Election 2020

Trump's Administration Blinks, Begins Formal Transition Planning

Donald Trump continues to refuse to concede.


President Donald Trump is still not conceding that he lost the election, but on Monday, the head of the federal agency responsible for overseeing the transition from one administration to another formally told President-elect Joe Biden they were ready to begin.

This morning, Pennsylvania certified that Biden had won the state. The media and observers called the election for Biden on November 7, and subsequent election tallies have validated that call. But Trump remains insistent that he has been cheated of a win, and his campaign has filed numerous lawsuits that have so far completely failed in an extremely embarrassing fashion. His administration, taking his lead, has been resistant to cooperate with Biden's transition team.

Emily Murphy, the administrator for the General Services Administration, informed Biden yesterday via a letter that they were ready to assist with the transition. Half of Murphy's letter clarifies she wasn't dragging her feet because Trump ordered her to do so but rather because of the pending legal challenges:

Contrary to media reports and insinuations, my decision was not made out of fear or favoritism. Instead, I strongly believe that the statute requires that the GSA Administrator ascertain, not impose, the apparent president-elect. Unfortunately, the statute provides no procedures or standards for this process, so I looked to precedent from prior elections involving legal challenges and incomplete counts. GSA does not dictate the outcome of legal disputes and recounts, nor does it determine whether such proceedings are reasonable or justified. These are issues that the Constitution, federal laws, and state laws leave to the election certification process and decisions by courts of competent jurisdiction. I do not think that an agency charged with improving federal procurement and property management should place itself above the constitutionally-based election process. I strongly urge Congress to consider amendments to the Act.

The announcement also allows Biden's transition team access to $6.3 million in federal funds used to pay for the cost of changing administrations.

Trump, as is his way, is loudly insisting on Twitter that this still doesn't mean he lost:

And again this morning:

His campaign is still sending fundraising letter after fundraising letter to try to get people to send them money, and, in the words of a letter sent under Lara Trump's name just this morning, saying, "It is time for EVERY PATRIOT, like YOU, to step up and DEMAND that every single LEGAL vote is counted. We cannot allow the Democrats to undermine the Election and try to STEAL the White House." (In reality, a good chunk of some of these donations are actually going to pay off campaign debts.)

Judges have repeatedly swatted down legal challenges, and the Trump team's claims of fraud have reached the kind of comical depths even a television writer could not possibly have envisioned. It's within Trump's right to avail himself of the courts to try to turn this election around, but there is little point in everybody else pretending he hasn't lost.

Biden has also recently started announcing his cabinet picks, which include Antony Blinken (who served under both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) as secretary of state, Janet Yellen (former head of the Federal Reserve) as treasury secretary, and former Senator John Kerry as a "special envoy for climate."

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  1. In reality, a good chunk of some of these donations are actually going to pay off campaign debts.

    Ding ding ding. We have a winner.

    1. Don't forget the half-billion or so in delinquent loans on his hotels and golf courses.

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        2. "Citations always fall off certain posters."

          Usually you and your pals

          You backed a loser and lost. #MAGA

          Eat the L

          1. Lots of losers will be eating the “L”: the Democrats stopped military withdrawal from Syria, Afghanistan and Germany. Does that make them or the US losers, dickwad?

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          2. Day ain’t over yet faggot.

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      2. "Don’t forget the half-billion or so in delinquent loans on his hotels and golf courses."

        RE developers never carry debt, right you fucking ignoramus?

      3. Trump Inc. hit the same pandemic stopper the rest of the hospitality industry did. All of them have debts they cannot pay because their income dried up. That is business debt and not election debt. If trump runs out of election money, then the rest of the election bills do not get paid. There is a law stopping candidates from paying off election debt with their personal income.

        That is why, when we were in the printing business, we got our money up front, or we did not do business with political campaigns. On the whole those campaigns are good money and short business spikes. We found not doing business with politicians and other fly by night entities was to our benefit for the years bottom line.

        1. "...There is a law stopping candidates from paying off election debt with their personal income..."

          Got a cite for that? I knew they couldn't use campaign money for personal debts, but not the other way around.
          But, yes, as a partner in a advertising company years ago, we were told the same and did the same: Money before expenses.

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    2. Campaign warchests are also key for power brokering after you leave office.

    3. I have a friend who ran for congress against a major Democrat in a major Democrat district. He lost as literally everyone expected. Now he is sending out fundraising letters talking about stolen votes and patriotism and all that. No legal challenges, because there aren't any. The STOLEN VOTE ALLCAPS letters are there to raise funds to pay off his campaign debt.

      1. >>I have a friend

        is he as good at straight lines as you?

      2. "...The STOLEN VOTE ALLCAPS letters are there to raise funds to pay off his campaign debt..."

        Cool bullshit, bro.

    4. One of Donald Trump gifts is the ability to separate people from their money. Expect him to continue fund raising especially looking for donations for the 2024 race. Expect the family to be on the campaign team each drawing a salary and expenses. The ultimate big con.

      1. So you don't like the guy and some other guy passed on some gossip about him at the bar last night. Got it.

      2. You’re talking about the Biden family. Trump’s family are all super rich already from their private sector activities.

        I feel I need to give you a pass on this particular stupid comment you made. As you’re not capable of understanding this. You only know progtardery.

    5. That's why I stopped donating once November arrived. I knew it wasn't for campaigning anymore.

      Maybe he can pay off the campaign debt from whoever was providing the 900% match on my donations....

