Election 2020

Don't Buy the Debunked Dominion Voting Machine Conspiracy Theory

Trump's campaign officials and attorneys are peddling this nonsense with help from credulous Fox News hosts, but their theories don't stand up to scrutiny.


One of the more bizarre moments of this endlessly weird election season happened yesterday on Fox News, as the cable news network's hosts and anchors appeared to be operating in completely different versions of reality.

First, Maria Bartiromo dedicated nearly her entire hour-long program to spreading a wild conspiracy theory—born in the fever swamps of a right-wing message board and tweeted by President Donald Trump on Saturday night—that some electronic voting machines had "switched" or "deleted" votes cast for the president.

Rudy Giuliani, who was appointed over the weekend to oversee Trump's legal efforts contesting the election results, told Bartiromo that he had "proof that I can't disclose yet" about "corrupt machines." Separately, Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell joined Bartiromo to proclaim that "Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes, but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose." There is so much evidence of this fraud, she claimed that "I feel like it is coming in through a fire hose." Notably, however, neither Powell nor Giuliani offered much of the supposedly readily available evidence.

But the really weird part happened after Bartiromo's show ended and Fox News anchor Eric Shawn took the helm. After playing a clip of Philadelphia Commissioner Al Schmidt, the highest-ranking Republican in the city government, declaring that he had seen no evidence of widespread fraud in the city this year, Shawn took aim at the Dominion conspiracy. "As of today, there is no evidence of any widespread fraud affecting the outcome of the presidential election," Shawn concluded. "Our precious democracy was not tampered with."

The Trump years have created some obvious tensions between the opinionated hosts of Fox News' programs and the network's team of reporters and anchors who are tasked with delivering facts. But the divide has never seemed as stark as in the days since the election. The Sean Hannitys and Maria Bartiromos of the Fox News universe have raced to promote increasingly outrageous theories about the results—appealing to the favor of their number one biggest fan and giving false hope to his legions of followers—while the news division has dutifully reported that the president lost and that his myriad legal challenges of the results have been mostly meritless and quickly dismissed.

While the reporters and news anchors are getting their information from official sources like city commissioners and election officials at all levels of government, the Dominion conspiracy theory seems to have originated with a false claim made anonymously on a pro-Trump website. It rose quickly through the less trustworthy parts of the right-wing mediasphere until it caught the president's attention.

In an all-caps tweet on Saturday night, Trump highlighted a report from One America News Network (OANN), a right-wing outlet, that claimed voting machines made by Dominion Voting Systems had "switched" more than 200,000 votes from Trump to Biden and "deleted" another 900,000 Trump votes. That made it a story worthy of being covered by Trump's symbiotes at Fox News and elsewhere.

It is, to be clear, completely unsubstantiated.

The OANN report that Trump tweeted claimed that "data obtained from Edison Research," a polling firm, proved the allegations. But Edison Research has published no such report and has no data suggesting anything like that, the company's president told The Dispatch. 

Furthermore, Dominion Voting Systems has told the Associated Press that they have no evidence of "any vote switching or alleged software issues with our voting systems." And Edward Perez, global director of technology for the OSET Institute, a nonpartisan nonprofit that monitors elections around the world, told The New York Times that the group has seen no evidence of problems with Dominion voting machines that would cause votes to be recorded incorrectly.

The few instances of "irregularities" in vote counts that lend the slightest whiff of believability to things like the Dominion conspiracy seem to fall apart upon closer scrutiny. In Michigan, for example, mistakes that election officials said were "human error" led to some results changing as those slips were identified and fixed. A viral tweet that showed Biden suddenly gaining 138,000 votes in Michigan while Trump gained none was the result of a glitch in the reporting system, not the result of vote counting issues. The numbers were quickly corrected. And, as Republican officials in Michigan reminded The New York Times over the weekend, election results are certified only after a bipartisan group of canvassers double-check the vote count in every county.

To be fair, conservatives do not have a monopoly on spreading misleading allegations about corrupt voting machines. After the 2016 election, there was widespread speculation, mostly on the political left, that Russian hackers may have infiltrated voting systems to nudge the results toward Trump—just one part of the even wilder theories about Trump's status as an alleged Russian agent. It was true that the Obama administration had caught Russia-based attempts at hacking voter information, but a Senate Intelligence Committee report in 2019 found no evidence that hackers had attempted to alter vote counts.

The main difference, this time, is that the president is actively encouraging and spreading these stories. Even though we should all know better by now, that does lend a degree of seriousness to debunked theories that should not be taken seriously until we see some of that "fire hose" of evidence that's always kept just out of sight.

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  1. There are SOME grownups in the Trump Admin! Don’t give up hope yet! SOMEONE may be able to talk sense to SORE LOSER in Chief, yet!


    Trump national security adviser Robert O’Brien says it looks like Biden has won
    At the Soufan Center’s global security forum, O’Brien also predicted a “very professional transition.”

    1. Trump will be firing him soon, no doubt.

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    2. I hope he doesn’t leave the White House. It would be hilarious if the same Secret Service that has sworn to protect the President’s life then immediately arrests him at noon on Jan 20th and charges him with trespassing.

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    3. Not so Reasonable! This presents 2 opposing parties making allegations, providing no objective evidence of anything… and PRESTO! one side be debunked with extreme prejudice! Who is Dominion? Why is the math/stats across many states so out of whack, especially compared to down ballot wins? Everyone agreed Trumps followers had radically more enthusiasm – but has anyone seen even one ballot where Trump was the only choice made? Is there a guesstimate yet how many Biden ballots with only selection made?

      Finally, manipulation of Dominion software (which many Democrat Senators and Congress persons have warned about on the floor at least the past 5 years) can be totally camouflaged, where no expert can detect anything wrong. This is not from a partisan, but a forensic investigator of computer crime.

      Reason sounds like someone critiqueing an autopsy before the body is undressed. Is there anyone in this mess that can can be trusted on face value? FYI other than a few on-air personalities, FOX has totally go;e with the President-Elect party line and the obligatory doublespeak. Check out their current ratings to see how well that’s gone over with the Deplorable Chumps…

      1. True. Reason is sadly unreason. Sad that Eric is stupid and incompetent and bigoted enough to listen to the delusional NYT when all they’ve done is LIE 24/7 for 5 years? And as you note, sadly Fox has now joined the vile cabal. Reason hasn’t totally gone with them — yet, still having a few good things, but their Trump hate is a clear sign of Trump Derangement Syndrome and I pray they have egg all over their faces by Trump finally winning the election, though God may give us Biden/Harris as judgment for our sins, turning our backs on him for our vile lusts of abortion and sodomy, et al. It took Bush > a month for something much easier, only FL vs the SEVERAL states with glaring fraud Trump’s fighting, so why are they in such a hurry with Trump. What crooked things do they have they must hide? These sore loser degenerates have been planning this corruption for FOUR YEARS, so you can be sure it’s BAD, but even so their Trump Derangement is driving them to bungle it. God save us.

      2. Yes this is what progressives (Dem, Republican, and Reason editorial staff seem to be ignoring) The leftist ideology which like a nasty staph infection seem to have infected every talking head and news source were so quick to call the half wit from Delaware “President Elect” they were tripping over themselves. Reason once again proves that they are not Libertarian and are in the pocket of globalists. Reason like the swamp hates the constitution, this country and it’s people. May the staff rot in hell.

      3. I do computer security, and friends I know have been working on voting system security for decades, especially since the Republicans bought a lot of badly designed and badly managed systems in the early 00s after the Florida Hanging Chads election.

        Pretty much universally, they’ve recommended that any voting systems use paper ballots (either marked by hand or with the assistance of machines), and that the paper ballots be human-readable, not bar-codes or whatever, so the voter can check them, and that the paper ballots be the official vote, not the totals in some computer system that might not be secure. If the vote totals don’t look too close, you do a lot of risk-limiting audits to make sure everything’s working right, and if the vote totals are really close, you can hand-count them.

        That’s what Georgia and several of the other battleground states did, whether with Dominion’s or other companies’ voting machines. And you know what happened when Georgia’s Republican election officials hand-counted the votes? They found that a few Republican county officials had forgotten to send in all the official totals (so Biden’s lead got cut by 888 votes, not enough to swing the election), but otherwise everything worked fine, and Trump just lost.

        And the reason Trump lost is not only because 83 million Americans (most of whom think Joe Biden’s a boring guy) think Trump is a horrible person, but in traditionally-red Georgia in particular, Stacey Abrams, who ran against Secretary of State Brian Kemp who got to run the voting systems for his own election, decided that if she couldn’t stop the corruption she was going to have to overwhelm it by getting hundreds of thousands of Georgians, mostly Black or poor, who the system has successfully excluded for decades, to go register and vote against the Thug-In-Chief. And she did.

        I’m a Libertarian in CA; it was safe for me to vote for Jo Jorgenson, and I did, but if I’d been in an even vaguely contested state, I’d have had to vote for Biden, like I had to vote for Mondale in ’84 (fat lot of good that did :-), but a vote for Biden could have mattered.

        1. So Bill, you do computer security? How secure is a server, or voting machine, that can have the security logs removed? If I can log into a server, make changes, and then remove the log that I was logged in and made changes, would you call that server “secure” and “auditable”?

    4. Only blind bigotry is delusional enough to opine the Biden corpse and his dozen people “rallies” “won” more overwhelmingly than vastly more charismatic 0bama. The evidence of fraud is glaring and massive for all but the blind bigotry of Trump Derangement Syndrome like Reason’ and Sqrlsy One’s to see.

      1. You bet the votes were against Trump, not for Biden.

        Trump is even less of a Libertarian than he is a Republican.
        I lived in Delaware back when Biden first got elected. Nice decent guy, not particularly good at policy, and unlike Hillary Clinton, almost no Democrats are particularly excited about the guy, but all the Dems, Libertarians, independents, and leftists have been living with Trump’s chaotic evil narcissism for four years.

        I also lived in NJ during the Make Atlantic City Great Again years, when Trump was bankrupting casinos – selling gambling to New Yorkers is like running a liquor store in a college town, the only way to lose money at it is if you’re either really incompetent, mobbed up, or skimming too much from your partners to keep your business afloat. All of the above are pretty much how he ran things.

