” where my not saying I want something equals my opposing it?

                      We both know the answer.

                      I can’t remember you ever saying you’re against people masturbating in public. Why do you want everyone to masturbate in public?

                      I can do it too, mean girl.

                    9. Rossi was robbed of the governorship in Washington State.

                      Look it up.

            2. He just called me a “collaborator”. I don’t think he is mentally well.

              I’m going to have to severely pair down who I engage with on this board. The post election melt down has really exposed how deranged and not worth talking to many people around here are.

              1. Well, you’ve sure revealed to me how completely full of shit you are.

            3. Here’s some evidence that there was funny business in the election process :

              It is inconceivable that the modifications of rules in each state were not coordinated amongst Democrats nationwide. The modifications never led to the voting and counting process to be more secure.

              The most agregious of the changes were very rarely done in conjunction with the state legislators, which if ever intended to be above board.

              I find it amusing to hear that ‘if we don’t clean this up now, there will be mistrust in our Electoral process.

              All we have done is transfer the tradition of fixing elections to more places. The cat is out of the bag! There is only one thing that convinces people this is not a good practice : no not Patriotism, but hard time.

              Maybe we could get General Flynn to make a tour to convince people that you shouldn’t mess with politics…

        3. Free and fair? You’ve ben against any and every audit you lying fuck.

          1. An audit is not a bad thing unless it delays or prevents certification of the election results. If it is intended to examine election procedures with an eye toward legislation regarding future elections, audit away. But not as a mere dilatory tactic.

            1. 4 years ago, PA didn’t certify their election results until December 12th

              1. Should we ever find free and fair elections useful, I think there’s an aspect that is not being considered. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. It is easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission.

                I know of no successful effort to thwart inappropriate intended procedures IN ADVANCE of an election to force a review of intended tactics. Clearly Trump broadcast that the intended methods could not possibly result in anything but anarchy. People who take the definition of the word literally, are to be polite: ignorant. Anarchy like the rest of life sciences, has winners and losers. For example, George Soros is the most successful anarchist in the history of mankind. Somewhat like a magician as well: he can buy voting machines and make strange things come out of them…

      3. altar, and its, respectively…
        – a grammar Nazi

        1. It’s also “pare down”, not “pair”

      4. apparently casting doubt on the holiness of an election is a big deal:

        “Republicans should root out anyone who has attempted to undermine the public’s trust in elections…”

        Trust but verify. If no fraud was proven (which isn’t the same thing as no fraud occurred), you can’t throw out the results just because you don’t like them. It’s as dumb an idea as the National Vote Compact. The voters of each state should decide who their votes go to.

    2. Broken

      The process includes recounts and even court actions sweetie. Sorry your boy biden wasn’t swept into office on day one.

      1. Where do you get all this stuff about what I like and what I don’t like? The voices in your head? You’re nothing but a playground bully. That’s it. A child in an adult’s body. Grow the fuck up, mean girl.

        1. Whine some more, sore winner.

      2. Look how butthurt unreason’s tool SARCASMIC is.

    3. Poor boehm and sarcasmic.

      They put their heads in the sand as the precipice is reached.

      Then Trump wins Trump vs Biden.

      1. You can just tell they’re going to be butthurt another four years.

        I didn’t even vote for Trump and I want him to win this thing just because it will annoy all the right idiots.

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    6. Granted English is my second language after Brooklynese, but I don’t get it. Is this article REALLY trying to convince any reasonable adult-sized person that there was not significant COORDINATED illegal activity with like-minded operatives in other cities, ala RICO laws???

      Sadly it appears that REASON needs to take a lesson or 2 from Twitter on censorship!

      1. Yes, there are plenty of idiots on Team Blue that are arguing exactly that.

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  2. This is like praising someone for not beating his wife.

    1. Yep. This is the current political status- “doing job faithfully” earns you praise as a “hero.” Wtf

    2. sadly, that is what counts as a high bar these days.

  3. So asking the justice system to determine if there was fraud in an election is now stealing the election? It’s been 22 days since the election, Gore went to court for 37 days in 2000. Reason has lost all sight of reason.

    1. It’s pathetic. I can’t wait for some of these lefty morons to be deplatformed or investigated by the fbi for asking Biden a question about his capetbagging/bombing foreign policy.

    2. Ahh yes- down to what, like a 1000 votes in FL is equivalent to being down tens of thousands in multiple states huh?

      Say it with me- snow. flakes.

      1. You said. Massive election fraud in multiple states is not equivalent to election 2000. its worse.

        Luckily, Roberts cannot save Democrats from a 5-4 loss in the SCOTUS.

        1. How do you surmise any lawsuit will get before the Supreme Court without an evidentiary record having been made before trial courts?

          1. You need to read Bush Vs Gore.

            It will enlighten you on how the SCOTUS will smack down this democrat election fraud like they did in 2000.

            1. You need to re-read Bush v. Gore. You have failed to understand the reasoning and the limited applicability of the decision.

        2. The Supreme Court does not retry cases or hear new evidence. It does not hear witnesses testify. There is no jury. The Supreme Court reviews the procedures and the decisions in the trial court to make sure that the proceedings were fair and that the proper law was applied correctly. Each side has 30 minutes to present its arguments.

          So tell me again your fantastical theory of how SCOTUS is going to throw the election to Trump.

      2. Hundreds of thousands. 154,000 just in Michigan.

    3. The asshats of Reason don’t want investigations into vote fraud because many of them are themselves illegally voting in multiple jurisdictions (lefties love doing this). Why do you think Nick Gillespie ludicrously claims that he lives in both Washington DC and Ohio at the same time?

      1. Yep. They say they’re not on a team, but lots of Team Blue asshats say that.

    4. nobody is seriously asking the justice system to determine if there was fraud…… they are pleading to throw out ballots with no evidence there was fraud….. they are asking for the election boards to not certify the results so it gets pushed to the state legislatures…. they are asking state legislatures to ignore the the outcome and send electors for Trump instead…. they are trying to steal the election.

      gore’s beef was whether or not the hanging chads got counted….. Trump wants to ignore what was counted all together.

