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New Blows to Trump Campaign Election Fraud Theories

Plus: Hillbilly Elegy film flops, TikTok would like to know if it's still banned, and more...


President Donald Trump and his campaign are still flailing about for evidence of voter fraud and ways to cast doubt on the outcome of the 2020 election. But the latest polling shows most of the public does not dispute the election results, and Trump lawsuit victories in battleground states have been yielding no new pathways to a Trump electoral win. Meanwhile, more and more facts keep stacking up against Trump's election conspiracy theories.

Former Vice President Joe Biden wins without disputed Pennsylvania ballots. In Pennsylvania, mailed ballots that showed up after November 2 are still being disputed. But state officials have certified that Biden had enough votes to win Pennsylvania even excluding all of the ballots that arrived November 3–6.

A Pennsylvania postal worker who alleged fraud has recanted, telling investigators with the U.S. Postal Service that he made up claims about his bosses telling him to backdate mail-in ballots. The Erie, Pennsylvania, postal employee, Richard Hopkins, said on Monday that these claims were fabricated, the U.S. House Oversight Committee reported yesterday.

"Investigators informed Committee staff today that they interviewed Hopkins on Friday, but that Hopkins RECANTED HIS ALLEGATIONS yesterday and did not explain why he signed a false affidavit," the Oversight Committee tweeted Tuesday.

The New York Times called election officials in every state; none suspected irregularities. State officials "representing both political parties said that there was no evidence that fraud or other irregularities played a role in the outcome of the presidential race, amounting to a forceful rebuke of President Trump's portrait of a fraudulent election," the Times reported yesterday. "Top election officials across the country said in interviews and statements that the process had been a remarkable success despite record turnout and the complications of a dangerous pandemic."

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) keeps shooting down voter fraud conspiracies.

"From his perch atop the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Chris Krebs has been using his agency's 'Rumor Control' website—and his personal Twitter feed—to take on the viral conspiracies that are circulating widely in conservative circles," notes Politico:

Krebs was among the first to pour cold water on #Sharpiegate, a quickly debunked conspiracy theory pushed by the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee. The theory posited that ballots in Arizona filled out using a Sharpie pen had been invalidated because they could not be read.

"Don't promote disinfo! Stop spreading #SharpieGate claims," Krebs wrote last week.

And Rumor Control was out front early warning voters that results might be delayed because of the need to count all valid mail-in ballots.


The Netflix movie version of J.D. Vance's popular Hillbilly Elegy, directed by Ron Howard, seems to be getting almost universally terrible reviews. The Los Angeles Times called it "an extended Oscar-clip montage in search of a larger purpose, an unwieldy slop bucket of door-smashing, child-slapping, husband-immolating histrionics." The film plays "less like the exploration of a life or an evocation of a time and place and more like an informercial [sic] for J.D. Vance," suggests Alonso Duralde in The Wrap. "A banal, trite story of family dysfunction devoid of any nuance or normalcy" and "laughably horrendous in every way," says Collider. "Possibly the worst movie I've seen in years," writes Alissa Wilkinson at Vox. Not "politically problematic," just "bad," declares The Globe and Mail. And so on.


TikTok would like to know if it's still banned. The company behind the popular video app "has filed a petition in a US Court of Appeals calling for a review of actions by the Trump administration's Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)," reports The Verge. "The reason, according to the company, is that it hasn't heard from the committee in weeks about an imminent deadline for parent company ByteDance to sell off US assets over national security concerns."


• Millennials are old.

• The sleep hormone supplement melatonin may reduce the risk of COVID-19.

• Cindy McCain is on the advisory board for Joe Biden's transition team.

• Californians voted down a business tax increase. "Voters have rejected Proposition 15, a ballot measure that sought to force large businesses to pay higher property taxes but likely fell victim to concerns about its economic impact on employers and consumers amid the pandemic-sparked recession," reports the Los Angeles Times.

• Nebraska will soon ban vaping inside buildings, including private offices, restaurants, and bars.

• The Libertarian Party "has now received well over a million votes for three elections in a row, and has more state ballot lines and registered voters than ever before," notes Cato Institute Executive Vice President David Boaz.

• Would someone "have standing to challenge the mandate to wear a mask?" mused Justice Clarence Thomas during oral arguments for the latest Affordable Care Act case.

• Texas is paying people for voter fraud reports.

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  1. President Donald Trump and his campaign are still flailing about for evidence of voter fraud and ways to cast doubt on the outcome of the 2020 election.

    Without press cheerleaders it’s not going to work as well as it did in 2016, for sure.

          1. I lol’d

      1. ITT, Dee the squawking bird, who calls herself White Knight, gets completely exposed as a left wing hypocrite, repeatedly. She also exposes herself as an anti-Mormon bigot apologist.

    1. Joe Biden appeared to clinch a victory on Saturday morning to become 46th president of the United States, closing out an election cycle that was dominated in the final months by debates around COVID-19, the economy, and police reform…………..VISIT HERE FOR FULL DETAIL.

      1. See, even the bots are in on it.

        1. I said this in an earlier article, crybaby snowflake Trump supporters need to just admit that Trump is dumb and incompetent enough that he found a way to have the election stolen from him. Move on!

          1. Short skirts and rape, amiright?

            1. Are you insinuating that the American Voter raped Trump? You’re a sicko!

              1. I’m telling you bluntly that you should commit suicide.

              2. You said something about theft and Trump, and nothing about this American people thing.

          2. Hillary supporters threw a bigger tantrum when Hillary lost. They also claimed the 2016 was illegitimate without being able to point to a single vote that was fake.

            “”Move on!””
            Hillary supporters did not. Why should Trump supporters?

            Trump has until Dec 8, after that he will be shutdown so the EC can vote. SCOTUS shutdown Bush v Gore for the same reason yet dems said that election too was illegitimate.

            No one has been better at crying falsely about illegitimate elections than dems.

            Trump does not have a path to win. He will not be able to flip everything he needs to hit 270.

            1. Unlikely, but remains to be seen.
              Regardless of your feelings about Trump, if you’re ok with elections being decided by the totalitarian party fixing elections, you don’t give a damn about liberty/freedom.

              1. The media could’ve called it Tuesday night, then you’d have to say Biden has no path to 270, no?

                1. the media can call an election whenever the want….. that has no bearing on who goes to the white house.

                2. Wrong.

              2. “”if you’re ok with elections being decided by the totalitarian party fixing elections, you don’t give a damn about liberty/freedom.””

                I’m not. and that has yet to be seen. I am waiting to see how the investigations go. But often there is no fire, where people perceive smoke. Trump has a right to challenge. No doubt, but when you place it in the hands of the courts, the courts will rule.

                Nor am I anti-Trump.

            2. So two wrongs make a right? I didn’t vote for Trump, I didn’t vote for Biden and I could care less about Hillary so let’s just move on and really start making America great again.

            3. Nobody has whined this much over losing the presidential election. Sorry. Both Clinton and Gore won the popular vote, so you can understand why people would be upset. Gore lost by 500 votes in one state, which had to be decided in court. You can see why people would be pissed. Biden’s smallest state margin was 15,000 or so.

              Yet neither Clinton nor Gore refused to accept the outcome once that outcome was determined. They did not obstruct the transition. Trump is a whiny fat baby, and I don’t know why that’s a surprise to anyone. Whine is all he ever does. He whines that covid was unfair to his poll numbers. And you people whine on his behalf.

              It’s the most pathetic display of childishness I’ve ever seen in adult humans, and the world is watching you embarrass this country.

              Stop hurting this country and shut the fuck up.

              1. The popular vote has zero to do with the contest. Repeating it makes you look foolish.

                Don’t pretend like the crying of the last four years didn’t exist.

                1. Tony is both stupid AND obtuse.

              2. Like a typical partisan. You will gladly ignore when your team behaves badly and pretend it’s the other team.

              3. Hillary and Gore whined Incessantly. The Hag even write a whole book blaming everyone but her.

                Also, Trump hasn’t lost and Biden hasn’t won.

                1. Trump and Biden are tied in the EC. 0 to 0.

                  1. That’s a bingo!

                  2. So I am currently tied for first?

                    1. You can’t be unless you officially entered the race.

                      Trump, Biden And Jo are all tied for 1st.

                      Kinda of like that first day of class when the professor tells everyone they start with an A, and it’s up to you to keep it.

                    2. Yes you are!

                2. What people like Tony don’t realize is raging against the infractions of the other team while ignoring the same infractions on your team does not make the country a better place. We would be better off in this country if political parties cleaned their own backyard first before pointing fingers at others.

              4. Didnt obstruct the transition?

                You mean by spying on them or launching bogus criminal investigations with no legitimate predicate designed as perjury traps for underlings and as the basis of a sham impeachment?

            4. Trump has a path by not letting Biden hit 270 with electors, but not allowing the states to certify the electors due to fraud. If neither Biden nor Trump can hit 270, vote goes to the House.

              1. How is the house voting a winning strategy for Trump?

                The EC will vote how it votes when they are constitutionally required to do so. If the state does not certify then the elector is not bound to the certification. The voter / elector binding laws are state level and SCOTUS will likely defer to the state’s resolution.

                1. Each state gets 1 vote. The state electors vote on their state vote. Right now the GOP controls the majority votes for 26 states.

                  1. Sorry, the State Representatives. Not electors. Electors are removed from the equation.

              2. Yahoo has Biden at 290 including PA. If Trump can flip PA, that puts Biden at 270. And that’s assuming Biden will not get GA. Trump would have to win GA and make Biden lose 21 in the EC.

                I don’t think Trump will make the hail mary. It’s a long shot.

                For a race, it is definitely a nail biter.

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          3. Wearenotperfect
            November.11.2020 at 10:22 am
            “I said this in an earlier article,..”

            As I mentioned earlier, you’re a lefty ignoramus; fuck off and die.

            1. I remember back in the olden days when you were a lot less angry. But as usual you never disappoint with the witty response.

              1. It’s still more of a response than you deserve.

          4. Trump hasn’t conceded and the Electoral College doesn’t meet until next month, so I’m not sure what you’re so worked up about.

          5. incompetent enough that he found a way to have the election stolen from him
            It’d be neat to see Wearenotperfect explain his rationale here to Hong Kongers or Venezuelans.

          6. Since the Killary Dem crybabies never hot over it in 4 years, that’s an interesting way for you to look at this. But on this current election, do you ever wonder why the reported news is so slanted and piecemeal? For example, the postal worker, Hopkins, says he did not recant, that he was deliberately misquoted by the press and the Dems, and is suing unless a retraction is issued. Why is that not being halted out? There are just too many blatant discrepancies and irregularities to casually dismiss them with a wave of the hand, especially considering the Dem recent history in vote, voter and election fraud and tampering. If Dems are confident of their position, they should welcome any insight to clear the record in their favor.

    2. Hello.

      Enjoy Dr. Death Emmanuel, Elizabeth.

      1. It is a very democrat thing to promise every other country our vaccines instead of giving American’s the vaccines. But that appears to be Emmanuel’s preference.

        1. Mengele doesn’t think living past 75 is worth it.

          My 78 year-old mother disagrees.

          I have no problem stating I’d beat that guy to a pulp if he was in my house.

          1. Him and his delinquent brother.

            Two hoodlums.

            1. Just “help” him get his stated wish, like suicides to cannibals.

          2. Biden is over 75, and Trump isn’t. So Trump should be president. And Biden should be euthanized.

        2. Reparations?

      2. Libertarians exist only to bitch about the government. With Biden, then Harris, there will be lots more government to bitch about.

        Hence the support here for the Alzheimer’s patient and the Horizontal Climber.

        1. ^this

          The One True Libertarians are lying about what they want.
          What they really want is grievance.
          And they’re likely to get it. Hard.

          1. No one will hear them. Lefty grievance is a lot louder.

    3. ” flailing about for evidence of voter fraud”???
      You’re kidding right?
      Over ten thousand mail in ballots marked as received back the same day they were sent out.. in the mail. Thousands more marked as received back, the day before they were mailed out.
      Thousands more dead people that voted. All for Biden of course. Some over 120 years old.
      Poll watchers were prevented from observing. Only the republican observers.
      Hundreds upon hundreds of sworn affidavits of misconduct and outright fraud.

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      2. Jefferson Voltaire, do you have anything other than ipse dixit assertions?

        I don´t think so.

      3. All those votes that were mailed in, even before they were sent out, yet they were counted after all the others, that must have come in, later.
        After all, it was late-counted ballots that swung, at unimaginable proportions, to Biden

    4. My prediction is the comments on this post will be a shitshow. And for the next four years, as well.

      1. I was right!

  2. But state officials have certified that Biden had enough votes to win Pennsylvania even excluding all of the ballots that arrived November 3–6.

    Contingencies plans. Better to have them and not need them then need them and not have them.

    1. Didn’t state officials say Biden won before voting occurred?

      1. Biden won shit.

        1. Hello. You lost to a senile old man.

          1. Wow. Rufus is Trump? Cool teams bro.

    2. The ballots that definitely weren’t backdated to Nov 2, after the whistleblower was reported to recant?

      1. According to the NYT:

        “Only about 130 mail-in ballots arrived after Election Day out of about 135,000 ballots cast in Erie County, according to Carl Anderson III, the chairman of the county’s board of elections.”

        We’re supposed to believe that only 0.1% of people mailed their ballots in too late to arrive by Election Day? That’s almost as good as the one about the turnout in Wisconsin.

  3. A Pennsylvania postal worker who alleged fraud has recanted…

    Or else.

    1. Notice how ENB uses the word “recanted”. Not “backtracked” or “admitted”, but “recanted”, as if he were a heretic or a witch.

      There’s a religious subtext here for ENB.

      1. He also didn’t recant. That is a lie

        1. Walls closing in, Trumpers. No really, they are this time.

          1. What, it’s December already? Who knew.

      2. Not seeing it. Recant is a term commonly used when you “backtrack” on sworn testimony in a court of law.

        United States v. Norris, 300 U.S. 564 (1937)
        2. A witness who commits willful perjury in violation of § 125 of the federal Criminal Code cannot purge himself of the offense by appearing at a later stage of the inquiry and recanting the false testimony. P. 300 U. S. 573.