    5. Exposing the glaring Dominion fraud Reason’s unreasonable, bigoted denizens are blind to: theepochtimes.com/dominion-part-of-council-that-disputed-election-integrity-concerns-in-dhs-statement_3581659.html?utm_source=news&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=breaking-2020-11-16-5

    6. Dominion servers switching votes is a “wild conspiracy theory” according to Eric Boehm?


      A New Jersey woman *knew* the 33 people who voted for her. And she lost 33-10. She called & verified that the voting machine had *switched* their votes.

      And for $500 and control of the board, what voting machine were they using? Dominion! The very server that Boehm says for which vote-switching is a “wild conspiracy theory”.

      Fuck you, Eric Boehm. You wouldn’t believe it if ten thousand Team Blue members swore that they stole the election with it.

      1. Thank you I was so upset especially since this twit quotes the Neo-con run Dispatch… Why not throw in with the NYT or WAPO or Mother Jones? I have stayed away from the phony Libertarian rag but ran across the article and felt compelled ..

    7. Diebold has been severely criticized for the vulnerability of its machines. Years BEFORE 2016, I saw a video if a Diebold getting a sample vote coming in for one candidate, and the a vote for a different candidate coming out. One thing is for certain, where software is concerned, the software writer can make anything happen that they want to happen.

      The Dominion system, which is a descendant of the Diebold system is very vunerable. Here is a COURT FILING on the matter:

      1. That’s why Georgia and some other states replaced that design of machine with systems where the paper ballot is the official record, not some total kept by software, and if you want you can do a sampled audit of the paper ballots or even count them all by hand. Which Georgia did.

        And Georgia’s Republicans ran the vote counting pretty honestly, and when they did the by-hand recount, they found that some GOP-run counties hadn’t sent in all their votes, so Biden’s advantage narrowed by 888, not enough to change his win.


    1. Alex Jones rules!
      Reality drools!
      The evidences of our senses?
      THAT is for utter fools!

      (The really SMART people know, that they are ALL out to get us!)


        1. Well, *my* grandmothers are dead, so I’m just asking for equity.

      2. Alex Jones is popular because of liberals.

      3. “I feel like it is coming in through a fire hose.”

        Someone needs to take a fire hose to all these Trump buttplugs that can’t accept defeat. They’re worst than the Democrats, pathetic!

        1. Yeah, those fucks are way more pathetic than you “Russia stole the election from Hillary!”, let’s spend 4 years trying to remove a duly elected President through any means necessary, dem fucks.

          1. I never once, in the last four years, entertained the notion that “Russia stole the election from Hillary!” So not sure what group of whining sore losers you’re trying to lump me in with!

        2. How many times did YOU vote? (because we both know it was more than once)

    2. Mostly…

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  3. It’s the last part that is interesting. Democrats were complaining about Diebold voting machines for years. Diebold was purchased by Dominion. So now apparently all is copacetic and lefties have no issues with it. So they are not going to ever bring this up in the future, right?

    1. They’re really flogging hard today. You’d think they might be losing control of the narrative, and getting desperate.

      1. Still stuck at number 3 on the Coup-o-meter:

        Step 1: Get mail-in voting approved to guarantee a non-credible election result.

        Step 2: Have the Democrat-controlled media proclaim Biden as winner.

        Step 3: Use media allies to make it “true” that Trump lost. Frame any challenges to the narrative as the ragings of a insane dictator, clinging to power. <— THIS ARTICLE

        Step 4: If the courts and congress find Trump’s electoral victory is legitimate, claim that it’s not. Activate rioters.

        Step 5: Remove Trump by non-Constitutional means. Frame it as saving the nation.

        Step 6: ‘Build Back Better’ baby. Make sure that those uppity surfs pay.

    2. Michigan state official admitted that this software changed some 6,000 Republican votes to Democrat in one county.

      It was fixed, so nothing else to see there. trust us.

      This is the MSM and unreason’s whole bullshit shtick. We lied for years about this and that to get Trump, but this election is 100% devoid of election fraud.

      1. Right there in the above article:

        “And, as Republican officials in Michigan reminded The New York Times over the weekend, election results are certified only after a bipartisan group of canvassers double-check the vote count in every county.”

        1. So… the software is error prone requiring a double checking of the counts. Glad we cleared that up and that it wasn’t debunked that the software had issues.

          1. What is it about voting machine software?

            Are they attempting simple addition:


            Are they attempting to divide by zero? Calculate pi to 60 trillion?

            What arithmetic are they attempting to perform that is so difficult?

            1. They need to get their vote flipping proportions right. If they flip too many votes, it might get noticed.

              Remember when you cheat like crazy, it can be hard to keep all your lies straight. It’s why cheaters often get caught like in this election.

              So the arithmetic can actually get pretty complicated.

        2. As bipartisan as someone representing republicans on a CNN panel

      2. Yup. The more fevered the pitch, the more there is to find. Were onto something here.

      3. Turns out all of those debunked conspiracy theories spread by Trump and Devon Nunes about the deep state spying on the trump campaign were…True. But it’s critical that libertarians accept the conventional wisdom being sold by the same people who assured us Trump was a conspiracy theorist back then.

      4. Nope, didn’t happen. Name the official and the county.

        Are you thinking of the vote swing that happened when some reporter at Edison Research mistyped the results they were sending to the AP, resulting in the AP’s totals being wrong for about five minutes before making a big swing to the correct numbers?

        Or are you thinking of “Edison County, Michigan” which some of Sidney Powell’s Kraken lawsuits claim had wrong votes, when the county doesn’t even exist?

    3. Democrats were complaining about Dominion as recently as this summer.

    4. Yup. For the life of me I can’t believe people are still doubting the crazy ass shit that 45 claims that ends up being true. A 3 year hoax about Russian interference…concocted by us intel agents? Paid for by the opposition campaign? That happened, so did wiretapping and most of the rest of the crazy stuff he claimed. Granted he doesn’t always get it out concisely, but if he’s claiming we are a banana republic, I’m looking for the beach and cigar dealer. Some portion of this likely happened, let’s get it out because regardless the next 4 years will be hell regardless of the “dictator.”

      1. They committed fraud, which included multiple felonies and coordination among many people in intel agencies and the press and internationally, they’ve committed fraud regarding coronavirus effects and measures, they’ve committed fraud about the idea of systemic racism… but they totes wouldn’t commit electoral fraud!

        1. *oops
          That should be they committed fraud to frame the president for collusion with Russia above

  4. Sauce, goose, gander.

    While the reporters and news anchors are getting their information from official sources like city commissioners and election officials at all levels of government, the Dominion conspiracy theory seems to have originated with a false claim made anonymously on a pro-Trump website.

    The WHOLE POINT of this conspiracy theory is that the politicians and corporations which hate Trump have rigged the election, and you can’t see the relationship? Whether it’s true or not, relying on one side and sneering at the other is bonkers. Let me rephrase your stupidity:

    While the reporters and news anchors are getting their information from corrupt anti-Trump sources like city commissioners and election officials at all levels of government, the Dominion conspiracy theory seems to have originated with fake news made by Trump supporters.

    1. So, Republican appointed judges that are throwing out lawsuits left and right are all in on the deep state conspiracy? Wow. I am intrigued. Tell me more!

      1. Well, Biden’s going to have to fill those extra 5+ Supreme Court seats, and a SCOTUS seat would make a nifty bribe.

        1. ok, chap.

      2. Since the Republican establishment has been anti-Trump since 2015, I’m not sure why the label “Republican” means anything anymore relative to some sort of party loyalty.

        1. The label is useful to lefties, wanting support for their anti-Trump narratives.
          Real Republicans know who the traitors are.

          1. Jesus, thats a bit strong use of language. Do you have actual evidence they betrayed the country? What? Are you going to have them hanged as well?

  5. There is more evidence (sworn statements, specific video recorded acts, for instance) of shenanigans in this election there ever was against Bret Kavanaugh, but preach on, Eric, preach on.
    Despite your recent articles, you are still on AOC’s list.

    1. No. There isn’t.

      1. Well that settles it

        1. Can someone who isn’t already convinced there is Fraud explain the methodology being used in these analyses? Neither gateway nor thedonald.win gives any explanation of their methodology. They just insist that “votes switched”. What does that mean?

          1. I think that is the claim, in a nutshell. The voting machines are designed to switch votes from one candidate to another in a statistically plausible manner (but, apparently, this time, they cranked it to 11, and fucked up).

            I do not know how any of this works, or how it is supposed to work, or what kind of evidence one would need to analyze in order to draw such a conclusion. Presumably, if Powell and her team are not completely lying, they will present not only the raw evidence but expert testimony and a report.

            1. It really doesn’t fucking matter, though, does it? I am a controls engineer and could quite possibly be hired to analyze the code inside the software. But if I told you that there was no such code to make the switch, miraculously, I would be accused of being paid by the Deep State – or even part of it. How do you guys sleep at night knowing that the Deep State watches all and knows all?

              1. “I am a controls engineer”

                I don’t believe you.

                1. Go see my comment below to the moron who thinks declared variables with stored data is a function that changes the stored data. HINT: ITS NOT.

                2. Not that anything anyone on this comment section would ever be able to convince you of anything. But please, if it amuses you, give me a function to solve or write. I can write structured text for robots, if you would like. Or I can write ladder logic for a PLC in Siemens, Allen Bradley, AutomationDirect. I could write CFC (continuous flow chart) function blocks to control frequency drives manufactured by AKD or ABB in CodeSys, if you like. I can write some Visual basic codes to interface with Cognex Vision systems. Let me know what you would like me to do.

                  1. LinkedIn profile, please, and contact information.

                    Proof is proof.

                    1. LOL! Controls engineers are not usually that funny. It is definitely suspect.

                  2. Simple solution. Prepare a batch of scanners. Let both sides have their experts verify the code and rescan the ballots. My main concern with this is the software update that happened after the machines were certified. Throw a patch in on one update remove it with another. That’s not too hard to do.

