Arkansas Cop Shoots Family Dog After Going to Wrong Address 

A deputy from the same sheriff's office was charged with animal cruelty last year for casually shooting a small dog.


An Arkansas sheriff's investigator is under internal investigation for shooting a family dog last week after going to the wrong address, Little Rock news outlet KATV reports.

Faulkner County Sheriff's Office Investigator James Freeman showed up at the house of Chris Coiner last Monday and fatally shot his son's 3-year-old mixed-breed terrier, Clide. The investigator was supposed to be at the house next door. Coiner began filming as he confronted Freeman immediately after the shooting: 

KATV reports:

"My daughter was coming to the door and said somebody was in the driveway," Coiner described. "Just a blue pickup, unmarked. Before I was even around the corner here, I heard a shot, and the officer had shot my dog right here in the yard for barking at him. My girlfriend watched it out the window, the dog was not attacking him, the dog was barking, in my yard, on private property."

According to Faulkner County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Captain Erinn Stone, Freeman was conducting a sex offender compliance check at 72 Autumn Hills Road. A person living there allegedly told Freeman the offender possibly lives next door.

"I asked him why he was here, and he said he was looking for somebody named Samuel at 72 Autumn Hills Road which is the next-door neighbor," said Coiner. "I didn't know this at the time, but I had found out he had already been to 72 which was the right address, so he knew he was not at the right address and he shot my dog for barking at him."

This is not the first time the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office has made headlines for shooting a dog. Last January, a Faulkner County sheriff's deputy was fired and charged with animal cruelty after he casually shot a small dog because the owner refused to walk outside to talk to him. Although the deputy was fired, the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office said he had not appeared to violate any of the department's policies.

It's unknown how many dogs police shoot each year. A Justice Department official speculated in a 2012 interview with Police magazine that the number could be as high as 10,000 a year, calling it "an epidemic." But that figure is little more than a guess. 

The proliferation of social media, cell phones, and body cameras has led to numerous viral stories about police wantonly shooting dogs. There's a whole category of stories on Reason's website about "puppycide."

The shootings lead not only to devastated families and viral news stories, but expensive lawsuit settlements for cities. Last year St. Louis paid $775,000 to a woman whose dog was shot during a no-knock SWAT raid over an unpaid gas bill. The Detroit Police Department has settled a string of lawsuits for shooting dogs during drug raids.

Law enforcement groups have started to recognize that police have a problem with dogs. In 2018, the National Sheriffs' Association launched a pilot program that uses a virtual use-of-force simulator to teach officers how to read and react to normal dog behaviors.

KATV reports that the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office has not altered its policies since the dog shooting last year, and that Freeman is still on duty while under investigation.

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  1. So brave.

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    2. So, even ignoring the puppycide, does anyone else see anything wrong with the sentence: “a no-knock SWAT raid over an unpaid gas bill”?

      1. The fuck are the police doing anything for the gas company in the first place, let alone a SWAT raid?

        1. What’s the point of having a SWAT team if you can’t terrorize families and kill their pets?

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        2. Per the article linked: Because city housing codes make it a violation of the law for a house to not have working electricity AND gas. Don’t pay your bill, gas gets shut off; wham instant violation send in the SWAT team.

          It says something when your police force makes Judge Dredd look like a softy.

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        3. Not that it makes it any better, but it wasn’t exactly to collect anything for the gas company. It turns out that having your gas shut off here is a housing code violation.

          Which I find rather odd, since I live here and am a building design professional, and I’ve never heard of such a thing. We design electric-only buildings fairly regularly. We even did one that was completely off grid. Hopefully no one sends in an anonymous tip on them.

          1. It seems to me that if we are to have housing codes at all, it should only apply to things being built for hire or for sale. If a person wants to make his house dangerous or substandard, that’s no one else’s business. The value and quality of my property is no one else’s business and municipalities’ claimed interest in maintaining decent housing stock is a huge infringement on personal choice.

            1. The municipality owns the home, so they decide how you must live. Don’t believe me? Stop paying property taxes and see what happens.

            2. It seems to me that if we are to have housing codes at all, it should only apply to things being built for hire or for sale.

              I’m sympathetic to that sentiment.

              The problem is, most houses, and additional structures built on personal property, are for sale, sooner or later. There are relatively few “family homes” in the US that are passed from generation to generation and are never sold.

              Regardless though, I don’t see how such concerns are a matter for the police.

              1. While true, isn’t that what home inspections are theoretically for? It isn’t to pay some “state certified” idiot a few bucks to walk through ticking boxes for things they don’t even look at, assuming they actually bother to even visit the property.

                The last time I sold a house the “certified inspector” ticked the “fully functioning” box on the “kitchen sink disposal” line – the buyer was actually shocked to find there was no sink disposal unit at all. The same inspector also failed to note there even was an RO unit much less that it worked and didn’t leak. Of course this was the same place which had a “state certified” electrical inspector approve wiring that included a switch that had both sides wired to hot on different breakers, how fortunate everyone was that they were on the same phases of the 240 V service. You’d think someone long before me would have asked why that switch didn’t do anything.

          2. Not that it makes it any better, but it wasn’t exactly to collect anything for the gas company. It turns out that having your gas shut off here is a housing code violation.

