Election 2020

The Supreme Court Won't Save Trump

The president’s increasingly desperate legal filings won’t change the ultimate result of the 2020 election.


Joe Biden is the president-elect. Yet President Donald Trump continues to deny it, peddling conspiracy theories to explain his defeat at the hands of his Democratic challenger.

Trump has also turned to the courts for help. His campaign has filed a series of increasingly desperate and far-fetched lawsuits that seek to undermine or overturn various votes that went to Biden. But as Reason's Jacob Sullum has noted, "while the president insists the election was 'stolen' through large-scale, orchestrated fraud, the post-election lawsuits fall notably short of making that case."

"We'll be going to the Supreme Court," Trump declared late on election night, as the results were already beginning to turn against him. To be sure, the Supreme Court has gotten involved in a presidential election before. But it won't save Trump now.

In Bush v. Gore (2000), the Supreme Court was faced with the extremely narrow results coming out of Florida, in which, as the Court put it, "the Florida Division of Elections reported that [George W.] Bush had received 2,909,135 votes, and [Al] Gore had received 2,907,351 votes, a margin of 1,784 for Governor Bush." There is no comparison between that tight case and Biden's increasingly lopsided win over Trump. "We opposed each other in Bush v. Gore," declared a recent Washington Post op-ed by the lawyers Theodore B. Olson and David Boies, who represented Bush and Gore, respectively, before the Supreme Court in 2000. "Now we agree: Biden won."

There is one election case currently pending before SCOTUS in which the Trump team might have a prayer of winning. At issue in Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Boockvar is a September 17 decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowing state officials to count mail-in ballots received up to three days after Election Day, so long as those ballots were postmarked by November 3. The state court's ruling also said that ballots with no postmark or with an illegible postmark could be presumed to have been filed in a timely manner if they were received in that same three-day post-election window.

On October 28, the Supreme Court denied a motion to expedite consideration of the petition for review filed by the Pennsylvania Republican Party, which is seeking to have the state court's ruling overturned. In a statement accompanying that denial, Justice Samuel Alito, joined by Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch, argued that the Supreme Court should have gotten involved right then and there. "That question has national importance," Alito wrote, "and there is a strong likelihood that the State Supreme Court decision violates the Federal Constitution."

But even if the Supreme Court now agrees to hear the case and rules very rapidly in favor of the Trump side, none of that will matter for the ultimate outcome of the 2020 election. That is because Biden won enough other votes in Pennsylvania that he would still win the state even if the contested mail-in ballots at issue in Boockvar were thrown out.

"He won because the Election was rigged," Trump tweeted on Sunday. That statement was not actually a concession, of course. But it was probably as close to a concession as the country is going to get from Trump. Either way, Trump's first two words are the ones that matter in the end: "He won." Yes, Biden did.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Supreme Court to do anything that will help Trump change that result.

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  1. Reason V.3.0 Coup-o-meter:

    Step 1: Get mail-in voting approved to guarantee a non-credible election result.

    Step 2: Have the Democrat-controlled media proclaim Biden as winner.

    Step 3: Use media allies to make it “true” that Trump lost. Frame any challenges to the narrative as the ragings of a dictator, clinging to power. <— THIS ARTICLE

    Step 4: If the courts and congress find Trump’s electoral victory is legitimate, claim that it’s not. Activate rioters.

    Step 5: Remove Trump by non-Constitutional means. Frame it as saving the nation.

    Step 6: ‘Build Back Better’ baby. Make sure that those uppity surfs pay.

    1. Mother’s Lament Cockamamie-O-Meter:

      Step 1: Believe what you want to believe because it’s what you want to believe.

      Step 2: If reality disagrees, go to Step 1.

      1. It is fucking pathetic how willing you are to sell out your freedom.
        You’re a cocktoach, not a person.

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          Hey Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI… You are a Holocaust denier just like Rob Misek! Two peas in a pod, you and Rob Misek are!
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          What I DO know is that you ignore the roots of NAZI, and other, evil, mass-murdering authoritarianism! You, like Hitler and the NAZIs and other evil authoritarians, start out by assuming that YOU know whose life is worthy, and whose is not! Then you move on to sterilization and killing! It all starts out by denying the value of other human lives! And if you can’t or won’t see and acknowledge that, you’re a deluded and EVIL Holocaust denier, same as Rob Misek!

          You and and your fuckbuddy, Shitsy Shitler, also run around telling people to commit suicide! I have NEVER been THAT evil! Nor even THOUGHT about saying that to people! Take stock of your SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP SOUL, Evil One Junior! Start by reading this: M. Scott Peck, the Hope for Healing Human Evil, https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0684848597/reasonmagazinea-20/

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          2. There is no limit to the idiotic crap that spews forth from your keyboard. It is you that is one fucked up, delusional asshole. The irregularities from Democrat tampering and outright fraud is no longer being ignored.

            You should find a book that deals with fixing insurmountable stupidity as a self help measure.

            1. Wow, what literary talent and rapier wit! Let’s see if I can match or exceed it, with some OTHER brilliantly smart comments that I have created just now!

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              Your source is leftist, so it must be false!
              Trump rules and leftists drool!
              You are SOOO icky-poo!
              But Goo-Goo-Gah-Gah!

              Wow, I am now 11 times as smart and original as you are!

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                Oh, and do you want the weighted blanket tonight?

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          3. What a disgusting hypocrite.

          4. The original Nazis used to love to sling around “cockroach,” as do modern Chinese slavers. It’s not a good look.

        2. “If you don’t let the worst person on earth steal the election against the will of the people, you are a cockroach who hates freedom.” Another day, another fascist. I can’t wait till your friends start assassinating people and blowing up government buildings again. At least you’ll shut your stupid inbred faces about law and order.

          1. Kill yourself.

            1. Hey Shitsy Shitler…
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              You’d better come up with a better plan, Stan!

          2. Tony, the guy who openly plumps for authoritarian socialism and shills for warmongers on a libertarian board, is calling people fascist.
            The hypocrisy is mindblowing.

            1. It would be hypocrisy if I actually supported any of those things.

              I think your real problem is not my supposed hypocrisy but your support of fascism.

          3. I thoght you were a Biden supporter? Even jealous of the physical affection he lavishes on little girls? I think that you are out of luck there, he doesn’t seem to desire little boys ( but don’t despair, I’m sure there are many other Democrats who would gladly give you the “affection” you so desperately crave).

            1. You Nazi cunts think you are empowered because you had the ear of a president. But you’re still far-right terrorists and the FBI never stopped keeping tabs. Throw your titty tantrums. Let your propaganda-addled lizard brains go on flights of eugenic fancy. You’re still the scum of humanity and will be treated as such.

      2. Interesting fact: decal and cockamamie come from the same word.

      3. Ummmm….Trump has legal challenges going through the courts as we speak based on compelling evidence they’ve gathered. Does that evidence get a fair hearing before you run out to proclaim holdouts as out of touch with reality?

        The reality is that Trump has legal actions. However “desperate” they are remains to be seen. If you’ve seen Dr. Shiva’s evidence you might not be so quick to dismiss the evidence of massive voter fraud.

        There’s certainly a lot more evidence of 2020 voter fraud than Russian collusion with Trump. Let’s hope you dismissed all Russian collusion stories as hoaxes given the lack of evidence.

        1. Show me the evidence of fraud sufficient to overcome Biden´s margins of tens of thousands of votes in at least three states. It is time to quit singing it and start bringing it.

          The evidence must be brought before appropriate trial courts, and fraud must be proven one vote at a time. (Or at least one category of votes at a time. As John Adams observed, facts are stubborn things.

          1. Biden built those leads on fraud. Be real.

            No way in hell Biden beat Trump.

            1. Do you have anything other than ipse dixit assertions? After all, the burden of proving fraud rests upon the party positing its existence. It´s time to stop singing it and start bringing it.

              1. Fact 1: Biden is, at most, the presumptive President-elect. Nobody is a P-E until the Electoral College says so, or, in the event that doesn’t happen, the House of Representatives does.

                Opinion A: The article’s judgment that Trump is unlikely to succeed at his attempt to get enough votes disallowed seems sound. When a few more states were in play, I suggested to friends that he was trying to fill an EC “inside straight” twice in 4 years. By now, he’s like the plunger putting it all on one spin of the roulette wheel. Does his inability to realize how bad the odds are explain how he could go broke running casinos?

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      1. Fuck off sarcasmic, your Sqrlsy bit isn’t funny.

        1. OK, Tulpa.

          Come on, dude, they are two quite distinct personalities who have both been commenting here for years. And I actually know sarcasmic. I can promise you that they aren’t the same.

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          2. Someone was posting Sqrlsy copypasta using sarcasmics nick. Sarc says someone stole it.

    4. It should be noted that mail in voting has been approved for years. So planning for the coup started in the late 1800s. Mail in voting is just as credible as any other accepted means of voting. It has been a important part of the Republican strategy for years as they count on older voters and overseas military voters.
      It is also amazing that under pressure of the pandemic and the short time line, mail in voting (absentee) went very well. I attribute this to lots of planning, hard work by election officials and educated voters.
      I also suspect that the ease of mail in voting will mean it is here to stay.

      1. Lies. America has NEVER had mail-in voting as widespread as this. Most non-inperson voting was done by absentee ballots where the voter had to request an absentee ballot.

        unreason is funny. Like the regular MSM traitors to America, unreason thinks by saying something over and over it must be true.