                    1. There’s numerous TCP logs that will prove the chains of custody of anything done remotely to that machine since the dawn of time.

                    2. Kidwell1

                      Read where there are no logs when going in the back door by design. It’s also my understanding this software came from Venezuela and was used there for, you guessed it, its ease and low risk of detection when manipulating vote totals.

                      Alright, maybe you did not guess it.

                    3. Some of the voting machines are touch-screen, with no paper ballot to rescan.
                      The argument is that intelligence agencies came up with a hack to alter the results in foreign elections, when tabulations were transmitted, but only by a small percentage, so as to not be noticed.
                      Somehow, this has been used, or suspected of being used, domestically.

                3. I could also commission a PC for you and set up EtherCAT and Modbus TCP communications to multiple devices, if you would like.

                  1. The machines themselves are supposed to be (by law in some states) isolated from any outside connection. But yet Dominion was sending updates the day before the election. That alone raises an enormous red-flag and should void any machine counted results until it is clear exactly what was updated and why.

                    Counting/card-reading systems are ancient technology. This could be done with extremely simple coding, but yet its made to be overcomplicated. makes no sense really.

                    1. And you know the code is extremely complicated how exactly?

                      Are you the engineer that designed and programmed it?

                      Do you have access to the code? How do you know its the code from the machine? Did you verify this?

                      OR are you reading this drivel from some website or media source? Which I would find extremely hilarious, given the fact that most people on here are constantly deriding those who refer to other media sources as misleading – how do you know that the media sources that others are quoting (like OAN and some random horse fucker on the internet) aren’t intentionally misleading you?

                      See. Really none of us, even me as an actual controls engineer, can say shit about any of this. Why? Because none of us have actual direct access to any of this evidence. Its all literally bullshit we have pulled from some other online source.

                    2. “And you know the code is extremely complicated how exactly?”
                      I didn’t say extremely complicated, I said overcomplicated. Which can be directly conferred that it even needed a last minute update. As a simple visual counting machine can run on 1980’s technology, why in the world do they need “software updates”

                      “even me as an actual controls engineer,”. As if anyone gives a hoot about your claim to authority. If you don’t work for Dominion and have experience with the machines, then you have zero insight into what is going on. I have said nothing that is irrefutable…just raised questions about the facts presented.

            2. It is very unlikely that Sidney Powell is lying.

              1. Is she good in bed, too?

                1. Good Lord you’re a fucking twit.

                2. Well, we know you aren’t, or you wouldn’t be asking about her.

        2. Reading the articles- man they are hyperbolic- it appears that they are saying “CAUGHT EM!” based on the following:

          If you look at the swing states, you find that mail in votes slant heavily towards Biden (and against Trump) compared to his Election Day performance. They are saying there is a roughly 40% discrepancy between each county’s election day results and the later mail-in numbers. According to them this is evidence of fraud because:

          1) Non swing states have a discrepancy closer to around 25%, not 40%
          2) There should be more variance between counties as there was in the non swing states.

          While that IS possible, it is also not conclusive. The Left poured hundreds of millions of dollars into these four swing states. I know people who literally moved to these states to spend every day in the run up to the election going door to door. The organizers KNEW who was likely democrat, and normally didn’t vote, and they sent a person to their house with a ballot, and helped them vote and mail the ballot. This is all legal- and if they did anything illegal, like not bother going to a house and just filled out the ballot and mailed it, it is untraceable either way.

          The point is, while there may be fraud, the sensationalistic “We caught em!!!11!11” rhetoric is unwarranted. It is possible, even likely, that the reason these counties so heavily over-performed on mail-in voting, was that they were so heavily targeted by these Mail-In campaigns.

          I said this on the day after the election: Mail In voting- even legal voting- changes the game in ways the GOP was not prepared for. Every year, around 30% of the populace doesn’t vote. 40 – 50% on off election years. Mail In voting changes the game from “Try to get people to show up on election day” to “send enough volunteers to houses of people you know will support you, and get their ballot filled out now.”

          1. Universal mail-in voting changes the game because it makes mincemeat out of any existing verification procedures, especially when election officials unilaterally declared most of the already emaciated verification procedures to be disregarded.

            Signature verification not required. Postmarks not required. Chain of custody not required. Witnesses not required. Current address not required. Accept everything, without question.

            One can argue this is a “game changer.” Others can argue it is outright fraud.

            1. As I have noted before, you can even have legal voting and the problem remains. If you don’t accept that, then you are in for a tough time, I’m afraid.

              I agree that you ought not be able to allow just any ballot to come in- though it is noteworthy that ballots are still watermarked to the individual. In order to do mass fraud, you would have to intercept the mailed ballots, fraudulantly fill them out and then deliver them- hoping that the person who was expecting a ballot did not get one re-issued or shown up to the polling place on vote day.

              While it is possible that someone managed to pull off those items above, it is an effort requiring so many conspirators that you might as well just harvest the votes legally. *shrug*

              1. “[B]allots are still watermarked to the individual.”

                What does this mean?

              2. Here is why ballot harvesting is itself a problem:


                Harvest ballots, and then replace them.

                Naked ballots, for example, may simply be accepted as well.

                Interception is not even required — simply print, fill out, and dump the ballot in with the rest after which digging it back out is impossible.

                Just check the registration rolls, see who did not return a ballot, print a ballot, and fill out the information.

                It does not take a massive conspiracy to pull these things off.

          2. I think the better argument is that you can look at the party registration of absentee voters, and compare that to the vote totals attributed to absentee voters.

            You get the result in some cases that you’d have to have every Democrat, every independent, and a third of the Republicans, voting for Biden, to reproduce the numbers. And Trump has better than 90% support among registered Republicans.

            Now, this is not conclusive, perhaps Republicans who chose to vote absentee were just much, much more likely to be opposed to Trump. But it is odd looking.

            The problem here, as Geiger says, that the Democrats mounted a systematic attack on every last election security feature. Doing so didn’t directly constitute fraud, but it did make fraud virtually impossible to detect.

            1. “You get the result in some cases that you’d have to have every Democrat, every independent, and a third of the Republicans, voting for Biden, to reproduce the numbers. And Trump has better than 90% support among registered Republicans.”

              Please point me to that evidence. I have seen no examples of that, but I could be wrong.

              1. Well, you were wrong about the “discrepancy rate”
                Almost all the states had a margin of less than 10% for Biden in mail-in votes.
                Outliers: Pennsylvania, with 60% and Michigan, with 37%.
                Wow, just happen to be late-deciding swing states.
                P.S. I think going to someone’s hose and “helping” them fill in a ballot is illegal, if it isn’t, then you’ve got fraud built into the system.

                1. Exactly. There was mountains of fraud in this election, even if difficult or impossible to prove.

          3. “and they sent a person to their house with a ballot, and helped them vote and mail the ballot. This is all legal-”

            That’s not legal in PA

            1. “That’s not legal in PA.”

              That’s never stopped a Democrat before.

            2. Legal in Illinois. Only your employer or union rep are prohibited from “helping you fill out your ballot”. Walking into a nursing home and harvesting ballots is completely legal.

          4. “send enough volunteers to houses of people you know will support you, and get their ballot filled out now.”

            This is social coercion and manipulation, and shouldn’t be allowed. The vote is supposed to be secret and private, so we must require in person with rare exceptions. Also, you forgot to mention “send gobs of cash with the volunteers because every single target will gladly hand over a ballot for 20 bucks.”

      2. Your opinion is meaningless. All it takes is a plurality of Americans to believe that (which there already is).

      1. Antrim vote glitch: Expert shares how county mistakenly flipped from red to blue

        County after county had “problems”.

        These fraudster or incompetent government officials are trying to cover up a massive election fraud scheme and only address “problems” as they are caught by observers.

    2. I wish there were evidence, I wanted Trump to win, but he lost. I have paid attention particularly to Dinesh D’Souza’s reporting of alleged irregularities and found every one to be unconvincing.

      1. liar

        “James K. Polk
        November.16.2020 at 6:42 pm
        I hope he doesn’t leave the White House. It would be hilarious if the same Secret Service that has sworn to protect the President’s life then immediately arrests him at noon on Jan 20th and charges him with trespassing.”

  6. Sidney Powell is staking her entire reputation and career (and, likely, licensure) on validating her claims. If she is lying about this, she is going to be in a lot trouble. It is possible she is lying, of course. Lying on such a scale, however, seems entirely out of character for an attorney of her caliber.

    Let us see what Powell and her legal team can muster, at the very least, before dismissing the possibility of fraud. If she is wrong, there will be hell to pay.

    1. If Reason were being objective they might say something like “we look forward to analyzing the evidence presented and hope the truth comes out to put to bed any claims of impropriety.”

      But nope. Instead we get the standard journalistic tic of authoritatively labeling claims “false” when there really is no way to know that yet. It’s all so tiresome. It’s all so transparent.

      1. the claim was traced to an anonymous post on a pro-trump site. the company that was cited as studying the issue never made any report at all…… it is a false claim….

        1. “the claim was traced to an anonymous post on a pro-trump site” was a claim made by an anonymous poster on an anti-Trump site.

          1. Foo_dd is not anonymous, he has to give his information to Soros to get paid,

            or he is Jeff. Likely, he is Jeff.

        2. There were articles from local MI papers that reported the wrongful switching of some 3-6k votes. The article also went on to explain how the issue was discovered, addressed, and resolved appropriately so as to ensure correct official counts were reported (the fail safes worked… but only after an armchair analyst called it out… but all the same, it was resolved). Anoyher wrinkle was that the machines were updated the night before the election per the local paper articles. No one locally seemed to know why this happened and said it was unprecedented. The machine co said it was to update some voter registry or some such iirc.

          The issue then becomes one of… we know it happened once. We know the same company operates machines all over multiple counties in multiple swing states. So… where those checked? The electronic reporting did not match the paper report from the machine… the switch happened between those two reports. Did failsafes catch this in other places? Did anyone look? Did it even happen in other places?

          All reasonable questions that do not necessarily imply fraud. But all questions that certainly could be answered by fraud as well.