      1. You're still on the list

  2. Gentlemen, start your (conspiracy theory) engines.

    1. The Venezuelans Hacked the Election™

      1. Clearly it was stolen by the Canadians.

        1. I always knew we couldn't trust those square-headed fucks.

    2. I am still sticking with this FACT (NOT a theory!):

      Fluoridated water is chock-full of tiny little Hunter Biden homunculi (one each per each fluorine atom, with a tiny sub-atomic Hunter Biden working the tiny little brain-control levers, and chucking an evil laugh), and they FORCED tens of millions of fluoridated-water-drinking voters to NOT vote for Trump!

      1. You really should kill your self. Maybe mix a jug of Drano in with the shit in your shit bucket for Thanksgiving. Then you will be dead and everyone here will be thankful.

    3. It’s Nth dimensional chess by [insert:villain/hero] to [insert: evil/benevolent plan]. The [pick: lefty/righty] tears will go delicious with my [pick: Pinot/Budweiser] and [pick: farm-to-fork arugula salad/Chili’s Awesome Blossom] when it’s complete.

  3. It's about time. Biden won in a "landslide" (as defined by Trump in 2016) with 6 million more popular votes and 76 more electoral votes than former President Trump. If there was any election fraud, it was minimal. It's time to put the nightmare years of Trump mismanagement and derangement behind us.

    1. Actually, he's still President Trump. Not former. But you're the guy putting a host of red flags under an "if" umbrella. We wasted four years on a fact-free collusion charge, but can't be bothered to take four days to see if the anomalies can be explained.

      1. “We wasted four years on a fact-free collusion charge”

        Who’s we? Do you mean Congress? Good. Let them spin around in circles as opposed to passing legislation.

        1. "Let them spin around in circles as opposed to passing legislation...and at the expense of Trump moving the country forward to greater prosperity and security while a corrupt election system continues." FTFY

          1. How did the collusion charges prevent Trump from doing anything? He had lawyers and proxies in congress and staff to handle everything? What exactly could he have accomplished?

            BTW. You sound like a progressive.

            1. Definitely great the Flynn was kept from cleaning up the intel agencies.
              Good call.

              1. Progtards here applaud that.

      2. The anomalies HAVE been explained. That they weren't explained in a way to validate your conspiracy theories does not mean they haven't been explained.

        1. Bull. Shit. They've been ignored. That's not an explanation.

          1. They've been ignored just like flat-eathers are ignored.

            1. Chip, you’re stupid. You say stupid, obtuse things. You’re also a Marxist traitor.

              Best you set yourself on fire.

        2. You mean like 4 blue states stopping the count with Trump in the lead then a flood of Biden votes when counting resumed? Can you point out one other time a state stopped counting?

          1. Venezuela when hugo Chavez was losing about 12 years ago.

            1. Oh my god you really are this dumb.

              1. Yes, Jesse is really dumb. I realized it a while ago and have stopped engaging him in a serious manner. This is the saddest thing about Trump supporters - they all appear to be quite dumb. There used to be all kinds of intelligent conservatives on here that were fun and interesting to engage and debate. But they all seemed to have disappeared.

                Seriously, think about this. Why are there no conservatives here that are critical of Trump?

                1. "But they all seemed to have disappeared."

                  No. They are just called "Never Trumpers" now and shown themselves to be fools and saboteurs....George Will, Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol and so on.

                  1. I didn't know George Will, Mitt Romney, and Bill Kristol commented on here. What were their usernames?

                2. "Seriously, think about this. Why are there no conservatives here that are critical of Trump?"

                  You are staggeringly dishonest and unintelligent, but I'll provide an honest answer anyway:
                  Because you leftist drones, the MSM generally, and Reason specifically never shut the fuck up with your hatred and resentment.

              2. No, we’re all vastly more intelligent than you.

        3. What about the broken water pipe in Atlanta that was a lie?

        4. No. A few of the missing votes and missing cards have been. The vast majority if statistical issues are still unexplained. The massive drop on ballot rejections and the 97% pro biden batches being the main issues. Also still no explanation for vote counting stoppages or the lack of a total of votes until the counting was essentially done. Generally the number of absentee votes are known before the counting starts in order to help figure out total number of votes cast, that never happened on Pa or Mich. They merely accepted the final count number, they never had an initial number. Likewise 70% of Michigan books still do not match the certified vote totals.

          So yoyre full of shit. There is a reason these areas are revisiting even statistical audits of the ballots.

          1. the "massive drop" in ballot rejections is a complete lie. the percentage of rejected ballots is consistent with past elections..... and even if you counted every rejected ballot as a trump vote (might be valid assumption, assuming the stupidity required to fuck up "sign it and put it in the envelope.), it would not be enough to change the election result.

            the increased drops for Biden in the mail in counting is because trump told his supporters NOT TO VOTE BY MAIL.

            there are no unexplained irregularities.

            1. Nothing you said is true or accurate.

          2. Likewise 70% of Michigan books still do not match the certified vote totals.

            I think you are referring to Detroit absentee counting boards specifically. Discussed here, among other places.

            Relevant quote:

            The board's votes came after absentee ballot poll books at 70% of Detroit's 134 absentee counting boards were found to be out of balance without explanation. The mismatches varied anywhere from one to more than four votes.

            I fully support trying to reconcile these numbers, but discrepancies of one to four votes seem inconsequential for the larger election results.

            If you are referencing something different please let me know.