        They have been saying Hillary won in 2016 over and over for 4 years.

        1. “America has NEVER had mail-in voting as widespread as this.”

          Except, like, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, Washington. But their use of mail-in voting doesn’t fit your narrative.

          1. And I predict 2024 election will see much more mail-in voting. It is convenient, you request a ballot, mark it at your leisure, and you can track your ballot. The days of standing in long lines is over.

            1. Voting should be more difficult, not made easier for the able-bodied. Get off your ass and expect to expend more effort toward participating than that than a Twitter post, lazy motherfucker.

              1. Why should it be more difficult? Everyone has the right to vote.

              2. This might sound weird, but some of us have jobs. Standing in line for hours isn’t possible when you leave for work around the time polls open and come home when they close.

                Making voting difficult means that the only voters are retired people and unemployed bums. Which group are you a part of?

            2. …you can track your ballot.
              And the votes of dead people have been. Thousands of them.
              Would a court convict someone on evidence that was sent through the mail, or dropped into a collection box? Especially after exculpatory evidence could be gathered and altered, or selectively omitted? That some hired-for-the-day, frequently partisan clerical worker got to validate?
              “Chain of custody” is a thing.

              1. “‘…you can track your ballot.’
                And the votes of dead people have been. Thousands of them.”

                Except that things that happen in the imagination aren’t counted in real elections.

                “Would a court convict someone on evidence that was sent through the mail”

                It turns out that in law school, they spend some time discussing this sort of question. The answer, just like all the other questions, is always “it depends”.

        2. “They have been saying Hillary won in 2016 over and over for 4 years.”

          Send me just 1 link where this is true. Your delusion is astounding.

          1. He’s almost right about this one. People do say that Hillary won in 2016, because they’re talking about the popular vote, which is related to, but not actually, how we choose a President. To win the Presidency, you have to win the popular vote in enough states, which Hillary did not do in 2016 and Donnie did not do in 2020.

        3. “Lies. America has NEVER had mail-in voting as widespread as this. Most non-inperson voting was done by absentee ballots where the voter had to request an absentee ballot.”

          And how did you request an absentee ballot? Was it done by MAIL?

          ” Like the regular MSM traitors to America, unreason thinks by saying something over and over it must be true.”

          Say, aren’t you projecting, here? Repeating things to make them true is one of your bits. It’s nice to see you recognizing that it doesn’t work.

          “They have been saying Hillary won in 2016 over and over for 4 years.”

          They keep saying she got more popular votes because around 3,000,000 more voters chose her over the opposition. That number would have been higher if not for successful vote suppression efforts by Republicans.

    5. REASON why this article is full of shit: it explicitly states Joe Biden is the president-elect.

      Ask yourself, who declares who won the election? Hint: its not the media.

      Therefore, ignore this article and its author. They clearly have ZERO understanding of the Constitution.

      1. “Ask yourself, who declares who won the election? Hint: its not the media.”

        Well. Trump keeps trying to declare that HE won. This has some credibility for the extremely stupid.

      2. The voters declare who won. The media is simply reporting what the voters have said. There’s no possible way Trump flips all the states he lost and needs to win. Biden is President Elect, not officially, but projected with all but 100% confidence.

    6. On what basis is “mail-in” voting not credible? I haven’t voted in person in more than 20 years. And in 2020, I am self-isolating in self-defense. Without a mail-in voting option, I would not have voted.

      On a related note, my ballot had about 40 items on it. It took me hours to do it. Do you think I’m going to walk in to a polling station and deal credibly with that ballot? No chance.

      1. Oregon has had all mail-in balloting for years and years. Oregon is run by Democrats. (the general loopiness of the Oregon Republican Party is not relevant to this conspiracy theory). OBVIOUSLY the D’s are using fake mail-in ballots to keep power in Oregon, and oh, yeah, you also have to ignore Oregon’s state initiative process for this conspiracy theory to work.

    7. Ignore common sense.

      If Democrats have a big ol’ election fraud machine all built up? Why is Mitch McConnell still Senate Majority Leader next year? Wouldn’t you think they’d street him along with Trump?

      If the great fraud of 2020 were a true thing, the D’s would have 66 seats in the next Senate, so they can start impeaching and removing Trump’s Court appointees. They don’t, so follow the math to the QED

    8. How do I get off this chicken shit mailing list. I cancelled my Reason subscription a year ago. Unsurprisingly you have to email them, there is no automatic way to stop paying them.
      I live in California and will never support Reason or other libertarian rags again. We have to live with this bullshit that other libertarians say “well that wouldn’t happen in Texas/Wyoming/where ever.”

      1. ” there is no automatic way to stop paying them.”

        Don’t give them any money. That usually works.

    9. There is no result to the election yet.

      At least four local/state races have swung back to GOP after being declared for the Demorrhoids. Trump did that.

      Hurting the American Nazi Party (the DNC) is God’s Work.

      1. “There is no result to the election yet.”

        And Schrodinger’s cat is both alive AND dead until you open the box.
        The election is not a quantum-level event. It has happened and the results have been established, at a reality level. It just hasn’t penetrated yet to the delusional. No worries, reality has a way of getting the attention of even the most delusional. Yes, you CAN fly if you step off that building, at least you can until you impact the ground at 9.8m/second (squared)

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    11. Now that’s funny!

  2. The Supreme Court Won’t Save Trump
    The president’s increasingly desperate legal filings won’t change the ultimate result of the 2020 election.

    Obviously the SCOTUS has been infested by Biden loving libtards.

    1. Once Trump and Sidney Powell reveals all the Dominion Machines erasing and charging millions of Votes from Trump to Biden and exposes all the irregularities and Fraud, even the liberal judges will have no choice but to declare the results uncertifiable and will end up with the courts deciding who wins or they kick it to the House of Delegations and Trump wins if that happens. Either SCOTUS will decide Trump the winner given the evidence Sidney Powell will provide in the up coming days or the House of Delegations. To quote Sidney Powell, “When we expose Dominion, the Results in these contested states will be over turned and Trump will be the clear winner. Seems like Reason is supporting the Democrats it seems.

      1. In some ways I hope Sidney is just blowing smoke. Because if there is evidence to this degree, all hell is going to break loose.

        1. Again, I don’t much see that it matters.

          Maybe we avoid some strife in 2020-2021 but, unless exposed and rectified, there’s no reason to assume the cheating will stop and we won’t be more stuck with the TPD or even just Team D and more overtly in the face of the popular desire/vote in 2024 and onward. Voting is how we officially do things through the Executive, but it’s hardly the only way things are done (or reacted to) socio-politically.

        2. It will anyway. At this point, no matter what happens, a large percentage of Americans will believe that the election system is compromised.
          The only fix I see would be remaking it so that it is simple and transparent. Right now, any reasonably clever person could think of three or four ways to fraudulently vote with little risk of discovery.

        3. Stop thinking like a judge looking to justify doing the wrong thing.

          It would be terrible to see the judges mis-judge the genuinely aggrieved party as the party least likely to more vehemently make its will known.

      2. Lol and when this DOESN’T happen? What will you pivot to next?

        1. The fact that Georgia’s hand-counts are being held hostage… Why? Why may I ask are vote counts being held hostage until the end??? Makes ZERO sense expect that they want to manipulate those numbers ALL at once to fit/match something that would be a lot harder to do with multiple counties taking numbers public at any given time…

          Whether the count is accurate or not; that doesn’t get answered by holding that count hostage.

      3. I think you are right. And we cannot know until all that fighting is done.

      4. The evidentiary record is not made in the Supreme Court, whose jurisdiction is appellate. Where is the evidence of fraud sufficient to overcome tens of thousands of votes in at least three states? Please be specific.

        1. Just because some lower-level judge says that the evidence isn’t sufficient, doesn’t mean the SC can’t reverse them on appeal.
          If you have the resources, a judgement against you can be appealed as far as the system will take it and there is no way the SC refuses to rule on a national election question.

          1. SCOTUS will work as hard as they can to avoid ruling on a question that overrules a state on how it runs its own elections.

      5. At this point you’re just embarrassing yourself. Even Trump and his legal team know this thing is over. Trump has explicitly said he wants to look like he’s putting up a fight because his supporters want that. So that makes you look like an idiot.

        How is it so hard to believe that an impeached president who won last time by a cunt hair, has never had positive approval and ran a shitshow of a campaign that ran out of money, never appealed to the broader electorate beyond his base and fucked up a health crisis lost? How hard is that to imagine? You’re an idiot.

      6. There are three systems being used without anyone discussing the other two. Going beyond the GOP narrative that there’s only an issue with Dominion avoids the fact that ES&S has plenty.


      7. Sydney Powell got nothing but conspiracy theories. I don’t see how that can help win this election. Who knows, maybe she will some hoe link it to the Bill Gates conspiracy theory and present that to a judge. Ha!! Kind of brings some credence to the old saying “The devil made me do it.”

    2. Why are you on Reason? Did you lose your way?

  3. Reason should change its moto from “Free Markets, Free Minds” to “We Hate Trump”.

    1. The one-term, impeached, soon to be convicted, disgraced, bankrupt, felon, Dear Leader of and perfect representation of the GOP. God damn, I love this dimension.