      1. Partisanship is a hell of a drug

      2. For fuck sake, the point here is they changed the rules this year and removed all integrity from the process.

        When Gore ran, they actually did basic things like verify signatures and require ballots to be delivered on time.

        Nowadays, even banana republics like Burkina Faso have stronger election integrity than us. What a joke.

        1. Gaslighting is the main tool Team Blue has any more.

      3. “throw out ballots with no evidence there was fraud…”

        Someone has not been paying attention like an adult.

        1. someone has been relying on unsubstantiated tweets too much for their view of reality.

          1. Hundreds of affidavits, signed under penalty of perjury, are not unsubstantiated tweets.
            Nor are figures that defy realty in vote margins.

            1. and where is your evidence of said affidavits? (hint…. it is twitter….. every piece of garbage you guys think is real has been a tweet.)

              1. Go read Sidney Powell’s lawsuit. That is, if you can read.

            2. I agree about figures that defy reality in vote margins. In Michigan, Democrats outnumber Republicans by 13%, yet Biden won by less than 3%. In Missouri, Democrats outnumber Republicans by 1%, yet Trump won by more than 15%. Those figures definitely do not match reality.

              1. And independents outnumber Dems and Reps in every state.

              2. News flash: Democrats don’t have to vote for Democrats and Republicans don’t have to vote for Republicans.

          2. The fact that poll watchers were denied access is not being disputed by anyone.

            The Democrats aren’t even denying much of the evidence. They are just saying who gives a shit if the rules were broken, you can’t throw out 100k ballots just because the rules were broken. Fuck you cheating scum.

            1. it is denied by reality and by rudy guliani when he was actually under oath in court….. do you really not understand that? do you really not get that none of these lies get repeated when the people saying them face the risk of purgery? should that not tell you something? there were no rules broken….. this is made up shit to fool the stupid morons like you.

              1. You’re really going to get your panties in a twist when Trump is reinaugurated.

            2. The lie that poll watchers were denied access has been disputed by everyone officially involved in the election. Election workers, election volunteers, police officers present at the polls, and news reporters from MSM and conservative media.

              1. Wow the people who possibly committed the greatest crime in American history say they did nothing wrong. I’m shocked.

                1. Leftists aren’t people

              2. Yes, that’s why they blocked the windows in Michigan so no one could see them counting. Or are you claiming despite photographic evidence that it didn’t happen, liar?

      4. Steal means to take something from someone unlawfully. If any of those things happen they would be lawful.

    5. The burden of pleading fraud with particularity and supporting such pleadings with admissible evidence is on the party claiming fraud. So far dozens of lawsuits have failed to meet that burden, either at the pleading stage or after the reception of proof.

      In order to have standing to sue a plaintiff must show, among other things, that a ruling in his favor will redress the harm complained of. To vitiate the election result in a particular state requires a showing that the number of disputed ballots exceeds the margin of victory in that state. The Trump team is wholly unable to make that showing in a single state, let alone the minimum of three states required to change the outcome.

      1. I’m guessing you missed the PA hearing

        1. Guess away, but have you read the opinion of the (Republican) federal district court dismissing Trump´s lawsuit for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted?

          1. I should specify that I am referring to the district court in Pennsylvania. Dozens of Trump lawsuits are being dismissed, either at the pleading stage or for failure to adduce supporting evidence.

            1. President Gore won every court case in 2000 except the Supreme Court.

          2. 3rd circuit court of appeals granted emergency review.

            This will all be resolved by the republican state legislatures and the US Supreme court.

            Small miracles that the hag RBG is gone.

            1. Amen to that. Clarence Thomas is the real Chief Justice now.

      2. You do realize that some glorified lawyer, most of whom “rule” based on personal prejudice, saying a suit has no merit, or that the plaintiff has no standing, doesn’t make those who see fraud, in the various ways it was carried out, believe it any less?
        “Judges” even ones, who call themselves Republicans, can be just as corrupt as anyone in the LieCheatSteal party.

      3. Why did Biden claim on Oct 24 that he had the largest (anti) fraud team in history if the Dems didn’t think the possibility of fraud existed? Now all of a sudden everything is just fine and allegations of fraud are crazy conspiracy theories.

        1. (anti) is a generous assumption there

    6. The people who are the most insistent that we trust the results have been calling the last election stolen for four years. And they did the same thing after the 2000 vote.
      Those same people have been fighting relentlessly to remove as many of the safeguards to fair elections as possible.

      Any reasonably clever person can quickly think of several ways to vote fraudulently, with very little risk of facing any penalty. It is absurd to imagine that people are not taking full advantage of the weaknesses in the system.

      1. Precisely. Even voting in person is easy to do fraudulently. In 2013 the NYC Department of Investigations tried voting in person fraudulently 63 times and succeeded 61 times.


  4. “Aaron Van Langevelde, Brad Raffensperger, and other state and local officials did the right thing and steered America away from the precipice.”

    What “precipice”?

    The precipice of your imagination?

    Must be scary world you live in. Seek professional help.

    1. All these people are going to need years of fucking therapy to get over the fact their daddy isn’t around to blame for their problems anymore.

    2. Yeah, democratic republics often survive a complete undoing of elections. What’s the big deal?!

      1. lmao. We went through this in 2000 and we were fine. Go tattle on some maskless shoppers you pussy.

        1. You are either purposefully dishonest, or in need of deprogramming if you think 2000 was at all like 2020.

          1. You are either confused or a CNN employee if you think the claims being made about this election are the same as the issues that were fought over in 2000.

          2. There were indictments just this year over mail balloot fraud. The primaries saw so many issues as to be a complete joke. Yet your inference is now the elections happened without a hitch. Discuss Russia and trump again stolen Valor.

            1. I apologize for making fun of your typo (I agree with every word you said btw), but now I’m imagining Canadians casting balloots.

      2. Undoing of an election?!

        That’s your fevered imagination.

        1. What else would you call Trump’s faithful/faithless elector strategy?

          1. I think the term is “Hamilton electors.”

          2. I would call it “Hillary’s playbook” and ask if you were pooping your pants in 2016 when CNN and other prominent voices were openly urging electors to defect and vote Hillary anyway?