          1. Well shit. That’s what I get for thinking tinyurl would be too suspicious.

      3. Or someone who gave testimony. It’s the right word for that.

    2. The problem is he didn’t recant. He sent out a video after the WaPo article denying he recanted. He then had a video with Project Veritas where he played the tape of his interview with the Federal agents and reiterated he didn’t recant.

      But ENB probably missed that part.

      1. No matter how many trumper-tantrums you throw, your guy still lost to a senile old man. Nom nom nom

        1. Clearer Overflow/WK: “So what about the fact that the press is lying. My guy’s getting anointed by them despite all the fraud”.

        2. Yes, and we get to enjoy what little time he has left.

          Then Kamala gets to go Kirkland on all of us.

        3. Nom nom nom…is that the sound of you eating Biden’s ass?

      2. Thanks for that.

        1. welcome

          1. actually that was to Jesse, hadn’t heard about the recant/recant.

          2. “welcome”

            Fuck off.

            1. loser

  4. The sleep hormone supplement melatonin may reduce the risk of COVID-19.

    Sleepy Joe may not have had to hide in his basement after all.

    1. Yeah, like there aren’t confounders in a retrospective study of that without even case controls.

      Could be that people who have trouble sleeping are less likely to contract this virus. Maybe they keep odd hours and so run into fewer other people.

  5. “A Pennsylvania postal worker who alleged fraud has recanted, telling investigators with the U.S. Postal Service that he made up claims about his bosses telling him to backdate mail-in ballots. The Erie, Pennsylvania, postal employee, Richard Hopkins, said on Monday that these claims were fabricated, the U.S. House Oversight Committee reported yesterday.”

    No, he didn’t, and now I hope yall get sued for libel as well.

    1. This.

      He did not recant but ENB gets all her news from Twitter, so …

      1. And it was out on Twitter 12 hours ago that he didn’t recant, so she (and Reason) are now knowingly defaming him.

        1. If you keep on cryin, the levee’s gonna break.

          1. I think your customer’s coffee is getting cold. Back to work, barrista.

          2. You’re spending too much time eating Biden’s ass.

            1. It’s amazing what Biden can get people to do when he says their hair smells terrific.

    2. He DID recant, and then recanted his recantation.

      There’s a big difference. If he had simply stuck to his story, he would still have credibility. Now, it’s shot.

      1. Kinda like what happened in China during the cultural revolution. They’d recant when the Red Guards tortured their kids, and then commit heresy again as soon as the mob moved on.

        They lost a lot of credibility too, right WK?

        1. Look, Top Men say he recanted, and Top Men never lie, so it’s not like we have to even attempt to confirm it with the subject of the story.

          OBEY, peon!

        2. You lost, Trumper’s Lament, to a senile swamp critter. Suck it.

          1. The Kirkland is spreading.

            1. Which is pretty easy for a 900 lbs pre-teen with rape fantasies. He spreads all over the couch every time he sits down.

          2. Trump didn’t lose.
            Enjoy your coup for now, but remember; the Red Guards are going to come get you.
            They might not come get you first, but they will come for you eventually. So, don’t think your progressivism is going to save you. It’s a lie.

            1. Keep on crying. No doubt the next four years will suck, like that last four years did but watching you assholes twist in the wind might be worth it.

              1. I’m not American so I won’t twist, but I am worried as hell for my American relatives if your prog putsch succeeds.

                1. It won’t. I’ve been saying for years here we need to deal with our progressive problem. Now droves of people are coming around to that eventuality.

                  We just can’t have millions of committed marxists running free.

              2. Did he lose the password to SPB again?

                1. Die you piece of shit Mormon.

                  The only good Mormon is a dead mormon!

                  1. KillAllRednecks, can you give a bit of the back story on your hatred for Mormons?

                    1. gotta be he’s still sore from a Deliverance episode.

                    2. Seriously? What a fucking hypocrite.

                    3. He’s a hicklib from Montana that lived in Utah for a while, and is desperately trying to compensate for his white trash background.

                    4. If I said I hated Jews, would you want my backstory?

                    5. “If I said I hated Jews, would you want my backstory?”

                      No, because she’s a fucking hypocrite. White Knight indeed. Unless you’re a Mormon.

        3. So, you were there in the room, and know that they tortured him?

          1. So, making excuses for Red Guards now. Cool, bro. As long as the results make your clit tingle, all’s good.

            1. There is no possibility this postal worker is lying. None at all.

              You know how I know? Because only progs lie.

              Clearly, this postal worker is a patriot who is trying to do his part to preserve civilization and culture. To question him is to be on the side of treason and savagery.

              1. To lie about an alleged recantation is so weak, it does prompt questions about why the media is lying about the story, and why the agents felt the need to threaten the postal worker for issues unrelated to his deposition.

                Gov Agents == Progs? First I’ve heard about it.

      2. You just happened (and, I’m sure it was just an oversight) to omit his less than cordial interaction with federal investigators ….

        1. Yes, he says that he was intimidated into recanting. I thought I was discussing the story with people who are familiar with the details.

          1. ENB did not mention it. And, neither did you.

            1. True, I did not. I don’t deny that he says he was intimidated.

              1. “The White Knight
                November.11.2020 at 9:55 am
                He DID recant, and then recanted his recantation.

                There’s a big difference. If he had simply stuck to his story, he would still have credibility. Now, it’s shot.”

                So, which is it? Did you not mention the intimidation because you were not aware of it? Or did you not mention intimidation because you thought you could pull a fast one?

          2. Which you are not, since he never said that

            1. Yes, you are right. A more accurate statement than “he says that he was intimidated into recanting” would be “he says that he was intimidated during the interview, but he never recanted” (which implies he is claiming that either the postal inspector or the House committee, or both, are lying about the recantation). In the future, I will stick to the more accurate recounting of what happened.

              1. So you’re sticking to the audio that he released that disagrees with the Democrat Oversight committee?

      3. No. The oversight committee was told by unnamed investigators he recanted which was repeated by the media. He claims he never did. That’s not a meta-recant, that’s a new claim that they lied about him. There’s a significant difference.

        1. He released the recording of his interview and WK still believes WaPo over primary sources.

          1. So, is the one clip where the postal inspector makes the weird statement about “I’m scaring you, but I’m not scaring you” the entirety that has been released from the audio? Is there any more somewhere?

            1. It isn’t one clip sweetie.

            2. Here you go. More lies from the idiot WK.


              1. Thanks. I found it a few minutes ago and started listening to it.

                Let’s listen to it together, OK? I’ll live blog as I listen. (Full disclosure: It’s two hours long, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get through it all in one sitting.)

                I’m 17 minutes in, and Inspector Russell Strasser comes across as a condescending douchebag or a used car salesman, and is blatantly using techniques, but so far no intimidation…

                Test to see if you’ve actually listened, JesseAz? Who is “Alex” and what is his involvement?

              2. 16:45 or so: Jenkins says he has been contacted by Trump campaign lawyers.
                17:00 or so: Sounds like Veritas may have given him the impression they have lawyers to defend him, but the lawyers are really for Veritas.

                1. Hopkins, I mean.

              3. 18:40: Hopkins keeps mentioning how he studied criminal justice and wanted to be a police officer.

              4. 20:53: Strasser tells Hopkins he has done his own investigation and thinks that Hopkins may have engaged in “a little embellishment”.

              5. 23:00: Strasser asks about the conversation Hopkins overheard. Hopkins says he heard a conversation about a ballot that was postmarked on the 4th when it should have been postmarked on the 3rd, and he thought it was a weird thing for his supervisor to say because it was the 5th when he overheard the conversation. Strasser tells him they are going to use techniques to try to draw out memories and separate any “interpretation” Hopkins has of what he heard from what he actually heard.

              6. 24:00: “I heard something about the fourth ballots that were picked up on the fourth”. This may not be exact wording. I’ll try to get close, but you can go listen yourself if you want exact wording, exactly right.

              7. 26:00: They go to Hopkins station on the mail room floor. (I’m sure I’m not using correct USPS terminology here.)

              8. 28:00: Strasser starts asking details questions about how loud the conversation had to be for Hopkins to hear it. (It came out earlier that Hopkins didn’t have a lawyer or representation during this interview. I wonder if at some point he started thinking that maybe he should.)

              9. 29:30: Strasser is telling Hopkins how much he likes him, and how he’s on Hopkins’ side, but *other people* are going to try to cast doubt on his story. So, so far, slimy interrogation techniques, but no coercion. Hopkins has already been told he doesn’t have to say anything.

              10. 30:00: Strasser: “Your choice was to go outside the postal service.” A note of being pissed off about that in Strasser’s voice.

                1. Can’t help thinking of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets a dressing down from Wilford Brimley. It’s eerily similar to this interrogation.

              11. 31:00: This audio is fascinating. Where did Strasser learn how to manipulate someone like this? Why is Hopkins eating it up? Why isn’t he asking for a lawyer when Strasser drops hints that he is about to start questioning Hopkins’ integrity?

              12. 36:00: Hopkins: “You’re making me question myself…”
                Strasser: “That’s what I’m supposed to do … I am trying to twist you a little bit .. . your mind will kick in…”

                By the way, in the clip above that was in the video where Hopkins denies having recanted, the clip was edited to make it sound like this bit from 36:00 was said right after another conversation that took place about 25 minutes before.

              13. 38:00: “Did she [Stephanie] say anything about postmarking?” Hopkins: “No, that’s not our job.”

                1. Another pop quiz for you, JesseAz, to see if you’ve bothered to listen to the audio. Who is Stephanie?

                2. 1:06:00: Hopkins confirms part of what he accused his supervisors of was his assumptions about what their words meant. He heard only a snippet of their conversation.

                3. 1:23: Strasser tells a whopper, saying all of what they are discussing will be be kept confidential. (Of course, Strasser didn’t necessarily know someone on the House committee would blab about it the next day.)

              14. 39:00: Hopkins story about exactly what he heard gets a lot more vague than what he swore to in his affidavit.

              15. 41:30: Strasser points out to Hopkins he just used the phrase, “what I assumed I overheard”.

              16. And I have to stop for now, which I hate to do, because it is fascinating to listen to. I recommend others here listen to it.

                Takeaway so far: Strasser is very manipulative, Hopkins seems to be eating up the attention and doesn’t seem to realize he should stop talking and get a lawyer, Hopkins story is falling apart.

                No intimidation or coercion so far. Hopkins has been instructed at the start he can shut up at any time and get a lawyer, but he keeps cooperating.

              17. Listened a little more. The “I’m scaring you” remark was made in the context of discussing Hopkin’s gofundme. In the video clip where Hopkins says he didn’t recant, that context is not given.

              18. Can’t live blog as well because I’m on my phone, but they just had a smoke break and now an inspector Klein is starting to ask Hopkins what Project Veritas has said to him. Is this Klein guy the bad cop?

              19. 58:00: He set up the gofundme because he is worried about the postal union being out for him instead of having his back. If he doesn’t lose his job, he doesn’t know what to do with the gofundme money; can he give it back? Sounds like O’Keefe (from Veritas?) has played him a bit.

                Hopkins is starting to sound like a sincere, but not too bright, guy who is being played by all sides. Feel sorry for him.

                Why isn’t he shutting up and asking for a lawyer at this point.

              20. Another test for you, JesseAz, to see if you have out in the time to listen to the audio like I am doing. Who is Sonya?

              21. 1:02:00: Hopkins went out on his route, happened to collect one late ballot, secretly marked it with “11/05/20”.

              22. 1:13:00: They start talking to him about “fixing” his affidavit, if it varies from what he just told them he witnessed. If he did recant, this is the lead-up to that…

              23. 1:15:00: Hopkins admits that his affidavit reflects interpretation of what he actually heard that goes beyond what he literally heard.

                And I have to stop listening for now…

              24. We are 1:15 in. There has been no coercion or threats.

                There has been manipulation, in that the inspectors keep telling him, insincerely, they are interviewing him to protect him, when it’s clear they are there to damage control because Hopkins went to a right-wing website first instead of them.

                Hopkins is voluntarily cooperating so far, somewhat gullibly.

                And we’ve arrived at a point where they have got him to tell them the exact words he heard (not much) and admit that a lot of his affidavit was his interpretation of what he literally heard.

              25. Now that I’ve listened to most of the audio (JesseAz, have you?), I can say this story is a fairly accurate summation:


                The only thing I would quibble wi the is that the article says the inspectors expressed sympathy. The sympathy seemed petty phoney.

                Won’t be able to listen to the last 45 minutes until late tonight.

              26. 1:16: Discussing the third paragraph, the heart of the affidavit, Klein asks these exact words: “Okay. So, but, just so I’m getting this correct. As we sit here today, you wouldn’t swear to that paragraph.”
                Answer: “At this point, no.”

                They haven’t used the word, recant, but that is a recantation, folks.

              27. 1:17: Hopkins agrees to sign an updated statement. Klein vaguely threatens a polygraph, which is the first act of coercion of any kind.

                JesseAz, you seem to have disappeared. You out there?

              28. 1:20: Strasser frames the document they are creating as a “clarification” rather than a recantation. Hopkins, who has said he feels overwhelmed at this point, agrees.

              29. 1:22: Hopkins says things have gotten “way out of hand”. Starts asking them about how they like their jobs, as if he is contemplating trying a career as an agent of the inspector general someday.

              30. 1:52: Hopkins objects to Strasser saying that he and Klein “interrogated” him, agreeing that they were pretty nice to him.

              31. 1:54: Hopkins reveals he has been recording their interrogation.

                1. Hopkins says, “I’m not planning on releasing [the audio recording].”

              32. 1:59: Hopkins agrees to a plan to write down all his corrections (not recantation) in a written statement and sign it, although they don’t actually do that in the recorded part of the meeting. Presumably, they do it after or still haven’t done it.

              33. OK, I listened to the whole enchilada. Has anybody else?

                The agents were manipulative in the sense that they kept telling him they were doing all this questioning to help him stay out of trouble. It wasn’t totally dishonest because they did work with him to write an new statement where he cut out all his assumptions and just said what he literally heard.

