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Instead of Policing Thanksgiving, Governments Should Get Their Own Act Together

Plus: Trump adviser says TikTok ban will happen, Texas to teach birth control in middle school sex ed, and more...


Home-based gatherings and small-group socializing are at the root of the most recent spike in COVID-19 cases, say state leaders. Hence a new round of restrictions on when people can leave their homes, how many non-household members they can have over or meet up with, and other measures meant to once again slow the spread. Bars, restaurants, retail shops, and other places of business are also being targeted under new orders—but, these days, it's mostly private socializing which authorities are blaming. It's now become conventional wisdom in government, pundit spheres, and among at least some of the public that curtailing any and all socializing is a sound solution.

Hold up, says The New York Times (not exactly known to be a bastion of government-critical thinking about coronavirus containment). Where's the evidence for all of this?

Small gatherings can of course lead to people infecting one another—just like the virus doesn't get more deadly after dark, it doesn't care how many people you're with or how close you are with them. A small group here and a small group there and the virus can easily keep finding new hosts.

But that doesn't necessarily explain the recent surge in cases in all types of areas all over the country, health experts told the Times:

In dozens of statements over the past weeks, political leaders and public health officials have said that while previous waves of infection could be linked to nursing homes, meatpacking plants or restaurants, the problem now is that unmasked people are sitting too closely in kitchens and living rooms, lighting thousands of small Covid fires that burn through their communities….

But many epidemiologists are far less certain, saying there is little evidence to suggest that household gatherings were the source of the majority of infections since the summer. Indeed, it has become much harder to pinpoint any source of any outbreak, now that the virus is so widespread and Americans may be exposed in so many ways.

To the extent that we have data, they implicate prisons, health care facilities, and nightlife spots as superspreaders:

Most states don't collect or report detailed information about the exposure that led to a new infection. But in states where a breakdown is available, long-term care facilities, food processing plants, prisons, health care settings, and restaurants and bars are still the leading sources of spread, the data suggest.

An analysis of nearly 800 nursing homes in six states experiencing the biggest surges, including North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, found that these homes are still hot spots of viral transmission and that little has been done since the spring to reduce that risk….

In Colorado, only 81 active cases are attributed to social gatherings, compared with more than 4,000 from correctional centers and jails, 3,300 from colleges and universities, nearly 2,400 from assisted living facilities, and 450 from restaurants, bars, casinos and bowling alleys.

In Louisiana, social events account for just 1.7 percent of the 3,300 cases for which the state has clear exposure information.

So why the focus on banning social gatherings of more than 10 people, instituting curfews, or even banning all indoor and outdoor inter-household meetups (as Minnesota did this week)?

Perhaps they let authorities look like they're taking strong and swift action while shifting responsibility away from their own failures.

Of course they want people to blame their neighbors rather than focus on the number of deaths on politicians' hands. Of course authorities would rather wax on about you how you can do your part, and to issue rules that justify more policing, than focus on how the places they have total control over—jails and prisons—are some of the worst pandemic hot spots. Or how the state has basically written off the suffering and lives of people in them—many of whom haven't even been convicted of a crime.

Or how local, state, and federal authorities have limited or hindered testing options and capabilities, stood in the way of at-home testing, and otherwise made it more difficult for Americans to do one thing that really works at stopping the spread (one which does not rely on people becoming hermits indefinitely).Widespread mask adoption was a good early turning point for fighting the pandemic, and on our way to a vaccine, ramped up testing should have been the second turning point.

Because testing did get more widely available than it was originally, and case counts were lower over the summer, the testing options for a while seemed not great, but adequate. Now that demand for tests is surging again, however, it's become clear that not enough was done at all. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only just approved rapid at-home tests, and these—when they are rolled out—will still require a prescription. People in many parts of the country now report that getting tested has become an ordeal again, often requiring long waits out in the cold or in a waiting room full of other patients. Around me, in Cincinnati, there are very few rapid-testing sites and seemingly not enough testing sites generally, with many places still requiring a doctor's order or only testing for antibodies.

Meanwhile, the new lockdowns and restrictions on social gatherings are all message-sending and blame-shifting until the cops get involved.

While some sheriff's departments and police agencies say they won't enforce state orders, most are. And anything that puts people in more unnecessary contact with the police can be dangerous, especially for minority communities. (So far, we see New York City busting up sex clubs and targeting Orthodox Jewish communities…) New restrictions give police another pretense for surveilling and harassing black Americans and other groups who have historically been the targets of biased law enforcement.

Thanksgiving week is giving cops an extra excuse to flex their muscles. For instance, Maryland state police have said they will step up COVID restriction enforcement this Wednesday and Thursday nights. Pennsylvania has ordered no on-premise alcohol sales on Thanksgiving night, as well as the night before, and state Health Secretary Rachel Levine said that this week, "law enforcement and state agencies will be stepping up enforcement efforts, issuing citations and fines, and possible regulatory actions for repeat offenders."


Texas will include information about contraception in middle school sex education. "For the first time in more than two decades, Texas' Board of Education voted Friday to make major changes to the state's sex education standards, expanding the teaching of birth control beyond abstinence-only education for middle school students," notes The New York Times:

Under the revision, public school educators will be allowed to teach students in seventh and eighth grades about birth control methods such as condoms and other contraceptives, and about their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, S.T.D.s and S.T.I.s.

The revisions are set to go in effect in August 2022.


Trump adviser says TikTok and WeChat bans will happen. At a talk in Hanoi, Vietnam, U.S. national security adviser Robert O'Brien said Trump's stalled apps bans "will take place." From the South China Morning Post:

Moves by the Trump administration to restrict the Chinese-owned social-media platforms in the United States for what it said were national security reasons have been put on hold as a result of court injunctions. WeChat and TikTok users have argued that the bans were motivated by election year politics rather than genuine security concerns.

"We're now looking – those court cases are ongoing, so the federal government will wait and see what our courts tell us we can or can't do with respect to those bans," O'Brien said at an event in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi.

"I think ultimately the president's authority with those bans on those apps will be enforced. And I think even if there's a change in administration, those bans will take place."


• If President-elect Joe Biden is serious about criminal justice reform, he won't pick Merrick Garland for attorney general, writes Reason's Damon Root.

• South Dakota cops are trying to stop the state from legalizing marijuana after voters approved a ballot measure to do so.

• The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit has ruled that Texas and Louisiana can bar Medicaid patients from receiving covered services at Planned Parenthood. "The issue is likely to go next to the U.S. Supreme Court," says CBS News.

• States are planning yet another half-assed antitrust lawsuit against Google.

• The Trump Department of Justice is planning on going out on an execution spree.

• Nick Gillespie interviews former Reason Editor in Chief Virginia Postrel about her new book, The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World.

NEXT: Child Services Shouldn't Bother Moms Who Let Their Kids Walk Home From School

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  1. Home-based gatherings and small-group socializing are at the root of the most recent spike in COVID-19 cases, say state leaders.

    They’re trying to herd you away from such frivolities.

    1. They are making shit up. I’m going to say cold weather. People were hanging out all summer too.

      1. It is still the tests. The false positive rates are way above what an allowable test should give.

        1. NJ’s tracker shows both PCR positives (media number) and the lab-confirmed cases (lagging by about a week). Over single-week samples, the former is usually 20% higher than the latter.

          The hospitalization growth has tracked more closely with the latter than the former, but is still growing far more slowly than both (about 4% daily).

          Back in May I thought NJ was about 25% of the way through its cases and 75% through its deaths. Thus far I seem to be doing pretty well.

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            1. Excellent article, I enjoyed every moment thank you very much.

        2. Yeah, if you are talking about “cases”. There seems to be some increase in hospitalization and death as well. But that is completely expected for this time of year.

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      2. It’s nothing more than the annual spike in respiratory illnesses that we see every fucking year. There was no way that was going to stop regardless of what they did. Here’s what stood out from the section ENB quoted:

        In Colorado, only 81 active cases are attributed to social gatherings, compared with more than 4,000 from correctional centers and jails, 3,300 from colleges and universities, nearly 2,400 from assisted living facilities, and 450 from restaurants, bars, casinos and bowling alleys.

        So basically, the VAST majority of the case load is coming from specific groups that are clustered together for days at a time. Even in claiming that restaurants/bars are a problem, the actual number shows that these places are FAR less likely to be vectors than prisons, college dorms, and nursing homes. And you know what doesn’t show up? Barber shops, gyms, nail salons, massage parlors, parks, and K-12 schools.

        This should actually be a boon to the Maskhutulu cult because you can make the argument that there’s no reason to shut any part of the economy down if you tell people to wear their face diaper. You can encourage people to go to the gym or state park so that they can get exercise/fresh air, which will bolster their immune system. It shows that people eating in restaurants is not causing nearly as many cases as expected, and that they aren’t subsequently acting as super-spreaders through the rest of the community.

        1. To add on, that 450-case number was for the entire STATE across several types of leisure-style businesses, with the vast majority of the state’s population clustered along the Front Range and the spikes being centered in Denver, Adams, and Jefferson counties.

          And of course the Denver Post is parroting the lie that North and South Dakota have the worst case spikes in the country despite their own state, and places like Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, and California, being worse.

      3. I’m just glad that literally no BLM protest or Biden celebration ever caused a single COVID case.

    2. I predict most state leaders are like Cuomo, saying one thing, (planning on) doing another, until called on it.

      1. And then violating all the rules they impose on the little people.

        1. What’s the point of rules if you can’t violate them?

    3. Yep. We’re getting a preview of their Socialist Workers’ Utopia: no holidays, no family, no live music, no going out to the ball game, you can only have friends online not live, etc.