            1. Detroit's easy to explain: It's Detroit. Everybody in Michigan knows Detroit is incompetent at everything.

      3. Nardz asked for cites when I said in the AM Links that the anomalies I have seen reported on can all be explained by either improper analysis or as being totally normal. Here is the beginning of that thread, but, since it is probably dead, I'll reproduce my comments here:

        1. Here is a good explanation of the error in Ayyadurai’s analysis

          1. Here is a good one on Benford’s Law

            1. Here is one explaining the rounding error in the analysis on thedonald.win

              1. I did my own analysis of the Montgomery County data but I’ll show you how to reproduce it using Python. You can do the same thing with other tools.

                1) Download the data scraped from the NYT website in .csv format here:

                2) Here is an annotated Python script you can run. Note that you need pandas and matplotlib, but you could substitute other packages for reading the .csv file and plotting.

                import pandas as pd
                import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

                all_data = pd.read_csv(“total_results_v3.csv”)
                montgomery_pa = all_data[(all_data[“name”] == “Montgomery”) & (all_data[“race_id”] == “PA-G-P-2020-11-03”)]
                times = montgomery_pa[“last_updated”]
                votes = montgomery_pa[“votes”]
                absentee_votes = montgomery_pa[“absentee_votes”]
                votes_trump = montgomery_pa[“results-trumpd”]
                votes_biden = montgomery_pa[“results-bidenj”]
                votes_jorgensen = montgomery_pa[“results-jorgensenj”]
                absentee_trump = montgomery_pa[“results_absentee-trumpd”]
                absentee_biden = montgomery_pa[“results_absentee-bidenj”]
                absentee_jorgensen = montgomery_pa[“results_absentee-jorgensenj”]

                plt.plot(times,votes,c=”black”,ls=”-“,lw=3,label=”Votes Column”)
                plt.plot(times,votes_trump,c=”red”,ls=”-“,lw=1,label=”Votes Trump Column”)
                plt.plot(times,votes_biden,c=”blue”,ls=”-“,lw=1,label=”Votes Biden Column”)
                plt.plot(times,votes_jorgensen,c=”orange”,ls=”-“,lw=1,label=”Votes Jorgensen Column”)
                plt.plot(times,absentee_votes,c=”black”,ls=”–“,lw=3,label=”Absentee Column”)
                plt.plot(times,absentee_trump,c=”red”,ls=”–“,lw=1,label=”Absentee Trump Column”)
                plt.plot(times,absentee_biden,c=”blue”,ls=”–“,lw=1,label=”Absentee Biden Column”)
                plt.plot(times,absentee_jorgensen,c=”orange”,ls=”–“,lw=1,label=”Absentee Jorgensen Column”)
                plt.xlabel(“Time (UTC)”)

                You will see that at around 9:09 AM on Nov 5 there is a single update to the column labeled “absentee_votes” of about 90,000 but only about 9,000 in the column labeled “votes”. revolver.news, where this was reported and linked to yesterday, claim that the “votes” column was the total votes, i.e. in person plus absentee, and since absentee votes increased by more than total votes, this was evidence of votes being deleted.

                However, if that was the case you would expect to see the column labeled “results-bidenj” increase by his share of that absentee vote number. It does not, and neither do the “results-trumpd” or “results-jorgensenj” columns. Only the “results_absentee” columns increase for each candidate.

                My conclusion is that revolver.news made an incorrect assumption about what these columns mean. They thought “votes”, “results-trumpd”, “results-bidenj”, and “results-jorgensenj” were *total* votes, but that does not seem to be the case. Instead they seem to refer to in-person votes only. Hence, there is no need to account for missing or deleted votes.

                1. Here are instructions for reproducing the Benford’s analysis of county-level data in Mississippi from 2016.

                  1) Copy and paste county results from the NYT into text file

                  2) Edit that file so each county is on its own line, remove commas, and remove spaces in county names for Pearl River and Jeff Davis (this is just so my Python script can read things in more easily).

                  3) Save that new file as mississippi_county_results.txt

                  4) Run the following Python script. Note that you need numpy and matplotlib.

                  import numpy as np
                  import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

                  trump_votes,clinton_votes = np.loadtxt(“mississippi_county_results.txt”, usecols=(1,2),unpack=True)
                  trump_first_digit = [int(str(x)[0]) for x in trump_votes]
                  clinton_first_digit = [int(str(x)[0]) for x in clinton_votes]
                  bins = np.linspace(0.5,9.5,10)
                  digits = np.arange(1,10,1)
                  benfords = np.log10(1+1/digits)
                  plt.hist(trump_first_digit,bins,color=”red”,alpha=0.5,label=”Trump First Digit”,density=True)
                  plt.plot(digits,benfords,c=”black”,label=”Benford’s Law”)
                  plt.hist(clinton_first_digit,bins,color=”blue”,alpha=0.5,label=”Clinton First Digit”,density=True)
                  plt.plot(digits,benfords,c=”black”,label=”Benford’s Law”)

                  You will get two plots (close the first to see the second). The first is the frequency of the first digit in Trump’s totals by county, and the second plot is the same thing for Clinton. Both have the prediction from Benford’s law plotted as well.

                  You will see that Trump has too few 1s and 3s and too many 4s. There may be a slight uptick in 7s. The rest seems like noise to me. This is not too different from what some counties showed for Biden in 2020.

                  You will see that Clinton has slightly too few 1s and too many 2s and 3s, and not enough 4s, 5s, and 6s.

                  Neither candidate follows Benford’s Law particularly well. I am unaware of any claims of vote manipulation in Mississippi in 2016. But it turns out that Benford’s Law breaks down for lots of benign reasons in elections. Use with caution.