          Don’t get me wrong… I predicted Biden to win 300 something EC votes and he has. I don’t actually think it is widespread fraud. But I’m a skeptic… I don’t believe either campaign a d would like the answers to the above questions more out of curiosity… I didn’t vote for either guy and would be an election loser either way.

          1. so, if i understand you correctly…… you still don’t have any evidence that the claim isn’t false, just some vague notion that “something” could happen…… and therefore the question should be considered “reasonable” even after it has been established that the premise behind it is a lie. (the study cited in the claim never existed.).

            this is the last ditch hold out of a position you know is wrong. you know there is no evidence. you know there never will be any evidence. you know the people saying it happened are liars. but you just have to cling to that vague “unknown” that we all know does not exist.

            1. You are really desperate that nothing be investigated.

              1. investigate what? just like russia gate, the whole thing is a nothingburger.

            2. Baffling that this is the first time where somebody is asked to provide evidence that only one party could have to determine an issue.

              Can you explain why the percentage of rejected ballots, in a year with a massive spike in mail-in ballots, is so abnormally below normal?

              1. one of the most common reasons for a rejected mail in ballot is it not getting mailed in time. considering that most of the country made their minds up 6 months ago and mailed ballots were overwhelmingly sent in earlier than ever, your “percentage rejected” is a great big nothing burger.

            3. No… you quite obviously don’t understand me at all and just want to project upon me the image of a Trump loving buffoon and then beat up on me.

              If your post is indicative of your honesty and that of others who support Biden then perhaps I should be less skeptical of the Trump claims because thou “doth protest too much, methinks.”

              1. i pointed out clear evidence that the claim being discussed was false. you responded by throwing out a different unsubstantiated claim and flimsy inuendo…. if you don’t want to look like a buffoon, maybe stop acting like one. (like, falsely assuming i support Biden.)

                1. No, you gave no such “clear evidence”. Liar.

    2. She isn’t lying. You can read the actual articles and things she says, and it all carries with it plausible deniability. “I am seeing so much evidence of fraud” doesn’t mean I am certain there is fraud. It is all innuendo.

      Remember when Adam Schiff was claiming he had a smoking gun of Russian collusion? Sidney will face exactly the same consequences.

      If I give her the benefit of the doubt, it appears that they think there are more people out there with evidence and that they are trying to get those people to come out with it. They want those people to come out of the woodwork and turn over evidence because they think it can be

      1. Except she’s on the wrong team. I think her stakes are higher. Hell, the Lincoln Project folks might go after her even (or perhaps especially) if she proves her case.

        1. The “Lincoln” Project. I call them the Clinton Project.

      2. Remember when Adam Schiff was claiming he had a smoking gun of Russian collusion? Sidney will face exactly the same consequences.

        Not true. The left’s institutional control ensures consequences will be enforced against the right.

      3. Powell specifically stated she has evidence to overturn the election results, and that the evidence of fraud is overwhelming. That is not mere innuendo. Attorneys, unlike politicians, can face disbarment for deliberately misleading the public about legal claims and/or the existence of evidence. She did not say “well, this looks like fraud, but may not be.” So, she is staking a lot by making some quite definitive statements.

        1. That is how I heard it also. She was declarative. Now she will need to put up or shut up.

        2. She’s releasing the Kraken.

    3. Ah, you are finally acknowledging the possibility that you were dead wrong the past 2 weeks. You have made the difficult first step towards accepting reality.

      1. What are you talking about?

    4. On Bartiromo she explicitly said “I never say anything I can’t prove.” Boom!

      1. But even that statement is dependent on perspective. That is like a flat earther saying that they can prove the world is flat by a method that only takes into account certain mathematical parameters that will always give them a flat earth result. So what? Her statement means shit until proven in court.

        1. Given the fact that Powell is a lawyer, and was discussing the presentation of evidence in connection with litigation, would it not stand to reason that she was talking about proving her assertions in court?

          What did you think she was talking about?

          1. What do you think I am saying when I say “…until proven in court.”

            And given the fact that several lawsuits by the Trump team have already been thrown out of court, I would say her chances of it coming to fruition are very low. Just because I say I have evidence that can prove my claim, does not mean that I have evidence that a judge or jury would find substantial enough to prove my claim. Verifiable and testable by independent means.

            1. In what way were the dismissed lawsuits related to the lawsuit Powell was discussing?

              1. If there is a smoking gun out there, why are Trump´s minions bringing dozens of garbage lawsuits and tying up judicial resources?

                We all know the fable of the boy who cried wolf.

                1. Yes, it’s been the left “and” the media.
                  Constantly. For at least the last 4 years.
                  And now they’re crying that Biden won and there was no fraud.
                  Their track record suggests otherwise.

            2. Can you provide what cases where specifically Trump suits and which ones were just random suits not involving Trump at all?

              Because most are not Trump’s suits. I know, the press is saying so, but the press are, by and large, idiots.

              1. He is an engineer. Law is not his specialty.

                1. Current Status of Lawsuits

                  This gives a nice concise list of the current lawsuits and which ones have been upheld or dismissed/denied/dropped. 2 filed by the Trump campaign have been dropped or dismissed. 4 by the Republican party have been dismissed.

                  3 by Trump campaign have been upheld – none of them dealing with voter fraud – it was about distance for the observers and extending the count to 8pm. 1 has been upheld filed by the Republican party- again not dealing with fraud itself.

                  Absolutely none of the suits have dealt with fraud. I wonder why.

                  1. Maybe because they’re still gathering together the evidence of fraud? I’m sure you’ll apologize if/when they do.

        2. Proven in court?
          Like OJ’s innocence?

        3. By your standard, Al Capone’s only offense was not filing taxes in a timely manner, and Hitler committed no evil actions whatsoever.

    5. “Lying on such a scale, however, seems entirely out of character for an attorney of her caliber.”

      That is the most absurd statement I have heard all election season.

  7. It’s startling to see what I thought to be a truly objective news source to be pushing the same narrative as all the rest of corporate media.

    1. You can always go back to your FOX echo chamber.

      1. outdated reference, Fox was finally figured out as establishment drivel. Now when you (Yes, you specifically, an establishment drone bot) want to peddle media talking points you have to say Newsmax or OAN

      2. Go back to eating Biden’s ass.

        1. Ew.

    2. it is startling to see that there are people so committed the the idol worship, they fail to understand that if everyone is saying it is BS…… it might actually be BS….. “objective” does not mean “tell me what i want to believe.”

      1. “everyone is saying it is BS…… it might actually be BS”

        That’s a pretty dipshit standard of “BS.” And only about 50% of the population is calling it BS, so you are exaggerating a bit.

      2. You’ve clearly put no thought into this whatsoever and are just repeating what the MSM, including Reason, tell you to believe.
        You are an NPC reciting programmed lines.

        1. the news is wrong….. let’s all trust something somebody tweeted from their mom’s basement….

          1. I see you weren’t here for the Russian collusion years…of the Gulf of Tonkin incident…

            But sure, the news is right…let’s all trust CNN, MSNBC, and Fox, that’s the Reason brand of libertarianism: “Believe the established party line on it’s face, no need to even investigate!”

  8. “Furthermore, Dominion Voting Systems has told the Associated Press that they have no evidence of “any vote switching or alleged software issues with our voting systems.”

    Literally the only information i found in here on the topic of the actual machine, which is what the article is supposed to be about, is a comment from someone from the company saying its all dandy? This is one of the worst excuses for investigative journalism i havd ever seen, and there has been some tough competition lately. Unbelievable.

    1. It’s not investigative journalism. It’s narrative journalism.

    2. Journalism is hard and doens’t pay well.. Establishment droning, however, leads you to cocktail parties and Koch checks

      1. Realityism doesn’t pay well either. Endless Trumpist conspiracy theories and endless agitation, though, MIGHT lead to the demise of the 2-party democracy we know here in the USA, and the PERMANENT VICTORY of our “R” team! Yeah for “R” team! Maybe Der TrumpfenFuhrer will allow “trickle down” theory here, and allow MEEEE to share the spoils of our ever-lasting political war, and I can get “sloppy seconds” from Stormy Daniels!!!

        The “goose that lays the golden eggs” (2-party democracy) gets killed? And we get a 1-party state? So long as WEEE can get “sloppy seconds” from Stormy Daniels, we’re all on board!!!


        1. Wow, that’s a lot of Biden ass eating you’re doing.

          1. I’m soooo sorry that your Great Whitish-Orangish Pumpkin-Father has been CHEATED out of His Office by evil Demoncrats! I suggest that you might be able to retreat to your safe space… I hear they have laid in a large supply of Teddy Bears. Maybe one of the Teddy Bears will agree to lay with you, and snuggle your wuggle for a while! There, there, now!

            In just a mere few more years, as you are still jonesing for Great White Father, I bet you could persuade Alex Jones to be your Next Savior! Slogan: Jonesing for Jones!

            1. Kill yourself. You’re a literal shit eating racist progtard.

            2. Get your head out of Biden’s ass for two seconds. btw, I find it really amusing that you liberals think you banned Alex Jones who’s now more popular than ever thanks to the left’s misunderstanding of the Streisand Effect.

              Now that I have educated you, you may resume eating Biden’s ass. Although I must warn you, doing so too much will make you retarded.

    3. they also showed that the report cited does not exist, and that the original source is an anonymous post on a pro-trump site….

      1. Who cares? Boehner barely scratched the surface of the issues with the machines. When Texas rejected the use of the machines for the election, the few things Boehner does mention didnt even exist. There are serious security flaws with the system, not to mention all of the shady cronyism backstory of the companies involved (foreign servers getting access to tabulated votes? W. T. F.) Boehm has done zero research

        1. so….. when the claim being made is proven false, you just make new claims without any basis….. and the ones calling you on the BS are the ones without integrity?

      2. Because some random on a web board said so with no justification whatsoever. Your own standards sink you.

    4. “But why would Philip Morris lie about cigarettes and lung cancer?”