      1. But we do get mandatory political education sessions, right?

        1. State sponsored days of celebration only, packaged with generous “holiday pay” and curated services directed toward worship of the party and denunciations of saboteurs. Traditional and religious holidays can only be celebrated in secret, with friends and family you can trust not to rat you out to the authorities.

          My family lived through the Soviet Union once, and we are about to live through it again. Watching this “free” country descend into Soviet style governance is very disheartening.

          1. Apparently there was a family in New York that was going to have a family gathering, and ended up canceling after the grandparents cluelessly told their neighbors and got a bunch of social shaming and threats as a result.

            Grandma and Grandpa are still functioning under a cultural paradigm of high-trust, homogenous communities where you could expect your neighbors to not be a bunch of snitch-ass bitches.

            1. Outdated in the Union of Soviet State America

            2. grandma and grandpa remember when this country used to wag its finger and scold at nations that turned citizens against each other.

              1. Traitor!

            3. Many people believe that mass Soviet repression was made possible largely because of the operations of the KGB. However, the ranks of the KGB were sparse. The departments were well staffed for their intended purposes (which primarily consisted of churning propaganda and running international spy operations) but, relative to the rest of the Soviet state apparatus, the KGB was almost a non-existent entity.

              To the contrary, the repression was possible because the people **believed** the KGB to be omniscient and omnipresent. They were not. There were not nearly enough agents to wage a perpetual campaign of terror against the people …. but there were more than enough jealous neighbors, uptight co-workers, scolds, opportunists, and devout one-hundred percenters to make up for the shortfalls in the KGB’s manpower. The people caged themselves into a society of repression. People turned each other over to the authorities with the false idea that this loyalty would grant them a reprieve in the future — perhaps they can now buy that black market caviar, or Finnish coat, without fear of retribution. Most times, it was nothing more than personal animus.

              It did not matter, however, in the end. The authorities did not consider any favors, or loyalties, because the authorities were not the ones hunting people down. Everybody knew the game and they played it anyway. Once such repressive terror becomes prevalent, people participate in it as unflinchingly as they pay taxes. Even with full knowledge that they were perpetuating the system, people participated.

              If we find ourselves trapped in this pattern of repressive inertia, it will be a decades long affair and we will not break free of it without a great civil cataclysm. What we are seeing now is only the beginning.

              1. Yeah, the same thing happened there as what happens during any power grab by the far left–it’s not necessarily the machine of the state that carries out the oppression, it’s ordinary people buying into the regime and taking out their anxiety on their neighbors. Whether it’s people during the French Revolution pointing a finger and whispering, “I think he favors the royals,” to the arbitrary jailings and executions in eastern Europe and Russia, to the Red Guards in China torturing and killing people, to the infighting that led to the Weatherman terrorists splitting off from the SDS and later becoming Weather Underground.

                Leftism has always been an ideology of destruction. It’s literally incapable of building or sustaining anything stable and high-trust because its energy is always pointed towards a designated oppressor and wreaking vengeance on that target.

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    9. Clearly we just need to vacuum seal everyone in plastic bags. No more Carnivorous!

  2. Mask wearing is causing the spikes.

    1. Pretty sure the SARS-CoV-2 is causing the spikes.

        1. watch?


      1. and all the lockdowns were ineffective

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  3. If President-elect Joe Biden is serious about criminal justice reform, he won’t pick Merrick Garland for attorney general…

    Biden’s career up to now can I think safely inform us about where he stands on criminal justice.

    1. A good portion of Reason either forgot or didn’t care.

      1. They didn’t forget, it was wilful. Now half of them are pretending they didn’t tacitly support him because of orange man bad. They chose a decrease in our liberties over mean tweets. Fuck em.

        1. Yeah I was being sarcastic. They’ve exposed themselves completely at this point.

        2. I very explicitly supported outsting of Bad Orange Man. His continual efforts to drive partisan division, incivility, and undermining of democracy is poison to the future of our country.

          1. That’s because you’re a leftist and don’t see leftism, and all the big government authoritarianism that comes with it, as a problem.

            1. Caw caw!

          2. But enough about progressives.

    2. Besides, McConnell would likely hold out until 2024 on confirming Garland. Let’s wait and let the voters speak.

      1. Wow

        What a fucking joke

        1. I’m glad you liked it. Try the veal.

    3. Of course he would want to appoint a hanging judge as his AG.

      1. Gotta put those Blacks back in line. Can’t have BLM running around burning down Democrats cities while Biden HARRIS is president.

  4. Home-based gatherings and small-group socializing are at the root of the most recent spike in COVID-19 cases, say state leaders. Hence a new round of restrictions on when people can leave their homes, how many non-household members they can have over or meet up with, and other measures meant to once again slow the spread.

    Only in the Communist states. Georgia has none of these restrictions. No mask restrictions and businesses are open.

    1. Still denying you live in a blue state?

      1. Or is that a red state with a blue city?

        1. Even deeply blue California fits that pattern.

          1. Does it? Think harder Dee.

            1. Yes, it does. Do you ever have anything of substance to say.

        2. Atlanta doesnt run anything in the rest of Georgia but they think they do.

          Every resident of Democrat controlled Atlanta has probably had their vehicle broken into but Republicans are the problem.

          1. Mostly peaceful break-ins.

          2. Sure looks like they are running you slate of electors. Maybe you can move to S. Carolina.

      2. I would point out all the Republicans who are in office in Georgia, including our two GOP US Senators.

        Every Democrat who could vote for Ossoff and he lost to Perdue by 80,000 votes.

        Georgia was Blue and it might be some day again. If Georgia turns Blue it means that Blue states are changing Red.

        Look at how Trump only lost NY and IL states by 800k votes. I guess Republicans will have to take over those states and start to fix those like they are in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

        1. I never heard back if Matt Welch would leave unreason when Trump wins reelection with Trump vs Biden.

          1. Will you leave Reason if Biden wins?

            1. I dont sell my reputation like Matt Welch.

              I have started visiting Glibertarians because there you can get a good discussion about topics without unreason commie staffers and bots lying all the way down.

            2. I will make a bet with every current unreason staffer that if Biden wins I wont bash them as much but if Trump is reelected they all leave.

              1. I have been assured by the commies that work at unreason that Biden won, so its a sure thing for them.

  5. South Dakota cops are trying to stop the state from legalizing marijuana after voters approved a ballot measure to do so.

    Won’t someone please think of the cops?

    1. But they’ll no longer be able to say they searched your car because “they thought they smelled marijuana.” One of the most common ways cops dodge the 4th amendment.

      1. Exactly.

      2. “I thought I smelled a sawed-off shotgun”

        1. I smell gun oil better search oh wait its legal to have a gun in SD

          1. I smell turkey and dressing,. You been at a get together? Step out of the car.

    2. Think of all the civil asset forfeiture they will miss out on.

    1. In the 1910’s they were advocating then uber-progressive scientific racism and putting pygmies into zoo’s. In the 1920’s they ran cover for Stalin’s Holodomor and wrote flattering editorials about the Nazis.

      They’ve been the Propaganda Bullhorn for the left for over 100 years.

      1. But they are consistent in one way: NYT reporters and editors just know they are smarter and morally superior, and therefore should be in charge.

        1. Well, I mean look what happens when Americans pick a Libertarian-ish person to be President.

          He limits government
          He stands up for America against authoritarian Commies like China
          He leaves American business to flourish
          He appoints judges who respect rule of law not rule of man

          1. $3.1 trillion in new debt

            1. Which is one third of what the last occupant of the WH presided over. You know, when no one was concerned about debt.

              1. unreason protectors always omit how Trump was president during veto-proof spending bills.

                Chocolate Jesus never had veto-proof spending bills.

      2. That is the other great point. The Lefty media didn’t just become propagandists for Socialists. They have been doing it in different ways for over 100 years.

  6. Biden’s landslide victory continues to pay off for’s benefactor Charles Koch.

    Mr. Koch earned $742,000,000 yesterday.

    Now do you see why Wall Street and billionaires overwhelmingly backed Biden? Because they knew he’d end the #DrumpfDepression. And if the market is doing this well under President-Elect Biden, imagine what will happen when he actually takes office.


    1. The 1% are heros now!

      1. Well, not just the 1%. As a Koch / Reason libertarian, my philosophy exists to benefit the top 1% of the top 1% of the top 1% of the top 1%.


        1. Tippy top.

    1. Good for you. Never break kayfabe.

      1. The corruption by Democrats speaks for itself.

    2. Just in case, prepare some TRUMP 2024!!! ASCII art. It will give you something to hang your hopes for the future on.

      1. Trump’s second term is 2021-2025. He can’t run again in 2024.

        Funny that Biden will have to repay the transition moneys from GSA.

        1. Is that the law?

          1. I was looking that up today to see. I just thought it was a funny Trump thing to do.

            Okay the federal money release and now Biden is accepting federal money based on a massive election fraud scheme. At the very least, Biden campaign would have to pay it back and concede to Trump.


            1. GSA Presidential transition

              Plus, accepting that money Biden’s campaign is now subject to an audit.

              1. As noted, the PTA also sets limitsations on transition-related donations as a condition for receiving services andfunds under the act. Under these limitations, the President-elect and Vice President-elect “shall not accept more than $5,000 from any person, organization, or other entity for the purposes of carrying out activities authorized by” the PTA.

                Biden cannot accept more than $5,000 per person for defending Trump vs Biden.

                HAHA. The more I read, the more genius this was by Trump. HAHA

                Trump is locking Biden into a box for campaign donations if Biden accepts this Presidential Transition Act money.