                  1. Nice work. I worked out that Benford's law wouldn't really apply while lying in bed trying to fall asleep one night after seeing a post about it somewhere else, (Slept like a baby once I realized precinct populations weren't random.) but it's nice to have rigorous numbers.

                    What bothers me at this point is that, while it's starting to look like the election wasn't stolen, and it certainly won't be possible to prove it was stolen, there were still a rather breathtaking number of irregularities and corners cut. Way too many for a nation where political polarization and distrust are approaching pre-Civil war levels.

                    We're in a position where it isn't enough that the elections not be stolen. It needs to be painfully obvious elections aren't being stolen. We need processes that are as transparent as vacuum and locked down solid, that don't rely on even the tiniest bit of trust.

                    Purged voter rolls. Ballot harvesting beaten back. Use of reprogrammable computers as voting machines outlawed. Iron clad chains of custody. Election observers and webcams all over the place. Strict segregation of ballots. Strict liability for failure to preserve evidence. And hanging by the toes for any judge who even suggests waiving enforcement of election laws.

                    I'm afraid we're not going to see any of that, because both parties' establishments are happy to see Trump gone, and neither wants to credit claims of election irregularities by doing anything to stop them in the future.

                    But 'trust' isn't coming back, it needs to be replaced with industrial quantities of 'verify'. We can't keep running elections on the honor system the way we have been.

                    1. One of the things I've realized while looking into these claims is that the system actually does have a number of safeguards. There is definitely room for improvement, but, just some examples

                      1) The voting machines supplied by Dominion that are getting a lot of scrutiny are almost entirely used to tabulate paper ballots, whether they are filled in by hand or printed. So there is still an auditable paper trail.

                      2) When mail-in ballots were being tabulated each step of the process was separated, from signature verification, to opening outer envelopes when present, to opening and counting ballot envelopes. Numbers were tracked at each step and had to agree. Officials had to sign off on things so that someone would be accountable.

                      3) When mistakes or even intentional fraud does happen, it's caught. Witness the instance of a son with the same name and address as his deceased father raising a red flag and being investigated. Or the thumbdrive that got left behind at a polling place in Georgia but was eventually uploaded to and counted in the final tally.

                      4) The Trump administration has been given numerous opportunities to challenge results in court and will continue to be given those opportunities. The system is working.

                      5) See the vast quantity of publicly available data that is being poured over by internet sleuths. All the supposed irregularities that I have looked into are explainable and not nefarious, but the data is out there and lots of people are looking at it.

                      I take your point about trust, but I think there is a lot more verification built into the system than we realize (certainly more than I realized before digging more).

                      Again, that's not to say things can't still go wrong. That's not to say we shouldn't still scrutinize and give a fair hearing to claims of irregularities. It's not to say that we shouldn't seek to continually improve and call out people that stand in the way.

                      But when one group of people goes into an election with an extremely strong prior belief that it will be corrupt, and when that belief is actively encouraged by those in positions of power and authority, I'm not sure if any level of verification will change their mind. But, that's what I'm trying to do nevertheless. I see specific claims of fraud or irregularities and I try my best to investigate them to see if there is anything to be concerned about, and then report back in the hope that it will build confidence among a small group of people who might otherwise be suspicious. And I try to be respectful of those that are suspicious of the election results at all time, because they deserve to have their concerns heard. That is what I would want if the roles were reversed.

                      Hopefully this builds some mutual trust among commenters here at Reason. It's a start.

                    2. And here "Debunking" Conspiracies proves without doubt that he is nothing but a partisan shill.

                    3. Literally your entire argument for the security of elections comes down to "trust these people at face value, here's an anecdote that proves they're totes honest".

                      But congratulations commentariat, you/we got the DNC to assign a staffer here.

                    4. “trust these people at face value, here’s an anecdote that proves they’re totes honest”

                      I submit the above comments to you in rebuttal.

                    5. @Nardz

                      To be more specific, in the AM links I asked what would convince you that the election results were not the result of fraud or other irregularities. You said showing that the same anomalies that occur in Democratic strongholds occur in Republican strongholds (I'm paraphrasing -- if I misunderstood your meaning, please let me know).

                      I stated that the identified anomalies I investigated thus far have not stood up to scrutiny, and have either been in keeping with expectations for a legitimate election or attributable to bad data or bad analysis. I said that if you could point me to anomalies that do stand up to scrutiny that I would see if they also occur in Republican strongholds (again, paraphrasing). You asked me for citations showing that the anomalies identified do not stand up to scrutiny.

                      The posts above are in response to that request.

                      If you found deficiencies in the analysis let me know and I'll try correct them. If you have other anomalies you would like me to look into let me know and I'll do my best.

                    6. Your "above statements" are cherry picked bullshit that avoid the clear question asked.

        2. I didn't ask you for cites, I told you to provide other locations with similar data.
          You didn't do that, you provided an admirable amount of obfuscation (assuming you personally, rather than a team, put this little testimony together) that drones on about Benford's Law even though I didn't mention it.
          You seem well prepared to refute a narrow range of isolated statistical questions you've chosen but weren't asked, while conspicuously avoiding the comparative data i specifically and clearly asked about.

          1. Show me consistency to shake my belief in fraud.

            1. But consistency with what?

              That is the point of my question.

              What irregularities in the data or statistical anomalies make you distrust the election results?

              We have to first identify those before we can see if they are consistent with other jurisdictions.

              I provided a summary of claimed irregularities and statistical anomalies that do no stand up to scrutiny.

              Please point me to ones that do, and I'll see if they are inconsistent with other jurisdictions.