                The only thing that was coercive was their mentioning a few times they had the power to subject him to a polygraph. Hopkins did not feel badly treated; at the end he objects to the agents referring to their interaction as an “interrogation”.

                Hopkins had the right to shut up and ask for a lawyer at any time, and was clearly told that.

                He did not recant, he wrote a new statement correcting his affidavit. But he essentially did recant because his corrected story is much, much more narrow in its accusations than what he said in the affidavit that Project Veritas wrote for him.

                1. Goddamn, that’s desperate even for you.


                2. Christ on a crutch, if you needed to prove that you are one tedious piece of work, you’ve done it.

          2. And you know that the video he released was the actual interview how? Could it not be a staged video by him and PV? I mean, if he is gonna lie, and then recant, and then say he didnt recant – he would need something to back that up, right? OR is that a bit TOO conspiratorial for you?

            1. Do you have any proof of that?

            2. Holy crap, someone actually dumber than WK.

        2. If that is the case, I’ll acknowledge the difference. I’ll go check it out.

          1. Will you continue to believe whoever told you about the false recantation? Gell-Mann amnesia will strike the unwary and maybe the ENB-style motivated, credulous “naivety”.

            1. Actually, unlike partisans who have to believe one side or the other, I’ll simply reserve judgement in this he said-she said situation.

              Is there more of the audio from the interview than the one clip where Strassser makes the weird statement about helping Hopkins memory by scaring him a little?

              1. Yeah because that’s normal.

              2. You already made a judgement idiot.

        3. I’m not sure the investigator is unnamed. In the audio clip I’ve found from the interview, the investigator is “Agent Strasser”:

        4. Russell Strasser

      4. Orly? You’ve listened to the audio of him recanting? Or do you have 5th hand accounts of home recanting and an IG agent on tape gaslighting him about how memory works?

          1. That memory bullshit is a perfect example of gaslighting you blithering idiot. Memory does not work like that.

            1. It’s bullshit, but it wasn’t coercive. Hopkins was instructed of his right to remain silent and asked about whether he had a lawyer. He voluntarily let the postal inspector question his story and try to poke holes in it.

              I’ve now listened to half of the two hour audio of the interrogation. The clip in the video I linked above is edited from two different parts of the conversation that were at least a half hour apart. The remarks about “scare you a bit” were made in the context is discussing the gofundme that was set up for Hopkins; you wouldn’t get that from the video.

      5. You are stating the opinions of the writers at WaPo as fact. He released the tape recording with the investigator to Project Veritas dummy.

        Is this like your lie from yesterday where you said that someone getting charged with straw purchases for Rittenhouse proved Rittenhouse was in violation of open carry laws in Wisc?

        You lie a lot don’t you.

        1. He was in violation. He was 17 years old, carrying around a rifle while not even close to being on a hunting trip with adult supervision.

          1. Ah life and liberty. Pretty cool that he could protect the first using the second.

            What was that about self-defense again? Something about how a seventeen year old is not a person who should be able defend himself although an eighteen year old is?

            1. Cool, now talk about how not being able to vote until he’s 18 is oppressive and wrong. Or not being able to drink until 21. Or not being able to drive until 16.

              If society has no problem telling someone “you are not old enough to have this right,” you certainly shouldn’t have a problem with keeping guns out of the hands of someone who is a legal minor.

              P.S. Marxists love it when criminals have guns. Can’t have a revolution without a legion of armed scum to wage war on the rich white folks

              1. What, killing commies isn’t a patriotic service?

            2. “Pretty cool that he could protect the first using the second.”

              Not sure what you are on about. I guess it is a reference to his Second Amendment rights, is that right? I’m pretty sure, even with the Second Amendment, that it is well established that states can enact legal limits on gun possession by minors.

              The rifle didn’t magically appear the second he needed to defend himself. He was carrying it around before any confrontation happened.

          2. Even if he was carrying illegally, SCOTUS has ruled that illegal carry does not bar a claim of self-defense.

            1. I see you think allowing a 17 year old to go to a riot armed is a good idea.

              Burn in fucking hell you Mormon piece of shit.
              Kill all the Mormons!

              1. Do you understand that apt of the people you want to kill are we armed and easily capable of wing you and your friends off the map if they so chose? The only reason trash like you are alive is because Americans like me tolerate your continued existence.

                Tolerance has a limit.

            2. Don’t disagree.

        2. All of leftism and centrist libertarianism is a lie.

      6. I want you to go to the section in question, ENB/WK, and show where the tweet or your brief talks about him being intimidated.

        This is called selective editing. Do you acknowledge that?

        1. “section in question”? Section of what?

      7. He DID recant

        There is only hearsay that he recanted. His first person testimony is that he did not recant.

        For someone that continually requests citations, you have very little understanding of how evidence works.

        1. Die you Mormon piece of shit!

          Burn in hell you pervert worshipping asshole.

        2. As I said above, I stand corrected. Others (the postal inspector and/or the House committee) say that he recanted; he claims he didn’t.

          1. Interesting you immediately assumed WAPO was right without any evidence. And by interesting I mean predictable, lefty hypocrite.

      8. Like Trump and most Trump supporters he is willing to talk up to the point he has to talk under oath. He is not the first that had a story right up till they had to swear to that story. He likely will not be the last.

      9. Do you have a link of him recanting,vin his own words, or just fake news reports of him recanting? Does he have a laminated ” I recanted” card?

    3. To say he “did not recant” is not telling the whole truth of what happened.

      1. Did anyone posting the original report, or at Reason, reach out to him for comment?
        It all comes from the word of those government agents you trust so much.

        Whole Veritas video is going up, white nitwit.

        Your simping for totalitarianism is not going to end well for you.

      2. Or the WaPo made it all up. Pravda on the Potomac does that a lot lately.

        1. No need to take the Washington Post’s word for it. His current story, that he was intimidated into recanting, implicitly acknowledges that he did recant.

          1. That’s not his current story, White Lies.

            In a video posted Tuesday evening, Richard Hopkins, a United States Postal Service worker in the must-win swing state, denied taking back his statements when speaking to authorities.

            “I’m here to say I did not recant my statements. That did not happen,” said Hopkins, 32.

            You’re so fucking dishonest.

            1. No possibility of lying. Whatsoever.

              It is impossible to lie in service of America. America is the greatest truth.

              WK is a savage and a traitor

              1. Your tears are delicious.

                1. The fact that your hicklib pederast self thinks he’s dunking on someone that was clearly trolling is the best part of your response.

            2. You’re so fucking dishonest.

              Is he though? He really wants to believe that the NYT and the WaPo are reliable sources or that a tweet from a Congressional committee member can be taken at face value. Democracy has died in darkness, and the poor guy is in denial.

              He is still in the early stages of the grieving process.

              1. Burn in hell you morm waste of life
                Kill all the Mormons

                1. Anger is only stage 2. You will eventually come to accept that it was your girlfriend/wife’s choice to have sex with that missionary. It was probably because of her disappointment in your micropenis, so you are right to take it so personally, but you still have to get over it. A woman needs to feel loved, if you know what I mean. You have to admit she was wise to go to a man who has endured the intense training it takes to pleasure multiple wives concurrently or consecutively (the younger ones can be shy).

                  If you want to give me the missionaries name, I can see if I can talk to him about the pain he caused you at the next child-bride celebration orgy at the Portland temple, as it is unlikely I will run into him at the magic underwear store.

                  Don’t forget, Jesus loves you!

                  1. That was awesome!

                    1. Lot of Mormons in Idaho. If you’re Mormon burn in hell.

                    2. Maybe at least try to rhyme or something to make this more interesting?

                      Here, I’ll go first:

                      Lot of Mormons in Idaho,
                      All heading to hell, don’tcha know

                  2. That’s not clever. Burn in hell you Mormon piece of shit.
                    The Temple’s in Lake Owsego. If I’m driving by I drive into the parking lot and flip people off.

                    Fucking wastes of life!

                    1. If I’m driving by I drive into the parking lot and flip people off.

                      Showing them your IQ score again, huh?

                    2. You actually almost had it with this one.

                      That’s not clever, burn in hell.

                      The temple’s in lake Owsego.

                      If you linger outside, after mass

                      You’ll catch me flipping, off your ass

                      I don’t care, how that tastes

                      Because you life, is a waste.

                    3. That’s not clever.

                      Really? You may be biased.

                      I drive into the parking lot and flip people off.

                      Although the temple is right off the freeway, it is tucked back behind a neighborhood, so you don’t just ‘drive by’ the parking lot, you have to know which street to take and deliberately wind your way back to it. You have never even been there.

                      I can’t imagine anything lower than pretending to be a bully on the internet. It is repulsive on the level of faking terminal illness for sympathy and trolling for underage girls.

                  3. Jesus loves you more!

              2. No, actually I accept that I was wrong in my understanding. I had thought they got some kind of signed or documented recantation. (Maybe the postal inspectors do have that, but it isn’t in evidence.)

                1. “I had thought they got some kind of signed or documented recantation.”

                  Without any evidence to back it up, hypocrite. Your bias has been exposed for all to see, Dee. But please keep digging, it is glorious to behold.

      3. To say WK is a partisan idiot is telling the whole truth.

        1. Actually, it is not telling the whole truth. The truth is I am a libertarian who dislikes Trump, and dislikes people who worship Trump even more. That does not make me pro-Democrat or pro-Biden or a liberal or a progressive.

          1. Science bless you, comrade.

          2. How libertarian can you be if you dislike people because of their preferred candidate?

            I know people who’s fealty to Hillary is never ending. I know people who’s fealty to Trump is never ending. I respect their right to chose and will not dislike them for that. I may find them irritating, but that is not a deal breaker. I would rather talk about policies than people.

            1. Dee is a hypocrite who has exposed herself more than usual today.

              1. At least he acknowledged the error.

      1. The Post? They’re not even allowed on Twitter? You can’t use them as a source.

        1. Which is why this part of the story didn’t make it into the Roundup.

          1. However would ENB do her journalisming if Twitter wasn’t a thing.

  6. “The sleep hormone supplement melatonin may reduce the risk of COVID-19.”

    Well damn. You can’t catch a cold when you are asleep in your bed.

  7. Cindy McCain is on the advisory board for Joe Biden’s transition team.

    She likes people who didn’t lose an election.

    1. Or she has a thing for senile men with white hair.

    2. Joe has lost many presidential primary elections though.

  8. Dark Winter?
    Wherever did such language come from…

  9. Voters have rejected Proposition 15, a ballot measure that sought to force large businesses to pay higher property taxes but likely fell victim to concerns about its economic impact on employers and consumers amid the pandemic-sparked recession…

    Who says all the economically literate Californians are now in Texas?

    1. The message also got out that this was specifically editing prop 13 despite numerous attempts by the state and prop 15 supporters to leave any reference to the previous prop out.

      Here in this state most people are lefties. But there are the intellectual elites who hate prop 13 and then there are the rest who vote lefty but know that prop 13 is how they and grandma get to keep their houses. Any attempt to fuck with that is looked upon with suspicion.

      1. And Prop 15’s supporters were not at all shy about its being only the first step in dismantling the bulwark of White Supremacy that is Prop 13.

        It also bugs me how much Prop 15 got described as “a ballot measure that sought to force large businesses to pay higher property taxes.”

        Prop 15 defined “large business” as any business with more than 50 employees or that occupies a building worth $3M or more. In the Bay Area, anyway, you could probably count the number of commercial properties valued at less than $3M on one hand.

  10. Would someone “have standing to challenge the mandate to wear a mask?”

    Anyone with any type of breathing issues has standing under the Americans with Disabilities Act, unless Kamala includes specific exemptions in the Imperial fiat.
    (assumption: the courts still function)

    1. Or anyone who understands how fabric masks don’t stop a virus.

    2. Yes, they would have standing, but they would still lose. ADA requires a “reasonable accommodation”. Going into a business without a mask and putting others at risk is not a reasonable accommodation, especially when actual reasonable accommodations exist, such as curbside pickup and delivery.

      1. The most reasonable accommodation would be liquidating every piece of garbage who expects others to muzzle themselves for your health.

        1. It’s becoming more and more likely that we must reduce the surplus progressive population. They should tread carefully.

      2. The reasonable accomodation is the vulnerable stay home.

        1. You really don’t understand victimhood economics. In this system, the most vulnerable are at the top of the food chain, and are entitled to whatever they want. Anyone with lower victim status has to sacrifice.

      3. Even if we pretend that non-medical, POS cloth masks “work” (in the real world it seems to not be the case) failure to wear one would not put others at risk unless you were in fact ill.

        1. And you don’t understand fear-based society. People are entitled to always assume the worst, even when that is not actually possible. Thus we assume that every person is filled with raging virus, and even seeing a video of such a person is a mortal peril.

          1. Remember when there was a terrorist around every corner so I have to take my shoes off at the airport and get a full body scan.

            Yep, fear-based society.

            1. Now, everyone is a terrorist, spreading virii willy nilly!

      4. Letting people in without a mask is the accommodation of at least one local business. They also posted a sign saying they will assume an ADA exemption for anyone not wearing a mask.

      5. “…ADA requires a “reasonable accommodation”. Going into a business without a mask and putting others at risk is not a reasonable accommodation, especially when actual reasonable accommodations exist, such as curbside pickup and delivery.”

        Fuck off, slaver. And die.

      6. The risk is tiny though. There is a quite low chance that any person you encounter actually has it. And an even lower chance that if they have it but are not showing symptoms that they are likely to infect anyone at all. And then we really don’t know how much a mask actually lowers the chance of transmission. So yeah, you are putting people at some risk. But that risk is somewhere around 1 in a million. Every time you entered a business pre-covid, there was some chance you were carrying some deadly infection that could kill other people.
        That is perhaps the biggest problem with the idea that masks should be mandated. If it makes sense now, it makes sense to do it forever. Just interacting with another person (with or without a mask) puts them at some risk. People who want masks need to at least answer the question of how much risk does there need to be, and how much must “face coverings” actually mitigate that risk, to justify such a mandate.

        1. You put people at far more risk every time you get behind the wheel of a car.

          1. Shhhh. They’ll ban cars next.

            1. It’s on the list.

      7. Curbside pickup is not a reasonable accommodation. That sounds eerily similar to: “Whites can eat in the good part of the restaurant out front, Blacks must eat in the back.”