  9. saying something is debunked is not the same as proving something is debunked. no matter how many people say its debunked.
    BTW what about the people who are witnesses to problems with the programs including election officials that showed 6000 incorrectly cast votes. Are they not real people. which people should i listen to or maybe i could see all the evidence if only we were allowed to look a the evidence. Remember Athens Tennessee

    1. You need to be more specific. The only thing I saw about “6000 votes” was in Antrim County. And that had nothing to do with Dominion software. The votes were properly tabulated, but the reporting software had a problem.

      1. Isn’t that a problem?

      2. Kindova big problem no?

        1. A problem with the reporting counts to the media, yes. A problem with counting votes, no. IOW, no real problem.

  10. Person: “How do you know the voting fraud claims have been debunked?”

    Reason: “The people and organizations allegedly implicated in the fraud assured us everything was on the level.”

    Person: “Ok, but ….. ”

    Reason: “DEEEEE …. BUNKKKKEDD!!!!”

    1. Not how logic works. If you assert the election was fraudulent, it is incumbent on you to offer proof of the assertion. A gratuitous assertion may be gratuitously dismissed. Was the election perfect? Most certainly not. Is there any substantive material evidence of fraud sufficient to alter the outcome of the election? I haven’t seen it. What I’ve mostly seen are rumors, groundless assertions, and speculations coming out of the fever swamps of the Internet.

      1. A burden of proof is not the same as “how logic works.” Affirmatively dismissing something without any evidence (rather than simply stating “there is no evidence to support the claim”) is logically equivalent to affirmatively asserting something without evidence.

        “God does not exist” and “there is no evidence to support the claim that God exists” are not the same.

        Reason, by way of the this article, is making the first argument, which is just as fallacious as the naked assertion that “God does exist.”

        1. God does exist, buys gold, and has a good credit rating.

          1. Fucking Bukharians. Great food, though.

      2. How does someone find evidence without an investigation? The ballots are not private property, they are of the government. They should be open to audit.

      3. “If you assert the election was fraudulent, it is incumbent on you to offer proof of the assertion.”

        Given that only the government has the evidence, how would one prove fraud to you?

    2. and, the report supposedly cited never existed.

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  12. >>Philadelphia Commissioner Al Schmidt, the highest-ranking Republican in the city government

    lol you either obtuse or gaslighter. maybe both

  13. I trust Sidney Powell far more than Eric Boehm.

    She is an excellent and credible attorney.

    1. My eyes rolled back in my head hard enough to have caused a mild concussion.

      1. Matches well with your severe brain damage.

      2. So? You would have the same reaction if I dangled my keys in front of you.

    2. How did Biden get 15% more votes (i.e. 448,305) in PA than Hillary did in 2016, 385,000 more than Obama in 2012, and 98,000 more than Obama in 2008?

      While Biden got about 8,000 fewer votes than Hillary in Philly, Biden got far more votes than Hillary in suburban Philly Counties of Montgomery (57,000), Chester (37,000) and Delaware (24,000), and in Pittsburgh’s Allegheny County (48,000).


      Trump increased his 2016 vote in every PA county (and 357,000 more statewide), but somehow more votes came in for Biden (especially via PA’s first general election using mail in ballots, which was heavily promoted by Democrat Gov Wolf and Democrat County officials).

      1. Again, I am not saying that there wasn’t fraud, but when you switch over to Mail In voting this is EXACTLY what you expect to see- even with LEGAL VOTING. This happened in California and it left the GOP completely flat footed.

        In states that are heavily “in person” voting, 50 – 60% of the population votes. The remaining 40-50% of voters are “Opportunities Lost”. If you know which one of those are going to vote for your candidate, you can send a moon-eyed millennial volunteer to that person’s house, help them fill out the ballot and have them drop it in the mailbox. 10 years ago, that volunteer may have driven 30 – 100 people to a poll on election day. Today they are getting 30 – 100 ballots in the mail LEGALLY for each day they are pounding the pavement.

        Even when everything is done legally, the force multiplication of your volunteer is enormous. One person spending 3 weeks in a heavy democrat area can “turnout” 20x the number of votes that they could if they just “generated enthusiasm” and drove people to the precinct on election day.

        1. It’s just kinda weird that they only did this in Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Philly

          1. They didn’t do this is Philly. Philly’s count makes sense (as much as it does any year). They did it in the surrounding counties, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, where Biden pulled in 25% increases in turnout over Clinton. Other countries, even deep red, Biden pulled in unusual increases in vote counts over Clinton.

            but yet, there was no increase in registered dem voters in these counties. there was however a significant increase in registered republicans in PA, 200k over 2016, close to Trump’s turnout increases.

            Somehow, Biden pulled off a 400k vote count increase over clinton, but not in Philly (which accounts for almost 25% of PAs total votes) and largely focuses on the suburban counties that have historically been very purple.

        2. “Again, I am not saying that there wasn’t fraud, but when you switch over to Mail In voting this is EXACTLY what you expect to see- even with LEGAL VOTING.”

          Why would you expect massive increases with mail in voting?

          And would you argue that mail in voting requires MORE strict controls over fraud than even in-person voting? Why or why not?

        3. in PA, they did it in 2018 as a trial run. midterm elections have very consistent turnout, but somehow Gov Wolf was able to pull a 50% increase in turnout over anything any dem had ever achieved in the midterm. blue wave? nonsense, it was all fraud. 2018 was the trial run for 2020 and can be seen in key races in states where republicans were squeezed out, even though they were very popular and expected to win. Kentucky is another.

          but 2018, set up the Dems for the PA state control (except the legislature) that proceeded to implement all the last-minute changes to voting practices that setup Biden inexplicable vote count.

          1. at this point its not even hard to believe.

            We now know the Obama administration openly spied on the incoming Trump campaign, violating numerous laws.
            We now know that they blatantly lied to the FISA court to enable illegal searches of vulnerable staff in the Trump campaign/administration, even going so far as employing foreign intelligence services.
            We now know that Pentagon officials were openly lying to the Trump administration about how many troops were in Syria, to prevent him from insisting on a pullout.
            We now know that the intelligence services were opening conspiring against the Trump administration and lying to him about their own activities (Brennan, Comey, etc)

            Widespread conspiracy to commit election fraud is not at all hard to believe

      2. Well is wasn’t a “calibration error” like in 2016 when the touchscreen gave a vote for Hilary when a straight Republican ticket was selected. Before anybody says “fake news” I was asked to watch while a poll worker corrected a woman’s ballot and was asked to sign an affidavit that I witnessed her satisfaction with her ballot.

    3. I don’t trust Democrats or unreason staff at all. They are almost without exception liars and will say and do anything to get their way.

      The Constitution and rules mean nothing to these people if they think they can get away with it.

      Democrats and unreason accused and help impeach a duly elect president for no crime.

      It’s all politics, which is why the SCOTUS needs to step in void the election then send to the House for 12th Amendment president determination.

      If we cant even have open and fair elections, there is no point is giving Lefties protection of the US Constitution anymore. Lefties made their choice.

      1. SCOTUS, being an appellate tribunal, has no jurisdiction to step in and void an election. An evidentiary record must be developed initially in one or more trial courts. The burden of proof lies on the party positing the existence of fraud.

  14. This is actually amazing, I can’t believe Reason continues down this path. I am so glad I gave up but keep coming back. This is a new low, I look forward to you sucking Biden’s dick and excusing war crimes

    1. Reason has chosen their side, and that side is globalism.

      There’s a reason the World Economic Forum announced their Great Reset plans this summer. It’s because they were so confident in their ability to get rid of the biggest speed bump (Trump). Once they have their guy in control of the world’s largest military it will all be downhill from there.

      Now, you might think a libertarian publication would recognize a one world government as the greatest threat to liberty ever conceived. No more tax competition. No more voting with your feet. No where to go to escape, even on a seastead. You don’t have to be a fan of nationalism to recognize that something can be even worse. But for strangely enough Reason is fully on board.

      Looking forward to the next think piece, “The libertarian case for the Great Reset”.

      1. Charles Koch regrets his partisanship: ‘Boy, did we screw up!’

        Kochs are no Libertarians and they are siding with Communists who run the Party of slavery.

      2. You think military people will go along with it?

  15. How dumb do you have to be to believe a politician telling you “I have proof, I just can’t show it to you”?

    1. They’re lawyers.

    2. “”How dumb do you have to be to believe a politician””

      That was good enough.

    3. Sidney Powell was indicating that she’d present the proof to the courts (instead of presenting it on a Sunday TV show).

      1. Please tell me you’re giving Trump your money.

        1. That’s much better than you giving Biden my money.

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  17. Don’t listen to strawman arguments

    1. lmao I love that the guy who lied about inventing email has resurfaced as the main source for one of the dumbest conspiracies I’ve ever seen

      1. What’s so great about science is reproducability. If everyone can reproduce the results of another we can be confident it is the truth. You can even do the analysis yourself.

    2. Ugh- I deep dived into this data. It is so bad. And it should be retracted immediately.

      If you look into that article, you will see that their methodology is to compare the percentage of voters voting GOP Party Ticket to the difference between GOP Party Ticket and People voting for Trump directly.

      The problem with this is that it is bad math. You are plotting X vs Y-X where Y and X are percentages, not real numbers. You cannot do this. There is a great, non-snarky, informative Youtube video that shows why this is really, really bad math.


      That clear video has been out for 2 days and Gateway pundit has still not mentioned it. Their analysis is completely wrong.

      1. Math is not my strong point and there are comments disputing the video. I’ll have to leave it to the statisticians to come to a consensus on the truth of it.

  18. “Claims about Dominion switching votes are completely debunked, because we asked Dominion and they said they totally didn’t do it.”

    1. /cross my heart.

    2. “I have president Putin, he just said it’s not Russia. I will say this. I don’t see any reason why it would be,” President Trump said, standing at podium side-by-side with the Russian president during a joint press conference Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

      He continued: “So I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.”