              1. PA and Michigan absentee ballot ratios.

                This isn't fucking hard to understand.

          2. You seem well prepared to refute

            A little too well prepared, if you ask me. Better put him in front of a firing squad, just to be sure.

    2. It's cute that you think we're going to put Trump behind us. The Democrats have found their perfect supervillain and for the next 40 years anything bad that happens in America is going to be all Trump's fault. Trump will accomplish far more when he's gone than he ever accomplished in office.

      1. He's gonna replace Reagan as the Patron Saint of Conservatism / Democrat Boogeyman.

        1. i fear you may be correct...... god, i just want to forget America ever sank this low.

          1. Something about people getting the government they deserve.

            1. H.L. Mencken.

            2. It’s the government YOU deserve. Not me, or the good people here

    3. "Nightmare years" LOL! You sound like someone who would run to the ER for a hangnail.

      1. Seriously. All those Blacks and Hispanics with more jobs than ever in history. The horror!

    4. "6 million more popular votes"

      6 million more fraudulent votes. There, I fixed it for you. Now stop corrupting the integrity of our system.

      1. Sure thing. You have proof?

        1. A lot of people are working on that. Unfortunately a lot of people, your people, are trying to simultaneously obstruct justice and force an end to an scrutiny.

          You really are to blame for much of the evil in our country Tubby. And why do you persist with the sock puppets? It fools no one. T just showcases what a lying, valor stealing, pedophillic shitweasel you truly are.

  4. >>Donald Trump continues to refuse to concede.

    these stupid headlines make me want to respond "fuck you, gaslighter" but I'm not the kind to type it out

    1. GSA presidential transition Act

      Notice unreason wont mention that the GSA director got threats.

      Or that Biden accepting this money open his campaign up to audits in addition to limits of $5,000 per person, business, or organization. This is some "n"th D chess by Trump.

  5. Stacey Abrams still hasn't conceded the Georgia governor's race - doesn't make a damn bit of difference as far as Governor Brian Kemp is concerned. What difference does it make if Trump doesn't concede so long as Biden takes over? (Well, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Soros, Xi, whoever's calling the shots over there.)

    All this squawking about "violating norms" and "undermining trust in our sacred institutions of democracy" is pretty rich coming from people who insist Trump is a literal Hitler who was installed by the Russians and everything he does is the illegal and unconstitutional actions of an evil retarded madman. How exactly does that not undermine trust in our government? And why the hell should you trust your government? Distrust in government is what America's all about. And don't even get me started on what the belief that half the people in this country are white supremacist evil morons does to trust.

    1. >>>And why the hell should you trust your government?

      I mean please ... be my guest ... but don't write for money at Reason.

    2. And don’t even get me started on what the belief that half the people in this country are white supremacist evil morons does to trust.
      Haven't you heard? We're going to have unity. Never mind the enemies lists that numerous Dems wants, or the truth/reconciliation commission of Robert Reich's wet dreams.

      If the left thinks half the country is white supremacists, why would it want to be friends with people like that? And why would people called such things want to be friends with their accusers?

      1. Also racism is a public health crisis for which there is no vaccine, so those lists (and social media) will be used to populate the quarantine camps.

        1. racism is a public health crisis for which there is no vaccine

          You know, it's entirely possible to think that CRT is a completely batshit school of thought that is actively harming society AND understand what a metaphor is.

          1. Citation they believe it is a metaphor? Inherent bias, a core concept of CRT, disagrees with it being a metaphor.

            1. You're right. When I said 'metaphor' I was stuck on the 'vaccine' bit from Nardz's post and thinking of the people who metaphorically compare racism to COVID. That's my bad.

              I'll be more to the point: thinking that the CRT police are going to put Americans in camps for wrongthink is dumb. That's all.

              1. "Trust in the system and the goodness of Top Men."
                Not like they destroyed tens of millions of people's lives on a whim or anything recently...

                1. Tell you what, if people start being marched off to the gulags that you've been promising ever since you realized that really did lose, I'll fully admit to the egg on my face. I'm sure it'll be any day now.

                  1. Just kill yourself, you're worthless

        2. We need to legalize dueling again. Then every to,e one of us has their honor insulted by a progressive. We will have a legal pretext to brutally injure or kill them for it.

          Then they can learn their place. Which is to slither back under the rocks they live under.

      2. What our supposed betters need to expect is 300 million guns in 40 million hands, 99% of whom think the election was stolen.

    3. Trump has ongoing legal actions to contest the election based on election rules, the constitution, and election fraud. Why would he concede? He has to December 14, 2020 when Electors meet or possibly when Congress can contest state Elector votes when opened.

      1. i am somewhat curious why the democrats and msm doesn't want the votes to be audited. It seems to me that if everything was in order and there was little to no fraud, the election results would be the same and Biden's win cold be irrefutably confirmed. Correct? This election could then be used to brow-beat republicans for decades to come. Why wouldn't you want to do that? Seems like a golden opportunity to me.

        1. This election has been audited six ways to Sunday. They did a hand recount in GA. Recounts in Wisconsin. Tabulators are checked before the election and rechecked after. What exactly are you looking for in a audit?

          1. Audits are more in depth than mere recounts.

          2. No signatures were checked in Georgia.

            1. Yes, they were checked, and the rejection rate was on par with previous elections. Also signature checks make no sense anyhow, the election officials are not handwriting experts.

              1. No. Stop lying.

          3. Recount was bogus, as has been repeatedly reported.

    4. The problem is that popular culture has forgotten how important "saving face" is to resolving these disputes. This is a problem largely created by the left, because they hate traditional frameworks, and are looking to replace these power structures permanently.