        2. Just in case, lc. Just in case.

  7. “expanding the teaching of birth control beyond abstinence-only education for middle school students,”

    13 year olds practicing abstinence really pissed off the “Cuties” crowd. Buttplug must be thrilled even if he perfers his meat ‘raw’.

    1. Do you have a funny accent? Would you be a dear and upload your voice so I can lol harder when I read your weird comments?

      1. It would be easier for you to be a bigot if she had a weird accent, yes?

      2. Wow, I really touched a nerve, huh Jeff. You haven’t been this angry since you got in shit for posting kiddieporn links here.
        You’re supermad now.

        1. You’re a girl?

          1. No.

      3. He has a little “, eh.” at the end of each sentence. You have to add it in your head.

      4. Also, picture him wearing a toque.

        1. Fair enough, I picture you wearing a pussyhat and a Rainbow Warrior t-shirt.

  8. And anything that puts people in more unnecessary contact with the police can be dangerous, especially for minority communities.

    Fear not. When we take to the streets to protest the inevitable result, we will be immune.

  9. Trump adviser says TikTok and WeChat bans will happen

    Damn. Now how will the CCP get kids to install spyware on daddy’s work phone.

    1. That’s what the Facebook app is for.

  10. WeChat and TikTok users have argued that the bans were motivated by election year politics rather than genuine security concerns.

    Wait, there were election year politics?

    1. Just that. Everything else was responded to in a totally sane and calm manner with no ulterior motives


    Bros, please enjoy. You will enjoy or maybe you’re not human? Click and find out.

    1. Admit it: this one weird video cured your erectile dysfunction.

      1. I love talking about my dick so thank you. It’s been described as perfect. It’s 7plus inches with nice girth I could say 8 inches but whatever. Uncircumcised. Should I continue?

        1. People with bid dicks don’t actually talk about their dicks anonymously. Just proving yourself to be an incel.

          1. It’s a TMI-based calculation. You’re not smart enough to get the math.

        2. Uncircumcised

          Explains all the jew hate and that weird phimosis defense I suppose.

          1. Jew hate? I’m sure. Phimosis? I had to look that up. You apparently are very familiar with that word on the other hand. Hmmm?

            1. Lol, not surprised general medical knowledge baffles you, and FYI, “No you!” isn’t as clever of a comeback as you imagine.

              1. They have to do a lot of their own medical care in Canada because of the waiting lists.

                1. Hey look more white knighting for anti-semitism and penis talk from Dee!

                  1. Hey Dee, I promise that Youtube link isn’t kiddie porn like your friends are into.

    2. Should have known it was something idiotic.

      1. Thanks for the warning.

      2. I thought it was really well done, and it highlighted the difference between Democrats and humans.

        No way in fuck would a Democrat go down with his ship. They usually desert even before the rats. But there’s Trump, dancing and drinking and following his duty to the end.

        1. Lol

        2. JFK had his PT boat in idle in front of a Jap destroyer Amagiri and it was sliced in half and then exploded.

          ‘ol jack lived. No way he was going down with his ship. Him and Daddy Joe parlayed that into a stolen presdential election (ironic…).

          1. And set a precedent for Teddy?

            1. Trump is such a poopy head for denying all those career bureaucrats and politicians their family dynasties.

              I laughed when Biden picked John Kerry. John Kerry is totally gonna run for President again someday soon.

    3. I must say I enjoyed the video – endless showcasing of how Trump was dragging down the GOP and these guys were getting wiped out for supporting him. Not quite the way it worked out, did it?

      1. Hitler never lost an election either. Boom! *is this true?

        1. Yeah, the anti-war, Israel-lobby president with Jewish kids was definitely literally Hitler.

      2. The House of Representatives election 2020 looks to be 220 Democrat seats to 211 Republican seats. LA has a runoff, I think. Add in DC’s 3 seats for 435.

        Census 2020 is shifting probably over 10 Blue state House seats to Red states. You only need 6 House seat changes to flip the House to Republican 218-217.

  12. Ugh. More Russian talking points from my least favorite journalist Glenn Greenwald.

    Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, was one of the key people in the group formed by CIA, Dems & neocons — including (of course) Bill Kristol, Mike Chertoff, Mike Morell, Mike Rogers, Podesta, etc. — urging more belligerence toward Moscow

    He actually thinks it’s a bad thing that #TheResistance has such an easy time finding common ground with neocons. Like, WTF? For me, foreign policy was one of the major reasons I voted for Biden.


    1. Have to admit, that’s pretty good, OBL. I suspect there are very few people who voted for him for his policies, unless ‘not Trump’ counts.

  13. South Dakota cops are trying to stop the state from legalizing marijuana after voters approved a ballot measure to do so.

    Yet another blow to our most sacred institutions of democracy and the societal norms that undergird them.

    Wait, isn’t drug legalization an affront to our societal norms? And gay marriage and genderism and a rejection of capitalism and democracy itself? I’m confused now, is violating norms a good thing or a bad thing?

    1. Depends if you name is Norm.

      1. And who’s doing the violating.

    1. This article does not contain an embedded video, or a link to any videos, from State Farm Arena in Fulton County, GA. It does contain a subpoena requesting access to State Farm Arena itself, as well as documents and surveillance tapes from the arena, but no evidence is presented regarding what such documents and videos contain.

        1. This article explicitly and repeatedly refutes a claim of fraud or of a ballot being discarded.

          1. According to local officials. HAHA

            They provided no evidence of what they are saying.

            There is evidence of election workers throwing things away. Don’t you think they should pile all papers included in the envelopes that are NOT ballots in a separate pile and verified trash later?

            Election workers should never been allowed to throw stuff away, shred stuff, bring papers in or take papers out.

            1. I laugh how Lefties went from ZERO election fraud 2020 to just a little bit of election fraud and its been all investigated in 2 weeks and found to be baseless.

              Propaganda existed before the election and the media is really trying to make sure Biden wins.

              1. You are worse than the lefties, LC. For weeks now that video has been debunked for everyone except crazed idiots who 1) Think they can just keep screaming like a toddler and people will believe them and 2) don’t realize that such easily refuted nonsense actually makes real criticisms and actual irregularities more easily dismissed by the media.

                Stop helping the left, and for once in your short life spend a few minutes applying a little critical thinking. You can easily go verify the size of mail in ballots in GA. You can dredge up that video and watch it again, and see that the paper he crumples up is not anywhere near that size.

                1. You poor person. You have been posting nonsense for months.

                  The media are liars and they were before the election. I dont believe any contradictions they have about election fraud claims. They will say and do anything so Biden can steal an election.

                  If people want to give in to the tyrants, so be it. I’m not.

                  It will be funny when Georgia reelects two REPUBLICAN US Senators. The House flips Republican after Census 2020 shifts Blue state House seats to Red states. and SCOTUS decides Trump vs Biden for Trump.

                  1. It is funny that Hillary screamed like a toddler for yea…even now.

                    Abrams screamed like toddler for over two year…even now.

                    Georgia is conducting a full hand recount of almost 5 million ballots. We will see if they find more discrepancies that give Trump more votes.

                  2. I dont believe any contradictions they have about election fraud claims.

                    What evidence would convince you that the outcome of the election was not influenced by fraud or other improper behavior? Is there any?

                    1. Improper behavior?
                      No evidence can be presented to contradict it.
                      They destroyed tens of millions of people’s lives, with active collusion from The Press, to tank the economy and set up the conditions necessary for massive fraud. Corporate America and Big Tech beat the population over their heads with leftist messaging and covered up blmantifa and Biden misdeeds. They engaged on brainwashing to an extent never before seen in human history. Then they changed procedures unconstitutionally and the courts didn’t stop it.
                      Improper behavior is undeniable.

                      But fraud?
                      Show me consistency in the data from all states, and those in close geographic proximity. Show that the vote stoppages and near 100% Biden ballot dumps happened in places like Omaha and Boston and Tampa, not just the cities in those key swing states.
                      If you can show that the evidence from ATL, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Philly cities/suburbs isn’t unique and is repeated elsewhere, then I’ll be more inclined to think fraud was possibly not decisive.

                    2. @Nardz

                      The claims of ballot dumps and statistical anomalies that I have investigated simply don’t stand up to scrutiny. The Benford’s Law analysis misapplies Benford’s Law (and FWIW I did a quick check of county level data in Mississippi in the 2016 election and Trump’s totals also do not follow Benford’s Law). The analysis of Edison Research data scraped from the NYT that was posted on claiming to show ballot dumps and switching of vote totals was fundamentally flawed because it worked backwards from percentages that were not reported with sufficient accuracy for the analysis they wanted to do (it’s also worth noting that that data set was intended for use in graphical website displays, and was never supposed to be used to determine official election results). The analysis by Shiva Ayyadurai claiming to show anomalous voting patterns contained an elementary mathematical error, and when corrected the data agree well with expectations. My review of a a separate analysis of Edison data scraped from the NYT website of absentee vote totals in Montgomery County, PA reported on suggests that they are not interpreting the labels in each column of data correctly.

                      If you can point me to an analysis that stands up to scrutiny I will do my best to repeat it in the cities that you mention.

                    3. Someone here pointed out how it is the state’s responsibility to ensure elections are fair, transparent, and follow election law set by Congress and state legislatures.

                      Democrat governors and election officials purposely changed election rules to suit a massive mail-in ballot fraud scheme.

                      Now millions of mail-in ballots are getting tossed. Be sure Democrats will blame Republicans even though Democrats tried to cheat.

                    4. Post the data.
                      Show me the consistency.
                      Don’t give me fucking talking points like a State stooge.