      1. You’ve got all your socks working this thread.

        1. Boo hoo.

          1. Quod erat demonstrandum.

            1. It’s Jeff socks all the way down.

      2. Partisan political porn is the best, right?

        Now go wash your hands.

      3. “The one-term, impeached, soon to be convicted, disgraced, bankrupt, felon, Dear Leader of and perfect representation of the GOP. God damn, I love this dimension.”

        Do lefty shits ever post without lies? I haven’t seen any.

        1. Do you ever post anything worth reading? I haven’t seen any.

      4. Pretty good for a Russian.

      5. Convicted of what?

        1. Bank, tax and insurance fraud. The stuff Michael Cohen referred to where Trump inflates his assets to banks and insurance companies but deflates them to the IRS. It’s fraud and the feds are pretty serious about it. Not sure how he got away with it in the past but it’s gonna get him in the end.

      6. He wasn’t impeached. He was a victim of Demorrhoid dishonesty. No crime was in evidence nor was charged.

        He isn’t bankrupt. He isn’t a felon.

        My takeaway is that incel Demorrhoid soiboi cucks are just jealous that Trump gets to bang the supermodels they jerk off to.

        1. Impeachment =~ Indictment by the House. He, like Johnson and Clinton, was impeached but not convicted.

        2. He is forever and permanently impeached. You’ll never be able to wish that away.

          He’s gone bankrupt 5 times.

          Bank, tax and insurance fraud are going to change the “he’s not a felon” thing. Even if he’s never convicted (doubtful) he’ll go broke defending himself for decades.

    2. Reason is getting rather shrill on the subject. This article, for example, contains no new facts. It merely communicates the author’s emotions and opinions in a rather embarrassing way, IMHO. (The trick to seeing how emotional an author is is to identify and remove the subjective terms and see if it changes the underlying information. E.g. “The president’s increasingly desperate legal filings won’t change the ultimate result of the 2020 election,” and “The president’s legal filings won’t change the result of the 2020 election” both say the same thing, but the first version conveys the author’s subjective view – making the article as much about the author’s feelings as the subject he or she allegedly are writing about.)

    3. It should be “we hate freedom” as they are clearly cheering on the great reset

      1. Turns out the dems are just a front for the media empire. Shocking.

    4. Now say it without crying.

  4. Facts don’t care about your feelings. This happens every 4 years. The validity of elections in general was never a partisan issue before.

    Gee, I wonder what’s different this time.

    Remember, the trump legal fund donations actually go to pay trump campaign debts. Always read the fine print, rubes.

    1. “The validity of elections in general was never a partisan issue before.”

      Sure it was. Just because you slept through 2016 and prior elections doesn’t make your stupidity and ignorance a good thing.

      You get that we are laughing at you each time you post. Your sock accounts are easy to spot.

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      2. How rude of you to bring up 2016. I am sure DOL was just as dismissive of corruption claims back then.

        1. Hillary conceded the night of the election in 2016.

          1. HiLIARy, to this day, says it was stolen.
            Is that how the LieCheatSteal party concedes?
            At least Georgia governor, Stacy Abrams, didn’t go along with the party line.

            1. No she doesn’t. Trump will say that until the day he dies however, despite no evidence whatsoever, and for some reason you will be fine with that.

      3. Diebold machines in 200 & 2004? Complaints about “vote switching” in the 2012 Texas Senate race by Beto supporters?

        1. Those years should be 2000, 2004 & 2018.

    2. The validity of the 2016 election was “in question” up until last year. Or have you forgotten about Mueller already?

      Everyone knows the big city election machines have been corrupt since time immemorial. But how corrupt are they (probably very)? And has it affected anything beyond their local politics (probably not in the past. Maybe now)? Regardless, the data indicates more investigations are warranted.

      If anything, a thorough investigation should be seen as a good investment if it can convince a significant number of Trump supporters that the election was fair and square. You can argue that they should just accept the results anyway, but clearly they aren’t. It’s worth convincing them.

      1. Nope, they should just kneel.

        And obviously if you’re a libertarian who doesn’t support Biden, you should just kneel too.


      2. How do you convince people who dismiss any evidence they don’t want to hear? Genuinely asking. The evidence is already there, all it takes is eyes and the personality of an adult.

        1. What evidence is there?
          On election night, when the votes had come in, by in-person voting Trump had won.
          It was when the votes, whose chain of custody is suspect, at best, were counted, that the election swung. That chain of custody is the kind of thing courts use to define “evidence”.
          Biden’s “win” was completely based on ballots, counted after in-person voting and being verified as legitimate, frequently by means that couldn’t be observed due to the observers being kept away. In some cases, those ballots were “fixed” by workers, while others weren’t.
          The evidence points to something fishy.

          1. Yeah it points to Republicans counting mail ballots last. This was all expected ahead of time. You having a feeling because you are ignorant of the facts is not evidence of anything but your own gullibility.

            1. Tony, stop being logical and matter-of-fact. The hard-right authoritarian-minded non-libertarian Trumpist Republicans on this board don’t appreciate that.

              1. It was well-predicted that those who were voting by mail under new or emergency rules adopted due to COVID were likely to skew non-Trumpista. If the GOP legislators in relevant states had used a particle of brain, they could have written new rules that would have gotten mailed ballots counted quickly and securely. They preferred to follow the Trump line that mail-in voting needed to be resisted as inherently insecure.

                PA Supreme Court just gave DJT another loss (5-2) on the poll watcher issue.

                The possible paths to a Trump victory get narrower.

      3. Fraud must be proven with particularity, and the burden is always on the party positing the existence of the fraud.

    3. “…The validity of elections in general was never a partisan issue before…”

      It takes a level of STUPID beyond imagining to make that statement, or simply a lefty shit incapable of honesty.
      Oh, look who it is! Must be both.

      1. It’s just another example of how partisans will ignore what their team does.

        Like I never heard a democrat claim a partisans SCOTUS gave the 2000 election to Bush.

        1. Republicans decided they weren’t keen on democracy a long time ago. Which is why in addition to all the other problems, we have to worry about a legitimate authoritarian movement.

          Not that I’ve ever heard you guys constantly shit on the concept of democracy.

    4. “The validity of elections in general was never a partisan issue before.”

      People who talk like this supposedly have jobs and are normal members of society, but when I read this stuff I can’t imagine any productive output. And that’s the whole point, people who have minds this simple are the target of the entire establishment cabal.

      This isn’t a thinking person, it’s a moist bot. A moist bot that will cheer on globalist utopia all the way to the worker camps and bread lines. And in said line, I’ll still have to hear nonsense like this.

      Buy guns and land and get far away from moist bots like this

    5. 2000, 2016. I guess you missed those.

      I wonder why they say “Vote early and often” in Chicago.

      I know. I should never expect intellectual honesty from a Demorrhoid.

      1. 2000 was a genuinely close election.

        2016 Hillary C. conceded immediately, despite her opponent openly soliciting help from a hostile nation.

  5. It was totes cool when gore did it.

    1. Gore was a grownup. Trump is NOT!

      Gore conceded, graciously, then TOOK IT BACK when the vote-counts started looking more dicey! And Trump (if he was a fair-playing, gracious grown-up) could do the same thing! THAT is the more-honest, FULL truth, you partisan spinner you! WHY is SORE-LOSER TRUMP not making a “provisional concession speech”, as Al Gore did “de facto”, for the interim? To move the USA closer to what is going to happen at the 99.9999999999% probability level?


      Out-take from there, imported below…

      One of the most famous moments in many of our lifetimes took place in 2000. Al Gore called George W. Bush to concede, only to take it back when the election was too close to call. After a bitter post-election battle, which ended when the Supreme Court ruled that a Florida Supreme Court’s ruling requiring a statewide recount was unconstitutional, Gore took to the cameras to accept the loss.
      Though many of his supporters were livid, Gore decided that his speech would be important to the nation’s healing. “I say to President-elect Bush that what remains of partisan rancor must now be put aside, and may God bless his stewardship of this country. Neither he nor I anticipated this long and difficult road. Certainly, neither of us wanted it to happen. Yet it came, and now it has ended, resolved, as it must be resolved, through the honored institutions of our democracy….I accept the finality of this outcome…”

      1. You know what says “I’m a grownup!”? Conceding defeat and then fighting tooth and nail to take it back.

        Goddamn you’re stupid.

        1. At least Gore didn’t get his pet thugs (Proud Boys or similar) to serve as standby brownshirts, “Standing back and standing by”, as backups when needed for a coup!

          I’m soooo sorry that your Great Whitish-Orangish Pumpkin-Father has been CHEATED out of His Office by evil Demoncrats! I suggest that you might be able to retreat to your safe space… I hear they have laid in a large supply of Teddy Bears. Maybe one of the Teddy Bears will agree to lay with you, and snuggle your wuggle for a while! There, there!

          In a mere few more years, as you are still jonesing for Great White Father, I bet you could persuade Alex Jones to be your Next Savior! Slogan: Jonesing for Jones!

          1. Threads are much better if you simply flag all of spaz’s comments.

      2. “”which ended when the Supreme Court ruled that a Florida Supreme Court’s ruling requiring a statewide recount was unconstitutional,””

        That is false. The recount was not considered unconstitutional. The issue at hand was about the recount being fair where all ballots in the state were counted the same way. That’s what all the discussion about chads was about. It was tied up in court too long and SCOTUS ended the appeals because of the EC deadline in resolving election disputes saying there was not enough time to complete the recount before the EC could vote.