          3. The amendments to the constitution are now a violation of the constitution. You say dumb shut stolen Valor.

            1. Still not taking up that bet, eh?

              You completely lack honor.

    3. At the risk of sounding reasonable, one could argue that the “precipice” is the tipping point where Americans no longer accept the results of elections and/or feel fraud is justified because “the other side” is doing. Partisans marching in lockstep (or “goosestep”) is bad for democracy. Both political parties benefit from dissidents, contrarians, and ordinary pains-in-the-ass. Americans used to understand that. Now it’s party uber alles.

  5. “President Donald Trump and his Republican abettors from stealing the 2020 election.”

    “Still, the attempt to subvert the results of the election matter.”

    That you would label legal challenges in this way says more about your own preference for authoritarian rule.

    1. Reason is dead.

      1. Yet you can’t help yourself and keep coming here.

        1. Maybe he he meant it in general. Reason has taken a back seat to “feelz” in the public discourse lately.

        2. Still fun to make fun of you unfunny liberal fucks.

        3. I come here for the comedic value. The ass eating liberals such as yourself are just too entertaining.

        4. “Yet you can’t help yourself and keep coming here.”

          Well, gotta keep an eye on the train wrecks so one does not get hit by the succeeding rail cars.

        5. Comment section is alive enough. Half the time I end up just skimming the original article because it’s the same boilerplate bullshit again and again. If anyone makes an interesting point about the article, then I go back and check.

    2. But this was not legal challenges it was about pressure applied to people to get them to not due their job and certify the votes. The people being celebrated here put the country ahead of their party and personal interests.

      1. Except you have no evidence any “pressure” was applied for the reason you state. Just more fever dreams based on supposition and innuendo.

        1. No, we just have video of it happening in Michigan, fuckwit.

    3. wow, this one really triggered the trump worshipers…… too bad none of them are bright enough to actually see what they were trying to make happen here. Trump was trying to completely bypass the election results……. he was trying to steal the election. not investigate imaginary fraud, not pursue more legal challenges, not have his day in the supreme court…… he was trying to completely supplant the legal result of the election. he wanted the legal results, after all his challenges failed, to be ignored. he wanted the state to give him electoral college votes he did not win.

      if you can support that, you all need to shut the fuck up about fraud…… because that is straight up fraud. that is deliberately trashing the democratic process. all the horseshit you want to imagine, but can’t find any evidence of, pales in comparison.

      1. Please….. I’m sure you were saying the same things in 2016 when Hillary’s campaign was urging electors to defect for her? Am I right?

        Or when she and others were openly claiming the election had been stolen? You were weeping and crying about undermining the “democratic norms” right?

        Partisanship is a hell of a drug

        1. i suppose that is why seeing this kind of thing pisses me off so much….. I’m not a partisan…. i did think those who suggested using faithless electors to get Hillary were awful people. i do think the Russia nonsense was an embarrassment rooted in sour grapes…….

          and i am sick and tired of the people who agreed with me back then being complete hypocrites doing the exact same fucking thing, now!!!!! either it is wrong or it isn’t…. it does not magically stop being wrong because your team wants to do it.

          1. At the same time, investigating those claims is not the wrong thing to do. It’s totally possible that the Russian influence existed, they did buy Facebook ads after all. Was there more to it? At this point it likes like “no”. But no reason not to look into it.

            Same for the current claims of election fraud. Just from today at the PA hearing:

            This is a troubling claim no matter how you slice it.

            1. that is a tweet from someone selling a “we hate democrats” DVD….. of a staged publicity stunt set up by Rudy. (with claims he could not state in court, because they are complete BS.)


              you guys really need to stop depending on twitter as an “objective” news source.

              1. Since you don’t believe the video evidence you already have, just be honest and admit that you won’t be convinced no matter even if Joe Biden openly admits to stealing the election.

          2. (checks his Team-Blue-member-claims-to-not-be-a-partisan political bingo card square)

            1. explicitly stating that the Russia thing was nonsense is “checking the box?” STFU, troll.

      2. No, Trump was trying to invalidate a tainted result that cannot be untangled because of the comprehensive fraud by conspirators.

        1. Precisely, and well said.

      3. As those who insist we prevent legal court challenges to elections, at least when their guy wins, would say, where is the evidence?

    4. To these ass-hats, recovering a bank robber’s loot is like robbing the bank all over again.

  6. oh fuck off boehm. We just did four years of an fbi investigating and jailing political actors for “colluding with russia” I think we will survive 4 years of investigations into what went down in 2020. Just go fuck yourself. We shouldn’t blindly trust elections we should be critical and suspicious in regards to everything the gov is involved with.

    1. Man, someone really needs their pacifier.

      1. I’ll survive don’t know what you’re going to do without orange daddy to blame all your shortcomings on.

        1. Ill take “Senile geriatric president” for $1000, Alex (RIP).

  7. Holy crap.

  8. These officials were grown-ups. Der TrumpfenFuhrer STILL refuses to be a grownup! Where, oh where, have all the grownups gone? When is He going to give ANY kind of acknowledgment of Him having LOST? Or will He be perpetually a… SORE LOSER?

    Donald the Lame-Duck is sooo lame!
    Always, NOT Him! OTHERS get blame!
    He wants to set the nation aflame!
    Getting His Way? Would be a great shame!
    His ego? It’s utterly blown-up!
    He’s anything but a grown-up!
    In His Mind, NO ONE is above Him!
    But someone, somewhere, should shove Him!

    1. Sqrls dear, take your Adderall pease.
      And don’t use your father’s socks for happytime anymore. Use the box of Kleenex we gave you.

      1. “Dear Abby” is a personal friend of mine. She gets some VERY strange letters! For my amusement, she forwards some of them to me from time to time. Here is a relevant one:

        Dear Abby, Dear Abby,
        My life is a mess,
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        What will I DO, Dear Abby?!?!?