                    5. Here is a good explanation of the error in Ayyadurai’s analysis

                    6. Here is a good one on Benford’s Law

                    7. @Nardz

                      Here is one explaining the rounding error in the analysis on

                    8. I did my own analysis of the Montgomery County data but I’ll show you how to reproduce it using Python. You can do the same thing with other tools.

                      1) Download the data scraped from the NYT website in .csv format here:

                      2) Here is an annotated Python script you can run. Note that you need pandas and matplotlib, but you could substitute other packages for reading the .csv file and plotting.

                      import pandas as pd
                      import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

                      all_data = pd.read_csv(“total_results_v3.csv”)
                      montgomery_pa = all_data[(all_data[“name”] == “Montgomery”) & (all_data[“race_id”] == “PA-G-P-2020-11-03”)]
                      times = montgomery_pa[“last_updated”]
                      votes = montgomery_pa[“votes”]
                      absentee_votes = montgomery_pa[“absentee_votes”]
                      votes_trump = montgomery_pa[“results-trumpd”]
                      votes_biden = montgomery_pa[“results-bidenj”]
                      votes_jorgensen = montgomery_pa[“results-jorgensenj”]
                      absentee_trump = montgomery_pa[“results_absentee-trumpd”]
                      absentee_biden = montgomery_pa[“results_absentee-bidenj”]
                      absentee_jorgensen = montgomery_pa[“results_absentee-jorgensenj”]

                      plt.plot(times,votes,c=”black”,ls=”-“,lw=3,label=”Votes Column”)
                      plt.plot(times,votes_trump,c=”red”,ls=”-“,lw=1,label=”Votes Trump Column”)
                      plt.plot(times,votes_biden,c=”blue”,ls=”-“,lw=1,label=”Votes Biden Column”)
                      plt.plot(times,votes_jorgensen,c=”orange”,ls=”-“,lw=1,label=”Votes Jorgensen Column”)
                      plt.plot(times,absentee_votes,c=”black”,ls=”–“,lw=3,label=”Absentee Column”)
                      plt.plot(times,absentee_trump,c=”red”,ls=”–“,lw=1,label=”Absentee Trump Column”)
                      plt.plot(times,absentee_biden,c=”blue”,ls=”–“,lw=1,label=”Absentee Biden Column”)
                      plt.plot(times,absentee_jorgensen,c=”orange”,ls=”–“,lw=1,label=”Absentee Jorgensen Column”)
                      plt.xlabel(“Time (UTC)”)

                      You will see that at around 9:09 AM on Nov 5 there is a single update to the column labeled “absentee_votes” of about 90,000 but only about 9,000 in the column labeled “votes”., where this was reported and linked to yesterday, claim that the “votes” column was the total votes, i.e. in person plus absentee, and since absentee votes increased by more than total votes, this was evidence of votes being deleted.

                      However, if that was the case you would expect to see the column labeled “results-bidenj” increase by his share of that absentee vote number. It does not, and neither do the “results-trumpd” or “results-jorgensenj” columns. Only the “results_absentee” columns increase for each candidate.

                      My conclusion is that made an incorrect assumption about what these columns mean. They thought “votes”, “results-trumpd”, “results-bidenj”, and “results-jorgensenj” were *total* votes, but that does not seem to be the case. Instead they seem to refer to in-person votes only. Hence, there is no need to account for missing or deleted votes.

                    9. Here are instructions for reproducing the Benford’s analysis of county-level data in Mississippi from 2016.

                      1) Copy and paste county results from the NYT into text file

                      2) Edit that file so each county is on its own line, remove commas, and remove spaces in county names for Pearl River and Jeff Davis (this is just so my Python script can read things in more easily).

                      3) Save that new file as mississippi_county_results.txt

                      4) Run the following Python script. Note that you need numpy and matplotlib.

                      import numpy as np
                      import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

                      trump_votes,clinton_votes = np.loadtxt(“mississippi_county_results.txt”, usecols=(1,2),unpack=True)
                      trump_first_digit = [int(str(x)[0]) for x in trump_votes]
                      clinton_first_digit = [int(str(x)[0]) for x in clinton_votes]
                      bins = np.linspace(0.5,9.5,10)
                      digits = np.arange(1,10,1)
                      benfords = np.log10(1+1/digits)
                      plt.hist(trump_first_digit,bins,color=”red”,alpha=0.5,label=”Trump First Digit”,density=True)
                      plt.plot(digits,benfords,c=”black”,label=”Benford’s Law”)
                      plt.hist(clinton_first_digit,bins,color=”blue”,alpha=0.5,label=”Clinton First Digit”,density=True)
                      plt.plot(digits,benfords,c=”black”,label=”Benford’s Law”)

                      You will get two plots (close the first to see the second). The first is the frequency of the first digit in Trump’s totals by county, and the second plot is the same thing for Clinton. Both have the prediction from Benford’s law plotted as well.

                      You will see that Trump has too few 1s and 3s and too many 4s. There may be a slight uptick in 7s. The rest seems like noise to me. This is not too different from what some counties showed for Biden in 2020.

                      You will see that Clinton has slightly too few 1s and too many 2s and 3s, and not enough 4s, 5s, and 6s.

                      Neither candidate follows Benford’s Law particularly well. I am unaware of any claims of vote manipulation in Mississippi in 2016. But it turns out that Benford’s Law breaks down for lots of benign reasons in elections. Use with caution.

            2. The video is the evidence. It is clearly not a ballot or ballot envelope that is being thrown away.

              But I agree that it would be better to keep all papers included in the envelopes that are not ballots in a separate pile to be verified and discarded later.

              1. Its evidence that election workers are throwing stuff away. You cant do that and expect voters to respect the results.

                This is just one example of election problems.

                The biggest fraud are the mail-in ballots and state legislatures not agreeing to changes. Like accepting after election day. Evidently over 100,000 mail-in ballots fell into that category in PA.

                Georgia doesnt have mail-in ballots. We have in-person and absentee ballots only. The absentee voter fraud has always been our biggest problem. Then they allowed more absentee voters this election.

                1. The number of mail-in ballots received in PA after election day is 10,000, not 100,000. This is not enough to change the outcome of the election in PA even if all of them were awarded to Donald Trump.

                  1. The article says “about 10,000”. They are not giving an exact number. Funny that the media now says even if those ballots were tossed it would not make a difference.

                    Democrats even said that Trump can “have the votes”. Funny that the Democrats are okay with disenfranchising those votes.

                    There are millions of fraudulent mail-in ballots because you cannot reasonably ensure the legally registered vote voted.

                    More importantly the republican state legislatures never approved changes to the election laws as per the Constitution.

                    Either way, Trump vs Biden will be a fun win for Trump.

                    1. They are saying that those ballots would not make a difference if tossed or if they all went to Trump to illustrate that the number of late arriving mail-in ballots, which have been the subject of numerous law suits, is not sufficient to change the election outcome. Not because those in the media actually want to disenfranchise those voters. It’s a rhetorical device.

    2. Georgia Secretary of State finds no sign of widespread fraud in election

      The team has spent the last week investigating reports of problems and have found only a small number of errors.

      It’s not “widespread fraud” if it just a small number of errors.

  14. Hold up, says The New York Times (not exactly known to be a bastion of government-critical thinking about coronavirus containment). Where’s the evidence for all of this?


    1. Now that the Times certified Biden as president, its time to try a less hysterical tone about the pandemic.

  15. How the new York times became a woke joke.

    In a memo explaining Spayd’s termination, he argued the position was now superfluous because the Internet had become the media’s watchdog. “Our followers on social media and our readers across the Internet have come together to collectively serve as a modern watchdog, more vigilant and forceful than one person could ever be,” he stated.

    1. If social media supplies the news content they might as well be the watchdog.

  16. Ukraine police close Biden probe initiated by ousted prosecutor

    Whew. This Presidential election came just in time!

  17. Cuomo bragged about having his 89 year old grandmother fly in for Thanksgiving after he canceled Thanksgiving.

    After public outcry he will now quietly do it.

    Congrats on voting in these aristocrats over and over. This includes Biden.

    1. Cuomo is a putz. Angrily denouncing cops for saying they aren’t going to enforce his dictates because they’re law enforcement and they don’t get to pick and choose which laws they’re going to enforce. Last time I checked, NYC cops weren’t allowed to enforce immigration laws, so I don’t know about the idea that they can’t pick and choose which laws get enforced. And they definitely aren’t supposed to be enforcing unconstitutional laws and there’s some question about just how constitutional Cuomo’s orders are.

      1. Fuck Cuomo and every other lying official on the left, who claim a mandate because they care about people and want to protect them from evil, selfish despots. But at least those despots don’t say things that contradict their own behavior.

        1. It definitely shows why firearms are so reviled by the NY government…

      2. “And they definitely aren’t supposed to be enforcing unconstitutional laws and there’s some question about just how constitutional Cuomo’s orders are.”

        Are there really questions? Because it seems clear to me.

    2. I hope deep down that people all over the country are following their leaders to see what they are doing this TG.

      If the media were ANYTHING close to respectable, there would be journalists looking for the Big Scoop camped out in their cars outside every governor’s residence in the nation.

      Instead, those journalists are all afraid of the Coof. And besides, they don’t get off their asses to do any reporting any more. They sit behind their computer screen, trading messages with “contacts” and “sources” in the political machine. And embarrassing those sources by impacting the governors’ administrations? Well that will not do.

    3. 89 year old granny? Isn’t Cuomo in his 60’s? Maybe his mom is 89?

  18. Biden to continue the sham that is green jobs.

    He will continue to increase energy costs at the expense of the poor.