            Just move to San Francisco: having gas hooked up to your house is a housing code violation there!

            Because experts say so!

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      2. In fairness, that’s a passing mention of an abuse that happened back in 2014 – and that generated a lot of justified outrage at the time. See the linked article for more.

        1. Also in fairness, getting a lawsuit against any gov’t agency settled in half a decade is actually shockingly quick.

      3. Yes; must have been a slow month; but there is a full time SWAT team on call, and they have to do something to earn their keep.

      4. This is shows how politicians in search of revenue misuse the police. Police departments don’t say let’s use the police to collect fines, it is the politicians who require police to go after citizens. Then don’t provide the funds for training.

        1. Training costs money, there are no cash cows in training.

  2. They kill your abuelita, they kill your dog
    Falsify it all in the police log………

    Swat raid. It’s the wrong address.
    Line ’em all up and leave a big mess.

    — Swat Raid — Moctexuma Vega

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  4. Kirkland lives there I think. Easy to understand why he’s such a bigot then.

    1. The “Rev” lives in Arkansas? No wonder; that fits perfectly with my theory that he’s been repeatedly corn holed by extras from the set of Deliverance.

      1. and likes it.

        1. That’s the whole reason he moved there from Boston.

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  6. Cops kill dogs because they can’t get away with killing children.

    1. Since when do cops not get away with killing children?

      1. He said they can’t.

      2. You mean a cop can shoot someone’s kid to get their attention like they do with dogs? I must have missed that.

    2. Did you miss the one where the cop got QI after missing the dog and hitting a kid in the leg?

      1. Well he MEANT to follow policy and shoot the dog, after all.

        1. That’s “good faith,” right?

      2. No, but I did miss the one where the cop shot the person’s kid to get their attention in the same manner that they shoot dogs to get someone’s attention.

        1. “…cop shot the person’s kid to get their attention in the SAME MANNER that they shoot dogs…”

          Now, you sound like the judges that ruled on how QI will be allowed. Well done. Turn in your key to the Libertarian bathroom on your way out.

  7. cop at correct address told by the resident the guy is next door. does the cop also answer the door for Landsharks? these guys are clearly clowns in uniform only less colorfull

  8. “Arkansas Cop Shoots Family Dog After Going to Wrong Address”

    Next time teach your dog not to go to the wrong address.

  9. You know what else was called an epidemic based on little more than a guess?

    1. Satanism?

      1. *golf clap*

    2. clowns

  10. Cop shoots a dog – procedure.
    You shoot a police dog – felony.

    1. Cops shoot dogs because they know the emotional distress it causes. Sadism and depraved indifference are requirements for the job.

    2. I love dogs, but whenever I see a local news story about a police dog retiring and going to live with the handler’s family (I’ve seen a few of these stories) all I can think is “I hope someone shoots that dog in front of your children.”

      1. all I can think is “I hope someone shoots that dog in front of your children.”

        All I can think is “I hope that dog mauls your children in front of you.”

  11. well if the dog was at the wrong address sure.

    rot in Hades, Sheriff Investigator. investigate better.

  12. It sure seems like the “wrong address” ploy is the pedestrian version of the “broken taillight”.

  13. And yet the mailman seems to have no issues with dogs.

    Honestly surprised no cop has been shot in return.

    1. Dogs do not have opposable thumbs, silly. Tough to cock a hammer or rack a slide without one.

      1. Double action revolvers don’t have hammers to cock or a slide.

        1. and neither did the cop apparently

    2. “…mailman seems to have no issues with dogs.

      Dogs are better judges of character and know suspicious behavior when it sees it.

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  16. Although it is true that the Keystone Cops were less satire than the truest of portrayals of the general run of police, Puppycide and police address errors or other forms of identification errors are better understood as a form of general oppression to demand blind and immediate deference and compliance to police and thus state authority than as simple cruelty or errors.

    Even though police mostly escape accountability for killing people, there are some consequences and recriminations.

    “Just how big is the problem? Between 2013 and 2019, American police killed over 7,500 people. 99% of those deaths resulted in no charges against police.

    In 2019 alone, over 1,000 civilians were killed by police. 48 officers were killed in the line of duty. Even though violent and property crimes are down, police have killed more people so far in 2020 compared to the same timeframe in previous years.”


    Puppycide, however, is their risk free way to inflict intense suffering in order to oppress dog owners.

    1. I hate it when cops refer to non cops as ‘civilians’. Cops are also civilians.

  17. Our cops here in North Carolina are a little smarter. They sneak up on your house at night and throw your dog some hamburger with rat poison inside.

    Kills them just slow enough that, you take them to the vet and rack up a bill. And if you really piss them off, they’ll follow you to the vet I’m back home again mocking you.

  18. So if someone steps out of the bushes and riddles that First Responder™, THEN might there will be union goon outrage over misconduct? But what if the ambushing perp turns out to be another First Responder™… does Qualified Immunity still kick in as usual?

  19. Let me guess, the dog had glassy eyes and was displaying superhuman strength.

    1. It did not respond to conflicting verbal commands.

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  22. “The whole good cop/bad cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his Uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop. We need only consider the following: (1) a cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them; (2) many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked; (3) therefore every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked. There are no good cops.” ~Robert Higgs

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