      I once worked for a middle eastern tyrant boss. He was the worst. But he at least understood that no one is going to work for you in a constant state of humiliation. Rather than chew you out for doing things the wrong way (i.e. differently than he decided on a whim) he would have a meeting with your colleague and tell THEM he wasn't satisfied. Then you would get the message, and go to him saying, "Hey boss, I realize I did this whole thing wrong. I'm going to do this differently." This allows you to save face, even though you are being cowed into submission.

      This is not just a middle eastern phenomenon. All over levels of upper management at companies, you will see some VP take another roll to promote special projects or whatever, only to leave the company a month or two later. Dig into the rumors, and you find that person lost a bitter and deep political battle, and was pushed aside by the winners. But that VP got to keep his job until he had something new lined up. This is because his political rivals know that it is better to give him a soft send off than to alienate his entire (possibly loyal) organization with scorched-earth humiliation.

      It is a reality that roughly 50% (or close enough to not matter) of this country does not want what the liberals are trying to sell them. When you have people in the media and government power trying to humiliate those losers, and even worse, talk about "deprogramming" and punishing those losers, what reason do those losers have to join you in the next four years? These people are PROMISING to prosecute Trump and his allies non-stop as soon as he gets out of power. What reason does he have to leave quietly?

      1. What could make them get on board? Bonbons and shoulder massages?

        Personal responsibility: it's not just for poor people.

        1. Personal responsibility = "getting on board" with progressive government programs?

          1. The beatings will continue until moral improves.

        2. Tony, an unaccountable swishbuckler like you is the last person to be lecturing anyone about accountability. You progtards eschew it.

  6. HOT OFF OF THE PRESSES! Trump's NEWEST concession speech! Short and sweet!

    Nobody likes me,
    Everybody hates me,
    Guess I'll go eat worms.

    Long, thin, slimy ones,
    Short, fat, juicy ones,
    Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy worms.

    Down goes the first one,
    Down goes the second one,
    Oh, how they wiggle and squirm.

    Up comes the first one,
    Up comes the second one,
    Oh how they wiggle and squirm.

    1. No faggot, no one likes YOU.

      Kill yourself.

  7. Trump vs Biden win for Trump and Biden has to repay the PTA funds.


    1. Judges have repeatedly swatted down legal challenges, and the Trump team's claims of fraud have reached the kind of comical depths even a television writer could not possibly have envisioned. It's within Trump's right to avail himself of the courts to try to turn this election around, but there is little point in everybody else pretending he hasn't lost.

      Poor Shackford. He has been disappointed so many times when posting propaganda against Trump.

      Lower courts helping Trump by getting the case before the SCOTUS as fast as possible. Gore waited until December 12, 2000 before he lost Bush v Gore.

      1. Uh, trial courts are where the evidentiary record is developed and where essential fact finding takes place. SCOTUS jurisdiction here is appellate only. If no evidence of fraud sufficient to vitiate the results of at least three states has been presented to the trial courts, there is no remedy for SCOTUS to impose.

  8. Hey Shackford, the DOW Jones got back up to 30,000.

    Poor Communists at unreason tried to help nuke the US economy and it is being held up by businesses being open in Red states.

    1. It's being helped by Joe Biden winning the election, Moron.

      1. lol no
        full stop

      2. Oh Look! Tubby Pedo Jeffy made a funny.

  9. Give it a rest man. Pull your head out of your ass and join the rest of us.

    1. @ LC1987

  10. It's gonna be a lot quieter around here.

    1. You get to enjoy all your leftist bot friends now.
      Though they might stop visiting after the seizure of power is achieved since totalitarians don't need to worry about you anymore.

  11. We had eight years of the Republicans claiming Obama was not president because he wasn't a natural born citizen. No amount of proofs would convince them otherwise.

    Now we will have eight years of refusing to recognize Biden as the actual winner. No amount of proofs will convince them that Biden actually won both the popular and electoral vote.

    Not that the Democrats are blameless. Hillary still claims the Russians stole her win by posting on Facebook. But the topic now is the transition of Trump, and the sins of the Democrats do not excuse the sins of the Republicans.

    1. Burkina Faso just had their elections and there were fewer problems than in the US. Why do THEY have stronger standards than us?

    2. You skipped right past four years of Dems not just refusing to recognize Trump, but actively working to undermine him, even before he took office. From campaign surveillance to four years of "russia, russia, russia," to the shampeachment, and now you want unity? Fuck off.

      No amount of proofs will convince them that Biden actually won both the popular and electoral vote.
      That must explain the Dems' steadfast refusal to notice the multiple red flags billowing. Maybe the anomalies are easily explained, but you can't tell that from how the left is carrying on.

      1. He was recognized as president. Trust me, everyone noticed.

        The Mueller investigation did not exonerate Trump of anything, and it said so. Republicans in the senate may have stuck their fingers in their ears, called no witnesses, and dismissed the impeachment, but that doesn't mean it was based on lies. People went to prison. Trump really did try to get campaign dirt on the Bidens from a foreign country. The same dirt he tried to win the election with and failed.

        I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you were just fine with Mitch McConnell and the Republicans "actively working to undermine" Obama for the crime of being a Democrat.

        1. Hillary paid for a fake dossier filled with Russian disinfo. When you point your finger three point back at you.

          1. You don't have the first clue about what you're talking about. You have GOP-supplied talking points instead of thoughts.