        -Desperately Seeking Horses, Men, or ANYTHING, in Fort Worth,
        Yours Truly,
        Mary Stack / Tulpa / Mary’s Period / “.” / Satan

    2. Are you a crazy homeless guy? It’s just that you act like someone ranting and raving gibberish on a street corner.

      Maybe all that Biden ass eating you’ve been doing has finally turned you into a retard? Or did you start eating Biden’s ass BECAUSE you’ve always been a retard? Sort of a chicken & egg thing…

  9. If politico thinks your a hero then you are doing something wrong.

    1. Well, actually telling the truth means you can’t get into the kind of DC cocktail parties that would never let schlubs like us in.

  10. These lefty libertarians are going to logic all their way to the fucking gulag. We are currently living in a totalitarian dystopia of gov reigning hell on small business’s and questioning children about their thanksgiving travel plans and you punk ass bitches are whining about the reality tv host putting on a show to get enough viewership to get renewed for another season. Just fuck right off.

    1. You, sir, win this entire comment thread. (applause)

  11. Was he one of the officials who had their family threatened if they didn’t go along with this transparent fraud? Fuck you Boehm you evil leftist prick. You wanted more wars, more speech restrictions, more criminalizing of generally living your life, well so far you’ve got that in Biden.

  12. We had a chance to at least look at the problems that the Carter/Baker commission identified in 2005. Our election and voting system is a mess and due to Orange Man Bad partisanship, the complaints that Democrats have been making for some years have now been swept under the rug, with the help of those very Democrats.

    1. Frankly whether the election was stolen or not is irrelevent and of almost no immediate concern to me. What concerns me is reason’s full on slavish dick sucking of our gov institutions.

      1. It is very strange to hear someone complain about criticisms of a sitting President trying to illegally hold on to power as worshiping the State. Very strange indeed.

        1. It was very strange to see reason flogging the russiagate hoax for 4 years with no evidence but I didn’t see you complaining about it than. I frankly have no problem criticizing a sitting president for anything I have no problem criticizing Joe Biden for anything I do find it strange a website devoted to skepticism of the state seems to worship or think certain aspects of the state are too dangerous to criticize or are somehow trustworthy when the whole thing is rotten to the core.

          1. Yep- the Mueller report is right there on par with Sydney Powell’s “landslide” election facts huh?

            Join us in reality one day. It’s not as bad as you might fear. But I am afraid it might just break your brain more than it already is, who knows.

        2. Agreed. It appears for some the distrust of government only extends up to Trump. Basic part of the con, trust no one but me.

      2. The election being stolen is of great concern for me, even if it means that Trump lost by an even bigger margin. We’ve been treated to documentaries and warnings for years about our shoddy election system with little to no chain-of-custody or ways of verifying the process, and now suddenly the whole thing is flawless, Gilded process so beyond reproach, that even asking questions or demanding to see the process is some kind of act of White Supremacy.

        1. Nobody is saying the system is flawless. What people are saying is that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Because there isn’t any such evidence.

          1. I’m not making the argument about widespread voter fraud, I’m elevating my concerns about widespread voter irregularity.

            There’s a difference, and an important one. There is indeed evidence of widespread voter irregularity– but even if that evidence is investigated and found to not be a major factor in this election, the concerns raised in the Carter/Brennan report in 2005 still stand, in my opinion.

            1. Sorry, Carter/Baker report.

              Brennan center for Justice didn’t like the Carter/Baker report because it required people to identify themselves before casting a vote.

            2. Heavens for sure there were irregularities. Shame no one seems concerned by that.

            3. You’re damn right there was voter irregularity. Millions of people voted for an incompetent psych-ward case. Highly irregular. We should investigate the way right-wing propaganda has insinuated itself into culture and turned it into a crazed shithole that questions the legitimacy of elections on empty rumors and speculation. Very dangerous for democracy. I recommend maximum deterrence by punishing anyone associated with the treason effort, and shutting down any outfit propagating dangerous fascistic lies.

              1. You just want an excuse to get out your jackboots and stomp on people’s faces, Tony. We all know this.

          2. I don’t know what all these Biden lovers think constitutes evidence, but in most places, witness testimony is just that.
            There are hundreds of witnesses, mostly testifying to efforts to prevent oversight of verification of the legitimacy of ballots, before they are put into the pile to be counted – the very thing, those who warned about mass-mail balloting, said was a problem.
            The fact that, in almost every state, that swung to Biden, was only after mail-in ballots were counted, should make those supporters of the new system willing to show the fears were unwarranted.
            So far, the opposite is true.

      3. “Frankly whether the election was stolen or not is irrelevent and of almost no immediate concern to me.”

        Oh, you must live in the here and now and January 20th is light years away, amirite? For a frame of reference, is it less of an immediate concern than having to take a piss but more of a concern than a scheduled colonoscopy later in the year?

        “Frankly whether the election was stolen or not is irrelevent it’s who won that matters.”
        -Hugo Chavez

      4. No kidding. When the supposed libertarian magazine cheers on tyranny? What the fuck, over?

  13. >> prevented President Donald Trump and his Republican abettors from stealing the 2020 election

    lol you’re a joke.

    1. Boehm must be absolutely stroking it to these comments.

      1. Your awareness then makes you a willing participant.

        You don’t have to label it, but it seems a bit gay.

        1. what of it? this is a libertarian website or were you into reporting on gay’s in the 50’s as well? I guess it figures as you are snitch piece of shit.

          1. So do you get off too, or does Boehm do something special for you after?

            You know what, forget I asked.

            1. You’re the one that brought it up, faggot.

      2. Now you’ve give me an image I can never remove from my brain.

  14. No, Eric, “steering away from the precipice” is results-oriented thinking. You apparently don’t give a shit whether there was vote fraud or not, whether Dominion boosted Biden or not, none of that matters, as long as some Republicans steered the US away from the precipice towards which it had been driven by Democrats.

    I do not know how much vote fraud there was, how deep Dominion was involved, any of that, precisely because so many investigations have been shut down. Is that the kind of result you want, regardless of principles?

    1. Yes. That is what he wants as well as the vast majority of writers here.

      Again, the GOP would be wise to make moves to disqualify the LP from as many state ballots as humanly possible in 2024.