        1. Don’t shit on lefty phony narratives – do they have any other kind – with facts.
          And there are, to this day, leftists who say “W” was “selected, not elected”.

  6. Imagine losing re-election as an incumbent to a senile old man and a bunch of socialists

    1. Imagine losing an election to a reality TV star who lies constantly.

      1. Reality TV star who lies constantly versus corrupt career politician who lies constantly.

        Hmm…gonna have to go with the Reality TV star, because at least he accomplished something other then suckling on the public teat for 50 years.

        1. You mean like how the reality TV star fired fake people from fake jobs??? Yep. That was an accomplishment all right.

          1. Putting together a show, that millions of people watched, IS an accomplishment.
            Are you stupid enough to think “reality” TV is real?

            1. You don’t know how television works do you? He wasn’t a producer on the show. The producers put it together, he just showed up on set like an actor.

              Read the accounts from people who worked on the show. Filming had to stop frequently cause he would shit his pants (he wears Depends). He was overtly racist, calling people n**ger left and right. He snorted Adderal daily. And he apparently had the attention span of a fruit fly. It was a shitshow.

    2. Imagine losing to Jimmy Carter.

      Americans don’t always make good choices.

    3. Election fraud can do that. It’s impossible to win against Democrats now. They will just manufacture hysteria then send pre-completed ballots that you just have to put an “X” on.

      1. As opposed to Republican operatives who record themselves burning fake ballots in order to manufacture hysteria???

      2. The LieCheatSteal party’s greatest regret was not using their fraud machine in 2016, because they believed HiLIARy to be a sure win.
        Not only did they not make that mistake in 2020, they put it into high gear, using their propaganda arm to tank the economy with overhyped claims about the Chinaflu.

        1. You’re an idiot

  7. “Imagine a senile old man and a bunch of socialists losing re-election as an incumbent to another senile old man and another bunch of socialists”

    Fixed, no charge.

    1. That mens you believe the incumbent socialist nominated nothing but socialists to Federal judicial positions. And for every existing regulation added two more. And moved private industries to government ownership, as one would expect of socialist ideology. Yes, he is definitely a socialist if all those were true.

  8. > Joe Biden is the president-elect.

    No. Irrespective of whether he won the election or not, he is simply, factually, *not* the “president-elect” until the electoral college meets. You could state that it’s inevitable that he will *become* the president-elect, but he isn’t *yet*.

    Jesus fuck, you’re supposed to be a journalist. At least pretend to competence at it.

    1. Other then in 2000 where was a real dispute, every new president was properly referred to as “president-elect” within a day or so of the election. Trump was the day after the election, as was correct. Even federal law recognizes that the electoral college meeting is not needed to begin the transition process.

      1. No, every winner except in 2000 was referred to as “President-Elect” within a day or so, but it wasn’t proper. People did it and got away with it because it didn’t matter. In 2000, the media had enough integrity to wait until all the recounts and court cases were settled and Gore had conceded to start calling Bush “President-Elect”. This time around, they don’t have that integrity.

        1. No, every winner except in 2000 was referred to as “President-Elect” within a day or so, but it wasn’t proper.

          I think it’s reasonable most of the time, when the certified votes add up to more than 270 and there are no outstanding legal challenges (because the loser concedes). That’s because we trust the press to be able to add numbers and see whether they are greater than 270.

          Calling someone the “president elect” while there are still legal challenges is wrong because now the press now is trying to evaluate evidence it doesn’t know and predict the outcome of court cases.

          1. Nothing wrong with using the term President-Elect while frivolous legal challenges are still going on. If and when we get a real legal challenge we can stop using it. That real challenge is of course very unlikely.

            1. I guess it depends on how one values the accuracy of their speech. I am not offended that people claim Biden is the president elect, but it is currently a claim made by the media and it not actually true. Once the EC votes, then Biden will become the president elect. You can not be president elect as a matter of fact until then.

              The problem with doing so is that people become too invested in what the media said and if the facts on the ground turn it around people will have a hard time letting go of the media version. In 2000 the media called it for Gore, but in reality Bush won FL by over 500 votes yet some people insist SCOUTS gave Bush the win while ignoring the actual vote count.

            2. “Let’s unify the country and set our divisions aside”

          2. Election results certification dates, 2020

            8, count ’em, 8 states have certified their results at this point. At least one of them is conducting a recount that may change those results.

            1. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

            2. A good, a countdown clock to when the cult has its “forcing the end” moment. Will it be kool-aid or are you going to make a mess of it?

            3. Which state is close enough for a recount to make any realistic difference? A recount may shift hundreds of votes, not tens of thousands.

            4. Name a recount in recorded history that has an election result more than a thousand votes.

              No statewide recount had changed the results of any election in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, or Arizona for at least two decades.

              Sorry, Trump has 100% lost this election

        2. Obviously now that Donald Trump is the sheriff in town, we have to do things proper.

      2. Troll post, I know, but there’s a real dispute now. The fact that the leftist media is all parroting the same slogan doesn’t change that, just like it didn’t magically make the riots peaceful.

        1. What was it they were saying last year about the Ukraine tape? Oh yeah: “If there’s nothing bad to hide, why does it look like trump is trying to cover it up.”

          You’d think they’d have enough sense to not make it look like they’re covering up election fraud.

          (Note for the trolls: I’m not saying there is or isn’t widespread fraud, just that the media’s behavior this year makes it look like they’re covering it up and that they really really hate Trump.)

        2. If lawsuits being laughed out of court daily, including Trump’s own legal team pulling cases and admitting in court there was no fraud, state supreme courts refusing to hear cases, etc. is a real dispute? then what does a frivolous dispute look like? lol

      3. Other then in 2000 where was a real dispute, every new president was properly referred to as “president-elect” within a day or so of the election.

        It’s reasonable to refer to a person as “president elect” if (1) the electoral college has voted or (2) the losing candidate concedes and drops challenges. That’s because the press can then state with high confidence who the victor will be.

        Right now, people who refer to Biden as “president elect” make guesses about the outcome of current and future legal challenges, and they have insufficient information to make such a determination. That is, we trust the press to add up a bunch of numbers to over 270; we shouldn’t trust them to second guess how different courts will rule.

        Even federal law recognizes that the electoral college meeting is not needed to begin the transition process.

        No, it’s not needed. But neither is the current president under any obligation to start the transition process, and as a political and practical matter, it doesn’t make any sense to do so when he challenges the election results in the courts.

        1. Even federal law recognizes that the electoral college meeting is not needed to begin the transition process.
          Yet General Flynn was accused of violating that Logan Act, when he talked with the Russian ambassador and then charged with lying to the FBI when he mis-remembered the conversation.
          That is still in court and has bankrupted the former American soldier.
          The LieCheatSteal party knows no bottom, when it comes to perfidy.

      4. Y’know, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a single solitary comment from you that was worth the time it took to read. And I’ve even agreed with *Tony* on occasion.

    2. Yeah, the “president elect” shit is disappointing coming from Reason. For one thing it’s not actually true yet. And while I think it is very unlikely that the results will change, these things should be investigated thoroughly. We want to know if there is fraud (and there certainly is some). Even if it’s small, punish those who do it at least as some kind of deterrent. If it all gets swept aside you will just have more and more people without trust or confidence in the system.

      1. Reason is the MSM, and will instruct you what to think according to what they’ve been instructed.
        Heil New Normal

      2. I wouldn’t mind if it were just a colloquial term, but it happens to be a term used in the US Constitution, so it should be reserved for its technical meaning therein. There are other terms that could be used, such as “presidential successor apparent” or, if you’re convinced the outcome’s a lock, “election cinchee”, or if proven so, “clinchee”. Or maybe “clincher”.

        1. Like “assault rifle”.

      3. unreason are staffed by a bunch of traitors to America who want to see America burn.

        They have been doing this propaganda shtick for years.

        Comments by the few remaining non-Lefties and not bots are the only reason to come here anymore.

        1. loveconstitution1789, bot bleating from the keyboard of a sad loser in Volgograd.

      4. The problem at this point isn’t so much proven fraud, as that the mechanisms for proving fraud have been deliberately disrupted. Counting ballots that arrive after the legal deadline, or where legal requirements such as signatures or security envelopes were missing. Elections observers blocked from voting places. Elections observers blocked from watching the counts.

        The result is that enough ballots are reasonably suspect that we will simply never be confident who really won.

        It’s like somebody refusing to let you watch as they shuffle the deck in a card game. You can’t prove they stacked it, but the very fact that they wouldn’t let you watch admits no other explanation.

        1. Lefties are scared that the SCOTUS justices they attacked might just deem the entire game rigged and find a solution, like voiding the election and sending to the House under the 12th Amendment.

          I think that is why the MSM really didnt want to give Trump states until Biden had a clear lead in called states. It’s all about perceptions of who “won”. If states like WI, MI, PA, GA, NV, and AZ get throw out, the Democrats still want to be “in the lead”.

        2. You choose not to be confident because you don’t want any outcome but Trump winning. Fix yourself, and stop speaking for other people.

        3. So the Republican Governor and Republican Secretary of State of Georgia deliberately sabotaged their own voting systems in 159 different and distinct counties, just to call the state for Biden? Twice?