      1. Putin IS more trustworthy than everyone making the Russia allegations.

        1. Putin is more honest and forthright than Adam Schiff. That’s a frightening thought.

  19. This is probably the article alleging fraud that Eric Boehm wrote about: “https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/11/examining_the_code_internet_geeks_conclude_trumps_win_was_yuuuge.html”

    I am not a programmer/hacker so I cannot make a judgement on its accuracy. One interesting point in the article is a roughly 20,000 vote switch from Trump to Biden on a network election broadcast. Did it really happen? If so, why? Also, OANN made mention of “data obtained from Edison Research,” as did the article from American Thinker– they did NOT say Edison Research issued a report alleging fraud. Edison Research data can show fraud without a report being issued. And if Edison Research programmers can’t find it, that doesn’t mean other more qualified programmers/hackers cannot.

    1. rofl he keeps calling JSON data returned from Edison’s election API “javascript code” and talking about it at length as if it is computer code that is controlling the election.

      Holy. Shit. You people are so, so, embarrassingly dumb.

    2. Wtf, dude. That isn’t actual code. Those are just declared variables with their associated stored data. There is literally no function listed in the code that does one fucking thing to the data stored in the variable. Go seek some extracurricular education on how programming works. Seriously, it will help.

      1. “There is literally no function listed in the code that does one fucking thing to the data stored in the variable.”

        Unless you have actually seen the code how would you know? Otherwise you are just pulling things out of your arse like 99% of the idiot talking heads, writers and commenters.

        1. I am literally referring to the snippet of “code” that was listed in the link provided in the comment above. Are you that obtuse? And no, I am not pulling shit out of my arse. As verified above in previous comments, I write code for a living. Get lost.

        2. This is a direct quote from the American Thinker article/blog post:

          “The code that caused the switch of 19,958 votes is buried elsewhere in the Javascript code.”

          Really? Why not show it? Because obviously, they are wrong. If this guy who made the blog post had access to it and claims it is there, why wouldn’t he have posted the code that supposedly changed the votes? Because he and the other guy that “analyzed” it are idiots. The code they show is just data point labels. Do you know what a label in code is? Its like a tag or a bookmark. Thats it. It does nothing. That code shown in the article does absolutely nothing to the data. It does not perform any action on anything. To perform an action to change a value in a variable, you must use a function. Functions are declared and executed using “=” and “;”

          There is none of that. Those are just labels. Get over yourself.

        3. And upon further investigation, “a libertarian” is totally correct. This is just a JSON file. Do you know what a JSON file is? Here is the link to the JSON file that they grabbed the supposed illicit “code” from.


          It stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is not a program. It is a file that contains labels and its associated data. That is literally it. You can read the whole JSON file and see that there is literally no code to execute and change data. This is not the actual program from the dominion voting machine. You guys are a bunch of clowns.

          1. I never said it was code, nor did I make any claims about the American Thinker article. Journalists are largely morons.

            All I did was point out that you have zero information yourself. You haven’t seen the code that runs the machines and have zero authority to speak to claimed indications of fraud. And your incessant claims of authority and harping on others mistakes of terminology make you look like a whining petulant child.

            1. And all I did was point out that people saying that they have seen the code and blah blah blah are complete idiots. Because OBVIOUSLY THEY HAVEN’T. Yet, they go on about this dumb JSON file as if it is evidence of malfeasance, and its not.

              STAY ON TOPIC. I was refuting the code given in the blog post. I made multiple statements as to how this is not the actual code, and that I was not referring to the actual code. Do you have any reading comprehension skills? Look up pretty much all of my comments on here. Paraphrasing myself, I say the pretty much the exact same thing as you. That no one knows shit about what the code can or cannot do, because no one has it. But here, in this instance, I was refuting the code snippet as code from the machine – because its not. Case Closed. Move on, loser.

      2. You are a dipshit ass eater. If you have an API endpoint that accepts JSON and records the results, then you are making changes to the counts! He is only showing two consecutive, and implausible, updates to the vote counts.

        I love these junior devs that recognize “JSON” and so think they know everything.

        1. Oh, how sweet of you. I love hearing you call me sweet nothings.

          So, you have this API? Please show me how it is manipulating the data. The person that wrote the blog post on American Thinker obviously has no fucking clue what he is talking about then. You’ve proven my point that the JSON file itself does not contain the code to manipulate the data.

          1. No one has the API, that’s the fucking point you imbecile.

  20. When I vote, I want a receipt, god damnit. A receipt!

    1. Take your sticker and get the hell out of here.

    2. You voted Democrat. Even though you voted Republican.

      11/03/20. Thank you for being a patriot and voting! Come again.

    3. We give extensive, very private, information to the IRS every year. We get receipts. If we use a third party like Intuit, we can access our records for years later.

      but yet, somehow, our election system is run like a street corner scam. you go through the process, with its appearance of validity, but are left feeling violated learning that the process is crap, can’t read even minor mistakes (hanging chads, incompletely filled boxes), the software is apparently bugging as hell, the people running the polling station rarely seem to follow the damn law, and if there are any questions, a subsection of people that have less background checks then a parent helping run a school bake sale are tasked with counting/verifying. And through all of them, the people voting have zero ability to confirm their vote was legitimately recorded/counted.

  21. “After the 2016 election, there was widespread speculation, mostly on the political left, that Russian hackers may have infiltrated voting systems to nudge the results toward Trump”

    You understate matters sir. It wasn’t simply “speculation.” The Green Party actually filed lawsuits in three closely contested states alleging that the Russians had changed the vote counts there. The cases went nowhere but the Greens still managed to raise boatloads of money to pursue them. And I don’t recall anyone tut-tutting about how democracy was being undermined because the Greens were calling the legitimacy of the election process into question.

    1. The Greens, like the LP, are chock full of conspiratards. So are the Dumbocrats and Rethuglicans, but polite society pretends they don’t exist there.

      The number of rational people on the planet is distressingly small.

      1. And definitely doesn’t include you.

    2. It’s been a few years I’ve been hearing the voter rolls are a mess. It’s more than plausible the DNC cheated. Heck, I’m going with they did.

      No fricken way Joe Biden won. JOE BIDEN! Biden. GTFOH.

      1. It’s not just plausible, its probable.

        The dems have fought every damn effort to make our election system better, safer, less corruptible, more reliable, more trustworthy.

        Why would they do that, if not to enable fraud?

  22. If you were attempting to sound credible, you threw in way too many words like “debunked” “bizarre” “wild” “fever swamp” “nonsense” etc. Try a little next time.

  23. This is the same president who started his political career claiming that Obama’s birth certificate was fake. Yet he had four years in the highest office but never managed to reveal the actual certificate.

    This is a president who gets his information from television and websites rather than the actual sources he has direct access to.

    1. “This is a president who gets his information from television and websites[.]”

      Self-reflection is down to -450, Captain.

    2. The sources you mention inside the government are corrupt traitors to the constitution and daily violate their oaths of office.

      Obama could have disclosed his birth certificate to show he qualifies under the few requirements to be president in the USA.

      Didnt Hillary start the birther thing first?

      1. Even if the BC he produced is real he still didn’t qualify because he his father was a foreigner. He was born a citizen through his mother but he wasn’t a natural born citizen which means born in a country to citizen parents. Now lets talk about how Harris doesn’t meet that criteria either.

    3. Trump wasn’t in politics when he repeated the Hillary Clinton theory about Obama’s birth certificate. He began his political career many years later by announcing his candidacy for president.

  24. Has there been any debunking of the questions about the software’s questionable pedigree, i.e. the foreign involvement in the company?

    If Trump had won and Dominion had any significant Russian investors, leftists would be burning down cities (again).

    1. The last people whose word on the matter anyone should accept are the people that spent four years assuring us that Russians somehow stole the 2016 election. Professional conspiracy theorists denouncing conspiracy theories is rich, to say the least.

  25. So now that the fake ballots story has fallen apart and the new claim is they just changed the vote totals after they were counted, I was wondering a couple things.

    Why did they bother with all the extremely risky shenanigans during vote counting if they could just change the numbers after the fact?

    If the voting software is compromised, why would the “real” numbers with Trump winning ever get submitted, since they would need to be replaced out in the open later, virtually guaranteeing they would be caught?

    1. To be frank, it seems that what people are alleging is not a grand conspiracy, but several, standalone groups who are working independently due to their hatred of Trump. Given how many people have claimed that beating Trump is a moral necessity, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

      What gets to me is how absurdly dismissive the reaction has been by the media. Instead of “well, this is interesting”, it was immediate rejection of all arguments. Almost a knee-jerk. This means I can’t trust the “debunkings” because I have to assume they are as baseless as the initial claims were.

      I’m sorry, but given the unanimous declaration of Kavanaugh as a pervert and Trump as a Russian, I cannot believe a word that the media says on this. Let’s see what the final results are.

      1. I’m on both sides. I came out immediately suspecting fraud. But as certain ones like the whole “Benford’s Law” proof were refuted, while I still saw more and more people repeating them, I realized there is going to be no resolution to this.

        Seriously, I still see people reporting the Benford’s law thing. But even Dr Roy Spencer (famed Global Warming skeptic) has analyzed and disregarded the Benfords Law stuff.


        Hell, even JesseAZ posted a paper that argued Benford’s law should in no way be used to detect fraud due to its unreliability.

        1. I’m with you. The Benford’s Law thing was never convincing to me because, at its best, it’s only suggestive and never proof.

          But Boehm reported that the 138K vote issue was a glitch that was later corrected. I went to his link to see proof that it was corrected, but his link only went to a different news story quoting someone else who said it was a glitch, and there’s no evidence that the error was corrected.

          If that was a glitch that was corrected, just show me what happened in the corrected data. I can’t seem to find evidence that it was corrected, though, just a lot of people gaslighting.

    2. The votes were moved during the counting.

  26. “Notably, however, neither Powell nor Giuliani offered much of the supposedly readily available evidence.”

    Why would they? Shouldn’t that be done, I’m just guessing here, in court in front of a judge?

  27. Georgia hand recount should show if the touchscreen voting was rigged “plagued with glitches and human error”.

    If not, OK

    If so, the court orders hand recounts in WI, MI, AZ and PA or the legislatures say “fuck it” and just send slates of Trump electors.

    1. That’s what I’m not getting. The evidence is apparently sufficient that Georgia is doing a full hand recount. However, the media is saying that there is no evidence whatsoever and it’s a grand conspiracy theory.