    2. You are asking for an investigation with no real evidence to start. If Trumps lawyers had any evidence then they have an obligation to present that evidence.

      1. How would anybody have evidence of government misdeeds given that the government alone holds that info?

        1. So you can make any accusation without evidence and just say the government has the evidence and will not give it to us? Is that correct? What if the government will not give evidence because there is none.

          1. If there is no evidence, then court proceedings should be pretty short. That is no reason to deny court challenges altogether.

          2. I know you’re unaware that most evidence involving government misdeeds is based on statistical anomalies and not “Well, we have this concrete info right here”

      2. Witness testimony is evidence. There’s lots of that.
        That “judges” are dismissing witness testimony is a blot on the “justice system” and not going to allay the fears of those of us who smell something rotten in Denmark.

      3. Stop it with the “no real evidence” bullshit. Go read Sidney Powell’s lawsuit, there’s all the fucking real evidence any person with two spare neurons to rub together could want.

  15. Brother. That’s a really low bar you’re setting for credit. Election officials certifying election results that weren’t close, and in which one legal challenge after another has already been laughed out of courts all over the country. They did their job, period.

    Yes, I know the traditional GOP has now been relegated to the dust bin of history in favor of the Trump Party…but this is like yesterday when the grand total of 9 Republican elected officials recognized Biden’s win, and it moved Reason to give credit. Nine. Total.

    Yikes. What a joke the GOP is.

    1. Is there a political party in modern America that isn’t a joke?

      1. They just have different punchlines.

  16. From what I’ve gathered (no thanks to 99% of the news orgs), some will probably see jailtime as a result of these investigations and lawsuits, whether or not it overturns anything. What is the reaction going to be from Reason when that happens?

    Sure, some people went to jail but Trump should have conceded anyway?
    Yes, some fraud was committed but Trump was asking for it with his mean tweets?
    OK, so many people will be going to jail over this massive fraud, but think of the super-spreader effect it will have on COVID rates in our prisons. How can Trump sleep at night knowing he has sent many prisoners to their grave?

    Do you have a plan for when and where you’re going to move the goalposts or do you just take it a day at a time?

    1. they’ll ignore it as they can go back to impotently shouting into the void about Biden’s totally unforeseeable warmongering as he blows up a couple of middle eastern regimes and bombs brown children.

      1. They think they can win more converts that way.

    2. Who exactly is going to jail here? There is no evidence of fraud. Yes in the end they might find a handful of cases of double voting throughout the country. But that about the limit. By the way, any number of the double votes will likely point out that President Trump encourage them to do this. We have that on tape and encouraging election fraud is a felony, but I don’t really expect Trump to be charged.

      1. shit aint done yet yo

      2. Poor Lefties. They are slowing realizing what is coming.

        4 more years of trump.

      3. There is fuckloads of evidence of fraud, gaslighter.

    3. Has anyone noticed Obama flaunting his chest out like Fog Horn Leg Horn going around yapping loudly?

      I’m still waiting to see what comes of Wood and Powell. Wasn’t there a video of Eric Coomer showing people how to hack Dominion voting machines?

  17. Gotta love how Republicans are only good when they help Democrats win. Democrats, of course, can do no evil, as always.

    1. They tolerated 4 years of Democrat lies and deceit.

      But NOW they’re outraged!

    2. All you have to do is provide the evidence.

      1. Lefty plan A is falling apart. I was assured that there was no evidence of election problems.

      2. We know what you commies do with evidence.
        There was none for the Russia collusion hoax, yet you spent $40 million dollars finding out there wasn’t any and withheld that information through the 2018 mod-terms, even though they knew the result, well in advance.
        Meanwhile, there was oodles of evidence that HiLIARy violated government regulations and National Security laws, yet she was given a pass, several months before we went to the polls.
        Just like everything else the LieCheatSteal party says, “there’s no evidence” is a big, fat lie.

        1. Correct. Democrats never tell the truth, even when the truth is convenient for them.

        2. All of that was litigated and the evidence does not show what you claim it does.

          If you don’t come to the table with any actual standards of accepting evidence, then you are not arguing in good faith, and you deserve to never win any elections because you would put people in danger with this kind of disregard for the truth.

          I’m very sorry Republicans are terrible corrupt traitors, but that’s why I don’t vote for them.

          1. Shut the fuck up, Tony, until you’ve read Sidney Powell’s lawsuit.

  18. Um. This is interesting. PA state legislature hearing:


    1. Not that anything will come of that probably. But come on. It’s like an open secret at this point.

      1. The republican state legislature will use the evidence presented as a reason to pick trump electors instead of biden electors as is their constitution right.

        Minus 20 EC for Biden.

        1. One down, two to go.

  19. Boehm is a spinless cuck. Where were his process sensibilities the past four years? Reason has become a fraud.

  20. This article about the certification would have been COMPLETELY different if the winners were reversed.

    1. Sounds like it. They have to versions written up. But it’s ok – phew- their existential crisis is over.

      1. “Evil republican abandons principles and sides with Trump to certify election results in face of troubling and compelling fraud allegations before they are resolved” – that’s the headline we’d have seen if the roles were reversed, I guarantee it

  21. “prevented President Donald Trump and his Republican abettors from stealing the 2020 election”

    This is serious business. Attempt to steal the election? This calls for an impartial investigation by a nonpartisan special counsel or a committee of experts.

    Exposing an attempted election theft would not persuade the hard core Trumpers, but it might persuade some swing voters that the election process was legitimate, and of course it could point the way to punishing the attempted undermining of our Constitution.

    That’s why I’m sure that any day now the Dems will be calling for just such an investigation, to show to the public just how honest and squeaky clean the elections were and how challenging the results was such a dangerous undermining of public confidence in the etc.

    Any day now…

    1. Or how about we throw anyone associated with the attempt to steal the election into a cage and charge them with treason.

      1. Don’t forget “anti-state activities.”

        1. And wrongthink.

          1. Replacing elections with mob rule is wrongthink. It’s wrong for an American to think that. You can shit such opinions all over the marketplace of ideas if you like, but when you actually try to steal an election, you’re a traitor and deserve to be punished for treason.