        But Democrats do love segregation these days, whether its based on race or disability or whatever. You’re a bunch of segregationists through and through.

        1. Yeah, try telling people in wheelchairs that curbside pickup is a reasonable accommodation so you won’t be building any ramps or widening any doors for your business and see how that goes.

  11. Nebraska will soon ban vaping inside buildings, including private offices, restaurants, and bars.

    Time for the EPA to step in and regulate away all the black mold that’s going to develop from the vapor clouds.

    1. Let me guess. It “sends the wrong message.”

      1. The article said it was to protect people from secondhand aerosols.

        1. So are they banning overuse of hairspray too? 😉

  12. The Libertarian Party “has now received well over a million votes for three elections in a row…”

    THERE’S your election fraud!

    1. Democrats got Greens kicked off the ballot in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Biden manages to turn those around because Greens are more likely to go ahead and vote for Biden than Trump. How’s that for election manipulations? Maybe Trump should have gotten Libertarians kicked off ballots to even things up.

  13. A Pennsylvania postal worker who alleged fraud has recanted

    USPS Whistleblower demands Washington Post retract story saying he recanted allegations of voter fraud

    1. Cops intimidate witness: “But muh free minds and free markets!! Trust the cops!! Defund the police!! …. Oh”

      Holy f*ck, this is an interrogation technique where the federal agent tries to use stress tactics to implant a false memory into the interview subject.

      You rarely get stuff like this on audio.
      Quote Tweet

      James O’Keefe
      · 14h
      RECORDING: Federal agents “coerce” USPS whistleblower Hopkins to water down story. Hopkins doubles down…

      Agent Strasser: “I am trying to twist you a little bit”

      “I am scaring you here”…” we have Senators involved…DOJ involved…reason they called me is to try to harness.”

      1. How in the fucking world did ENB manage to miss ALL of this? For the record, I do not think she missed it at all.

        1. If Hopkins was a porn star it would be different. It would matter to her.

        2. Why would Vox tweet countering information out? How would ENB ever know?

          1. What kills me is that you all seem to think that ENB is the problem with this article.

            You’re almost there. Now you need to start figuring out the ENB is not a fake libertarian, but that she’s a real one and her views are typical of libertarian and libertarian leaning voters.

            Libertarian leaning conservatives should take note of this and reexamine their stance. You can’t conserve culture when it’s free to be exploited by social parasites. If this country had jettisoned classical liberalism like the baggage it has *always* been decades ago, the left wing would be completely powerless, harmless, and irrelevant.

            Enjoy your petty freedoms.

            1. Are you ENB’s cuck husband?

            2. Classical liberalism is one of the major things that is worth preserving in our culture. If we had jettisoned it decades ago, we would already be in some socialist SJW hell.

            3. So, lying by omission makes ENB a real libertarian? Lying is a typical libertarian view?

              What are you saying?

      2. Aren’t investigators supposed to find the truth, not implant the preferred story?

    2. Rest assured that these sorts of practices will not be tolerated any longer!

      Should any of those accused of such election improprieties ever (ever) face questioning by Federal agents those accused will either have grants of immunity and/or representation from white shoe law firms (pro bono -of course.)

  14. New York Times when leftists lie: “Fake but accurate”

    The New York Tims when Conservatives tell the truth: “factually accurate misinformation.”

    1. Defend that, WK.

      1. I’ll pass. Since I’m not a leftist, I don’t need to defend the left.

        1. But you won’t criticize it either.

        2. “Since I’m not a leftist”


          1. Everyone on this board that’s not a lefty thinks Dee is a lefty.

    2. It had all the hallmarks of the truth.

    3. Why didn’t they go with alternative facts?

  15. Off topic but an actual question I have
    If modern monetary theory is correct, and deficits don’t matter, combined with a fiat currency, why is counterfeiting illegal?


    2. That’s a good question.
      Really, anything that keeps the economy going can’t be bad… right?

    3. Cuz the mob always wants a monopoly?

    4. Look, I’m not defending that stupid theory. But it still assumes the government controls the flow of money. The classic theory is that you control printing to prevent oversupply. The new theory is that you control money supply by taxing it out of the system- not to balance the budget but to prevent inflation. While unrealistic, it is internally coherent.

      If such a system were workable, counterfitting would still be disallowed as the government couldn’t control the money supply by taxing it down.

    5. yeah, there was a Wild, Wild West episode where the defeated Confederates were going to flood the USA with fake bills so real they couldn’t be distinguished from the real thing, in an attempt to destroy the national economy.

      Now we know that would just be fiscal stimulus.

      1. Wouldn’t have worked so well when people were still mostly using bullion coins.

  16. He said on video that he didn’t recant.
    And stop citing the NYT, you hack.

    1. Who you gonna believe? The actual source or the NYT?

      1. The NYT is the equivalent of a Papal bull for ENB.

    2. Imagine thinking NYT is a bad source..

      1. Imagine that the NYT is a bad source.

      2. Walter Duranty nods, Xi Jinping smiles.

        1. Jayson Blair reports from the scene.

          1. Stephen Glass applies for a job at NYT.

      3. Imagine thinking you are sentient.

        1. Clearly. How anyone can believe that the NYT ever says anything truthful, factual, or correct can’t clearly be in their right mind.

          If the NYT were to say, for instance, the sky is blue, I would seriously question that. Seriously.

  17. Would someone “have standing to challenge the mandate to wear a mask?”

    Who has standing to push back against unconstitutional dictates? Lawyers are the worst.

  18. “In Pennsylvania, mailed ballots that showed up after November 2 are still being disputed. But state officials have certified that Biden had enough votes to win Pennsylvania even excluding all of the ballots that arrived November 3–6.”

    As though this was the only basis upon which to challenge the ballots.


    ENB is a joke.

    1. “As though this was the only basis upon which to challenge the ballots.”

      Where did ENB say otherwise?

      1. By not mentioning any of the other grounds.

        1. In fact, that ten thousand ballots are potentially invalid (based on one ground) is not a blow at all. It is good news for Trump. The margin in Pennsylvania, as of now, is less than fifty thousand votes.

          If ENB was being honest, she would not be saying that Biden “still has enough to win” even if we toss the late arriving ballots. This only makes sense if you believe that late arriving ballots are the only deficiency and that, even if these ballots are tossed, Biden still wins.

          She is spinning and disingenuously framing. She could just as easily have written that ten thousand ballots are now potentially invalid, with only about forty thousand remaining that may be tossed based on any of the other grounds raised in the lawsuit. But, by framing things the way she did, ENB is implying that late arriving ballots are the only basis for the legal challenge.

          Stop playing stupid.

      2. “Former Vice President Joe Biden wins without disputed Pennsylvania ballots.”

        The previous fucking sentence retard.


    The mainstream media no longer exists to cover the news. It exists to *cover-up* the news.

    ✅Polls wildly off
    ✅Biden corruption news suppressed
    ✅Big tech *disputes* voter fraud reports
    ✅Censoring @realdonaldtrump
    ✅Blocking transparency of election

    It’s now beyond obscene.

    1. The power of TDS is unlimited.

      1. Pray for a vaccine?

        1. Biden personally invented the vaccine. It’s true. I saw him in a lab coat pensively looking at tubes. He’s a hero.

        2. No.
          Hope it’s 100% fatal.

    2. I’ve been quoting Iowahawk for years on this.
      The purpose of modern American journalism is to protect the Democratic Party. The more strenuously you defend them, the better you are at journalism and the more awards you get.

      This isn’t just an old saw, it’s a scientific principle.

      Even here at Reason, Shikha, whose writing is the epitome of rank dishonesty and DNC talking points, was one of the only Reason writers to win a journalisming award here. Any guesses who the other one was?

      1. Buttplug? No wait, chemjeff? Wait a second, did you guys ever notice that there are articles above the comments section?

        1. Your point being?

          Reason is a pro leftist rag. That’s all you need to know.

      2. Not Nick Gillespie, who in this week’s Roundtable podcast said quite plainly that he would have preferred from Trump to win than Biden.

    3. “It exists to *cover-up* the news.”

      No, they cover the news
      with a pillow
      till it stops making noise.

    4. Woah, did they stop restricting html formatting again? Do blink tags work?

    5. How is attaching an advisory to @realdonaldtrump’s tweets stating that they are disputed, “censoring”? The tweets are right there for anyone to read.

      1. Are they attaching those to claims that Biden is President Elect when people dispute them? Technically, he isn’t. So those disputes would seem more fact based than several that I’ve seen.

        1. Kinda like White Knight only white knights lefties, then claims she’s not a lefty. Also, she’s now exposed herself as an anti-Mormon bigot.

    6. Why would a polling agency purposely put out polls that are “wildly off”? Every time they put out an inaccurate poll, it undermines their credibility and occupation.

      1. You’re really not this naive, are you?

      2. It’s not wrong to believe that the party of get Trump out by any means necessary would think cheating is ok, when other means have failed. If they believe cheating is the necessary means, why would they not?

        I’m not saying cheating is or is not involved, claims should be investigated and resolved. I’m merely pointing out how the democrats have behaved, and it is reasonable to believe they would cheat based on their words and behaviors.

    7. The Biden corruption news came from partisan sources, was weakly documented and contained self-contradictions. Only right-wing partisans cannot see that.

  20. Texas is paying people for voter fraud reports.

    Kidneys are nearly as sacred as the most important election of our lifetime and we think people should be able to pay for those, so…

    1. I agree unless that money is coming from taxpayers; no one has a right to a kidney!


      The Rev. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat running for U.S. Senate, was accused by his wife of running over her foot with his car during a heated argument days before he filed paperwork to officially seek the office, according to a police report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    2. Ga Senate… where ethical Democrats like Yang are advocating people lie about Ga Residency to vote.


    The #MarchForTrump IS NOT CANCELED????????

    just shut down our event & emailed everyone that it was canceled


    First it was

    Next it was

    Now #Eventbrite

    #BigTech is trying shut down our march

    But we won’t let them

    1. Soap box: denied
      Ballot box: fraudulent
      Jury box: remains to be seen

      So what’s next?

      1. Xbox?

      2. Wearing some kind of patch on your clothing?

        1. You know who else wanted people to wear patches?

          1. US Army? Excluding pledge pins of course.

            1. The 45th Infantry Division had a distinctive patch.

          2. Fighter pilots?

          3. Public health officials?

          4. The man with one eye.

        2. Followed by a final solution to the unwoke.

      3. Boxer rebellion?

      4. Pine box

        1. Glory Box (good song)

      5. Hot Box?

      6. Kamala’s box

        1. Too far you filthy Mormon, too far.

    2. Wow, that’s pretty fucked up if it’s for real. Declaring questions about the election misinformation even before we have any answers. I’m not among those claiming that the election was definitely compromised, but there’s some chance that it’s true.

  22. Joe Biden appeared to clinch a victory on Saturday morning to become 46th president of the United States, closing out an election cycle that was dominated in the final months by debates around COVID-19, the economy, and police reform…………..VISIT HERE FOR FULL DETAIL.

  23. latest polling shows most of the public does not dispute the election results

    Are we suddenly going to pretend that public opinion has an effect on legal disputes? Besides the polls were wrong all year, why believe them now?

    1. Polling is a joke–and a funny one, too.

      Howls of laughter!

    2. Another sign of desperation.

    3. From Reuters: “The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted online, in English, throughout the United States. It gathered responses from 1,363 U.S. adults in all, including 469 respondents who took the poll between Saturday afternoon and Tuesday”

      An online poll. lmfao


    4. If I recall correctly from Obergfell (sp?) Kennedy wrote that one of the reasons for his vote is that public opinion seems to favor same sex marriage.

    5. Since public polls (which have been dead wrong about Trump since 2016, and have zero chance of being considered evidence in any court) were ENB’s first argument defending a Biden victory, she has no credibility writing about elections or litigation.

    6. let me guess — by a 9% margin?

    7. You mean the same polls predicting a Biden landslide by over 10%?

    8. Are we going to pretend that it doesn’t?
      (I’m not saying it should. But it clearly does.)

    9. Fuck Mormons. Fuck your Mormon family Chuck

      Your god doesnt exist you stupid Fuck! Anyone with a brain knows your religion is a crock of shit.

      Strangle your family with your magic underwear and then yourself.

      1. Their religion may be a crock of shit, but most of them seem to be way happier than you will ever be. Don’t be an asshole.

        1. Even in mockery, South Park summed it up very well.

          “All I ever did was try to be your friend, Stan, but you’re so high and mighty you couldn’t look past my religion and just be my friend back. You’ve got a lot of growing up to do, buddy. Suck my balls.”

          1. They are very good at that.

          2. Yeah, but did you really try to be killallrednecks friend? I mean, really put in the serious effort? You might find a scared little boy who just needs to be loved! You should give him a chance!


  24. “Cindy McCain is on the advisory board for Joe Biden’s transition team.”


    We need to send a clear message to the GOP: the early 2000s Bush / Cheney / McCain version of your party is welcome in Biden’s America, while the alt-right white nationalist Drumpf version absolutely is not.


    1. Well that was obvious when the Obama/Biden admin followed the Bush/Cheney playbook and expanded on it.

    2. Good trolling, but what’s sad is this is what most actual libertarians believe.

      You need to accept that classical liberalism is a failure. There’s are features of it, not bugs.

  25. Truth hurts? Ted Cruz points out MIRACULOUS change in CNN COVID reporting after calling the race for Biden and Jake Tapper can’t DEAL

    But that doesn’t address what Ted pointed out, that the COVID tracker was gone.

    For months that TRACKER OF DEATH AND DESPAIR has been on their network and it’s suddenly gone? And to Ted’s point here, the vaccine couldn’t have been announced a week earlier?

    C’mon man!

  26. “A Pennsylvania postal worker who alleged fraud has recanted”

    ENB: Fat, lazy, and stupid is no way to go through life.