            1. You’re projecting again you Marxist drone. It will be good when your kind forces Americans to slaughter you in self defense.

    3. Seriously man. Fuck right off. The way Dems acted the last 4 years make the Obama opposition look like Romper Room.

      1. Democrats were right. Trump has killed way more people than anyone even thought he would.

        1. Ask the Libyans about Obama.

        2. Twice as many would have died were Hillary or Biden president. The press would have covered for them.

    4. "We had eight years of the Republicans claiming Obama was not president because he wasn’t a natural born citizen."

      The difference is that the majority of republicans did not actually believe or claim this. And even among those who believed he was not a US Citizen, there were many who didn't feel like it made him illegitimate. Among most of these people, they were suspicious he was ineligible to run, but they weren't denying that he WON the election.


      The Left is the opposite. They have steadfastly denied that their opponent WON the election since Bush v Gore was settled in a divided SCOTUS ruling. For months, people insisted Gore actually won. It was not until 2004 that Bush was finally accepted as legitimate. And the same happened in 2016- they spent years insisting that Trump actually STOLE the election- that he did not win except for Russian hackers. This has been a phenomenon on the left at least since Nixon.

      But that is all changing. I saw a poll today that something like 73% of Trump voters think he won, and only 3% think he lost. That will likely change over the coming year, but it is unprecedented on the Right for so many people to be convinced that the president elect not only pulled some dirty tricks, but actually stole the election.

      The Left's desire to sneer and condescend, while promising divine punishment for Trump and his allies, and "deprogramming" for his supporters is not going to improve things.

      1. U) After receiving the GRU' s materials, WikiLeaks timed its document releases for maximum political impact.. WikiLeaks released the GRU-hacked materials obtained from the DNC on the eve of the Democratic National Convention. It released materials stolen from Podesta's email account starting on October 7, 2016, and continued to release Podesta's emails up until the election. ' (U) While the GRU and WikiLeaks were releasing hacked documents, the Trump Campaign sought to maximize the impact of those materials to aid Trump's electoral prospects. To do so, the Trump Campaign took actions to obtain advance notice about WikiLeaks releases of Clinton emails; took steps to obtain inside information about the content of releases once WikiLeaks began to publish stolen information; created messaging strategies to promote and share the materials in anticipation of and following their release; and encouraged further theft of information and continued leaks. (U) Trump and senior Campaign officials sought to obtain advance information about WikiLeaks through Roger Stone. In spring 2016, prior to Assange's public announcements, Stone advised the Campaign that WikiLeaks would be releasing materials harmful to Clinton. Following the July 22 DNC release, Trump and the Campaign believed that Roger Stone had known of the release and had inside access to WikiLeaks, and repeatedly communicated with Stone about WikiLeaks throughout the summer and fall of 2016. Trump and other senior Campaign officials specifically directed Stone to obtain information about upcoming document releases relating to Clinton and report back. At their direction, Stone took action to gain inside knowledge for the Campaign and shared his purported knowledge directly with Trump and senior Campaign officials on multiple occasions. Trump and the Campaign believed that Stone had inside information and expressed satisfaction that Stone's information suggested more releases would be forthcoming.


        1. If anything looked bad in those emails, it's the DNC's fault. Not the people that exposed them.

          1. Collusion.

            1. Yes, the DNC colluded with foreign powers and betrays America regularly.

        2. So what? Let's set aside that your copy pasta doesn't show anything more untoward than a campaign trying to find out and use dirt that was already in the wild. Your posting it EXACTLY PROVES MY POINT.

          You idiots on the Left have spent every single election complaining that the legally elected president STOLE it. You normalized it in the press, encouraged it among your brothers, and repeated accusation after hyperbolic accusation. And now I get to listen to you whine about those mean people on the right making the same argument for the next four years. Fabulous.

          You, captain copy pasta, are indeed part of the problem. You created this shithole of public discourse and you merely lack the intelligence and perspective to see it.

          1. You have got to be kidding me. I have seen people recently STILL complaining that they thought Kennedy "stole" the election in 1960. The two tribes complaining that the other "stole" the election is not new, has been around for a very long time.

            1. I love how you say "people on both sides" as if a bunch of cranks in a bar or on 8chan is anything like the hordes of Blue Check twitter users (journalists) going on and on about it in major media publications for years at a time.

        3. There's not a shred of evidence that the DNC was hacked. Remenber they refused to show the FBI the server. Podesta was phished not hacked either. Lies upon lies upon lies.

        4. But the #1 Republican, the one with the most followers did believe that and did press birtherism for a long time (Trump).

          1. So what? Who cares? No elections were stolen.

    5. Please cite the law or federal court case that defines the phrase "natural born citizen". It must actually contain the word "natural".

      1. This is a current question seeing how Harris might not be one either.

        1. jfc. This old number again?

          1. Cite the authoritative definition of the phrase or go back to your goat fucking.

            1. He only likes to fuck baby make goats.

              1. ‘Male’

        2. Wasn't she born in Oakland?

          1. Yes but there's nothing that says that makes her a natural born citizen. Because her parents were here on student visas she shouldn't even be a citizen. She wouldn't be anywhere in Europe.

    6. This post literally is just further demonstration youre a leftist. You think a small fringe of people with the birther shit is more than a 3 year Russia special council, an impeachment, open warfare by journalists, and a Resistance in the deep state.

      Youre a biased dummy.

      1. Birtherism isn't shit. As of today there is no legal definition of the phrase "natural born citizen". We're about to have a VP who might be ineligible.