      Meanwhile, we subjected Trump to a multi-year investigation on possible Russian collusion based on evidence that was explicitly manufactured by his political opponents (the Steele Dossier) compounded with falsified warrant applications.

      At least let the investigation finish out and see what comes of it. This is coming across very much in the vein of “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”.

      1. Georgia is recounting because the vote was so close 3% I believe.

        1. 0.3%, actually. Georgia state law automatically triggers a recount if the margins are under 0.5%. That’s not the only condition that can cause a recount but it’s always sufficient for one.

  28. In the interview one of the key methods of alleged tampering was via remote IP access to the voting machines. Those machines should be locked down, with no backdoor remote access, even for troubleshooting. It should be pretty easy to substantiate the possibility of such access. If that access exists, then they have a case for invalidating any voting done on those machines, since there is probably no trace remaining of the vote switching, if indeed it occurred.

  29. > The OANN report that Trump tweeted claimed that “data obtained from Edison Research,” a polling firm, proved the allegations. But Edison Research has published no such report and has no data suggesting anything like that, the company’s president told The Dispatch.

    I happened to see the data used by user who made the analysis on thedonald . win. It is correct that the Edison Research have not published a report nor data, but the data was publicly available on NYT in json format for anyone to analyze.
    I don’t claim that the analysis was 100% correct, but it was there and it looked ok. Instead of posting such statements they should have looked at their data and verify the claims.

  30. Amazing how fast they can debunk shit when they want to – normal investigations may run weeks or even months and yet this shit gets debunked within 24 hours. Who did the debunking? How many agents did they have assigned to the debunking? How many witnesses did they subpoena testimony from? Can we see the transcripts?

    Or by “debunking” do you mean “we’re gonna call you a liar and then we’re going to call it a day”? That’s not a debunking, that’s just saying nuh-uh.

  31. A viral tweet that showed Biden suddenly gaining 138,000 votes in Michigan while Trump gained none was the result of a glitch in the reporting system, not the result of vote counting issues.

    I can believe there was a glitch, but I’d like to see actual evidence. There’s a link there to a vox article-why do so many Reason bloggers like linking to Vox stories?-was a numerical typo that was corrected. But then it shows no evidence of a later update to prove it was later corrected.

    What we do see is a line graph where the datapoints are stretched out, and the big BUMP that Biden got at 4:30ish am was spread over two hours so it looked less dramatic, compared to suddenly shooting up. So it really didn’t seem to disprove anything.

    I’m coming into this open-minded but if there’s screenshots of the Decision Desk making the error, surely somewhere there’s some correlating data to show that a correction was made, if it happened. Right?

  32. The only thing missing from this article is any actual proof that these machines are secure. We know for a fact, as stated in the article, that the machines are prone to human error, as happened in Michigan. Can YOU always tell the difference between human error and human malfeasance? Regardless, as a person who previously held top-secret clearance, I claim any system prone to human error is NOT a secure system.

    Next many officials from Texas have publicly stated why they vehemently disapproved these machines when they were selecting their new systems. I also recall seeing a House Report that spoke against these machines, but don’t remember the facts.

    But all that said, it does not appear those machines affected the results here in Georgia. With the exception of a few ballots that were never counted (may narrow margin by 800-1,000), the hand count is verifying the original count.

  33. What would explain the near complete whitewashing of the Dominion Wikipedia profile? Done since November 6. Are we seeing less mentions of them prior to 2020? Like nothing about the progs complaints in 2016, which hit all of the major news outlets. Why the effort to change the past?

    1. Warren and Klobachar wanted an investigation of Dominion in Dec 2019 for it being open to fraud!

  34. Other than Belgium and Estonia, no EU countries use electronic voting machines. A few other EU countries that used the machines in the past have since dropped them due to security concerns. The arguments against using these machines in the US following the 2016 election are nearly identical to the arguments being put forth today as a basis for questioning the integrity of results. Since little has changed since 2016, from the perspective of electronic machine voting security, both political parties are on the same page.

    Frankly, if you don’t think these systems are vulnerable, you haven’t done your homework.

  35. Furthermore, Dominion Voting Systems has told the Associated Press that they have no evidence of “any vote switching or alleged software issues with our voting systems.”

    They would say that, wouldn’t they?

  36. It is, to be clear, completely unsubstantiated.

    I’m tired so I’m not going to read the rest of the article tonight – maybe this is addressed in it – but ‘unsubstantiated’ does not mean ‘debunked’.

    Why is everyone so afraid of investigation? Everything’s unsubstantiated until you investigate to see if there’s evidence.

    Instead the cry is ‘its unsubstantiated so an investigation is a waste of time’.

  37. In 2019 Elizabeth Warren, Amy Kobluchar and another prominent Democrat filed a written complaint about the Dominion System, specifically stating that it flipped votes

    1. Tucker showed a bunch of Dems complaining over the years about the possibility of fraud.

  38. I read somewhere recently a comment where the person made the point that no matter what actually happened with this election, the behavior of media and tech companies revealed by the Biden email thing has basically removed any ability from them to convince people that everything is above board.

    No one trusts media any more.

    No one trusts their neighbors any more.

    No one trusts you any more.

    All we’ve got is QAnon on one side and ‘fairest election in the history of elections, I pinky swear’ on the other.

    1. Check out Gateway Pundit they have a lot of coverage of the fraud.

  39. Biden drew more voters than black jesus? Horseshit.

  40. Trump’s campaign officials and attorneys are peddling this nonsense with help from credulous Fox News hosts, but their theories don’t stand up to scrutiny.

    Behold Eric Boehm: based on his writings, he is an expert economist, experienced psychologist, paleoclimatologist, computer forensic expert, IT security expert, statistician, mathematician, and all-round genius! If he says so, we should believe him!

    1. He’s so d@mn typical of liberals – know-it-alls trying to impose themselves in everything.

  41. Exhaust indicated a lot of Dems griping throughout the years about the chance of misrepresentation.


  42. There are enough irregularities without the voting machine issue that should make everyone concerned.
    Not unique to this election but seem to be growing over many elections. When you have poll watchers not allowed, when you have credible people filing complaints in Michigan including a former Asst States Attorney you have reason for suspicion. Incidents of the dead both registering and voting in multiple states. Until these things are thoroughly answered the fear and rumor will spread until all credibility is gone. Far bigger issue than Trump vs. Biden.


  44. But Edison Research has published no such report and has no data suggesting anything like that, the company’s president told The Dispatch.

    Actually, what they did was repeat the canard–

    “There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud”

    Which is not what’s being alleged.

    TARGETED voter fraud is being alleged. A very different animal.

    But, every time someone points this out, the response goes right back to ‘widespread voter fraud’.

    It’s crazy.

    1. ““There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud””

      I love how that has been the tag-line of everyone immediately upon the early claims of fraud.

      Not any of these:
      “there is no widespread voter fraud”
      “We have not been a party to any voter fraud”
      “We have conducted the election with utmost integrity and welcome any investigation”
      “We have nothing to hide and welcome discussion of any concerns”

      It’s telling how the claims immediately focus on “no evidence” rather then “no fraud”

    2. It has to be widespread to affect the election.

      I don’t know why you fools can’t get it through your head that Trump doesn’t automatically win if someone commits fraud somewhere. Going by actual accounts, Trump voters are more likely to actually commit fraud anyway.

      1. What are ‘actual’ accounts?

      2. No, it doesn’t. It only has to be concentrated in the swing states. If you knew a damned thing about the Electoral College, you’d know this, fuckhead.

    3. For the election to be turned, TARGETED voter fraud must necessarily have been WIDESPREAD. What’s odd is that the TARGETED voter fraud didn’t deliver Florida to Biden. Nobody would have questioned his win there.

  45. Elections have been getting rigged in this country for over 200 years.

    Our intelligence agencies even rig elections all around the world. They’re the top experts.

    Assuming there is election rigging going on is about the same as assuming people are breaking the speed limit and cheating on their taxes.

    There’s really nothing to do except go to all paper ballots rather than software and machines that can’t be audited, and require voting to be in person with an ID.

    1. All paper ballots do is make it easier for the people counting the ballots to fudge the results. I assume you’re very young, but maybe your parents or grandparents remember the allegations from the 1960 election of dead people voting, ballots being run through voting machines multiple times, and purchased votes. All of that happened with paper ballots and may have cost Nixon the election.

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  47. 2024 is the libertarian moment!

    Now we all know the “dEBuNkED” ways the LP can defraud the election in order to win the White House. The Dems have already stated NONE of these irregularities are even worth investigating, there’s no reason to entertain arguments from them even if the Larry Sharpe receives 108.3% of the vote…

  48. Of course, there is voter fraud. Isn’t it so easy to see? I mean, the radical left inflated the COVID numbers, so they obviously love playing with numbers. Why would they stop there? Its all coming together now for me.

  49. If Eric Boehm were covering Watergate:

    Wapo: “There are reports that President Nixon engaged in a cover-up of Whitehouse connections to the Watergate break-in!”

    Nixon: “I am not a crook!”

    Boehm: “Watergate coverup debunked!”

    1. Damn, Boehm! You got mega-burned. How do you feel when your only allies on the comments board are Tony, WK and Jeffy?

  50. This article is bereft of facts.

    The election results fail basic mathematical credibility:
    *Wherever monkey business has been found, it has been in Biden’s favor.
    *The big picture of the election was a significant red wave. That does not square with districts where Biden came out way ahead of Obama in 2012.
    *Surges in Biden ballots creating unprecedented participation levels are vastly more suggestive of fraud than of a sudden interest by new voters.
    *High numbers of ballots w/o downballot votes reported for Biden but not Trump are powerfully indicative of fraud.
    *Four swing states independently going through the same anomalous sequence of steps election night with the same outcome is virtually impossible.

    This election is not credible. The most likely outcome of re-validation or recounting is new corruption. The perpetrators have been a step ahead this whole time and are quite likely to have an end game already planned – at which point further claims of corruption will be dismissed.