            1. Not sure you understand the concept of stealing is.

              1. I think I understand it perfectly well. A vote is a thing of value. If you take it away, that’s stealing.

                The reason it’s valuable is because it’s what I get in exchange for consenting to be governed. If that consent is taken away, then rule of law is illegitimate, and if there is no law, there are no presidents, just thugs.

                You learn about these things in American history: the early years.

                1. You guys are letting Tony “the socialist” school you about property rights and the consent of the governed. Maybe you are not quite ready for philosophical discussions. May I suggest sports, instead?

                  1. This comment is not a positive for your credibility

                2. And if I don’t care to vote, where’s my consent? Shouldn’t no mean no, even when uttered by those of us who don’t wear short skirts (or kilts)?

    2. This “attempt to steal an election” bs is the new fantasy of the week. There is no evidence for it. Just paranoid supposition. There is never any mention of anything Trump did that was illegal. There is plenty of insistence on scrapping legal court challenges.

      1. “You’re trying to take what I’ve rightfully stolen!”

  22. I remember when there more libertarians on H&R.

    I’m heartened by evidence that anyone affiliated with a political party has the balls to think for themselves. Van Langevelde did what he thought was right. Good for him. This party purity shit plays out over and over. RINO? Cosmotarian? Groucho Marx had it right, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”

    New flash: The elections are too damn important because government is too damn powerful. That’s what libertarians, and even a handful of Republicans, used to think. Now it’s just some cult of personality. No amount of jawboning is ever going to convince the conspiracy theorists that Trump lost because 1) he barely won last time; 2) he acted like a horse’s ass for four years; 3) coronavirus; 4) the Democrats actually campaigned in the midwest. Without COVID, he might have won the damn election.

    America is a post-fact world. No amount of Commissions, or panels, or blue ribbon committees will convince the doubters on either side. The partisan right and left are just monkeys at the zoo throwing shit all day.

    1. ^this

    2. There’s nothing wrong with party loyalty when said party is trying to preserve civilized norms, and the other is out to destroy them.

      Hate to break it to you but “RINOs” are most certainly a thing. “Cosmotarians” are certainly a thing (although I do differ from the other hard right types here in that I believe a Cosmotarian is a natural result of libertarian philosophy taken to it’s extreme, hence my argument that patriots need to dump it).

      The left is an organized movement of deception and lies. They believe any vileness is justified in pursuit of Free Shit and consequence free sex, drugs, and the Great Progressive Utopia. So is it really so hard to believe that many of them would call themselves Republicans and Libertarians in order to further their warfare on all other political tribes?

      Government power isn’t the problem. It’s making who has that power dependent on corrupt, self seeking demagogues who wring hands about Not Enough Free Shit and Feelz and Freedomz. This whole situation is the inevitable result of the liberal democracy koolaid our political society has been guzzling down since the Revolution.

      There’s no such thing as a “post-fact” world. The facts are there, and a properly discerning mind is quite capable of parsing them. Alas, democratic (i.e., letting the stupid people decide) processes in our system renders facts irrelevant. Who needs facts when you can get Free Shit and speeches from politicians about what wonderful people your caveman ancestors were.

    3. Fair, but many libertarians see Trump as an obstacle to the unrestrained growth of government. Both sides are not 100% equal, despite bother being far less libertarian than we’d like.

      1. Despite *either

  23. Trump pardons Flynn. If Vegas is setting over/under odds on pardons, I’m taking the over.

    1. Democrats tried a Hail Mary, but its Trump for the win.

    2. Given that Flynn has been fucked over by the state and an imbecile judge, it’d be the most just pardon in years.

      1. Flynn is a sleazy character and its is easy to see why Trump likes or fears him. Also remember that a pardon is not acquittal. Part of the pardon is the acceptance of guilt which is then forgiven. In accepting a pardon Flynn has to also accept the guilt.

        1. False. Ford’s pardon of Nixon didn’t.

      2. You guys really love Russian collaborators, don’t you.

        He lied about his relationship with the russian government. He confessed twice. He is a traitor and deserved a worse charge than what he got, FBI agents’ mean text messages or no.

        1. Unlike you, Flynn has helped America. But continue defending the intel agencies deciding to “Get” somebody they found irritating. That will never lead to problems.

  24. https://twitter.com/CassyWearsHeels/status/1331707235882446848?s=19

    BREAKING: A Nevada judge has ruled the Trump campaign can present its evidence of election fraud in court.

    1. Great, now they just need to come up with some evidence and they are all set.

      1. lol

      2. And now you just need 42 other electoral college votes to become up for grabs somehow. Guys! Guys! This is BIG!

        1. Boy are you going to be mad when Trump is reinaugurated. Ha.

      3. They already have evidence of voters, who don’t live in NV, sending in mailed ballots.
        That’s just the tip of the mail-in-voting iceberg.
        You know? The thing that any fair-minded person was concerned about, when mass-mail-balloting was forced upon the states, in defiance of the Constitution.

    2. Poor unreason bots were sent in to ignore that evidence was already presented to the NV court which allowed for the decision to hear the case.

      Lefties are getting scared. The ones who know about Bush vs gore.

    3. Note to foreign readers: Narcz’ real name is Captain Thomas Baker who was interned with James Larratt Battersby (the Mad Hatter of fascism) on the Isle of Man Home for the Bewildered. From his manly cellmate Battersby, Baker absorbed the Revelation that Adolf Hitler was Jesus Christ. How Tommy Baker traded his BUF straitjacket for a MAGA cap is the stuff of legend, soon to be a major best-seller.

    4. Someone explain to Narcz that mercury being legal is _not_ a good reason to be mainlining the stuff.

    5. And look at the whiny babies above me making ad hominem attacks, because they got nothing and they know it.

  25. “In times of uncertainty, when the integrity of our political system is most at risk, the integrity of our politicians is paramount.”

    See, this is why my faith in the Flying Spaghetti Monster is so unshakable – in times when you may doubt his benevolence and omnipotence is when you most must trust in him the most. This may sound like some sort of circular reasoning, but, trust me, it’s not. And would someone as trustworthy as me lie to you?