    1. “Green jobs” is the broken window fallacy writ large. There’s no net gain, only a net loss, to the economy by paying people to do shit that doesn’t need to be done. Where are we going to put all these wind farms and solar plants? How are we going to manufacture all this shit without causing massive ecological damage? The steam engine was, in effect, a portable water wheel and now you want to go back to the water wheel, undo all the progress we’ve made over the last couple of centuries? You’re insane.

      1. The problem is that it applies the same logic as used in the HISTORICAL FACT that WWII pulled the US out of the Great Depression. Donchaknow that when you send all the young men over seas and spend precious capital to give them bombs and bullets, it is an economic benefit.

  19. Pennsylvania refuses to even do a statistical audit of the election. A very normal process for any questionable election. Keep claiming there is nothing fishy.

    1. Poor JesseAz, still desperately clinging to hope that he wasn’t completely, embarrassingly wrong about the election

      1. Your comment doesn’t even make fucking sense. My issue is the open fraud and you clapping like a retarded seal about it. Every election has had some form of fraud, this is a known and ignored fact. It goes way before JFK. Now they are doing it openly in front of your face. Youre the literal definition of a useful idiot. You’re how banana republics form. Stop claiming you’re a libertarian. If you were you wouldn’t be scared of statistical analysis of elections to discover fraud, you’d be for it. But you’re just a lefty shit.

        I have never stated to not look for election fraud, no matter the winner. Every election has it. Nobody looks for it. No Jay walkers exist either based on arrest data, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen all the fucking time.

        But you be happy in your ignorance. It suits you.

        1. The Democrats are scared of what is coming which is the trump campaign doesnt even need to prove election fraud to have ballots rejected.

          States like WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, and NV changed election laws without approval of their state legislatures in clear violation of the US Constitution. This changes led to mail-in ballots being accepted instead of normal in-person voting and absentee voting.

          Those millions of mail-in ballots should be tossed. Republican and Democrats and Libertarian mail-in ballots.

    2. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing expedited case.

      I just dont see any lower court taking this dispute on. It’s just going to have to be resolved by the SCOTUS.

      Even the Michigan state canvassing board of 4, its was a vote 3-0 with the one Republican abstaining to certify results. Too many chickenshits in office wont stand up for fair election transparency.

      Same thing happened in 2000. Same thing will happen in 2020 when Trump successfully gets mail-in ballots tossed.

      Biden is at 306 EC votes projected. PA is minus 20. MI is minus 16. WI is minus 10. GA is minus 16.

      The SCOTUS is either making the ruling and Trump then wins by votes AND Electoral College or the SCOTUS forces a 12th Amendment vote in the House.

      1. Best case scenario for Trump is a 7-2 decision for Biden. Calling it now.

        1. So Biden wins the popular vote, but who wins the Supreme College?

          1. Democrats wanted a politicized Supreme Court and that’s just what they will get.

            Confirmation hearing of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Clarence Thomas showed the justices exactly what Democrats will do to win and destroy Trump’s legacy.

            Funny that Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett ARE Trump’s legacy.

        2. So a 6-3 decision in Trump vs Biden for Trump. Got it.

          Thomas already sided with Bush in Bush vs Gore. Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Gorsuch are definitely not going to let Democrats steal this election. Alito knows Roberts wont protect him from the Lefty mobs.

          1. Probably 5-4 tho because Roberts will want to say that this election was about making it constitutional for a penaltax if you didnt vote Democrat.

          2. Thomas, idiosyncratic and immune to public opinion, is a given, but Kavanaugh and Barrett are institutionalists to the core; they’re not going to risk potentially massive political violence (or justify future defanging of the Court by angry Democrats) for Trump’s ego.

            I can see one of Gorsuch or Alito joining with Thomas, but not both. No way in hell Roberts or the three liberals join.

            1. Roberts is a lost cause but either all the remaining conservative justices are going to team up to save this Republic from the Party of slavery or none will.

              The MSM acts like election fraud is no big deal but Thomas and other long gone justices agreed it was, in Bush vs Gore. Alito sent an order to PA to separate the late mail-in ballots and PA didnt. Alito is onboard.

              Furthermore, if the SCOTUS majority decides PA was a problem then WI, MI, AZ, NV and other states are also problems because of mail-in ballots (and/or late acceptance of mail-in ballots past election day).

              1. Democrats have already threatened the SCOTUS.

                Trump winning Trump vs Biden will send a message that Democrats shot the opening salvo and there was a response.

  20. I thought the pandemic was a hoax and it was going to conveniently disappear if Biden won?

    1. I thought the pandemic was a hoax and it was going to conveniently disappear if Biden won?

      The Kungflu is a hoax pandemic AND Biden didn’t win.

    2. The pandemic is largely a lie. Yes. If you use the same metrics for death as other countries, the us death count would be about 90k, or a bad flu. 3 million Americans die on average yearly. Youre advocating authoritarian actions from a government for a very slight bump to a yearly death count. Youre not a libertarian, youre a lefty shit. Safety for freedom. And you do it happily.

      1. And 40% of those 90k deaths would have been from Nursing homes

      2. I’ve been against the lockdowns since the start, actually. Do you ever get tired of being wrong about everything?

    3. That’s because you’re an idiot.

    4. Did anyone say ‘hoax’? I was pretty sure it would “conveniently” “disappear” if Trump won as no higher authority would be backing the varying Governors’ illegal lockdowns and mask mandates.

      Now that it seems Biden is headed for the office, I expect the virus to inconveniently disappear along the same ‘lockdowns to prevent deaths->lockdowns to prevent hospitalizations->lockdowns to prevent cases->lockdowns to prevent potential cases->lockdowns to prevent socialization->lockdowns to lock people down’ path.

    5. Just wait until around February, when Biden can claim to have saved us all.

    6. “I thought the pandemic was a hoax and it was going to conveniently disappear if Biden won?”

      I definitely thought this. Then I realized that the States still don’t have what they want: Their bailouts.

      1. ^. Whitless has straight up said that any economic damage from her unconstitutional shutdown isn’t her fault because the feds should be sending everyone money.

      2. Yup. Inslee locked us down again, we have 40%+ hospital bed availability. It’s all about the bailout.

    7. >>I thought the pandemic was a hoax and it was going to conveniently disappear if Biden won?

      ^^^ ancestors were Sooners.

  21. Fuck Lockdown Larry (Hogan).

  22. Hold up, says The New York Times (not exactly known to be a bastion of government-critical thinking about coronavirus containment).

    Why does reasom cite them so much? Stop with the fake criticism. You removed the facade years ago.

    1. Of course they want people to blame their neighbors rather than focus on the number of deaths on politicians’ hands. Of course authorities would rather wax on about you how you can do your part, and to issue rules that justify more policing, than focus on how the places they have total control over—jails and prisons—are some of the worst pandemic hot spots.

      Congrats. You only took 9 months to realize this. So youre just slow?

      1. I have been on this high-horse mostly by myself for quite some time. The level to which emotion overcomes reason is really astonishing.

        People will believe pretty much anything they need to believe in order to pander to their own feelings. So we got the crazytown coverage of covid all year.

        Now that the source of the emotional motivation is removed.. suddenly beliefs are able to turn on a dime. And even more amazingly, the brain is such a pliable organ that it erases all memory of what it was to have those prior beliefs.

        So you see people flipping back and forth with the political winds, never even noticing that they are moving around like a tissue in a dust devil.

        Then there are the weirdos. Strange people who operate from first principles. Oddballs who defend the indefensible, simply because it was right. Crackpots who stand still as the world swirls about them pointing and laughing at just how crazy they are. Nutcases who go and post about it on the message board formerly known as HnR.

        1. And we wonder why democracy does not provide perfect results.

      2. lmao they’ve been writing articles like this for the past 9 months (

        Does your brain just automatically filter out any information that runs contrary to your preferred narrative?

  23. Politicians need to cease and desist these tyrannical policies. THEY were elected to represent OUR interests…NOT baby-sit us or tell us what to do. If you are not doing the will of the people then LEAVE!! Stop trying to impose YOUR FEARS on everyone else as if we need YOU to manage our lives for us…YOU cannot even manage the offices to which you were elected in most cases so as this article says….how about you FIX your own failures as elected officials and STOP trying to blame others for your lack of positive leadership. We are celebrating with family and there isn’t thing one you can do about it. It’s NOT illegal nor do you have the right to infringe on OUR RIGHTS AS AMERICANS…period!

    1. Well, that dream is dead now.

  24. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit has ruled that Texas and Louisiana can bar Medicaid patients from receiving covered services at Planned Parenthood. “The issue is likely to go next to the U.S. Supreme Court,” says CBS News.

    But I voted for Biden to prevent The Handmaid’s Tale!?!

  25. “…Trump adviser says TikTok ban will happen…”

    Has anyone ever seen ENB and WK in the same room at the same time?

    1. Her tweets corollate to WK posts quite often, but I thought WK was just copying. Maybe not.

      1. Few unreason staffers jump into comments without cover.

        Bailey used to jump in occasionally but probably still has a troll account.

        unreason is about clicks and propaganda. Staffers dont want to actually answer for their garbage articles.

    2. I haven’t.

      1. Of course, we live several thousand miles distant from each other.

    1. Quick! Get them two electoral votes!

      1. And lower the voting age to 12.

  26. Biden’s picks for some positions has been reassuring–even if his picks aren’t in any way good, they could easily have been awful. Elizabeth Warren was pushing hard to be named the Secretary of the Treasury, and Bernie Sanders was openly campaigning to be named the Secretary of Labor.

    I see that Yellen is being nominated for Treasury rather than Warren. Whatever your reservations about Yellen, she’s a victory for capitalism compared to Warren (this is what we’re reduced to under the Democrats).