  51. Trump will be firing him soon, no doubt.
    Lets wait – https://kenyannews.co.ke/

  52. They’re really flogging hard today. You’d think they might be losing control of the narrative, and getting desperate. https://kenyannews.co.ke/world-news/world/

  53. Take the time. Dr.SHIVA LIVE: MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting Systems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ztu5Y5obWPk&lc=UgxSwRXkksM_aMXhlN94AaABAg.9G9pZGOdoRI9GAqBqPxDud&feature=em-comments&ab_channel=Dr.ShivaAyyadurai

  54. “What is Hammer and Scorecard?

    In the tense aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, there are massive amounts of information circling around. One of the hot topics that people are talking about is the ‘Hammer and Scorecard’ software. What is this software? Where did it come from and why is it important?

    Dennis Montgomery a former CIA/DOD/DHS/NSA/FBI contractor turned whistleblower designed and built the software called “The Hammer.” According to an article by The American Report in 2019, this software was designed as a “foreign surveillance tool” with many safeguards in place in order to prevent it from being used as a domestic spy tool. However, the “whistleblower tapes” leaked in 2015 cover 47 leaked hard drives and testimony that reveal this software was in fact used to spy and surveille U.S. citizens, namely President Donald Trump a “zillion times.”

    This software is a CIA spy program designed to use on protected networks (like voting machines) without detection. It is important to note that Montgomery claims that in 2009, under then-President Barak Obama, this software was “commandeered and repurposed” by John Brenan and James Clapper into a “private and parallel domestic surveillance system.”

    How Can This Software Effect Voting Machines?

    While Hammer is the software that enables access to voting machines without being detected, the more important part of this equation is the software that works with Hammer to change vote tallies during the data transfer part of reporting the tabulation totals. Scorecard is designed to change only a 3% total of votes in order to go undetected during the transfer of totals.

    Kirk Wiebe, a former senior analyst at the NSA from 1975-2001, explains that Scorecard is designed to change votes “on the fly.” He says that data is grabbed in real-time and changed in microseconds. It happens so quickly that no one notices the delay. Kirk mentioned Sydney Powell’s interview with Lou Dobbs regarding the current election.

    Sydney Powell spoke on Lou Dobbs’ show and stated that they have some “excellent witnesses on the issue” regarding the 2020 election. There is forensic evidence showing what data was changed, where it came from, and where it was going to. A record is kept of the original data prior to the changes made by the software.

    How This Effects the 2020 Presidential Election

    Given all this information, and there is a lot to go through, the ramification concerning this election could be huge. As we saw in Michigan, there was a “glitch” that occurred. It was discovered that 6000 votes were incorrectly tabulated for Joe Biden that were cast for President Trump. Once the numbers were manually corrected, it flipped the county back in favor of the President. This was just one occurrence in one state.”

    Here is live CNN coverage of both programs at work during the 2019 Governor election in Kentucky.

    The video shows the Rep tally DECREASE by the exact amount the dem tally increases instantly.

    It is proof of electoral fraud. The video is titled smoking gun.


    It will be interesting to see Trumps proof.

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  56. They’re all legitimate Twitter and Facebook links… Enjoy!

  57. As a professional software engineer and a Libertarian I don’t have skin In the games with any bias towards either party, however as an American Citizen I do have enormous concern in making sure that our election process has taken every step possible to use best practices when using any form of electronic ballot systems and choosing a software powered platform solutions. It would be reasonable to actually review such software if claims are being made to defend it or question it. Software does not lie, it just does what it is supposed to do by the way it has been coded and programmed.
    I downloaded Dominion own user manual, something this writer should have done instead of just repeating what the software firms press releases stated. I guess Reason has also lost all if their own sense making as well and just repeats what is told to them.
    Shame on Reason! you are destroying your entire wonderful legacy of free thought and libertarianism values that you are loosing with propaganda bullshit! I say this from a factual and critical analysis by taking time to review Dominon’s own user manual.
    Any CTO or any webmaster in this case would understand how to evaluate software that has potential security or easy back doors to tamper with data. In this case and it is a first in my career where a software own user manual has entire chapter rating its own vulnerabilities I can’t imagine why this would be so as the issues highlighted are easy fixes, why leave backdoors that any non engineer could radically tamper with data by a simple thumb drive swap? This of course is only one of many others highlighted in their own manual. ( what do the actual code reveal?)
    Reason needs to change their brand name to stupid. Why would we not want to assure that our election software is not safe? In this case it reads like a elaborate malware platform.
    After finishing reviewing the Dominon software manual for users I would never use this piece of crap to protect my own business data let alone for elections. If Reason is so certain that it Dominon is such great and secure software because they said so, would you go so blindly use such same measure of faith with your own data security for this website?
    I am reluctant now to ever visit this website if this is the level of evaluation that Reason uses to ensure safety of its own user data.

    You can literally swap out a thumb drive and replace data as simply pulling one out and inserting new one in and then reattach the so called tamper security plastic string lol. ( hmm wasn’t a thumbdrive just found in Georgia?)
    Oh human error! That’s the Reason.
    This is absurdly the worst software that it’s own manual describes multiple high security risks that anyone with admin rights can be exploited by the end user. It actually presents a risk score system to describe its ‘how to’ exploits! Lol
    As a IT professional by reading Dominon user manual It would never pass the most basic cyber security safe guards to be used for any business, let alone a platform for assuring safe election data.
    Who ever made decisions to purchase this foreign created pile of garbage needs to be fired. The software looks to me as created to easily be tampered with. I say this because I have never read a software user manual that literally has an entire chapter on risk assessment of its own security holes. Shocking!

  58. Let’s talk about the REAL reason a lot of people are believing that the voting systems were fraudulent.

    Many of us cannot conceptually believe that we live among-st so much ignorance and stupidity of the people that would excitedly and illegally push socialism/communism into the USA. It’s like watching all your neighbors vote for Al-Capone for their local District Attorney.

    And believe you me; that’s not far-fetched AT-ALL. The U.S. Constitution IS the Supreme Law of this nation; and without it (we all know Democrats hate it) we are but a nation of mob-rules (might already be there)…

  59. In 2019 Warren, Kobluchar, and two other Congressmen sent in a written complaint about the electronic system flipping votes. Why were their concerns legitimate and Trumps are just wild conspiracies?

  60. Yeah, I get it that the machines are just swell and nobody has found anything wrong. What I have not seen is any explanation of the statements from the Michigan SOS regarding staff’s failure to “update the machines” on election night. In no sane system would there be any procedure to reconfigure or update software on a tabulating machine once the election is in process. There should not be any way to attach those machines to routers or hubs to gain access to the internet or insert non-proprietary cabling, thumb drives, memory sticks etc. to the machine without dismantling the machine. Other states have made statements regarding ‘updates’ to the voting/tabulating machines and that is a problem.


  62. I can provide you proof that climton foubdation has financial interest snd nancy pelosi. U shoukd be fired from ever reporting news or did u grt paid off witg soros money or censorship isnt real and masks arent about compliance under the guise of pubkic safety for by the way proven 0.01 desth rate. Ive tslked to several virologusts epidimiologists im other ciuntries who say masjs dont wofk we are havinv wool pulled over our eyes but whst does chiba do stop information from entering the vountry. I got so much proof and si many contacts thst i will make U EAT UR COMMUNIST WORDS

  63. I don’t think any of this matters.

    The problem with the election isn’t the inevitable fraud. The fraud is a symptom.

    We have and have had an illegitimate government that refuses outright to obey the Constitution.

    Until the governments in the USA can be forced to obey the law, elections are irrelevant. This is why there is no difference between the Dems and the Repubs today. Congress no longer has the power to restrain the executive branch creating taxation without representation.

    We have been here since before WWI.

    We can remove the fraud and money from politics by removing the power of government by imposing the Constitution by any means necessary.

    Tim McVeigh was right. It’s time.

  64. Eric Shawn is a neocon warmonger who for years has been pushing baseless conspiracy theories against Iran. He hates Trump because Trump is trying to end wars. He offered no evidence these machines were secure. He’s a liar.

  65. reason has officially drank the Kool-Aid. Aside from the fact that electronic voting machines have been shown to be un-secure for DECADES, there is publicly available audio record of an antifa conference call in which the Dominion vice president of engineering guaranteed that he would deliver the election to Biden.

    The head of the FEC has known Sidney Powell for decades. He says that she doesn’t bluff. Given her track record making short work of the corrupt, incompetent Federal District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, I tend to hold the same opinion.

    Don’t be on her bad side when she decides to release the kraken.

  66. Hey, have any of you guys seen My Cousin Vinny?

    Also, do you guys have recommendations on hair dye that won’t run when you sweat? Asking for a friend.

  67. Hey, did you guys know that Hugo Chavez hatched the plot to overtake the Dominion software before he died in 2013?

    I am so glad the credibility of Giuliani and Powell are no longer in question.

  68. I have the Dominion manual.

    You can absolutely manually flip votes that is delete a ballot and manually add one.

    I have not found anything about the algorithms yet but if you’re claiming votes can’t be flipped its BS they can.

  69. If it’s CLOSED SOURCE software, it doesn’t belong in an election. Period.

    It’s shocking that OPEN SOURCE is not a requirement for federal elections. Utterly shocking.

  70. It’s one thing for Reason and the MSM to tell us that something is “Baseless and unsubstantiated” when it some obscure business no one knows about, but WE WITNESSED THE STEAL. We all saw the polls go for Biden, then swing hard for Trump for hours, between seven pm and two am. Then, as if by magic, everything is different in the morning, after the counting was stopped for NO reason?
    Did any other states massively correct their ballot counts after November 3rd? Why were no irregularities reported in any of the other states, either for Trump or against him? How is it that FORTY FIVE states were able to tally up votes in under twenty hours and not have to stop vote counting, replace machines, bring in ballots in bags and bins, move observers away or throw them out of counting stations completely? What is baseless is the idea that these things are normal and require no explanation. WE HAVE THE TAPE. Every piece of evidence tells us cheating was going on. A string of denials by the guilty parties means nothing. We lived through this fraud, don’t put on an authoritarian hat and tell me there’s nothing to see here.

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