          1. The deep state is DEEP.

          2. If we’ve learned one thing from the Trump campaign and presidency, it is that many, who call themselves “Republican”, are that, in name only, and have done everything they could to stop the man, that the majority of Republicans say represents their ideology.

        4. From my understanding, even if the ballots that arrived after election day were all thrown out, Trump would still lose?

          Where is there evidence ballots were counted without signature or security envelope?

  9. I wonder how Trump’s election fraud lawsuit is going in Kansas?

    1. I wonder how you’d do with two brain cells.

    2. Same as everywhere else, massive election fraud with mail-in ballots.

      1. These posts from the low-paid serf in Volgograd are boring.

  10. I believe in this result, it will all soon be ruling that this 46th White House race will end. Take the venge io to get best game!

    1. If this fraudulent election holds, it will be the 46th time a different person has been elected president, not the 46th time we had a “White House race”.
      Math is hard.

      1. Just because you call it fraudulent, because you WANT it to be fraudulent, doesn’t mean that it is.

        If it was they’d be proving it in court rather than being laughed out of court.

  11. If SCOTUS fails, it implies that voter fraud has been legalized by common law. (will Republicans exploit that legalization next time?)

    In typical legal fashion, maybe not “explicitly” legalized, but we do know that intentionally creating the overwhelming conditions for fraud, then let come what may in the dark of night…THAT has been legalized by the courts.

    Plus, Kavanaugh appears to be suffering from PTSD from his confirmation hearings, so we can’t count on him to think rationally. (then again what judge ever thinks rationally)

    1. The rules changed from “get out the vote” (which Republicans are better at) to “collect the ballots” (which Democrats are better at). Time to adapt.

      1. Mail-in ballots are by definition election fraud since the state cannot be assured the legally registered voter was the person who voted.

        If you play by the election rules, you can never adapt to beat that. If Democrats get away with this massive election fraud, we will never have free elections again. There will always be a hysterical emergency to keep people from voting in person and thereby be verified as legal voter.

        1. Ten of millions of people voted by mail in accordance with applicable state laws. This included votes for Biden and votes for Trump as well. The time for challenging vote by mail as a lawful procedure is before the votes are cast. No court is going to outlaw mail-in ballots after the votes have been cast and counted.

          1. Mail in voting has been banned in most of the developed world since the 1970’s. France in particular banned it in 1975 due to massive fraud. It is very well documented historically how corrupt mail in voting is but they did it anyway…I wonder why?

            You’re probably right about the courts: kangaroo courts located in banana republics are a joke.

        2. That’s BS. You still have to register, and the registration is validated. You still have to request a ballot, either in person (where you’re validated), or by mail, which is then delivered to your registered address. You have to return the ballot in a signed envelope, and the signature has to match the registration when it’s counted.

          If I swipe your envelope from your mailbox before you’ve voted, how do I vote and then match your signature? How is it that thousands of people haven’t complained about missing ballots? If I just print duplicates, then why aren’t there thousands of duplicate votes?

          And if they’re so fraudulent and prone to misuse, then why did Trump himself fill in an absentee ballot?

          1. 1. Registration rolls are notoriously inaccurate, and the LieCheatSteal party always objects to efforts to clean them of dead and moved voters.
            2. The big complaint was the states, where mailed-in ballots were sent to every registered voter or a new system was instituted, where the number of mail-in ballots increased, dramatically, beyond what could have been prepared for.
            3. Signature verification was either not required, or kept hidden from legally-prescribed observers, making it a sham of a system.
            4. Voter registrars know who have moved, are dead, or don’t vote, so that those ballots can be used to create votes for their preferred candidate, without it being noticed by the listed voter.
            5. Once the ballots are separated from the signature, ALL ballots are the same, except for the candidate voted for, thus thousands of duplicate votes.
            6. Absentee voting is different, and rarely changes the outcome of an election, as has happened in virtually every swing state, through the counting of massive numbers of ballots, sent through a non chain-of-custody system.

    2. If SCOTUS fails at what? What case? There isn’t really anything pending before SCOTUS other than the PA late ballots thing. But even if all the late arriving ballots were thrown out, Biden still wins.

      Maybe you meant “If SCOTUS fails to steal the election for Trump”? Which is gross. Listen to yourself.

  12. Think how great it would be if Trump were allowed to challenge the election according to the law and the press reported the result after, not before the adjudication.

    1. He is allowed to, no one is stopping him. However there is no reason for anyone else to pretend that the challenges have any merit. If we took that approach then all elections would be held up not matter how crazy the challenges.

      1. And you know that these challenges are “crazy”… how?

        1. Because all the ‘authorities’ told Molly that they are crazy and she just listens to whatever she is told all the time.

          1. Ah, so you’re saying we should decide elections by how loudly select judges grumble to the press?

            If judges don’t like a particular challenge, they can and should reject it, with a legal justification. Beyond that, they should STFU.

      2. Except for those people who threatened the lawyers representing him.

        1. You know the Democrats are scared of the courts rejecting election fraud, so they have to stop the legal challenges.

          If the Trump campaign cannot even get to enforce his rights of election challenges because lawyers are threatened, its another reason to toss the election and resolve this via 12th Amendment.

          I guarantee Lefties would stop harassing lawyers representing Trump campaign legal actions.

          1. Uh… I thought his lawyers were being laughed at??? Laughter is threatening?

      3. Fraud is legal now…at least creating the conditions for it and letting come what may in the dark of night, is legal.

        Fortunately, we don’t need the courts anyway…all that’s needed is a plurality of voters to decide it was stolen (which we have). And now they will cause even more chaos and uncertainty in society.

      4. Republicans are going to cheat the shit out of next election and when you start crying about it, I’m going to point and laugh.

    2. But he’s not a Democrat, he doesn’t have that privilege.

    3. That’s pretty much what’s happening, nimrod.

      And the press IS reporting after adjudications. Namely when Trump’s many lawsuits are being thrown or laughed out of court.

      When a court case regarding the election concludes, it’s reasonable to report on that.

  13. Election Fraud Update for November 16, 2020
    Evidence continues to pile up that Democrats stole four states through brazen election fraud in a small number of urban counties. Here’s [an] attempt to wrangle this fire hose of information into some coherent form:


    1. Fire hose of bullshit.

      Most of this laughable garbage is stuff Giuliani is claiming without evidence. Most of them just argue something is fishy, like how Democratic strongholds in urban areas took longer to count (cause higher population, duh) and that Trump’s victory margin flipped as those votes were counted, which was exactly predicted would happen (and historically happens) cause reality.

      Another bit points to noted fraud and liar Shiva Ayyadurai. The disgraced charlatan who lied about having invented email. He was eventually crushed in court after bringing hundreds of lawsuits against anyone who called him on his bullshit.

      This isn’t a list of evidence. It’s an open-mic stand-up comic’s joke list.

  14. We can fill the ocean with all the snowflakes here. Go cry some more. Fuck your feelings. No more bullshit. Am I doing it right?

    1. Get up off of your damn knees.

    2. “Facts don’t care about your feelings, they care about MY feelings.”

  15. Joe Biden is the president-elect. Yet President Donald Trump continues to deny it, peddling conspiracy theories to explain his defeat at the hands of his Democratic challenger.

    In an increasingly desperate attempt to generate clicks, delay its post-Trump irrelevancy, and avoid the wrath of progressives, Reason continues to peddle lies and conspiracy theories about Donald Trump.

    Despite their repeated claims to the contrary, Reason authors have been unable to point to a single “conspiracy theory” or illegal act by the president and ignores that post-election legal fights have occurred multiple times in US history. Furthermore, Reason mischaracterizes and dismisses attempts to have potential election irregularities scrutinized by courts as irrelevant since they are unlikely to change the outcome of the election (a fact that rational people, including the president recognize), as if changing the outcome was the only valid objective. Apparently, for Reason authors, a “call” of the presidential election by news media is equivalent to a legal decision.

    (Much as I don’t like Trump as a man, he really has caused people like you to show your true face, and it’s not pretty. I once used to be a subscriber and actually liked this rag; I’m hoping the market will take care of you people. Maybe you can learn to code, barista not being a job option anymore for people without skills.)

    1. In order for Biden to have pulled off a fraudulent win, it would have taken thousands of people across the country, at local, state, and federal level to all be conspiring to rig the election. That is the conspiracy theory, and it is bunk.

      1. So Democrats acting like Democrats but with extra zeal is your idea of a conspiracy then.

      2. Not really, all it would take is a few people in a few corrupt cities (Philadelphia, Michigan) and a few motivated political coordinators.
        Furthermore, please read the PA Supreme Court source files acknowledging that there is no definition for “meaningful access” to observers at poll locations, nor that the intent of the law is to allow observers to “audit each individual ballot”. The court is basically saying observers just need to be allowed in the room (e.g., a convention center floor) and that’s good enough to satisfy the law. Thus, it may be fully legal now to take away any poll observer’s ability to observe anything in Pennsylvania, but it’s shady as fuck.

      3. It’d be easy to get such thousands. Heck, if you can get millions to vote, you can get thousands to cheat. I’d cheat if I were fairly well assured I wouldn’t get caught, or if caught wouldn’t be punished.

        Hell, come to think of it, I perjured many witness statements on nominating petitions in NY state in the 1980s. If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t playin’!