    1. She is not fat!

      1. Not yet.

        1. Sex work is good exercise.

      2. You don’t get fat on a diet of kombucha tea and Alprazolam.


    Teen Vogue: ‘White Women Have to Answer For Backing Trump Again’

    1. The party of science and tolerance wants to punish wrongthink.

    2. White Women might have issues with thinking too much about what other people think of them. But none of them have spent even a second worrying what Teen Vogue editors think

    3. White Women Have to Answer

      Ask to speak to their manager, Karen.

    4. Are they going to put every white woman on a list?

      1. No need. They just have to keep teaching CRT and white women will continue to put themselves on a list.

  28. If you wondering who might pick up the slack on Twitter if Trump isn’t around to write his awful tweets anymore. Wonder no more.
    These tweets from Alexandria Occasio-Cortez are about as awful as any tweets need to be:

    “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future”

    —-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Politicians have no business going after people for supporting anybody with, “tweets, writings”, and photos.

    When some people responded by asking whether that meant that AOC was compiling a list of people to track down because they supported Trump, Occasio-Cortez responded in the same thread with the following:

    Lol at the “party of personal responsibility” being upset at the idea of being responsible for their behavior over last four years

    —-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


    Holding individuals “responsible” for supporting Trump–is this her idea of a joke?

    Trump supporters tended to take Trump seriously without taking him literally, and Trump’s critics tended to take Trump literally without taking him seriously. I don’t care which way you slice and dice Alexandria Occasio-Cortez’s tweets here, this is awful from a libertarian perspective or an American perspective–and she should be condemned for them, not just by libertarian publications by news organizations everywhere.

    1. Did Trump ever tweet something to the effect that Democrats should be held personally responsible for supporting Biden with their tweets, writings, and photos?

      I don’t remember anything like that.

      I suspect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have surpassed Trump.

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      2. I was once told McCarthyism was bad.

        1. On one hand, people on the right are supposedly prone to crazy conspiracy theories. On the other hand, AOC publicly calls for people to be held responsible for supporting Trump with their tweets, writings, and photos–and we don’t hear a peep about it from the mainstream news.

        2. For Tony McCarthyism is a way of life.

          1. More like a fetish.

        3. “I was once told McCarthyism was bad.”

          It’s not a double standard so long as you recognize what the operating standard truly is:

          No enemies to the left

          That’s exactly why ENB won’t call out AOC for her ‘McCarthyism.’ It’s only McCarthyism when it is directed at leftists. When the same thing is being done by leftists upon non leftists it’s perfectly acceptable.

    2. While it is not quite as overt as it could be, this is a clear example of a sitting politician endorsing persecution of people she views to be her political enemies.

      1. And that’s the best interpretation!

        But it isn’t just that she doesn’t want them to be able to deny their complicity in supporting the Trump administration. She also wants them held responsible for supporting the Trump administration.

        How can this be okay?

        1. . . . how can this be okay, and where’s the standard news media to call her out for it?

          1. CNN has been calling for just this and more so no they wont call AOC out on this. Blitzer’s Truth commision Lawrence odell wants them charged with Treason etc.

            1. Well if supporting Trump is treason, I guess there’s only one option left for us.

          2. where’s the standard news media to call her out for it?

            They’re too busy rubbing one out over the thought of a potential “final solution to the deplorable problem” to care.

        2. It is acceptable because a different set of standards applies to Democrats.

          Decorum, civility, dignity, etc., are just cudgels to beat Republicans over the head with and, once Republicans are out of power, vindictiveness, pettiness, and threats of persecution are just deserts.

          1. You confuse Democrats with people who have ethics and principles.

            1. And yet these people walk free and have the freedom to spread their lies and propaganda.

              But sure, let’s keep running this country along classical liberal lines. What can possibly go wrong?

        3. I don’t know I took it as a threat to cancel them. Not that is excusable and canceling is arguably worse then a prosecution since in a prosecution you get due process (in theory).

          1. She wants to make lists of people and cancel them because they supported Trump with their tweets, writings, and photos?

            The best interpretation is that she was completely joking and full of shit, but the follow up about holding people responsible undermines that argument.

            The next best interpretation is that she wants a full on Cultural Revolution kind of deal, where mobs of people (online or otherwise) force struggle sessions on people–for being Republican and supporting the Republican president?!

            It’s awful. She should be condemned by everyone for it.

            She’s kicking liberal democracy in the crotch.

            1. It’s awful. She should be condemned by everyone for it.

              Agree. My point was I thought it was most likely a threat to cancel them along the lines of going after their employment.

      2. I have been told multiple times that it is hyperbolic to call these Democratic Socialists out for being Marxist. Then they act exactly liked Soviet apparatchiks calling for persecution of political enemies.

        These people are enemies of freedom and actively working to create Soviet style government here.

    3. She’s literally evil and insane.

      Good job you idiots in her district.

      Cuomo, De Blasio and AOC. smh.

    4. Holding individuals “responsible” for supporting Trump–is this her idea of a joke?

      Sadly, no. It always comes down to government lists, followed by “truth and reconciliation committees, followed closely or simultaneously with “re-education camps” and then finally, putting anyone else left resisting them up against a wall with these asshats.

      1. Eventually, we’ll all recant.

    5. That dumb bitch and her YAAAASSSS KWEEEEEEN crew going off the reservation with their Enemies List fetish is likely what led to Cocaine Mitch and most of the rest of the Republicans backing Trump on investigating voter fraud, instead of telling him to pack it in.

      I wonder if AOC and the rest of the neo-Red Guard will suffer the same fate once they aren’t useful to the Dems anymore. Her and her buddies getting worked to death by a Mexican overseer in a Texas lettuce field would be the cherry on top of the American Left’s Maoist revolution.

    6. Maybe I’m just stuck in a right-wing echo chamber, but has any Democrat come out and condemned these calls for lists of political enemies in the same way that Trump repeatedly condemned white supremacists that supported him? I would think this would fit right in with their new “national healing” narrative.

      1. I think even Biden has ditched the “time to heal” narrative at this point.

        1. It seems the only “unity” talk you would accept are statements by Biden agreeing to implement Donald Trump’s agenda part and parcel. He already said all the right things on this topic but right-wing talk radio insists that no reconciliation is possible, and hardcore Trump supporters are not interested in any unity anyway, considering the oft-stated belief that all Dems are literally Satan incarnate.

          You’ve decided the election was stolen and illegitimate, and will likely maintain that position regardless of what evidence does or does not become available, so your cries for Biden to “unify” more than he already has ring hollow.

          1. It seems the only “unity” talk you would accept are statements by Biden agreeing to implement Donald Trump’s agenda part and parcel.

            Ah yes, the “if you don’t let us steamroll our agenda, you’re being divisive!” complaint that shitlibs always proffer when the other side doesn’t roll over and show their belly.

    7. “I don’t care which way you slice and dice Alexandria Occasio-Cortez’s tweets here, this is awful from a libertarian perspective or an American perspective–and she should be condemned for them, not just by libertarian publications by news organizations everywhere.”

      I strongly agree. But don’t expect Reason, Jorgensen or the Libertarian Party to criticize any of the far left Democrats whose power they helped increase by campaigning for Biden.

      Had it not been for Jo Jorgensen and Koch financed Reason, Trump would have been declared the winner a week ago (and AOC would have far less political influence).

    8. Yeah, they are talking about punishing people simply because they supported, or even worked with, Trump. That is fucking insane. Yeah, Trump is an exception in American politics. But he was the fucking President. They are trying to condemn people for taking totally normal and mainstream political positions.

      1. Was letting the Executive branch die on the vine because people didn’t like who got elected really a viable option?

        These people are fucking evil.

    9. Ken Shultz
      November.7.2020 at 9:56 pm
      …”if you’re so fucking stupid, you can’t tell the difference between the real world and the way someone tweets, tell your boss to fire you–but ask him to do it nicely.”

      Ken Shultz
      November.7.2020 at 11:29 pm
      “… Instead of trying to justify the delusional behavior of people who can’t tell the difference between the tone of tweets and reality, we might try persuading them to stay the fuck off of Twitter.”


    MSNBC splits with two more contributors going to work for Biden

    1. You mean going to work for Biden in a different capacity.

      1. Taxpayer payroll


    Video: Uyghurs who have been released from concentration camps look like this. Paralyzed, half paralyzed. Some Uyghurs have already been killed in the concentration camps by the Chinese authorities. Some were released after being severely tortured. 1/

    1. doesn’t matter really to local

      1. Can’t let images from real concentration camps come out.

        Remember when people were using to the term to gaslight people into thinking Trump was behaving like Hitler on the border?

  31. The bottom line is that the counting has not been completed, the litigation has not been adjudicated, and the Electoral College has not met. There is absolutely nothing to concede, and the election is not decided.

    Somebody needs to tell Brown the Harpy Birdbrain.

    1. Biden and Trump are tied in the EC at 0 to 0. Everything else is just projection.


    Defend your democracy:

    1. Created a LinkedIn account.
    2. Message someone who works at
    3. Ask them how they can work for an organization trying to overturn the will of the American people.

    1. The skull and crossbones emoji is an interesting touch

    2. No, no, no, no, no, NO!!!


      What’s wrong with you people? Democracy is *the problem!*

      When you have a country that’s over populated with pot smoking losers who’s only ambition in life is to sit on the couch playing XBOX while getting blown by little boys, you are going to get results much like what we are seeing.

      And any effort to try to produce a country of ambitious, hard working, sensible people who believe in their country and in civilization, gets shouted down cuz “Muh Freedoms”. Marijuana laws? Gone. Cuz “Muh Freedom”. Prostitution? “Muh Freedom.” Perverted butt sex? “Muh Freedom.” Murdering babies in the womb? “Muh Freedom.”

      The culture of this country is as follows: There is no god, if something makes you feel good, it’s the only thing that matters, and you have zero responsibility to your elders, descendants, or anyone else.

      How can someone still believe that democracy and democratic procedures are desirable when voters like this out number people who vote morally and sensibly?

      Democracy is dead. We need a patriotic elite to take charge, put the left and its legion of useful idiots in there place. Until then, we shouldn’t be under any illusions that there are benefits to classical liberalism.

      There, I said it. But you know I’m right.

      You can’t have democracy in

    3. Shouldn’t they have to rename themselves the Stalin Project, to comply with truth in advertising laws?


    Discouraging signs about the Biden team and press access so far: no regular transition briefings, no readouts of calls with foreign leaders (as noted by
    in pool report today), no open press access to the candidate and his people. This is a break with tradition.

    1. At least most of the questions at his first press conference were about how bad and mean Trump is.

  34. By who?

    People on the left critical of wokeism/critical theory who argued a Biden win would be be helpful were sort of right and sort of wrong. A Biden admin will elevate people of that ideology into power centers. But then they’ll face actual responsibility and scrutiny too.
    For instance the Trump admin was very right wing on refugee policy. Their victory was not good for people who wanted permissive refugee policy. However, they were so unpopular that Americans as a whole became much more pro-refugee. This is what could happen with Biden.
    In the short term people of woke ideology are emboldened and empowered by a Biden win and Democratic govts, but you face way more scrutiny in power than opposition and if their agenda is unpopular the whole ideology could get taken down.

    1. “But then they’ll face actual responsibility and scrutiny too.”

      In what world? The media will carry their water without shame and simply cut away from anyone with a dissenting opinion.

      1. In the same world where Trump was held responsible for pictures of “kids in cages” from 2014

  35. Biden’s landslide victory continues to pay off for’s benefactor Charles Koch.

    Mr. Koch earned $335,000,000 yesterday.

    In the Biden economy, this will actually be a somewhat slow day. Recall that Mr. Koch earned over $2,000,000,000 the day before. And just wait until Biden takes office and grants him access to all that highly skilled labor from Mexico!


    1. Koch was a hate figure on the left before patriots started hating him.

      But we’re totally different.

  36. Blue state governors and nursing homes and now this. Of course, only the GOP is callous toward death because……

    Biden adviser Ezekiel Emanuel wants to reverse the Trump ­administration’s intent to offer the vaccine to those over 65 ahead of the general population. People over 65 are at highest risk from COVID-19. But in a new piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Emanuel argues the elderly shouldn’t be given priority — because they don’t have as long to live anyway.

    1. The return of death panels.

    2. Biden adviser Ezekiel Emanuel wants to reverse the Trump ­administration’s intent to offer the vaccine to those over 65 ahead of the general population. People over 65 are at highest risk from COVID-19.

      Well, we need to do something the make Social Security solvent. Reducing the number of people receiving SS benefits would certainly be one way to do it. /sarc

      1. Hey, If it works out as a positive on the balance sheet…

        I thought we were fiscally conservative over here!

    3. So it’s okay to kill grandma now?

    4. Stick that fucker in a Covid ward, and do not treat him. He is not so young. This guy is morally twisted.

  37. [This claim about election fraud is disputed]

    In banana republics they close the polls, unlock the back door in the middle of the night, and wheel in the ballots they need…


    Please do the same.

    1. Wow.

      Look. Reason is a bit of a joke at the moment. Like we all can see there was fraud, this is the case sadly with this publication.

      I come for the comments mostly now. It’s certainly not what it was.

      I remember the good ole days with the gang. Potsie, Ralph Malph, Richie….

      1. Maybe they’re right. Maybe it’s all theater. If it turns out that way, I shall ‘recant’ my comment.

        1. don’t worry, WaPo will do it for you


    INBOX: Cal Cunningham says he has called GOP Sen. Thom Tillis to concede the #NCSEN race

  40. TikTok would like to know if it’s still banned.

    Well, they did allow that “please don’t make me vote for Joe Biden” cringe dance video. New administration might see that as our generation’s The Innocence of Muslims. BAN IT.

  41. Libs are talking about “temporarily” moving to GA to vote in the runoff.

    Cheating? Yes. Legal? Probably not, if your clear, primary residence is in another state. Nevada ballots are being tossed because Californians are voting based on vacation homes instead of actual residencies.

    1. Based on Twitter’s immediate crackdown on the term Maidengate, I’m inclined to think there might be something to it

    2. I have a work colleague who moved to NC temporarily for this election. Long story short- it is absolutely legal. NC and GA have rules of residency. They include how long you live in the state and perhaps some other items. As long as you meet those requirements you can vote.

      But yes it is shitty. Especially because white collar work-from-home liberals are more easily mobile than the typical GOP.