    The AFL-CIO is behind making Boston Mayor Marty Walsh the Secretary of Labor. The UAW is behind Michigan representative Andy Levin. Both of those picks would be disastrous–but not as disastrous as Bernie Sanders.

    Making Sanders the Secretary of Labor would be a disaster for the country, the economy, the Biden administration, and everybody but the Republican party, who could use Bernie Sanders as an anti-socialism punching bag for the foreseeable future. Even if Bernie Sanders’ appointment weren’t confirmed by a Republican Senate, shooting him down would be of benefit to the Republican cause.

    1. The AFL-CIO is behind making Boston Mayor Marty Walsh the Secretary of Labor. The UAW is behind Michigan representative Andy Levin. Both of those picks would be disastrous–but not as disastrous as Bernie Sanders.

      I can think of a way we could have avoided having our Secretary of Labor picked by the AFL-CIO, the UAW, or the Democratic Socialists of America!

      Can you?

      P.S. There’s a word used to describe when the government is controlled by unions. It’s apparently the same word used to describe the real world objectives of my fellow Libertarians. If you voted for Jorgensen, this is what you voted for.

      1. Keep in mind there were a shitload of people who didn’t vote at all, and I guess by your logic they all voted for Biden as well. So what the hell are you bitching about – Biden got 150 million votes so clearly he was the people’s choice.

        1. Are you being facetious?

    2. “Elizabeth Warren was pushing hard to be named the Secretary of the Treasury, and Bernie Sanders was openly campaigning to be named the Secretary of Labor.”

      If Warren and/or Sanders are nominated for any cabinet post
      (or any other position in a Biden administration), they’d have to resign their Senate seat, which would allow Republican governors in MA and VT to appoint their replacements (until a special election can occur, which would take at least six more months.

      If that happens, Republicans would maintain control of the Senate for most of 2021 even if Democrats steal both run-off elections in Georgia.

      1. I’d also be surprised if Biden picks any more Democrat House members for jobs in his administration, as doing so would further reduce Pelosi’s Democrat majority in the House (until a special election occurs, which typically take six months).

    3. Bernie needs to be happy with the the new house his campaign cash will buy him for being a jobber, not demanding a seat at the table for a group that doesn’t really want him.

  27. Amazing how little information is available about the state of the election results. One side shouting “It is the most perfect election in history!” (gee, who does that sound like?) and the other… good lord… I don’t even have a joke. Sometimes you just can’t satirize reality.

    But nobody is talking about those mail-in ballots. The numbers I’ve seen tossed about say that the percentage of ballots rejected is a record low… like more than an order of magnitude record low.

    The claim is that normally mail in ballots are rejected at a 5% clip, minimum. This year, less than half a percent, max.

    Now, because no “reputable” news sources are covering the actual issues of the election beyond reporting that it totally is beyond reproach and the entire world will fall apart and everyone will die if Biden doesn’t get transition team funding immediately, I don’t know the validity of those claims.

    But I do know this: If it is true, and if they in fact were to do an audit of the signatures as one would in a true recount of a contested election – with attorneys for both sides scrutinizing every ballot looking for reasons to challenge each and every one – they’ll end up tossing a bunch of ballots. Probably more than 2% of the mail in ballots.

    Which is more than enough to cast doubt on the elections in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Arizona.

    Then what?

    And running out the clock does in fact work for Biden. Once the electors meet, it is over.

    But what of those ballots?

    In 2000 they stopped the count. Team Gore and a bunch of Democrat appointees went against Florida election law and did two targeted recounts, hoping to up their totals by only adding votes in stronghold counties. After two, they still were not in the lead, so they came up with more targeted strategies. And the courts said “enough!”.

    And the wailing and crying was deafening. “Selected, not elected!” they truly believed that Gore had won and they had been cheated.

    So a coalition of papers and left wing think tanks lead by the Miami Herald did a full recount of the entire state, using open records laws.

    You can’t hide forever. Not if someone cares to look. They intended to prove that Bush stole the election. And they went out and found the evidence.

    The evidence proved once and for all… that Bush won by over 10,000 votes. The full state recount increased the lead, rather than overcoming it… just as the Gore team knew it would.

    So what happens now? If Trump’s team has their head up their rear ends, we won’t find out the truth until after Biden is the president, and nothing we find out after the fact will change that.

    And if Trump’s team manages to hire competent election attorneys before it is too late, and they manage to win an actual recanvass of those mail in ballots? Then what? Because they’ll undoubtedly find a couple of percent that are successfully challenged. And there is absolutely no way to find which votes were connected to those envelopes. So there is no way to retroactively disqualify a vote.

    But the number of votes that were erroneously counted will be much greater than the margin of victory. They will also greatly lean in favor of the winner. And an honest court would throw out the results. They can’t fix them – that’s impossible. So they throw them out. Then what?

    Go to the state legislatures as required by the constitution? Where Trump wins? Just refuse to seat the electors? … which sends it to the incoming house, as required by the constitution? Where Trump wins again, due to the way the constitution has it set up?

    The media just spent the last few weeks telling us that it was over and that Biden had unequivocally won. There’s no way that the country is going to accept this constitutionally correct path to a Trump victory.

    And there’s no way that the other half of the country is going to accept an illegitimate president if we find out that it is indeed true that an honest recanvass would not have placed him in office.

    What a mess. I know most of you don’t see the mess coming, because you are focused on winning and being vindicated. But the reality is that by ramming this vote-by-mail thing through and demanding that the ballots not be properly scrutinized as they came in, this was the guaranteed result unless one candidate won by an overwhelming margin.

    So nice job all around. Nice job by the officials who participated. Nice job by the state courts that refused to enforce existing state laws. But particularly, nice job John Roberts and team. By punting on this before the election, you guaranteed that the results will be disputed, no matter what the results are. Well done.

    1. The republic is dead.

    2. It’s always been a Democrat dream not to require any kind of ID for voting – with mail-in balloting they got their wish. And now how you gonna prove anybody cast an ineligible ballot?

      1. For this election, there are signatures required. Signatures that were presumably not examined at all. Signatures that won’t match a certain percentage of the time. All of those are ineligible by law.

        So we’ll see.

        I doubt that they’ll be properly canvassed before the electors are sworn in. Trump’s team wasted a couple of weeks on some oddball theory that could not possibly have been accurate. Time will probably run out before the recanvass can take place.

        Georgia was supposed to do that recanvass as a part of their audit. For some reason, they decided not to do it at the last moment (even after the campaigns and their lawyers had been informed that it was in fact taking place). I suspect that everyone involved knows that this is the thread that will unravel the sweater of this election. And it won’t provide an answer. It will just tell us that the election was crap, casting the whole thing in doubt. Which is kind of the worst possible outcome.

        And that also just randomly happens to be exactly what the Antifa anarchists and the BLM CWPA leadership wants.

        1. Its kind of hard to investigate when judges are saying you can’t investigate with out compelling evidence but they will let a SWAT team trash a house from anonymous tips

          1. Or sign off on a FISA warrant that contains unsourced news articles and completely made-up fanfiction as evidence.

        2. One plan by our Governor and Secretary of state might be to so mess up this election that Georgia has its EC rejected for Biden. Our Georgia Governor was our Secretary of state for years.

          Or the problems are used by the SCOTUS to justify siding with Trump.

          Its why we have a 12th Amendment House vote option. Democrats hate that idea because with 1 vote per state, Trump wins the majority. Plus Democrats were sent a message that election fraud wont work.

        3. Does it really matter? About half the people wanted one, half the other. When it’s that close, is there really any rightness or wrongness about picking either one? The margin in some states would’ve been statistically insignificant anyway.

          The only time an election is valid is when there’s a pretty clear consensus. Otherwise you’re going to disappoint a lot of people regardless who wins.

          1. If you can win a major party’s nomination, you’ve got a lot of people behind you. Next time save time and effort. Let the major parties nominate candidates, and toss a coin.

      2. +1000000

        1. Its why I said, the only fair thing to do is toss millions of mail-in ballots and tell Americans to vote in person from now on or give a SCOTUS decision that sends it to the House for a 12th Amendment vote.

          Constitution Strikes again!

          1. Nobody will accept that result.

    3. There were a number of reports prior to the election discussing the possibility of large rates of rejected mail ballots based on historical trends, and a few reporting afterward that this did not materialize. The only numerical tabulation of rejected mail in votes I’ve been able to find so far are from here

      They have a spreadsheet for Pennsylvania but provide no sources or explanation of where it came from. I can’t find those types of numbers on official PA elections website.

      Do you know where they got those numbers, or where else they may be available?

      One thing to consider (this is admittedly speculative on my part, but I think it’s worth keeping in mind when judging whether the rate of rejected ballots is suspicious): mail-in voters in this election were not like mail-in voters in previous elections. Many people who normally would vote in-person voted by mail this time, and their attention to detail and familiarity with election rules may be better than the types of people that use mail-in voting in other elections. There was also a much greater effort to educate voters on mail-in voting procedures.

      1. 2020 General Election Early Vote Statistics

        This website has some early voting stats like rejected ballot counts and is supposedly updated through 11/23/2020. PA has 7,163 rejected ballots out of 2,629,183 returned mail-in ballots.

        1. Mail-in ballots are prone to massive fraud because you cannot reasonably be sure that the person who was mailed the ballot unsolicited was the legally registered voter that completed the ballot. In-person voting reasonably assures the legally registered voter voted or someone used a fake ID to vote.

          Democrats want to assume it was the voter because Democrats commit election fraud like completing someone else’s ballots or harvesting ballots.