        1. “I’d cheat if I were fairly well assured I wouldn’t get caught, or if caught wouldn’t be punished.”

          ‘Nuf said.

        2. Yeah, this attitude is why the only people who ever get caught committing fraud are Republicans.

        3. Well if it involved thousands of people, it should be very easy to uncover it. No crime involving thousands of people ever stays a secret. People flip, people talk.

          That’s what makes most conspiracy theories laughable and debunked. The idiots who believe them never really address the enormous problem that tens or hundreds of thousands of people would have to be conspiring. The chance that none of those people would squeal or make a mistake is so miniscule the whole thing becomes ridiculous on it’s face. That coupled with zero or debunked hard evidence is why conspiracy theories are laughed at.

          Trump lost.

      4. And your analysis is based on what exactly?

        In actual fact, when you do the math, it would take only about a dozen people in a handful of cities if they are faking paper ballots, or just 1 or 2 people if they are doing it electronically.

        And there is no need to coordinate either: out of millions of literally-Hitler Democratic partisans, you only need a tiny fraction willing to independently commit election fraud. Nor do they need to coordinate to escape scrutiny since Democrat run cities aren’t going to look too carefully into results they like.

        So, you could have flipped this election with a tiny amount of fraud and no conspiracy.

        1. You’re just embarrassing yourself at this point. I mean, even Trump and his legal team knows he’s lost. They’re just putting on a show for the idiots cause he feels like they need it.

          Two or three people in Philly could never produce 80,000 votes for a particular candidate without it being caught. It’s pure fantasy and stupid to say.

          And what’s most stupid is that you think THAT is more probable than simply that more people voted for Biden.

          I mean, how hard is it to imagine that a president who was impeached, never had positive approval rating, never appealed to a broad electorate beyond his base, suffered many scandals, suffered many embarrassing gaffes (sharpiegate, covfefe), ran a terrible campaign that ran out of money, who wasn’t liked by the press or even the donor class, that he simply lost? That isn’t hard to imagine for most reasonable people, sorry.

      5. Lefties always say election fraud requires a massive conspiracy.

        We have examples of Democrat election fraud every election and its targeted fraud in key locations by zealots who will do it for free if they had to. It’s like federal bureaucrats who undermined a duly elected president because Orangemanbad.

        1. With the constant drum-beat of Donald Trump being an agent of Russia, a traitor, all manner of bad things, and literally worse than Hitler, it wouldn’t take much for individuals to think cheating was a legitimate way to remove him from office.
          Remember, all the mail-in vote counting happens in big cities, where Trump’s support is the lowest. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the vast majority of poll workers are rabid partisans, who’ve been warned that observers will try everything they can to “suppress” votes.

  16. RIP USA
    Let there be blood.

    1. LOL!!!

      You are such a drama queen little bitch!

      “My orange daddy cult leader lost so the country is over! Boo fuckin hoo!!!!!!!!!!”

      You are a little pussy and wont do anything but whine into your keyboard. Here’s to your insurrection, kid

      1. This election is just a symptom. The fiscal irresponsibility, left wing indoctrination in schools, public sector unions and increasing racial divisions will likely destroy this country.

        1. Black people steal a TV from a local Best Buy, it’s time for law and order! Send in the national guard!

          Local concerned citizen Tim McVeigh expresses his concerns about big government.

          1. Ah, Tony, always speaking for racists and terrorists. It’s who you are, isn’t it?

    2. Election fraud wont be tolerated by patriots.

      1. Maybe you can get enough of them together if they hold a good beer bash where said “patriots” can stand around fondling their guns in front of everyone else…

    3. Get a life.

      1. Kill yourself.

  17. I really don’t know what’s happened over the past four plus years, but the writers at Reason have succumbed to extreme TDS.

    I’ve read numerous articles which have poopoo’ed any concerns over FISA abuses, given credence to the Russia Collusion/impeachment hoax, complained about Trump “abandoning the Kurds”, turned a blind to online censorship (if you don’t believe there’s coordination between the Democratic party and the MSM/Big Tech/social media, it’s because you choose not to see it), etc.

    It’s odd for a supposed libertarian site, but that’s where we are.

    And, no, I don’t for one minute believe that this election was carried out “fairly”. I figured we’d get some VBM shenanigans, and that’s exactly what we got.

    Unfortunately, the onus is on Trump to prove significant fraud, and I don’t think he’s going to be able to generate sufficient enough proof of it without Republicans demanding full and comprehensive audits of the vote and the media being willing to investigate any claiming of voter fraud.

    IMO, we’ve likely just witnessed the last “fair” election in the US, and millions of people will probably refuse to participate in a system they feel is predetermined. You can’t have a functioning Democracy when nearly half of the electorate feels disenfranchised.

    Meanwhile, for their part, the Reason writers are celebrating this fact.

    1. Nearly half the electorate feels disenfranchised because they lost the vote.

      My vote lost by 99%. I do not feel at all disenfranchised.

      Meanwhile time to move on.

      1. Election fraud is never okay.

        That is different than losing fair and square.

        1. Notice Democrats also say the election process in WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, and NV has massive voting problems.

          Abrams still has not conceded the Georgia governor race she lost in 2018 even after she got her recount.

          1. So altruism does lead to self-deception after all?

      2. Half of the voting electorate feels disenfranchised not because their candidate lost, but because they feel their candidate was cheated and voting is a sham. You can decide for yourself whether those beliefs have merit.

        But you know, and knew, this.

        1. They feel they were cheated because they are emotional retards who are unfit for democracy. Take some personal responsibility.

          Who the fuck am I kidding, you’re going to believe Trump was robbed for four straight years and it won’t matter how much contrary evidence there is. You’re all babies, and your leader is the biggest baby of all.

          1. Izzis about Shrillary’s party begging the federal electors to turn and vote for Colin Powell, Chief White Feather and The Don, or about Hillary’s party wanting to take the electoral college out of the loop and let Damon Root decide? That first one didn’t look like it worked as planned.

            1. Nope this is your insufferable whiny bitch doing this.

        2. Echospinner’s advocates appeasement of and submission to the left at all costs, and bitches about anyone fighting back or arguing in their own defense.
          This is the kind of dude who would tell his wife to stop making trouble as they’re getting rounded up.

          1. lol

    2. I really don’t know what’s happened over the past four plus years, but the writers at Reason have succumbed to extreme TDS.

      It’s not TDS. It’s Koch-in-mouth disease.

  18. The Supreme Court won’t save Trump, nor should it.
    If millions of people voted for Biden in good faith, those ballots shouldn’t be tossed out on a technicality if the state level officials or courts didn’t follow all the existing laws to the letter.

    If there was large scale ballot fraud, the burden is on Trump’s lawyers to prove that. Biden’s margin on mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania and Michigan defy belief and mathematical probability (compared to other states), but they can’t be tossed out because someone has a hunch.

    1. That’s the proverbial rub.

      If there was significant fraud in PA and MI (full disclosure; I believe there was), why wouldn’t there be fraud elsewhere? Mass VBM should have never been a thing. Now half of the voting population is angry and feeling disenfranchised.

      1. Fuck their feelings. You don’t get to overturn election based on feelings.

        Law and order for leftist protesters, “I get everything I want because I whine the most” for rightwing cultists.

      2. VBM is just as secure as voting in person. You still have to register in person in your district, and the registration has to be validated. Then to vote by mail you still have to request a ballot, either in person (where you’re validated), or by mail, which is then delivered to your registered address. You have to return the ballot in a signed envelope, and the signature has to match the registration when it’s counted. The vote counts have to match, so one “voter” can’t vote a dozen times, or have A vote as B, and so on, and so on.

        1. No, not true. Unsolicited ballots were mailed to the addresses of all registered voters, no recent verification required. This presents opportunity for fraud at multiple steps in the process. NY Post had a nice article on this topic.

        2. You do not, in any way, need to register in person. The last several times I registered to vote, I did it online.

          So if you’re wrong about that, what other parts of this comment are suspect?

        3. Ever hear of “motor voter”, where you get automatically registered when you get a driver’s license?

    2. But you can’t impose a post discovery standard to the pre-discovery facts and this is what they’re doing. The results defying belief is enough for scrutiny in public view then the results could stand for themselves, right now we’re supposed to trust people who wear their Trump/Republican haters as a badge of honor that they were impartial all prior statements to the contrary.

    3. The burden is on the GOVERNMENT to prove that massive election fraud didnt take place. This is for every election.

      trump is providing countless examples of election fraud by Democrats so Democrats cant get away with it.

      1. I declare the Trump campaign committed voter fraud.

        Well shit now we’re back to where we started.

        I did carefully read the constitution and I couldn’t find “All elections go to Republicans by default” anywhere.

      2. You are a barefaced liar. The burden of proving fraud by admissible evidence rests on the party positing the existence of fraud. That burden never shifts. Fraud is not presumed and must be shown with particularity.

      3. Trump isn’t providing countless examples of election fraud, he’s simply alleging election fraud. That’s a big difference, and the facts thus far don’t seem to back that up.

        1. Verified votes by people, long dead, isn’t proving that fraud exists?
          The sound is soon heard of goalposts moving to “not enough to make a difference”.
          Someone, deciding to use fraud, isn’t going to open themselves up to detection by using only one method.
          Fraud in one way, means a great likelihood of fraud in others.