    3. In Georgia, voters must be registered to vote by Dec 7 in order to vote in January’s run off elections.

      Soros is probably paying tens of thousands of out of state lefties to do whatever it takes to register to vote in GA.

      Don’t know if mail in ballot rules will be different for the GA run offs.

      Some good news for Republicans, as no Libertarians will be listed on GA run off ballots.

    4. I bet they won’t include their stint in Georgia on their taxes. Filing with partial-year residency is a pain in the ass. So they’ll probably be committing tax fraud while their trying to manipulate the election.

      1. they’re (ARGH why no edit button)

  42. ENB trolls with NYT and Twitter feed. And that is reason koch’s top editor. Wow.

    1. Getting exactly what they are (barely) paying for.


    #Breaking #BreakingNews
    #Dominion Instruction Manual shows how to:
    -Hack it’s software
    -Feed it “test stacks” with only Biden marked
    -Can those be counted as legitimate results? YES.
    -Were they? YES.
    -Can Purge ENTIRE BATCHES of #Trump votes.

    1. Scene 1
      (Setting. A crisp autumn morning in Bumfuck, USA. A small, dilapidated, yet homey house.)

      Nardz’ Mom: “Nardz, Honey. Come upstairs, your hot pocket’s done and I need you to take out the trash”

      Nardz: “Just a minute Mom! Gosh! I’ve gotta keep owning the libs on this site. I’ve got em on the ropes!”

      Nardz Mom: “Oh. Ok dear. Just don’t forget that You’ve got an interview at the Piggly Wiggly this afternoon. Your Dad pulled a bunch of strings to get it. Don’t forget, mkay?”

      Nardz: “MOM!!!! You don’t understand how impotent… I mean IMPORTANT my work is here! The fate of the ‘America hangs upon it! Gosh!
      (a few seconds pass)
      “Oh by the way. Mom would you bring my Hot Pocket down to me?…my plantar fasciitis is still acting up”

      Nardz’ Mom: OK Poopsikans. By the way, your birthday’s coming up . Have you decided what you want to do for your big Four-Oh”

      Nardz: “MOM! I don’t have time for this! Hot Pocket. NOW!!!”

      (Nardz’ mom shakes her head sadly, and proceeds to cut a Hot Pocket into bite sized pieces. She glances to Nardz’ Father, who frowns wearily and takes a sip of coffee.)

      1. Eric’s mom:
        “Grow up”

      2. Hey Eric, how’s your wife’s kid?

        Has “your” son stopped crying about his impending conscription to Afghanistan or Syria?

        1. Have you and the rest of the 101st Chairborne mobilized yet?
          Nope? Well there’s always tomorrow eh soldier.

          1. Truthfully, your son going off to get shot at in Syria would be the height of hilarity after all the crying you did about it.

            1. It would be almost as hilarious as you and Nardz valiant last stand at the Battle of Home Depot. Black Rifles vs Hellfire missiles is a tough one Patriot. We honor your sacrifice.

              1. “MUH DRONZ N HELLFYRES!!”

                You could always send your kid out of your suburban whiteopia to hang out around Colfax and Havana at midnight, and he’ll get the same experience. I mean, I understand you wanted him to go to “good schools,” but we all know what that means, don’t we?

      3. lol

        2016 was amazing for all the shrieking/crying “IT WAS HER TURN!!!” videos of angry libs crying

        2020 is turning out to be just as great for the straight broken trump cult kids who cant get over that it really was just their bubble that fawned over their dear leader, and it turns out he was really as unpopular as everyone kept telling them

        Now Nardz pours over right wing twitter, spread sheet analyses of vote counts, likely while stuffing his face with Cheetos and hot pockets, frothing over his keyboard about his impotent little lefty-killing revolution he dreams of.

        Seeing elections break people like this is so fucking entertaining.

        1. They are all pretty much the same people. Those on the right laugh at “Pajama Boy” while sipping their cocoa in mom’s basement and perusing the latest “Operator chic” styles from the Palmetto State Armory catalog. “Ooooh. That 3-point sling will look soooo boss with my new MAGPUL stock and tactical glasses! The guys online will be so jelly when the see my next Tic Tok vid!”

          1. Whatever you gotta tell yourself to avoid confronting your own overwhelming inadequacies.

            1. You’re like a Psych 101 lesson on projection Nardz.

              1. Your weak attempt at “I’m rubber you’re glue” would be much less impotent if you’d ever, even once, demonstrated the ability to accurately analyze the world around you or showed any insight whatsoever into human behavior.

                Alas, the idiot who raged about “his” son getting drafted because Trump droned a terrorist actively engaged in hostilities is cheering the seizure of power by people who have already promised to send more troops to Syria.

                This is the kind of thing that makes people doubt your thoughts, opinions, words have any value.
                But you’re totes not embarrassing yourself. No, not at all. Please do keep posting.

                1. That was months ago. I’ve been owning you ever since Nardz. And the best part is that you always take the bait.

  44. “President Donald Trump and his campaign are still flailing about for evidence of voter fraud and ways to cast doubt on the outcome of the 2020 election. But the latest polling shows most of the public does not dispute the election results, and Trump lawsuit victories in battleground states have been yielding no new pathways to a Trump electoral win. Meanwhile, more and more facts keep stacking up against Trump’s election conspiracy theories.”

    Does this phrasing imply that ENB puts more weight on what the public thinks might have happened than on what actually happened?

    1. No, it implies that she puts more weight on whatever the party tells her to put more weight on that morning.

  45. The New York Times called election officials in every state; none suspected irregularities.

    Our cherished institutions can once again be cherished, and no election officials need to be hauled in front of Congress like common Zuckerbergs.

    1. “The New York Times called election officials in every state; none suspected irregularities.”

      They all answered the phone, and they all said the same thing?

      How many election officials are there?

      1. I didn’t read the article but I’m going to guess that it’s the secretaries of state (or their spokesmen) in each state.

      2. They did not need to speak to anyone. Do you need confirmation that the Earth is round? No.

        Voter fraud does not happen. We all know that. What is the point of asking?

    2. Pure as the driven snow.

    3. Yea like the people doing the crime are going to admit to doing the crime.

    4. That’s not what they said though:

      State officials “representing both political parties said that there was no evidence that fraud or other irregularities played a role in the outcome of the presidential race,”

      The didn’t say the didn’t suspect irregularities, they just thought the irregularities didn’t sway the outcome

  46. Pennsylvania Secretary of State reports just 10k ballots came in between Nov. 3 and Nov. 6. Biden wins Pennsylvania without those votes.

    So how come it so long to count them if there were only 10k? While that doesn’t indicate any kind of voter fraud it certainly indicates ranks incompetence and stupidity but then again, that’s not surprising.

    1. They had to count all the mail in votes also.

    2. the PA SOS is deflecting from the core issues.


      let’s not forget the multiple whistleblowers who have specifically stated that ballots where backdated to Nov3. and no, they did not recant.

    3. The key element in the PA case is that the PA court over-ruled the legislators in allowing for mail in ballots with no postmarks to be counted. The postmarks are to be assumed to be the date of the election.
      It’s unknown how many of those came in and how many were leaning Biden. But if SCOTUS invalidates all those ballots (which some legal types think could happen) then at the very least there will be hysteria.

      1. The other suit claims that they were removed from the envelopes, counted and intermixed in Philadelphia and Allegheny counties out of sight of poll watches. If it is judged that those late/non-postmarked ballots are illegal -and- they are now inseparable from legal ballots, then the entire count is tainted.
        Heads will explode and all hell will break loose, regardless of which direction the courts decide. The media is fanning the flames of this ‘worst-case-scenario’ by telling everyone it is all fake. Because it is almost certainly not-fake and riding on a knifes edge of legitimacy.

  47. I just find it odd that Twitter is so careful about curating misleading information yet allows the Biden team to refer to Biden as “President-elect” Biden. Despite what the media believe, they are not the ones who get to declare who won the election, there’s a whole bit in the Constitution about how the Presidency is decided, and until the Electoral College meets, there’s no “President-elect”.

    1. Yep.
      This election claim is disputed.

      But not by your Big Tech overlords

    2. When did they start calling Trump “president elect”?

      Seems like “presumptive winner” or something would be more appropriate at this point.

      1. plagiarist?

        1. Well, it’s accurate.
          But honestly, I don’t give a fuck if Biden is a plagiarist. I don’t need politicians to be original writers, or even particularly honest. What policies and official actions they make is what matters. Similarly, I don’t care that Trump is a big poopy-head. The stuff he has done in office has been relatively not that bad.

      2. When Hillary conceded. That’s van Jones’s complaint.

        Up until now, everyone had the common decency to concede so there was never any need to care about the elite, invisible process or the contested path to president.

        1. except Gore, of course.

  48. By the way, the censorship before our eyes is something to behold.

    THIS is how you get The Gulag Archipelago.

    1. This is why our brilliant founders included the 1st and 2nd amendments. Because, unlike our current talking heads and low-information populace, they at least understood the lessons of history both in politics and human nature.

  49. “Top election officials across the country said in interviews and statements that the process had been a remarkable success despite record turnout and the complications of a dangerous pandemic.”

    Well, duh, what else were they going to say? “This was shit-show wrapped in a dumpster fire and as the bureaucrat in charge of this fiasco I should be fired immediately?”

    This doesn’t mean anything one way or the other wrt allegations of voter fraud.

    1. Trying to imagine ENB in a tight, skimpy, cheerleading outfit.

  50. Not much love for the Jews on the left, period. So we’re gonna start encouraging war after war to go after the left’s Jewish enemies. Totally free minds and markets and dead brown people.

    How Joe Biden Will Turn the Clock Back and Fan the Flames of Conflict in the Middle East

    For seventy years American foreign policy has focused on satisfying the Palestinians as the key to resolving conflict in the region. The State Department apparently never noticed the historical and current conflicts between Sunnis and Shias, Arabs and Persians, Turks and Arabs, Turks and Persians, Kurds and Arabs, Kurds and Turks, and Kurds and Persians. No, everything in the entire Middle East was, in the view of the State Department, the result of the Arab-Israel conflict, of which the Palestinians were the critical party. Thus American foreign policy aimed to roll back Israel to satisfy the “moderate” goals of the Palestinians: “Palestine from the river to the sea.” There was never much love for Jews in the State Department.


    There was more good news for Republicans on Tuesday, with Thom Tillis finally being declared the winner in the North Carolina Senate race. Dan Sullivan should soon be declared the winner in Alaska, which has a very slow process for counting absentee ballots. That would give the GOP 50 Senate seats, taking off the pressure to have to win both of the Georgia runoff races.

    1. to be fair, when the mail is delivered by dog sled…

      1. Yeah, but there are only like 50 people who don’t live an Anchorage, Fairbanks or Juneau.

    2. Alaska checks every absentee ballot against the voting rolls. Nobody votes twice in Alaska.

  52. All the cultists here just crying their eyes out that their dear leader couldn’t get it done.

    Heaven forbid he show grace in anything and just lose without throwing a fit. But hey, that’s what his supporters are doing so why not?

    1. It’s amazing to watch Jeff, who pitched a four-year long tantrum about the last election, whine about moving on.

    2. Oh fuck off with this ‘grace’ and ‘decency’ shit. The Democrats are the opposite of this and have no business talking about it.

        1. to be fair, she was probably really drunk when making those statements.

    3. Cue videos of heartbroken and screaming Hillary supporters.

    4. Now do 2016.

      1. and 2017 and 2018 and 2019

    After Wiping Out Half The Universe, Thanos Calls For Unity

    1. You’d think he’d call for a One Child policy, so he wouldn’t have to wipe out half the universe again in 30 years.

  54. Ah, Brexit. One person, one vote. No electoral college. No gerrymandering. The left lost that one clearly and have totally accepted the result:

    Biden vs Brexit
    He doesn’t mince his words, our new imperial overlord. He said a few months ago that a trade deal between the UK and the US is ‘contingent’ upon there being ‘no hard border in Ireland. Period.’ Period. Full stop. No discussion, no debate. Of course, ‘no hard border in Ireland’ is code for ‘Britain sticking to the Withdrawal Agreement’, which stipulates that Northern Ireland will remain beholden to certain EU customs and trade rules even after the transition period has ended. To put this more plainly, Biden is saying that Britain must agree to the virtual annexation of part of its territory by a foreign power – the EU – or else it will be punished by America and deprived of a good trade deal.

    1. The response should be roaring laughter.

      Biden is a weak loser.

      1. And a Catholic?

    2. Yes, it is completely reasonable to demand that the UK stick to the Withdrawal Agreement, it is a legally binding treaty. The boarder with NI is also from a treaty the UK signed. Why would any country sign a treaty with the UK while watching the UK break other treaties?

  55. “…but the latest polling shows…”

    Did this lady really just use polling numbers to support a position about how the majority of Americans feel about something?

    1. Yup.

    2. Yes. They really should include a laugh track with their morning Roundup feature.

    3. that’s no lady …


    Check this out.
    AES128 algorithm is ok if done right. Lets check if they did it right:

    “all participants in the process use the same encryption keys.”


    “all participants…”
    “…use the same encryption keys.”

    So this means that any participant who loses their USB key which stores the encryption key has then destroyed the integrity of the election in that district.

    Someone mind telling me what was stolen in Philly again?

    1. Seems legit…


    From the article: “SOME states described SMALL problems… a FEW instances of ILLEGAL or DOUBLE voting, SOME technical glitches and SOME MINOR ERRORS in math”. Note the subjective language intended to minimize, as opposed to report. Media shaping your assessment in its reporting

    1. All can add up to a big scam.

    2. SOME MINOR ERRORS in math
      I must have put a decimal point in the wrong place or something. I always do that. I always mess up some mundane detail.

      1. When 2+2 is 5…

      2. No one headed to FPMITAPrison though, unfortunatrly

    3. The dashboard in my car is all electronic – ie. a computer, there are no mechanical relays.

      So, the next time I get pulled over doing 60 in a 45 zone I’m going to blame a computer glitch.

      Think it’ll work?

      1. Depends. Do you hold the correct religious political beliefs?

  58. ENB = TDS

  59. Forget it, ENB, no amount of facts and evidence is ever going to convince the comment section that Trump did in fact, lose the election.