        1. At the very least, anyone born a citizen under the 14th Amendment should be considered a natural-born citizen, and Harris certainly qualifies. There will always be some people who will use legalistic nonsense to deny the obvious.

          I have a bit more problem with people like Ted Cruz or Tammy Duckworth, but if Ted Cruz qualifies as a natural citizen, the whole birther thing was moot anyway, since Obama would have qualified even if he were born in Kenya.

          1. That's your opinion but nothing legal says that.

      2. And you are a delusional, mendacious dork.

        I have posted the bipartisan investigation results above. Read em and weep. Let me know when the Trump campaign manages to put even one piece of evidence in front of a court that supports any allegation of fraud.

        1-31 legal victory record lol. They must be saving the good evidence for some other court, right?

        1. "And you are a delusional, mendacious dork dick."


        2. Powell is filing her case in Georgia tomorrow.

          1. I can hardly wait.

          2. Who is Powell´s client, and on what facts does she predicate standing to sue?

    7. the sins of the Democrats do not excuse the sins of the Republicans.

      Tell that to the Trumpistas who whine and cry and bitch and moan about how it's not fair to be critical of their Dear Leader because Obama did it first.

  12. Shackford better get some kneepads if he's going to spend the next 4 years sucking Dem dick. Liberty or death bitch.

  13. I’m just glad John Kerry will have a reason to get out of the house again, once this COVID stuff is over.

    1. And who gets to travel more than the Climate Czar, er, Envoy?

  14. If/when Trump concedes the election to Biden, it should be done at the same time Trump announces he's launching his reelection campaign for 2024 (to lawfully reclaim the White House from those who stole it in 2020).

    Doing that would piss off all the Democrats and left wing media outlets (including Reason), whose headlines would be "Trump to run again in 2024" instead of "Trump concedes".

  15. Through much of the 2020 campaign and its aftermath Trump's behavior reminds me of Dustin Hoffman as he plays Lenny Bruce. Both Trump and Bruce (as depicted by Hoffman) have simply denigrated to listing complaints. Just as we see Bruce's audience tire of him so we have seen and will continue to see Trump's audience tire. After January 20th Trump will be little more than a note in history books. If he had ideas maybe, but complaints will not keep us entertained.

  16. Trump's Administration Blinks, Begins Formal Transition Planning

    So which of the 35 known genders will he (if I may be so bold) be transitioning to?

  17. If you have a credible case that the presidency was stolen from you, you would be able to find better lawyers than Rudy Giuliani and QAnoner Sidney Powell.

    1. Sidney Powell does seem to be equivalent to one of those Mesothelioma lawyers that advertises on the late night TV hours.

      1. She got Flynn off and exposed massive corruption. So fuck off faggot.

    2. Regardless of political affiliation, you have to admit that Trump and Giuliani deserve each other.

  18. Trump's Administration Blinks...

    Isn't Shackass one of the cadre of fuckstains who thought there wouldn't be a peaceful transition?

  19. Comical? Really? You’re finally getting it! It’s been a clown show from the day after the election. You’re late.

  20. "Trump administration blinks" is how you're spinning leftist death threats against herself, her family, and her fucking pets?

  21. Reason doesn't mention the death threats the GSA head, Emily Murphy, and her family received. From Fox News:

    "“I want to thank Emily Murphy at GSA for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our Country,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “She has been harassed, threatened, and abused – and I do not want to see this happen to her, her family, or employees of GSA. Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good fight, and I believe we will prevail!”

    “Nevertheless, in the best interest of our Country, I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same,” Trump added."

  22. I thought that Libertarians were for limited government. If there is a chance of a stolen election, shouldn't Libertarians be out front looking into the allegations. Nope, the believe the Progressives from both parties who say Biden is now our President and they seem to also believe the MSM.
    So, bow are Libertarians any different then the SWAMP Progressives?

    1. Your question is a bit of a mess. Yes, libertarians generally favor limited government. Unfortunately, neither of the major American political parties do. For small "l" folks, about the best we can hope for is divided government and gridlock. There's always a nonzero chance of election fraud. Libertarians generally favor data over speculation so... where's the proof of a stolen election? Since election fraud is normally handled through the legal system, I think libertarians first would examine the court filings and legal decisions to draw their own conclusions. Team Trump something like 1-31 in legal cases to date. Not encouraging. Of course, we would keep an open mind. If compelling evidence comes to light tomorrow, we would revisit our conclusion(s).

      Here's your thinking error (or at least one of them). Believing that the election results were valid does not convert a libertarian into a progressive. If a progressive thinks an election was stolen (as some did in 2016), that does not make them a libertarian. Libertarians (at least some of us) are different in that we tend to look at ideas as ideas. Making it about the person is the logical fallacy of argumentum ad hominem.

      Finally, to answer your question, libertarians are different than progressive because we hold different beliefs about the role of government and a host of other political/philosophical issues. Calling someone who doesn't agree with you a "lefty" or "swamp" something-or-other is basically an invitation for an educated, literate, thoughtful person to ignore what you are saying. There you have it.

      1. Libertarians generally favor data over speculation so… where’s the proof of a stolen election?

        That's the wrong question to ask. The right question to ask is: where is the evidence that the election was carried out correctly in the key districts? What are credible explanations for the statistical anomalies in key districts?

        Americans are voluntarily submitting to governmental authority. We have a right to see evidence that that authority is legitimate. The default is not and should not be trust in authority

  23. What a bunch of partisan drivel.

    In reality, the post election actions by Trump are simply lawful and reasonable: the transition started when enough votes were actually certified.

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