    4. You mean the technicality of not having been cast according to the requirements of state law? That makes them illegal and void votes. You people do not get to make up new rules to fraud your way in like this was Calvinball.

  19. The Moderna vaccine preliminary results are in.


    This is more encouraging than the Pfizer results. The Moderna vaccine is much more doable. Requiring -20 storage and good for 30 days at refrigerated temperatures.

    Other, non mRNA vaccines are in the pipeline. Those could be even better.

    1. Is it a coincidence that these results, which doesn’t mean a single system is being implemented, are being announced just days after the election?
      The election of a president, who wanted more accountability by the big pharmaceuticals, versus the guy, who’s been around for decades and done nothing on that front?

      1. Jesus fuckin Christ dude, do you just pay attention to the parts you want?

        Trump did what he always does. Talked a big game, said he would hold big pharma accountable and force them to lower prices, met with all the big wig pharma money men, came out of the meeting, changed NOTHING (he cant negotiate, surprise surprise), gave pharma exactly what they wanted (left them alone), declared a great victory.

        It was no different than the north korea embarrassment. Talked a big game, said they would get everything out of negotiations, sat down, said hello, left, changed nothing, declared YUGE victory. To be repeated by his sub 70IQ supporters all day.

        Man if you retards are going to spin a narrative at least try and make it consistent with reality a little bit.

  20. Reason has spent a lot of time pointing out the silliness and futility of the legal challenges. I like to see more time spend on the failure to began the government transition. This country faces problems of a pandemic and the associated economic impacts. The new Biden Administration should be given the chance to get up to speed to address these problem on day 1.

    1. Joe Biden’s idea of a transition for Trump was having his campaign spied on and charged with treason even before he set foot in the office.
      Senile Joe deserves equal consideration.

  21. My friends reminded me that if Clarence Thomas has anything to say about this, Biden will be dead meat, as payback for Biden’s treatment of Thomas during confirmation hearings.

    1. Do you really have that low an opinion of him as a justice of the Supreme Court? That he would issue a legal opinion based on payback?

      1. You consider that a low opinion. I think I’m honoring him as a person of honor.

        1. If personal payback as a Supreme Court Justice is your idea of honor you have no idea what honor means.

          Clarence Thomas is a person of integrity, legal scholarship and committed to justice.

          1. Look at Lefties talk like they know about honor.

            Constitution strikes again!

      2. If the personal is political, then the political is personal.

        1. He is a justice of the Supreme Court.

          Do I need to repeat that. Do you not know what that office entails?

          1. Lefties made the SCOTUS, so it is political now.

            Election fraud is rampant, so as with Bush Vs gore there is precedent for courts intervening.

          2. Ask the leftists on that court, who never heard of the Constitution and are relied upon to take the side of the left, in defiance of the document they, supposedly, swore an oath to uphold.

    2. Justice Thomas voted with the majority in Bush vs Gore in 2000.

  22. I don’t expect the election to be overturned in Trump’s favor but I do believe he is doing the nation a favor. This highlights the stupidity of mass mailing of ballots, the irregularities of poll watchers not being allowed in certain polling places. Dead people registering and voting after their death. People from different jurisdictions voting in Nevada for example.
    Raise the skepticism and demand integrity of the vote. It is a far greater issue than Trump or Biden.

    1. Raise the skepticism and demand integrity of the vote. It is a far greater issue than Trump or Biden.

      We’ve been lectured for weeks about how testing needs to ramp up. More and better information is what’s needed to beat this virus. However, when it comes to elections, fuck information being accurately conveyed from the people to the parties in power, those potentially marginalized individuals need to shut up and do what they’re told.

  23. Are we going to do the Hamilton Electors again?

  24. To paraphrase a common theme in articles and social media:
    “Trump lost the election. His court challenges will fail.”
    So then what is the problem?
    Let the proceedings run their course, and let the constitutional process be followed to conclusion.
    There is no urgency, legal or otherwise, for Trump to concede or for legal challenges to end.
    He should pursue them to their conclusion, and if you are so sure he will lose, this should cause you no anxiety whatsoever.
    Just be a grown-up and wait for the process to comeplete

    1. Very telling how, in the weeks leading up to the election, we were lectured about how we might not know the results the night, the week, or even the month of the election. Now, 2 weeks later, it’s being called before the EC decides.

    2. The problem is there is no transition happening and we’re in the middle of a global crisis.

      All you’re saying is that soothing Trump’s ego is more important than that.

      1. Tony is clearly not an electoral college graduate. Why the sweat? If the Chicom puppet beat the Prohibition Party puppet so clearly, why the pants-wetting? The slower the resolution, the more distracted both gangs will be from robbing us and shooting our pets.

        1. Ultimately it’s all the dead people. Other than that, sure, let’s make tens of millions of people believe there is some truth to the nonsense that the election was anything but decisive. And let’s just stretch it out indefinitely.

          No problems there whatsoever. Because they’re all gonna shut up after Jan. 20 and acquiesce to reality, right?

          God damn Trump destroys every fucking thing he touches.

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  26. Unofficial Election Results for Calculating Recount Margins for November 2020

    The margin is 20,427 votes, or 0.620%. This is within the 1% margin required for an aggrieved candidate to request a recount.

  27. 202 Michigan unofficial election results

    Unofficial Results: These UNOFFICIAL results are posted here after each county has its unofficial results from all cities and townships. County websites often post partial unofficial results first. Some UNOFFICIAL totals change when county canvasses identify errors or make corrections. This is routine in every election and is a key role of Michigan’s bipartisan boards of county canvassers. Click for more information.

  28. PA 2020 unofficial election results

    Votes: 3,425,180
    Election Day : 1407649
    Mail : 1982054
    Provisional : 35230

    Votes: 3,356,263
    Election Day : 2728947
    Mail : 592314
    Provisional : 34415

    1. ‘Tainted’ Pa. Senate election is voided in 1994

      PHILADELPHIA — Saying Philadelphia’s election system had collapsed under “a massive scheme” by a Democratic candidate to steal a state Senate election in November, a federal judge took the rare step of invalidating the election and ordered the seat filled by the Republican candidate.

      1. Look at voter registrations in pa. Dems are flat 2016 to 2020. Republicans increase registrations by 200k. Trump boosts vote take in line with new registrations. Biden, inexplicable increases vote count by 400k!!, but with no increase in voter registrations. So, since it doesnt appear to be converts from 2016, Biden’s PA win was entirely driven by an utterly massive increase in dem voter turnout….or fraud.

        1. In Pennsylvania Biden had a 60% advantage in mail-in votes – all counted after in-person voting, which went for Trump.
          In almost every other state the advantage in mail-in voting was in the single digits.
          The next highest? Michigan, with a 37% advantage.
          Hmmm…both states that swung late in the frau..er count.

  29. Monitors Closely Observing Audit-Triggered Full Hand Recount: Transparency is Built Into Process

    Georgia counties were required to begin their statewide Risk Limiting Audit triggered full hand recounts by 9 am on Friday, November 13. The counties must finish their recounts by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, November 18. As prescribed by Georgia law, the Secretary of State’s office will then certify statewide election results after completion of the audit, by November 20.

    1. Monitors are not closely monitoring anything at a ratio of 1 monitor to ten counting tables.

    2. Unfortunately, those hand-counted ballots are removed from the signature envelopes, so verification cannot be re-done.
      Georgia machine voting did not leave a paper-trail. It is only paper ballots that can be hand counted.
      Coincidence that the only state to do a hand recount has the mail-in fraud built in and can’t check on machine misreporting?

    1. *snigger* Jorgensen eeks out a narrow victory over ‘None Of The Above’.

      1. Thank the running mate vermin albatrossing her campaign.

  30. “desperate and far-fetched ”

    Desperate, yes, because the Dems are in the process of stealing the election. Under the US system of leadership this translates to coup. Farfetched? In order for the idea to be farfetched you would have to believe that the swing states violating every major stat tool used to check for fraud(and a complete dumbass on YouTube who uses Chicago as an example of a clean election does not count as a debunk BTW), not just Benford’s law, and every CPA and fraud investigator willing to comment on the issue saying there are red flags of major fraud occurring, and the magical sixfold increase in president only ballots were signs of a free and fair election.

    1. That should read sixfold increase in the percentage of president only ballots.

    2. Then all you have to do is prove it in one of those courts Mitch McConnell and Trump packed with conservatives ideologues. You have the runway, take it.

      If you say something like “it can’t be proven because blah blah blah” then take a Xanax and shut the fuck up. The rules are not “we can’t prove a crime so we win.”

  31. It’s only fair if I win!

    My nappy has a poo poo!

    And other insights from grown ass Republicans.

    1. It is only fair if there is not fraud.

      1. I agree, Trump should stop perpetrating fraud. It weakens democracy and makes stupid people have false hope.

        1. It isn’t Trump perpetuating fraud. Speaking of which =, how about Clark County NV invalidating a local race on account of fraud but them trying to certify all other votes as fraud free?

          1. How about it? What do you want to happen? You have a feeling that Trump should win, so Trump wins? It’s not going to switch 35,000 statewide votes. And one state isn’t enough for Trump to win even if they did.

  32. The stupid is strong

    zero facts by trumpistas


    you are all pathetic

    you want a coup so you can get your way

    your moron leader just wants to stay out of jail

    1. Fact: the PA Supreme Court unconstitutionally extended the time for mail-in ballots to arrive and be accepted thus nullifying all changes that the legislature made to loosen requirements for mail-in ballots. Fact: this means all mail-in ballots that are not for the very narrow causes allowed by the old law are null and void.