    I thought Hillary was a whiny bitch for blaming the Russians and Facebook, but Trump is outdoing here. The whine is so shrill I thought a swarm of mosquitoes invaded my ear canal, but it’s just Trump’s twitter feed.

    1. She presented facts? Who knew?!

      1. We rely on truth not facts.

    2. Brandybuck’s who’s been flipping out since 2016 is now pretending he wasn’t and wants everyone to ignore the coup.

    3. She literally lied about the facts (i.e. the alleged recantation). It is hard to convince people with outright fucking lies.

      1. You cannot reason someone out of a position…

    4. Brandybuck makes this comment to an article ENB leads off by claiming as fact a 4th party assertion about the position of a subject that was outright denied by that subject more than 12 hours before ENB published this.

      What a colossal moron.

    5. Let’s be frank. I think Biden did win. I also think that there are way too many coincidences and issues to be due to chance.

      Just like everyone can believe both that OJ Simpson is guilty and LAPD fabricated evidence, these aren’t contradictory. Given the fact that we know some fraud occurred beyond a reasonable doubt and the preponderance of evidence shows that it was a meaningful amount in some areas, I find it disturbing how hard people are working to demand that we stop investigating this.

  60. Look, I don’t think the challenges will result in a reversal.

    But what has happened to critical thinking at Reason, or even just basic concern for election integrity? Of course allegations of fraud should be looked into. Of course, pools are irrelevant.

    Reason is turning into Pravda.

    1. Reason used to be great, but they have gone the way of Drudge. They are done.

      1. I only come to Reason anymore for the comments which often have links to actual stories that post real facts.

        1. Yep, exactly…so many news sites these days, the comments are more informative than the drivel articles.

        2. The Ra’s Al Gore Report

    2. “Look, I don’t think the challenges will result in a reversal.”

      I agree. I’m extremely skeptical that anything will change, but the process is critical. even before Trump complained, his voters were already crying foul. it needs resolution.

      but…I have to wonder. Trump knew fraud was going to be huge in 2020…..he was saying so himself through most of the election. There was nothing to be done in advance, as the dem-controlled states/counties/cities directly control their own election days/counts. But, knowing that, what would a political campaign do? Rally the turnout as much as possible (done) and get as many loyalists in key districts to prevent/observe/document fraud (done???). Did the Trump campaign have a big ground game in play at the polling places? is that where all the evidence and sworn statements coming from. If so, its entirely possible that they know far more then the public about what went down and that could be one hell of a wildcard.

    3. You can look into the election integrity without ratfucking the transition and spewing bullshit accusations of fraud that intentionally undermines our democracy.

      1. It is actually the OPPOSITE of “undermining” our democracy. It is upholding, and PROTECTING the process.

        If the process has become corrupted, we must stop it NOW, otherwise Republicans will do the same thing next time.

        If courts collude with democrats and implicitly legalize voter fraud, then Republicans will do the same thing next time.

        Do you see a pattern here?

  61. He didn’t recant. Stop lying, unreason.

  62. “The New York Times called election officials in every state; none suspected irregularities.”


    “Hi. This is the New York Times. Did you rig the vote totals?”

    “Uh. No.”

    “Okay, our investigative reporting is done.”

    1. Honestly, I doubt they even went that far. They probably called one or two and then declared that a sufficiently large sample size and called it a day.

      1. Since no specific positions or people were named, it can’t really be checked.
        It’s possible they did what they said they did. Wouldn’t be that hard, but would take time and effort.
        But it’s unlikely they did.

      2. Every Democrat you call in a swing state also counts as a Republican /their thinking, probably

    2. Georgia held a press conference and said straight out fraud will be found

  63. In the spirit of truth-seeking, I had posted yesterday in a thread about Benford’s law, and how Biden’s election return #’s looked very fishy from a Benford’s law perspective. However, it has been pointed out that Benford’s law is NOT a good tool to indicate election fraud. In other words, because of how the math works with elections and datasets, it might show fraud where there is none.

    Here’s a very good video explaining why Biden’s #’s do not indicate fraud.

    1. Still weird that only Biden’s tally was inconsistent with it…

      1. It doesn’t mean there ISN’T fraud, it’s just saying that Benford’s law isn’t a good indicator to detect it- because of the way election #’s work. The person in the video cites a whitepaper that specifically called out Benford’s law as not being a valuable tool for election returns.

        All I care about is the truth. If Biden won, I want to know it’s legit. If there’s real fraud, I want to know about it. So I have to do my own digging because the the media’s version of investigating is calling the election chief and asking “is there corruption?” and when they say “no”, that’s a “fact check”. As Marshal posts below, imagine if the NYT called every police chief in the country and asked if their department was racist.

        1. All I care about is the truth. If Biden won, I want to know it’s legit. If there’s real fraud, I want to know about it.

          This. Really that’s the only reasonable position one can take on this, IMO. I think people need to know if the election was legitimate or not. If it was and Biden wins fair and square then so be it. But if any and all allegations of fraud and corruption – regardless of how legitimate or not they appear – are just going to be swept under the rug and ignored then we’re going to be in for another four years of one side bitching and moaning about “MuH StoLeN EleKShUnZ!!!!1!!!!!11!!!” We’ve had to put up with that for the last four years from the Dems, does anyone want to put with that for another four years coming from the Reps?

          So let’s look into any real, serious allegations of corruption, because we need to be reasonably sure what really happened (although we’ll never be 100% certain). Let’s give the lawsuits filed by Trump’s campaign the due process that they’re entitled under the law, and then let’s get to the Electoral College vote (the only one that really matters anyway) relatively certain that each state has sent the correct slate of electors chosen by their voters and then move on one way or the other.

          1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive, I know there will be some number of die hard Trump supporters that will never accept a Biden victory, no matter how thoroughly the fraud allegations are investigated, just as there are Clinton supporters who to this day still believe in delusions of “Russian interference.” But my hope is that it will be a fairly small number of True Believers and not the entire Republican political establishment like we saw with the Democrats from 2016 on. Then again maybe I am being naive and it won’t matter either way.

            1. If Biden won with legitimate votes, then he won. Plenty of dirty, and worrisome, tricks to influence people’s votes, but if they’re legitimate votes according to the constitution/law it is what it is. Spilled milk and all that.
              But that doesn’t appear to be the case. And if that’s not the case, and the election was illegal/fraudulent, that has implications and sets precedent far beyond Trump.
              We are on the verge of the complete collapse of the republic.

              1. my father in PA had his vote stolen in 2016. He showed up at the polling place to cast his ballot midday and someone had already voted in his name and signed the book. He told friends and they all knew someone who this happened to.

                Most aware people in PA know there is widespread voter fraud…this goes on all the time. Philly is notorious for it. in 2008 or 2012, someone videotaped the local dems in Philly driving a bus around collecting all the homeless, giving them hot food and helping them vote. There were unconfirmed reports that there was payment involved as well. This dates back decades to the mob backed mayors in Philly. no one is surprised.
                And any media hack claiming that there isn’t widespread fraud is lying. there is a long history of widespread fraud.

                but what know one in the public really knows is what the total numbers are. is it 1000 votes, 10000, 100000 or more? That’s what we need to know and that’s why its so critical to investigate. is it 1000 and relatively meaningless or is it hundreds of thousands. One would have to assume the campaigns…with the billions spent each election….have some really darn good models. They probably have the best estimates around. What does the Republican estimate tell us and is this driving Trumps aggressive stance?

        2. Oh yea, it’s not proo, in and of itself, of anything.
          But it is a red flag. Not necessarily that it violates Benford’s law, but that it is unique and inconsistent among all the other tallies.
          Ironically, US State Department uses it as a tool in assessing foreign elections.

    2. You cited the idiot who used Chicago as his baseline. CHICAGO. Every election originating out of Cook County is fraudulent.

      1. Wow, yea.
        Definitely not legitimate analysis if you have to use Chicago as a baseline to get the answers you want.

      2. Again, it wasn’t a video claiming there was no election fraud, it was a video claiming that Benford’s law wasn’t a good tool to detect it. And yes, it’s possible the video is also wrong. It’s important to get all the evidence and arguments you can, and not simply throw away arguments that don’t fit your narrative.

        For instance, there’s another video where a forensic accountant who uses Benford’s law in his practice found very suspicious things in the COVID death rates. It’s a starting place.

    3. That has been and is easily debunked. Short version: The data is all around the same value, which makes that analysis invalid.

  64. The New York Times called election officials in every state; none suspected irregularities. State officials “representing both political parties said that there was no evidence that fraud or other irregularities played a role in the outcome of the presidential race, amounting to a forceful rebuke of President Trump’s portrait of a fraudulent election,” the Times reported yesterday.

    If the Times called the Police Chiefs in every city in the country and asked if their departments routinely engage in police brutality would they claim the no responses are powerful evidence police brutality is not a problem?

    Again we see how partisanship drives people to stupid conclusions.

    1. Agreed. That’s a stupid investigation technique for the NYT to use as lack of fraud evidence.

      1. Yeah, like I said upthread, what else would anyone expect them to say?

  65. The New York Times called election officials in every state; none suspected irregularities. State officials “representing both political parties said that there was no evidence that fraud or other irregularities played a role in the outcome of the presidential race, amounting to a forceful rebuke of President Trump’s portrait of a fraudulent election,” the Times reported yesterday.

    If the Times called the Police Chiefs in every city in the country and asked if their departments routinely engage in police brutality would they claim the no responses are powerful evidence police brutality is not a problem?

    Again we see how partisanship drives people to stupid conclusions.


    Independent researcher analysis found Thousands of Ballots to have been impossibly dated, corroborating the
    account of Ballots being backdated.

    “Over 51,000 ballots were marked as returned just a day after they were sent out”

  67. With this recant of the recant story going on; I thought it a good time to remind people: DO NOT TALK TO FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS. They aren’t decent human beings intent on finding the truth, they are political hacks who are trained to lie in order to get you to make false statements to use against you in a court of law. Equality under the law does not apply to the kings men.

    1. It’s not a recant of a recant, it’s an outright denial of a lie told by federal officials and spread by State Media like WaPo and Reason.

      1. Fair enough was just doing a short summary.

        1. Yes, and that’s how they get you.
          They’ve established their lie as baseline fact, when really it was always a lie.
          It’s insidious.

    2. This was a postal worker talking about his work. I am guessing he does not have the choice to not talk to investigators. As for his story to be taken seriously he will have to testify before a judge and be cross examined. So far most people telling stories are not willing to tell them under oath or in a court.

      1. So why would they sign affidavits, then, dummy? You do realize that lying on those is illegal and they can be charged with perjury, yes?

      2. Government employees still have the right to counsel; in fact I’d assume, he could have had his union provide a lawyer. In his situation though, I’d go with an attorney bought and paid for by him (maybe through donations). The union attorney is paid for by the union which may or may not represent the employees best interests especially in a political situation like this.

        1. Oh and with an attorney present; still don’t say anything.

        2. He’s been fired, and GoFundMe took down the page someone put up for him, denying the funds and refunding donors.

    3. As Richard Jewell’s attorney says in the movie:

      “These people aren’t the US government. They are just a-hole who work for the US government”

    4. Eh, the decent ones exist, they just aren’t assigned to anything politically sensitive.

      1. Do they get a special badge that indicates they are the “decent ones”? If not, my axiom stands: DO NOT TALK TO FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS!

        1. yes, never. If anyone ever has any doubt just research the details of Richard Jewel story. That poor man was destroyed.

          And didn’t a similar thing happen to the mailed anthrax ‘suspect’, hatfill?

  68. Damn, if you’re old, American, and Jewish this isn’t the administration for you:

    Biden coronavirus adviser wants US to distribute vaccine globally before it’s available to all Americans
    A government may give ‘some priority to its own citizens, not absolute priority,’ Emanuel wrote with co-authors

    Oncologist Dr. Zeke Emanuel, one of 10 advisory board members named to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, has pushed the U.S. and other countries to not hoard a coronavirus vaccine.

    Emanuel, who served as a key architect of the Affordable Care Act under the Obama administration, co-authored a paper in September in which he encouraged officials to follow the “Fair Priority Model,” which calls for a “fair international distribution of vaccine,” rather than what he and his co-authors characterized as “vaccine nationalism.”

    …Emanuel came under focus over the weekend after a 2014 essay he wrote, in which he outlines why he doesn’t want to live past 75, resurfaced.

    1. To be fair, I don’t want Emanuel to live over 75 either.

      1. Kamala doesn’t want Biden to live much past 78, amirite?

    2. “Biden coronavirus adviser wants US to distribute vaccine globally before it’s available to all Americans”

      Not what he says or even what the article says he says. Maybe consult something other than the shittiest name in news.

    3. Emanuel came under focus over the weekend after a 2014 essay he wrote, in which he outlines why he doesn’t want to live past 75, resurfaced.

      When he turns 75 does that mean we get him through a woodchipper feet first? I sure hope so.

    4. What does his religion have to do with it?

      Medical ethics are well established. People like him have not much to say about it. I know about him and his article. I found it self contradicting, self serving, and not worth much.

      If Biden wanted an ethical advisor on the panel he could have picked a better one.

      It is a moot point now. The Pfizer results are a breakthrough in demonstrating that mRNA based results are very promising. There are many unanswered questions about what they found and other vaccines in development to be looked at. Also side effects and how many people would be willing to accept the vaccination.

      Distribution at this point means little. One problem with their formulation is the requirement for very low temperature -70c storage and transport. On a global widespread level this is near impossible. Also there is little idea about how it could be transported and delivered.

      There are no ethical questions yet. The doc is trained as a medical oncologist. Oncology as he well knows is a medical trial. Every patient and every tumor responds differently.

      1. There are and will be numerous ethical questions. first and foremost will be whether or not this becomes mandatory and how soon. how much ‘field’ testing will occur before this becomes a mandatory vaccine for public schools….air travel….the military…etc.
        All vaccines have a percentage of serious complications and making them mandatory, as many on the left have talked about already, essentially means mandating a percentage of the populace suffers and dies due to mandatory governmental action. don’t get much more of an ethical question then that.