    1. Oh, yeah, and there’s also this link I posted this morning. AJC exposes how vulnerable to fraud the Dominion voting system is. Of course, this was shortly before the election and they seemed to be hinting that it would be easy for the Republicans to hack the election, I’m not so sure they’re quite as alarmed now as they were then.

      1. It was Republicans who blocked attempts to regulate Dominion. Maybe they didn’t expect things to go this way. Maybe the Trump campaign should be investigated for fraud. They are, after all, trying to steal the election as we speak.

        1. I didn’t know you could steal things in court.

          1. It’s always preferable to have legal fig leafs when you commit a coup. Thankfully the courts in this country are strong enough not to fall for it. But he’s not gone yet.

            1. After four years of constant efforts to overturn the 2016 election, you’ve go the gall to claim court challenges of obviously fishy vote counting is attempting a coup?
              Balls on a goose!

              1. Nobody tried to overturn the election. Hillary called Trump and conceded the night of the election. So not only are you mischaracterizing how things went down, you’re defending a loser with fewer balls than Hillary Clinton.

    2. “See, this is why my faith in the Flying Spaghetti Monster is so unshakable”

      I’ve been dressed in full pirate regalia since nov. 3. All hail is noodly appendage!

  26. https://twitter.com/Cernovich/status/1331710946138460162?s=19

    What evidence presented today in Pennsylvania impressed you the most?

    1. How does it feel to beclown yourself this much? What a bunch of whiny little bitches on that Twitter. “I’m so sad Trump lost. It can’t be! Mommy it can’t be!”

      Hillary conceded a much closer election the night of the election. What would you have said if she stretched it out like this? That it was within her rights? Tell me you embarrassing wretch, what would you have said about Hillary Clinton?

      1. You sound a bit frantic, tony.

        1. Just exhausted by four years of whine-ocracy.

          1. …you could always STOP your whining then.

            1. Tony could stop whining, but then he’d have to stop breathing.

        2. All the stuff I said would happen are materializing after republicans came up with a game plan.

          The democrat massive election fraud was so sloppy that it depended on Trump conceding. Once that didnt happen, republican state legislatures would use the evidence of massive election fraud to select Trump electors, denying biden his fraud win.

          Trump vs biden in the SCoTUS seals the coffin of the democrat election fraud scheme.

          4 more years of trump, as I predicted.

          1. What would happen if the SCOTUS made the single ruling that any vote, submitted under new election rules, not passed by the state’s legislature, had to be discounted.
            After all, it is right there in the Constitution – legislatures make election laws, not Secretaries of State, election boards or even state supreme courts.
            Under the old rules, Trump won, bigly. It was only through late counting of mail-in, lacking-chain-of-custody ballots that changed what we saw on election night.

            1. States made new rules to cope with the pandemic. I’m sorry you couldn’t suppress enough votes to win. Maybe if you weren’t so evil and hell-bent on denying people the franchise, they wouldn’t be as motivated they are to keep you out of power. Black voters won this for Biden. Keep trying to bring back Jim Crow and they’ll keep doing it.

              1. Biden got quite a bit LESS of the black vote than Hillary did, Tony. But we all know how tenuous at best your connection to reality is.

    2. the straw grasping is hard to watch

      Sydney Powell: “Release the Kraken!”…read: “release the Kool-aid!”

      sorry little bitches, your coup is failing in front of the nation

      1. Ah, and as delightful a drop has not been witnessed since the trapdoors of Nuremberg. It’s a pity the Don was the goat. But hark! What’s that sound? From the bowels of the Ku-klux Army of Ghawd, The Prohibition Party and the Kingdom Halls of the League of Christian Reformers, heralds are singing: “Lindsay Graham Cracker for President!” “He’ll Do it Right!” Faith in superstition may be blind, but it is nothing if not persistent!

      2. Whine some more, delusional tard.

    3. https://twitter.com/justin_hart/status/1331691742995759104?s=19

      Here’s a quick blast of videos from the last hour or so of the special off-site hearing from Republican Senators in Pennsylvania.

      Data Scientist from Delaware County told that 47 USB cards are missing with 50K votes.

    4. “The testimony of the woman that is a registered Democrat.”

      “That they had a break in where USB drives were stolen. Biden vote dumps 1000:1 vs trump. Hundred of thousands more ballots taken in than sent out. Gross.”

      “Everyone should consider the harassment and attacks these people are willing to endure for coming forward… why would they lie and risk perjury? Seems like people who are real patriots here.”

      “Vote dump ratios. And someone walking in with a baggie of USB’s and plugging them into a voting machine unsupervised.”

      “If true, the delta between mailed and returned ballots. Followed by excluded inspectors.”

      “”If I redlined every rule that was broken, this whole sheet would be red.”
      And the 80 year old woman.
      The whole thing, really.
      I literally cried. Voting is a sacred privilege.”

      “Hearing from seasoned Poll monitors who have NEVER witnessed ANYTHING like this-The election supervisors VOTING TWICE and encouraging illegal behavior on provisional ballots & mail ins, THREATENING the inspectors, the leaders not even knowing the actual rules, refusing access!”

      “Baggies of usb drives, 570000 to 3200”

      “47 missing USB drives, 600k more mail in ballots counted then mailed out, and all forensic evidence from Delaware County missing.”

      “Same day, next day and PRE day ballot return along with the “pink highlighter” kerfuffle.”

      “The testimony that the election officials could not describe or provide documentation for how a ballot moves through the process. Absolute failure to provide proper controls to ensure a fair & accurate election.”

      “That the machine can count so many votes per minute, and that the numbers far exceeded the votes in the time they came in.