      Fact: Virginia administrative staff signed a consent decree with the Democrat party to eliminate the need for witness signatures on absentee ballots. Fact: all absentee ballots that did not have a witness signature are void by the plain letter of Virginia law.

      Fact: TDS is a heck of a drug that burns out sufferers ability to think rationally.

      1. I bet you he thinks Hillary didn’t delete emails, the Russia and impeachment hoax were real and Trump ate the kids in cages.

  33. It never ceases to amaze me that a nominally libertarian site has turned into a safe space for incel bootlickers. Is the entire readership of Reason really angry guys who hate Reason? Fascinating

    1. LP spoiler votes are dangerous to totalitarianism. So naturally looters of all stripes descend here to tell us what to think. This has been going on a long time.

  34. This guy never got a blow job in high school. Ad hominem? Mea Culpa.

  35. Watch out for Sidney Powell and Rudy. They don’t play games.

    1. They certainly haven’t been mincing words.

  36. You are crazily wrong, Damon Root.

    Every state that changed rules for any part of absentee voting OR ANY OTHER PART OF ELECTION LAW, without those changes coming out of the legislature is committing fraud and their absentee votes can and should be thrown out. This includes Virginia which did away with the requirement that witnesses sign absentee ballots (imposed by consent decree), Georgia which changed the rules by which absentee signatures were validated (again imposed by consent decree), PA (where Alito has already signaled that all PA mail-in votes not in compliance with OLD legislative rules are invalid and must fall), MN and WI among others. All votes cast that do not meet statutory rules should be voided and any constitutionalist that would uphold that fraud is a fraud themselves.

    You people should be ashamed that OrangeManBad has eaten your brains to the point that you would rather kill the Constitution than admit the massive fraud.

    1. You people are having a mass psychological crackup. Try to control yourself. It’s just an asshole with a combover. He doesn’t care about you.

      1. This is not about him, jackass. It is about our Republic.

        1. Trump convincing legions of slack-jawed assholes that the election was illegitimate when it wasn’t is not healthy for the republic.

  37. The DNC basically said they were going to cheat since the spring. They’ve been planning their Grandma Dynamite get away ever since. Now they’re winking and saying ‘catch me if you can’. Trump sees the scam in plain sight as many do.

    Biden. GTFOH.

    1. Basically what did they say about cheating?

      You know what I heard for months and months? Trump saying with his own mouth that he will call any election he loses fraudulent. What a stroke of coincidence.

      1. What do you know? You drink and loudly sprout ‘ahhhh’ after each sip.

        Joe ‘Where are my slippers?’ Biden. That’s the President?

        Not buying it.

        1. I think if it were just some whiny little bitch, and not your whiny little bitch, you’d want him to shut up and stop hurting the country.

          1. following the constitutional process is “hurting the country”?

            god you lefty lemmings project more than Sony.

  38. So Damon Root replaces the electoral college as the Fat Lady?

  39. Another instance of Reason blurring news with commentary.

  40. Stalin was correct when he said, those who count the votes determine everything.

    1. Donnie couldn’t even win in all the states that had Republicans counting the votes (despite Senator Graham’s advice).

  41. Actually, Bush II won Florida by app. 5,000 votes in 2000. Democrat “election judges” then got busy, fraudulently turning app. 4,500 votes (apparently, mostly undervotes, i.e., ballots where the voter had not voted for president) into Gore votes. They sought to keep on “counting every vote” until they falsified enough to “win,” at which point they would have called the election for Gore.
    The Florida Supreme Court voted unanimously to violate state election law, in order to force Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris to refrain from certifying the election results on the statutory deadline.
    The Democrats then petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to permit them to keep manufacturing fraudulent Gore votes, but the High Court ruled 7-2 and 5-4 against them. At that point, the election fraudsters had cut Bush II’s lead down to 537 votes.

    1. This time the LieCheatSteal party wanted to have the votes, needed to steal the election, created before the election was “called”, so that no pesky court could tell them to stop.
      One has only to look at every effort by them to delay when the election results would be determined, of which counting mailed-in ballots, with later received dates, was the main tactic.
      Trump saw it well ahead of time, but was ignored and is now just being called a sore-loser.
      Honest, honorable people – which leaves out the LieCheatSteal party – know what happened.

      1. “This time the LieCheatSteal party wanted to have the votes, needed to steal the election, created before the election was “called”, so that no pesky court could tell them to stop.”

        Sorry, bud, but the Republicans were simply not able to suppress their way to victory this time.

      2. “One has only to look at every effort by them to delay when the election results would be determined, of which counting mailed-in ballots, with later received dates, was the main tactic.”

        That was Trump whining because the number of counted votes didn’t go in his favor. The only possible explanation he can think of is that somebody put a bunch of Fake Ballots in the boxes, because the actuality that most voters wanted him out is unthinkable. This guy keeps calling himself “your favorite President” but he doesn’t even make my list of the top 45.

    2. “Actually, Bush II won Florida by app. 5,000 votes in 2000. Democrat “election judges” then got busy, fraudulently turning app. 4,500 votes (apparently, mostly undervotes, i.e., ballots where the voter had not voted for president) into Gore votes. They sought to keep on “counting every vote” until they falsified enough to “win,” at which point they would have called the election for Gore.
      The Florida Supreme Court voted unanimously to violate state election law, in order to force Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris to refrain from certifying the election results on the statutory deadline.
      The Democrats then petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to permit them to keep manufacturing fraudulent Gore votes, but the High Court ruled 7-2 and 5-4 against them. At that point, the election fraudsters had cut Bush II’s lead down to 537 votes.”

      You left out the part where the person counting the votes in Florida was actually running the W campaign in Florida.

  42. I think in the event that it were only some whiny little bitch, and not your whiny little bitch, you’d need him to quiet down and quit harming the nation.


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  45. Root’s the one that’s desperate, desperately and delusionally in denial, not Trump. Some time ago I first thought “reason” seemed a reasonable, thoughtful group, but it sadly soon became obvious they’re largely just delusional Trump haters with no rational basis for that hate, just clearly infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome. No one with a functioning brain cell and even a tinge of sanity imagines that the Biden corpse with his dozen people “rallies” won a greater majority of legal votes than even 0bama, just delusional Trump haters. The evidence is massive, thousands of illegal ballots showing up at 4am, affidavits from many counties of the dangers and errors of Dominion but sick Trump haters are so blinded by their hate and delusion they pretend what others can plainly see, the real collusion and fraud sore loser Dems have been planning for four years, and yet they still are comming up short. One wonders if God will save Trump and us from this evil, lawless treason and sedition of corrupt Dems/media, or if he will hand us over to Biden/Harris as judgment for our evil, racist baby butcher (blackgenocide dot org), sodomy-promoting nation’s sins turning our back on God to pursue vile lust deserve. God save us.

    1. If Trump hadn’t fucked up his handling of Covid, he would have won handily. Instead, Trump stroked the flames of the mask-deniers and contributed to 240,000 deaths. That killed his chance to win. I didn’t vote for Biden and never will, but the fact is he won. It’s time to move up to Stage 5 Kubler-Ross and start planning for 2024.

      1. I have yet to hear any argument about what Trump should have done differently or see any evidence that anything would have helped.

        In fact, if the press had reported on Trump different, the public would have perceived his policies as successful.

        Government success/failure on covid is all just propaganda either way.

      2. It’s over when it’s over. Your or my beliefs have nothing to do with it.

        I’m happy Trump is pursuing this to draw more attention to the lack of security in our voting systems. Whether he wins is secondary at this point.

        1. He is drawing attention to the surprisingly strong security our election systems have against fraud. But that’s not the public service you’re talking about, you’re talking about the one where he tells a bunch of gullible rightwingers that they don’t have to respect the results of the election because the rules are different for them.

      3. True. Just like the Dems handed the election to him in 2016 by nominating a candidate, Hillary, that half the country hated. Neither side seems to be able to own their mistakes, which is troubling. Just a lot of finger pointing.

    2. “Root’s the one that’s desperate, desperately and delusionally in denial, not Trump. ”

      Wishful thinking won’t get the job done. Try again.

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  48. The only thing the Supreme Court has jurisdiction over is to enforce the constitutionally mandated deadlines for certifying the result of the states elections and selecting the electors.

    The State Legislators have the sole power to determine the manner in which the electors are selected, but the legislative branch has no power to enforce changes to the vote totals.

    There is not a government agency that was not aware of the chicanery being perpetrated by the criminals running these elections. It’s up to the the executive branch to arrest these criminals.

    1. “There is not a government agency that was not aware of the chicanery being perpetrated by the criminals running these elections. It’s up to the the executive branch to arrest these criminals.”

      Trump is likely to pardon them before the curtain falls.

  49. Ever wonder why you people cant win more than 2% of the public mind. Read your own comment section. If you can stand the introspection.

  50. Wow, all the Trump lovers here need to take a chill pill. It looks like you all already drank the Koolaid.

    1. Trump is finally going to keep one of his election promises. He’s going to Make America Great Again. By leaving the White House.

  51. One would have to be brain-dead not to know that there was immense fraud in this election.
    I have completely lost faith in Reason.

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