  69. TikTok would like to know if it’s still banned

    From Wikipedia’s article on TikTok’s owner ByteDance:

    “As with many Chinese companies, the company has an internal Chinese Communist Party committee serving the party members among the employees, with vice president Zhang Fuping serving as its Party Committee Secretary”

    Free Minds, Free Markets!


    EventBrite just shut down the March for Trump DC event page, and emailed everyone saying it was “cancelled.”

    It was never cancelled.

    Big Tech is out to take down this President.

    1. This should horrify libertarians.

      Wonder if there’s standing to bring a fraud claim.

      1. It’s a private company. They can do whatever they want.


      2. This should horrify everyone.

  71. One “fraud” I had huge concerns about is the ability of unionized postal workers to make ballots disappear. Rank-and-file carriers making their rounds, who, say, see a candidate sign in a yard where they just pulled a ballot out of the mailbox could make that ballot disappear if they didn’t like the sign and inferred that the ballot may support that candidate. Or whole neighborhoods in certain areas known to support the wrong candidate.

    There’s virtually no way to tell how much of this might have occurred, as it requires zero tampering, zero effort to create fake ballots, no forgeries needed…just a garbage bin or dumpster along the route.

    1. Sometimes people have concerns about murderous clowns living under their beds. Biden still gets to be president.

      The possibility that a crime happened in some quantum universe, while there is zero evidence in this one, is not an excuse to delay conceding an election you lost. The world is watching, and we are rapidly losing whatever authority we had left to model democracy and peace instead of tinpot shitholery and strife.

      Why do Republicans hate this country so much? Can you explain it?

      1. Why do Republicans hate this country so much? Can you explain it?

        Wooo laddie, the projection here went right past Pluto and all the way to another galaxy.

        1. One of two things is true. Either you never realized that Republicans were the radicals trying to reshape this country into something unrecognizable, not the Democrats, or you did realize that and you want them to do it.

          Do you think the party that is led by Donald “The Shart of the Deal” Trump will radically alter the United States in an intelligent way?

          1. LMAO–“Republicunz r de reel traiturz!”

      2. “Biden still gets to be president.”

        Assumes facts not in evidence. I’m not certain that he doesn’t croak off before Inauguration day. And that’s just from the natural causes…if he’d chosen Hillary as a running mate, I’d be concerned that the man made it past EC voting day.

      3. “Why do Republicans hate this country so much? Can you explain it?”

        Wow! Seriously, you ask this question after the last 4 years?

        I’ve got nothing against Biden that rises to “hate”. I strongly disagree with his stated policies, is all. I’m sure he’s a fine person and means well…when he remembers where he is. I just think he’s wrong on so many things and don’t think the direction he plans to take the country in is the right one, especially from a taxpayer’s point of view.

        1. Yeah. The last 4 years of the left’s reaction to Trump is the most hate I’ve ever seen anywhere.

          1. I hate political leaders who kill hundreds of thousands of people through incompetence, malice, and/or indifference.

            You can keep making excuses for him if you want, but history is written by the literate.

            1. I hate political leaders who kill hundreds of thousands of people through incompetence, malice, and/or indifference.

              And yet you tolerate the left’s adoration of those who kill millions. History can always be revised by the literate willing to change in the narrative.

              I can only shake my head the utter stupidity of a gay man thinking that socialism will tolerate deviance this time.

              1. You’re tragically confused on several levels. I do know that the standard-issue rightwing authoritarian coup attempt you’re supporting tends to be actually the least amenable to gay people and whoever else it decides to scapegoat.

                Democrats and I, on the other hand, have never expressed support for any authoritarian regime or habit, and we’re not socialists.

                1. Does wearing a Che tee shirt count?

                  1. I rarely wear graphic tees.

                    1. You also mentioned Democrats.

                    2. Che is no longer around to hurt anyone. Trump has done far more to destroy democracy. He wears ill-fitting suits. That’s the sartorial signal to look out for, if anything.

                2. Democrats and I, on the other hand, have never expressed support for any authoritarian regime or habit

                  I was leaning against that goalpost you just moved, asshole. How exactly was anybody supposed save hundreds of thousands of lives except to get more authoritarian? Cuomo went full dictator and killed more people than anywhere else in the country. Biden and Harris have both said they would have initiated mandates that are not enumerated powers of the Executive branch or authorized by Congress and that they will now do so as soon as they take office.

                  If your claim that ‘Democrats and [you]… have never expressed support for any authoritarian regime or habit’ has any validity, it is only because ‘advocating for it outright’ is not equivalent to ‘expressing support’.

                  What a disingenuous twat!

                  1. So you’re angry that Cuomo didn’t save more lives and also angry at politicians who support measures that save lives.

                    Wouldn’t live be easier if you just jerked off to porn instead of a political party?

                  2. I am amazed at the people who have no problem with government declaring them and what they do as unessential.

                    That is straight up authoritarian.

                  3. Well put Chuck!

          2. That you perceive their vicious screeds as hate is prima facie evidence you are a white supremacist.

            1. And every last one of you was so kind to Hillary Clinton.

              1. every last one of you

                I love it that all that hardcore racist language boils out of you the moment you get flustered. It is such a common tic among lefties.

                1. I love how you people become social justice warriors faster than a trans black college student the moment anyone criticizes your meth-addled redneck lifestyle.

                  1. Said the Oklahoma hicklib.

                    1. My origins come in handy whenever I have to convince some Portlandite that they’re being utterly ridiculous to us real Americans. Granted, I only spent short parts of my youth in the actual countryside where the Hills Have Eyes people live, and I can perfectly understand coming out of that being a Trump supporter, because their schools aren’t very good.

                  2. you people become social justice warriors faster than a trans black college student

                    Thanks for proving my point. I really appreciate it when you troll yourself. Less typing.

      4. The world is watching, and we are rapidly losing whatever authority we had left to model democracy and peace

        We never had any authority to “model democracy and peace” to the rest of the world. You almost sound like you’re quoting George W. Bush on our duty to “nation build” in third world shitholes.

        1. Trump turned liberals into NeoCons.

        2. The US was the prototype for the modern democracy. For good or ill, the rest of the world has looked to it to model free societies in a world where repressive societies were more common. Did we bomb the shit out of some stuff along the way? Yes. Whole cities sometimes.

          I still don’t see the benefit of turning around and modeling the US after some African shithole with just another flamboyant delusional lunatic in charge.

          1. It still is the prototype and is the longest lasting stable large government in the world. Maintaining that status means allowing the legal process to proceed as written. Which means lawsuits and recounts until votes are certified and electors vote.

            The left, and its mindless clowns like yourself, are the ones tearing at our Republic with the whining and propaganda.

            1. No, it means whiny titty babies who lose elections man the fuck up and go home. There is no evidence of any amount of fraud that would alter the outcome of the election in any state, period. This is a wannabe dictator move, and if you want to know what the world thinks of it, the world will tell you.

              1. The Electoral College doesn’t meet until next month, so I don’t know what you’re crying about.

                Four years ago, your side was arguing that the electors don’t even have to vote for Trump when the College met. Guess it’s different when the media declares your side the winner.

                1. And when the electors follow the law and certify that Biden won, will they join the conspiracy of journalists, courts, academia, entertainment, and every foreign country except Russia and North Korea to defraud poor Trump of his rightful win?

                  1. Why would they? Gore didn’t concede until December 13th, so why should it bother you if they crawl up the election board’s ass verifying all the votes?

              2. “”No, it means whiny titty babies who lose elections man the fuck up and go home.””

                Wow, no presence of mind to realize this is you since 2016.

                1. Hillary conceded the day after the election.

                  1. I’m not talking about Hillary. I’m talking about you.

                  2. And Hillary fans continued to claim it was an illegitimate election. They did not accept the election results. They pointed to a Russian conspiracy and could not point to any shenanigans in the vote count to back up their story.

                    1. We can play this game where you’re 10 years old and two wrongs make a right, but whatever man. Hillary supporters did NOT say the election was illegitimate in that fraudulent votes were cast. That is not what happened.

                      At most, the problems were that an incompetent fucktard won using the pointless and destructive legal relic known as the electoral college against the will of a majority of Americans. This has happened a few too many times in recent history (every time in Republicans’ favor) for us to just ignore and be happy about it.

                      And second that a bunch of consumers of rightwing media or Facebook news were duped by Russian/rightwing propaganda into believing Hillary’s emails were of global consequence while I guess they never even heard of Trump’s many frauds. And if you still believe she’s more corrupt than he, you’re still a victim.

                    2. “”And second that a bunch of consumers of rightwing media or Facebook news were duped by Russian/rightwing propaganda “”

                      There is no evidence that any one was duped.

                      “”At most, the problems were that an incompetent fucktard won using the pointless and destructive legal relic known as the electoral college against the will of a majority of Americans.””

                      See you are still fucking crying about. That’s the rules of the contest. Perhaps you should take your own advice.

                    3. So I take it you are arguing that Trump supporters also should suck it up and accept Biden as their president like grownups.

        1. Rightwing media will ruin your life dude.

          See, I’m going to say I need a better source than JesusMyCockholster.maga.fuckyeah, then you’re going to say “But all mainstream sources of information in the world except JesusMyCockholster.maga.fuckyeah and Ben Shapiro’s Twitter are in a conspiracy against me!”

          And around we go on the carousel of Republican ratfuckery.

  72. I posted a joke on my FB page the other day,

    Let’s see if I can get this right, I’ve tried to pay attention in class…
    Did I forget anything? Oh yeah…

    My post got flagged by Facebook with a “See the results of the Election” tag. Thanks for exposing that bias for all to see Facebook. I don’t recall FB flagged #notmypresident or #resitance tags over the last 4 years, but they sure got FB all up in my post right quick now that the shoe is on the other foot.

    1. Exactly.

      It’s amazing what people will try to ignore when recent history shows otherwise.

      1. Ignore? They are not ignoring anything. They are bullies. Their attitude is nothing but, “Ya, I did. What the fuck are you gonna do about it?”

  73. Remember when Trump was going to steal the election by taking all the mailboxes away?

  74. Couple of problems with this article.
    1st the USPS employee has not recanted his allegations and he video taped the conversation they are using to say that.

    2nd the Trump campaign is filing the lawsuits but in cases like this they never lay out all the evidence until they actually get in front of the courts.

    3rd it takes time and can be impossible to invalidate a ballot once accepted even if improper, if election law was broken by things like illegal vote counting the solution is not recounting unknowable illegal ballots but rejecting the precincts that did not follow the law.

    If the post office is dating mail prior to the election after the election than everything coming from them after the election should be thrown out or the election marked invalid.

    There is a reason we have a set day for elections.

    1. Yes, a blog started by the same guy who founded The Mary Sue and has an Obama-appointed judge for a sister is surely a True and Honest Journalist.

  75. ENB is an idiot or a liar, possibly both.

    1. The source is an anonymous person who sent it to the Chinese version of a rightwing shitrag. Go ahead, take it to court. I want them to take it to court.

      1. Sort of like the piss dossier that was made up out of whole cloth, too.

        Go ahead, take it to court. I want them to take it to court.

        You could make your bluffing a little less obvious.

        1. I just want to see a few Republican lawyer goons get fined or disbarred so maybe they’ll think next time before they do the bidding of a ranting madman and his legion of idiot followers instead of providing evidence of anything.

          By the end of this, will the US court system also be in on the conspiracy?

          1. Thanks for admitting the piss dossier was made up out of whole cloth. Only took you four years.

        2. Tony had no problem with anonymous people who send it to the shitrag of his choice. But it’s wrong for everyone else.

          1. I get my news from about 20 different respectable local, national, and international outlets every day. I do not seek out precisely the horseshit I want to read in some dark smelly corner of the internet and post it as if it trumps all legitimate news for the sole reason that it strokes my partisan cock.

            We learn about confirmation bias and reliable sourcing in high school. Go back to basics and stop being stupid.

            1. Pointing out your rabid partisanship with respect to the weight of anonymous people is not being stupid. However, the person who doesn’t get it might be.

              1. You are going to both-sides yourself into a stroke. You talk about authoritarians. The Republican party has embraced the actual aspects of actual authoritarianism: ludicrously declaring elections they don’t win fraudulent, rewriting the rules so that they win despite being elected my a minority, and undermining any institutional checks on themselves. They are literally an authoritarian party.

                I don’t just accept random anonymous sources feeding nonsense to Chinese-language versions of rightwing shitrags. I’ve never done that in my life. So you can keep both-sidesing yourself until you are goosetepping for Republicans all you want. The entire reason I prefer to be well-read in news is so that I am not duped into such an abysmal state.

                1. “re-writing the rules”?
                  You mean in 1789?
                  That was Writing the rules, there was no POTUS under the Articles of Confederation, idiot

  76. “”Plus: Hillbilly Elegy film flops””

    Poor Opie Cunningham.

  77. Sorry, but the supposed recant debunk has been rebunked. The postal worker did not recant his testimony and doubled down on it publicly.

    1. If Reason is a reasonable magazine, they would issue a correction.

  78. How am I not surprised ENB doesn’t let little things like facts get in the way of her TDS.

  79. In my opinion Lizzy, I don’t think the “Donald” is going to accommodate your wet dream….

  80. nice post
    Many people are interested in HK leaked figures because they are also reliable prediksi hongkong malam ini who are always accurate

  81. The postal worker did *not* recant.
    Tucker Carlson has names of dead people who “voted.”
    Courts are sequestering ballots all over the place.
    But hey, I ‘m supposed to buy your argument that it was only a teeny weeny fraud, so no harm no foul.

    This comment not approved by Silicon Valley brain slugs.

  82. I bet Hillbilly Elegy is not 1/3 as bad as a lot of trash praised by reason, such as The New Twilight Zone or The Invisible Man (2020).

  83. The article references ” the few Trump lawsuit victories in battleground states…” At best this is inaccurate and at least a deliberately misleading sentence. The campaign challenges have yielded exactly ONE victory which was subsequently overturned.

  84. Biden’s plan to address the pandemic includes offering free testing to all Americans.

  85. Joe Biden Has Plans To Reverse Many Of Trump’s Immigration Policies

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