        2. Thanks for that link. The rejection rate for PA is indeed low, at around 0.3%.

          This is about 1/14th — 1/15th the rate of rejection for absentee ballots in PA in 2018. It is only about about 1/4th — 1/5th the mail-in ballot rejection rate nationwide in 2018 and about 1/3rd the mail-in ballot rejection rate nationwide in 2016.

          So definitely lower, though by factors of a few when compared to past national averages.

      2. No, I would think the voters in a new all-mail election would be less attentive to detail and less familiar with the procedures. Plus, the problems with mailing ballots to people who didn’t ask for them. We’re at an address whose residents apparently turned over quickly before we moved in, and we get lots of mail for various people, including the ballots for this election.

    4. he said Trump and Competent. like that will never happen unfortunately we are screwed with forever fraud votes now.

    5. “The claim is that normally mail in ballots are rejected at a 5% clip, minimum. This year, less than half a percent, max. ”

      when you start with such a bold faced lie, i’m not going o read the rest of your BS.,_2020:_Analysis_of_rejected_ballots

      1. Try looking at contested elections where eligibility of mail ballots was contested. That is the salient number. That number can be very high.

        1. Washington Post from earlier this year, worrying over the numbers of rejected ballots in the primary. Remember, the primaries were uncontested, so nobody was challenging signatures. Yet these same locations come up in this article from July of this year.

          1. Searching on the topic returns dozens of articles from this year, specifically talking about rejecting ballots for signatures. More than Half a million in 2018. And that only had a handful of contested races.

          2. Numbers in contested elections?

            7%. 18%. 9%.

            All over the map. But not 0.5%.

            In PA they had something on the order of two and a half million mail in ballots. They apparently did not verify signatures, at least in key precincts.

            One percent would be 25,000 votes. How many do they need to call the election into question?

            1. you do realize that the link i included shows you are completely full of shit, right? where the fuck are you getting 18%? the average in 2016 was 1% for all states…… 0.5% is not that odd.

              do you even realize that the article you mentioned was talking about the reject count in one county….. and that the point they were making was that the number should be lower?

              1. That is the average for everywhere.

                Everywhere, as in places where nobody contested the election. That means nobody looked over their shoulder and pointed at a signature and said that does not match. we know that in at least a couple of the contested states they were ordered not to check the signatures at all.

                You may not have been around for some of the contested elections of the past. In 2000 they covered it live on TV, so we got to have a ringside seat. There was literally a lawyer for the Democrat and a lawyer for the Republican standing on either side of the poll worker. Every single ballot, the poll worker would call out who the vote was for. Then the two lawyers would either agree or disagree. If everybody agreed it went into the counted pile. If anybody objected, it went into the contested pile. They went through every single vote one at a time just like that.

                So, just this summer we held a primary. those primaries all had a lot of rejected ballots. The Democrat Party did not want this to happen in the general election, so they spent a lot of time and effort raising the profile of the issue and putting pressure via legal means to make sure that nobody would invalidate a ballot that was mailed in. this resulted in things like the Pennsylvania supreme Court ruling that even though Pennsylvania law states that mailing ballots must have a matching signature and must arrive by election day and must have a valid postmark, that they didn’t need any of those things to happen.

                What is the net result? Well, if you had done the internet search, you would have seen dozens and dozens of articles listing many contested elections in which mail ballots were decisive. Specifically, invalidating mail ballots change the result. There was one case I saw that had 40% of the ballots disqualified. I think it was some small municipal election, so 40% may have only been 1,500, but the point remains the same.

                When the initial run-through does not have any great sensitivity as to issues with the ballot, the amount of change on the second run through is going to be greater. My prediction is that if any of these elections do indeed do a detailed re-canvassing of the mail ballot validity, there will be large number of ballots disqualified. Large in absolute numbers, even if the percentage is relatively small.

                All it would take is 2%.

                2% would be unbelievably easy to reach in a detailed canvas. If you had watched the hand recount in 2000 and seen how closely they were inspecting things, you might have a different perspective. They spent a minimum of 10 seconds on each ballot. The difficult ones they may have spent over a minute on each one.

                And I am not arguing for one side or the other. I am not cheerleading for team Trump. That’s not the point. The point is that by pushing for election officials to ignore the rules and pushing everything into a mail-in election, we have created a scenario where disaster waits just around the corner.

                It is highly likely that a competent contest of this election will result in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin all being invalidated. All due to mail in ballots that were improperly counted in excess of the margin. When the margin is very thin, that is not a very high bar to reach.

                And because of the way they structured it, there is no remedy. The constitutional remedy is to go to the state legislature. Do you think anybody would accept that?

                I suppose the only other remedy is to do a revote. Is anybody going to accept that? Is there any chance that that will even happen?

                So if the courts were to toss out those three states, and the states declined to select electors via the political process or by a revote, it would then fall to the House of Representatives. Do you think anyone is going to accept that result?

                That is the entirety of my point. That is the place we are headed to if Trump has a competent legal team contesting the results. The numbers argue that that is the most likely outcome if the canvas is heavily contested.

                And then what happens? I have no idea.

                and the reason I don’t have many ideas on this, and the reason that I’m worried about what would happen is that our fourth estate has spent the entire election running propaganda for one team. Their only objective has been to browbeat the other side into quitting. So instead of examining these issues, they dismiss them out of hand before anybody even offers details. Before the votes were even cast, all of the mainstream media outlets were telling me that this election was incontestable and there was no evidence of any corruption. How the hell could they possibly know that before the election even happened?

                They have continued with this line ever since.

                So now we are about to have a scenario where a legitimate challenge of the ballots will probably result in the invalidation of the entire election. Good Lord, what a mess.

                And it was all completely avoidable. Everybody was being so partisan trying to game the system towards their advantage that they failed to notice this potential pitfall. I saved my worst scorn for justice Roberts on the supreme Court. By punting on all of these decisions before the election, he guaranteed that a close election would not be trusted by a significant portion of the country.

                Of course, Trump could just quit. or his legal team could latch on to another batshit crazy theory and give everyone an out. Or these states could just refuse to do the recanvass.

                But as I explained, failing to get it done before the electoral college meets only makes a different mess. Because somebody is going to go back and look. And when they do, they’ll find the exact same scenario.

                I suppose if you are a Democrat or a never Trumper, that is an acceptable outcome. At least he is gone.

                But from in a faith in our democracy point of view, having written proof that we had an election that resulted in an illegitimate presidency is a bad thing. This won’t be the Democrat faithful complaining that their guy lost type of illegitimacy. This will be the actual, God’s honest, for real the election was not correctly decided sort of illegitimate.

                All of which could have been avoided if everyone had simply done their jobs up front. The press could have covered everything honestly. If they had done that, maybe local election officials would have done a better job of enforcing the rules up front, and maybe things would be buttoned up tight right now.

                But as it is? The numbers seriously suggest that the mail in ballots will have been counted with a percentage of ballots that should be excluded in excess of the margin of victory. And that is an answer that is guaranteed to cause trouble.

                1. i was deployed in 2000, so i didn’t get the blow by blow…. but i know that your recollection is insincere. the issue where they were doing the ballot by ballot comparison was due to the infamous “hanging chads” where the hand recount was including or excluding votes that people had clearly intended to cast, but that the machines had not counted due to the chad not being completely removed…. and the counties were counting or not counting them inconsistently. thankfully, we don’t even have those kind of machines anymore.

                  of course….. by even bringing that up, you betray that the intent is nothing short of sowing enough doubt to cast out legally cast ballots. you want to talk about throwing out ballots not because of any legitimate concern over whether they were legally cast or not, you just think you can steal the election if you can throw out enough people’s votes. like the hanging chads, the intention is not legitimacy, it is to manufacture the outcome you want.

                  and contrary to the repeated lie…… the number of rejected ballots is typically the same as we have seen this year. the underlying premise behind the intention to seal the election is a lie, as has already been shown to you.

      2. Holy crap. That site is just straight propaganda.

        It is well done though. I will give them that. If you need talking points to argue with, they have them.

        1. ballotpedia is propaganda?


          facts are the enemy!!!!!

          how dare you spread the truth!!!

    6. Arizona requires signatures for mail-in ballots and compares each, by hand, to DMV records. It’s why AZ takes so long to finish counting. However, I’d still like to see an audit in AZ. Most states, mail-in ballots were heavy for Dems and same day went for GOP. Somehow, AZ was the opposite. Counting the mail-in ballots has diminished Biden’s lead from 80k down to about 11k. That seems fishy to me.

      AZ had some noise about ballots getting rejected because they used Sharpies that bled through the ballots. In fact, my same day ballot used a Sharpie. I cannot wait to see the reject rate statistics. Maybe that would explain how Biden won the same day voting.

      Bottom line: something seems off about Arizona’s voting pattern.

      1. Arizona started counting ballots pretty early. a good portion of the “mail in” ballots counted after election day were ones that were dropped off at polling places. what became political this year was not whether you used a mail in ballot, it was if you physically went to the polls. the mail in ballots that were left to count did not represent those avoiding the polls as much as they did in states like Pennsylvania where none of the mail in ballots were counted ahead of time. that Biden leaning group was more heavily represented in the first vote totals released because most of it was counted before election day.

        the sharpie thing…. was also complete garbage. the sections are aligned so that no bleed through can have any impact. they actually recommend sharpies because the ink dries fast and the fill is higher quality. this false claim keeps getting out there.

        if you get all the facts, nothing seems off about any of it.

    1. That’s a pretty interesting article. I don’t do zerohedge, and that article made me think, “hmm.. maybe I should add that to the rotation…”

      Then I read the comments.