      “Governor mandated the use of the software without a voting process”

    5. Evidence means zero. Decisions count.

    6. thanks for posting

      1. But wait, there’s more.


        1/ Ok I’ve read the lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell’s organization. It contains many allegations familiar to those following these legal challenges, with two big themes: 1) numerous irregularities in vote-counting based on ad hoc law/procedure changes…
        2/ including putting ballots in the wrong stacks en masse, pre-printed ballots that were “pristine” and unlined; blocking Republican observers from vote-tabulation tables; counting votes after the so-called “pipe burst” election night even though there were no Rep. observers…/
        3/ And more… And the second big theme is that the Dominion voting machines are easily hackable and experts have written scripts to show how one can manually manipulate vote tallies, alter setting so as to put more ballots into a “question” pile and then just delete them…
        4/ These are serious allegations, and maybe the evidence (some of it filed and some of it under seal provisionally) will persuade. Either of these big themes would be enough to change the election results given the narrow margin for Biden. To me, the easiest way to reach that…
        5/ Goal is something much simpler alleged in the complaint at para. 121: That thousands of specific, identifiable voters, cast ballots after they moved out of state as evidenced in their registration in a national database, and may even have cast votes in their new states also —
        6/ which can easily be checked against the other state’s records. This accounts for thousands of votes. The other category @MattBraynard has researched & documented, is thousands of identifiable, specific registrations at fraudulent addresses such as P.O. Boxes, non-residential/
        7/ etc. — These seem to be specific and of a sufficient volume that their disqualification would affect the outcome of the election. I think this simple tack – much easier to grasp and prove than the more complicated theories — is compelling. To critics who say this is too late,
        8/ it really isn’t. How are you supposed to allege that someone cast a ballot from a fraudulent registration address or after moving, before the election? This is something that can only be checked after the votes are cast and tallied, particularly where last-minute registrations
        9/ are permitted by increasingly lax voter registration policies pushed by Democrats, followed by no signature verification or other safeguards, as the lawsuit alleges. I think these “Braynard” allegations have legs, and should be pursued aggressively. A court should want to know
        10/ which thousands of specific, identifiable people illegally cast ballots in Georgia. I hope the federal court allows inquiry into this low-tech challenge even if it does not bite on the more expert-and statistically-based theories. There’s time to get this right, and we must.

  27. “Still, the attempt to subvert the results of the election matter. The Republican officials who went along with the plot—including some of the highest-ranking Republicans in Michigan—ought to be ashamed and booted from their positions of authority. Republicans should root out anyone who has attempted to undermine the public’s trust in elections with the same fervor they apply to stopping voter fraud.“

    You mean just like Democrats took action to root out anyone (which was every Democrat) who tried to undermine the public’s trust in the 2016 election results, as well subverting a duly-elected (i.e., not elected through cheating) President for 4 years? You mean that kind of action?

  28. It’s crazy how those Republicans who refused to cheat for Trump are called cheaters and traitors.

    Any moral high ground the Republicans used to have has been flushed down the shitter.

    1. Evidence is piling up that democrats did cheat on a massive election fraud scheme.

      Emergency Hearings in NV, PA, GA, MI, and WI. Hand Recounts in WI and GA.

      State legislature in PA held hearings so they can pick electors for Trump.

  29. “Still, the try to subvert the outcomes of the election matter. The Republican officials who went at the side of the plot—including some of the highest-ranking Republicans in Michigan—have to be ashamed and booted from their positions of authority. Republicans have to root out all of us who has tried to undermine the public’s accept as true with in elections with the same fervor they follow to stopping voter fraud.“

  30. It’s loopy how the ones Republicans who refused to cheat for Trump are called cheaters and traitors. Any moral high floor the Republicans used to have has been flushed down the shitter.

  31. This is not rocket science. Ever since the LP plank became Roe v Wade, coercive mystical bigots have migrated from the foundering hulk of the Prohibition Party to infest the hull of the GOP. To the ERA, their harridan responded with cries for Coathanger Amendments–one of which escaped to torture Irish women from 1983 to 2018. As in the Hitlerbunker, these worthies doubled down with the cyanide, letting Lindsay Graham Cracker promise women that Judge Amy would help (him/her?) violate the 9th, 13th and 14th Amendments to please Dixie Klansmen. That–like shooting people over beer–was a mistake.

  32. Media 4-Year Ratings Wet Dream Scenario
    – Biden Harris ‘win’.
    – Republicans hold at least one of the two GA Senate seats.
    – Two years of symbolism, executive orders and the left eating itself all the while blaming Trump and Mitch McConnell for all problems big or small.
    – Media gets focused on having the ‘First Female President’ to drive ratings.
    – Republicans take the House in 2022.
    – Media foments House Republican impeachment Biden (multiple justifications, pick one).
    – Republicans impeach Biden.
    – Media declares victory and celebrates the fact they are responsible for the first female US president.

  33. Election Fraud is clearly a bipartisan affair:

    The fraud began when defendant Governor Kemp, defendant Secretary Raffensberger, and the Georgia Board of Elections (members of which are also defendants) hastily bought Dominion Voting Systems software and hardware. Kemp and Raffensberger disregarded all the evidence from Texas and others showing that the machines were vulnerable to fraud and impossible to audit. Ironically, it was Democrats who were initially worried about the systems’ fraud potential.

    Earlier this year (presumably in response to the Wuhan virus) Raffensberger illegally entered into a settlement agreement with various Georgia Democrat organizations by which he agreed to ignore the state’s strong, specific statutory voting safeguards for absentee ballots.


    1. I’ve defended Kemp in the past, but if he’s dirty like Powell claims, he needs to go to prison.

  34. More often than not over these last four years, in the rare instances where politicians showed any kind of moral courage, it’s been Republicans doing it. I use the word “courage” loosely, but nonetheless…

  35. “…steered America away from the precipice.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    “…prevented President Donald Trump and his Republican abettors from stealing the 2020 election.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Eric, if you’re going to engage in hyperbolic bullshit, you NEED exclamation points and lots of them.
    And if you’re going to shovel shit like this, why not go all the way?
    “Donald Trump ‘will barricade himself in Oval Office if Joe Biden wins election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  36. The lies and hypocrisy are smothering.

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  38. All elections are a fraud because the media is a fraud. No elections can be legitimate if there is a two party dictatorship that lockstep locks out desenting voices and where there is no unbiased legitimate information. See “Banana Republic” in the dictionary.

    1. One thing about banana republics is there were always plenty of bananas. There seem to be a lot of them going around these days.

      I never liked Donald Trump but it is no joy watching him go down with so little dignity.

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