      We are a bunch of nutters…. but dang! Those guys make the Alex Jones crowd seem kinda normal.

      1. The comments are as worthless as WaPo’s, but ZH has a nice range of articles.
        I go there for those, here for comments.

        1. Same here. Zhedge is a free for all outlet for serious websites, total whackjobs and everything in between. It’s what the internet is supposed to be. I don’t read the comments because I don’t find much insight there. But I check out the postings most days. Lot of useful information.

    2. Market Summary > Dow Jones Industrial Average
      30,027.00 +435.73 (1.47%)

      Under TRUMP’S Presidency the DOW Jones reached 30,000 and reached it again after Kungflu hysteria tried to nuke the economy.

    3. lol dear @LauraMiers: you *are* a Nazi

      1. Or a stalinist. “Reeducation camps”. For fuck’s sake, can these people really not see that they’re on the side of evil there?

        1. Just shut up and report for your fact based re-education.

  28. Libertarian moment

    So wait…. the guy is wearing a mask, but his son wasn’t, so he gets arrested, but neither of the cops are wearing a mask…?

    1. But at least our fearless LEOs got home safe that night. Isn’t that all that really matters?


    I don’t need you to get me elected cause you ain’t black and we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization. Look, fat, poor kids are just as smart as white kids. C’mon man, make the check payable to Hunter. #BidenMixtape @DonaldJTrumpJr

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  31. Libertarian moment

    Mattis says he hopes Joe Biden takes ‘America First’ out of national security strategy

    1. Makes sense. Biden is a China and Russia first kind of guy.

    2. Man, that guy turns out to be a complete cunt.

  32. “…Perhaps they let authorities look like they’re taking strong and swift action while shifting responsibility away from their own failures…”

    Certainly don’t disagree with the obvious misdirection, but, outside of the ‘failure’ of knee-capping the economy, what should they have done?
    AFAICT, they should have provided the best information they could find and then STFU.


    GSA administrator Emily Murphy:

    “I did however receive threats online, by phone, and by mail directed at my safety, my family, my staff and even my pets in an effort to coerce me into making this determination prematurely…”

    1. Biden campaign having to pay that money back is gonna be so hilarious. Campaigns tend to try to get to zero when the election is over. If you cant claim bankruptcy with student loans, the Biden campaign should have to pay the treasury back transition funds paid out to Biden who was not inaugurated.


    Study Finds Connection Between Wearing A Mask And Being A Big Sissy


    Thanksgiving may be our most old-fashioned holiday. Gratitude itself seems out of date at a time when so many people feel “entitled” to whatever they get — and indignant that they didn’t get more.


    It’s a reasonable assumption that people who used the FBI to spy on their political enemies would fill out some extra ballots.


    Chinese Government Lays Off Entire Propaganda Team As American Media Doing Their Job For Them


    Conservatives have become accustomed to “that’s unconstitutional” as a line of defence from government over reach.

    The problem is the left are openly screaming “F**K YOUR CONSTITUTION” and we don’t have a functioning (rather than rhetorical) response yet.

  39. “Widespread mask adoption was a good early turning point for fighting the pandemic”

    Evidence most definitely wanted. Mask adoption happened while cases were *already going down*. Reason itself has pointed out that things like the federal assault weapon ban couldn’t be credited with reducing gun violence, because gun violence was already going down before the ban. Same logic applies – mask adoption happened while cases were decreasing, and mask adoption didn’t prevent the subsequent rise in cases in the summer or now.

  40. Libertarian moment

    “Attn Donald Trump
    If you do not concede by Sunday at noon, we will begin to block roads in conservative areas.
    Your supporters will not be able to go to work or grocery stores to feed their families.
    We are armed and will retaliate to attempts at vehicular manslaughter.”

    1. I’d like to see them try

    2. After the first shotgun blasts to their faces by armed Georgia drivers, we wont have these Lefty groups doing much in Georgia.

      1. Here in Colorado we’re allowed to carry loaded pistols in our cars with no permits of any kind. Due to the ATF’s interesting definition of “pistol” this opens up quite a few options for defending yourself while in your vehicle.

    3. Adam Rahuba is a far-left internet troll in his late 30s who literally has to flop on friends’ couches because he can’t get laid and can’t hold a job.

      He knows damn well if he tried something like that he’d get a high-speed lead delivery to the bean. He’s just stirring shit up.

    4. I wonder if Twitter blocked his account? Probably not. I’m sure this is just a mostly peaceful threat.

    5. LOL, you pathetic CACLLs are all flexing on a Twitter commenter, and you’re not even doing it
      where he will see it. Just sad. Have you nothing better to do all day?

      1. Yeah, retaliating on Twitter would be a real sign of intelligently handling the situation.

      2. Oh, fuck off already, you worthless shit gargling dumpster fire.

        Gods above and below even sarcasmic and Jesse sniping at each other in every article isn’t as tiresome as your crap. You have nothing to contribute, just harping on others for not doing things the way you would.

        Take your cackling, fold it up until it’s all sharp corners, and stuff it up your twat.

  41. **********************************************************************************************************************


    ********************************************************************************************************************** Read More

    1. the unsure electoral votes getcha every time.

  42. i think what we have is a case of oversimplification to the point of absurdity coupled with many months of trying to define “more” that can be done.

    the basic truth is that your chances of infection increase the more people you are around who are not part of your normal circle…. especially if anyone involved is not distant and/or wearing a mask. but one has to understand the concept of volume. that is why bars and restaurants are a factor, because people take off masks to eat or drink, and there are a lot of them you would not otherwise be around. but there is more to it than ever coming into contact with anyone. having a couple people over for thanksgiving is not a huge change in risk, but having 40 people over might be……. but this will depend on other factors. have most people been very isolated for the last 2 weeks? (working/school at home, not eating out, etc.) are they at high risk of exposure due to their job? the number of people is not the only risk factor. a 40 person gathering might be perfectly safe if there is minimal risk anyone coming was exposed to covid…… probably not if half of them are nurses or prison guards. a 4 person gathering with one person at high risk of having been exposed is more dangerous than a 40 person gathering of people who have been shuttered in their houses for 2weeks. arbitrary size limits do not account for this. you have to actually understand and evaluate the risks.

    we have a compound problem….. leaders are not trying to really educate and help people understand the situation, and are instead treating people like children…. setting rules that feel arbitrary to many….. and, in response, many people are acting like children…. some obedient and unquestioning, and some rebellious and reckless. neither way is rational.

    1. “…some obedient and unquestioning, and some rebellious and reckless. neither way is rational.”

      Irrelevant; neither you nor any government lives my life.

      1. Yes. The fact that they are trying to impose these edicts by force is enough reason to defy them if you ask me. Some things, such as individual autonomy, are more important than minimizing positive tests results for one particular virus as much as possible.

        1. if i told you not to play Russian roulette, would that make it a good idea to start? that is essentially what your statement amounts to. “the fact that they are trying to force us not to be stupid is the reason we have to be stupid.”

          i am against laws forbidding drug use, but i would never pretend heroine is a good thing to do just because laws against it exist.

          1. That can be pretty much attributed to everything with living. Picking and choosing what you find noble/necessary for you’re version isn’t the same for everyone nor should it be.

            1. the problem we have is the volume of people who take the illegal and immoral imposition of rules as a REASON to do things that are objectively stupid. no…. nobody should be able to force you to make smart decisions or do what is objectively best…. but that should not be used as an argument to actively encourage people to do things that are stupid and objectively wrong…. the fact that the government should not mandate masks is not a good argument to not wear masks. the fact that the government should not have any control over private gatherings is not a good argument to have a big gathering that may include people with high risk factors of exposure or underlying conditions…. when you frame the conversation that way, you add credence to the false notion that people need to be controlled. the current fight against the unconstitutional overreach of government is undermining the cause of liberty.

              it is the equivalent of calling for the end of the drug war, by encouraging people to use heroine and cocaine. the argument should be that the problems won’t be worse with increased liberty, and many are arguing to actively make the problems worse….. they are telling people not to wear masks, they are telling people to have large gatherings, they are telling people to pretend nobody should take any personal responsibility….. this isn’t true libertarians, but many claiming that title are fucking up the concept.

      2. “don’t tell me what to do, you’re not my real dad!!!”

        it is true that i don’t live your life, but that does not make the choices some people make with that freedom any less stupid or more rational…… the point that i was making is not that the government should have control, it was that the response to them violating that does not have to be acting like a reckless moron high on meth. you don’t have to do something stupid just because someone says you shouldn’t.

        1. You’re more than welcome to hide under the bed for the next two years. Good thing the lumpenproles are still keeping the gears of society running so your malbushim self can be a chair moistener.

          1. if you don’t act like an idiot, you aren’t cool……. quit trying to shame people for making smart decisions.

  43. “governments” lol you supported totalitarian rule.

  44. … say state leaders.

    aaaaaaaaand now we can be safely sure this is not true.

  45. restaurants, bars and family dinners spread the virus.
    but definitely not mass protests or Joe Biden street parties.

    1. The amusing thing is that, when you look at what data actually can be gathered and parsed out, it doesn’t look like at first blush that mass protests were spreader events. It seems that people being outside walking around doesn’t provide a particularly safe environment for a virus to spread.

      Which is particularly why governors telling people to “stay home!” instead of “go the park and get some exercise!” is so stupid and self-defeating.

      1. Especially in cities where a large portion of the population lives clustered together in mutifamily housing. Or in city-owned high rises with HVAC that’s chronically in disrepair.

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  47. “I will take a stronger legal action as appropriate,” Brown said. “I’ve already directed the superintendent of state police to begin to work with local law enforcement to legally enforce the informal social gathering orders.”

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